The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1894
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, AT.OONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1804. Best IF YOU WANT THE BREAD, THE WEEK AT I)ES MOINES Lafe Young Writes Entertainingly of •What Has Thns Far Been Done by the Iowa Solons. and BUTTER, Voting on the Senatorship—Visiting Committees Appointed—General Legislative Notes. and DES MOINES, Jan. 23—This city bo- came the political storm center on January 2. Some of the anxious ones came on the night of the first day of the year. The general assembly met on January 8, at 2 o'clock, p. m. Lot us two create the Nineteenth judicial district. The house hills numbered twenty-five the first bill day. On January 10 tho houso bills ran up to forty-nine. They cover nearly all subjects from saloons to Canada thistle. The house did its part In electing ft United States senator, tho vote being as follows: Gear, 77; Boies, 17; Watt. Butler, 1. Littlo else was done on tho 10th. On the 17th tho houso joined in tho comparing: of tho journals iva to tho senatorial election. I^OKlaltttlvo Notow. Senator Vale's hill for tho weather service calls for $2,700 annually. There is only ono Smith In tho logis A Big Hunt •AND" Finest Maple SYRUP, or anything else good to eat, you will find them all at the Galbraith s .New Goods Are In. Our Fall stock is now in, and we have a complete line oi all kinds of Dry G-oods, Carpets, Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets and in Dress G-oods we have an elegant line. In Clothing for men and boys we still have a small stock on hand which we are closing out cheap. We have a larger stock of Shoes than ever before, nearly all new, all of which we will sell at the lowest possible prices. . L (JiLBEAlTH & GO. see what has been done in the first weeks of tho session: Senate: The first day the senate organized temporarily, called tho roll of the hold-over senators and those elected to fill vacancies, twenty-six in number. Tho new senators (twenty-four) wore then called. A committee of seven on credentials was appointed. Seats wore chosen and the senate adjourned. The next day the senate organized in duo form. The governor's message was received. The house wa« notified that the senate was'ready for business. On the 10th the senate passed a resolution of condolence to Governor Boies on the death of his daughter. The rules of the former senate were adopted. The senate went into joint convention with the house to count, tho votes for governor and lieutenant-governor. Certificates of election were signed by S. L. Bestow as president of the senate and Henry Stone as speaker of the bouse. The inauguration program was announced. On the llth tho inauguration ceremonies occupied tho day. On ;he 12th Senator Finn was elected president pro tern. Visiting committees were endorsed by the adoption of reso- .utions offered by Senator Lewis. President Dungan announced tho regular standing committees. On the 18tb Senator Groneweg oilered the first bill, senate file No. 1, a legalization act. Senator Conway offered senate file No. 2, a bill to regulate coal miners. The third senate bill was Browora local option measure, the former "Gatch" bill. A number of other important bills were introduced. January 13 way a dull day. A committee to draft resolutions relative to the death of Senator T. C. McCall was appointed. January 16 the senate voted for United States senator as follows: John H. Gear, 34, Horace Boies, 11: absent 5, This brings the senate down to the adjournment, excepting an unimportant session on the 17th, when the two houses met at 12 o'clock as required by a law of congress- to compare the journals relative to the election of senator. The house preliminary proceedings were not unlike those of the senate lature and Linn county has tho honor NOTHING CAUGHT is of furnishing him. This lottor comprises a resume of tho first two wocUs of tho atsmilon. Tho adjournment was on tho 17th, extending to tho 23d. Tho senate committee on tho suppression of Intemperance WIIH Inoroawod to fifteen and Harmon, Harsh and Waterman wero added. This week will bo do'voted to the Introduction of blllH. Nearly one-third of the republican members htivo bills prepared on tho saloon question. Governor Gotvr'wlll bo elected senator again today (January 28) because tho law of congress is a liUlo. indefinite In Its requirements,' Haying tho ballot- Ing for senator shall begin on tho HOC- ond Tuesday after tho "mooting and organization of tho general asHombly." Tho question is whether a temporary or permanent organization IH referred to. Allison and Wilson have nlvvaya boon elected twice to "cover accidcnto." Gear will have two eertilloateH of election. If tho dornot!rnt,s reject one, ho will iliiHh the other upon them. L. YOUNC.I. the report from the wolf hunters, Scalps are scarce, hut nevertheless at the " Reliable Grocery," Langdon & Hudson, The Grange Store. The first session v;a.s at 2 p. m. Jan-1 dav 1 uary 8. A committee on credential* was selected. The next day the house organized and all the member* took the oath. Notice was served contesting the seat of Richardson of Jack»cm byV. M. Stevens. The bouse helped to canvass the vote as noted in the senate proceedings. Also approved the inauguration program. The following instructions to visiting committees Robes, and were adopted by the house, having-been | adopted '*>? the senate: csolTed, By tfce senate, the boose concar- i ms, thai libers foe appointed coEaifliittefie to I visit, the several stavs jaitiraiJeass auwl <edict bonse. . 8 j tfcK*n!«at«*. osfc fossa thfc*ws*tfc and two from the boas*. Said cftamins*** '" •*"•""«• 1 i& j&e geucr&i vtMnstWy 622 *" :a.4£y» Ftefaresuy 6. Ifeey *lia3i i isdnd* us WESLEY'S BIG 8HOWIHQ. As n Shipping 1'olnt It HttuiclH Way Up to llio Front—Other NCWH. WKSLKY, Jan. 28.— Mls» Clara Oluwm of Ionia is the guost of Mrs. F. Heal, and also calling on her many frlondw. Rio EaHtman rocolvcrl a tuliigrdrri last Thursday from Blue Karth, Minn., informing him of the death of hi» nephew, who lived timrc,. H«; took tho •hi train to attend tho funontl. Dr. McCormack WUH at BriHtow arid F-tyette liint WHK\< on proft-HHioriiil buHi- ness. The doctor practiced fit Brintow forBevenil years prior to II!H coming hero. ,,.,i,, 11 Mr Dull hat* junt lifUHhod tho w«ll for tlie creamery at the depth of MO feet. He claitriH to have abundance of water now. J. E. McMullen wa« at Garner Saturday', stopping over till Monday. The Wesley Kchools will givn a llu.-r- sirv entfjrtainmenl at th<: M. K. churfjh, Friday evening, Jan. 2fi. J..ot oy'. ; ,ri!" body turn out and en«;oura«« tti*} (jJiil'1- ren'bv being prewiiit. \. '(!. Holleribach and If. M«:';>it«hln vfcru doing businc.fH in Alfjona .Mo»«J»iy. I). C. Weil/ of BriU wa,H I*!;/'*: Moil- rani/.ing a ffn.i>»i<: club*. We It re und'.-r oMij.'fUiorsH to o»» srr-nia! d«;pot agent, U. H. Mo|<kir;H, for the following item«: Tb« freight book shows that there were 1,1 CW car load« of hav shipped from thi* »t;ilion during 1898,"118 of grain, and W) of liVK-HUjcK. CoromoditieJ* received in ear IOJM! lots were 110 of lumber, I«0 f»r» of rjmJ. five cars of machinery, 23 of cfnigranto movables, 35 care of »tM/;«o, salt, brick, stone and Hme. Cash for freight received, £18,000. C-dnh for tickftl* «ol««, It it wiil be «afe w add five ANNUAL January Sale. Commencing January 1st, is now in progress—•***• To Clear Surplus Stock- Very low prices are made on all Woolens, Flannels, Hosiery, Yarns and Knit Goods. tyt^iffj&t *» ** Tf ***"" .*-.-.. - - — loads of butter and «-•««» »nlw*o out and three car load* ol fence and hay] were shipped In. Fen ton J»«w.n. Mr, Harry Aflafn* oJ Wwrfey vfsHe'J ATTENTION! One! Come All I And get a sack of i»J' wtseUy ci^— u*u*J- sa : i csaifcractel M. «a:£«BS «ii lit*. ItliOWB- . ka* raiwMisve fi6«r w*k8a in. wa* apj 1 -" -.j|i_^VftlMfi)iEirlSB£.ll*W (orf zaiiomiisyr toiMssi tiifcis *HaiBi6' bl—iri'liiiil'S auay St- «t*cui to'Ji, J M. 5iJ(f»»rs .» hMjUhfef-in-ll for Vb boose la*tTbMr*day. O&ory ffeatoB I* worikiwg- ferLBeliiitla* on hi* hay pr**** Mr ao«5 Mr*. 5 J m«3 Mo B. CSari«i*B*wffl"* Jl iwils w»H3i> Ite uw>w fa*l jraipMsiy 70 Cent Flour. And be convinced of ife the new stor quality, Itemeniber, CowJess blee*. JAMES PATTBBSOK, Ar p Q Stnii(Th J s At Ft O« vJLUUHlIoi Boca caak stove or ramge, I Heath tt Paints, lioii and Wood Pomps. ; call aM get f «oes arad fcdk omy stodk ©vcr. i^^^ ^^IBMHBUHH i^p> *%'m! W* iTw Vv •« slaaiias . ! Siai ,, feu- Bw nfti* «»«»»«>- , fesum fcuil ite Ai.da'«s cf ate j iianly a pM>f &€ ^* wMt-lu tsiii* auw tUfess i-ii wte* Si' w* am* fossa ii* iiioiy iooautti. Haw* i «$»s» t te* I saffift aafe fit f is"*,. 'IVy {®*/ Iiiiaai* usfl*aJi»-* to ate a wreais ^ome Sftunaxi^ii wiitLlk. fitottfe nlke iaait ikwaas MM TO* jjuiiausintiiiiffl ^ lilt® Mr.. u' <afi ME Studley, 9« ^w £P^ ^iBfeTKiKSiWBafW,, msW^vraWiyj W

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