The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1954
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Senate Group Wants Lenders To 'Police' FHA Capehart Sees Plan As One Way to Close Loopholes in Law WASHINGTON 10 - Chairman Capehart (R-Ind) said today the Senate Banking Committee would vote to give banks and other private lenders "full responsibility" for policing FHA-insured home repair- loans . This, said Capehart, would be one way to seal up loopholes in the present law, loopholes that unscrupulous salesmen and contractors allegedly have used to cheat many unsuspecting home owners. The committee resumes closed- door deliberations today on President Eisenhower's housing program and on proposals to strengthen the present law against any more housing abuses such as those uncovered last month just before a shakeup in the top echelon of the Federal Housing Administration. Referring to the home repair situation, Capehart said: "We will continue this program but not without giving lending institutions full responsibility for seeing that their loans are used for legitimate home repairs." At present, private lenders are assured of full government repayment without any obligation to try to collect on defaulted loans. Capehajt told newsmen he expects the committee to adopt a new provision which would make banks and other private lenders shoulder part of the risk of making home repair loans. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:30 quotation!) July 3445 3446 3441 3441 Oct 3426 3428 3424 3428 Dec 3427 3429 3425 3428 Mch 3440 3443 3440 3443 Obituary New Orleans Cotton July , 3440 3443 3438 3438 Oct 3424 3427 3423 3427 Dec 3425 3428 3424 3427 Mch 3444 3446 3444 3446 INDOCHINA (Continued from Page 1) Asia arc progressing nicely. French Premier Joseph. Laniel h#s been conferring with U. S. Ambassador C. Douglas Dillon in Paris. Laniel is expected to present " a concrete proposition for American intervention in Indochina as a basis for further consideration by American leaders. The wrangle over withdrawal of troops from Laos and Cambodia delayed detailed discussions on the other major French demand, withdrawal of all troops in Viet Nam to zones to be agreed on at Geneve. Wants Separate Consideration Bidault insists that Laos and Cambodia must be considered separately. He contends a civil war •xists In Viet Nam, but that the other two Indochina states have been invaded by the Communist- led Vietminh. Informed quarters said the Communists rejected Bidault's demand tfaat the "invaders" be withdrawn. They were reported to have countered with their earlier proposals that the Communist "governments" of Laos and Cambodia be consulted on any settlement. The Western Powers already have taken a firm stand against consulting with these "resistance" regimes, which they say are only roving gangs. Meanwhile, it-was disclosed that the French have dropped their objections to negotiating directly with Vietminh representatives here on evacuating French Union wounded from captured Dien Bien Phu and have named a mission for this purpose. Chicago Soybeans May 374 376 363*4 367 July .... 364 367~/ 8 359>/2 366 Sept 273 Va 275 272 V 4 273i/-> Nov .. ..253V 2 254 251% 251% Chicago Whear May .... 20014 200% 19734 200 July .... 1971/4 19?v 4 1947/s 195 & Chicago Corn May .... 156"a 151Y 2 153 ISS^ July .... 154*2 154% 154 154Vi i Rites in Tyronzo For Mrs. Farley DYESS — Funeral services fo Mrs. Fanny Farley, 69, of Dyes were conducted in Tyronza Meth odist Church by the Rev. Thursto Masters. Survivors include her husbanc three sons, Willie Farley of York town, Ark., John Farley of Mo desto, Calif,, Howard Farley o Dyess; two daughters. Mrs. C. W Hindman, Tyronza, and Mrs. W. B Sandusky of Marked Tree; 3 grandchildren and 10 great grand children. Ntw York Stocks (72:45 quotation*; A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester Republic Steel , Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker , Standard of N J , Texas Corp Sears U S Steel '..... Sou Pac 168 3-4 63 7-8 36 1-4 66 1-2 60 7-8 118 1-2 114 1-4 69 1-4 63 7-8 21 1-4 31 3-4 58 5-8 27 1-2 43 16 89 74 1-8 64 3-4 48 3-8 43 1-2 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, m. (#)— (USDA) — Hogs 6,000; trade very active; barrows and gilts all weights 25 higher; sows steady to 25 higher; bulk 180-230 Ib 27.5075; one short load 27.90; next price 27.75; bulk 230-250 Ib 27.00-50; 260280 Ib 25.75-26.75; scattering 290350 Ib 23.50-25.50; 150-170 Ib 27.2575; 120-140 Ib sparingly 26.50-27.00; good early clearance; sows 400 Ib down 22.25-23.25; heavier weights 20.25-21.75. Cattle 3,000, calves 700; opening slow; few steers and heifers steady, with small lots choice steers 23.00-24.00 and high choice and prime mixed yearlings 24.50; cows draggy, although initial sales fully steady at yesterday's close; utility and commercial cows 13.0015.00; canners and cutters 10.0013.00; bulls and vealers unchanged ; utility and commercial bulls 14.00-15.50; cutter bulls 12.0013.50; few prime vealers 27.00; good and choice 21.00-25.00: commercial and low good 15.00-20.00. Hecklers Keep Talmodge Busy ATLANTA' (ft — The telephon rang far into the night after Gov Herman Talmadge commented o the U. S. Supreme Court decisio striking down public school segre gaiion. He had said that Georgia peopl "cannot and will not accept a bal political decree . . . which over turns their accepted pattern o life." Many hecklers telephoned from distant places. eWarily, Talmadg finally turned over the phone an swering to his wife: "Tell those Yankees the governo isn't here. Tell them he's busy reviewing troops." PARITY (Continued,from Page B price supports. The administration plan contemplates getting rid of a billion dollars worth of surpluses in the next three years through gifts abroad and other means. This would have the effect of keeping support prices up, since the size of surpluses would determine the support level under the administration's flexible plan. (Continued from Page 1) to decide, not the federal government. Though some others expressed the opinion that this is just another case of the North trying to force something on the South. One person held the view that some educators have expressed. That is that the Negro teaching profession would be hurt if the ruling is put into effect all over the South. Most of those who were opposed to a single school system maintained that the state of Arkansas should do all possible, within the law, to block enforcement of the court ruling. A few felt that the result of the decision will be widespread growth of private schools and that eventually public schools will be used almost entirely by Negroes only. Only one person forsaw much posibility of major trouble developing. One interesting note is found in the attitude of five high school students questioned on the matter, all five said they had no objections to going to school with ne- groes. While this small sampling of views cannot be considered too accurately, the fact that they were unanimous in their opinions indicates that probably there would be little opposition among students to a single school system. Two teachers questioned also had no objection to teaching Negroes. One man who declined use of his name, fairly well expressed what appears to be the closest thing to the general opinion held in Blytheville as the limited survey conducted could reveal. Said he; "If it's rushed 'into, there will be" private schools. It had to come sometime, but it's too early to do it now. If the state sticks together, they may be able to get 15 or 20 years to work it out, but it has to come.' ' Buy Now gallons ROYAL ICE CREAM I. Czech Reds Accused of Killing Sick MUNICH. Germany W — Radio Free Europe charged today Czechoslovakia's Communist government has been killing the incurably ill and insane for more than two years. The American-sponsored radio quoted "independent and reliable sources." Hospitals and insane asylums are screened constantly and , patients considered beyond hope of recovery are removed and put to death at special euthanasia stations RPE said. "In no cases." it added, "are relatives consulted prior to appli cation of 'mercy' killings. "Events reached the boiling point in Prague on ,a recent Sunda afternoon when visitors to th Bohnice Mental Hospital rioted and cried murder wh.en told rela tives had been transferred to an unnamed institution for 'additiona treatment.' " The broadcast account said: Visitors smashed waiting room furniture, cursed and fought doc tors until police arrived. An "un precedented number of deaths" al ready announced from Bohnice precipitated the rioting. In January, 1953, relatives were notified they could claim the bod ies of 38 former patients who had died of "pneumonia." In Decem ber, 1952. the same hospital an nounced that 140 patients had diet of maladies unrelated to menta" disease. Since then the Czechs have been referring to Bohnice as "Jatky (slaughterhouse). LITTLE ROCK (fP)-~ A new polic has been adopted by th« Arkansa. Revenue Department to tighten collection of sales tax on automobiles. In the future, persons who bu> cars out of the state will have to pay sales tax or sign affidavits tha the - purchases were from Individ uals, rather than from dealers. No tax is charged when an iadi vidual sells a car. Injunction Stymies Bridge Dismantling LITTLE ROCK Ctf!—A temporary injunction prohibiting Crittenden County, Ark., from dismantling roadways on the old Harahan Bridge was issued today by Federa District Judge Thomas C. Trimble Stop Those Horrid Lies Your Skin is Telling About Your Age _remature crow's-feet at the corncn of your eyes are often caused by skin dryness. Skin dryness is caused by your skin's inability to make enough lubricating cholesterols and esters. Penetrating Lanolin Plus Liquid used nightly as a cleanser — then a few extra drops gently massaged .into your skin before retiring— next day a few more drops used as a powder base. This keeps your skin constantly supplied with an abundance of cholesterols and esters. Result: dry skin is overcome — premature dry-skin wrinkles quickly fade, giving you a surprisingly younger look. Get your Lanolin Plus Liquid today. Use it tonight. Actually SEE and feel » difference tomorrow morning. All this for but one dollar, plus tax. JJC If you spent $1,000, you could not get more beauty help than you get from a. $1 (plus tax) bottle of Lanolin Plus Liquid. Liquid Lmolin Pl«» Liquid Make-Up *1.00« Lanolin Plus Shampoo $1,00 Lanolin Plus If «n<i Lotion $1.0C» Lanolin Pin* I,iqtii<l drainer $1.00* lanolin Pin* Gleanninj! Cr««m 11.00* Lanolin Pl»* For tl.« lloir $1.00* Lanolin Pliw Hotly Lotion |1.50* •p/M* to* SEGREGATION (Continued from Page 1) fails by October to report steps toward integration could be ordered forthwith to admit Negroes to any of its schools. Several methods of enforcing the segregation ban were suggested yesterday by attorneys. Negro parents could go into lower federal courts and sue for damages from school officials who refuse to permit their children to enter white schools. The Supreme Court could hold such school officials in contempt. Or the officials might be subjected to criminal prosecution for denial of civil rights, under the Federal Civil Rights Act. McClellan Says Continue Probe WASHINGTON (/PI—sen. Mcciei- lan of Arkansas says the McCarthy hearings should be continued even if top administration officials are not permitted to appear before the Senate Investigation Subcommittee. The Arkansan, ranking Democrat on the subcommittee, commented on anew yesterday on President Eisenhower's directive that the administrative officials not talk about their discussions of the controversy. "I think we can get most of the information we are after." said McClellan. "I shall insist that the hearings continue until all of the principals have been heard in public." Rebirth of Italy's Air Force Seen FRANKFURT, Germany (£»).— A strong rebirth of the Italian air force was predicted today by Maj. Gen. Siro Possati, its deputy chief of staff. He said Italy's air force, "within the framework of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization," will be ready in the near future for any emergency. Recalling that Italy once was one of the leading nations in aviation, Fossati said, "the recovery of our air force is certain." The Italian air commander and seven members of his staff are touring American air force installations in Germany. The injunction will provide time for the city of Memphis to appeal Judge Trimble's recent decision that Crittenden County has the right to rip up the roadways. The county wants to salvage the steel in the roadways, which no longer are used. U.S. Foreign Aid Personnel Under Fire HANOI. Indochina UPl — Ton Americans employed in the American FOA program for northern Indochina are traveling about the Red River Delta despite the danger of Vietminh attacks, but. their missions are restricted to the "top essential." Officials of the Foreign Operations Administration, giving economic and technical aid to the Vietnamese, said their jeeps, station wagons and ambulances are "being fired at all the time" by the Communist-led rebels. Two jeeps were destroyed this week, one blown up by a Vietminh mine, the other by fire from Vietminh ambushers. Vietnamese personnel of the FAO are making most of the trips in the Vietmlnh-infested delta outside Hanoi, but Americans go when there is ah important job to do. A fortnight ago a Vietnamese station wagon driver was killed in ambush. Two nurses escaped capture when rescued by a French mobile unit north of Hanoi. No American FOA workers have been wounded or killed thus far. Two sectors Where the FOA has big irrigation projects—Sontay, 35 miles northwest of Hanoi, and Phumy, 30 miles southward—are being hit nightly by Vietminh mortars and machinegun fire. IKE (Continued from Page » President said he is studying just as hard as he can to find some way the United States can move ahead in some enlightened way without, as he put it, waiting for the rest. ATOMIC ENERGY CHAIRMAN — Eisenhowc r said he has the utmost faith in Lewis L. Strauss as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. He added that if he were certain he always would have a man like Strauss as chairman, he would be in favor of giving him plenty of authority. Firt on Ward It Small The city fire department was called to 131 East Ward this morning to put out a small fire caused by sparks from a chimney on the roof of a frame residence, according to Fire Chief Roy Head. The property owned by Mrs. Al Fowler received little damage, he said. MCCARTHY (Continued from Pag« 1-) poenas for the loyalty bc-ird members. McCarthy contended this testimony by Adams raised a question as to whether administration higher-ups took authority away from Secretary Stevens after the Jan. 21 meeting. Eisenhower \vfs nskt?d for comment on McCarthy's contention. He replied ho thought Stevens would take care of that question completely. Then Eisenhower was asked if administration higher-ups did take authority from Stevens at the Jan. 21 meeting. His reply: Nothing that was brought up at the meeting could intimate such a thing. Didn't Remember The President was asked also if he was aware the Jan. 21 conference was being held. He said he could not go into that—nnd, in fact, that he didn't exactly remember. Eisenhower's order forbade Army Counselor John G. Adams, who was on the witness stand at that time, from Riving details of a Jan. 21 meeting- at which the Army's problems with McCarthy's Senate investigations subcommittee were discussed. John Adams had said previously that Sherman Adams, top assistant to the President, advised him nt that meeting to draft a written record of he Army's difficulties with McCarthy over alleged requests for special treatment for Pvt. G. David Schine. The televised hearings were suspended shortly after the Eisenhower secrecy order was issued so that Senate investigators could try to get the President to withdraw, modify or at least clarify it. Wants Secrecy Lift* McCarthy contends he will be unable to present his case unless he can show what role White House officials may have played in the Army's bringing of "pressure" charges against him nnd aides Roy Cohn and, Francis P. Carr. Acting Chairman Mundt (R-SD) took on the assignment for the committee of determining whether the presidential order could be modified. He had a luncheon conference scheduled with Atty. Gen. Brownell to discuss the matter. Republican senators had come up with the idea that perhaps Brownell could issue a statement about the Jan. 21 conference. John Adams had testified that Brownell along with Sherman Adams and Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. were among those attending it. Eisenhower's assertion that Secretary Stevens would have a statement about the dlsassociation of the Army charges and that meeting seemed to dim the prospect of any Brownell statement. The President did not make clear whether he meant Stevens would issue a written statement or would make an oral statement to the subcommittee. Stevens has been a witness before the group and could go back to make such a statement. Eisenhower's stand that he would not rescind his order WAS not unexpected. HERE NOW! MVACO- Ventilated Awnings ANA SOifO TPf Easy to install yourself. Light, sturdy, graceful NAVACO awnings and doorhoods are made of finest aluminum, with tough, brfked-on enamel finish. Awnings have famous, original ventilated-rib feature. Allows circulation, yet protects against suo and rain! Navacos add beauty and comfort to any home! See them today! fCMTIUTEi cnwog* »zm SOlIt TOP OOORNOM t^flrf IllOw QOOM ir Austin-Wicker Paint-Glass-Wallpaper 106 E. Main Phone 3-8201 FROM THI SKYWAYS TO TNI HIOHWAYf! 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