Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 21, 1914 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1914
Page 6
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VaTTGUST 21, 15151 S " FRIDAY EVCNiyQ. . i UAliLAiJ nnoui FIRE DESTROYS TOMPKINS SCHOOL Oakland's Lowest Prices Fall Goods Now on Display Always Vnn -win find Kahn's prices the Every day new goods are being dis r & o -h -o . SEARCH FOR FIREBUG IS RENEWED played in every department in this, lowest in Oakland an advantage in Oakland's greatest store. nnnrrnnVtrading here. Buy Your LINENS Now fZr-Aiill Ii 1ATHE AWXrS BUSY STORE, August White Sale ii. : i All White Goods Specially Priced PS .......qij. u i. u..-.-..Mr..i..iLLl,.ffr ll -- i-MJ.WhIMI ft j' ' , , f ' ,-,. .wtr; I , - 4 'J rt't?iwYw ,' r I Will I I .,,,. .w.,,,,,, llllll IIIIHI IBm I ii it. nwy IR CWS OP TOMPKINS 6CHOOL, AT mPTH AND MNDEN STREETS, DESTROYED BY FIRE AT AS EARLY HOUR TODAY; AND SOME THE PUPILS DISPLAYING SORROW AT WRECKING OF CLASSROOMS. Walls Tumble and the Firemen Have Nar-t row Escape ' Th Tompkins school, a two-story frame atructure at Fifth and Chestnut I Wrests, which has been a landmark I In Oakland for many years, having 'teen erected In. 18T7, was destroyed ty fir early this morning. The build-g was total loss and was valued at about W.000. Only 10,00Q Insurance was carried. The origin of the fire has not been 4etermlned, but It is believed that It may have been set by the pyromanlao whose operations In Oakland for the last month have baffled the police, this to the isventh fire which Is believed to have been of incendiary origin within four weeks. The fire started at the southwest eorner of the building;, and beforo It Was ' discovered the flames had mounted to the second story. Half of the west wall was then a mass of burning wood. group of four firemen narrowly escaped Injury when the southern half f the west wall fell, throwing a mass of burning timbers outward into the school yard. The firemen were working on the ground, Which was covered by the wreck of tho wall, and Were warned Just In time to make their escape. The explosion of a gas main In the building gave the firemen great difficulty, as tongues of flame continued to shoot up. making the fire fighting In this part of the building almost useless. It was Some time before the shutoff could be found and the Jet of gas checked. FLAMES BOAR. " The flTe was exceedingly spectacular. The big two-story wooden building buroed like tinder and the streams ' ef water the fire department was able to throw had little effect Great tongues of flames shot from 100 to 150 feet in the wlr and wpurhs nnd . r,, ,' : small pieces of burning wood fell on buildings several hundred feet from the fire. The stables of the W. P. Fuller Company, the Le Bevre Dray In g Company and Scott-Magner Company were endangered, but as there was no wind the firemen were able to prevent the flames spreading. A crowd of over 000 people from West Oakland gathered In the street and the police had great dlffloulty In keeping the mass of people back. Seven alarms were rung in and the entire neighborhood was aroused. The fire could be seen from any part of Oakland and was so bright that it was possible to read a newspaper many blocks away. Residents along Chestnut and Seventh streets carried their belongings into the street in the fear that the flto would spread in the direction of their homes. The fire alarm was turned In at 2:55 a. m. by Patrolman Maxey and Special Policeman Robertson. At that time the fire had already gained great headway. Five companies responded. The work of the men was directed by Chief Ball and Assistant Chiefs McGrath and Whitehead and acting Assistant Chief Carroll. The fire continued to burn until 8 o'clock this morning, when the flames were under control. Only the heaps of ashes and burning timbers remain of the school. SEVEX-GRADE SCHOOL. The Tompkins , school contained seven fnli grades, running from the irst to high fifth. There were also two special classes for children of foreign parentage, one disciplinary grade and one subnormal s conducted by Mrs. Vlnnle S. Hicks. There were twelve classrooms and an assembly room. The building had recently been e novated and a new sanitary system installed at considerable expense. The principal of the school was Susan McFeely, with 425 pupils under the direction of her teachers. Secretary of the Board of Education, A. L. Hanaford, announced this morning that the school trustees would immediately set about making provision tn care for the rlnflsps for merly held In the Tompkins school. It Is probable that they will be transferred to the Cole and Prctpcott schools, and some of them may even have to go as as far as the Harrison school. Captain of Inspectors Lou F. Agnew today detailed detectives to make an investigation as- to the cause of the lre. The whole southeast corner ol the building had been destroyed before the firemen arrived, and it is probable that it will be Impossible to obtain concrete evidence o arson, but the police believe that the building was set on fire. PLAN TEMPORARY STRUCTURE. Commissioners of Finance and Revenue John Forrest, who la ex-offlclo member of the school board, today announced that work will be commenced immediately upon temporary structures for classes at the Tompkins schoolsite, and that with the exception of a few pupils, the school department hopes to be able to haye all the grades .under way at the same site within the first few days of the coming week. One class. however, will probably be Harrison school. "It will be necessary to Tompkins school lmmedl; forrest today, "as thi structure we put up WM1 a makeshift. The schi Bad asked 5 cents api the tax rate for lmpn kind and the council to the ebuild the tely," said temporary be merely department ortionment In ements of this 111 now be In a Dosltlon where it carthot avoid grant lng It An increaseof 5 cents in the tax levy will be necessary to provide for the construction of a new build ing and its equipment" - The American tlag formed a beautiful spectacle agalnst the clouds of flame and smoke above the Tompkins school this nornlng, according to Captain Agnew. The flag had been left flying yesterday afternoon and the flagstaff was on a corner of the building which was last attacked by the flames The crowds that rushed to the scene watched for over an hour whle the Stars and Stripes waved In the breeze against the lurid background formed by the volume of smoke and lighted, from the flames from below. BIRD PRESENTS YOUNG TO ITS WOMAN FRIEND ATCHISON. Kan., Aug. 21. A year ago Mrs. I). W. Ayres found a baby bird In her yard. She took it in her house and reared It In a cage. The bird evidently remembered Its treatment by Mrs. Ayres, for it recently left a foundling bird on her porch. She la feeding the little one; although its mother also makes frequent visits in the house, to which it lias acoess. . i be T COMPANY SUES EX-MANAGER. Mark S. Armstrong, former maiager of the Fidelity Loan and MortgageCom-pany was sued today by the concern, which demands $5000 anj the cancellation of a note for $10,000 alleging that he fraudulently dismissed himself from Ms $200 per month position, in order to collect the note. Armstrong wan given 10,-000 shares of stock with ths understanding that should he sever his connections the company would fay him $10,000 for the security: He Is nrw aroused of having by resolution discharged himself and endeavoring to enforce the contract. J The plotnm Jjftf IJ ' represent two 5 nr of Friedman's .Ins- JL X AND FUR TRIMMED COATS We Wish to direct particular attention to our large assortment of strictly high grade coats for all . occasions. .; . ; Distinctive models in a wide range of fabric, style, shade, weave and weight. Friedman's Coats show a difference from the . regular run. We invite you to call in and investigate our low prices and easy credit terms. Up to $47-50 4 SUITS $20 to $75 Credit! Our New Policy WORD FROM MAROONED D II Rev. F. L Goodspeed Writes to Church Officer; May Be on Franconia. Tho complete elimination of every objectionable feature, making our FERKKCT CREDIT SYSTEM so thoroughly reliable as to Induce you eventually to become a permanent customer. OAKLAND A letter, coming ahead While the pastor was arranging; for pamage. on another steamer, has been received by Eoscoa M. Jones, one of the officers of the First Presbyterian church, telling of the plans of Rev. Frank I Oooflspeea, pastor of the church, who. It is expected, will arrive on the Franconia from' England. The vessel Is due In Boston. Rev. Qoodspeed wrote Jones Just bo-fore England was Injected into the European war. He declared that from the appearance of the shipping situation it would be extremely difficult to reach home, but that he wa attempting to secure passage on the Franconia for Bos- 4on. Should he have Nfalled It may be that he will not arrive in Oakland until September. Ills letter follows: Newquay, Corn wall, Augit 4, 1914, My Dear Mr. Jones: I did not expect to write you again before leaving for home, but tnl vast European war hat to changed tmng that I am writing as a precau tion. It looka nowa If EngJan( would jump into trie coninct, and If she does It may be Impossible for Vie to gtt home. The whole thing h come like a bolt out of a clear sky and the war at this moment promises to be the greatest and the bloodiest of hl8tory-a foolish and wicked conflict precipitated by Germany. I amdown here as the puest of a "friend. Aa soon as I return to London I shall try to find out whether the ship upon which I have engaged passage will tall on the 18th or not. will write you again at toon as I find out. All banks are closed In , England and all business suspended. No one can be sure even of getting to the continent or from there here. The war Is the only theme. It may be that I shall find the Franconia will tall for Boston as scheduled or that I can get acrott tome other way. But I have my fears. I had hoped that tuch a conflict at this promises to be wat lm-pottlble In chit age of the world. It may be that before this reachet you the tklet will bs clear. Cordially yours, F. L. OOOD8PEED. UQCOn LEADS TO DIVOTICFS. Two husbands who were alleged to hnve Rpent the fnmlly funds for liquor were made defendants today In suits for divorce. Amelia Williams accuses Ewlng Williams of cruelty, In particular that he tlirnw beer bottles at her. Mrs. O. I. Arrivey sued E. E. Arrlvey on the grounds that he drank to such an extent that he was Incapacitated from attending to business. Mary A. Hansen tins sued Joseph Hansen, alleging desertion. JKWftMlY, Jll'UGf jAK'S LOOT. Mrs. Koy Gray, BTD Twentieth street, reported to the police today that her home was entered during the night nnd Jewelry valued at $60 stolen. Tho police are Investigating. Jotin T. Knnwies, 11 a Uate street, re ft saloonkeeper friend for n Features for Tomorrow an Excellent Assortment of Imported French Cluny Linens At Prices Far Below Their Worth Tho ARTNF.EnLE WORK Linen Department places on sale tomorrow wonderful showing of beauflfil IMPORTED FRENCH CLUNY LINENS. 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CIDAIIY'S WAKinXO (Good for tills water) B for 254 18 bars for 50j SAPOLIO SPECIAL 2 oakes 15o CHLORIDE OF LIME; reg. 10c SPECIAL 4 tins for . .25c Wines and Liquors TABLE CLARET; reg. 50c gnl. SPECIAL .'..43c gal. BEER Its. or Qts. per case SI. 10 PORT or SHERRY (good tonic) SPECIAL 75c gallon; 25o bottle WHISKEY Philadelphia - Club; Reg. $1.00 bottle, ;SPECIAL 75o Gallon .....$3.25 Fruits and Vegetables ...2J .$1.081 Sultana Seedless GRAPES Per banket 20o Choice SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT 7 for JBa Choice GRAVEN STEIN APPLES 5-lb. Basket 20c; GRAVEXSTEIN APPLES Per box Larg" BLACK 6EED WATER-MELOX--eaoh i 20fl GREEN LIMA BEANS 4ij lbg. for 250 Fancy New SWEET POTATOES 9 lbs. 25o BLRBAXK POTATOES-IS lbs. 25o New firm yellow DRIED ONIOX. II i n. 2,y CREAM .SQUASH, lanre. 4 tcr IftrTi CARROTS, TURNIPS and BEETS 3 for ioo FREE DELIVERY IN OAKLAND, ALAMEDA AND BERKELEY COMMERCIAL CLUB TO RESUME ITS SMOKERS Nmtt month will set the first Com-mkrclir"Club emcker aftsr th vacation r-ertod. anfl vroraraticn in already under wayo make it one of the biggest aver held 6y the organization. The praetioe of holding monthly "frrt-together" smokers vas dl(,oontlnued by the board of governors during the vacation aeason, there being Hjut a few mem,brs not away on vacationfl but n;lth the opening of the seanon nrVt month it is planned to make tho affairs nore pretentious than evpr before. It s expocted that a date In the third wwlt o( Boptember will be sot for the first smoker, the Alameda County Mtilo Ttactierg" Association to ntortaln at the club during the first week with an elaborate muelcale. Several prominent theatrical stars have already been bespoken for contributions to the smoker program for the first evening and a numberNpf local amateur entertainers are preparing offerings. There will he a program of vaudeville, musical numbers p.nd speeches and a "Dutch lunch" will be served In tho rluh grill. The mu.ile teachers will plvw a novel program, the first of Its kind evwr seen In the clubrooms. The first portion of the entertainment will be rendered by several well known musicians. SIX-YEAR-OLD GlfiL . IS BITTEN BY DOG Madeline Nelson, lx years of age, was bitten by a dog belonging to Mrs. N. Reardon, 826 KlTty-thlrd street, yesterday. The child was cared for if 'Walf'M (fl HI ti1 fekeerlng. bv Dr. t T. Devlne, who bound up) and that the watch has disappeared, i a flesh wound In tho calf of the leg. The dog was taken to the pound. Zelma Lee, a sfhool girl 12 years of age, living with her parents at 1089 Blxty-fourth street,' was bitten by two doga belonging to W. D. AVillus at his laundry, 1062 Sixty-third street. The wounda were not aerlous. The dogs have been placed In the pound. Dr. Koford attended the little girl. VLIRTER ATTACKS HUSBAND. Henry T. Moone, 26 years of age, Twelfth street, went to the emergency hospital last night as the result of veiling his objections to a stranger flirting with his wife. While out walking the Moonea met aonlhAr mi n. TbUh tA tb- for tils actions, the'Rtranger began to fight. Moone was struck In he Jaw and the Injury required surgical treatment. ffeS Are not put up r GUARANTEED in fancy pack" r REPARATIONS IVt fancyprices- ' iE$8zi&' ' Ther are findin a ready demand KOiiljf among women who seek tho best in fegSjfgfc. toilet requisites. None better made at fewf KA higher pricea. iESli- 9 i Are absolutely guaran- ilTsfei realnwlth every prepa: . I BLUSH I 'iV:;:f:''l',':!L JVpSSiL'i te mrmmj 3 ... Jr

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