The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1894
Page 5
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THE DBS MOINES: ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY.jANPAB^lV^ SAILtAY , Mii#ftnke* A st, tOOAt, TRAINS WB8T. No. 1 departs at ..... .... No. 03 departs at. ................... n.' No. 71 departs at. . . . . . . . . - ........ » . CHAINS BAST. In No. 2 departs at... ......... ;;;;;::::; s FwtehtsVat catty passengers-' ' No. 76 departs at ................... l-iBpm No. 94 departs at ..... ic, Agent. mended from Mason City as Very fine, The l&te announcement prevents glV« Ing press clippings. Wm, Goodrich of Hebron shipped ft lot of furs not long ago to the Great Northern Pur company at Chicago and Chicago A Northwestern Railway. got $14.48 when the list company wafl over ie of the an effort to get the rest of the Money. - North— Mixed Pass •THE CITY .CIRCUIT. The K. P.'s meet Friday evening to 'install officers. -J. H. Benedict and Etta M. Patterson are licensed to wed. W B. Quarton's office has a new snfe and some new oak book cases. /Burt shipped 100 cars of produce in November and 104 in December. New England supper at the Congre. gational church tomorrow evening. Jas. Patterson is nicely located in his new store and has a very handsome r °Mayor Boyle and a goodly delegation from Whittemore took in the play e is making the Money. Such transactions on the part of a commission house should be aired. A large party was down from Burt Monday evening for the play and a special train took them back. The opera house company guaranteed enough tickets to secure the train, expecting a party from Bancroft, but through some misunderstanding no one arrived and the boys were out. Last Wednesday the Northwestern passenger train was flv-e hours late on account of a wreck ott the main line. John Notestine was waiting for It Renwick to get to Garner in time his marriage. The boys found fair city last summer. There arertany youhgor doctors who would hesitate bej !ore taking the trip on Whichhe through here Thursday-fully 4' But he hasn't gotten over the hardy, this farm for out u „._.—- ., enduring spirit of pioneer life, he being one of the early, settlers '- fMa county, at one time living oh near Bancroft. The death of Joseph Sklnsey recalls a peculiar case. His son, also Jo., took a soldier's claim out iti Montana at the close of the war. He died later and his wife and children wandered away, It turned out that the claim was very valuable, and a mining company brought a contest to secure it. Geo. E. Clarke was authorized by the old gentleman to see if he could save the fand, and a contest was made at Washington. But the company gotit. Mr. Clarke says it was Worth $75,000. The county fair directors should consider at their meeting the feasibility of holding a farmer's institute. A number have spoken about it and it has >—" MET IN ANNUAL SESSION, the County Agricultural Society Names Officers for Another Year—Jtt" diclotts Selections. A Move Looking to th'e Purehase of Additional Gfound for the Fair—The Treasurer's Report. HIS IUO,lii«»B°. •"•" — a- ~ „„!. it,,, where he was bound for and spent the five hours in consoling him. A search warrant was issued a week ago to assist the Northwestern^adjo capture some mysteriously pine lumber disappeared Monday, promised in the Sat- . Monday evening The north end hunt_comes Full particulars are Bancroft Register. The reading room lunches every urday noon for 15 cents are quite a convenience to the public. R A. Frice is Frank Parish's partner in thehardware business. He is an excellent young business man. The Kossuth County State statement this week shows that had from its fence up north. Th^ warrant led Sheriff Samson to Curt Dolliver's place, where missing boards were discovered, The company wad notified. Mrs. Wm. Monroe, a sister of Mrs. E. J. Mathews and Mrs. Frank Jenkinson, died at her home in Falkton, S. D., last week and her remains were brought to Algona yesterday for Burial, She was well known in and about Algona some time since one has been and bank a 'Healthy Eteof affairs wfth that institution. 0. B. Matsonand W. D. Nugent have taken the offlte over the Algona State bank, lately occupied by Julius Pleth. A. L. Seeley sold 28 pigs for the com- many will regret her untimely death. Spinal trouble is given as the cause. The Baptist society are arranging a fine entertainment for Feb. 7. It will be a series of readings by Prof. A. K Palmer, who held the chair of elocution in the Wisconsin state university a year and has since graduated from the Emerson school of oratory at Boston. He is a most accomplished reader and his coming will be enjoyed. Friday's Journal report Ryan of Algona was toted to the . J A i_ • _ _— J M M Vkt» f~\nncft*i week, money That these fortable sum of $300 last is a prettty good sum of days. The ladies of the Beading Boom as- BOCiaUonwill serve a 15-cent. '«•"* '" lunch in BOCmuuu win 0°' •" _ nr\ „<. the reading room, Saturday, Jan. 20, at 12 o'clock. . Muddy roads and foggy weather make a bad January to our notion. Thn thermometerVnot"been below free,- ing for some time. Mart Weaver is assured a _ clerkship in the legislature at Des Moines. He will be a first class clerk and will enjoy a winter in the capitol. Letters are advertised for Mrs. S. Hanson, Chas. Knapp, W«r.. Melv n Mary Patterson, Geo. W.Ridler, Alice Sratf, Frank Volz, L. P. Wassend. Harry Sheetz, Howard Robinson and Ernest Wheelock are planning to go to Fort Dodge Jan. 24 for the examination for the naval cadetship at Annapolis. Thos. Kain, Frank Benschoter, A. L Bel ton, and W. H. Clark are engineering the south hunt for Monday. They have a good plan and some wolves are doomed. A big audience was out for E. P. Me- Elroy's lecture Thursday evening, and heard a very interesting and able talk. His second* lecture comes tomorrow evening on " Myths," at 8 o'clock. Friday and Saturday evenings a novel r i __-J11 >«* /»1VAF1 ftfc LU& fiDtGPtftiDWX6D» Will "o o' *°" " »**« P°lia,l8ance U with all the original features. It will pay everyone to go up ana see the sights. Mrs. John Gannon, who died lately of typhoid fever at Buffalo Fork, was 51 years of age and came to Kossuth with htr family in 1871. Mr. Gannon and the children have the sympathy of all in their bereavement The term of S. S. Sessions as state fair director expired this year, a few days after he was sworn in as a member "r'A." i~~! D int,,,.n Mr. Johnson of is: J. J. white house this morning by Congressman Dolliver. " I can tell you a story, said Mr. Thurber, "but I can't take you in to see the president today. 'Come around on Saturday." Mr. Dolliver, who has heard Mr. Thurber before, declined to wait to hear the story. We publish this week the first of Lafe Young's weekly letters from Des Moines. They will proye very Interesting during the session especially as the attempt to enact a new liquor law de- velopes. As they are not sent out till Monday evening they give late news. But coming late we are compelled to leave out much of interest on account 01 lack of time. All friends of Rev. Mary A. Safford will be pleased to learn that she will visit Algona and give her lecture on "Men Who Think." She will come here a week from next Monday_ and sneak probably in the Congregational church. Miss Safford has been speak been ^ _ held. Tnere'are a number of topics of great interest to Kossuth at this time that our own men are capable of discussing ablv, and that ought to be discussed in the interests of better farming. To mention one only we would suggest that there are 450 men who could be heard from with interest on Wolves, and How to Dispose of Them." We vote for an institute this spring. Dr. Garfield was up last week to see Oliver Benschoter, whose sickness was reported some weeks ago. He found our old settler suffering from euremic poison, the most unpleasant manifestation being constant hiccoughing. Th;s has been so bad that he has been unable to sleep or even to talk or eat. He did what he could for him and although Mr. Benschoter is getting on towards 80 years old, he has hopes of recovery. Mr. Benschoter was the pioneer blacksmith in Algoha and also one of the first sheriffs of the county.^ At the last term of court a Corwith man sued Hay & Rice for $1,000 damages because they had not made an entry on an abstract of a suit then pending against the owner. It was brought up at the last term of court but not decided. Last Thursday Judge Carr nassedon it and exonerated Hay Rice. He decided that there was such relation between the parties would warrant suit, and also that The annual meeting of the county agricultural society was not as largely attended Saturday as it should have been, but a representative gathering was present from all parts of the county. And these were greeted by the cheering information embodied in the treasurer's report that, in spite of the rain storm at the last fall's fair, the BO- clety came out even with a few dollars to the credit side. Every premium had been paid in full for an unusually large exhibit, and the society with the money From this milk was made 102.860 poufisd of butter, an average of~t>ver tote pounds of butter to m P«fi»d8 Of milk. The gross receipts tor the butter wefe $24,015.06; expenses, $3.449.16, leaving a net return to the patrons of $20,566.76. The average price paid for the milk was 87i cents for 100 pounds, the highest price being $1.20 in January and the lowest 6S cents in May. , Mr. Angus has made a tabulated report for each month. It shows that the largest receipt of milk was 343,-_ 541 pounds in June, and the largest monthly output of butter was 14,103 pounds also in June. The smallest amount of butter made was 6,440 pounds in January. The largest amount of butter to each 100 pounds of milk was in July, being 4*. The highest cost of making the butter was 6i cents a pound iti January, and the lowest was 2* cents a pound in July. We Regret that we are not able to publish the table complete as a study for those interested in Vossuth now has fourteen creameries. We should like to publish a report for each one. They are what will keep hard times away from this section. AH of them are not doing as much business fftNANCtAL. Kosso th County State fiank . .......... ........ ...4SO,o06 Incorporated nnde? general laws of I6Wa. Deposits f eeeived, money loaned, f $*eitf& Mid domestic exchange bought and sold. , Colics tlons made promptly, and a general J?fttiMn* business ttansac%f. P»«a?Oi2* $£L!° of from the old countries sold atlowest rates. * WJt. H. INGHAJl .............. ....president J.B. JONI59 .................... Vice Pwstdent LEWIS H. SMlftt ...................... Cashier Directors-Win. H. Ingham, John G-Sffllth, J B. Jones, f. curlschllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devme, _ The First National Bank ore 1 IOW.A... on hand from last year was oyer $300 ahead of even, with $200 to be appropriated in extinguishing the rapidly decreasing debt on the grounds. This was voted to be done, and the remaining debt is now but $300. Considering that but a few years ago the debt was over $1,300, this is a remarkable showing of business prosperity for the & no as the VVUU1U. v»i«i » *f" w «-"-•• -i -- - ,_ , . certificate on their abstract did not include suits pending but not brought .o judgment. Geo Hamilton went to Des Moines last week with samples of the clay selected here for tile and had them tested. He returned Monday with one brick which looks as well as any lately seen in Algona. He says that the Des Moines men assured him that tne clay would stand burning to make paving brick, and that is the great' test. • over the state and has met large audiences everywhere. Full notice will be given next. Judo-e Carr last week decided that the Ledyard independent district was not legally organized. It seems the board had not properly signed the notices and so the work will have to be begun over. Springfield township fought the matter because the district, in its opinion, included too much railroad up there and consequently collected more than its share of the taxes. Joseph Skipsey, who came to Kossuth in 1864, and whose grove out west Mr Stoll has gone to Illinois with his samples and further tests will be made. If he is satisfied Algona will get a big tile factory in the spring. It looks now as though we could make the very best article here. After a long term of service S. S. Sessions drops the secretaryship of the county fair association, and it is but fair to say in that connection that much of the success it has attained has been due to him. He has introduced an excellent system of books, and had always liberal ideas of the possibilities of the society, besides showing admirable tact in dealing with exhibitors and con- cessioners. Mr. Butler, who succeeds him, will prove also a most excellent official, and as the secretary's office is one of the most important, the society is fortunate in securing so good a man, Alden Benedict and his company save " Fabio Roman!" better than at & - . . . .. T-r_ l-_ n l.«jl jl r\*. To Buy New Grounds. Looking to the future the society appointed J. W. Wadsworth, J. R. Jones and Harvey Ingham to investigate as to the feasibility of adding to the present grounds, and to report to the director s meeting. The attendance at the fairs has been such for several years that more ground has been needed. If it can be secured the society will buy the lot lying north of the present grounds. Treasurer's Ueport. Secretary Sessions was notable to come from Des Moines and his report will be made later. The treasurer's report showed that there were 513 exhibitors last fall, $491.75 paid In premiums, $190 in purses, and $150.08 in expenses, making a total of $831.83. There was cash on hand from last year, $278.03, gate and ampitheatre receipts, $621, entrance fees, $65, and state appropriation, $200, a total of $1,164.03, with exhibitor's tickets, etc., still to be reported. Dougal Wallace and E. B. Butler were appointed to settle the secretary and treasurer. Officers for 180-1. President Dodge was re-elected by acclamation as was also Treasurer Wadsworth, in recognition of their excellent services. E. P. Keith was chosen vice-president, E. B. Butler secretary, and Robt. Wright marshal. The following board of directors was chosen: Algona, Harvey Ingham; Buffalo, J. A. Cunningham; Burt, Thos. Hanna; Cresco, J G Rlwson; Fenton, Milt. Moore • Gar M Hays; German, G.Stetsel; Green- ULlt/lll ni o uvw «vn. & , as the Burt creamery, but all are maK- ing progress, and wherever one is in auecessful operation the farmers have had ready money when everywhere else people have been strapped. Now that the wolves are all killed, you are doubtless planning to raise she'ep and hogs next summer. Buy Bomo wire and picket fence of Hamilton for 60 cents a rod, and you \yill have taken a step in the right direction. 43t2 CAPITAL ......................... $50,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL ................. President D. H. HUTCHINS .......... .... Vice President WM. K. FERGUSON ................. ..Cashier Directors— D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. Call, K. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable. rates to parties furnishing first-class security. ANGELINA is hero. So is Hercules. Potatoes Wanted. I want a lob of potatoes at the new grocery in th LEGHORN roosters sale. Mrs. John L. Morton, Irvington.—41t2 GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. always keep a big stock of shoes of all kinds at the lowest prices. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. with IT would not be hard to get up these cold mornings if you had plenty of dry kindling to start the fire. J. A. Hamilton & Co. keep it and dry oak constantly on hand.—4312 ANGELINA is here. ALGONA., IOWA.. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Chas. C. St. Clalr, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbralth, W. C. Tyrrell, Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS, PROFESSIONAL. •s - ^^_X^^X>rf-N^-N^VX-Nrf'^^^'V^-VS. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. HClCl, A"-' J.J-«"J"J , V*"*—-*"-J -" . wood W. Heathorshaw; Harrison, ;— "Rfimrstnn 1 Hebron, Wm. Gooclrich; Irving- Fon" g CL R/Lewis; i°tts Creek N 'c. Tay. ' T ,T T>' w Hanna; Ledyard, A. — " Conner; Portland, K Ramsay, Paxson; Senoca, A. Ed. Johnson; Swea, of Geo. Simpkins' farm was for many years a frontier point, died Sunday morning after three days' illness. Palsy was the trouble. Mr. Skipsey was79vearsof age. His funeral was held Monday at 2 o'clock at the Episcopalian church. For some years he has been a scissors grinder on the street and a familiar figure to all. Word has come that Dr. McCoy has been reinstated on the board of pension examiners in place of Dr. Sheetz. This leaves the board solidly democratic, Drs. Kenefick and Tribon being the other members. Considering that Dr. McCoy served under President Harri- their last visit. He has had it on the road five years with the same actors and says that last year it was more successful than ever before. It is a picture of the treachery, faithlessness, and general rottenness of Italian life of the Lucretia Borgia period, written by Mr. Benedict himself from a novel called " The Vendetta." Mr. Benedict played as Ferrara, the false friend, and was heartily welcomed, as were the other members of his excellent company. The serpentine dancing was new to Algona and was very beautifully done, of the legislature. Mr. Johnson pi Humboldt was elected by the society in his place and will represent northern Iowa. While pitching hay one day last week Geo. Blackford strained himself bringing on a rupture, or strangulated hernia. Drs. McCoy and Morse had some difficulty in reducing it, and George was in great pain for several hours. Swea City has a postoffice and J. Packman is the first Nasby. The old office will be moved further north and <»>+. mini from Armstrong, it is son, Jnoobson; Sherman, C. Moliuder: Springfield; W. B. Burton; Union. J. W. Julian; Wesley, F. Kernan; Whittemore, John Simson; Lincoln, Frank .Pierce; Eagle, John Llndblom. In.General. ,. At the meeting of the directors, which will be duly announced, and which will occur next month, measures will be taken to enable the marshal to preserve order on the grounds. At At that time also the premium list and general arrangements for the air will PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. F. E. Smith went to Des Moines yesterday on a business trip. Mrs. N. J. Skinner enjoyed a visit from her father last week. Mrs. S. D. Drake has been up from Marshalltown renewing old Algona acquaintances the past week. W W Johnson was down from Minneapolis last week looking younger than when he lived here. Mrs. Putsch and daughter have gone to Chicago for a visit. ON THE LECTURE PLATFORM. E. H. Eddy to TeJl Next Week at •\Vesloy About Mountain Life-An Editor Afflicted. WESLEY, Jan. 16.—E. B. Eddy of Buffalo Forks was here today arrang- give a lecture Tuesday evening, Jan. 23, at the M. E. church, on "Mountain Life in the Sixties." Admission 10 cents, the proceeds to go towards procuring a bell for the Buffalo Fork church. Let every body come W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT 'LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischllles' store. DANSON &-BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building. will than have ever L. K. OARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State st., one door east of Cordlngloy. Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. Saturday's Journal^ report Byan is: J. J. be completed. The society more attractions this fall before. ^_ You can get a better bargain this week at Taylor's than last. The Good Work Still Goes On. Though your clothes may be thin and threadbare, though you may be badly run down at the heel and in danger of H. C. will eet mail from Armstrong. It is now failed Eagle Lake. Mr Packman hasbought the old Bancroft outfit to * put in. J W Wadsworth has been offered the position he held last year at the state fair, assistant superintendent of privileges, by the new superintendent, and has decided to accept. It is a responsible place with lots of bard work attached. . W B. Quarton went to Clarion Monday to try the Bowman case again. This is Bowman's third hearing on the ^ffit,' 0 /l"%*»1 yE "°G to B.t yer went along to testify to Bowman's character. Rev. Davidson stated Sunday that the Christian endeavor, society of Algona has been sending $10 each year to SI* the tuition of a student in Turkey. ay the tuition of „„.,, the removal of Dr. Sheetz is a queer commentary on some of the professions of reform that used to be made by President Cleveland. From the various reports from Washington it is impossible to tell just what Bro. James J. Ryan has been doing there. He has been trying to conceal his identity for some purpose, but for what does not appear. But THE UPPER DES MOINES does not credit the rumor that ho has been passing himself off as Job an n Sweitzer and trying to make Postmaster General Blssell believe that the Germans are all for Bro. Hlnchon. A scandalous case arose at Whittemore Saturday. A 14-year-old daughter of Chas. McKinzie, a worthless loafer, was discovered to be en clente, and on being questioned confessed that her father is the responsible party, He had skipped when he was gone for. It is said he has been in the habit of beating bis wife, and often pulled this eirl up with a rope around her neck until she was nearly dead. There are 10 children In the family. The Pocabontas Record this week brings W. B. Quarton out to succeed Judge Carr on the bench. It is rather PQaV D JUUrilU.1 lOlJUi v *.»• «• "• i I'UU U.UVYII ivu «i»« ..«^- _ itvan, late democratic candidate for Using your sole, yet the poorest man in coneress in the Tenth Iowa district, the county has money enough to buy a now in Washington incognito, is hav- g0 od pair of boots or shoes at Cordmg- ine a great time trying to convince the i ey 's heads of the various departments that i he is the only man to be consulted in the matter of federal -—•-*—*for the Tenth district. appointments | He has been NOW is the time for farmers to haul tile for next summer's use while the roads are good and they have time. As • - • -- will sell them and that there is not much chance that the case will be taken up for consideration for some time. Mr. Byan will be granted an audience by President Cleveland tomorrow, when he will try to impress Grover that he is a man of great importance in his district. A curious case of hog stealing last week results in Louie Miller being bound over in $500 bonds to meet the rand jur. He was brought before & Co.—4312 ANGELINA arrived Saturday morning and can be seen any day this weelt at the Opera House Grocery. F. S. STOUGH is closing out his blankets at cost. . out and give him a full house and help a good cause. Mr. Eddy's lecture will be thrilling and full of adventures of the far west. No one can afford to stay away and surely the admission fee is G W Eddy has not returned from Des'Moines. No doubt you will hear of his name being mentioned for United States senator. Mrs Ben Peterson of Minneapolis, accompanied by her son John, was visiting old friends and neighbors here for the "past week. , , Thos. Gray shipped two cars of hogs Monday evening, one Saturday evening and Jas Kornan three oar loads of cattle, to Chicago. Frank and Jo. Kernan and Chas, Reineche are in Chicago this week. J E. McMullen is suffering with a boil on the back of his neck. Mack should be careful. Gen. Hancock and Senator Conklin, both noted men of this country, passed off the stage of life with something similiar. How do we know but in the near future, when • • - 1 we will McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. PHYSICIANv<^ SURGEON, AlgonaiSowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office over Jno. Goeders' store, on State street, Algona, Iowa. T. J. FELLINO, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Consultation in English and German. Office and residence over H. Gootsch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. early to discuss fall politics, but Judge Carr will retire this year and a successor is to be chosen, and this mention ol Mr. Quarton is very complimentary, whether he should become a candidate IMMENSE!—The sale I am having on whatever but admitted the facts, which took six orkers .from ibis were to BETT E « bargains in towels this week few at »„ has lately bad two letters from the young Turk expressing his thanks to the young people. ;• There will be a meeting of the Columbian club at the reading >oom on Saturday, Jan. 20, at 3 o'clock p. m The object of the meeting is to make some disposition of the money remain iing in the treasury. All members are requested to be present. A mass caucus at Burt nominated a city ticket last week. O. H. Ri oh . ard 8 was named for mayor, E. J. Murtagh Tor recorder, andO. P. McDona d Geo. E. Marble, Dr. Beane, S. Nicholson, J. B Cork, and Thos. Hanna for trustees. The eleottoa was held yesterday. Manager Haggard received a telegram last night* making an engage" for next Tuesday night of a come-n+i^ M p e te Peterson." It is a piece and is . the district that will with more satis- or not. If he does there Is no one in the di factio ton than THE UPPER DES MOINES. Algona and sold them to 37 J. Wilson, at Taylor's than last. Wm. Joint, the owner of the hogs, as — soon as he missed them, came at once A S UOOEBSPUL INSTITUTION, to town and found the hogs in the pen, ____ and replevined them through J. W. wh t the „„,., co-operative Cream- Sullivan. Miller was brought over and | ™_ „,,„ Tlone Durll , s isoa-over identified. He says the hogs came to his yard and he put some manure back y ear oi ^^ ^ w _ of his wagoji and. they^walked^in and | ^ H Angu8) secretary of the Burt Co-Operative Creamery company rurn^ isbes a full report of that institution for the past year, from which we select looking over Ayer's almanac w see recorded: *Died-, at Wesley, J. E. McMullen, Editor of Wesley Beport- 6r job Hugi of Plymouth called on his old friends and neighbors here a f«w days last week. , The week of prayer was observed the M. E. church here last week. Wesley's Sunday school board met last Monday evening and elected new officers for the ensuing year. John Atkinson was elected superintendent, J. S. Gallagher, secretary, O, Robinson, treasurer, Hattie Shaw, organist The secretary read the annual report of the school for the past year ending Jan. 15, 1894. Number of Cessions of school, 62, total attendance 2,888, average attendance, 55, largest attendance one Sunday, 85, smallest, 22 .total collection for the year, $30,. paid out for supplies, $29.34, balance in treasury E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa, DENTIST. A. L. RIST, D, D. S. DE, SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. ^ purposes only. faction assist in making it Judge Quar- of His action fs hard to under- dayentHled Col. Thos. F. Cooke was in Des Moines last week to appear officially at the governor's inauguration. He also attended the annual meeting of the national guard association and was chosen recording secretary for the com. ine vear. While there he looked up the matter of road legislation also. Bills will soon be introduced covering in the main the proposals of the farnv ers'meeting at A%ona last year, and it is probable that they will pass. He reports a great jam at the inauguration. ,li-« The Bancroft Register said last week: In a few Dr. Garfleld has won much notority for nave to off. stand. . „_ — f A petition was presented to the sup- gom -- figure3 that will prove of interest. ervisorsatthe>to8eBsionforacasein|^ hfiBuptcrearoeryWM the flrst> W6 of Algona, and it has been a great success. It has shown how much dairying can do to community prosperous, for has made a better growth than Burt umentsthat have accumulated in 201 years, if the proper place be furnished. The board adopted the suggestion and 66 cents. A A. Donaldson, who has been second man at Hunting's ware housa, has severed his connection with the same. Mr. Donaldson expects to go out west soon. _ _ GLOVES and mittens at Stough's. State -. University The Several Departments will Begin the Year 1893-94 on Sept. 20. now that there is not enough and at the next vault room weeting the ANGELINA is very nice, the Opera House Grocery, See her at EaCh UeUi*l"VU"'»A« *0 l*fciv**w« 0 ~. tf C"*T"«n«^ *rt efficient work, and no pains will De 8P*wd V> afford students the best possible opportunity to pursue their chosen fines of study. For paFticular informatlou as to the reapecfave to and clerk will have the new one, present conditions make it impossible to preserve the public documents, and in a few years more at best room will Mr. have Aneussays: "itmnKwe wouiu «*vo reached two and a half million pounds of milk it we had not bad to stop during M w «».. WQ wlu t ftnd excee 5 we do Got reauh three year." FOB real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. WE are closing out our stock of clothing at big bargains. Geo. L, Gal- braitb & Co, NEW stock of carpets, portiers, lace curtains, at GalbraitVs. Medlc^l-J. W. Harrtoan, ol facultj, Iowa quy ; , — •>• Qilchrist, M, A S-EW cloaks, blankets, shawls, and mvMfc—will close out cheap, at Taylor's. IO ph*aSaaceutieal-E. L. Bperoer, Ph. Q. , / J!*,ft»2"

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