The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 3, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1894
Page 7
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ttjBLB FARM AND •«•« ALGONA. IOWA. JANtfAttY 3, 1894, THE WHEAT fO AND POULTRY. HOGS It, ttftS twice tlie Fec'llne faluo of O»ts— ClinriUne by Dog Pdwcr— Good Cs« of Str«w— Horticultural Mints nncl Household Itcips. KNOWLEDGE Brings tfomforb and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when lightly ifsed. The many, who live better than'otkers and'tmjoy life more, with, less esaienditure, by more promptly adapting the wood's best products to the needs of .physical being, will attest the value to Wilth of the pnrt liqjid laxattTO pri.nctyles embraced m the remedy, Syrup'of Figs. Its excellent is due to its presenting •in the form most acceptable and pleaa- .antfcto the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- mti-ve; effcctaally cleansing th* system, •dispelling culids, headaches and levers .and permanently curing, constipation. lit has c'.ven satisfaction to millionsuina anet with .the approval of the inedical tprofession, because it acts on the Kid- mevs. Liver and Bowels without weak- veiling them and it is perfectly free from • every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs ia for sale :by:alHlrug- .- gists in 50c and"i?l bottles, tout it is man' ufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is-pri'nted'on<every trackage, also the name, Syrup'of Figs, and being well informed, you swill mot accept :iny substitute if 'Offered. : Wheat to An! in ills. There is probably no agricultural question that comes home so directly to the farmer to-day as that of feeding wheat to stock or poultry. ^Will it pay to raise wheat and feed it to animals or poultry? With wheat at fifty cents per bushel, it is almost impossible for many farmers to make a fair profit from this industry.althouffh in favored parts of the West and Northwest the large farmers claim that even at this price they can make a profit. But this is not true •of thousands of others scattered hroughout the East and West. Un- loubtodly the last season has been an iXceptional one, and prices arc lowei than they will bo for many years again. But the present low prices for tho = rain are having their beneficial re suits, says the American Cultivator Vlany farmers are feeding their sur plus whe^at to stock .and to poultry who at other times could not have been induced to attempt this. They are learning by actual experience what nothing elso .could have taught them. As an illustration, one farmer this summer fed ihis wheat to the poultry, and ho is so well pleased with the experiment'that he asserts that not seventy cents a bushel would induce him to sell it in the market he work, bttt will do it, and is none he worse for it. Feed him imtne- liately after his work. He accepts t as a legitimate compensation and injoys it. Our experience has been uch that the dog power is strongly recommended for churning where reameries are not convenient. There are plenty of good creameries here, and the dairy editor churns, not because ho is forced to, but for the benefit of his readers who are obliged to churn and want tho best and most economical way. Luckily there is no money lost in the work as 1 get as much profit from tho milk as tho best of the creameries give their patrons. Good Use or Straw. I have a large yard to the south of the barn and into it goes all the straw from forty acres of wheat, stacked just as well as six men C;in- do it. I stable all my stock and bed them .to tho knees every day from the time frosty nig its begin until •warm- weather in spring. Homo may object uO this on account of the work; but I don't. After February, if I see " I ani Post Master here and' keep .a Store. I have keptAugust-Flowe: for sale for some time. -I Ahirik, it i ..a splendid medicine.'" :E. A.'.Bond ;P. M., Pavilion Centre.j"N."5T. The stomach is the -.reservoir. llf it fails, everything .fails. The . liver, the kidneys, .the .lungs, the : heart, the head, £heiblood,',the nerves all go wrong. If you feel wrong, look to the stomach first. Put that right at once by using August Flower. It assures^, good, appetite and a good digestion. It (tares colds, Coughs. t?sro :'Jhroit,:C?onp, Influenza, Whooping Cough. Sionchl f .!a-ani/• c'.htna. A certain cure fer Consumption tefiict ctigoc, tnl a euro rolicf in ad- v»neo4 Btagos. tfroatoa:a. .Yoii'wi'.laeothnezcollo&t etoot sitter titfaj;tho first-tee. EoM to 1 dealers snovf- ShMO. LMBO bittlrs 60 cents and SI 00. 'MOTHERS' 9.9 mm mm E&SY. ( Colvln, La., Dec. 8,1886.— M7 wife used 5<ffiOTHEK'S FHEEND before: her third ;.confinement, and .saynfsho would not bt (.without it for lumflceas of dollars. .DOCK MILLS. XSent by express on isceSpt of, price/. JBJSQ per bot, *«£ Boole "To Mothers'" mailed free. BRADFIEUy.ftEQULATOFl CO., • JOB BALE ovA4.tOHUaaia.Ta. . ATLANTA, ajt. another year. He would feed i,t to his poultry, for 'by so doing he realizes at the lowest .estimate $1 per bushel in the summer time. Ho now intends to try -bho same experiment this winter, and he anticipates making tho \vhoat pay him nearly $2 per bushel. Another poultry raiser has even deigned to buy the wheat direct from his neighbors .at the city market prices simply .to feed his poultry and the results are so^ood that he has now laid in .a stock of wheat for winter feeding instead of his usual rations. The fact is, there is no better food for making the hens lay than wheat, ;and this racy yet be the food that we will give to our poultry. It also answers the par pose bettor than tho best screened oats. Then we have other farmers feeding their wlioat to swine, and here, too, tho results are satisfactory. Hogs are high this year, and the profit is certainly sure to bo good. It will return $1 per bushel to the owner to-day when fed to hogs, and this is muck'better than selling it in tho market -'at • current price's. It is estimated that two quarts of wheat equals in feeding value four quarts of oats, and the stock, as a rule, like the wheat bettor. Now, here is • an outlet for wheat that has never been given much attention, and one need not fear that wheat growers will have to go out of the business. Within a short time poultry raisers and stock owners are going to buy more wheat for food, and all of tho -surplus will go in this direction, relieving tho markets of the heavy stocks. The market prices will constantly advance, and those who must have tho ready cash for their wheat will be benefited in the long run ..also. Farmers should feed wheat rather than sell it at to-day's prices. Churning by Dog rower Outside iof creamery localities there is a '.vast amount of butter churned by ihancl. Taking the country over, fonty-li-ve minutes for each churning is .consumed in turning- the crank. Theavomen or children have "that all the straw can't bo got through tho stable by bedding and feeding, I begin to cut oft" some and spread a layer over the yard as often as tho stock have trampled the previous one. I turn my cattle out on nice days and feed fodder in tho yard. 'In addition to tho straw from forty acres of wheat, we cut twenty to twenty-five acres of corn and all of it goes into tho barnyard. I sell no hay but buy four to six tons each year. I keep twelve cows, about eighteen Btioep, six hordes and two to twelve hogs, and if these animals are kept well bedded and if the stables are regularly cleaned each day there will be no straw for mulching wheat unless a man is a heavier wheat raiser than I am. 1 make over 200 loads of manure per year by this system, and beliove they will average 3,000 pounds each. I use all that can bo profitably utilized for top-dressing wlioat ground, harrowing it in as it is spread. We scatter it off tho wagon, never piling up in the Held, All too rough for top dressing is taken to the clover field and spread where it is most needed. It is put out the last thing after the wheat ground is plowed— generally about the middle of August. I have followed this system for seven years on this farm. A poor spot duo to lack of fertility in tho soil cannot be found. I don't think there is any use in spotting fields. By my system I can keep my land up without buying commercial fertil- isers, so that 1 raise fifty to sixty bushels of corn, and twenty to twen GRAINS OF Q'OLD. A chronic grumbler can be set clawn as'a person who loafs too much, An easy chair for a discontented man is not to be found in any market* There is not much good in the man who does not want to be good clear through. Unless a man has a character that won't show dirt he had better keep out of politics. The man who works the hardest for tho least pav is the one who has the biggest fortune. Never tell all you know, for ho who tells everything he knows often tells more than he knows. " ', A man's real possession is his memory. In nothing elso is he rich, in nothing 1 e : se is ho poor. There are few peopio who can pay a just debt without acting as if they were conferring a favor. Wo could all bo great 1 men if we could be measured by tiiu great things we intend to do to-morrow. It is hard for a mother to believe that her children are mado out of tho same kind of clay as tnoae across the street, .'-••' There is no better .opportunity in to show the quality .'of your relig ion than whiin you h*ve aa enemy in your power. • ' < There is a difference between sitting before the fire and thtSfHnjr about doing good, and going oulii into the cold and doing- it. Religion is like tlie fashion; one may wear his doublet slashed, another laced, another plain; bub every man has rt doublet So every man has his religion. Wo differ about trimming. old Should be bapt lit stables and stock- ard* -Salvation Oil is the best friend not nlv of man, but o! dumb beasts as well.' W swelled joints, strained tendons, ores, saddle galls, and founds of all k here is no remedy like Salvation Oil. 'riee 25 cents per bottle. The Hoosac tunnel, Massachusetts, I* the oncost lii the United States; length, 4% miles; co8t,$L4,pOO,Oi)Q_. The testimonials which the mail brings L every day rim thus: "Dr. Bn's Cough ^yrnp cured the baby of croup;" It cured me of a most distressing cough;' »« " T «" cured my little boy of sore-throat." could not do without it." Tho American breath is annually scented with 15,000,000 busliels of oniona. Home Seekers' Excursion via the M., K &T. Railway. On Jan. 9, 1804, the M., K. & T. railway "We As Good as an Alibi Judge (to dynamite suspect)—What is your trade? , Prisoner—I nm a dramatic author. "Do you write American, plays?" "yes, vour honor." r . . .,, " discharged. It is impossiblo that you would have anything to do- with a plot." _ Like Many Others. First Man—Well, I trust we've all contributed something to help the campaign a Second—Ah, yes! I ffiel thatlhavedone o grout work in tho campaign. "On what line?" "Advising editors." Germany has co-operativo bnnks. Will imve on sale from all its northern gateways tickets to all points iu the state of Texas, at rate of one fare for the round trip. These tickets are limited to 30 days from date o£ sale and will permit a stop-over on the going trip at any point iu the state o£ Texas, only witbin the linol limit. , This is your opportunity to seciiro a home m the sunny sou h, where lauds are cheap and harvests plentiful. JAMES BAIHCEH. O. P. & T. A , St. Lotus, Mo. One county in Now Jersey sends to New York ten carloads of lettuce a day. Tho now BIOPATMtG System will eure any acute disease in oue treatment (cure or no pay), chronic in a few. failure impossible. Invalids get well and then learn the system, and get our diploma. Attain health, wealth and hnppiness. One or more Biopatha are needed in every town to extract the poisons the M. D.'s give. Come or write to Dr. John Shelby, Sheeley Block, Omaha, Neb., for full information. The American people last year drank the. decoction from OiO,OUO,OUO pounds of coffee. Coughing Leads to consumption ' Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free, barge bottles 50 cts. and $1.00. Over 12,000,000 bushels of buckwheat wore'last year manufactured into cakes. Sohlirmiiuu's Asthma Cure _ Instnntly relieves the most, violent attack, (aeiiiUtosf res expectoration and Insures rest lotliosuotlionvtsouniolo to uluep except In n chuir, as a single trinl will prove, bend for a tree trinl piukago to Dr. K. bchlftmiinQ, bt. Paul, Minn., but ask your drugglat tlrst. The Germans collectively refresh themselves with 8:1.000 tous of rice every year. SICK HEADACHE, lassituao, weakness and loss of appetite caussd by malaria' can be' immediately cured by Beecham's Pills. Switzerland sends to France every year 30,000 tous of milk and 13,000 of cheese. England eats Jerusalem oranges. Is liable to ... functional distort* ance through syni» pathy. Dyspebfiia* or Indigestion, t>ttett> causes it to palpi* tato in tt di'-.tfsSslnjt way. flcrvwci Prostration, Dsbilifty and. Impoverished Blood, also cause its toft' rapid pulsations. Many times, Spinal Affections, cause ift to labor unduly. Sufferers f«™i such Nerr- oua Affections often imagine themselves th* Victims of organic heart disease. NEHVOtrS HtSEIASttS, ofl Fa- Locomotor Ataxia, Epilepsy, or its, St. Vitus'a Dance, Sleep assticss. Nerv- ous'Prostration, Nervous Deb! ity, Nen«£ cia Melancholia and Kindred Ailments, ait treated as a specialty, with great,success, by the Staff of the Invalid/ Hotel. For Pamphlet, References, and Particulars, enclose 10 cents, in stamps for postage. Address, WORLD'S DISPENSARY MBDIOAI. ASSOCIATION, Buffalo, N. Y. Consumptives »ud peopio •who have vroak lun?8 or Asth-1 mil, should uso Plso'a Cure for 1 Consumption. It has cured I minds. Hhns not Injur-1 I ed one. HIs not Imrt to tnke. | I IttstUo best cough syrup. Sold everywhere. S53c« ! Thompson's Eye Water, 1T.IIKK. 600 ladles and ge ntswnntcorrcspondeiit» UUNNELS 1 MONTHLY. TO Mi UP, OlltO. - Rft «f HI Wnlelici, OmiJ,Hiig?lM, Itm-new, SmThiff Mnrliliips. Organs. Hleyelw, Farm Tnnl«, S>h*,«t<, LntMUnb CHICAGO SCALE to., Chicago, ill- .TTEUCHRE. „ „..„ IOIIS SfflUASTtAN, U-. T. A. C;,. B Iifc r. II K: Olilcnsco. nnd receive, postuKoptllB. the slickest dock of cnrrta you fiver handled. TD» UKNTH per paok, postage atnmpo, Tor one or runny. ;Tn -171 vrniQ— Wanted, t A.lJJljiM 1 0 tlem , s, ladles and gon- ' . cn. to hftiullo a lino of cbeup but fust Bellini! liohschold necessities which every Intly cnn ulTord • to buy; •!>!« pronts. Address Olius. Scliultliolss, Council BlutTa, lown. Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination and Advice nS'to Patentability of Invention. Kimtl for " Inventors' Guide, or How to Get r> "atcut." PATRICE OTAKBSLt, WASHISOTON. B. C. ACRFS OF PRAIRIE LAND 81tHatcd in the i-lcli Mo. Valley, close to a nice, town ftnd 20 miles from thla city. R <-h land, and nn». for corn, grain and tyrasa. rrlro, 922.&0 per acre, on* coay terras. T. E. ALTMAN,Sioux City, la. I ty-five bushels of wheat per acre and plenty of clover.—Farmer's llecord. liortionltnrnl Hints. Straw is cheap and makes a good protection for the young trees against rabbits. Trees should not be planted any deeper than they grew in the nursery. Spring is the best time to plant outdoor roses. It is also the time to prune roses. By gathering up and burning all prunlngs a great many insects will be destroyed. All branches infested with caterpillars should bo cut off and burned during tho winter. Horticulture is .a good field for the poor man, for it does not take as many acres as for farming. It is a poor kind -of business to sot out young trees and then through neglect allow the rabbits to ruin them. Do not water house plants too often. When the pot is dry thoroughly saturata tho soil and water in the morning. Growing tho white bean is usually profitable. The quantity of beans N EVERY Receipt that calls for baking powder use the "Royal." It will make the food lighter, sweeter, of finer flavor, more digestible and wholesome. "We recommend the Royal Baking Powder as superior to all others."— United Cooks and Pastry Cooks Association tff the United States. A Month anil Expenses £ To Agents to Bell CIGARS TO DEALERS. -*. SAMPLES FREE! $22.50 UD.?n r o o r; l>Apcv9 from bui'glara and (Ire. Kvery Farmer and Merchant owes It to his fnnilK to protect hlmsulf. Konrt for circular. W. t. SCOTT, 06- Jenrborn Street, Chlmm'o. WORK OF INVtiNTORS. ARE You A GOTLIC ? Are you unemployed ? \Vi*l you f»r $1» per week? .Write to J.'R, BAY, 56 FifthJlYi Chicago, ^Cleanses the JTasul JfBSSHiiges, Alluy* I'ulii anil Inflammation, ;U«Ht*-ren tlie .Snusii of 1'tuito anil Smell, the Sure*. &.'!« into each nostril. Elf BROS,, 50 Warren St., it'. V. SMOKE YOUR MEAT WITH ILLINOIS GENTRHL By tlie wctf o£ New Orleans, <£>NLY TRUE WINTER ROUTE ToCaJitoniia. Tourist ticket? VIA NEW Are now on sale via the Central Route and ia Suite stop-over privileges ut New Orleans una points wrest, sucto as i±«uston, Sun Aulonioaod J31 Paso. On tourist tiulwis TO FLORlDft f OINTS Stop-o^ara aw given at Naw Organs the Mtxi unGull Const resorw of tojr gt- J-u"to, F.IMS Christina Mississippi Cit». Biloxt «inrj . qcean Sortoge, us wen UN a [Mobile. PeusinxnJa anU TullsJiastti P. 'liui-eis nud lurljwsr mtwf wiition can tie li. doi tli.'J 'taints oil ; '>':}• ^,JJ. K. and«on*o«tli;g line.s. Of » A. W. WAft- ^pjf, O. V, A,, to do this, for tho lord of the house has other work for the hired man and dislikes tfho task himself. The dairy editor .of the Orange Judd Farmer tells how he relieves the women folks <of churning. He saye: Now I don't want to breed discord in the family btt when the wife or mother is loaing half, an hour to an hour aod a quarter every churning day, something' is wrong. If dairying is lollowcid enough to make it ^ pay, she must, churn at least throe i times a week. To require this is j outrageous. Why should a lazy dog , ..stretch faimsolfiidly in .the sun while a delicate woman wearily drudgos at the churn? A dog power does na* cost much. One hog will pay for it. The wife he.s the time left for wifely duties— time saved by making the dog pay hki board. If y«iu chura at home, have a churning 1 iroom. 'The tread- power should staiu.d out Con- neat the power ami churn 'by means of a light abaft. &3 I write this the chuen is running its stoaipJy as if propelled by steam:; the flop, Hop of tho cream is .as regwilar as ;& clock beat- The dag is atitsido attending strictly to business. Ho once learned to shi/.-k, and when ihe thought ho had labored long enough, for properly managed cream to See churiaed he vtfould iiaug back and £top thef&urn. .lie donlfc do that now. It is not 4hat las conscience pricks l&ira, but 'tiaat acmethicg else does if ,he attempts it. A dt^'s conscience is better than an .average policeman's, tjnit it is ati.i eqv.ii! to ail deuiau'.ds. It needs stirring up- A than wooded strip with shingj.o nails driven through, the points pro'ec&ng, is a perfect "regulator." Put tt across the power behind tba dog so his hools ,vill touch it should ho hang back awl you will 11 nd him aa "diligent in business"" tUoro alter as tho man vrhom Solomon considered, as fit, to stasd before kings. Put tho cream into the chwn. Then put the dog uito tho power, and work common3?s and gooa oa i^Htil liuish.e'-l. Tlio do;; way dislike I used in this country is very large and'Constantly growing, The Concord grape, 'to name no other, is so easily grown that every farmer should grow ihis own grapes. Set a few vines .next spring. Mowers have a softening and refining influence, and'Children should bo allowed to come in contaut with them much aa possible in the .homo. Uonm<liohl limps. The most delicate -way to boil an egg id to pour 'boiling water over it and allow it to remain, without boiling, for ten minutes. It will be perfectly .cooked. If it IB '.necessary to ibatho in hard water, add .a few cl*rops of ammonia, .or prepare powdez-ed borax in hot water and pour aa a little. The borax can be kept Siottled for use. When tka piece de resistance is chicken don't ask a gueat if ho prefers white ,or dark mea,t; serve a portion of botk. With roast it is customary to tod out if he likes the boof rare or well -done. A cooling', wholesome .drink is made by mixing two tablespoonfuls of pearl barksy with a quarter of a pound of lump sugar. Pour on it rather more than two quarts .of boiling water. Add the peel of a fresh lemon. Let it stand all night, then strain, and it is ready for use. Whan you are heated don't hathe the fa«e in cold water. After a journey give the face a hot bath, which will remove the dirt and coal dust which bus permeated the skin; then rinse iu «jool, but noi cold water. A.t night before retiring bathe tha faee in hot water, then in cool, and wipe dry with a Boft towel. When diiiapening «k)thes for ironing use wat«3i- as hot as the hand can Lear; sprinkle the linen, fold smoothly, roll up tight, and they will iron much easier. The hot water penetrates more readily, and it is not • necessary to dampen so much as ' when using cold water. A eleaa whist broom, kspt for tnia purpose enly forms a hwfly iroyJment for Jing. Tho trees inost frequently struck by lightning are oaks and elms. Beeches arc rarely, If .ever, stru::k. The parent of all the varieties of apples is a sort of wild crab, and its home is in the Himalaras. An inch of rain means a gallon of water spread over every two square feet, or about 10U tons to every aure. The professors of physical culture now say that men do not attain their full physical maturity until they are 23 or 30 years old. One art tbut seems to have greatly impr.jv.-tl within the past twenty-five years is tliat of annealing glass The lamp chimneys of to-day withstand sudden changes of temoerature that would instintly have sbivered those of three decades ago, and it seems now almost impossible to break one save by a blow. Paranoia is the scientific name of i he disease with which cranks suffer, says Dr. Stu-irb D.ju?lass of the Ueile- vue hospital, New York. A man has D:ira,noia, he says, whan hois troubled with illusions of perstn-utions, or with groundless beliefs that he has,or ought to have, great riches and a grand position in lif'. APOSITIYECORE, For llio evil clloi'ls of Din errors of youth und Ml' Tlvuto (llhcnfBi-. W.) can restore yon to i»,»plntB- j;mlioo;l. quickly nnil privately, hontlns A) <.t». osineo anil wo will no ml yon symptom blnuks nuou ataloxae Klvlti'-- lull description of curi). ,1-ra- crll.C'l ami prcimrml by tlio "jcrt tuoaicu horltlos of the n(t«. TUS'O, A I; UiS >JOrXKS, IOWA. 1». O.MosJ lUtHllcul nu— CO.,. Illustrated cutalofcno showing WE ATJGET'.S, ItOCK BHILI.S, UYDBA.XJLIO AKW JETTJNa SIACHI^EKY, etc. 8F.UI 3?nEE. Have been tested ana nil wnri'unted. THE PECH flFQ. CO. Slaux «Ity« Iowa 19 S. Canal St., Chlcaso. mm YOUR OWN HARNESS WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED SLIGHT SM1UES. Visitor—That painting ia by an old master, I see. Mrs. McShocldie, apol optically—Y-e-s, but the frame is new. Mrs. Styles, sadly—I wish that I were dead! Mr. Styles—Don't ba discouraged, dear. Your hat's on straight. "You called that man doctor?" "Yes." "Ho doesn't look much like a physician. What's his specialty?" "He's a ward heeler." He—No, we don't go to the theater to-day. Operas of this class are not meant for elderly people. She—That is quite true, and I really see no reason why you should accompany me. Jones—Well, Smith, did you propose to Miss Airess last night? Smith—Yes, and her answer was very ambiguous and cimtradietoiy. Jones—Why, what did she sav? Smith—She gave me a positive lu-gative. "Siiv," said the office boy, "I think the boss ought, to gimme a half bone extra this week, but I guess he won't." "What for?" asked the bookkeeper. "Fer overtime. 1 \vns dreamin' about my work all las' night." No tools required. Only a hammer needed, to drive and clinch tlicm easily and quickly,; leavinj? the clinch absolutely smooth-. Hequirlng: no hole to be inailo in the leather nor burr for tn«, Kivcta. They arc SI RCNG, TOUGH and DIWABLE. Millions now in uso. All-lengths, uuifonn. Of assorted, put up in boxes. Axlt y<ni»- ilealur for tlit-m, or send 40fc: in stamps for a box of 100; assorlcd sizes. MANl7PAl:'n.'j;ED BY JUDSON L.THOMSON MFC. CO. r , Walllin in. fllus*.^ h- Or.! the- WORLD'S COLUMBIAN: EXPOSITION-i Have made-the- (Meitala and Dlplon> s) to On eucli of the following namec^, 'clcs: ~ * FOR SORENESS OR STIFFNESS FROM GOLD, USB BKEAKFAST COi'OA, . .__ Premium No. 1, Chocolate, Vauillf. Chocolate, . . . German Sweet Chocolate, Cocoa Butter. . . . . • For "purity of material,' 1 "excellent flavor,' und "uniform even composition." WALTER BAKER feCa , RIAS& JT RELAXES, SOOTHES, HEALS, CURE5. NEVER OFFERED BEFORE FOR LESS IfiftN ONE DOLL-flR. Father OP Mother; Sister OP Brother; Sweetheart OP Would be pleased to receive as a Christinas-OP New Year's Present Someihing they could always keep as a reminder of the Columbian year. What more appropriate than a WORLD'S » FAIR t SOUVENIR » HALF » DOLWR? Sent Post-Pa i? to any address for SO cents in t or 2-cent stamps. Huh- a JJwJted nuiubov lit i. £Mer quick from *'. G. KUOIVN, 8S-0-. Wt-sc Jucjn««tf 111. ' b*anHef»,fillULM's,U. It. lluiuls uitd otUtfcs. TUo outer 01' tap .NOlii extcnus the \\liulu ItMitftli of tin) sole iluwii to» the heel, pramnlag Ilia sliuuli ill s Olfc'Kiiiir, si 1 . ll'"-t u tliruughput, AY. U.— D. M. 112X', No. 1. to say of tt^abwo Jo Uv/r tor^i>C to .say cbac you tlie ajvu:1'.-cmeii'. ui tui.s ii.rn'r i L%ii&ii»s,

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