The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1893
Page 5
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£ '^ tPPBSR DE8 MOINESJ ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1893, YETERAffS VERDICT. i/ftr is Over. A Well-known Sol- j«j Correspondent and Journalist Makes a Disclosure. ,iia contributed her thousands of brn vo I io tho war, and no state bon r* K. 1 H >rd in that respect than it, does, lu Ire It is rapidly ncqulrinu- i:n 16 jjlaco. In war and litern 111:0 ion Yowell, well known ns n wrii'.T ds -has won nn honorable position. I i,i'- T'lato war he wusamenilicrpfCo. M, .VOavalry and of tho 13th Indium 1 . In- Sjyoluntcers. Regarding nn Important stanco ho writes as follows: 'eral of us old veterans liuro nre n- !i» lies' Kestoratlvo Nervine, HUUIM (.'• : ; rervo and Liver Pills, all of them (.-.!•, jij Id satisfaction. In fact, wo lin.vr novcv Sznedles that compare with then;. Of ils we must say they are the UU.M. (din- in of the qualities required in a pivp i*0f their nature wo have over U.. i- .., 'e none out words of praise foe :t;<•»< i remedies are sold by all druitglsis <m Ittlve guarantee, or sent direct by tlio Vfiles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.. on re- 6'Of price, $1 per bottle, six bottles $S, e.>:- brepald. They positively contain ueltbet 'I nor danserous druKS, I'BOLD SY DRUGGISTS. DOWNING, ell-known and successful specialist In [1C and Nervous diseases and diseases of " i and Ear, by request of many friends iients will visit EDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th, THE THORINGTON, DAY ONLY, EVERY MONTH. CONSULTATION FREE. DR. DOWNING, of "Nervous Debility," Generative Exhaustion, Its Cause and Cure, etc. Si,'This skillful and reliable SPECIALIST, Iwell and favorably linown throughout the Inorthwest for the many wonderful cures of Chronic and Nervous Diseases ,,hioh he has effected that had baffled the skill |of other physicians and specialists. HE CURES WHEN OTHERS FAIL. , 5 Diseases of EYES and EARS, Granulated folds, Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened with- lifout pain or danger, Discharging Ears, Deaf- ilness, etc. Diseases of NOSE and THROAT, SiOatarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc., diseases of ffflStomach and Liver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, %fHeartburn, Biliousness, Jaundice, etc., KID' ' NEY and BLADDER troubles, Blood and Skin diseases, Scrofula, Pimples, Ulotches, Eczema, Ulcers, etc., Nervous Diseases. Head„ • ache, Hysteria, Insomnia, lack of vitality, lan- IJ.guor, Nervousness, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, SU etc., Diseases of Women, Deformities. Stir- glcal operations of nil kinds successfully performed. YOUNC AND MIDDLE-AGED MEN Suffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or JB< Physical Debility, Seminal Weakness, Lost K- Vigor, Decline of Manly Powers, Drains, Dis charges or Losses Varicocele, and all the train of evils resulting from excesses, errors of youth, etc., producing some of the following effects, as Nervousness, Emissions, Blotches or Pimples, Debility, Dizziness, Defective Memory, Absence of Will Power, Confusion of Ideas, Aversion to Society, Sexual Exhaustion, Pain in the Back, etc., blighting the most radiant hopes, rendering marriage unhappy and business a failure, sweeping thousands to an untimely grave. No matter who has failed ' consult the Doctor. He has cured thousands Who have given up In despair. A perfect restoration. Consultations sacredly confidential. Delays are dangerous. MARRIAGE. — Those contemplating marriage who are aware of physical defects or •Weakness which would render marriage a disappointment will do well to call on us. TfREE examination of, the urine, chemical and microscopical In air cases of kidney dis t ease, brlght's disease, diabetes, and sperma- torrhoea. Bring specimen. Jtemnrkablo Owes perfected in old cases which have been neglected or unskillfully treated. No experiments or failure. Oases and correspondence strictly confidential. List of questions free. Address, with •DOBtage, DR. DOWNING, f 113 West Madison St., OHIOAUO, ILL. A NEW FIRM. I NORTON & ROBINSON Will furnish you with the best of livery rigs, with or without driver, at moderate prices. C Also give their best attention to Boarding and Feeding Horses, by the day or week, at their barn, One block north of postoffice, ALGONA, IOWA. I, A, SH1ETZ, Drugs and Medicines, purposes only *»* SAltWAf MMfi CAfiM. Chicago, Mtiwftnkce A St. Piwil LOCATj TRAINS WKST. No. 7 departs at 8:30 am No.9 departs at • 4:20pm Freights that carry passengers— No. S3 departs at 11:55 am No. 71 departs at 0:l5pm TRAINS BAST. fro. 2 departs at 10:12 am No. 8 departs at 5:38 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at ll:00pm No. 04 departs at 1:45pm R. F. HEDIUCK, Agent. Chicago & Northwestern Hallway. North- Mixed 8:18a m Pass 3:33 pin Freight 10:00 a m South- Pass 2:40 pm Mixed 0:07 pra Freight.... 10:00 am lOljillv • AV i w <u 11.1 A' *.oi£,t»u . i • • •*«««»* •» «» Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Molnes at 8:15 p m. T-,v. DCS M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPEH, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. Geo. Carter received a little girl at Irvington as a Christmas gift. A boy at Wesley stole an $18 suit of clothes and pleaded guilty last week. L. C. Smith is out these days looking after the internal revenue offenders. A $450 diamond pin was shown in Bowyer's window last week. Itisowned in Algona. A Christmas tree at the Austin farm west of town afforded amusement to the neighborhood, Monday. Will King and Miss Martha Yeager nre to be married today. Both are well known and respected in the county. Gov. Jackson will bo inaugurated about Jan. 11. Probably several will go down from Algona for tho event. The Chicago lady quartette next Tuesday evening will be as good asany- thing that comes here, in the musical line. Jacob Lattimore of Irvington was fined $2 and costs by 'Squire Taylor yesterday for slapping one Ludwig in the face. We omitted the Midland Monthly last week from the list of publications given to the reading room for the coming year. The Library association will meet at the reading room on Friday, Dec. 29, at 3 o'clock. A programme is being prepared. The funeral of Goo. R. Woodworth will take place from the Northwestern depot tomorrow at 8:15 a. m. A telegram to that effecfis received. Some boys snowballed a team driven by Mrs. C. L. Ostrander last Thursday in Bancroft, and a bad smashup resulted, the ladies escaping unhurt. Bro. Hinchon says he shall ride that pony of his at the wolf hunt. If he does he should bo provided with escort. Suppose a wolf should catch him off by himselfl A heavy thunder shower Christmas eve, and good sleighing and zero weather Christmas illustrate tho varieties of weather furnished for holiday festivities. Tho Christmas marriage list includes W. W. Walton and Stella A. Miller, Geo. W. Bidder and Cora D. Wright, Peter Severton and Mary Nelson, L. E. Dye and L. M. Hill. Dougal Wallace has been circulating a protest against putting wool on the free list, and we learn that democrats as well as republicans are signing it. We have not seen the paper. Jas. Patterson opens his new store in the Cowles block next week. He has bought out the Bailey store and added a new stock to it. Capt. Bailey will go east soon to look after interests there. A suit is brought in justice court which promises a conflict of evidence. J. L. Button secured a fence note from Jo. Steil, who is working novy at Durdall's. Jo. says he never signed tho notQ. Sheriff Graham returned Monday from Canada, whore ho loft his father very sick. He says the snow is deep there and tho weather cold. Ho is preparing to give up his office next week. 'Squire Bayuiond and S. May no contested an assault and battery case in Bancroft last week between A. Dinger and a neighbor who had some difficulty in a business settlement. The defendant was convicted. Mrs. Nannie Sotchell was called home from Des Moines last week by the sicknes of David Mitchell and her mother, Mrs. Thiolo. David has boon haying a time with malarial fever, but is now on the mend. The case against Frank Bamsey and two others was callod up the other day and dismissed, as the witnesses did not appear against them, They were arrested for assault on Geo. Hunter's hired man at his stable. Letters arc advertised for J. Haggard, Geo, P. Halstesn, Mrs. S. Hanson, Eva Howell, Bev. Jas. Kelley, Louis Prater, A. W. Baymond, E. W. SchulU, C. W. Svviver, Jos. Walche, Mary J. Write, E. J. Young. News came Monday that Prank Means, son of the late James Means, a young man about 22 years old, was blown up in a mine lately while blasting in California. The doctor thought he could save one eye and his life. At Miss Decker's leave-taking of her school Friday, a fine.chocolate set was presented to her by her students. Misses Julia St. John and Mary Schichtl assisted by Miss Cramer conducted the exercises. Miss Decker is to be married soon. Owing to the absence of S. S. Sessions at Des Moines this winter the Citizens' Loan and Trust company met last week and chose A. A. Brunson to succeed him as manager. The business will now be conducted at the latter's office in the Hoxie building. In overhauling the floor in his office Supt. Reed found a case knife with the blade notched to cut the jail bars. It had evidently not been used, and was doubtless saved up by some old-time occupant for an emergency. It was well rusted and had been there some time. Business patrons of this paper will be visited by the collector soon for the purpose of bringing all business matters up to the close of the year. To save further explanation it should be said that this collection is for half a quarter only—dating from Nov. 20. This change has been adopted fop tae cojjyenje«?e of $te p,ub.Jifbej?a patrons alike, and will be found preferable to the old plan, by which the quarters ended on uneven aates. W. J. Studley moves his drug store this week to E. G, Bowyer's stand and will hereafter be found there. This is a very central location. Mr. Studley has in the past year built up afinobusi- ness and is a skilled druggist, and his trade will materially increase in his new quarters. Gov. Boles hasappointedM. J. Wade, who was up last week to try the cribbing horse case, as judge to succeed S. H, Fairall, who has resigned. Mr. Wade is one of the ablest lawyers in the state and will devote his time to the bench and to his law lectures in the state university. Bowyor has a little pearl on exhibition that Mrs. Bowyer found in an oyster. The cooking hasn't added to the brilliancy of the jewel, but it is still a pearl. Mrs. Blrcher hns a pearl nearly as large as a pea that she took from an oystor. Bowyer says he will have his polished and set. Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock a meeting will bo held at tho court house to arrange for the wolf hunt. Every man who knows how to organize for such an event should be out. Kossuth has some famous hunters and not a wolf should be left in the county when they get done with them. C. J. Brown is out from Buddick, 111., to become a permanent resident, and has bought a half interest with John Grove in tho livery barn connected with tho Thorington house. Ho owns a farm in the county and is one of the many fino citizens Kossuth has gained from Illinois in late years. Bev. Davidson joined Lewis Johnson and Miss Sadie Dunn in marriage Christmas at tho home of A. M. Johnson. They are two of Irvington's most popular young people, connected with pioneer families, and a host of good wishes go with them in which THE UPPER DES MOINES joins. Mr. Ha.ys, who is to take the Durdall store, will como this week. Mr. Durdall will then go to market to buy new stock. He will keep his family here in Algona and devote his time to buying for five stores located in Algona, Madelia, New Ulm, Amboy, and Blue Earth. He will buy for Mr. Hays. The state teachers' meeting is in session at Des Moines this week. Prof. Dixson is detained from going by sickness in his family. Misses Durant, Coan, and Jordan attend. Miss Cramer is spending vacation in Laurons, Miss Bandall in Dubuque, Miss Tweed in Des Moines, and Miss Farrell in Mason City. Spurbec & Lambert will soon build a 28x30 foot addition to their butter tub factory. There has not been a day since March 1 that they have not had steam up. They furnish 10 creameries with tubs, besides making tanks, etc. At present they are making watertight barrels, firkins, etc. Tho factory is a success. Aiden Benedict is booked to give a dramatic entertainment about the middle of January. All who remember his company at their last appearance will be interested in tho full announcement that will bo made next week. Mr. Benedict has made a great success and tho dramatic papers show that he has been having big houses. The LuVerno News commends the resolutions adopted by the grange on securing petitions for the pardon of criminals, and on negotiable promissory notes. It favors a public announcement that a petition will bo circulated for tho pardon, so that the people may have an opportunity to discuss the merits of tho matter. A musical entertainment will be given at E. B. Eddy's homo in Buffalo Pork, Friday evening of this week for the benefit of the Doan Methodist church. Misses Maud and Kato Smith will take part and a fine programme is assured. Tho admission will bo 25 cents, which includes ice cream, cako, and colTeo. This will be a pleasant gathering. Tho prisoners in jail built up a hot fire Monday in the southeast basement room and as a result Supt. Reed's room above is rather demoralized. Tho pipo or chimney in some way sot tho joists above on lire and tho wainscoting was torn off to get at the blaze. Tho prisoners gave the alarm with vigor when they saw that tho floor might soon bo falling in on them. Last week Van HaveHn, Kelley, and Knapp, throe of the convicted Germania boot-leggers, were brought to jail to servo their 00 days. Finnegan'could not bo found and O'Rourko is still out. Tho bonds put up for these men when first arrested are still held and an attempt will be made to hold them good for the §KOO fines assessed. It is said that this was done at Spencer. Wo have sent in a goodly number of names to the new Midland Monthly and would like to send in many more. The first number of the magazine is complimented by everybody, and everybody hopes to see it succeed. All subscribers of THE UPPER DES MOINES can get it at a very low rate, and can. see sample copies by calling. As an Iowa enterprise it should be given a good start. Gardner Cowles says that the post- office department is more than six months behind. Last March the republican incumbent at Denison left and his successor is only now appointed. There are over 600 vacancies now to be filled. That puts our Algona contest away off in the future. Like enough it will still be an issue when fall politics begin. Bro. Starr, like Barkus, "is willin'." The school board by unanimous vote last week elected Miss Grace Gilchrist to take Miss Decker's place in the schools. She is Prof. Gilchrist's second daughter and already a very competent teacher, and with Miss Cramer will be able to take up Miss Decker's work in the primary room as acceptably as any new teacher that could have been se- cnred. The school is fortunate in securing a young lady of such bright promise. Wesley township has a man named Hanson under arrest who, if guilty, de serves drumming out of the county. Some time ago he received a little boy from the Chicago orphan's home. The boy is nine years old and has suffered such abuse that the trustees have taken the matter in band. It is reported that once the boy reached for food on the table and Kaoaen etpuete him with a fcnHe, cuttiBf WB feaj^ open. tied him to a stake in the barn once while he went to town. 'Squire Raymond tries the case tomorrow, when the real facts will appear. Next Tuesday evening one of the best musical entertainments ever given in Algona will be at the Congregational church. Tho Chicago Lady quartette are well known all over the west and are not excelled. They have been at Spirit Lake several times and have ranked among tho best attractions during the summer season there. All who enjoy good music of a popular kind should bo on hand Tuesday evening without fail. The lost time we saw Geo. R. Woodworth was at the homo dramatic entertainment a few weeks ago at Bancroft when, during the intermissions, he recalled the entertainment given in the old college hall in which he took a leading part, and J. W. Robinson, S. C. Spear, and several other of our citizens brought down tho house. Mr. Woodworth never acted but once, but Mrs, Woodworth appeared several times in those yours. The Masons celebrate St. John's day this evening at their hall wilh a banquet, for which invitations have been sent to friends of the members. The following programme will bo rendered: Vocal solo, Miss Lulio Wallace; installation of Eastern SUir.olflcers; vocal solo, Miss Josephine McCoy; installation of blue lodge officers; recitation, Miss Lulu Clarke. At tho banquet Bov, H. B. Butler, Bev. W. E. Davidson, and Mrs. C. A. Ingham will respond to toasts. Christmas was generally observed at tho public school in tho closing exorcises Friday. All tho rooms hud special exorcises, and sotno wore specially decorated. Miss Jones had a Christmas trco, made and arranged by tho scholars. Miss Cramer's room was the center of attraction, however, as tho little ones had a big banquotting table well loaded with cakes and candies, and had a most enjoyable afternoon. Many visitors wore out in tho various rooms. Jas. Orr put such a shine on that editorial table that wo are likely to bo like the woman who was presented with the diamond—go bankrupt trying to get things to match. The table has now to have a new cloth top, and as soon as Jim brought it back the window curtains looked dingy, and eyon the wall paper and ceilings are a little off color, and tho stove looks old, Our advice to our readers is not to let Jim get hold of their old furniture unless they want it to come back as fresh as when it loft the factory, and unless they are ready to do a general "slicking up.'' The death of Mr. Woodworth calls up tho changes in Algona's trade that a few years have brought about. Back in 1876 his regular trade came from Butland and Livermore and Luni in Humboldt county, whilo in the fall his store would often be filled with buyers from Emmetsburg and Esthorville, who had hauled their Wheat to market hero. Armstrong was considered one of Al- g-ona's near-by selling points, and farmers from Seneca and Swea and Ramsay wore as common an from Plum Crook now. Those wore lively days in town and the main roads were lined with teams, especially tho old Emmetsburg road. Some timo ago wo noted tho $9,000 judgment secured by Goo. E. Clarke against the Minneapolis & St. Louis road on account of tho killing of a brakoman at Lu Verne, the verdict bo- ing rendered in a second trial, whore the railroad company neglected to bo present or to make any dcfenso. After it was given, Mr. Clarke did not go to any special pains to noise it abroad until tho timo had expired for an ap- poal, and then notified tho company. The company's lawyers had overlooked tho case and forgotten it. And now they mako a motion to have it reopened on tho ground that Mr. Clarke didn't toll thorn anything about it. If they can mako it it will bo tho first time a caso was reversed because a party was not paying attention to business and got caught. Potatoes Wanted. I want a lot of potatoes at tho new grocery in tho Cowlos block. 40 JAS. PATTERSON. " SAUER KRAUT" at Langdon & Hudson's.—4012 A. LORHENZ is prepared to do all kinds of repairing of boots and shoos, at tho shop formerly occupied by Bostor- lehner. Also makes now work. Call and soo him.—40 BUY your buckwheat flour at the Opera House Grocery. HAVE you any money to spare? Wo will o-uaranteo you 12 per cent, on investment. Call and investigate cm- plan. Skinner Bros. NEW stock of carpets, portiers, lace curtains, at Galbraith's. CARPET sweepers, $1, at John Grove's hardware. No FLOUR gives as good satisfaction as the "White Swan." For sale by Langdon & Hudson.—10t2 PURE maple syrup to go with the buckwheat at tho Opera House Grocery. You can. buy a new No. 9 cook stove for $9.05 at John Grove's hardware. PANMALT coffee, one pound packages only 15 cents at W. F. Carter's. DR. W. A. ROHLF, diseases of the eye and ear. Glasses fitted. At Dr. Kenefick's office, Dec. 27 and 28.-38t2 ONE of the finest stoves made can be found at John Grove's hardware. TRY Panmalt coffee, only 15 cents a pound, at W. F. Carter's. MONEY of all kinds on all security at Skinner Bros." SKINNER BROS, have a good farm to rent. Call immediately. You will get fooled by pot looking at John Grove's stock of hardware. DJQ you need a fur r$J8? Jf 89 Cftli W Great Clearin bale. When we will put on sale all heavy winter clothing, overcoats, fur coats, odd pants and vests, ladies' and children's cloaks, blankets, shawls, flannels, dress goods, i of all kinds, ribbons, laces, embroideries, carpets, rugs, robes—all the above goods will be sold at a discount of IS per cent, for cash for 10 clays. Only call and see the great bargains. Yours truly, Jno. Goeders. A timely suggestion as to what are the most desirable presents for Christmas would not, we think, be inappropriate. This is justly called a "hard times" year, and people must combine utility and beauty in their selections. We Have It Come Early. Carving Sets, Rogers' Silverware, Pocket Knives, Bread Knives, Shears, Razors and Strops, Nickel Coffee Pots, Nickel Tea Pots, Nickel Tea Kettles, Carpet Sweepers, Skates, Nut Picks, Tools, Everything In the Hardware line. Peninsular Stool Range, Heating Stoves, Square Cooks as low as $9.95, Washing Machines, Wringers, Churns, (barrel). T> g While other stores are ndvor- • ....'...VT^ tising special sales on stoves, wo will make you a special reduction on all our goods in stock. Wo will meet all competition and expect to get our share of the business by fair deals. -John Grove. JULIUS PLETH List your Lands wilh me, if you wowit to majce a quick sale,- OFFIOE OVBK ALOOKA STATE SANK. FARM LOANS MADE From 6 to 7 Years at ^ per cent. I will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products for less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. Every sack ^varranted and delivered. 4, J. WIUSQN. JjEGAL BLANKS— FQKMS, PI*AT8SIXINOBE8 SOTABB Other abstracters have pooled. We're not in it. We have been in the business for 22 years anct don't have to sell, but are here to stay. Our work is GUA&* ANTEED and will be done at living prices. Jones & Smith, S END twelve cents in postage stamps to 3& Corcoran Building, Washington, D. O., an4 you wUl receive four copies of Kvtte f&Sfs containing matter oi special inter- eat, Gm> «w»e Md address,, vertiaeiuent, p Tf7 WQStfft&KWifjF

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