The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 3, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1894
Page 5
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TK12 OTPISB DES ©<D @@ tfJUMfltiSG ©<D -ssr^v«^^^ FOR THE NEXT TWENTY DAYS. issrr-r^t^^^ pl^c'lnr OomTand take tHe goods away. The Great New England Store.- DK. DOWNING^ The well-known and successful specialist In Chronic and Nervous diseases a nan ™! e 2;?£!. °J the Bye and Ear, by request of many Mends and patients will visit ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th, AT THE THORINGTON, a** O /&J V^ R/E ONTH. cox- Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Pnnl Railway. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 7 departs at ;;;::;::: N Frelghts a that a car'r'y passengers- ... No. 03 departs at. n : 16nm No. 71 departs at o.iopm * TRAINS BAST. 10 . 13am No. 2 departs at 6 : 38pm No. 8 departs at °- do v IU Freights that carry passengers- .„„ m No. 76 departs at i-45pS No. 04 departs at • North- Mixed l :: f,5 a S! Pass 3:83 pm —..._, „»- L. i n «nn a. -m DR. DOWNING, Author of " Nervous Debility." Genorativ Exhaustion, Its Cause and Cure, etc. This skillful and reliable SPECIALIST, Chicago & Northwestern Railway. South- Pass 3:40pm Mixed • G : S2 P ™ Freight.... 10:00 am THE CITY CIRCUIT. Chronic and Nervous Diseases which he has effected that had baffled the skill W f other physicians and specialists. HE CURES WHEN OTHERS FAIL. Ti<apn<u>q of EYES and EARS, Granulated LWs Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened without pain or danger. Dtaoharg^ Bug^etf- i^Daa otp Diseases of NOSE ana IHIU-IAI, Itrffi' IKS' SSSBSM& »« """YOUNG AND MIDDLE-AGED MEN postage,^ Wat3[adlmH st>> cHWAUO, ILL O. L. Foss is just up from an attack of grip. Baptist covenant meeting Saturday at 2 o'clock. Reimer Uxen and Ettina Harrnga are licensed to wed. Jas. Patterson's advertisement appears in this issue. THE UPPER DES MOINES wishes all a happy New Year. Studley's drug store and Jas. Pa«er- son's grocery are in their new quarters. Miss Kate Smith will play at the Congregational church service Sunday evening. TheY D F. M. society will meet with Mrs. Bagnell Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Hanson, the Wesley man who abused a foundling asylum child was fined $25 and costs and the boy taken from him. Prof. Chaffee spent the holidays at home at Springville. He opened school yesterday afternoon with a good attendance. The Grange last week elected Geo. E. Blackford, worthy master;i G. M. Parsons, treasurer; and M. Del. Parsons, secretary. Hunters are planning to come from Webster City and Eagle Grove next Tuesday, while many are rumored from all the neighboring towns. The State Register says that Col. Sessions is urging Geo W. Eddy of Wesley for assistant doorkeeper ol tne house. He would make a good one. Rev. Gorrell of Chicago has been preaching for the Episcopalians the past two Sundays and arrangements are being made for permanent services. and addresses and a repast up to the Masonic standard entertained guests till a late hour. The Westenhaver brothers of Iowa City have bought the Simpkins stock at Bancroft. The price paid gives the creditors about 80 cents on the dollai and they release Mr. Simpkins from any further liability. Marshal Dailey has never yet found out certainly whether his darkey was the man wanted at Fort Missoula or not. The authorities there said he was, but the officer at Omaha refuses or fails to send up the $65. Miss Minnie Shadle has just been chosen as teacher of a .department in the Burt schools and will begin Monday. She has taught for two years in the Moses Godden district and given great satisfaction and her promotion is highly complimentary. Leon Bush and Miss Nellie Mullica were married Monday. The groom is a grandson of A. Bush of Cresco and the bride the sister of Mrs. Geo. Hackman. Both are most estimable young people and begin the new year with most enjoyable prospects. One of the resolutions adopted by the state teachers association last week was "That there be an effort made to secu're the establishment of two additional normal schools in Iowa. Algona should be alert as this movement may take on importance at this session. J. J. Ryan is back and says that no postmaster has been appointed at Fort 3odge and that the Register's report was incorrect. The Duncombe forces have withdrawn Will and substituted Charlie Duncombe. but the opposition will fight it out. It is war to the knife. The board of county fathers was to meet Monday, but C. C. Chubb met by himself and after due waiting adjourned till yesterday afternoon. Ho and B. F. Smith were then svyorn in and the board organized for the neV year by electing Mr. Chubb chairman. A NEW FIRM. NORTON & ROBINSON at moderate prlces. best attention to The ladies of the Algona Grange will give a social and oyster supper, at the residence of G. M. Parsons, next Friday afternoon and evening, Jan. 5th. hup- per 25 cents. Speaking of "Fabio Romani" at Dos Moines lalt week the Capitol says: One of the features of the enterta n mentwas the dancing of Miss Anita Tournours. Cards announce the marriage of Charlie Lockwood and Miss Emma K Wxora at Riverside, Gal. Then- home is at San Jacinto, where Charlie is keeping hotel. Miss Cornelia Neltnor's readings at the concert last evening were exceptionally tine, and the singing of the quartette was excellent. The receipts were about $100. Sheriff Samson,' after looking for a house several times finally moved into rooms in the old college building. He could not find a vacant house in town that was desirable. Capt Dodge has traded for the Dai- ton property on east McGregor .street S S. Sessions went to Des Moines Monday. J. W. Blythe came from Mason XJlly and went with him. Mr. Blythe is managing the Gear campaign and is very confident that he J«U wni; Gov. Gear is an able man and if an old man is to be chosen he deserves the honor. Mrs G R. Woodworth and sons left the following note, on their return to Chicago: "We wish, hereby, to ex press, in some measure, our heartfelt eratitude to our Algona friends, who by their warm friendship and ready sympathy have made the burden of our sorrow lighter." Our old school teacher Aiden Benedict will give »Fabio Romani" at the opera house Monday evening, Jan. lo. This is a very strong play and well nut on In the new opera house theio will be opportunity for the company to"show itself, which it did not have when here before. A committee of ladles will serve a lunch at 15 cents a plate in the reading room on Saturday of this week at noon. The lunch will consist of sandwiches, doughnuts and coffee. Farmers v sit- ing town as well as citizens of the place are Invited to call and encourage the ladies in their enterprise. Chas. Cohenour is over from Sioux City to make Algona his home. He will join Geo. E. Clarke in the law busing Charlie is one of the most prom- isino- young men in the state in his pio- fessFon and will have a good opening. Although he is a dyed-in-the-wool democrat, we welcome him back. 10 o'clock the Masons of Bancroft arrived expecting to be at the funeral, but through some misunderstanding missed the exercises. At the grave the Masonic ritual was road and Rev. mv idson gave a brief prayer. THE UPPER DES MOINES wishes to record one Now Year's swear off that bids fair to stick. Dr. Morse, F.ti Stough, and A. Rutherford, Jr., have agreed that the first one caught smoking shall pay the other two. $25 each We hope everybody will assist in giving due publicity to any quiet evasion of this agreement. The postofflce department has given it out that all postofflce appointees of the last administration will hold then four years. This means that S. Mayne will be postmaster at Bancroft pretty nearly all through Graver's term. And if the department should bo a little slow in getting a successor, the next republican president may name him. The marriage of R. W. Hanna of Lu Verne and Miss Minnie L. Grant of Rock ford will occur at the home of Rev. W F Barclay at Mason City next Wednesday. In the evening a reception will be tendered at their home in Lu Verne. Mr. Hauna is well known in Kossuth and his -many./"ends will congratulate him and his bride on their happy start in the new year. The social union club will meet Frl dav evening. The programme will con- sislof paplrs by P Prof. Chaflee and Miss Jessamine Jones on the question "Will good result from the world's congress of religions at Chicago?' Rev Bagnell will have a review of Wallace's "Prince of India," and piano solos by Misses Alice Spear and Cornie Ingham will add to the evening's entertainment. Letters are advertised for C. J. Appleman, Mary Byslton, Chas Calkins Harvey Eldridge, Lanra F i ton A n w "' Fox, Frank Frombach, C. M. Garrer, S Hanson, B. R. Heath, G. W. Howard Alnieisi Jones, C. Kollmanspergor, Gifford Knock, J. Lanenth, Laurits Lauritsen, S. B. Lamsbury, Robt Meyers, J. Mickbrow, Yenme Myrs, U) Carie Nelson, Clara Ringguist, Tom Shanahan, E. Young. maro all one summer and no one ever saw anything wrong with her. He adds that "over feed, fast eating, and a want of exercise in ray opinion is the cause of cribbing." The Aiden Benedict company was at Ames last Friday. The Times says that with Walter Lawrence in the title role, it "put up a show that was great from beginning to end. The play is one .of deep plot and heavy work from beginning to end. The stereoptican serpentine dance was for the first time introduced at the Ames opera house and was simply grand as was also the work of the Spanish dancing girl. Walter Lawrence is a peerless actor, a man ot fine physique and great voice. He is supported by a strong company. Whittemore had a lively little time last week. Harv. Dailey had the contract to carry mail north through Fenton and going off for a visit deputized L F. Miller to act for him. He also left his livery outfit, including the mail route, in Mayor Boyle's hands to dispose of. The outfit was bought by the Munch boys and they went to get the mail. But Postmaster Dorweiler would not deliver it except to the regularly deputized carrier, and Miller got the pouches. The Champion intimates that the legal status of the alhtir will be tested. It don't pay to leave Iowa. A Kossuth young lady was engaged to marry a Kossuth young man. The latter got the Oregon fever and went west. L;at- er on the young lady went over to visit him. She didn't like the looks of the country, or of the sky, or of the timber, and seeing the young man amidst such unfavorable surroundings she decided that he looked differently to her and found that she didn't like him. Judging from the number of old bachelors hereabouts, we are not certain that even Iowa is suited to bring out all sorts of attractions. But it is evident that a man can frame himself mamucii worse setting by leaving. The following item is going the rounds, referring to Capt. Jeansons] Eagle Lake home: "It will interest some of our readers to know that about eio'ht miles from Armstrong, out in the country, away from all the so-called modern conveniences, lives a man, a Norwegian at that, who ten or fifteen vears ago, when there was no railroad, within twenty miles built a house cost- incr over forty thousand dollars, heated by steam, lighted by gas, hot and cold water all over the house, five servants, a It may oe aaaeo. MHIU umo "««" "— --.make this money by farming Iowa soil. It was not satisfactorily explained to your correspondent why he located on an Iowa prairie instead of in a city. In fact it is nobody's business but his own." Barring a few dozen inaccuracies this is a valuable piece of news. LEGHOKN roosters sale. Mrs. John L. Morton, Irvington.—41t2 THE new store is the place to buy goods cheap. James Patterson.-41W "CLUB HOUSE" maple svrup, sold by Langdon & Hudson.—40t2 THE best dried peach for a shilling in town at the Opera House Grocery. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. always keep a big stock of shoes of all kinds at the lowest prices. BUY canned goods at the Opera House Grocery. RYE, buckwheat, graham, corn meal, and wheat Hour at the Opera House Grocery. . FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. CALL on F. S. Stough for your arctics. CALL and see my horse blankets bo- fore buying. F. S. Stough. The Britt Tribune gives Wesley a good send off: Wesley is seriously Considering the advisibility of putting in a syltenf of water works in the spring. As a tax payer and property owner n the town we slncerly hope to see the plant put in. Wesley has the proper enterprise and has accomplished me in the way of building and general improvement during the last year than any town we know of, twice the size. The Whittemoro Champion reports the marriage of Will King and Miss MarUmYoager, which occurred at her home north of that place last Wednes- and says: Only the near relatives New Store! New Store Boarding and Feeding Horses, by the day or week, at their barn, One block north ofpostofflce, ALQONA, IOWA. and'a very desirable property. The Algona Deposit and Loan elation met Monday, and the report showed over $100,000 of stock taken. This is better than the Dubuque company showed at the end of two years. Rufus Walston has bought a store at Havelock, a town on the Northwestern road, west of Eagle Grove, and will be a merchant hereafter. He and Mrs. Walston visited at E. G. Bowyer's last i_ J will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products for less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. Every sack warranted and * delivered. 4. J W W Walton of Chicago and Stella Miller of Eden Valley, Minn., were married at the Methodist WWnage Monday by Rev. Bagnell. They are well known at Wesley where they lived formerly. It is worthy of note that Rev. Bagnell and his family spent New YeaPs afternoon playing croquet »»d luidno wrans on. We extend this, vwn compliments, to our California and coast friends. The 1 Masonic banquet and public i» n on St, John's eve was a, very social affair. Excellent opine A L, Seeley says he has seen more wolves this fall than ever before in the timber and everybody reports the same. Daniel Rice set his dog on one last week and the wolf, instead of running, Took after the dog. Mr. Gardner and many others in the field of the hunt have lost sheep, pigs, and turkeys. The county agricultural society meeting will be held Saturday afternoon, at lSoTook.Jan.13, at the court house This is the regular meeting for the election of officers for the coming year and for the financial report. Every farmer in the county should attend. Remember the day, a week from next Saturday. E P McElrov's historical lectures will begin a wee'k from tomorrow even- ins at the parlor of the Congregational church, ^opening one wUlbeintro- duetorv A large number of tickets should y be8old for this series. Those who cannot go themselves can give Them to students and others who would profit by them. The remains of Geo. R. Woodworth were brought to A!gona for bunal accompanied by Mrs. Wood worth, R. N. Woodworth and family, and Rome and George. They arrived on the « 1S George, J.IMW »*»»* vw w r *" T rLr, train Thursday morning and were taken directly to the cemetery. The Mal»«»'W., A eaoopted the hearse aud » f teams followed. At ive homes." Wo wish them all the joys possible in this life. A sensational lot of rumors got into the Chicago papers about Mr. Woodworth's death, all unauthorized by Mr Woodwork's friends, and all duo to the fact that telegrams to Col. Spencer were delayed 30 hours and so no replies were received from him, and a man was sent from Chicago to learn why. There is nothing to the reports of merit. M. Woodwork's estate is estimated to bu worth about $50,000, there being 1,400 acres of land in this county. Ledyard is in the midst of agroat upheaval today. Last week Andy Dunlap and F. A. Kenyon had Marsh Stevens arrested on the charges of larceny and embezzlement, and Marsh retaliated by having Dunlap and Kenyon arrested on\the charge of conspiracy and Kenyon on the further charge of forgery. Squire Raymond went up thifa morning to investigate both cases. The Trouble has grown out of business transactions and the court will be requested to investigate. As Miss Edith Wheelock was driving by the Kuhn farm north of the mill last week a pig ran out and spared her horse, whicfc Shied off the high grade there. Miss Wheelock was thrown on her head and was unconscious for near- lv half an hour, and the buggy was lashed At first eerier injuries were feared, but she is now rapidly recpver- tng She is the one who was injured not long ago by falling at West Bend into an open hole where the sidewalk had been taken up. A Wesley man tells our readers how to cure cribbing horses, long enough to get rid of them we judge; "Take a te»iW«5K%?8 SK'ass^&stv^^ JJSff iw«k«atJ»ten«»»»^7 «» James Patterson, ___ STTflfiTSSSOB TO BAILEY BEOS. I am now ready for business, and invite all patrons of Bailey Bros, and all my friends and former patrons in fact everybody to call on me at my new store in Cowles block, where you will find a complete stock of first-class groceries, at prices to meet all competition. Goods delivered promptly to all parts of the city. JAMES PATTERSON/. Cowles'block, State .t., Algona, The Granp^Store. ANNUAL Commencing January 1st, is now in progress, i« To dear Surplus Stocfc Very low prices are made on all Wool* ens, Flannels, Hosiery, Yaws and Knit Goods,

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