Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 26, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1946
Page 4
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i *^9A3rtW#tectalH, I.V.te*MKWi<t»l».*t*«*tjHa*^Uu ^^ 1 i*1W'*fc^^^ >" •»*""• " " •*" * ™ " *• ' *. *»*«. **-*-«>f«.-.v«~~ • *mt"«*'»*BWP«rtjt,- * * -r»* M , -ri. tl IX f* i fits fe' Monday, August 26, J_946 By Ray Gofro 0M, ARKANSAS H6M STAR, H OZARK IKE By Chick Young WHAT AQOU WHY. THESE HAD YOU TWO GORILLAS ON ROPES WHEN CAME IN/ WHAT A PAIR OF PUNKS/ LOSE SOMETHING, NOW GET I AND BRING OZARK IKE i MY ROOM By Michael O'Mallcy & Ralph Lane MARCIA/ ?*3&& A ROBBER GOT LOOSE ON THE GROUNDS, MISS MELCROFT. 1 NAILED HIM OVER BV THE TRUCK. HEY.' HOLD 17- 8 eased up b thai Thymbal truck, SIDE GLANCES By GalbroiJh CARNIVAL By Dick Turner scenting a clue, and walked right PLEASE, KEYS, SO I CAN GET \ THROUGH. / KDYS HERE, YOU'RE into a fast- moving fist. I'LL GET A NICE LITTLE BONUS FOR THIS NI&HT'S , ..,,;./M4trM WORK; I'll BET. MELCROFf £j#f£W« DON'T LIKE ^^ SNOOPERS! JBHT NOW WHAT TH —.' By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES k\R. ORION WfcSN'T JUST OUT Or TOWN, EftSY. HE YJITHOUT A TR^.CE SHE SAID .\\6KEE WN'T GET TO SEE HIS OLD CAROL SAID WE'D Y GOOD! THEV'RE SURE HAVE TlfAE TO TAKE 1 PEW-SET ON GOING, W(\SH, TWINS UP ON THREE fA\LES HIGH ...LOOKS LIKE THE TOP O 1 THE WORLD EH.TOMNW By Wolr Disney DONALD DUCK . 1516 BY NEA SERVICE. INC..T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. Cam. I94« BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. 3. PAT. OFF "It's the same way every summer! When it's nenr !ime for school again, I .wish I'd never been born—but then I think about football!" V.\Vcll,_\vclI! Hi-yah, Stinky, old Icllu!"- FR1CKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' By Blosser FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberoer IF WU REALLV CARHD FOR. ME.VOU'D TELL MB OOSW.SUaAR., L : HOW-MAMY CUSTOMERS VOO'V^ HAD OOWM AT GOUUDN'T DO 'HE STAR. FOUNTAIN! J WOULDN'T IT BE J TRAT It DUCKY IF I WERE NUMBER. (QOO AMD WON /WOULDN'T Be THAT $10 ORPER ? By Carl Anderson HENRY - WILL YOU LET MB DRY MY HANKY ON YOUR HEAD,LIKE A GOOD BOY? BUT IT WOULD BE Nice IF I KNEW V.VHEM < NUMBER 9^9 WAS WALKING- OUT- —SO L COULP WALK I N / OH, I VVOULDNT WANT YOU JO DO IT ON PURPOSE, LARD / By V. T. Hcimiin .It's our new jet-propulsion model—it pull's perfume as yqu_ walk along P' POPEYE ALLEY OOP . RjV,. U. S. PAT. Off 8-iU HEEE I AM, „ ZEL.TJJ—AN INDEED-TO EVE'S ON Thimble Theater THE M-A-P is UNDER HIS PILLOW ON TH' PROWL: NICE WOEK, BLUDGEON HE'S OUT COUP!!J^l|b> Bv Edaor Martin ff XOU'VX W* UP l'lt I'.l.l kINC F>1ATI P.KS SYMlll ATT Inr , WOI, I II llti ;HTS H>:SF.H\ Tl With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE ou By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY HV1-HAH.' EVEM VOU GOT TO B DEMT, EVERY TIME YAH-HAH.' HE'D BE GIVIM' US DIPLOMAT / JOBS TO I GIT US OUT \ OF TH' ( COUWTE.V." WELL, IF YOU HOLD ME UP ' BEFORE THE ( o PUBLIC MUCH "'" LOMGER., I ABOUT SPtf BUCK VN HEM TUB SEEM YOUR J'P THIMK. O' CAVE-IHJ AM' LAUGH OUT DOLUftRS "DIG E O 1 ? P. T GUB'SS C7vJ KlUCH MAVC/ viVtaeATME^T L s~- ' /*- / ,{ -\ rl \^W\ • - -j ,' \ ----- (-J ± ".'" fcOCH. IMC UYJJEA OEavMCEag ., Bv Fred Harmon RED RYDER BETTER t£lU WHAT THIS rA£N*S', rtfDER- IT niGHT 5ANJE TOO SDESSETJ BEFORE LITTLE PAPOOSE •' •J , JBM».«W> ""'•>r^ *» -^ v • » '-- b*_—- HAW6IWO A PORTRAIT ,»,7^. «- Montloy, August 26, 1946 HOPE STAR,! HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASS/F/ED Number of Word?! Up to 13 16 to 20 21 to 25 to 30 to 33 to 40 .- to 45 40 to 50 . Rates For Sale Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication One Three Six One®— Day Days Days Month •• -4fl .90 1.50 4.50 •• -CO 1.20 2.00 6.00 « .75 1.60 2.50 7.50 .. .90 1.80 3.00 9.00 ..{.03 2.10 3.50 10.50 .. 1.20 2.40 4.00 12.00 .. 1.35 2.70 4.50 13.50 .. 1.50 3.00 5.00 15.00 arc for Continuous w \ Not ».. *. twi WUI1U Insertions Duly jnt Ads Cash In Advance Taken Over the Phono Help Wanted COLORED COUPLE MOTHER and daughter preferred as cook and nursemaid in private homi! in Little Rock: splendid salary, private room with bath on place: references and health card required: permanent home for r ghl parties: for information ap- ly in person to Mr. Remmef oung, at Saenger, Rialto and New Office. 23-31 Mate Help Wanted SALESMEN—WAGON JOBBERS, New sensational DDT fly paper .bell retailers rush $1.25 sample display card. Protected'territory Southern Paper Industries, 60 Gilmer St. Atlanta. 20-11 Wanted to Rent 3 OR 4 ROOM FURNISHED apartment by working couple Phone 971-W. 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'G-Gt NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY New York, Aug. 25—It rejoices me to escort to the mourners' bench a sister who has seen the lighl, Mrs. Elmore Moorehous.e HcrricU, who fell In with evil companions in the Notional Labor Relations Board and tho C.I.O. and wont traipsing from the fold with a pusscl of sinners who mocked the true fuilh and chalked up heretical mottoes on the meetin'-house door. Stand up, Sister Hcrrick, and leave us sing "Hallelujah!" Mrs. Ilerrick, who is now a sort of house-mother of tho New York Herald Tribune under the title of "Director of Personnel," has composed an article in defense of General Bill Donovan, a candidate, and by Car the best one, for the Republican nomination lor United States senator :"rom New York, and of principles which these essays have been advocating for about ton years, much of that time as a solo. Some reactionaries oi the State Federation of Labor had condemned will as an enemy of "labor" and this charge, on close examination, turned out to be a plea Tor special privilege £or dynamiters who hold official credentials from unions. The general, incidentally, is a medal of honor man oi 1he first war and was commander of our spies in the second one. 'The anti-union act complained of was Mr. Donovan's prosecution, in 1922, when lie was. United States district attorney, of some misguided and callous union members who dynamited a railway line, wrecked an excursion train and injured several persons," Sister Herrick wrote. "Surely, the A.F. of L. does not condone such acts of violence, jeopardizing, moreover, the lives of innocent people.' ' To give her the benefit of every doubt, lot us assume that she was bcint! sarcastic here because certainly the sister ought to know that, short of formal resolutions to that clfect, such has been the sentiment oi many of its component unions in many specific cases and that the president of one of the oldest national units of the A.F. of L. to this very day is a man who served a hitch in prison for dynamiting as a member of the old McNamara team of demoli'?onisls. Surely, Mrs. Hcrrick knows about a distinguished degenerate from Cleveland, an official of Joe Fay's union or racket of 'the operating engineers, with two previous convictions on .charges of molesting children, one a girl, the other a boy, who was convicted : : n Akron of procuring two dumb Oklahoma yokels to blow up a :-iew building because the labor employed were members of the C.I.O. in that episode one of the yokels was (killed because the two boys, I brothers, were so ignorant that, I between them, they hadn't ihe in- |telligence to tell time by the alarm • clock which worked the bomb The prosecution hero got no help from any part of the A.F. of L., and there, as in the present experience of Bill Donovan, the county prosecutor was denounced as a union-buster and labor-baiter He got no help from the A.F. of L So, if Mrs. Herrick isnt bein'g sarcastic 1 think I cold whip up enough incidents to convince her that the A.F. of L, has condoned dynamiting by members of its amily to the extent that it has tailed to do anything to punish them. Now, Mrs. Herrick asks, are sworn public ofCicials to violate .heir oaths of office simply because the offenders happen to be Tigers Make Bid for Second as Bosox Hike Lead By CORNELIUS RYAN New York, Aug. 20 — (UPl— Almost forgotten in the excitement and uncertainty over the new National League king, the old monarchs of all baseball, the world champion Delroit Tigers, today were making what may bo their final challenge for second place in the American League. The Tigers, winners over 'he New York Yankees yesterday by a 7 to 2 margin as Hal Newhouser and Hank Greenberg enjoyed field days, need victories ioday and tomorrow to cul into the three-game margin by which the Yanks hold the runner-up spot. Should the yanks win both increasing the bulge lo five games, the Tigers' chances of catching them in tho final month would be slim. Although Nowhouser stopped them with five hits yesterday, the Yanks have been hilling well ve- cenlly, and Joe DiMaggio, Phil Rizzuto, Joe Gordon and John Lindell all have begun to pull out of slumps. The Tigers cannot afford to spot a revived Yank team fives games with only 30 days to go In the season. Newhouser got a home run and a two-run single in' yesterday's game, nearly stealing slugging honors from Greenberg, who got a homer, double and single. The Detroit lefty struck out 10 as he won his 22nd victory, achieved before a crowd of 42,908, which brought the Yank home attendance to 2,027,087—the first time in history thai any lea,m has drawn uvo million spectators in a year. The Boston Red Sox increased their league lead to 14 games again by beating Cleveland twice, 2 to 1, and 13 to 6. Two homers by Bobby Doerr—the second with .two out in the ninth — won the first game, outweighing Tom Jordan's homer. The Bosox scored six runs in the fourth inning of the nightcap to grab the victory. Four singles, two walks and an error figured in the scoring. Dave Ferris won his 23rd viclory in the opener. The Chicago While Sox and Philadelphia Alhletics split. The Sox won the first, 4 to 2, and Ed Lopat's nine-hittei- and the Mtling of Thurman Tucker, who knocked in two runs with throe hits. Pete Suder doubled Elmer Valo home with the winning run in a G lo 5 A's victory in the nightcap. Washington defeated St. Louis in a 12-inning game, 5 to 4, on Sherry Robertson's riple and a single bv Pichor Early Wynn. Little Ben Wins Golf's Top Title Portland. Ore., Aug. 2!5 — (/P)— Golf's greatest money winner of tho year -r- 135-pound Ben Hogan of Hcrshoy, Pa.— was $2,500 richer today after his blazing comeback in defeating Ed "Porky" Oliver of Wilmington, Del., yesterday to win the 1B4G national professional golf championship, G and 4. The purse boosted Hogan's winnings in ten tournaments this year to $33,377, some 12,000 more than collected by the dethrned p.g.a. champion Byron Ntlson. Hogun put together his worst and best rounds of the tourney yesterday to eliminate Oliver, a 3-1 shortcnder in the wagering. In the morning, Little Ben was Oliver fired an birdies on the second nine. Ben, who had been consistently around 08 all week, zoomed over par for the first time with a 73, while Oliver had a tsvo- under-par 70. Hogan completely reversed the trend in the afternoon. He won the 20lh through the 23rd with three birds and a par to erase Oliver's lead and go one-up. When he holed a six-fooler lor another birdie on the par-4 27th, he was two up after a sizzling round of 30 — i'ivc under par. The little golfing machine kept batting 'cm own Hogan's alley on the final nine, winning four of the five holes as Oliver's game Wilted before Hogan's onslaught. Ben's three birds in the last Jive holes put him eight under par for the round. The match ended at the 32nd after Hqgan pitched 115 yards with an 8 iron to within three feet of the pin. After Oliver barely missed his 10-iopter he'walked across the green with hand outstretched to jreet the new champion. •o tfluhlFBlterttiJr. three down after eagle 3 and two REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH B. HALL, Owner 208 H, Ferguson Phone 76 MINERALS, VITAMINS* "o REMEDIES 1 For Remedies and Supplies See or Coll CRESCENT DRUG STORE Phone 600 225 S. Main Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT LESLIE WILLIAMS ........ yg PLAINTIFF MINNIE WILLIAMS DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER . The Defendant. Minnie Williams, is hereby warned to appear in. this Court within thirty days hereafter and answer Ihe complaint of Leslie Williams, Plaintiff herein WITNESS my hand and seal as 1 "- WEA VER, Cleric Aug. 5. 12, 19, 26 NOTICE The Self Service Laundry on East 13th Street, will open Monday, August 26th at 7:00 A.M.. Will appreciate your trade. W. C. Roach A. L. Johnson Owners members or officers of a labor union? "General Donovan has put the issue squarely,' ' she continues,' "saying :'One of the most vital issues before the American people; is not whether a public official favors a particular group. It is whether he can be trusted to live up to his oath of office and impartially entorce the Jaw in the interest of all people.' To this he might have aclded 'and can be trusted to- act laws which are for the country's welfare.' Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repair* Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. YOUR CR5QIT IS GOOQ Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — Onn day servlcfr in town —We Call for and Deliver Anyvyhero Bargains In Secondhand Furnltur* ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 $. Here are representatives of the oldest and most mature group in the while movement betraying complete irresponsibility." Although, Mrs. Herrick's piece is a rational, objective, non-partis an reminder that our government and its agencies should not exist to serve any particular groups or elements of the population but should serve the whole community impartially under impartial laws. In that respect, it strikes me as a severe, though sidelong condemnation of the Wagner Act itself because, obviously that law was intended to and does favor a political subsidiary of the Democratic Administration. I cannot understand how a person intelligent and fair enough to write a.s she has in this discussion of outrageous and predatory unionism could restrain herself from damning the Wagner Act, itself, as a wicked law and the source of mqst ol the abuses which she recognizes, because she served an 'n- teresting term in the early days of the Roosevelt rule first with the old N, I, R. A. and later as regional director of the labor relation board. However, it is gratifying to an old and by now .somewhat cauli- flowered crusader to find Mrs Herrick writing further that "Ihe truckling to labor 'influence' is to bo seen in very high places in ihe .government. Let us .lot forget the report issued by Secretary Wallace at a time when it aided the C. I. O.'s demand for wage increases in the automobile industry and Wallace's withdrawal of the patently incorrect report as 'not intended for publication 1 —but only after the strike had ended with substantial wage concessions which, in turn, led to government- awarded price increases. To a considerable extent , labor leaders seemingly have come to think in terms of control not alone of the legislative but of the administrative arm of government. It is easy to smear a public official. But the plain truth, is that the nation suffers already from the scarcity oi public officials who have the stamina to resist pressure from whatever source and to act in the interest of the whole community." The sister could have saved our country a lot of trouble if she had hollered up those sentiments when she was serving on the labor relations board, but better )ate xhan never and I trust she won't mind my pointing out that I propounded these truths way back when a fellow got lumps from stating the same. We are growing congregation, for a fact. Lust year, old Ickes, the miser, La Guaidia, the belly, and, Mr. Schwellenbach, the secretary of labor, lest you forget, all went so far as to repudiate gang- sterism and some other more notorious traitg of the union movement under : the Wagner Act and now Mrs. H. come down the sawdust trail, a 'whoopin 1 and a hol- lerin'. Ma'm, it sure is a pleasure. o . Q~ What is the brainiest of creatures, by weight? A™ Tfee capuchin monkey, one gram of brain for each 17.5 grams of body. Man has one gram of brain for each 46 grams of, bodf. League Leaders By The Associated Press National League Batting — Musial, St. Louis, .380; Hopp, Boston, .365. Huns — Musial, St. Louis, 9G; Slanky, Brooklyn, 79. Runs batted in — Slaughter, St. "-.onis, 95 ; Walker, Brooklyn, 92. Hits — Musial, St. Louis, 182; Walker ^Brooklyn, 152. Doubles — Musial, St. Louis, 38; German, Boston, 25. Tripes — Musial, St. Louis, 14; Walker, Brooklyn, and Cavarrelta, Chicago 7. Homo runs — Mize, Nosv York, 22; Kiner, Pittsburgh, 18. Stolen bases — Reiser, Brook- yn, 29: Haas, Cincinnati, ,20. Pitching — Higbe, Brooklyn, 124-.750; Dickson, St. Louis, and Rowe, hiladelphia, 11-4-.733. American League Batting •— Vernon, Washington, .344 : Williams. Boston, .340. Runs — Williams, Boston, 124; Pesky, Boston, 107. Runs batted in — 'Williams, Boston, 111; York and Doerr, Boston, 105. Hits —Pesky, Boston, 174; Vernon, Washington, 159. Doubles — Spence, Washington, 9; Vernon, Washington, 37. Triples, Lewis, Washington and Edwards, Cleveland, 11. Homo runs — Williams, Boston, 33; Greenberg, Detroit, 27. Stolen bases — Case, Cleveland, 27; Stirnweiss, New York, 16. Pitching — Ferriss, Boston, 23- 4-.8S2; Newhouser, Detroit, 22-6% .78G. Vols Trying to Climb Back Into First Division By The Associated Press The fifth-plncc Nashville Vo'.s' hopes to climb back Into the first division of the Southern Association suftered a blow yesterday when' they were turned back twice by the Atlanta Crackers, 7-G and -1-2. Birmingham's Barons celebrated Tom Ncill clay by sweeping a twin bill from the third-place Chattanooga Lookouts, 0 to 3 and 7 to 0. The New Orleans Pelicans and the Memphis Chicks, in second spot, divided a doublehcader. The Chicks won the opener, 18-5, and dropped the afterpiece, 0-2. In the loop's otner contest, Mobile sent the Little Rock Travelers further into the league cellar by defeating them twice, 7-0 and 7-7. At Atlanta, Shelby Kinney won his 18th game of the year in a relief role in the opener after the Crackers nad come from behind. Earl McGowan captured his 20lh game in the nightcap and held the Vols scoreless until the last frame. Atlanta's Babe Ellis hit his fourteenth home run to open the second inning of the first game. Char- Now York, Aug. 20 —(/Pj— Any number of names familiar to golfers are listed among the would-be qualifiers for the national amateur championship in tomorrow's sectional tests. And some names, familiar for other reasons, seem out of place Del Webb, part-owner could pounds.if no desired and the Tigers don't ap'ncnr much 1' most college squads. of the Yankees, is entered at Phoenix, Ariz., and Walter Hagen, Jr., who isn't in his dad's class, at, ... ,_.... Detroit. Tyrus Cobb and Aaron i Brown,'Bandmaster Goqrge (Red) Robinson, who aren't baseball riots All, Brothers The Cleveland Browns are spend* ing $50,000 to build up an all-girl band to play between the halves of football games. Like Coach Pau players, will play at Memphis and Philadelphia, respectively . Then there's Ivan Bash, a good name for a long hitter, and Moore Gates, Jr.. who obviously doesn't want to be fenced in, and Edison Foard, of Charlotte, N. C., who ought io be an inventor if he isn't. Mondav Matinee Of 140 football candidates scheduled to report today to Paul Bixler, new Ohio State- coach, only Captain - elect Warren Amling among the top-flighters is a non Bird hails from Massilon .High. school Note of frankness: Cnar- Ohioan Crisler At Michigan, Fritz expects a turnout of 125 ley Loftus, Yale publicitbr, moans: "I started to write a football dope story and gave it up.because it sounded too optomislic." . . Ralph De Paima, the former automobile race driver, has quit a xirm that manufactures lasvn mowers . . . . Maybe they're too slotv'.-or Ralph; but they're still easier to push than a car. and lists 85 as varsity contenders. earn, which plays seven • games. .. . Maryland's newest grid roster lames 90 early arrivals. with a note : "About 40 from last year's squad will report Labor Day." . . . At Clemson, Coach Frank Howard ley Clock followed with another. The rest will be kept-for the "B Birmingham's Tom Ncill, who .... was presented an automobile and a radio in pre-game cereonics, collected two hits. At Mobile, righthander Frank Laga gave the Rocks only three hits in the. opening game. His mates collected 11, one for a home run by Cliff Dapper, off two Little Rock Hurlere. Mobile had to come ffrom behind in the seventh inning to win the nightcap. Tonight's games: Chattanooga at Mobile Nashville at New Orleans (Only games scheduled). in Denver, Colo., there is a tailoring firm that made uniforms for Nazi officers. The .officers were interned in U.S.prison camps. . o Approximately 4000 automobiles were junked every clay during Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Press Cookie Lavagetlo, Dodgers—Sin. gled in the ninth to score Augie Galan with the inning run in 3-2 first game viclory over' the Cards. Stan Musial .Cardinals — Made four hits in five trips to the plate to lead the Cards in 14-8 second game triumph over the Dodgers. Hal Newhouser, Tigers — Gave up five hits, fanned 10 and hit a homer in pitching the Tigers io a 7-2 win over the Yankees. Dave Ferriss and Bobby Doerr, Red Sox — Ferriss won his 23rd game via a five-tjitter: Doerr accounted for both runs with homers in 2-1 first game win over ihe Indians. Does Your Back Gel Tired? A will relieve back* fatigue—give you restful posture. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Phone 942-J LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. FOR—Dependable" and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smart • ANDERSON BROS. • 0-4 Baseball Scores By The Associated Press National League Brooklyn 3-8; St. Louis 2-14 Cincinnati 7-1 : Philadelphia Boston 740; Pittsburgh 5-5 Chicago 3; New York 2. American Ueague Delroit 74 New York 2 Boston 2-13; Cleveland 1-G Chicago 4-5; Philadelphia 2-G Washington 5; St. Louis 4 (12 innings). Southern Association Atlanta 7-4; Nashville G-2 Mobile 7-7; Little Rock 0-G Birmingham 8-7; Chattanooga 3-6 Memphis 18-2 ;New Orleans S-G. LITTLE MAN Omaha, Aug. 26 — OT— It cost Leonard J. Roesler, 18, of Grand Rapids, Neb., 117 pounds, but he's in the marines at last. Somewhat overweight at 300 pounds last spring, Roesler played football and used bar bells io whittle his poundage to a trim, hard 183. COMPUTE RADIO SERVICE Pob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 816 S. Main Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCIY Singer Rlftt. 513 S. Walnut phone 578-W BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER • Heating Hope, Ark. Plumbing Phone 259 Doug /^l-fV Carl Bacon V*l B I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 REED MOTOR CO, 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Point Shop WANTED White Oak Forked Leaf White Oak and Cow Oak Clear and Clean Qvercup Logs For prices and more detail Apply to: HOPE HEAPING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop Equipment is no better than the man that uses it. For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB Highway 67 Phone 57 "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hoars Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb.. Owner r4OTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Go. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM ' • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY/INSTALLING ALLGI's Interested in TRAINING Contact Vet Office or B. L. Rettig at the -airport • Fl-ght Instructions • Rides • Charter Tr ps HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT . f Agent for SCAT Airline is for , SAVINGS. Do you get-a dividend pn your fire insurance? Each year our companies return millions of 'dollars to poHcyhojders. , You can also save at least 20 per-cent by insuring with us! FosteivEllis ' MUTUAL INSURANCE AGE'NCY Non-Assessable Legal Reserve ,' 108 East 2nd Phone, 221 PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" :. • Looks like new • Sounds like new • New guarantee If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CR&BBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. S. A. LET US KEEP YOUR CAR IN CONDITION We have an adequate stock of parts for all makes of cars. 'MANBEE' Wheel Alignment System and ,Wheel balancer. Drum turning lathe and 'ALLEN' motor tune up test equipment. Come in for an estimate on any job. Shop Foreman . . .Eddie Craine Mechanics— Ernest Rogers Bill Elledge Cecil Godwin E. W. Downs Gerald Reyenga HEFNER NASH CO. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" 314 E. 3rd, Byron Hefner Phone 442 .... in 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your ear, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets ypM the cash. Ask for Mr. Me Laity, at Hope Auto Co.

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