The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1894
Page 7
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SI' ,« Us.',• ft LiW,,', , MS MOIKSSB: ALCJONA, IOWA, , 1894, Ail Vrtscou ft! floors to be dreaded than an op'en ana Visible one. That siibtiie Ami lurking foe, 'which undet the generic name of malaria Inantfests itself, when it dutches us in its tenacious grasp, in the various forms df Chills AM lever, bilious reniittent, dumb ftglie of ague cake, cfth only be effectually' guarded against by fortifying ,the systeni ftgalnstits insidious attacks with Hostet" tetter's Stomach Bitters, a thorough an.' tidote to the poison of miasma itt the 'system, and ft safeguard against it thoroughly.' to be relied upon. In the event of -I a IBtt- Iftfious attack, avoid poisoning ybiii' system with quinine, and tise iaste'ad this Wholesome remedy, unobjectionable/, m tttste and far more efficacious than any drug. Use the fitters t/df.- dyspepsia, 'fail iousuess, constipation; kidney complaints and rheumatism. , Hie tnan who buries his talent kills him•• •' HOWLEDGB Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoymeni when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to the pure liquid Jftxative -.principles--., embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Pigs'. I* m exc.ellen.oe Is tea io its' presenting Jn th>*£oTih imps'" acceptable and pleasant-to the taste, the.refreshing apd truly beneficial properties of a perfect r lax- ativ.e; effectually cleansing the.-system, diepelling colds, headaches aad t'eyers and permanently curing constipation! It has given satiafaction to millions ahd, met j with the approval .of the medical; profession, bccauacjit acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weak-, ening them and it is perfectly free froul '-every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in DOc and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co, only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup wf Figs, an-d-jbeing well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. I used August Flower for Loss of vitality and general debility. After taking two bottles I gained 69 Ibs. I have sold more of your August Flower since I have been iu business than any other medicine I ever kept. Mr. Peter Zinville says he was made a .new man by the use of August Flower, recommended by me. I have hundreds tell me that August Flower has done them more good than any other medicine they ever took. GSORGIS W. Dya, Sardis, Mason Co., Ky. Young Mothers! We Offer You a Jtometly ic/ticA Insures Safety to « life of Hot her and CltilO. "MOTHER'S FRIEND" f ,. Robs Confinement of ita Y. Fain, Horror and Rink. • Jl«eroslDgpneTx)tt!oor"3Wother 1 8 TfrlenH^t •ufferea but llttlo pain, and did not experltmcb tbat weaknesa ufterivurd usual la euoli aaaeB.~O.ra. Ajimis QAQK, Lamar, Mo., Jan. Utb, 1891. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt of prtce,fcl.Wpet bottle. Book to Motlieramailed tret. 0nAP27IEMtKF.GXJl4ATUlt.CUM ATLANTA, GA. BOLD BV ALL Ely's Cream Balm • CI;KE CATARRH fjSrteJB^n&^STI AmTTBalmlntooach nostril, _airj&08.,fiU Warren Bt.,N.Y. the Mutual Benefit Life Ins, Company of Newark, N. J., write the best policy issued—giving full annual .cash and' paid up value. Full amount of insurance extended in case of lapse. Company 4'J yews old. Assets fSS.OCO.OOO.OO. Send for specimen policy of any Kind of insurance you may wish. Give age and amount. Ad- 4ress W, H. RYAN, Agt., Des Moines, la. I stilt hnve a few High Crude FARM WAGONS FO« SA'fcE CHEAP. (ULOYP EBt-RHART. Jollef, III. PROGRESSIVE EUCHRE. I Send aVonce. to JfJJtN SEVAS'i'iAN, (i. T. A. 0., JR. I&'K K.'H., Chicago, and'receive, postage paid. tbejliufcuBc deck of cards you ever handled. TUN 1'aok, postage Btaiu|>s, for one or many. A POSITIVE CURE I'or the evil elfects of tlie error* Jf youth and all private ilHtetiKen. We cun icstoi-e you to absolute Wauljood, qulclily and prlvutely. Send us' 25 (its. pMilupu and we will send yon uymiitom blanks and t^taloKiie Klvln« full description of cure. Pru- WrtMed urn! prepared by the best medical au- SPECULATION l-rutors, litrKeoc omall. for trading on iiiurglus ^tockis, Kiulr.i,. or [iiovlslous. Orders received uu 1 per cent uiar«ljjs. Our luuk, "Speuulatloii. oriloir WU'radB," with t'rldfty edition of Chleugo Mull con- tatalnu our market letter, sent 1'rue on request . C. B. VAN W1NKLK ^ CO., Brokera, U'oU LuBalle St. Cuk'itgo. THE WAB IN BRAZIL AMERICANS \ARfe CREATUY ININ* It- Ahtt thVintlrutitebii'tcome Will Be Be (;ftlvca by Oiir People—Some Facts nn ,. to the Cause 4or the Itevnlt—Coin- nmnders of the Conflicting Force*. OP |Jirazii;is ho3it'. passing' ..tln'bijgli' 1 -the 'Ti gobies. inCKlent to ;iv revoltttfen.. Vl'he entife'eofJirtr.y' is in the di'&ta condition L dnced \iy ,\var and its attendant; hor- ,rbrs. .';_!.•.', ip V.'.' t ." Of '|(ir greater interest to evfiry;,- boy and^irl than any* thing thali fhtiy 'have 'happened in the di,m and deadyprist is"the history that isi.being' made to-dayj and for that rea- .Bon the resujt of .the appeal to arms in ditr sister republic should be carefully followed by every young American who seeks to keep ,abreast.of. the history of the present time. Commer'eiully speaking, this cpuntry is as closely associated with the great South American republic as with any Euronean power, and our interest in the welfare of Brazil shox\ld be keener than that we- may feel for the older countries beyond the Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately, ^ve have not cultivated the friendship we should have for the , C«u»unJl»tJvc3 ftnd people 2 ] j who bare weuH lungs or AstU- I naa, should use Ws&'sCura for 1 Consumption. It has ciii'cd I tbpu»ni>d». Ithna iKitijiJur- I edone. It la not bad - • I Jtlatlio beavcouijlu g»W ovcrnrierc. ADMIHAL MU1J.O. states in the South American contrncnt, and because of an absence of this close relationship the, average citizen of the United States knows but little of the political conditions prevalent there. "In a general way the newspaper reader learns!that war is raging here and prosperity is tobefcmnd there, but seldom will he go to the trouble to ascertain the cause of the strife or nature of the business that brings prosperity. In fact, it is often quite difficult to get at the bottom of many of the quarrels that tear apart the poljtaeal structures of the most southern continent. Even now, in the crisis in that great Brazilian repiiblic, we know of no overt act that can be said to have • caused the discontent that fretted and fumed into dread war, \\ r e know tha.t almost the entire strength, of tlie Brazilian navy revolted at what the officers'claim was an attempt of the ruling .civil authorities to establish a military despotism. On the other hand, the civil authorities •deny that they attempted to goibeyond the powers and duties intrusted to them by the constitution of the conn- try. The results, as seen ;from -a.far, were to -array the army against the navy, the former "being classed as loyal to the 'existing government and the latter of (necessity 'toeing called rebels; •Conflicting reports have reached this country as to the leanings of the 'noncombatants, although in several : instances unaiitliesiticated stories have, reached these shores to the effect that individual states have declared either for-or against the government. What is -of great interest to every American is the continuance of a form •of government in Brazil that .shall be essentially, republican. On this point assurances'have been extended from, both loyalists and rebels that'- no departure from existing political 'lines is considered desirable. It has been thought by many that the Brazilian broil was fomented by people who are selfishly interested in the old monarchical form of government that was shattered upon .the .peaceful abdiua-' tion of Emperor Dora Jtfedro. It was known that a powerful Austrian family into which a, daughter-of the ex-emperor had maurieil was .ambitious for a return .of the old'order of things, but it'is not now thought that the people of Brazil, having -once had a taste of the privileges of a free gyv-' ^ernment, would for an instant consent to bow before a, crown. The people of South America ave'.a hot-headed race, easily angered; and when angered, thoroughly impressed with the necessity of waging war, be that war an individual or national affair. Once their confidence is gained they are prepared to follow their leader whither he goes, without question or comment. They do not stop VIEW OV 1UO ]>K JANKIHO. in that cold, calculating way common to men in this country and figure, on causes and results, but rush headlong where their excitable temperaments carry them, and are never prepared to acknowledge defeat until their opponents have them by thu throat, The selfish urabitions of designing men and the bJmd ipi'utuatipn of their plunged jth,e of South America *m countless >var«| and drenched its soil in preqious' TjlcJoa from the Cayibbean^sea tt> tape H6rn. Because of the'^ersonal nature oi many of the conflicts, but comparatively little attention has been paid/them by the civilized world, >,which believes that tlie ' arbitrament of (the sword should be resorted to only-to determine grave questions of principle involving the political orj moral Welfare pf-u people. . • ••;.'.The great present Interest every true citizen of the'tJnited,^tates 'must feel: irt the Brazilian fracas' springs from a desire to see.:the,^iohroe doctrine upheld- at'ahy : cost/ .;••''•' "In brief, this doctrine, a creation of the administration 1 ' of President James Monroe, declares that the great continents; of North and South "America shall never' be./subje'et 'to interference from any-European power or potentates It is sotind American , policy, and itt- forms the balance of -the world that all family quarrels • in the new countries shall be settled at-home, by peaceable arbitration, ,if 'possible', by bloody-war, if nece'Ssar} r . This doctrine has become so' soundly engrafted in''the law of nations that, Upheld as it always shall be by the armed forces of. the Upited States, it is hardly possible that any foreign power will ever attempt to go contrary to' its spirit and letter. As a menace to any foreign power that entertains thoughts of disregarding the Monroe doctrine, the United States government .has ..caused, .several of its men-of-war . to proceed to the harbor of Rio Janeiro, Where they now rest at anchor, ready at any moment to'assert the autho.riiy of this country. It is not at" aU/i likfely -that the guns resting wifJvviJ-'tHij^riftdovv oi'Old CHory will be called upon to belch forth in angry : protest, foi* • tho European'-en-.'. tanglemeuta are sucVi that .the. kings and princes of the old country are quite busy looking after the tangled ftigots around their ow ; n'firesides. The Brazilian ^loyalists -have leader in the person of Peixoto, the president of the republic, a.nd the rebels ar,e following, thci banner of 5lello, wiio i^as long coinmd.nded the Braziliat} fleet. With Peixoto, is ' tlie army of Brazil, and behind Mello is, With the exception of two vessels, the entire strength of the Brazil! an navy. On land Peixoto appears to be.supremej while Mello clearly has the advantage on the water front. Rio Janeiro, the capital of, is a rich and populous city. li; has been the scene of Mello's active hostilities/ and to a limited .extent has suffered by reason of his bombardment. The ships under command of the rebel leader are, with few exceptions, in the harbor of Rio Janeiro, and it is doubtful if they could reach the open sea without suffering severely, as in making the ' passage they would come under the guns of the loyal forts that guard the harbor's entrance. •PRESIDENT FLOKA.CO I1-.TXOTO. Several times Mello 'has caused lift, 'fleet to liombard Kio Janeiro, "but-Vhe •resxllt has not beeu of that destructive 'nature as to lead a.n unbiased ntan-to think he has been benb on doing- ii-re- para-ble damage, Mis tcttacks on 't capital .have been theatrical rather than real, and the isrippessiou lc-ft<on the minds of the distant observers not dissimilar from that they carry away from a playhouse after having 1 sei!ii a stage battle; Due notice blVthp intend'cd bombardments was served by Mello -on the people of Rio .Taneiro. The comity of nations demanded that he should notify foreig-n ministers it consuls, and they in turn warn their fellow-countrymen of the impending danger. • . A "Celestial Clock." Wynn'Molesworth.has invented jcud constructed a very ingenious "celestial clock,"which was exhibited at the flret winter meeting of the Kcyal Astronomical societj'. The entire face '®f the clock rotates under a wire bar.rejjw resenting the equatorial ', horizon' iiBcl is regulated to perform one revolution in twenty^-three hours fifty-six minutes four seconds, this being the time in. whfch the earth turns once upon ite axis. The apparent annual motion of un, moon and planets in the opposite direction is effected by movable pins, while the north and south polar stars, that do not rise or set for us, revolve simultaneously with the rest by a separate movement. Thus may be seen the entire, heavens, with sun, moon, planets and constellations in their actual places, ever rising and setting as they rise and set in the heuvens. Treasure A tin can filled with a melted mass of silver weighing about eight pounds was found last week by quas-ryiuen near Honda. Texas, buried about two feet below the surface in the baiil-is of a creek some twelve miles from tlie Red river. While Texas was yet a Spanish province a road known as tlie Santa Fe tx - ail ran beside the Ked river, and it is surmised that the silver was buried by some traveler >yho was hard pressed by Indians, and who either u-as killed or could not afterward locate his buried treasure. The. trunk of un old .saddle, found jiear the same place a fe.hort time ago, wa& probably paxa of the fcaiu,e wa^f' CUR10US3 CONOBNSATION9. i ' A Russian farm averages thirty-five fttfres, requiring three men' to cultivate it. The maokeral fisheries otf the coast of New England and Canada, are t>rac- tically exhausted. • ..••-"'' . Massachusetts has 1,131.203 savings bank depositors with aggregate deposits of $309,620,380. . The Boston S. P. C. T. A. has bought a camera to photograph tight check reins and such like. .. According to the United States consul at Singapore, one-half the world's tin is' mined -in, the Straits Settlement. During the present century the food supply of the principal nations has increased in a much greater ratio than the population. Guitean's skull was kept in" the 'army medical museum which collapsed in Washington, killing and maiming so many people. It is probably buried in the ruins and ground to powder. ' The Imperial canal of China is the longest in the world and greatest in point. 'of' traffic. .Its length is 2,100 miles. and'it connects 41 cities situated on its banks. It was completed in 1350, after COO years spent on its construction, Mrs.. Luther Bryant o£ Neshannock township, Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, had a desperate encounter wltW a bull lately. Sho was driving the animal into a barn When it turned and 'tossed her in the air. When it .renevpetl the charge she caught it by a ring in its 'DOS? nnd held it until help arriredi - ' • JEST AND ..EARNEST, u. . i sneezed the Vassar g.n-1,- as- : she passed her gum to her friend. : The 'following brief epistle is from a young, lady 'to her lover: - "Dere Jon, comatafpastate."' ' ''• ••'•.'<".•..•.•..!.. Rev. Isham Mills, a Massachusetts ex-clergyman, has applied for a patent for welting shoes. The "meanest man" was arrested in New York the other day for stealing pennies from a biind newsdealer. A Now York, -widow lately secured » husband'-for $10 at an agency. The man has decamped, and the woman is advertising for his return. There are several women blacksmiths in the United States, but it is still the fact that woman shoos a hen better than she shoes a horse. Old Gentleman — My, my I. 1 don't like to see little boys cry % 'Boys who get hurt should act lik&rnen. Boy — Boo, hoo! Then I'd tret licked for swearin'. "It does seem to me, IMa^ia, as if you. grow more foolish every day ot your life." "Oh, no, Euward; I am a , great deai wiser now than when t married vou." Physically Incapacitated. Tram 'robber — "Hold np your hands" 1 MuK&iim freak — -"You'll have to ey/c'ase IBB, old man. I'm the armless wonder and do everything witti my feet." . Highest of all in Leavening Potteh—Latest U.S. dev't ABSOLLfTELY PURE His Strong "What a clever, ingenious fellow Ber- gensellef is." , "How so? I never saw'or heard of his doing anything." "That's it exactly. Manages to live without having to do anything." The Greatest, i'riilt and . Stock Country lu the World. Keep your eye on the country through Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, now being developed by tho construction of the great through line, Kansas City, Pitts- bui'g & Qulf railroad, completed and in Ope'ration between Kansas Uity, Mo., and' Pittsburg. Kansas, Joplin, Mo., Neosho, Mo., Sulphur Springs, Ark. and Siloam Springs, Ark., and rapidly extending to Fort. Smith, Ark., Texarltana, Arlr., and the Gulf of Mexico. Remember Bonton county. Ark., has taken 1st premium for fruit ut all National and International expositions. Copy of paper giving full description of the resources of tho country through which this line passes and will extend into, mailed free upon application. Grandest opportunity ever offered to the hnmeseeker. -JAMBS DONOHUE, General Passenger Agent, Kansas, City, Mo. The men who succeeds in any calling is the one who takes a stand that means something. . • .• .'•:.!•' $4 to Califo'rnln. "This is our jBlesping Car Bate on the Phillips-Rock Island Tourist Excursions from Chicago.toiios Angeles'or San Francisco 1 ', via the Scenic Koute ,,and Ogden. You can go with'PhilHps, the best of all Excursion Managers, for he has each party accompanied by a special agent who goes the entire trip with patrons. These personally conducted, Excursions leave Chica- 1 go twice a -week, Tuesday and Thursday, | • We have also a daily tourist car service, via our Southern Route, through the beautiful Indian Territory and Ft. Worth to Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Tourist car rate via this route, the same. Apply at Rock Island ticket office, 104 Clark Street. JNO, SEBASTIAN, O. P. A., C. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago. Cases of twins occur once in every 09 births. Catarrh Cannot be Cured with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reach the sent of tho disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease, and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directty on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a qunck medicine It was prescribed by one of the best physicians in this country for years, and is a regular prescription. It is composed ot the best tonics known, combined with tho best blood purifiers, .acting, directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients ' is what produces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY&CO., Props., Toledo* O. Sold 'by druggists, price 75c. England has hanged two of her public executioners for murder. BURitS, BRUISES, SCALDS, CUTS AID WOUNDS. IK 'aosts NOTIf . to try yw<r| See l>cl«yw. oo •Will 1)0 ipald to uuy m&£i or wo- mah, youth or maluen, becoming u. untron ot OOOU FOIt- •lKwlion /wi ti «.ud lyMio fuia illstufef correct answer) to the R HKE6/ETON WUttM-BIMlnf «;J lfnnly p«»»J«llyiKii!uessfman»oi»>M l oiiato reward wi ANV ONK of tlie tout. TO ltoont-wliat, af j*«rKair(Jfillntuay, you ljelli?vo-ivie •the«iHOTW,rBr!etJirf»6d to win :o. if UH ncuwarcj 1 unit rtoiiM lorii^i tUiat apy<«nr answero.ojeiOTiJy parttatty rlBlit voi •will «fflJwliWi/aW^r()[KjrO<!.n^-8uirf?rLwa"d. Then wrtl* youMumaoiUKl tt(Uheas iindoraKaUlnyGHr answers and Rend UietrnSu.iKi. IJUniMRK NOT «6Ei»U I IlKIt TO SKNlk j A PEJTOV WP.MONEY .S— not monnatuniKiogtimo' I Eitiuui) OWJKMVW yaa— wu ii iisgriilHit. ^Svni] all wtisivera tw Atnertcan fBub. C2o.* j EHT8gBi8K t&"7 . - -• JERSEY CITY, N. JU. Big 4 BRAiMHNlSHERS: po- Jitioal 'Orators, and others would like to be. •• • S 'That (for wliich womcin foncl of 'showy uttire often Bpentl too iiiuuli )7ion<y, 'all 'women, • (.'specially tot those with 'plain- faces. • ! Desired .!« -tkelr " busi- iiness" by 'pugilists' Coruett, ailfaihejj. Dl.voii and otliecs. T1XPLANATIOS.—In seeking >wtj'liin(f. answers, try lo tliinK •ofH«onl8 whlelrwlien fully and •oonvatly dpell«tl will lit our .(lificnittoiia and contain as many ilnttors -as'Tou'llwl iidtli ulrcles ln tli««tudles. Especially fop Farmers, Miners, rf. E- Hands and others. Double sole extending down ta the heel ^53f;TB4 WHAR|If(3- QP4J^lTy. f housands of. Rubber Pgot \v?9i'?rs testify this i« t}w bist they over had. Uncle Zeb's Suspicion. '•Uncle Zeb," said the magistrate, "tbH is the third time you have been arrested this month." "•Vessir." "How do you explain it!" . "Well, sah, dat's a new p'leeceman w our beat." j •'Has that anything to do with the oasef^J "1 dunno, sah; on'y it sut'uy he?, seemed ter me dat maybe he was kinder usin' mi ter practice on." She Goes Without, / "I don't think I'll'bother about gettinrf my wife a Christmas present this year," snid Snodgrass. "Why not?" asked Smvely. "I haven't seen anything I thotght I needed." The devil is not taking any special pain* to offset the testimony of the man who at ways tells what be knows about God with a long face. It pays to be a worker in any cause that will make men wiser and better. Lemons .originally came Lima. ABOVE ALL OTHERS, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, ia! every disease caused by torpid liver or in»J pure blood. For Dyspepsia, Liver and Bowel derangements, and kindred ailmeiifa, nofchc ing approaches it as a remedy. . ".'. ^ PIERCED- URE OR. MONKY Mrs. AUKEWA VAW»' ZIMJ, of Hamilton, JndJ writes: "My friend* said I would never bff any better, for I baa' uloeration of the bow-* els. By the time J bad' taken a bottle and. %. half of Doctor Plerco'ej Golden Medical Dlscow cry, the bleeding: haaj almost stopped. Sfyap", petite was (rood, notn4 lag seemed to hurt in*, that I ate. My Improve* 2 ient Y 08 •vronderful.l g avora i yeara passed and my cure is permanent," e^T-pe - <?, ini ! h j Thompson's Eye Wafer, eoo todies MARRIARE DAD£R flIHnniHUC rHrtn KOn tB wiui XliKlJi' JH.O.\T«1.Y, TOI.KIJO, OHIO. • , n * At ' l/Cina lAl «"J- I I II.K rll -4' I I.IUU Wnlcho, (Inn», si>»i»Kn>ifiiii>i'%or^> t'upmTool<,'Saff..<-tr, l.lit ''.,, (,'lilrnjo, Good General Stock of <3oods Wnnteil. „,=., „„_pry and restaurant. Will also oiror splendid* new modern homo for ftiOOO cash or Kvuds. (ilvo full pnrtlimlura Brat letter. \V. Teimuiit JJe.i Jlolne*. —Wanted, agents, ladles nnd gentlemen, to liandlo a lino,, ot cheap hut i'ast stilling houoe- hold necessities which every lady can afford to I buy; bljiproflttf. Adrtresn Chas. Schultholsa, Coun- i ell IlliiITs, loini. I _— _. Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination and Advice as to Patentability ol Invention. Horn] Tor "inventors' Guide, orlloivVoO«ti p'-atent." f ATBIOS OTABBBLL. WASHIHOIOH. D. fc CANDY Sond us 7fo, $1 25 or $S,uO and will ship 10 yon, oburgus paid, liundiionie one pounil, i ivo inmn or tlvo pound liox of our l!es»i (^lioeolatesniict llonbonn. Wntrly Tour friend's eyes when slio opens the 1 ox. WOOD- WAHO. Con feet loner, Council lllults, lowu. japerj from bui-glart* and flr«. Every Fanner and Mm-eliant owes H to his family to iirotool himself. Send for circular. W. L. SOUTT, 5(1 Ueurljorn Street, SI25QO fit Paul. Minn. A Monti) anti Expenses f To Agents to Sell CIGARS TO DEALERS. FREE I C SMOKE. YOU ft MEAT WfT 3nd It wil/hJ3i.pool4»«aiKl,g«c a .iys,indauv*«uiiJiiothl(\»iaii3o<!dCattVt)0tuj;.onl«'j tor cata- igua utd lOSfennOtaia Sun^Ies; orlJjj4u?uataUiguoaiid 13 •oz-ai-s aid cflovaR*am»>lesl «W4 ire tho !*«&xR6row»-» M Farm B«eda, t'otnloen/Qrastcs and -"Clover See ts.ietn.. 'In \4.m«rica.W WELL MACHINERY Illustrated cntalORue showing WELL ADQEKS • BOOK DBILLS, nYDBAUL ANO JETTING MAOH1NEBY, etc. SEJJT FBEB. Have been tented and THE PECH HFQ. CO Nlonx City, 19 S. Canal St., Chicago. MEND YOUR OWN HARNESS WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED CLINCH RIVETS. No tools required. Only u hummer needed! to drive and clinch .them easily and qulcklyt leaving the clinch absolutely smooth. It cq aim pi no hole to be made in the leather nor burr ton tli« JW.vets. They are SI RCNG. TOUCH and DURABtK. Millions now in use. All lengths, unittwu o» assorted, pul up in boxes. . A«k yi;«u- ileuHi- for «l»«ni, or send 40ft. m stamps lor a DOS of 100; assorted sizes. HANUFAUTCngu BY JUDSON L. THOMSON MFC. CO,. u Muss. OS tho THE JUDGES WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION Have made the HIGHEST AWARDS (Medals and IMplomas) to -,. WAITER BAKER & 09. On eaoh of the following named artielwi ' J«£4KFAST_(ibcOA, , , » , No. 1, Chocolate, , , remiuiu No. 1 n*k{Il.k ^fl.n.,..lli Vanilla Chocolate, Cieviuau Sweet Chocolate, Cocoa Jlutter. i, For "purity of material," "excellent flavor * and. "uuiloi-m even cowipogitlow.'* WAITER BAKER&COriflCHEST£ft MASS, f. - M. J133

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