The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1894 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1894
Page 6
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do flo. AS cluda ibte>eit on thecapltHl tttordiflafy sp-pwpmtion* , Vigorous Favor-ed. Jlie rticss^e of Oovei'aor ,.„._ „„ *ttl>n.iUed la the legislature on the oth. The most {arresting features are as tollows; 8Bttale . to reRuIftr « otnri ' u »lo»t« >>inor to LAST MESSAGE to ° °' ''* kind, o*n'. *„ ** *f P w i^*» ol th * an ejcepiloa&l one. 0 ' 1hfl * ud " ;0 i; >4enlm *wo( I* not re- was b* resources ot th« n«*t biennial In the Appropriation* not al. r »l laws, and yet the their officers, which #lll be laid ' or improvements of «iiber class of tbi«e- ho*. P Ml*, but AUWitf IbAvio o«tei Jcfttfcffi which U inore\.than fair to x tbe more &>*rii) State ho-iplt»ls, thefsho* ihat the actual e*' pease of mafntalBlng the 5 chromic' Ihsane In are, Is less thun onl'h&if the c'dst of 'iMalntJ. nanca in state Institutions. ,,, >" allu y-< As\aitlVtlh«V4lAA^> u * , . . . .. - * ' tbe < of tbft cori- f it , of those Sometimes pf the general to that boSy "the nd also ''to rccom- Wiixll deem expcdl- iubmu- the follow- Appro&rliUfoiiS ) fl,430,7i9.5:), entire atnouht i the presence extr»va£ant, always con= . lercsts who has.Or e&n reproaent Its (n- liavc an Intelligent, the amount of money to supply all reasonable wants of t/fie various masse* of UrifortunAtes :who. flro dc- In that of »m»w h» . > ac V to should be treated la the. boat Hospitals tfiat cftn be constructed And iinder-,tbe care of the best eiperU that can bo obtained, and three.. fl ''b« hnown sa chronic Ijmno who have Pissed beyond, jh« ••»&& Vliere medfca? S^Wi'- 1 °/ afly 4 ^"' the 8 * ylD «' ' ™ people of IOWA by math taltiintf the' latter la «raatj> hospitals Instead of asvlu^ s as we have built,' If wo.cara -lor all L™ it,e»e ' ' f Hfe of From cotltl lies ....»..,. jo son n<»7 ~ 1from Insurance companies..'::; '. 7224 ' geom fees of stato officers. .. ' ffrom telephone and telogn ph companies.. ............ , . . H 40 404 groin fees of the oil Inspector..'.; W a' groin miscellaneous spbiteces,... 105 O From direct tax refunded by yen. u <J cral govofnmewi ........... 3S4 " Transfer from temporary school o;n " fuml ............. • ............ 20,861.38 sn 1 ' so To tal * 4 Total There was a cash'tainuoc'oYi 'band at the close of the last biennial porlod cf ' 3412 At that (lino there were outstiind- ' Otntf n-arrants theretofore drawn upon tho treasury amounting i n the aggregate to "1281" The surplus for which no wan-nuts' ' " had been drawn wan The uuaj of special appropriat'lotis made by the last general assem- 1 •>')' aggregated Of this amount and of previous'np- propriations there remained unpaid nr, the commencement of thu present period... The auditor's estimate of'receipts" toe the present biennial period from all sources of revenue la..) 'His estimate of expenditures required to meet appropriations provided for by general statutes *8 o fi/io 77Y) Leaving for special or eitVa'oV-" diuary appropriations... In bis report he suggests thit't'liis sum m«y be Increased by adding thereto the sum due the stata which has ucen collected and •was In the .hands,.of,county treasurers at tho close of tha Jast hlcnnlal period, aggrcgat- And also his estimate'of 'tb'c'mVm that would thereafter be collected of tire tuxes of 1893 nnd previous years d;je the state amounting to Waking the total sum' that c'a.i by this method be applied to ex- traordhury aoprojirlallons It IB evident, however, that it' these add I lions are made It must ba done at the ex pense of what should be In the trsasm-v at th 'dose ot thn present binnnfai „„,(„.i, Li .'"' rerenue '«• -*3,a8r,530.00 '0.00 495,408.74 33,004.19 •133,30;;.;.','! 1,206.10 - - --y- -.»«. .-J, Vt.VL KIJQ UIMUUU i TU , Am ° unt should be distributed, without I he only preteft«e of nn effort heretofore^ to own I - h»ST?i, tho .X e ?. e , rftI ftwembl/on this point has been the selection of legislative e'otnnmteps to make abort visits to thcsft Institutions and report suoh impressions as are made upon their minds, That these Impressions cannot be produced by any Intelligent Understanding of the wants of those great Institutions which enables them to form an oplnlo'n of their own tnu'st be apparent upori ft'ttftfrnent's reflection. • And thus it always happahn-when tho gen- cral assembly meets and Is confronted with a question of whether or not some new Institution Involving nn expenditure of hundreds'of thousands of dollars shall be built or how the great sums collected for that purpose shall be distributed, among the different institutions, the members are practically helpless to form an opinion of tlielr own and lire compelled to rely upon the judgment of men who would not expect to bo classed as guardians of the !riter«st& of tho slate in making tlielr periodical reports. With » liberal supply of institutions already arg«ly completed and paid for, magnificent in their proport ong and costly beyond those of most of out-Elstor states, wo are already confronted by the Serious qimstlon of whether or not the taxes of our people must not b B im creased to supply needed revenue to meet tha obligations of the state, two-thirds of which Is required for the maintenance of these InstHui The question, therefore, Is a plain one. Shall we continue n system that cortaliilv has nothing from a business standpoint to recommend it, that Inevitably leads to hlehor taxation, to greater burdens, or shall we change It and put the business affairs of nil these Institutions under'the chareo of oua board selected from the best business mcn.ob- talnablc, who will for a reasonable compensa- •lon devote their time to careful nnd Intelligent study of the reasonable wants of those In our stato who arc deserving beneficiaries of Its tounty and to the most practicable au'd eco- lomlcal methods by which these wants can bo upplled? There can be no question but Ibxt 'such a oard would be Impartial between the state nd Its Institutions, equally Impartial between bo Institutions themselves, atiri their rcoom- icndatlons to ibe legislature would bo mula pon an intelligent understanding of the subi ect of which thoy would spealc, and henca' ould furnish a, reliable guide for needed, MK ,,would be not, Isissihun $2;>3;l)00 each 'Going 1 on toquot.uth 3 e statute provision that the superln tcndunt of tho hospital •shoui.l • bo .a skilled physician and showing that I)r Hllli Is necessarily engi-oSsed with other 'du ties, thej vernor says: -I. Is , 10 t , to b«,a S8 utacd'tlia! Indolent . Mian. No o'ae ac- this"' The slm- governor says Of. Hill is an quainted wltlK him 1 wjfl Wlmve,th6 same force and effeol * 8t ? l , l .'^'* ol [' l f!f l£ eri ,*? teil J. fj " I" 'direct. the _ the cpnstruetl.tjh . . --.---,. :.-•-.-M •-•• roy..judgmeriti be ;hy ihe cqnrJif^w l;hava .-repealed all ? h whWH It coujil not when _ L In the )ieht 6Fth»> circumstaWJei . afatuUs <M fbesMolne*'Mrtll and- Sdjabrti, if ever befrfre, hana- inve|tfve 'gfcflins 'And e'nterpL ittg into popular favor so qtiiciily as thft- "Duplei" ^vpcwriter of this city sjnee J>laei;el on tfa'e market. - ,'TissaWjt'talcestinld'to intro'dttee a Htf^v articlft of merblittnaisc or a new to'achttte, however meritorious, if it innovates generally accepted theories. ?'' 1 .^..''^ u P lcJcrl introduces into tyne- |vnting'sevetal.entirety new prihctples, but its fi-reat speed ami durability are so apparent from .its peculiar and in- gemious,mechanism that those who see operation concede it excels all «re .tite'i commit lees as announced lenani-OovernoJ' Duncan: W^ys and Mean*—Harsli. t Boardinau, Turner, Petrin, Mi 5? fln .i Carpenter, Henderson, Dent, Everall, Oleson, Bishop. • Judiciary»Hartnoil, ITinn, Andrews,, ison, Ellis, Chesbire, Eaton, Carpenter, Pen-in, Kea, "'--'- ** ' ~ rfi " P^truth I^atthe^ffl^erflslo^of" ^ immense Inn mtlons over Which .he preside, w th Its population of nearly a thousand souls whose physical want'a'tmiM be, looked after '• together with the gejieraVtiverslght of a'erb'ati farm, and tbe proper expenditure ;6f. largo m!!?. ? ,f< 0 " ey l-(i K u}a '' 1 ^PPropFiftted for re-i ffi «n lm ,T Te ,1* fllu f* lh ? "WPltali ob'o,,-' pies nil his tltmi. '1 know supeWn- temlenu In , do not object to this. It, would , not be reasonable to suppose.they ( would;' These outside duties' ftre uiiqucstlortably more pleasant to perform would be the more onerous all"™ spouslblo one ql standing by-the bedside of Insane nnd ministering to tholr • wants " Is .only'to the.'Hrift' •I»if» It- ** Y t.1 'Ing 'favor , --- ..._.-. ., , win* utu ^tt 14.11) H /] glslutlon on this Important subject. IMs scarcely necessary to add that I beliova" 10 best interests of the slato require tliia. ,P»nsnte for that on present blenniai period to 1 would not malto Its niumbershln argc, not to cxcued four activu 'nistnbiirs If s jurisdiction is so extended as to Include an ciislonal visit to county institutions, an I Ink It should be, and a rupurr. to the legislature of their condition. 1 would make'it 110.1- pJii-Usan, with tho Kovernoi: a member KX plllcio, whoso duties should bo limited to meet-, Ing with tho board at regular Intervals at tho i capital and taking part In Us deliberations'' and decisions. the The result,, however, necessarily is. medical treatment of-patients In" this 1 and I suppose in others similarly situated, is a most entirely, In the hands of "assistant physicians, many, If ,,,ot all, of .whojn when they come to 'the.asylums are young men without experience In tho treatment of, thai, le/dreaded 'of all diseases, a diseased t seems to 1 trie wo have.bu'tffrowii the day when one physician can properly be niado n° ( i? 9B fS 111 , 8i| P«!'lnt«i>dcnt and manager of all the ftffairs, professional; an'd; otherwise, rt f such Imnicnse.lnslltutlous.ds ouYhonpItals for- the Insane hava become, j bcilcve the statute' slioilld 'be changed, by striking out the woffl 'rnodlMl; befor fr ,suporlf,Venacnt "&™$ Bhould be made the duty of! the trusteedHo c»iplo.y the uio'ift experfcticcd physicians'In the treatment of,inBinal diseases practicable to obtain,$ 'that.i.tho.'. duties of 'such physiclang! shp lid bovstrl(itly HmltcU to the carevot p,»lleifiiii malntnincfl'sit the hospital, aml,all ouuide autlcs.slioUld'be Imppse,! upon olhcrs who should b,e held responsible for their tho'se ilrst In authority, instead of a medical superintendent." ii . .Of the industrial schools, i other things; ^he gcverndr'says: aud haye been many ,lniimtes'of the school at ; :frlm o'Jn'°' Ir^td'' 11 ' 1 '"'"* wo)U ^ ve p"own ^School at Kldbra. a greater "number o'f! >„,- K•^;M l '°'>i;stripling, children have! rcuchcdlhpstatur'ejof ordinary; men without having seen a day of liberty ln, that timtV' and yot, not one .of tucao'to whom I now refer was ever accusecfuf crlmo of 'iiny kind. I, Hi? 8 ,'; "'i'lS "I' 1001 ' 8 ' are majr " MVat<!S tot w '>'"»« iborty some hasty, but flow ra.uentant, parent Is plcidlng with;an Intensity born on v ,,t (SuoU a eortstructieiii vHntitH send tbe gftfoou into .every, .localfty ofe, the state, .'.wbj*o5 ""for tmairitalrt. , J>ould i f i '" ^"""** *" "' '*".**n(jts jji our 1 ' "'Jsiws mit aupm)8Q/.lt la pnioli'dablc to frame a ' law that will impose Afi ftne t lo bo collected at stated ..|ntervttls,,bn ^(1 persons who conduc* .Ihebu»lnos8ol-4nlopnkeo'pert without Inter? in* !!?!? I iiil' e pu ''"'f'poetical operation 14'" all localities whew'(m( > DrohlhltrtrV law it lgnorSd ; T,hat vjou.a^be Us cKl'X'^a o would staii.l bcfpre/J.tho wqdd convicted of maintain lug aa part, of Its penal code a statute ^^±^ fat !^., en « ou ™^ «t». own sub- . i. j' l - iv • *» ••'"anilines in most desirable qualities; -nnct are con- s;SiSr! y . have . s ^' th < c ° m ^ ^machine that will save .two-thirds withoutshortlianch that tli ' fictllt to n n ,, <, operate; that has 100 per cent greater "Pooa,jadthat will titrn off r,o per cent Appropriations-Lewig, Funk, f- n f' I l? r «' EI1 , is ' Phel P s ' Eat o tt " Craig, Alattoon, Baldwin, Gronewek Dimts, Dowuey. Suppression of Intemperance— Funk, Tuf* T^m««°^ tT 0 ?"' C ?. naAvtt y« E1Iis ' Carpenter, too™ Do' P ' Oleson ' Ol> oneweg, Mat^ Agriculttire-Vale, Turner, Palmer, diaa- Boardman, GOT- Blshop ' w&uld It inflicts upon Us own "diluenti It i,,,iii °, c(;l ! Py i thu P" sltl °n <>f tbe equally guilty culprit who entices another to commit o,.erlinp. M timing from this Unpleasant fea- Uirc of the Mit.ject to the practical workings 2L 8 ", ?r p °, li(! . y , ob J ecllort <> w it seem quite as great. Under ft there would be no possible •way of regulating the el MO or number of men who wouhr,be expected/to sell Intoxicating .liquors as (i,. beverage in any locality. The busiuess In the hands of the vilest men In a .community f would be as much protected as In uioso of ;lhe best, and a hundred would be 'r 3 I" y j hori/ ' ed lo engage in It us one To tbrorf anouhd It any practical safeguards .Itaihvays-Brower, Chantry; Juwett, Beynolds, Jawison, Palmer, Peftrose, ttur' Hm"V ^? r - Dellter . -JWggen, Harper, Terry, Htn-st, YeomanH, Hlpwell. • Congressional nnd Jtidicial Districts— Jomison, Harsh, Turner, Upton, Andrews, Peri" H S 'r • ' Lewls ' Bish °l ) > Kolly, Insurance— Turner, Jamison, Ixjwis, Conw an( w rson ' f en '-° s e. Kilburn, , Reft, Harper, Hipwell, Denv. • JMections--Jewett, Andrews, Brower. Riggen, STeemans, Baldwin. Constitutional Amendments and Suffrage 7™. I! le ij' Xilbllr «> Rowan, Lewis, Hen- deihon, Harmon. Dent, Downey, Baldwin. Grew ' ' Ki " n ' L ° wis ' r>eut ' Printing— Upton. Funk. Jamison, Cheshire, Baldwin. Yeomans. Ketrenchiiient nnd Reform— Lehfeldt, SV,',?" nk ' ^"''"'•n, Hipwell. Terry. ' ' Military- Andrews, Clinntry, Palmer. own, Krernll, Mattoon - * t *t- i '"™ er » Halimou ' f \ Pal- . There are eguars for the young, the weak,or intemperate would M V P 'w iU | lc ' ' To tle 1U own ^ n ^< to '«' tills trnflic loose upon.,any community without an cl W ! f t ; '' to regulate Or control It would, in my Judrfment, tu a disgrace, to the statn and a crlmoi'ttKalnst her citizens. Passing from these, the condition of those who under such a policy, would undertake to conflict, a business for which the law would furnish some excuse, at least, wo are met with (•filially obstinate objections to such a plan luo 'mulct or'lino Imposed and collected would protection to the man who R»!d it.,; However prompt he might be to £ le M'i t ^, 1 ' eq ' llre ' ner ' ts ol 6Ucb a P' 11 " too .would still DO exposed to all the penalties of existing laws, anil after having paid bis lines regularly would sllll. be liable to indictment, ' ine and Imprisonment under the prohibitory awsqf. the state for the very sales he made on UJB Jalth of his supposed protection by reason le " mlCt °' ne he ^ d "luldated. :by We Applied to that purposeTand toe «.Sl«Z to •the construction of a soldiers' and sailors ESS «f" T* l ° oom " le:aorilt8 »>« memory and deeds of Iowa soldiers aud sailors In the " each. In Wore Jasi TUIS C.UIE OF TUK INSANIt. ; have In Iowa three Insane asylums; when tho third is completed, from hundred thousand to onu inlllloii dollar's treasury, and tho two completed asylums there confined at tho closp of the Th« to, e "" lal 1PC , rlod l ' m Patients'. lite total appropriations expended for '.construction and Improvement uf these" to that dale, was Jl,<l58,»as.0y. ., .;•.•" f The support fund allowed •tholndepundence asylum I.. *14.00 pec month for . „ .... Intensity .born onlv" of fathqr'B.or mother's love, buY neither in- l -ih law noi-i.i;ulcs adopted for tlielr government '"''ml any plan or arrangement by which an fchobls Is rcauircd to 'restore to one'ofAhoi . jjivreiitsi' h<i\vcvci* diistirvlAij his imtirisoiir child, lint,!! it'has ruu the gauntlet of' rule necessarily severe, .because made for tbe cov Brnm«,nt,QMhe moRt.tlepl-ayed aad ;vicious o children. In the state..i-I want to brine t your notice Hie most earnest protest I ai capable of making against this feature of tl government of theso"Scbools." He • doclni-cs that, the orphans', home Is ad mlraby managed. He recommends that ^rJ^..?5^S n :i? th .»?.M« I iuilon. tl, fo Proceeds to l;u ii . ~'r* — — —«— 10 It, Hllfl BlilrJ tlons were thereupon cancelled The remainder of said sum has been treatad " th Vr"^ r J? ^ IS?"? rto^'ifi^ i belonging to Thi) -waii •oalpts and - the audltor l «"e«tim»t8°of t 8 disbursements f or thft a summary ol the leoon* ••ttie officers and Institutions, W |1I? P I *«/ouud to substantially comply with ^ulremenu of the first duw?^ to •«f tho coniUtutioQ referred to. The .econd clause of the same age ot glil.OO per m'OiUh. The allowance to the Mt 'Pi«ii-fiiini. m (« *\A t\t\ ""« * T tv. i icnnufi).: ai Is 114.00 per mouth for each palinnt amount drawn the'Just b' period *H.OO per month-lor oaoh patient ' '•" The average,, p'ttlfl the asylums Is *13.8.0.per moinh.' 'If -to • this add Interest.on tuc .ti^ful app'roprjntioi>s • ihese institutions, o w talde' the support fu at six percent itnd divide -this ;by"iin"mi m of patients cared for ire find thiit tlw act cost computed on this basis of iimf,uiUni, )K the insane In. our asylums already .pompletod Is ia»3 per month. This; however,' doer »no^ show,correctly the real cost as many ot--.tli'e extraordinary ' approprialloiis made / since , thig,oah fj;mordcu:(!uply and botlter done by adopting-"!,, substance Now York's ;• tn ! "ftW 8cl '° 1018 »'«•>•>« »»r - other i his will .rtfciulre.-ln our stato no outlay bll ' maintain IndcpcnY' . .money ' tflbll.h ' for fen lew jl'-niiinper of If; academies;- iind ' '-' 'teglstatlve rposeineiiiloije(l. 1C express mandate of hf. th6 ° D>y e f CUle °»«»«""««»tloii hlo-h.t i»w will ffiv« n , n ,. oom Po?'"e th" oo"mm"i«ion' Jr have ^A^jaawtK ipresslv* or unjust. of the for What »re Jmu ibnorb IXST1TUTIONS importance Is they i determlaes in a most i e burdensi know u in round state insHtutions In uunibers two-thirdB of - o »rs^ r ^ i ^' u "'-^ w««»un» actuallj- • v — r i- • — !-••»-»• WWM IlittUD •' D111UU thesa asylums wero completed have been ap'i' P led to the waking of repairs, nnd tha total of these should be ohareed to support, Instead of interest thereon as m d olle | n ifa compiua- tloni because of tho dimoulty In separatlmr such appropriations, if accurately co.npii'ed he cost of malnulnlnc our Insane is some, thing more than 120.0(1 a month .per patient. At the end of tbe last biennial period there were In our three asylum,! patients, and as near^as can bo ascertained, about I OUO outside lu county and private asylums, and to a- great extent in poor houses scattered throughout the state. "i-n-u ™" d( £ e j >onl ' ttc < ! °moaatlon8 and dlfTerent eare should n most cases tj« provided for those outslda the asylums, Is conceded every one at all familiar wltji the facts. ulallon In asylums, iuchas'webave'coinplu^ad," would cost the people of the state, including J^ c£^S£Slr SS? r:ir Ihese figures forcibly suggest the micttlon of whether or not a constderikblc part of thla er methods entirely humane foe the care of our chronic Insane., lly, the term cliroiilo l wish to be understood «s inuludliiir tue incur able in.ano who are-'harwlcsa In itheh- hab s aad Who have ceased to require medical i'cat- nient for their mental maladies.,; stato of WUc.onsin baa. rnalntninfd a system of county asylums tu, which bet-chronic Insane what H r - at " Ol! m9 ''* tllua one - llaif lums. " :•: : ""^' n " "'•„? °" r s ""° U8J ' These asylums; like her'' state institutions are u nder the pare of a board of control Tills board uy law is required to approve plans for their construction mat'a quarterly vlsitVtb them after .they, are occupied, investigate all complaints against their mauagamen? and order a correction of such evils as are found to exist, and decide, what asylums have been conducted in a mauiner to eatitle them to the aid provided, by tb e 8ta t e . Upon a propw cerUficate of the, board the counties in which these asylums lire maintained receive from the state W per mouth for each patleut mai.™ Uiued. Ihis Is Its entire outlay; the coun V erecting an asylum being to the entire ex' peose pf cqostructiDg, providing for and lauaging the sane. - Eact %»yluiu, 1 0 afdUion to Its own Insane Is authorized to receive patients from other couatlcs and ig paid by tba «»i e therefor the same as for lt»o»-n. aud such additional eum <" it agreed upou by the CPUqUes ' duties iiu- country toe' slate o£ the deslriid. from among ••our bedt, HKiV,™ 311 ? 0 ^, ami aiding theso aiipl'oprltttlons suflicleut II . "ri tuition and. necfessarv tetl'. tito K n^fl'° -Tr™ nueillll "e:. upon condV' I '}*,,? ' cy , Wll ' /or a S'vcn period each year -establish ami, .^aintaiu undei- a compete^ teacher'a class-!to be Instrucfod In 111010 I ? lu ' llc ».-ftn«.methods of to ntithcm for tho performance of quired of teachers in schools." As to county roads the governor reaches tho conclusion "ttiat ii portion at least of* th" highway tar In each county, exclusive of the bridge ax, should be paid In money, and thai this should be expended under the supervision of a competent engineer -In consume Ing and repairing roads over tbe most difficult Places in tho several road districts. To mX such a plan effective H will be necessary to provide for the condemnation of adj.cent lauds to an extent sulliclont to provide for necessary drnli: Bec and power should be Kiven the engineer to purchase needed material and contract for labor hy the day or 1 tho ••'••- tho.statc of Iowa cannot affordTo"put atiy class of her cltixens in such a position. Ohio has been guilty of no such error. Behind., her mulct law there IB no other, to 'punish for the samo ofteusc " iti the position of that state, with a constl- vutio.nal provision la our way that would prevent .'ue adoption of any method by which this.tniflio could be regulated by legal means, wa might bo justified In resorting to this method as thu best attainable, hut In such case t would be the only law of the state ap- pllciible thereto, \Vo lire not.howcver, In such position. Our hands are In no manner tied. It seems to mo therefore, a plain duty of the law-making power to provide for tho control of-iUie liquor truffle In Iowa by general statute* and to frame these upon the theory that tbolr provisions, whatever they may be, arc to be equally applicable to and equally faithfully enforced in every part of tho stato. It is scarcely necessary to add that I believe the true policy for the state to adopt on this subject Is municipal and township local option with carefully guarded laws for the control of the iraltte wherever legalized bv a vote of the electors, lu this way Mono is "it possible to aye to oach'I'locnilly affected by tho law tho ight to regulate its provisions so as to meet .be desires-and requirements of its own poo- So Important, however, does it seem to ma hat a practicable and le^al method ot rciru- Jlflltr thls-'lriinlft sllrnil.l Iw. ,,rr,. nu ,l ., .£-.. _ thls'Vrafllo should be agreed upon that «annoft1osc-this subject without expresalne ho hope,that ono nnd all of you will be uldcd by iv.singk! give to vour'state . honorable method of controlling by law nnd within tbe law, a tradlB that the experience of - mankind teaches should never be permitted to nourish outside of legal restraint aim yet that since tho passage ot our prohlbl- tory law. has hccn, In many cities and towns i't our stato, as uiitra.inneled as It would have been in the absence of all law. Respectfully submitted, . HORAOK BOIES. ODD SELECTIONS. Nearly #10,000 is paid for pensions to firemen in New York city every month. more work with tho same effort, would naturally attract the attention of nil interested m typewriting-. «o that when the Duplex- Typewriter Co. of thisi city exhibited the work and speed of their "Duplex" ut the World'sTair m October it was a great' surprise to the from all parts of the world who saw it in operation, and it suddenly became famous. Expert on- eratorsand salesmen of other tvne- wnters on exhibition looked it over knewag-ood thing- when they saw it' applied for g-cneral n.g-eneics and are now selling-the "Uuple.v." The judg-c of awards thought it was entered too late for competition, but finally promised to''send a committee around to look at it." 'I'he committee went and the Duplex' wn-rietl off the hiffhcst honors, a.medal and diploma, and in giving 1 reasons therefor the committee stated the superior points of the "Duplex" in a nutshell, as follows: 1. It is a successfu) attempt to double the speed now attained by capable operators on other typewriters. ». This maehin'e can print any two clifterent letters of the alphabet lit tin- same instant and us nnickly as any one letter win be printed by 'other typewriters. This is consequent on Jmvin«- an alphabet for each hand, hence permitting- both hands ALWAYS to bo ut work. 3. It hits a double center, or two points of contact for type and paper •1. It is strong-ly built, with c-i'-wit probability of long- service in omt-o work-. An opportunity to exhibit the "Duplex" was all that was necessary to launch it on the market, Tho company arc receiving- applications for ag-encies Irom all parts of the United States and Irom foreign countries. Within the last week they huvo received applications from Month Africa, South America, Australia, 2\ r ew Xeuland and an application from Odessa, Itussi!),, with an order for a '• Duplex" for immediate shipment. Dealers have' been appointed m nine liti-ffe cities and orders are coming- in faster than the machines «m be manufactured. It is every whore admitted to be the fastest typewriter m the world. Thus within three mouths a DCS Aloines enterprise lias passed throug-h the experimental into a profitable trade, and with promise for the future. A' Vale ' eie, 'In! ' UJe ."D, Bishop, Terry. CInlins-Gorrell, • Andrews, Lehfeldt Bera e ' > f Manufactures— Cirbneweg.Cona'way, Lehfeldt, Waterman, Harper. Green lish , and Ganie-Rea, Funk. Kelly. Public Limds-Perry. Boardman, Eaton. I-nbor-Cheshire. Turner. Gorrell, Keyl 11 ' Phelps ' Educational Institutions— Finn.Harmon ilelntions-Eaton, Harsb.-Water- Brower - ,„ f ••••• . »ml Pardons— Rowan, aiatis 1 ' 1 "" 11 ' g ' UoiTell > Keli y, ieo- Swiatorinl and Hepresentative Districts Jswjools—Carpenter. Vale, Kilbnrn Plielps, Gnrst. Kea. Oorrell, Eaton Perry' Alattoon, Kvorall, Hijnvfill. J ' vii'- !tl i? > J ncI Towns ~Wfttermnta. Cheshire, pi !1, J -'S 1 . 1 ?"' T « urm .9''.-. HHrBh, Penrose I>e '' rl1l V. Grec ". Hipwtll, Perry, Kolly ,-_ lubI ' ( : Healtl.-L'omi«-»^ Rev Vale, Worrell. KifcKcn, toon. Oleson. (Ironewefr. Mines and Mining—lieynolds, Vale, Lewis " ay. Iteynolas, \Vaternian, Mat- Perrin, C'lmi-itable Institutions— Chantrr, Garst, %$%£??S2^ uut > Ro "-^ G '- el CoMipeusation win Kn ra ' HigJnvays— Boardinan, of Public Officers-Ell- Jowett ' M»ttoon, Bald- Androws, Librnry Dent, Funk. Hnrnion. hngi-o.sse.1 IBjlls-ICelly, Jewott. Upton. hurolled B^» r Ph^lps,Chantry, Hurst: _ Look out for eounterfoits- 1 See that you Rot the genuine Salvation Oil I Do not let the dealer soil you something -just as wltl ' ^m'm''"'^" 110 , 11 ^"'"ITtlie genuine with the Bull's Head, trade mark on the \\ 1'tt JH161*, ' , JUST FOR FUN. 1 believe wlih proper care lu the selection of county surveyors the duties of this position could bo safely assigned lo them and Heir compensation for work in this lino bo |,a d from the highway fund without " creaslHg the fates of our people, andstilI c ve the counties a vastly more efl/eJeni inc od of ImprovInK county roads thai they now• pos- £C86i " -l lie matter or rouuniirsin^ tno the only a person or appropriate action , Ho recomtneiids restrlctloiis as to HIP of Ino-jrporatlou for the The violet is conventienly flowi'r that can be worn by in moitfuiiiir. The Chinese have an academy of manners that prescribes etiquette for the whole empire. There were no italics used in the biblical translations until th'o time of the King- .lames version, Kill. The Ironometer is a device of Dr. Quiutai-d, a Frenchman, for g-iiuffiug- the tivmbling- of nervous people. " A baby whose oldest brother is a RTamifiither was born in Richmond, K.V., iccently. Its mother is (58 aud her husband 73 years old. The Chinose almanac of which more copies are printed annually than any other work in the world, is published at IVIcin and is a monopoly of tha emperor. ^ A way ward son advertised in the Now York dailes ti few days ag-o, announcing- that the funeral services of Ins father would take place at the report o arsa M^^ta-^^r^ihSU 1 ^ wenty-ooe of these !?*..?*.*. ol " e .»M of local option i*». b »i,^iT date of fb of control there were Wluin,i uf her for tbe Wined by """^'HlSffl^s? 13 than that at intervals In pui-DS of France a species of rabbit is H t,i l jxed for the wool, which said to be softer and liner of sheep. It is obtained by combing' the animals. At Wilkesbarre, Pa., Mrs. Mag-g-ie -Meredith, who for the past year has suoported her drunken husband and three children, grew discouraged and drank a quart of whisky, dying- soon after, The pig-eons of St. Mark's, Venice, can toll a foreig-ner from a native. If oue of tho tourists appears, they flock about him to bo fed, according- to g-uulo-book; if a Venetian, they keep away. , l Explorers' have recently visited the wild Olympic mountains in Western \Uslunytoii. They report; that tha timbsi- lm« disappears at about C.OOo icet, and at the base of the highest peak, ou the 5,000 and-G.OOo f 0 ot level, is u feystom of meadows aad lakoa! where grass and flowers grow in gi-aat -. 7 4 ..i. ...f. '^o," she exclaimed with emotion, "I can never foi-g-ivo you, but—but—I will try to forg-ct you." _"You have faith that your hnsbund will become a g-rcat artist 1 .'" \Vif e __f can't tell yet, you sec; he's only been dead ten years. "The offices should bo run on business principles," said (he reformer "My idea, too," replied the spoilsman. "The oftener the stock is turned over the big-get- the profits." Tenant, hesitatin ff ly - I' ve been reading- a very g-oud article in my paper bonded 'Rents Must Come Down. 1 Landlord, confidently — All right; you just come down with tha rent. "Now, confess, MeHride; do yon hold your wife on your lap as much now us when you wore first married"" asked Barlow. "Well, Barlow" replied McBride, "to tell the truth, I I believe she sits on me rather more now than then." "William," said the statesman's wife, "why do you spend so much time being- interviewed by tho newspapers';'" '-Because I've g-ot common sense," he replied. "In these days no business pays without advertisin'; not even office holdiu'." There is a great deal-ot^lireaT-, done m these times tlimt the devil finding- any fault with. VTiters " whoonce try Dr. tl ,f P , fS - V1 '" |) " lw "- vs b "y jt "gain, that its sales have-been so ononnous The succRss ot this, grent remedy }n curing ' r MIM.ONN OK nouLArs Are annually lost because poor seed is planted. .Now, when you sow you want to reap. For instance, A M Lamb, .Pcnn., made JM.SOO on ten ttcl . C s ot vegetables:- li. Hey, Gul.. cropped I..,!,) bushels's onions per acre- ^rtiuk Close, .Minn.. HIO bushels of .spi-nio- wheat from (wo acres; A. Hahn \) is.,J.-ii|0 bushels potatoes per acre! I'1-iiu.cWinU.r. JSInjiliuui, ,VI(i bushels t> pounds oals from one bii.s])ol plant"d •Vv' s ^l 1 - 1 ,', 1 S " 1/ ' t>r Olllls '•outing'. ' ' Will, in", r *"'"' ''''''"'"'tHiiil Send U. n ill ](),- po.-,l;iji-p to n,,. J O I, M A- Salizcr Seed J;"V.,!±, ( ,!'" SB . ( :'..,^" - T "». "»' reeelvo tbolr >,,ii -. unit icu sample ipuck- iccds. Catalogue I'.lone, 5o In niannfaotiiriiig oc-ctipatious, tbe average life of soajibollors is the highest and Hint ol grindstone makers the lowest, -Asthma Cm-oil BySchllTmnnirs Asthuv.v Cure No w«.nin» ^^^.a^as^S!^ 3 .d Hj is o l<or use The devil would never get a follower if e coi-Wn't nmko a foundation of sand look us sale as soliil rot-k. or Cotiglis anil ihrout Disorders BKOWX'B BKOKCJIIAI. T«OWIBS. ''Have nev U r.ehan«ed my nihKl respecting them, reform ™ Sold only in boxes. ManyanuuTwho is anxious to a nH and pleasant remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else hasever "dSS ^ and aad patlents Better find out what kind ot a foundation you have under you before you spend your whole life in trying to builH S Whisky, |f indulged in habitually, issure to spoil a man's countenance. That is ' will give him a rye-face. -«* Three million 3 cent nickel pieces scattered, over the United States See Colchester Spading Hoots aav. u7 it tc are who re l' ellt n °n « sick bed from " South

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