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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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THE DAILY STANDARD, MONDAY, OCTOBER 5. 1908. PAGE PERSONAL MENTION. fore- GOOD GOODS CURRENT EVENTS IN COLLEGE HALLS PLnJnM DAne Aroui die IsD doLer gave our Phasing UjCdTS fathen stomachs that could digest .1 Tl Vl L- 1 JJI L- his desk has coddle' any- stomach. Sweet, Ciiip, Malty Flakes to thin g.

The man with his nose on a The best SPORTS AT R.M.C. Cadets and Queens Men Who Won Prizes. Mackenzie Won Individual Honors Williams, Ort and Cadenhead Upheld Honor of Queen's. TONCr li made eH ha bag white' whesb rtBBB-COofcrfj bIq ua at COBlbtSfid with the psnt buky-sub sad baked. 1 Always crap" befoss tsnisg it by poong iato a paa aad warming it is eves.

Yoar Grocer nils It No other Flaked Food Is "Just as Good tot tataatatMatetauMMS eeeeeeeaew AVe know; of one student) of the second your who bought no less than seven of them. Ladies, yoitli and folly I 1 It wag quite a trick among the hoys to steal one another's tags, and nee Iho unfortunate one boned" for second ur third lug, as Hie case might bo. 1 1 1 i Mum Gordon, of tho Sberelary's office is ver busy llicso days 'dispclix-1118 iiiformution in her usual plea-sun way to men pf lbs fredlmion class. i'i 1 I I Wc notice that "John Ash has grown liis inuusUche again, lie siya it's because Ur, Morrison in cut his ofl. 1 1 i I.

1 1 There are three Wont Indiana in Inis your freshmen class, and they appear to be intelligent, genllcmanly lellows, i 1 i. Mr. C. Worrell, of Barbadomt, B. W.I., the bard of medicine ll, isbaek for his second year and we may expect yi, mo brand new songs soon.

v-r- TO-MORROW nd I', i Will be none to soon to get yoar Fall Coat or Suit I 1 1 WE HAVE MADE IT EASY FOR you having the pick and choice of three of the most reliable and up-to-date -coat and suit makers in Canada and arc daily receiving New Coats. You have the best choice in- Kingston, if you want a Fall Coat that is going to wear and ia sure of giving satisfaction in holding its shape and appearance after months of use. TO-MORROW You may choose your coat, suit or skirt or all three and if not prepared to buy jus yet have them placed aside until required. $7.50, 8.75, 10, 10.75,12.75, 13.50 up. Mr.

and Mrs. Donald Ieterson, of Guelph, are visiting friends in the city. Mrs. W. II.

Lake, who has been the guest of Kingston relatives for the past two weeks returned home to Picton yesterday. Mr. Ernest and James McLean, of Athens, are attending Queen's University. The former is studying medicine and the latter arts. Miss Maggie Hunter, who has been the guest of her cousins, the Misses Woods, Gloucester Street, Ottawa, has returned to her home in Pittsburg Township, near Kingston.

Mrs. Alfred Franklin and Master Wilfrid Franklin, of Joyccville, and Mrs. Samuel Woods, Cushcndall, who have lieen visiting friends in Ottawa, were in the eitv to-day en route home. Mrs. Joseph Purcell and child, of Winnipeg, who also with them will remain in the city for a few days.

Mrsr Fred. A. Pringle, who has been visiting friends in Kingston and lirockvillc, returned home to Picton this week. Miss Jessie Arlington, of Brandon, is visiting relatives in the city and Vicinity for the month of Octolier. Many Kingston friends will regret to hear Miss Lizzie Brown is very ill at her home in Ardoch.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Emmerson, of Belleville, are in the city till Monday when they leave for two weeks' visit with Watertown friends. Miss Stella Ruttan, of Picton, arrived this week to continue her studies at Queen's University. Miss J.

Ramsay is in Montreal visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Ramsay, Peel Street.

Miss Beatrice Armstrong, of Trenton, is tlie guest of Mrs. Malcolm Sutherland, Karl Street. Among tiiu Ionian's passengers sailing for England to-day were Miss E. Ritchie, Halifax; Mrs. Bun-can and Miss Anderson, of Napa-nee, and Miss Helen J.

Aniuiulale, of IT THE GRAND OPEitA HOUSE Kngllsli Mutual The Three Little Maids," the rhurining English musical comedy that is to be produced at tbe Grand on the evening of Wednesday, Oaf. 7. achieved a world-wide reputation and popularity when it waa presented at the Princo of Woles Theatre and tbe Apollo Theatre in London for two years, and then in New York at Daly's Theatre for two hundred and twenty nights, after which the pro. durlioii toured Australia for a year. Tbe Clay Hoelolan.

In the Gay Musician there is every element to please and delight, as its inusiq is of that kind that lingers in tho brain and one continues lo hear the lilting waltses, dreamy lovc.Bongs, stirring mn relics and chor-uhcs with which Composer Julian Edwards lias filled his score. It comes to the Grand on Thursday, OH. 8th. Among its noted members may be mentioned Amelia Stone, tbe dainty prima donna; Joseph C. Miron, the basso comedian, a big favorite here Wedding Anniversary.

On Tuesday, Sept. 2i)th, a very plcosant evening was spent at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Dutton, Barrie street, when tho thirteenth anniversary of their wedding was celebrated. The outsido of tho house waa hung with largo Jupaneso lun-terna and tho rooms inslilo beautified with carnations, asters and Turns.

Two large cakes adorned tho suppor table, bcarinqg the da to of Mr, and Mrs. Button's wedding day. Scvor-ul toasts wore drunk, to which Mr. Dutton and other gentlemen who were present responded. Salsbury orchestra provided excellent music, which was greatly enjoyed by all.

Dancing was op till midnight when supper was servo. Many beautiful gifts were received by Che host and hostess in honor of, tho occasion, and the kindest Vongratu-lution wero extended by all tho guesls present to tho happily married couple. Wasn't a II agger. The foot thuf two lovers have been in the hufdl of using Ilia corner of Albert and Union street a a muding ground, was responsible far giving 0 lady a bad fright UiMither night. The lady resembled Juliet, and iba waiting Borneo, with his hoiirl In Ills eyes guve her1 a iovingg look which senri her almost into 'fils.

The resident In that neighborhood, not bring aware of the soul communions' were ushered In on tlie corner of Union nnd Albort, came (0 conclusion llisi Portsmouth's Jack tho ha.ving grown tired of I lie girls in that suburb, wished to try tlie nquersc net on Kingston maidens. Ae-eoidingly, they brought in a report Ho the police station. The polioo word detailed (0 invest iga I nnd found Hint Rniuoo was looking Air only hi owe Juliet when lie gave the si range Indy, tho bud scan. 1 AT LOW PRICES Of Clothing, firms' Fur- 1 a iviuiiii nisliings, Hoots and Sh ies. Hats and at very a 1 a low prices BARGAINS FOB EVERYONI.

i Call and inspect tbe goods. It will be to your advantage. These' goods are new and fashionable, -a i Louis Abramson I The Up Town Clothier, ts Next to Carsons Wholesale. 9 9 aeoooeeeee istasttsens Allan sr Line TURBINE STEAMERS Montreal To Liverpool Victorian sails Oct. 8.

Nov. 5. Corsician sails Oet. 16. Nov.

i.v Virginian sails Oet. '22. Nov. 19. Tunisian sails Oct.

30. Montreal To Glasgow Grampian sails Oct. 10. Nov. 7.

Iretorian sails Oct. 17. Nov. 14. Hesperian sails Oct.

24. Nov. 21. Ionian sails Oct. 31.

For Airthar Information Jipply to' J. P. IIANLEY, C. 8. KIRKPATRICK, Agent Q.

T. Hr- 42 Clarenc Btraet COWAN'S CHOCOLATE MAPLE BUDS 50c PER POUND j. rees 168 Princes! St. 1 1 -cet'PHON0 Farms For Sale. A Choice farm of 175 acree, miles from Kingston market.

Two good houses, first class bank barns, good orchard, soil rich black clay loam, tile drainage, good wells anil nover falling, brook. No better farm In the County. Would sell crop and stock and give possession at once if desired. Dont delay if you want a dandy. We hare also about -10 other farina on our list ranging in prices from $1000 to 815000.

T. Lockhart, Seal Estate and Insurance Agsnt. "6 Wellington Kingston. A COAL BIN Filled with our coal gives the housewife a comfortable feeling. Don't put oil getting the winter's supply until the first snowflakes come earthward.

Better lot us havo your order now. Wo deliver promptly unit tidily. Booth Co PHONE 1)3. NEW MACHINE SHOP. A tali is invited for all kind ol geni-ial manufacturing and machine repair ing.

Special work such as machine sharpening lawn mowers, (we havo tbe only machine In the eiiy for Ibis purpose), repairing Sowing Machines, Guna, Phonographs, Scales, Razors, Edged Tools, Dias, Brazing, Molds and Pattern Making. Beit of ellention given to all work. Repairs may be tested before leaving tho shop. Work guaranteed. Work outride the eity promptly attended to.

Chargee moderate, 1 i J. W. nUNTER, Machinist, 30 Montreal near Prinoees street, Kingston. Orders reeeived at Simmons Bros, and by Al VanLuvena Parcel Delivery. Br.

Koch'a theory that human t-iuWH lo not fake consumption from er-illlo. ia opposed by every other member of the Tulxirculwiis Congress. Gorged, bound, shut up into, freight cor and the dour ponied, Is now said to have been Hie fate of Willio C. Kmitli, llio id udeu I who disappeared from tlie Kentucky 'JSInle University1' on Tuesday ut Inst weeC, 1 Special Correspondence. The hulls of Aesculapius have onr.e niortT tii row Uieir doom ojn, ami are uguii thronged with.

you.Hu. from icity and tro.u counl ry. From Bsatia on ihe Kvut to British Columbia on tbe 1 bey come; uni a healthier, more intelligent, or more. Kn tie-many lot of young; follow, It would indeed be bard to lied. And llieyure (coming to a University and a College of which they will have no reason to be exhumed.

Queeui elande ue' QueenH hmt ulwuyti stood, for culture, fur broadmindedness, and for an all-round, well -trained young manhood. 1 Not a year pusses by in 1 lie old University but changeii are taking place, and every year these changes are for tlie bailer. Belter, accommodation, better equipment and better inlet ruction are rightly considered objects of tbe utmost importance by the power that be." The atudenta of medicine compliment the Medical Staff and particularly the Beal upon tbe many improvement which have taken place since last session. AVe are all delighted with the new Laboratories' 'Buildings csjieeially, and we hope that Bean Connell, Secretary AVil-liamaoir, and all this member of the Medical 'Stuff will keep' up their earned efforts' to make. Queens the eMdieal Saliool of tlie Dominion.

There are many changes this' year in the Medical Building, Tbe dissecting room has been equipped with movable elcotric lights, and. the boys will now be able to work all night. The Secretarys office has been moved to tbe ground floor, and. Br. Williamson is already busy.

The present, fuculry room is tbe old Pathology rout the ground floor, and another cloakroom has been installed. Pathology, Histology and Bacleri-oogy have all moved to the new Laboratories' Building, wbioh is a There is good seating, good light anl splendid appraiebes in the new building and tbe boys are more than pleased with the accommodation provided for. them (hid year. This years freshman class' in Medicine jfc a greater) than has been," notwit batpni ding the foot that the medical course has been lengthened to five years. Most of the freshies are young fellows, between 23 and 25, but there are a couple who are already pas.

Among tlie oily boys iwho are entering Ihh year are Harold Harrison, son of T. F. Harrison, C. K. Bcbineois and J.

E. Tlie Aesculapian has not jni't as yet, and none of Hie years had liad th'ir regular meetings fur the eeotion of officers. A great many of the boys are out yet. The Brat Alum Muter meeting of the session as held on Saturday night, 3rd iust. There was a.

fair attend- i I Medicine priding itself on possessing two automobiles now. It's grand to see Dr. Wood and Sparks whirl up to the front dour, but it beats everything to patch a eight of the Bean navigating" his machine like the experienc'd surgeon that he is. Tbe second, third and final years ara still short a good many of their members. Some who are teaching in the iWcst, will not be in for a couple of yet.

1 i 1 Tlie medical professors nr noted for starting on time. Br. Knight has already delivered three Jecriurex to second year men, and. ho has Br. Ether-ington.

Br. Boss started in t.lis first day, and Br. lUcbardson keeping pace with him. This is, a good coarse to pursue, for, if IlierO is any spare time, the) boys get, it in the spring for reviewing. Br.

Richardson1 has already started In cracking his famous joke, and telling his interesting id cries. We ex-jtaet tlie doctor, will again be elected Honorary President of the freshman year as he lias been for Ihc previous steen years. lie's as popular as ever. Saturday was "Tag Buy in Ihecily, and it was great fun to see the meds. getting in Hie way of Hie pretty city maidens with tlie red crons tugs.

Men should look for tills Tag on Chewing Tobacco. It guarantees thehigh quality of Black Watch Tbe Black Ping SV 2 Warm and Comfortable Underwear FOR nil members of the family. BABIES Fine Wool or Cashmere Vests-f-j styles, But--''toned at the neck, buttoned down front or the Roller pattern. SMALL CHILDREN can be fitted with comfortable un-derweur and we have the makes that give satisfaction. GIRLS ANI) HOYS from 7 to 17, have special makes provided for comfortable wearing and wc have by long odds the largest assortment in Kingston, Having made a sjieeialty of The unnual field sports of Hie M.C.

widen were hold Saturday, morning ani altcrinwn were favursd by pjTfect weather, and wore even more of a success than usual. Large cro win were present irom the oily, as well is all of the GnJels, and all were greatly pleased tha way In which thy events were run; off. Each the eigntean event was well contested. 1 1 I I II The chief feature of iha day's sports was the magnificent shotting made by Cadet MacKenzie, who scored a fatal of tweuty-six points, thereby win ning tbe silver bugle, the moL prised o. all the truphieq wh.uK can bo won at; the College tor aihlstiu) prowess.

It was well-earned by CUdat, MacKrn-sie, who won ill all live firsts and a third place. MacKgnsie was given three hearty cheers and a tiger when Mrs. E. T. Taylor presented him with the bugle.

Queens men did remarkably well in tlie tour events which were open to rlhcm. Om the four tha tri-colur won three first plucc, and one second, and hud their reveugs tor the terrific beating tlie Canals, scored at tlie fall field day at Queen's lust year. Orr, Cadenhead and Williams each won a first place, and Orr came in secon't in the mile race. The open events wore the hull; mile, Hie high jump, the 22it yard and Hie mile. As always, the iinut amusing ul -ture was the olistucle race, which was won by Cadet Gwinne.

Tiie course was liardly as diiffcult us it has iieen in previous years, but it was Sufficient to try. the nerve, speed, and pluck ol the recruits, and the way. they, managed it provoked great praise from the spectators'. Cadet Blanchard finished second, and Cadet a Kingston boy, took third place. (Xidenlieud, of Queen's, won the high jump, with Jump of 5 feet 3LucJie an inch above his own record.

Arnold! gave him a close run (or the honors. The 223 yards race was a pretty content Ipliwsii Ken-d Williams, of Queen's, and Cudet MacKenxie. Williams spurted when near tha tape, and croised the line only a few; inchi-s the Queens supporters grew very enthusiast) after the race, and Williams was chained away. After Hie events, Mrs. X.

T. Taylor, assisted by Guptaiir Blair, presented tbe prises to the winners. As each cadet stepped up lo receive his trophy, he was heartily clapped. Tsu was after wards nerved in the College. The winners of tho entire day were Running long Jump 1st, Cadet Muo-Kenxie 2nd, Outlet Adams.

Kicking football 1st, Corpl. Ring-wood; 2nd, Ctadet MundelL Hop, step and jump Ch del MacKenxie 2nd, GudntfPurr. Quarter mile 1st, Sergt. Burnham; 2nd, Cadet Lindsay. -Throwing Cricket ball 1st Cadet Mundell; 2nd, Cadet Forlt.

Iliilf mile rase Orr, Queen's; 2nd, Cadet Lindsay. Putting shot Cadet MacKenxie; 2nd, Cbdet Parr. High jump Cadenhead, Queens nd. Cadet ArnoidL 121) yards hurdle race Asrgt. Hutton i2nd.

Cadet Boswell. Gun race Company; 2nd, B' Company. Hundred yards Ciidet Mnckensie 2nd, 9rgt. Burnham. Tug of war ly Company; 2nd, "0" Company.

1 220 yards race Williams, Queen's; 2nd, Cadet MacKensie. Mile race Oriel Waits; 2nd, Orr, Queen's. Relay race First' Class; 2nd, Sec-Ohstacle race Ondet Gwinne; 2nd, Ca't Blanohard. The officiabt of the race were: Referee, Commandant Taylor. Slarlem.

Captain Blair, Kcilh. Judges, Captain tViina, Captain Timekecpera. Major do Bury, Major Kilborn. Mr Baweon. Clerks of the Course, Capl.

Blair, B. R. M. Grassetl, Hutton, 9'rgt. Burnham, Cbdet Adams, Cadet ClUelly.

Tha Maedard's Job Tin part meat. Now that His Improvements In the Standard's offices have bean practl-sldy completed, and tha new macliin-J7, type, ete ia in place and working srdsr, tho Standard wish os again to nil attention to tbe fact that mly pubiislias a bewspaper. but It prepared and able to do all kiads if high-claas, up-to-dsts Job work, whether of ietler.heada, bill-heads, programs, posters, dodgem, blotting pads, rubber stamps, calling esrds. wedding Invitations or wbat not. Your niaiqeM is solicited.

Advertise In (be Standard. Ladies Underwear FOR those who are particular and want their undergarments JUST RIGHT we have a Great Choice to oiler yon In Fall Weight Fine White Cotton. In Light Weight Union ool. In Light Weight White Unshrinkable Wool. In Heavier makes of Natural Wool, both in Vests and DRAWERS.

We also have several' styles of Combination Suits. Anything you want from 25c Up To $3.00 Irwin Hardy, M.D., of Davis, West Albert 11. Ifiiupt, M.B., cl Melbourne, Australia, have registered at Queen's for urth work, D. M. by, who has been up in Mani-louliii.

fur tho past yfhir or no, has returned to the College to complete liiH courM. We're glad to see Ban back onoc more. Among tire old fuc's we noiico tack again is that of M. A. MoeKuy, of Grenfell, who enters iiix second year after being out fur session.

Mac is as bulky as ever. Curley'' Campbell is bock from Pembroke, and enters his third ear. looks good for the hockey team, doesn't It .1 I i Wc notice that its Br, I. B. Col-man's narno which is signed to iho notices now, 1 Medicine is famishing its usual quota in the football field.

Among Urn meds noticed playing the guano rr Buck, AloCiuin. Houston and Murphy. Big Bill" Kennedy and Boggs are missing this year. It is too bud to sea two' men like Hale and Campbell standing on Iho vojo lines. We sbouliliku to sec hum in tlie game.

1 W. A. Kennedy, K.A., who has spent Hie lust few. years in Turkey, tills! nucf.iiig the young ideal liow Ho shoot arid obtuin inon-aiebies. is baok at Queen's, and intends to become an M.D.

L. Buck, of ltugby fame, has got into the gigne again, and still wears that prominent ruim pad. L. L. is very paytieular 'About his looks This yoar, for in 19UB it will ba M.D.C.AL E.

Erocll Steele. '11, who bos spent tlu past summer in Toronto and Mus-koka, has returned fur his second year, and is boarding at tha Randolph. 1 I 1 i I 1 C. It. braham, B.A., who has spent the last four yeursiiu Arts, has entered Medicine ns a member of the yoar 12.

I R. A. Simpson, '11, is book from New Bruunwiok, and Is looking as wise os ever, I 1 E. Boroard, 10, hns entered the third yoar, and Mrs. 'Berourd and diild have also returned to Hu idme-stonc City.

1 1 1 1 C. A nuglics, All, who has spint. the pnsL summer; in Toronto, is buck for his final year, W. E. Anderson, '10, evidently does ol believe in tbu tlisury that diseuse germs eollnoL in beards.

Uo hns a dandy," and it ecriainly improves his upjiqaranoc, 1 J. E. Gnlbruilht Vice-President of Ihc Alma Major isbaek just in time lo preside over tlie firsL moot ing of tbu social y. 1. II Juyck, '11, is at Iho College mice more, nnd wc believe ha has llu wife and family with him.

As lo Advertisements. Advertisers who desire their adver-lisetiionle rhiiiigod will greatly oblige and at the snmu time will asHuro heller servicryto theiiiselveH if they will, ns fur as possible, send their ails, in on the evening previous tc the dny insertion. Ono man in six in the Bril till' iinvy is a total alwlaiuar, The Champion GRATE -A wonderful simple invention! A moment's consideration will show a number of mechanical advantages. i. The Grate Bars being short ore less liable to warp.

II. A Grate Bar is less expensive and more easily replaced. The Grate is more easily shaken because the bars run crosswise and do not carry a heavy load. IV. Half of the Fire-Box can be for light cooking 'in summer Leave ashes on the grates not in use.

W. The Champion Grate consisting as it does of two sets of bars, makes practically two indepc ndent 'fire-boxes. WI. Attention is called to the unique arrangement of the draft slide in the ash-pit door. This is a "HOT BLAST" and together with the Champion Grate makes a Champion Range THE BEST HARD COAL BURNER ON EARTH.

155 Division St. Lawrenson, Thom 339 tv 1.

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