The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1894
Page 7
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£f 6,tK< •A}y-f-, OH* -™™™" ^™* A - IOWA ' wm)»«gDA^.JANUAttV-,i0..1HM. eh.—Mrs. A. K. A great, cure for COU&L. . ._..,.--, Morris. 450 Canton St., Fhilndelpbie, Pa., writes: "I took fiovorM bottles of Dr. Biilljs Oough Syrup for ft liad cough and wfts entirely ^nred.^ _ ^ 16 lightens A-duty to resolve to ^ ^£T*;#4*ll*» - s ' • t The best, remedy for rhetunntism. Mr. JohttW.; Gates, Petersburg, V».. writes: "I used Salvation OH for rheumatism nticl obtained great relief, It is the test remedy lhavd ever tried, and I Khali alwnys keep itm this house." _ There is more help in an otmeeo'f encour- ftgemont than there is in a, ton of : advic«. ^ THE AGWOULTUBAt "WORLD MA*TfittS OF .IVr&B.BS* JPOtt Tear, with the dreadful 1 drought tMt lva.9 pi*vailod, ourj limas have yielded almost as much ns usual, ami in the failure,of the potato crop the beans make. an admirable substitute. i,<>ok tlio Sleiut»t*« ami of Stri'ttKth liy Cw?ft«t— I simply state that;I am Druggist and Postmaster here and am therefore in a position to jtidge, I have tried many Cough Syrups but for ten years past have found nothing equal to's German Syrup. I have given it to my baby for Croup withttie most satisfactory results. Every mother should have it. J. H. HOBBS, Druggist and Postmaster, Moffat, Texas. We present facts, living facts, of to-day Boschee's German Syrup gives strength to the body. Take no substitute. © Interest. The unusually long and severe drouth this year has been Tho cause of great loss through, its Injurious effects upon im.-ulows and grassing lands. The dry season coming on early,-shortened the liay crop and kept the meadows from making sufficient growth to be used for laic fall pasture. Some depended vpon .wheat lands upon which had been sown last spring fdi? pasture nftcr harvest These fields, although tho outlook for a good stand was promising at, harvest time/ wore, unable to stand the terrible drouth; Farmers, hoping Hint rains would.come in time to recruit the meadows for fall pasturage, kept, the stock on the old pastures u-itil they, too, were dusts mid bare, in many parts the drouth stall continues and farmers have been feed- i_ *--* -..,,t *« cvtt f 110 r Plif* nono FOSSIL INSECTS. Small To be ii. ; niost, sucoossful larfner a man should bo well posted and well educated/ there are few branches of knowledge from which he cannot draw in everyday life. In the natural sciences the graduate of the highest Institutions of learning in the land will lind in the ordinary work of the farm a, post-graduate course which will bft more practical and thorough tliau that prescribed in tho cturic.nhun of any of our schools. 'Klin introduction of ft lino of study in this direction given at. our schools can be carried on iHUeu- nitoly and to decided advantage. A knowledge of entomology will asstet the fanner in determining amonR the insects which surround him his friends and bis enemies, and b rill S. al)1( :,^ protect the one and destroy the other may be of grout value. .The uainu is tnie in regard to birds, bens s and reptiles. It" is along this, lino that an education may be put to practical use. Intelligont effort, is alwnys rewarded. drink is"nmde ftom'hcrb*. nud Is prepared for, as easily ns tea. It is called All drugBiatB sell it a*69o. anfl $1 a pac&nue. £ <SSJSt ™et It, *niid your nrt«l™sa *>r** ample. J,aiio'« Family Medicine IIIO ^ weU If iiVg stock for several months. The hope 61: being able to allow tile stock a littlo late pasturage has been given up, and the subject, now pumllng the farmer is to know how he may recruit his grass lands so they may afford tood for the animals next year. In removing the crop of hay Hie elements of strength arc taken from the soil. These valuable elements must, by some means, be returned. The strength of the soil may be kept up by top-dressing. A strong phosphate is recommended by some' but a heavy coat of the best manure will givp better satisfaction. Begin now, and each day as the stables are cleaned, Haul tlie atiuini'e Upon the 3Eea«ovr. Keep this up throughout the winter until the entire surface of tho meadow lias been liberally supplied with it. Take care that the manure is not too "sfrawy." lu case it has not been well scattered iu some places and is likely to give trouble In mowing, go over the field with a light harrow m tho spring. This servos to break up all bunches 'and distributes the substance more evenly. The best results may be obtained by giving tlie meadows this treatment each year and do not allow them to go until' necessity demands it.—Orange 3'udd Farmer. Chicken* US' Lamp Kent. My experience has been so unueual in bringing .through a nest a descried eggs that I. send it for the benefit of the many readers of Farm and Home." Having a hen sitting on t\velvo oggs, she left her nest, and, not wishing to lose the eggs, I took a common cylinder and put some soft material in tho bottom, then put in the eggs and covered them with woolen cloth. The cylinder was then hung under the hanging lamp and a lighted Vamp set irnder it on the table, pulling the cylinder down close and turning the lamp down so low as to get tho _ required heat. After four days nine nice chickens crawled out, the other three, eggs betas infertile. In a few days another hen loft eleven eggs, which were treated in tho same way, and. after two days nine more chickons hatched out The chickens all doing nicely.—Mrs. Conrow, Erie county, la. trange as it may seem, is caused rom a lack of that which is never exactly digested— -fat. The reatest fact in connection with appears at this point—it '^partly digested fat—and the most weakened digestion is quickly strengthened by it. The only possible help in Consumption is the. arrest of waste and renewal flf nciu, healthy tiss2ie. Scott's Emulsion has done wonders in Consumption just this way. Prepared by Scott A Bowne,_N. Y. All dnipriste.^ "COLCHESTER" SPADING BEST IN MARKET. BKSTINl'TP. BEST IN WKA1UNO QUALITY. IJevonsliive Creiun. Persons ou their return from their travels abroad express surprise that they can never get at home such delicious cream as they have in England and Scotland. It is known as Devonshire cream, and not many people, in this country especially,' know what it is, but suppose it to be tho particularly rich cream oi' the country in question, whereas every American housekeeper mav have the Devonshire cream on her own table if she will take the trouble to prepare it, Kicli new milk is put in a. very shallow vessel with an extended surface and is then set, on the range, where the milk will bo warmed, but on no account must, it boil or even scald. Tho heat will caui'o all the cream to rise to tho surface in a. very *hort lime, and the pan in then taken off and placed iu the ii:o box or in a cool place. When thoroughly chilled the cream may be takpn off and will be nearly of the consistency of newly made butter. This is put: in jars, and at broaktast is helped with a spoon, and is delicious with oatmeal, jams, berrics-evcry- thing, in fact, that ordinary cream is used for, its merits being that not only does one obtain the richest cream, but it will keep for two or three- days without becornins sour. Why .tills English dainty is not used in this country to the same extent as in kng- land is to be wondered at, *"•* "•"• daily folk scern to know aboiit it.—Scientific "Wlieat. Out of twenty-one varieties of Oregon wheat exhibited at the world's fair, Supt. W. H. Savage, of the agricultural department, says this judges found that nineteen averaged sixty- two pounds to the bushel, one weiglux sixty-throe mid ones-half pounds am another (spring wheat) went fifty-eigh pounds. The judges said vhat not one half tho wheat exhibited by tho othe states was holding up to tho standarc weight-sixty pounds. One sample o Oregon oats went fifty pounds anil an othor went fifty-one and one-half. 'I his is certainly a grand showing when h. is remembered that the stau.dard weight for oats is thirty-six pounds. Oregon barley went fifty-one Hie scales, being three- Tlmt In Koohft for . It seems wonderful -that things so fragile, so minute: and so easily d,o- sti-oyed as mere insects should have been preserved in rocks for millions upon millions of yoai-9 in such perfection that the very hairs which fringe the wings of certain very small varieties are visible , to-day beneath the lenses of the microscope. Imbedded in the scrap's of stones whieh make up tho collection ^ referred to are to bo'seen tho fossih/.ed forms ol the principal, species that fly and crawl at tho present time, says the Great Divide. Iu this shape are found tho entombed remains of an ancient host so varied iu structure and so cleverly resembling their descendants of this century that they may be said to include practically every group in the range of the insect world as it is now known. To the imagination they repopu- lato the past with buxzinp: swarms, affording evidence by their variety and the surprising numbers iii which their remnants are found of tho fact that anciently all sorts of bugs, obnoxious and otherwise, were vastly more plentiful than now. In. fact, there were numerous kinds in the early days of creation which have ince vanished from tho earth. This /as even so late, comparatively peaking, as a few hundred thousand -ears ago, during what was called ,ho tertiary epoch. At that period ihere was a shallow lake in a little Colorado valley near Pike's peak, which ia overlooked by a mountain tnown- mcdernly as Topaz Buttc, though designated by early minors as Slim Jim. Streams into which insects fell carried them into tho lake, which has since vanished. U hey were buried beneath layers of volcanic sand and ash, which fell into the lake from some neighboring eruption, thus being preserved, HO that now geologists pick up then- fossils with pickax and hammer. One little hill, which was formerly an island, bearing to this day tho erect trunks of giant petrified sequoia trees, has boon found a mine of these bugs of antiquity. Muftole antl Vl^of-A. Many muscular men miccunib to fatigues boroo with ease by persons tor their in- tefloMto physical 8t$M»«h Mn«0e doe* not imply vigor. In fact, it is not difficult o? proof that athletes do not live as Ions nor on.ioy as good -health as the average individual who is vigorous-thftt is to say, whose diction and sleep ore tmimpaired, whose nerves are tranquil, and who hits no organic tendency to disease. 'lliese requisites of vigor are conferred u on those inherently weak, no less than upon those debilitated through wasting dweiise, bv a thorough, persistent course of Hos- fafttor'8 Stomach Bitter., the leading national tonic, indorsed and recommended bv physicians of eniinenje. It wi 1 not endow you with tho muscle of a Corbett, but it will infuse energy into your system, and renew the nctive and healthful performance of its functions. It averts and cures malarial, rheumatic and kidney complaints, and overcomes dyspepsia, constipation, liver trouble and nervousness. The man who unconsciously doesmm-.h to sour the milk of human kindness is that fellow who sttores in tho sleeping car. STATE or OHIO. CITY" OP TOLEDO, ( ss LUOAS COUNTY. ) K .T. CHUNKY makes oath that he is he senior partner o£ the «nn of K J. .. CUB- NBV & Co., doing business in tho Uty o Toledo, County and state aforesaid, and hat said firm will pay the sum of O HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by » " S ° ° £ HAW/S °$SS&I" CHKHBY. Sworn to before mo and subscribed mini eucc this Oth tiny of December, A. JJ nreseucc, ( _ I ' 9KATi I A. W . GLEASON, -Votary PMi ~A dose of Dr. Pierce'* »k Headache, Dizfciuess, _ digestion, Bilious Attacks, ftnd - SferfSS" 8 ** 1 cored. wented in rty stomao*. the could not help me. lived ft month •frithou eolld food and when, tried to ,e»t I woul votnit. Attbiitiftic bc«nn taking Doctof Pierue's Pleasant lets, and iu two Prt« MISS AKGttiBH. I was decidedly hetton 1 ain now in 8oo«l health, and never felj an iiy li a have nff thirteen The Pl«n of Btlling Medlelnes through Deal*** fc PIES HOES: Eye Water, ON. is pjccowAit 'M'llKAMOJ 1 ' VOUTII" Keeps Old A«e BftoH 20Ye«r8. Send for Snmplc. 15n. DjjroMi TojLKf CO., UooinJTJAilHntm^.aT. T.oirlH.Mo. t IfJIDDlftnC DABCO IMllSK.. 600 laalea ftftd Ifl AHnlHUC rflrCn actils vmntcorreaponaent* UtliNNKLS* MONTHl/i", TOLKDO, <>»I.O< _ H^AD HOIsTs'cURIB ii">T«i;k'«iiivi»l\il«h»f Oinhloiifc Wnmpurn lii'iiril. Bucri-nrnl wlicu All rumoillt« full. ''"'-''pOpI? Cure is taken iuternally and tree. by Druggists, Tfi^. Some :nen are morTluiraid of criticism than a woman is of a shotgun. In. Olclefi Times People overlooked the importance of permanently boneneiol effects and were, satis- iied with transient action; but now that .it is srenerallv known that Syrup of Figs will :l5X, n ^«r,tK, ,.HVB habitual constipation. peranently cure habitual well-informed people will not ony otl ei laxatives, v.-hicb act for a time, but finally injure the system. ___ _ powders and AH Price V. \VrMe forboofc ofpvoorftl ITnl'JiM. flnn«, IfitgBlcs, Id Seirlntr Mnchlnw,OrgniM.Hl Farm Tools, Snfcn, elr, MM nrneM, —Wanted, iigents, lartlen laaA .gentlemen, to Imndlfl a line 01. cheap but fast aelllnt! household necessities wlilpli every lady can afforrt to buy; blR profits, Address Chas.8clinlthcl93,,Coujv oil Blults, Iowa. ..., SPECULATBON cratorn, Itti'fto or Hnnll. tor tradtnif on mftritliw I» stocks, cmliid, or provisions. Order* iwclvcil «n » por cont margin*. Our book. "SpBciilfttlon. .oil How toTrado." with Frhlayedltlon of CliliWKO itivlr containing our market lettav, sent free on raiincsf. O, F« VAN WINKhKAGO.. Brokers, to3nllBa>..OIili;it8O. $22750 UD. nancrj from burglar* and flr*. Kvory Farmer and MeicDftn* ow<-» It to hin f"""" v '!>-E, ol K! hlmKU. **«* for rhvular. W. r,. SCJOTT, 6* Jjeiirborn Street, Chicago. __ SflFES t yo«r anA Kngltuul. readers to on above the standard weight. pounds pounds Interest. be gathered if tho as a mlo, Tho outerortan sole e.x- tends tho whole length F: di!\vn to tiie heel,'pro- tuutiiiKthe hoot in dli,'- pinff aud In 'Other bard work. ASK YOUR PKALEK PU11 TUKM and don't ho put off With inCorior-KOotls. _ IIUIUSKU. CO. t\ *% • « IN CHILDREN For over two years my little girl's life was made miserable by a case of Catarrh. The discharge from the nose was large, constant and very-offensive. Her eyes became inflamed, the lids swollen and very painful. After trying various remedies, I gave her (jraplrall The first bottle seemed to llclBSisfiSl aggravate the disease, but the symptoms soon abated, 1 in a short time she was cured. DR. L. B. RITCHEY, Mackey, Ind. but our nothing Auioriwui. free. Our boob on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed •ce. SWIFT Sruoiwo Co., Atlauta, (ia. Mitrketiutf FetttlifT*. Poulti-y raisors should always tho t'eatliors, tuid in the shape that brint? tho highest prices. All dealers pn.-for to lutve tho fentJiors from tho geeso, duck aud hen picked dry. If 1li<!y are scalded dealers prefer to do their own dressing, as in many cases it is not thoroughly done by UK; poultry meu, and redressing is necessary. But always «av« them dry picked if possible. Scalded geese are worth from 5 to 10 cents per pound less than dry plcfced, ducts from 3 to 5 cents loss and cliicken feathers aro worth about half-price. Turkey feathers are also quite valuable. In picking these save, all the foatbers that grow on the tail, also in the two joints of the wing next the body The pointed, one-side qmlls that grow on the outside or tip of the wing sell at a low price, and shotild be kept separate. In packing lay the feathers 'in straight in as light boxes as possible ' Do not stuff them Into bags, as Jt •breaks them. Before packing weigh your boxes with the covers, marking Iho weight in plain llgures on the side. recom- in the early chickens. money in mar- ToOpen this Can. Foi 1 Hog Clielera this Lye I^«&ure I'ura U uiedlatluie. i'or muiluif boap. oletuiinii boute, Bofttniug watw, it Best The Housewife's Friend. A Taluablo waijhlnB lntaflic«.u. For tale by »11 groecra. It will Burprltu you. PATENT, DO YOU WANT TO SELL IT? Write u»o full dcstrljitlou wltU VKBV I-OWBS'JP PlllpiO. IIOYD E8ERHART, ^ag?ltg" joiiN_w.i»ionnirs, ms f reau. ice. Liiuu BcunM. Every year we grow more 'f& in favor of Liinm besins as a crop' that is prolit- able in any quantity. Bach year we plant more of both the bush and pole variety, and find them of great value. Onr rule has been to out the poles in the fall and have them well seasoned when needed in the spring, and when flaws swisoued a good pole will last several years, and when \vanted they •u-e at band, and the matter of setting them in the hills is »ot neglected on account of toa *nuch work'presshig to allow the cutting of tfce poles in the busy season. , • We have about concluded to diop the culture of pole limas, however, as soon as our present supply of poles is gone, as we find that just as many beans are on the same land when bush limas are planted as when the pole limas are planted. Itt-HIK «t Fewor ?££* will hwis are cmwdt-d. Fowls two yours old arc best for brooding purposes. Fowls liku mustiu-d suotls occasion ally; also chopped onions in winter. Medium-sixcd turkeys that, arc in £ good condition bring tlio best price. Alum dissolved in water is mended for diarrhoea. stages. If corn has be-on put. in temporary cribs, put some sort of a roof over it before the heavy snows come. Now is the time to fatten and market all roosters not needed for breeding. Remember that turkeys, being much larger, need more food than They also bring more ket. Young pullets notably lay small eggs. Moral: Breed only from eggs of hens of full growth and vigor. The same rule will apply to all domestic animals. Meat milk, tlie cereal grains, with plenty • of fresh bone, cut flue, will make good poultry if they are kept free from lice and have otherwise comfortable quarters. Tho continued dry weather offers a splendid opportunity to those engaged in putting in tile. Keep at it until done or until the weather stops lur- ther work. A few days spent in filling th« feed bins in the barn, in storing up betiding material and mulling things convenient about tho place will save time and exposure in doing chores when more disagreeable weather arrives. Now is the time to 1111 up around and put lids upon tho water troughs and tanks to keep from freezing aud thus save the expense of replacing the bursted with new ones next spring. Avoid feeding musty or spoiled food. Stagnant water in a soil will cause it to sour, and this will be detrimental to any crop. If you have such land on your farm, better put a part of your surplus earnings into the building of a tile drain. This will give a better Interest on the investment than to place the money in bpnk. <luy ITawkn Uny In New It may surprise many know that any obaervanca of tbe old English pope' day, or Guy Fawkes day, is held in our own day in America, yet, such is tho case. Bonfires are still lighted on tho 6th of November in Now England coast towns by boys who have not, the slightest notion of the exciting and -picturesque event in Eng-lish history and tho old time English holiday that they thus commemorate. In New- burynort, Mass., it still is celebrated, and in Portsmouth, N. 11., and Newcastle, N. H. in tho latter town it is called "pork night, 11 tin absurd and meaningless corruption of pope night, it is not many years tlnco chill November oths in Gloucester and Marblehcad sr,w "Guy Fawkes" bonfires on every hill.— Independent. Wooden bottles (or pills, tablets are chiefly made in Maine. Lime's Mftdioiiii! Move* Uio Bowels Kaclv Day. In order to he healthy this is necessary. Cures constipation, headache, kidney ana liver troubles ana regulates the stoma-oh and bowels. Luce 50c and $1.00 at all dealers^ It is mucirensier~to"bo contented without ricuos Uian it is with them. A CouahT'tJol^ or Sore THi-oat •should not Ue neglected. BIIOWN'S Uuox- ouiAr. TuocuES are a simple remedy mid give prompt relief. M cents a box. Not oven iTcunal horse would ever get ahead if lie didn't ImvejijiuU. ^ Nervous uud bilious disorders, sinlc headache, indigestion, loss ot appetite and constipation removed by_Beecham's Tills- The first acndemylor the cleol ana dumb was opened at Edinburgh in Vni'. ' ~~ imption Ctn-e imve ft few nift'h Ornrto FOR SAt.E CIIKA.1.'. • * LLOYD EBERHART.____JoUet,_ 111. The Western Trail Is publlslicd by the Grout Uock. Route, and Is issued qunrtorly. It sent frou for o«e yew by iuUWcssIng AVestern Trail. Olilf.iwo. JNO. SBIUSTIAX, G. I'. A., HPOSITIVE CURE. m"til.- i-vll i-ffrirts or tlio em.™ Jt youth and nil ul . .. '.. ' itr n ,,.,,i *;.„*!,nt vnn to IVV)ttOlUt» thi We >!» n reatiiro yon to Bd'lbort tllOHtlOfl ... "7~;«r« OKS MOINKS, IOWA A man can talk himself out of a job easier than ho can talk hiiusBlnnto one. A man is not harmless m his sleep when he snores so loudly that tho neighbors think the sky is falling. . The money a man tucks mvay in his "inside pocket" may be looked upon as a vested security. Itissnid that practice makes perfect. Tins bolsters up the quack doctor. " Ilwnxim'8 Jlingtc Corn Salve." Warranted to nuro or money refumlccl. Ask your llrug&lxt fur It. 1'rluo 15 uouts. When n man is uemerous to a fault, it is generally a fault ot his ow'i-__ Set- Colchaster Spiullng Jjoot.saav.jn^otlii'r uuluinn. When auiaiTimsTio bills nguinst liiiu lie must feel ns if he bolougs to the nobility. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. DR. ISTtlU ON'M SPtt CIAL5ST WHOOMIBATS A.T.I. PRIVATE DISEASES, \Veitk IH-S.S and Secret DUonlors of MEN ONLY. JSvcry c:uro guarantee* 18 youra oxporlonco; T years lu Oinnliu. Writ* for book. It tells all. i-ltb anil I'urimui 8t».. OMAHA, • NEB. No PAY UNTIL CUREB WE REFER YOU 10 *,' HO OPERATION. NO DETENTION FROM BUSINESS. i Viillt'V Nat. Bunk, I,,**, 09 References-] Ul .,. n ,J u , Suviim« IJiiuU, |Molna« VVH1 " Tins O.°'K.' MIIVMSR CO., 602 IOWA LOAN & TRUST BLDG, The official reports show Royal Baking Powder superior to all others, yielding 160 cubic inches of leavening gas per ounce of powder, a strength greatly in excess of every other powder tested- ment piont as on the plant cty, bat more - 1 ""*" dated on tho troulilu .of ft It IlroUe tbe "Do you know why Louise's engage- lent to Mr. Odman is broken?" asked tha ^rl in ptok lawn of the girl in brown duck, as they paced the beach "Yes," cheerfully answered the girl Jn duck. "Lou's been wanting to break that engagement for a long while, bnt she wanted to do it so that lie wouldn't fool' so badly. You know what I mean? She wanted to make him think that it was he who discovered their uncongeniality. So she did all sorts of things. ,She took to wear- in" hideous square-toed, spring-heeled shoes—and he merely called her sensible She used awful slang, aud that staggered him u little, but he recovered? and talked about her now of anirits She proposed to study sur»$ sfss s£-y^-*ynr$ the pole vari- *£*» / na By, wjien she took to weav- be acc(> ? 11 ?jfg inc 'ready-made lies and a poles done away j FACTS ABOUT FOOD. Over 3,0(K) tons of snails are annually eaten in I'ariti. Our beet bugar crop last year was 8,000,000,000 pounds. The English eat every year 05,000 tons of American apples. Paris killed last year li,853 old horses for roasts and soup. This country's crop of beans is estimated at 7-),0!)0,000 bushels. There are 50,000 bushels of peas un- nually grown in this country. The world annually makes und eats 1,94(5,000 tons of butter and cheese. The strawberry crop of this country Is estimated at 5,000,000 tons a year. The pork packers of this country last year killed and packed 30,91»,000 hogs. It is said that. 500 tous of cottonseed oil live annually refined and sold under other names. The fruit crop of this country, mostly devoured at home, is valued at 82] 0,000.000 ••>. year. .. FEMININITIES. In Spain the infant's face is swept with a pine tree bough to bring- good luck. Peacock feathers are being sold in tho streets to mount on hand lireplace screens. Mine. Bernhardt has taken back to Paris with her from her South American tour about 300 birds. Spiders are on sale in the West India islands. Every housewife has a collection for extevminatiusr insects. Toper—What shall I take, doctor, to remove the redness of my nose? Doctor—Take nothing—for three mouths. The correct thiug for a lady to use is a white linen handkerchief, hemstitched and having a naonogra.m in white embroidered in one corner. Mrs. Sarah Kitchen, who recently departed this life at the age of 93, had been for seventy-four years the sexton of a Leicestershire, England, church. WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED CLBftiCH RIVETS !No tools required, o rtrivo and clinch Only u hummer needed lliem enally and qulcklyt the clinch absolutely smooth. Requiring lo liiilc to bo inndu in the leather nor burr lor the tivcts. Tlioy are S1BCNG, TOUGH and DURABLE. Hillloiis now in uso. All lengths, uniform or assorted, put ill) in hoxcs. AxU your tleulisv for tlunn, or scud 400. u Btamiis for a box of 100; assorted sizes. HJLSUl'Ar.TCKED BY JUDSON L. THOMSON MFC. CO., MUM. McELREES 1 WINE OF CARDUL;; I <^ --AsBa^U ©T. her i $ SPRAINS, ^r PAIN, SOIATIOA, LUIVJBACO, BRUISES, SWSUJNGS, BURNS. •'-A For Female Diseases, W

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