The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1894
Page 1
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^ ESTABLISHED 1865. -*# ' ','*! A Great Victory. Whteher the wolf hunt was such or not, all the hunters, both after wolves and good victuals, know that the proper place to round up at for the ONLY GREASE SPOTS LEFT, That Much Remains of the Great Wolf Httnt of Yesterday-All Say It Was Grand Sport, Some of the Wolves Got Away, It is True, But Sufficient Reasons Are Given in Every instance. as noted in the press dispatches, and having participated often in the sport with the good fortune of possessing trophies, I ask, that in event your pat-tv be successful and you are supplied with more wolf skins than you want that you forward a fine, large one, with head, feet and tail intact, and I shall deem .it a pleasure to recompense for the favor. Wishing your party great success ana to be afforded the pleasure of hearing from you after the chase. Thanking you in advance, I am, VICTUALS is at the= Galbraith ' s .New Goods Are In Our Fall stock is now in, and we have a complete line o± all kinds of Dry G-oods, Carpets, Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets and in Dress G-oods we have an elegant line. In Clothing for men and boys we still have a small stock on hand which we are closing out cheap. We have a larger stock of Shoes than ever before, nearly all new, all of which we will sell at the lowest possible prices. i. L BttBMTH & CO. - — Blankets, Robes, and At Cost, At F. S. Stough's. "When looking For a cook stove or range, remember I handle the..._._ Garland. Also Heatfc & MUHgan Paints, Iron and Wood Pumps, Please call an4 get prices and look my stock over, 7. The celebrated, ever-to-be-remembered, and much advertised wolf hunt came off yesterday. It is not certain that It has caused much commotion among the wolves. Those that were seen did not wait to discover whether they were wanted or not. They trotted off contentedly and found a crevice somewhere in the line of battle and sat looking on from the rear as the fierce fusllade of guns on the Bice bottom awoke the slumbering echoes. One even ventured to sit for awhile in the field of the round-up. He was driven in from the south, took one look at the firm and blood-thirsty countenances of the Keith division and quietly moved to the east into the timber and was seen no more. But the round-up showed something for the two-hours march and when the ring was made a coon, 12 jack rabbits, 40 small rabbits, two prairie chickens and some quail were thrown in a heap to mako a showing. Then with a great salute of unfired cartridges, the various squads ^explained how the other one had failed to close up, and all started for their homes. . „. The round-up was a glorious sight tit to excite the warlike enthusiasm of a veteran. From the northeast a great force broke over the bluffs along the river, from the north and northwest the lino was continuous and pretty much so on the west and . southwest But from the south and east there did not seem to be so close connections. But altogether fully 450 men were ranged around the river flat when the circle was complete. One poor jackrabbit broke from the center of the field and tried to get out. At least 40 charges of shot greeted him. One other sprang up in the ring and went only a rod or two. The warmest reception was given a covey of chickens which recklessly tried to go over the Seeley squad, and though they were out of range they got a hundred rounds salute. Anything on the fated plain after the boys arrived was hopelessly lost. But somehow in getting there they left a few breaks in the line which were not closed up. Whatever may be said of the sensu of jackrabbits the man who remarked that wolves are no fools is eminently correct. And when it comes to organizing a line of men 25 miles long so that a wolf cannot go through them, it is a good thing to read about somewhere else. We even doubt now whether after all wolves do not stay in their holes. In any event we take no stock in rounding up wolves like cattle, and believe that the man with the hounds, whose letter is given below, should be sent for the next time Kossuth decides to sweep the valley. But this much is to be said for- the wolves yesterday, they left some cheering tracks often enough to prevent an undue feeling of weariness from overcoming the line. "Here's a fresh track" was shouted about every so often, and immediately everybody surged ahead. We joined the march at the river east of Burt. The valley from there south bears at spots the most tropical and luxuriant growth of morning glory vines and other tangling weeds and grasses we remember ever to have seen. But in spite of this the north line let no live thing escape and came in with colors flying. It bad-been intended to donate the money received from the county for bounties to the poor. After some con sultation it was found that no bounty could be got on the coon and rabbits and so we regret to announce that the poor are no better off than they were. We also regret to announce that there seems to be some difficulty in agreeing on a date for the big round-up south of town. , AY ants to Decorate Our Offlce, LESTER, Iowa, Jun. 6.—To the Editor—Dear Sir: I see by Sioux City papers you are to have a wolf hunt there next week-, also that the company proposes having one of them mounted for your sanctum. As I am a taxidermist I will say if you will present my card to the leader of the project, I will do as fine a job'as can be done by any man of my profession this side of New York City. Should like to have two specimens sent me—carcases whole. 1 workad there in Algona a year ago this last fall and winter. If you do not remember me, Mr. Lloyd Shad e will tell you who I am. The animals can be boxed and shipped by express to Lester, Iowa. I am, respectfully. Trophy comer of Ayery house. Will Attend the Next One. LUANA, Iowa, Jan. 8.—Mr. Harvey Inglmm—Dear Sir: I see by the Satur day Blade you are going to have a big wolf hunt. I would be there if it were possible, if I had known in time. I have to go to Chicago tomorrow. If you have another any time soon please send me word in time. We have eight of the best fox hounds in the state and none excepted, also one stag hound that will kill any wolf. "*™ Selling at Cost. That is what we are doing on our stock of Hundreds of Scalps Secured! The Lake Charles (La.) American, published a thousand miles from here, gives Kossuth county the best send-off on the wolf hunt that has yet been seen. A late issue says: " The farmers of Kossuth county, Iowa, had a grand wolf hunt on Christmas day. They have lost hundreds of sheep this winter through the depredations of wolves, and propose to exterminate the pests. The county was scoured by parties of horsemen, who swept the Des Moines valley from one end of the county to the other. The scalps are worth $5 each, and hundreds of them were secured." A New Photographic Process, An effective and greatly simplified method of producing a photographic representation in the form of an intaglio engraving, or, as it is generally called, a "photogravure," is being introduced. The new method is intended to reduce the time occupied in the process, which usually takes many days to a few hours, and to dispense entirely with the supplementary aid of the skillful engraver. Its essential feature lies in the fact that the picture, instead of being obtained from a graduated depth of the engraving, is produced from' a sunken surface of uniform depth, the gradations of light, half tone and shade being effected by minute lines and stipples of varying thickness, but of uniform distance apart from center to center. The picture is made up of equidistant stipples, varying from a microscopic point up to a size where they coalesce in a solid black, the half tones consisting of stipples about 1400th of an inch in diameter. If a coarse stipple is used the effect varies from that of mezzotint and approaches more nearly that of a line of engraving, the light shades being made up of perceptible lines and stipples, like the effects of a steel or copper plate engraving of equal texture.—Pittsburg Dispatch. _ A Comparison of llirtli Kates. There are 88,000,000 people in France, and during the last five years the increase in population has only been 124,000. In 55 departments out of a total of 80 there is actually a diminution. It IB not due to any high average of deaths, although infant mortality is higher than it should be. It is due to the small number of children born. The average birth rate has fallen to 21 or 22 per 1,000 inhabitants. This is a phenomenally low rate when contrasted with 88 to 89 in Germany, 85 or 80 in Italy, 83 in England and 80 in Switzerland. The percentage is lower in France than in any other country; so that there is a rapid increase in rival countries and France remains stationary.—Chicago Herald. A Monument to Loyola. Ignatius Loyola's followers have erected a monument to Ins memory over the spot where the fortunes of war decided that Canada should be a free British country. "The Jesuits' Retreat" stands in the city of Quebec on the ground consecrated by the blood of English soldiers, and in front of it has been placed a colossal statue of the founder of the order.—Toronto Mail. TvoubliH of the Prince of Wales. The sula»y and emoluments of the Prince of Wales, supposed to be about $200,000, would probably be enough for his private needs were he not put to so large an expense in performing royal and social obligations which should be undertaken by his royal mother.—New York Press. Overshoes, Overs, . . Felts, . . Rubbers, . And All Foot Wear. Our prices before you buy. Langdon & Hudson. ANNUAL January Sale. Commencing January 1st, is now in progress — —^ To Clear Surplus Stock- Very low prices are made on all Woolens, Flannels, Hosiery, Yarns and Knit Goods. New Store] New Store 1 ]ames Patterson, SUCCESSOR TO BAILEY BEOS. I am now ready for"business, and invite all v^ons, of Bailey Bros, and all my friends and former patron^ - n Set everybody to call on me at my new store in Cow^ * block where you will find a complete stock of first-class groceries, at prices to meet all competition. Goods delivered promptly to all parts of the city. An Order From MT. CLEMENS, Mich., Jan. 1.—Harvey Ingham, Es<i.-Dear Sir: Of course you will be surprised to get this, but E such an enthusiast, la spor , as will be ypWF pleasure on the 9*n movuB^v^ -— Medical Dlae»osis. It seems there must be added to the already numerous applications of photography that of an agent in medical diagnosis. A Berlin lady was having her photograph, taken. The face in the first negative came out covered with spots Examination showing nothing abnormal in the sitter; a second was taken with the same result, so it could not be the fault ef the plates. What was it? In a week the poor woman died of smallpox. The cleverest physician could have perceived nothing, but the sensitive film, of the photographic plate had detected an actinic alteration of the skin where the postules were to develop.—London Tit-Bits. Politeness and Bent. The reason why it is the custom for an inquiring person in a New York tenement house to interrogate the residents of the top floor first is because he receives plenty of polite attention, wherea* if one begins at the lower floor and pro* ceeds upward, he will get short answers and little satisfaction. The top flwrten* its pay the enyjllest rents.—JJ«w j 9Ff JAMES PATTERSON. Cowles' block, State St., Algona. In the dark unless you come into the open light to see my new and neat stock of Drugs, Perfumes, and Sum dries. Try me. The New Druggist DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? THI AUJQNA SWPPIY HOUSi Will furnish you anything in the line of CREAMERY : SUPPLIES, «swi* v* ^MJ^IJ, projnpfly.

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