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The Daily Standard from Kingston, Ontario, Canada • 2

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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THE DAILY STANDAHD, FRIDAY, 1I1S. PAGE TWO. $Siii WILLRECOMMEND MOKE PAVING I0ME iOAP 'NAPS Brick Troblem Solved. For the benefit1 -of "-the-contract or anil biiililera, we wiah to any that the Kingeton Brick A Tile are nrwv burning two kiine of lirick, containing 275,000, and will huve another kiln really to fire ly Saturday night, with about So.Odl), nnd another hy the following Thurwlny with about 80,000 anil expect to lie burning a kiln each week through the arneon, and will muko tlnue kinde of brick. We are now making 25,000 per day, and in a few day expect to Increoae thie to 36,000 per day.

Aethe company have been to large expense, this spring, in building new kiliiH and dryer in order to aupply the increasing demand, for brick, the company will endeavor to fill all orders promptly. 'Fhoni-e 1 1(17 and 1300. KINGSTON BRICK Ic TIMU CO, Albert Neal, Munager. THE NEWS OF GANANOQUE Ratepayers to Vote on 3 By-laws June 30th. forming the "city that action wus lining taken against the-earporation on behalf of Emma.

Dutton, for duinageti sustained hy. falling, as a it vs alleged, of n.d.-frrlivo side walk at. (he corner of linrric umli lluglnn Ud.Tlje matter wus referred I tho City 'Thu Kingston will not-entertain the-jofit-r of the city to supply water and drainage and alien a roail, provided the Realities grant' the city a portion of their proinrly (nr the extension of Patrick street. This' wus tlie consensus communication received, which was fly led. NO BY-LAWS FOR PAVEMENT.

That the cily lie paid for the work Tor lust'' yeas'. pavement without any iinthiirity was the discovery made yesterduy. There was not even a construction by-law pusscii in connection with thw work done. Tho money has been paid out hut thi-fe wus no authority for it. When asked i-onorniny' the City slated that he had no knowledge of it.

1 The Infm-mathm was brought out when a for from tho Asphalt Dlockf Co. was 1 pmwedf Tlie Auditor certified to the or reel muss of the umount. The 'money hnd licon 'told out on the strength of this, null the committee should do nothing. The Auditor will be OHked to explain the matter before Council. Those presmt were: Alii.

Fuir, (Chairman-) Couihi-, Graham, OCunhijh, Peters und IHple. Rvery Is iatsreitsd la Fisa Toilet Soaps. Yoa ikonld see oar lias. Oar leaden com-, prise Heliotrope, Lilac, Car-, nation, Trlllora. They are pat cakes a box.

25c. HOAGS DRUG STORE Ce3 the House with EAVER OARD 8 It will not fall on you during the night. i S. ANGLIN CO. Or.

I Wtn ltl YOUR COAL BIN Filed writh our Coal gives the house wife a cemfortidMc feebic.1 Better let us have your next older. We deSver promptly and ta fly. BOOTH CO. Phoiie 133 i -t. i' EXTRA COST IS TWO CENTS A FOOT P.

H. Mathers Report on Princess St. Paving. Work Under Street Railway Tracks Will be Trifling No By-Laws For Paving. The extra cost to the city of Kingston for tho paving of Princess street, rawing to Uip extra concrete work necessitated liy the street railway, is about two conls a foot.

At tho meeting of the Ilourd of Works, held yesterduy artcriidon, the committee were informed on a communication from Mr. T. 11. Mother, theexiiert engineer from Syracuse, who is preparing the specifications for work on Princess street. Mr.

Mather made a detailed statement in his communication; showing the exact "amount of concrete required in the work, the amount necessitated hy the- street railway, and the nmuunt misplaced by the railway tipi; ialso tho amount of surfacing displaced by the Hy figuring out' the total amount of work required, by tho existence of tho street railway anil then deducting the amount displaced by the street railway, tracks and ties, Mr. Mother comes to the conclusion that tiuj difference in cos! is approximately two cents a foot. The City. Engineer was asked if ho had gone over these figures, but he said that he hud not, though he presumed that they were correct. There have been some aldermen who hove contended, despite the nd-vice of the City Solicitor, to the contrary, that owing to the cost of tlie extra amount of concrete required to support the tracks, the matter should lie submitted to the pcdple.

It had hero estimuieil that the extra cost would lie in the neighborhood of $3,000, but according to Mr. Mather's figures, the coyt will bo considerably under $L-1)00, In fact will not cost nny more than the exiiense of subjoining a bylaw. The City Solicitor advised in regard to tho cost of the paving of Princess street, that it could lie as-waned ss a local Improvement as taken out of. the general funds. RAILWAY.

COMMISSIONER'S MB-POUT; The roiKirt of the proceeding at Lho session of the Board of Railway Commissioners nt Belleville, recently, at which application for a switch was made liy tho Forwarders, showed that the chairman of tlie Hoard had suggested that the city anil the street railway get together in regard to providing accommodation on tlie street railway track from tho C.N-R. station. The matter was brought up in connection with the petition from the Locomotive Forwarders, Foundry, and Shipbuilding asking that a spur lie run from Queen street along Ontario street, Tlie matter is lining hold in abeyance until the next meeting. The petition of Geo.B llnwden, for a walk on 1 Victoria street, was granted. HOSE TO CITY DUMP.

A communication was received from-tho Fire nnd Light committee asking that a lino of pilie anil a hose Isj laid at the city dump. Tho request was granted. A lino of lmso would make the services of tho firemen unnecessary. COUPER STREET EXTENSION. A iietition was received usklng for lho extension of Couper street.

To do this the city will bo required to purchase a house, tho price lieiiig $2, (MX). Aid. Graham stu ted that he had offered -this lot a few years ago for $200. Now the city will pay An'offrr-wlll lie mude of $1,100 far tho building it tlie city liuye the property. inutlw wus held over.

A communication was received from. Mrs. Frances lliilwidl on lichaif of tho Creche fund, asking permission to ronce in tho properly ut the triangle uf.Burrin, York and Ordnance slroc-ls which was purchased as a crorhp. A committee ernnimsed of the Chair, man, Aid. Peters, nnd lho Cily Engineer wore appointed to look into the matter.

ACTION FOIl DAMAGES. A communication wus received in to up of Special Sale of Odds and Ends 33 Off Pencil Rim A I Celebrate the KIsgD RIrUday ntariig the lnlest yet, pciell rim laisma. This comhlses the delightful ease of the Pasama with the dd-vaaeed ityle of a sailor. The prre Is small for artlrle prod a red, Flat Tip Panama. For three years the flat tip Tamms has beta the general favorite.

Nearly all oar early baying was done to meet that need. We ran reeom-mead them as At. Trices $6 aad W. New Sailors, The heavy thick rim Raaaet Is de-llghtlag the fasts of the smart dress e.r, and It Is worth yonr eoasldera-tloe. JENKINS Tbi Store for Now 114 Princess Street Mica Blanrlir lleasler, Gananoque, spi-nt a few ilnya with friends in Portsmouth.

The Acme Cushion Shoe IRE EASIEST. FOR WOMEN Acme Cushion I The springy Cushion Sole, keepsyour feet from fatigue. Keeps your, feet from burning and aching, no matter how much trouble you have had with hard Sole Shoes. Maker ii D. E.

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haei boaght by Io -Woag aad leo Lee, Ii aow Dolag rii' lifer their penoaal upervfiloa. Canada Cafe 187 Princaw St: I mo WO.W1 KINGTON BBCKSULEfOL HxbrnjfteM lndUhpri, Mi it Mdln, Mum Sfeut mi Fho nti.v' Tyos Ice Ciream; We have Intalled ip ta data; maehlaery for maaifae Fare Cream To Order In Aay Qnitity. Qaallty aad Batlifaetloa Gurj i aiteed. n. tyo.1 Trlieeii St.

Fhaie MT iGanong Chocolates Are the Beef. A. J. PHONE 166 PRINCESS STREET I 1 Board Works is Very Active. Will Ask That Tenders For Ten Tbausaad Square Yards be 3 Ts Colled for.

-At the regular meeting of the Board of Work, held yesterday af-ternoon, Aid. Couper moved that the board recommend to council that temlera be called for. 10,000 aqurila of pavement, to ho laid on a con-Arete Aid. Couper drew the attention the committee to the number of petition! which were in for permanent and etated that there' iWre more coming. He lie-lirved that if the council called for a large area, from 10,000 to 000 aquare yard, there would be very low bide.

Thate are petitiona in from the reaidanta of Clergy etreet weat, Aberdeen avenue. Upper William etreet, and It I etated that other "(N coming from the reeidente of 4 Albert etreet. Theee petitiona aek for aaphalt macadam, eimilar to Bdrrie etreet, but the committee are the opinion that when the -reai-denta know the difference between a pavement with and without a baee, they will be willing to pay for the baee. The area to be paved waa die-euaeed, and it waa euggeeted that in addition to the block petitioned for, Wellington etreet, to the be included in the area. Thie matter, however, waa not decided, and the eomihlttee will wait until authority hM been given by council to call I for tandere.

LAST DAY QF OFFEBING. V. TIM Bebierlptioa Book of the Iot-. leg Pletare Merger Cloeee To-meiraw. rForeoiB deiye peat pro epee tune offering' eli art in the Moving' Picture Merger jiiave" been' appearing in tbeae columna, and a reault many a our reader have been able to 'of thie divided paying Block.

The Company woe organised with a capital atock or $500,000, under the Ontario Act for 'the purpose acquiring a number of the largest fcan4 riioet profi thblc' moving picture lheatKs'fn thiir countty. hrtiongat otiK tha Orpheum of Cobalt, the tfranii St. Thorne, the Why? of Well a the new Teck and Bohemian of Toronto, all noted for their unusually large mating cepa-1 city and luxuriant equipment. Share 'are how being offered at $1,00 payable 10 per with "application and balance within 90 dityb," which 'terme will enable' all inhere toii tb ebhVenlmtly subscribe for number at the ahatea. It la eaally discernible that merger aha re offer what la probably the most remuner-11akive'Wivcstmfcnt open to eubecrlptlon tlie' general public.

CAMPBELLS .5.. A --j ib Vb a New Soft Hot. Now Panima Hats. New Straw Hate. 1 tow New Cepe.

Felt Hete from 50c up. Straw Hete from 2Sc up Soacial value in Panama nffSTHoo 9s CAMPBELL BROS. niMiij mimj 84 Iwmi St "i and Butter, Tea Plates, Cups and Cups, Ramkins, Job Table. 7 Limited. AND GLASS i aJ 1 jc- Canada White Hose flour pure anil soma.

wltolo- Fromlslsg Yoisg Athlete Of the sports in connection w-iLh St. Andrews College, Toronto, the Toronto Daily Star says Skinner, a great little- athlete from the lrc-gmratiiry Hchoql, easily- outclassed all competitors 'in the -struggle fur the Junior Chumpiqnship and was wanted that honor." The above utliUle is a son of Major W. D. Skinner, formerly of this cily, and now of the National Drug Montreal. In no modorn mochnntcal devices is inventive skill displayed to gnmlcr ilcgree tlian in the Undis-wooi) Typewrllera.

They ore an im-jiortnnt factor in reducing perilling rxgienSes In the The career of Miss Davidson, who stopped the Kings' horse in the Derby race, has been full of excitement. Once she flung hMkclf down the prison stairway, a Si protest against forcible feeding and was badly injured. Dr. Morse's Indian' Root. Pills exactly meet I he.

need which an often sruc is every famiW for a medicine to open up and regulate thf bowels Not only ere they effective in all cane of Constipation, but they help greatly in breaking up a Cold or La Grippe liy cleaning out the system ana purifying the blood. In the sums way they relieve or curp Biliousness, Ifuligi-MirinlSirk Headaches, Rheumatism and other common ailments In the fullest sense of tlie words Dr. Morses Indian Iloot Tills are- A Honfshnld Rnnsndy Real Estate THREE SNAPS 'J, $1 lit For a airs frame hsass with toas ionadatlos, ua- he boaght with half cash. A flae frame dwelling with B. stone foaadalloa, good cellar, six rooms, la A1 condition, good hra hnase, feet.

Lot frel, part at this lot ran be sold ol for balldiag per-) poses. It.SM A flae brirk hoase with largt lot and good hara. BELL 231 Begot Rt. Those 1W W.R. BUCK, Sales Agent MHgHllllBaLiiglaMMBjfalMMl Friday 25c WARNING 45c TO for AppIkadtR to be Made For Carnegie Library- Thought Dog Was Burglar.

(Special Correspondence.) Ganahoque, June 5. The Town Council at their regular meeting Wednesday evening gave two reading, each to tho three by-law thot are to bo submitted to the ratepayers, namely, the 10-yoar contract with the Electric Light and Water Supply To grant lionui to the Gananoque and Amprior llnll-way Company and to guarantee the interest on $50,000 bonds of The Cowan A Britton Ltd. The date for taking the vote woe fixed for Monday, June A by-law was also passed authorising the construction of cement, sidewalk on a number of streets, and, in particular, being on the went aide of the awing bridge along the river front to Main street opposite the Thousand 1 Island Hallway Depot. Hie special committee on public library was instructed to make a formal requeat to the proper authority for a Carnegie Library. The baseball diamond woe dragged yesterday with a harrow" after which thosteein roller went ell -over it and rollod it all down, putting it in first-claee shape for the game to-morrow afternoon, lietwecn the Victoria's, of Kingston and the Gnrnock.

There was a ripple of excitement few night ago in the north part of the town. It seems that during the evening a party had been looking through house which ho wai about to lease. When ho left the premiae his dog waa forgotten and locked in the house. Home time during tbe night the dbg found out he was nlono tried to get out and in doing so it said he put the people in that neighborhood -in a regular panic as they thought they hail a burglur, the house being furnished. Tho police we re notified and the dog released to their relief.

It waa found that the dog had chewed the center completely out of one of the window sashes Hev. A H. Orser and Mr. Parker Orscr, have returned from Toronto, where they' were called on account of the death of their mother, widow of the late Albert Orser, one of the pioneer Methodist Ministers of thin district. Mr.

J. B. Abbott and Mr. Tho. K.

Meggs, returned bn Wednesday from Hartford, and other citr Ua, where tiny spent the peat six weak. The Chairman ol the Dominion Day Celebration committee is negotiating with th Curtiss people with a view of having a hydro-aeroplane make flights here, on July 1st. Hiss Myrtle Hteacy left on Tuesday fur Calgary on a visit to relatives, Mrs. Cecil Sherrin, of Ldlesu Ilo-piris, anil daughter are visiting the formers mother, Mrs. Wilson, Pine street.

Mrs. A. 1. Howe, is visiting her sisli-r, Mrs. Wilson, in Ottawa, Mr.

Lows Firm Gets Coal Contract Announcement is made from Toronto that the firm of Charli-a A. T-ow A Hamilton, have secured from the Provincial Government the contract, under tender, for supplying the Hamilton Asylum with 5, IKK) Ion of coal. This announcement will peculiarly interesting anil gratifying to Kingstoniuns inns-murh a the heuil of the firm is Charles A. Low, formerly with Hwifl A Co. pf this city.

Mis success In Ibis matter shows that, as usual, Mr. Low1 is "on tile Job anil hustling all tho time. The typawriler is no lunger used fur enrndpondenci! alone. In tlie modern office thw keeping of ncciiunis ami olhnr'recordH is dime almost entirely hy typewriter. i NEW NOVELTIES 'r Odrich and Mara- beau Boas Ffi: VriiV AT W.F:OURDIER 71-71.

track H. v-t. j'Wbt weskana, lost vigor Ik vital lorcr, drains, lossea, In Either Norft all self tnotmeut dirertkun mrloacd at or Mall $1 from Fmrt 4 CoNNui vYprk CHy, or LyaaiiRww. Co.lfed.Tormte If in doubt No. rrq Hired, send srlf addwed tmlnpi ferfriv Ho.

HamptMd.1HidndtBiwi.l,i7ueiiellnfldeilMtrlea Pam of Thlfaplen, uoxy to lake, safe, lastiag euro Eleiftric Bell Repairs. Has yaar Kief trie Ball been caa-lUatly glvlag troabla thraagh delee live repaln, poor battcrlei, atc.f II io, pkoie hi aid oar Expert Troihle Haa will repair It penaaa-eitly at a vary slight cast. If yoa wait a aew Bell laitalled, It will pay yoa la eoaialt ai wa make a ipaelalty ol thla elm of work. scan RYAN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 338 Frlaeea St. Fhaaa ij French China, Bread Entree and Dinner Saucers, Bullion Plates, Etc.

See this ROBERTSONS 1 CROCKERY Fine English Briar Pipes, Bent or Straight. Free Gift. Virginia Tobacco. 50c Calabash Absorbent Pipes. 1 Box Safety Matches.

Saturday 25c Special. A. K. Routley, The Pipe Man Princess Street r-jt 'S 4.

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