The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 3, 1894 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1894
Page 2
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TM1 UPPER DBS MOINES ALGONA IOWA WEDNESDAY JANtlAKtf 3, 1894 Farmers' Sons Wanted.—Two or three energetic young men for steady '•ffork during t,h«s winter, who have Worked on u farm. Write for particulars. S. D. Knapp, Box 07, Omaha, Neb. Patrick Eugene Prendergast, who killpd the late Mayor Harrison, oi Chicago, and who entered a plea of insanity at his trial, will hang, if the finding of the jury stands. The case Was given to the jury on the afternoon of the 20th, and after being out an hour a verdict was returned, finding the prisoner guilty of murder in the first degree, and recommending tha' he be hanged. .Pugilists Corbett and Mitchell ba< themselves arrested at Jacksonville, Ma. They desire to test the law au< to prevent action at a later date. Mra Mary Lease has been removed from the Kansas state board of charities by Gov. Lewelling. Mrs. Lease objected to tho appointment of a democrat in one of the state institutions and said ho would have to be removed or she would havetogo. Thegovernor promptly wrote an order removing her from offlee. It haa created a big sensation in the populist party aud Mrs. Lease says she will see to it that tho leaders are shown up before the people. She says her removal was made because she opposed fusion with the democrats. A dispatch from Hanoverisays: Count .William Bismarck, the second son o' Prince Bismarck and governor o! Hanover, received a letter threatening to blow up his house. The house is now guarded by detectives. Brazilian advices are to the fact that yellow fever has broken out in liio, and that this horror, together with that of war has compelled the closing of utores and the stagnation of busi ness. John P. Hopkins was inaugurated as mayor of Chicago on the 27th. The Portuguese minister to Brazil having- been recalled by his govern ment, attempted to Jepart, but was forcibly detained by Piexotto. Portugal is excited over tho affair. The fighting in Brazil continues, with both sides claiming that the other is all but whipped. Tue insurgents declare that with no outside interference the government will have to surrender «oon. Tue government, however, declares that the United S ates is massing her naval forces at Itio for the purpose of enforcing the Monroe doctrine, and that if this is done the rebellion will at once collapse. The United States forces in Rio bay have already become strong, and on the 30th the cruiser New York was dispatched for that port. The iJiantonomab will soon follow, it is believed, and then a crisis is anticipated. The Santa Fe railway is in trouble, having been unable to negotiate a sale of bonds, and as the finances of the road are in a bad mess, a receiver has been appointed. Oov. Pennoyer, of Oregon, on Christinas day addressed a letter to President Cleveland, begging him to alleviate the existing distress by standing by the democratic platform, which declared for the use of gold and silver as standard money without discrimination. Mack Segars, colored, Was lynched near Bramley, Ala. George W. Savage, United States consul at Dundee, Scotland, is dead. Col. W. W. Reed, a prominent lawyer, committed suicide in Atlanta, Ga. John McDecs committed suicide at Racine, Wis.. by jumping in front of a passenger train. Grape culture was discussed at the meeting of the Michigan State Horticultural society at Lawton, Mich. The city council at Peoria, 111., appropriated SSO.OOO toward securing the permanent location of the state fair. Gov. Uussell of Massachusetts has declined a public demonstration at Louisville Ivy., tendered through Henry VVaterson. Harriet Oayden, colored, has bequeathed a 85,000 estate to Harvard college to found a scholarship for poor colored students. George Davia was killed by the city marshal at Sorento, 111., during alight among miners. The marshal was trying to stop the disturbance. Amaek Lambert shot and killed himself at Cincinnati, Ohio. He was 22 years old. His parents live in New York. No reason is known for the act. The annual .inciting of the State JAmstry association was held at Denver Colo. A resolution was passed calling for the passage of the MaoHae l.ill before congress for the preserva tion of forests. The school directors of Owen Center, ilL, are investigating charges against John Barclay, teacher of the district school, that he uses a wagon wheels spoke tyith a nail in the end of it as 'a rod of correction. He denies the Charge. 'William Colelesier was arrested at Louisville, Jll., charged with stealing bogs from liowland Synder at Bueua Vibta, Twp white men were shot by negroes at Wild wood, Fla,, in an incipient riot. Their naiue=> could not be ascertained. OllJcer H. N. Bryant was stabbed by a negro whom he was trying to. arrest at Jac-k'oavUle, Fl». Bryant is not e*pei ti'd to Jive. ,:p.\e.;h philips, aged 00, a wealthy ftrmci.0va.-j kijled at a Cleveland & * *' tt l roa< i crossing near brcu- Mtt. CEt-EfettAtES HIB BIRTHDAY. London Tlmon flilnkft Bo Is Too Old to Ito i»r«tnl*f—BrltUh Ship Sunk Off Gibraltar—No Jfewji of tVJlsoa o Hid Fore*. LONDON, Dec. 30.—Mr. Gladstone i 84 years old to-day and the Times dc votes an editorial column toabirthdai article, which is a curious mixture o blame and praise. After eong'ratuhiting the premier upon the full possession o his powers, which lias been proved bj his marvelous energy since his las accession to office, the Time: asks whether it is for th< public interest that a man pas 84 shotlld remain premier, am then answers the question by citiiif, Gladstone's opinion of twenty year. 1 ago that nobody ought to be premier after his 00th year. "Gladstone's experience is that of Nestor," continues Mil. AND MItB. CILAlWTONH. the leader, "but Nestor did not try to play the part of Agamemnon or Achilles. The position of an independent adviser whose knowledge and criticism would bo always at the nation's service would befit Mr. Gladstone better." No News From Wllnon. LONDON, Dec. 30.—There scorns to be little hope of the safety of the two British detachments, commanded respectively by Capt. Wilson and Capt. Harrow, who are reported to have boon massacred by the Matabeles. The fact that when Major Forties left the Shan- gaui district the Wilson dutiichmcnt was in n critical position causes the general belief that «ither the Wib-.on or Harrow detachment has met with disaster. liUmarclc Again Taken to I!IB liuil. LONDON, Dec. HO.—-A Hamburg correspondent says Prince Bismarck has been con lined to his bed by a cold siuco Dec. 20. He caught, the cold Christmas, when ho exposed himself to the moist air of the park, despite; his phpsician's warnings. Jlo is said now to bo making fair progress towards recovery. Dr. Schwcninger is satislied he will be quite well in a few days. JirltlxU .Ship Sunk. ii, Dec. SO. —The British steamer Coruhill collided yesterday oft! this port with the British steamer Douglass Hill. The Coruhill sunk. Her crew was saved by the crew of the surviving vessel. The Cornhill went down slowly,so that the captain of the Douglass Hill had no dilllculty in lowering boats and rescuing the officers and crew. ANNA WAGNER FREED. Indianapolis Jury Dcuides That She In Not CJuillv of lUurdur. INDIANAPOUS, Dec. ilO.—After being out for twelve hours the jury in the Anna Wagner murder case brought in verdict of not guilty yesterday. The courtroom was crowded, and the announcement of the verdict was received with ehoer after cheer. During i scene of tho wildest confusion the irisouer fainted away. Through the .rial Anna Wtigner has manifested the most stoical indifference and it was lot until the verdict of the jury that icr feelings obtained mastery over icr. The verdict was expected, as the evidence for the state was of tho most ncomplete character and completely •cbuttcd bv the defense. No Clew to WiiUerHCMi's Murderer. iNlHANAi'ous, Ind., Dec. 30.—There s a growing impression here that the iturderer of Merchant Policeman Waterson is far from Indianapolis, and ,hat he will never be known unless he so badly wounded that he will die and thus possibly confess. A telegram 'rom llraenwood said that there was nothing in the rumor that a man with wo shot wounds in his body was under arrest there upon suspicion. A letter received from Martiu.sville stated that man had called there Sunday, hud vounds dressed, and asked that noth- ujj be said about it to the Indianapolis .uthoriticq. This developed the fact hat the man was injured in a Haugh- ille suloon row Saturday niirht. Coufclin Wishes to Be Senator. FORT DODGE, Iowa, Dee. 37.—L. S. Jonklin of this city has been added to he list of candidates who wish to succeed Mr. Wilson in the United States enate. • lie will go into the race with a good following in the Tenth district, le alsp expects support from other quarters. THF/ NAf ION At tREASURY. K. Y., Dec. 28.—Judge Gullen has given his decision iii the MoKane election case. He grants Me;• «f Statement Showing tlic fci&Sslrieil and beiiiftnri liabilities WASHINGTON, Dee. 30.—The statement of the United States treasury showing the classified assets of the treasury and demand liabilities yesterday is as follows: ASSETS. Gold coin and bullion >... .$159,149,910 Silver dollars and bullion 385,165,119 Silver dollars and bullion, act July 14, 1890 153,171,040 Fractional silver and minor coin 12,378,847 United States notes 42,I540,S4S United States treasury notes... G!)0,B2C Gold certificates 299,270 Silver certificates 4,978,030 National bank notes J2,739,923 Deposits with national dopos Itories: General account 11,802,3(53 Disbursing ofllcors' balances 3,G41,lil7 Total $730,008,415 Oold certi ficntea $ 77,769,369 Silver certificates S3+,550,fi04 United Sidles Treasury notes... 153,169,23 i Currency certificates 33,465,000 Disbursing ofllcers' balances, Bfi'oncy accounts, etc 43,004,072 ALLEGED SWINDLERS CAUGHT. They Arc Siilel to IInvo «ot $5O,OOO Worth of GoodH Through .Trickery. BKI.I.AITIK, Ohio, Dec. I! 1 ). — Detective Bates of Lansing, Mich., attached two boxes of goods valued at ,9.1,000 consigned to Jiicob Jacobs, Beilaire. Over $Ji5,000 worth of carpets, clothing, dry goods u,nd notions Jiave been rccov- crcd, and a g.-uig of alleged swindlers arrested. Morris Kosenlhal of Htcubanvillo, Ohio, his wife at Cumberland, Md., and Jive others are said to hace worked the scheme. Uoscnthal, it appears, would purchase goods in Detroit and Grand llupids, Mich.,, giving sworn statements to his financial standing. After getting the goods, it is alleged, he would disfigure the addresses on the box lids, ship them to all parts of the United States and sell them at auction. It is said the gang has been working for over a year and sold over $.'10,000 worth of goods obtained in this way. Colorado Farmerit' Alliance. DKNVICK, Colo., Dec. :»).— The state council of the Farmers' Alliance and Industrial union in session adopted a resolution praying congress to immediately issue legal tender notes to the amount o£ $200,000,000 to be as rapidly expended as can be economically done in the construction of reservoirs for the storage of water along and near the crest of the east and west slopes of the Rocky mountains for the general use of the streams and irrigating canals to be supplied with water from these sources, for the completion of the Ilcnnepin canal, deep water harbors, coast fortifications and other internal improvements. Oov. Wait's call for an extra session was indorsed. Mound Vnllity nturdorora Under Arrest. JACKSOX, Miss., Dec. 30.—The murderers of Ingram at Pine Bluff, and the murderers ol C. A. Chapman, an express messenger, at Mound Valley, are confined in the penitentiary here under sentence .of live years each as common burglars. Sheriff A. 0. Thompson and Deputy Sheriff W. A. Jlay of Jefferson county, Ark., are hero after the men. The requisition will be. received to-night, and as (lov. Stone has agreed to surrender the prisoners, they will leave with them to-morrow for Arkansas. Changes In tho I,nhigh Valley. BUKK.M.O, N. Y., Dec. .'!().— Previous ;o his departure from the city General Manager Voorhces of the Lehigh Valey railroad appointed Capt. James lenry manager of the Lchigh Valley Transportation company's lake lines, vice John Gordon, resigned. General Superintendent Fennell of the north- rn division of the Lehigh Valley road ins offered his resignation to take ef- 'eot Jan. 1. No Truth in the IJIg T.pgucy Story. SAN FKANCISCO, Cat., Dec. 30.—The story from West Superior, Wis., that .'utricle Fit/.gerald and his live brothers -esiding there had fallen heirs to an estate valued at over 81,000,000 left ,hem by their aunt, Mrs. Wallace of Vlendocino county, Gal., is said to be also. Residents of Meudocino county iavo never heard of a wealthy woman named Wallace living there. lioy Wrecks an ICxproHS Train. PiTTSHUiin, Pa., Doc. ISO.—The Bulti- noro & Ohio limited express was vreeked at Willow Grove station on lie Pittsburg & Western railroad yes- orday. No one was injured. Andrew vnox, 15 years old, was arrested for causing the wreck. The boy started seven sidetracked cars toward the nain track. They collided with the express. urlson TottilluH In the Cou(;hlln CUHO. CHICAGO, Dec. SO.—Jonas Carlson, wner of the noted Carlson cottage, vas the first witness called in the joughliu case yesterday. The state xpected to show the connection of the Carlson cottage with the conspiracy, ilartin Burke rented the cottage in March, but did not occupy it. The furniture was moved in. but no sign of habitation was seen around the place till the evening of May 4, when, for the first time, lights were seen in the cottage. Carlson's testimony was the same as that given four years ago, though his memory was very defective. To Abrugato liuilroud Leases. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Dec. L'S.—The most significant suit involving railroad corporations that has been filed in this city for many years will ba entered in Common Pleas court to-day. The suit seeks to abrogate the lease of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Indianapolis railroad to the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton, also the lease oj? the ladianapolis, Springfield and Decatur to the two above named companies. The allegations wade in the H are predicated os facts, according the stojenie^ts DISCUSS NORMAL SCHOOL*. Illlnol* T«(icli*r* Continue th<i Corrtrttlttt* on the 8hbj«ct—Officer* Nominated. SPRINGiftKT.h, 111., Dec. 30.—At yesterday's session of the Illinois State Teachers' association papers were read by Col. Francis W. Parker of Chicago, on "Education of Teachers in the Work," and by President John W. Cook of Normal, on "Professional Education of Teachers." It was finally decided that a committee appointed at the last annual meeting of the association to present the subject to the legislature should be continued, with Prof. William Jenkins of Mcudota added thereto. The cormnittce on nominations reported the following list of officers for the ensuing year, and the report will be adopted at the evening session: President, T. C. Glendenin, Cairo; first vice-president, J. W. Hays, Ilrbaua; second vice-president, Anna I. Davis, Davis. Austin; third vice-president, Thomas P. Dooling, Kdwardsville; secretary, Joel M. HowlUy, Metropolis; recording secretary, Homer Bevans, Chicago; treasurer, C. 0. Scuddcr, Chicago; member of executive committee, Miss Lida McMurry, aS'ormal. CASS COUNTY BANK FAILS. It Has to Close lincaimo Monoy Cnn Not Jlo Kalsod. O ATLANTIC, Iowa, Dec. 3o.—The Cass County bank, the leading institution of this county, closed its doors yesterday and is in tho hands of Theodore C>. Strinkc as receiver. The liabilities are S:;73,000 and the assets, may reach 30 per cent. Tho bank is now a private institution, having recently surrendered its charter as a state bank, but regarding this transaction there is a question of its legality which is liable to cause trouble. Twelve'thousand dollars in drafts is outstanding. Several firms may be embarrassed by the failure, but many claim that depositors will be paid in full. The failure was caused by large loans on real estate which could not be realized on and steady withdrawals. Less than $$300 in cash was on hand when the., doors were closed. RUNNING FIGHT WITH ROBBERS Explosion Gives tho Alarm nt Jlontfort, Wis—Ono Captured. LANCASTKU, Wis., Dec. 30.-—At 4 o'clock yesterday morning burglars attempted to blow open the vault of the Eastman bankatMontfort. The doors refused to yield and the explosion awakened a boarder in a hotel near by, who quietly gave the alarm. An armed posse attacked the robbers and chased them a mile beyond town. A fusillade was kept up by both pursuers and pursued. One of the robbers was wounded and captured. The others, it is thought, will be caught before nicrht. Sovereign Conduiuns Carlisle's Scheme Pjiii,At>El.i'iiiA, Pa., Dec. 30.—General Master Workman Sovereign will issue an address to the Knights of Labor condemning Secretary Carlisle's, scheme to issue $200,000,000' worth of bonds. The address is a lengthy oni' and, judging from its tone, Mr. Sovereign is greatly stirred up over Score- tarr Carlisle's idea. O.. \. R. Couimiindor Adams I,ald Up. LYNN, Mass., Dec. 30.—Commander- in-Chief J. 0. B. Adams of tho G. A. R. is again confined to his homo here, tho wound in his leg 1 being painful. The wound is entirely healed upon the outside, but there is a cavity beneath and tho limb will not be strong until this fills up. which requires some time. No serious results, however, are feared. Senator Voorhees for President. FOHT WAYNE, Ind., Dec. 30.—The Allen County Democratic Soldiers' club, with a membership of 255, at its meeting last evening' passed resolutions declaring Senator Daniel W- Voorhees to be their candidate for tho Presidency in 1800. Chicago Itoard of Trade. CHICAGO, Dec. 28.—From the extreme low point Wtdneiday at Ol)£c the market opened nbout steady. The early selling •was at 04%i- aud off to 04>£o on May wheat, another break iu the record. Twice in two hours the price rebounded to 64%c and before midday touched 8f%(g>8ric, holding later at 04%c bid. The early weal, ness wad the result oil further liquidation by local scalpers and by outsiders with exhausted margins. At 04>£u the buying was good. The Price Current indicated a perfect condition of the growing crop. The feeling in the trade, outside of the news of the session, was of the "sick" order. Wheat tor May has not as many friends nmler (J5c aa it had around 7()c. The fealing was considerably improved later, the price during the last hour improved from B4Jic to OS^'c, closing OoJ^o. There \vaa heaviness in corn early in sympathy with wheat. The May price wna at SSfija'j.'sc and dropped to S'l'^o, the low point of the week. The cables wera weak. The Price Cuneut said off'rings of corn at country points likely to be reduced. Tnere was buying against privileges under BtJc. Then Phillips became a heavy buyer and the trade followed. The price rallied from STJisC to i!S%o. January was at Sic and up to 31)£c. The December gained a premium of Jic, going to !M%c. Provisions wore again supported by the buying by packers. The supply of hogs will not make the stuff already sold. The packers were slow i uv- era of hogs to force lower prices, with the puckers buying there was a quiet, Urm market. Pork was up but 5o at the close at $W.45 January and f!3.(5) Aluy. Lard was scarcely changed at 7.8i and $7.1123^ same months. Ritis were firm at yesterday's advHiico at*li.5i)rt?t5..)5. The river steamer Jo>in Graves, heavily laden with sugar and other merchandise, sunk twenty-live miles south of Camden, Ark. The cargo is well insured. .1 Four prisoners awaiting trial on the charge of robbing the Wisconsin Central depot at Park Falls escaped from the Price county, Wis., jail, They have not been recaptured. Joseph and H.eury Mauley and George Cronk died at Plattsburg, N. Y., from privations they experienced in trying to walk on the ice i'roin Saran,ae Lake to Tupper Lake. otm WIT -ASB SOME FUNNY PARAGRAPH AND SHARP POINTS. by the Hnmorotisly Ulapose Gentlemen at tho 1'ress—Tho Bin and the Green—Accident In Dark town—Selected Sarcasm. A Possible Reason. "I guess 7 know why cannibals 5 brown," said Johnny. "Why?" "Because they don't wear clothes an' nature wants 'cm to look as if thej had sumpin' on anyhow." A Farowelt I.nncli. Skyhigh (in restaurant)—What's tha you're eating, Algy—mushrooms? Algy—Yes. Mabel has refused me All is over. It's the latest way. Acrumodations For All. Hix—Did you stop in a hotel at tht World's Fair? Ricketts—• Yes. It was called the all- round Christian and secular house Everybody stopped there.—Judge. Fresli From t.lie Yacht-Hace*. She was standing before the glass trying on a new gown. "See here,' she said to the attending artiste, pulling out tho rnarvolously full, sleeves "I want these club-topsails clewed down some." Then, giving the skirt a fore-and-aft kick, she added, "and you can ptit a reef or two in this sp'nnakcr.' "I see," assented tho dressmaker; "you want to wear it when you're running close-hauled to the wind." "That's it," she responded enthusiastically, "and it makes it easier to gybe." Patience on Both Sides. Miss Simpkins—What are yon writing mostly? Young author—Oh, telling my creditors to wait a little longer. The Toll Sulllcloncy. "I want more- preserves," our Willie boy cried. "You've had quite enough," his mother replied. "I don't want enough" (with a scowl on his brow). "I want too much, and I want it just now." —Judge. Not That Blue. Miss Hanks—Who is that man with the empty sleeve you just spoke to? Cleminent—Captain Ketchmn. ITc lost an arm winning a victory for the blue. Miss Hanks—Introduce me; I have a brother at Yale.—Puck. A Vast Difference. "So you didn't marry Jack after all?" "No, my dear. You see, there is a vast difference between an engagement and a cinch." Flattery. No lake's cool depth more quiet lies, Nor mirrors clear r, thin your eyes, Dear Mistress Ivate. Sim-e once I've been reflec'ed there, 'Tis now my only wish to share us.' fate. A SuHlolent Ke»son. He—Do you love me, darling? She—Yes. pet. He—Why do you love me, my own? She—Because I can't tell why. Fall Styles. Ellen—How do you like this currency famine? M.iuJ—Splendid! It set thu fashion of carrying your money in your stocking, and I was so afraid of purse- siiu tchers. . ' Marked Sold. ' A | '.'Whore did you get that beautiral 4 docic?" I "I bought it from a Chicago exluoit rf at the World's Fair, but I'm not pleased '^ with it." "What's the matter with it?" "It was advertised as striking ever quarter of an hour." "Doesn't it?" "Yes, but you have to wind it n every fifteen minutes."—Truth. An Accident. 'Mandy—Oh, mammy, come quickl 'Tisher done cotched her toe in her kinks an' 'cain't git it out.—Judge. All Kilt. "Dear Mabel, do you love me?" "O-h, George!" "Don't you, Mabel? Just a little tiny bit?" « "W-e-11, y-e-s, George." "And, if I married you, would you? father give us a separate establishment?" "Yes, George."; "And take me into partnership?" "Yes, George?" "And woiild your mother keep ajvay from us, except when I invited her?" "the would, George." '*•"And your brothers and sisters,too?" "Why, certainly, George." "And of coursa the old gent would settle my debts?" "Of course. George." "Darling, will you marry mo?" '•No, George!"—Truth. TCoward. When a man bai done his best, And stops to take a .rest, And to listen while the world may have its say, It is dollars big to dimes That he'll hear a thousand times How much better would have been another \vav. A Japnneso Puzzln. Fred—Did you say you were very modest? Blanche—Oh no! I'm too modest to say that. A Good Tiling to Know. Prof. Totten—The world is comingi ,o an end. Keeper—Which end? Far From It. ~" "~"~ "Is Foaknum loose with his money?" "No; he's generally tight when ha lias any." Know the Prevailing linage. Teacher — When should the hyphen >e used? Little Johnny Uptosnuff— When you pound your finger with a hammer. Not H Froe DUp. Temperance Worker— Would you sell iquor to an habitual drunkard? Saloon-keeper — Off course. You links I gif it to him? A Quietus. Crummcr—Have you heard about he mea.n trick that Yokes' wife played, anh'm? Gillilnnd—No. Drummer—She took a dozen cigars ut of his own box, presented them liin, and after he had condemned hem to his henrt's content, told him, vhere she got them. In Advance. "Which of your stories do you con-< icier the best, Air. Writom?" The ones other men publish before 'vo a chance to think them out, Misa jovely." •firHIiimitit; tuul Criticism, Poet—1 put all my best thoughts into that sonnet Layman—Indeed you did. Poet—1 thought you hadn't read it. Layman—1 haven't— oaly heard you talk. Ho Bought It Cheap. Uncle (who is very cloioj—Freddy, here's a nice knife 1 bought foryou today. Freddy—Thank you. Who is selling out? A Mistuko. Male Passenger (standing iu street car)—Madam, yon are standing ou my foot. Female Passenger (sweetly)—Beg pardon, sir. 1 thought it belonged ta the man setting doivn. Ills Choice. Tramp—Can 1 get a drink here? Farmer—Yes; there's the old oaken bucket in the well. Tramp—Ye hain't got an old oakin cask in the cellar, hev ye? A Fair Decision. Lady of the House—I'm out of pa- iienca— Tramp—'N' I'm out 'o wittles. Less club together ,11' whack up even. Very I-iiko. Jack—Did it ever str'ki you that a marriage was very sim.lar to a house on fire? "No. Why?" Ji o c—Well, they both from u spark, and the result is abjut as dangerous iu both, csi Taken Off. Smithcrs—I hear that Charlie Dogin is a great mimic. They say Tie can ake off anything. Randolph—That explains it! I ouldn t imagine whore my umbrella 1 had gone. A "Coup Doulite," Alaisie—Mrs. Homeleigh, have yon. got another f .ice? Mrs. Homeleigh—No, my dear. What makes yon ask? Maisie—Well, I hoard mamma sayi yo\i were two-fnced; but I thought if yon had an-rtlnr face you wouldn't wear the one you do. Outshone. 1 \N. Isadora—Led me loog at 'elB, Re- pecca— dey vas so peautiful shinin' undt prighed. Rebacca (coyly)— You dinks mine eyes v;is so pe uitiful, Ice idore? Isadora— [ me ins d.;u timond earrings 1 gif you for your pirtliday, Ite- pecca. — Puck. Too Karly. "Been fishing?" "Catc-h anything?" "Yes. ' "What?" "I dou t know vet, I'll ta ask,

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