The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1893
Page 7
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TME tfPPEB BUS MOlKlSt ALtfOKA •"prr^C-^-JTL. ~- l]t ,tn-n .^.—* .^, 1 ^^ rif -.^^.^..^ *,-^,,,<tm m ., fr.i.umm-iiriimiiiiini'iT THE AGRICULTURAL WORLD WEME8PAY. 20, INOWLEDGK Ings comfort and improvement and j to personal enjoyment when ,ly used. Tlio, many, who live bet- uin others and enjoy life more, with expenditure, by more promptly "tig tho world's.'best products to 'tfeeda of physical being, will attest iluo to health of the puro ( liquid .vo principles embraced in the iy, Syrup of Figs. _ . excellence is due to its presenting Q form most acceptable and pleas- ic taste, tbc refreshing and truly ;flcial proporties oil a perfect lax- pfTectually cleansing tho system, il'ling colds, headaches ami fevers ^permanently curing constipation, is given satisfaction to millions and With the approval of tho medical fession, bccau-M it nets on the Kid- Liver and Bowels without weak- them and it is perfectly free from objectionable substance. up of Figs is for sale by all drug- in fiOc and $1 bottles, but it is man- fcitrcd by the California Fig Syrup 'inly, whose name is printed on every tee, also the name, Syrup of Figa being well informed, you will not ' ay substitute if offered. FOtt THE Aliont the Vitltie of SttfnW—ifwrtr to Keen Pumilkliis—Selecting Fowl*— Agricultural Pointer*. C. G. McCLAVfi, Schooler, 753 Park Place, Elmira, N. "This Spring while away from teaching rny first term in a y school I was perfectly .ed with that human agony dyspepsia. After dieting for eeks and getting no better, a ,d wrote me, suggesting that I August Flower. The very next I purchased a bottle. I am cle- Jted'to say that August Flower [ffied me so that I have ciuite revered from my indisposition." © Many of our fnrmors liore in *ac West have not loimied to appreciate the vnluo of straw. As the timelier gets through with its work on fnrm after fin-Hi it is not imcotninon to notice a blue HUP. of smoke on the horizon •Which proclaims tlio work of tho devouring clement and the waste of fertility -which tho farmer permits to take place. The burning of good straw choukl be classed ns an unpardonable sin in farm doctrine. Kvery ton of wheat straw contains, on tho average, liine pounds of nitrogen, the clement, which is most, liable to exhnuslion, even on our fertile prairie farms, and the one constituent of plant food which, if it must bo bought, it will cost, more to replace than any other. Judiciously used, good straw has a no insignificant value as food. It can bo fed to all classes of cattle with good results if some concentrated food like bran or shorts or a mixture of oil meal and corn meiil is fed along with it Under such conditions good straw is nearly as valuable as a 1'nlv quality of prairie hay. But even if it is not needed for feed, there is no farm where stock is kept where straw cannot be used to advantage. Use it liberally for bedding during tho winter for all kinds of stock, and in this manner let. it Hud its way to tho manure pile, and from there back to the form. When used as a bedding material you not only save all the elements of fertility contained in the straw itself, but it aids in .sayfiig a very large percentage of the fertility in the manure which would bo lost if the straw is not used ns an absorbent, It is only when it cannot be used for these purposes or sold to advantage in some neighboring town, that burning should be resorted to. And when a straw stack is burned the ashes should bo thinly and evenly scattered over tho ield. They contain the phosphoric acid uul potash which, next, to nitrogen, ire the two most important, elements of plant food. Too often the pile of ishcs is left undisturbed or but poorly scattered, which amounts to a total oss of all the foitilizing elements; the nitrogen goes up in smoke and the inorganic elements are lost because not placed where they Avill do the most ;ood. Save the straw stack and use it .iudi- iiously. It will add to the fertility of your farm. mmmmim ,lt Oures Cold:, Coughs, Ooro Ihrut, Croup, Whooping Cough. Bronchitis and /cthma. Accitiincurt ; for Consumption {n fl;ot cti;cs, :zd A euro tollci io r.i- Vftnooi C-.1S03. Uss at 011:9. ?cu will coo the «scollont elfeot after takinjc tho first dsco. Ccld fcy dealers 87«»« Bhsre. 60 ccms ssd £1.00. WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION Have made the IHIGHEST AWARDS (Medals and Diplomas) 'to , WALTER BAKER & CO, On each of the following named articles:. .BREAKFAST COCOA, Pi-eiiiiuiH No. 1, Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, German Sweet Chocolate, >Cocoa Butter. •For 'fpurity of material," "excellent flavor;' "uniform even composition." 'WALTER BAKER& CO., DORCHESTER, MASS, Or Debilitated Women, should usa IRADHELD'S FEMALE eEGOLATOR, Every ingredient possesses superb Tonic iproperties and exerts a wonderful dnflu- •cnce in toning up ancl strengthening her system, by driving through the propei channels all impurities. Health anc Strength guaranteed to result from its use *<B»y «lfo, \vho tvas bedridden for eigli teen iitunths, after using Jiratljlelcl'n Femalo Jteguiator far two inuuiJia ta getting vvoll." J. II. JOHNSON. Mnlvcrn, Arl:, ' BiuppiEi.n KEQULATOB Co.. Atluinii, Ga, Suiil liy Drusr^iati ut £1.00 per buttle, A Pt'l?\TfPU~Wanlcil iitjuiUa, liulloH and KB J\,VJjiiN J.O tluuiun, tu liuudlu u line of cheap but fast sellin.'j Uouscliohl neeus«itlus wliich ovcry lady cun utloi'il to huy; bli! iiruiihots. AdUi'uss Clius. Sohultlielsa, Council muffs, lotvu. p r oc R essiv^OMCHR ^7~T r L' n I tit oneo tu JOLI.N' SKHASTIAN. i.. T. A. t'., B. J & P. 11. U.. CulL'ugo. ami receive, pustngeimM, tie sllekcfit d-eck ol'curds you ever Immlled. TKik <;J3NTS per pack, nutijJije stumps, 1'or uuour luuuf. HIGHLY ENDORSED. ? I ThoProtossor ot rhysiolo;, Clicm- a t istry at Yuio (Jollegu says : " I jliul hick- £ i qp0o Iiul'itn Sayioa to lie an e-ctract of A Boots, liarkiunil Jlerli-i of Valuable Jiem. \ Action, without tin;/ mineral or oilirr iixiurea. luaiau is the granJ- I I'st I.lver, atomac!,'. ) BlooJ 11 « 'I Nerve .teuieily Kuown. Cleanses. I'lirillcs, and JteaovaUis every part ol' tlic liniiiau i. AH Pi" 0r k slsls, Si a toilUs— ( 6 Bottles fur So- Fowl". There aro thousands of f armors today who arc breeding dunghill fowls. They have never raised any, other kind and probably never will. Show me a farmer that does not believe in improving his live stock and I will sliow you one of those that arc continually crying that farming docs not pay. Assuming that you arc going to turn over a new leaf in tho poultry department, the first thing to decide will be of what branch you propose to nniUo a specialty. If it he eggs, White or Brown Leghorns or Minorcas, either pure or crossed, will give you regular egg machines. If you want extra largo birds lor capons or roasting stock, try either Buff or rarlxitlgo Cochin or Light or Dark Brahma cockerels on common or cross-bred hens. There aro more than twenty thousand capons shipped to New York and Philadelphia every year from this section, and the above four breeds enter very largely into tho makeup. Perhaps you want ;m all-purpose fowl, something that will mature early, innko nice 'broilers nt eight or twelve wecto, hty well all the year through, and make toe market stock at any age. If .no, you will mako no mistake in trying cither Black Javns, Plymouth Itocks •or Wyandottes, as they will be sure to fill the 'bill. A word us to when to purchase your breeders. From Sept. 1 to Dec, 1 is probably the best time of the year, as at that time breeders are generally •overstocked and will sell you birds at reasonable prices. January to June are tho worst months to buy, as tho stock is then scarce and breeders demand long figures for their birds and get them, as they have only a few of their highest scoring breeds left, and they will always bring high prices for fancy breeding.—German town (Pa.) lole- .graph. Tlic 'Cow Stable and Slnncliloim. In tho matter of stanchions there are many .ways of tying tho cow to the stall, but first of all comfort must be kept steadily in view, lor if any ol tho cow's surroundings aro constraining .-and operate to deprive her of ease and lair liberty of movement, the effect is disquieting and her- yield will show unfavorable results. The .simplest tlo, the cheapest, and that affording tho greatest amount of liberty and comfort is perhaps a light chain around the neck •secured :to the side of tho stall or manger. Various plans aro in usu as to the form of the chain and methods of attaching, and sometimes a nock strap is used, and again the head halter is used, tout this involves greater expense. For tho average dairyman the simple chain fills all ro'auiremeuts and is most popular. The best arranged stables aro constructed with the rows of cattle facing each other, with a feeding entry be- •tween and watering places placed in this passageway. Some of the advantages gained from this position aro hotter facilities, and economy in feeding, the ventilation can be arranged with loss danger from drafts, the light from the windows from behind is bettor for the eyes, and the whole interior in generally more convenient and more economically arranged. Every well ordered cow barn should havo several open boxes for cows duo to calf, and for the young calves, and the cows should occupy tiiose some weeks before parturition is expected. There is 110 subject connected with the winter management of a herd of dairy < nvrf of more vital interest to tin- milk farmer than the consideration of plans mi- dairy stables that arc cheap and convenient—George Jackson, aiarioii county, Ind. !V«^v Possibilities on the Films. Wherever irrigation prevails population is dense. We may confidently pro- diet a larger BouukUitm to tho square nrtlo in th6 reclaimed ureas In most dt ihe Western states than exist to-dny in Massachusetts. In the nature <5f the case tins must be true. Mosti of the are comparatively, natro^ and cultivable latttl is sharply llrnlted by mountain ranges, Furthermore, land under the ditvti is valuable, and must bo put to the most profitable uses. The larger tho/crtpacily of an acre to produce the smaller the average farm unit will be. tTnder thoso circumstances, man's ingenuity and energy will bo constantly directed to, evolving conditions of rural life that, whilo surrendering none ol its peculiar blessings, shall approach' most nearly to the realization of the host features of town life. A daring writer lias predicted that electricity, next to irrigation, will bo the largest fact of in rovolutioni/.iug Iho liJ'o of the farm, lie reasons that, with tho dense population and high average prosperity possible oil irrigated lauds, and the abundant and accessible wali-v power usually existing, in ounuerliim with canals, electricity will bi- used to light and warm tho farmer's homo. In propel his agricultural implements and move his crops over smooth roads Io the market or railroad station. (Vi ! - tainly t-ho possibilities for (ho improvement of social conditions in snirh oom- munilios arc inlinlto. Out; o" the advantages already roaliaod in tho general cultivation of trees,•hedges and tluwoi-K in tho streets and yards. Nowhoro else atv such conditions enjoyed as may already be seen in tho.more advanced communities of arid America.--Review of Heviews. Hotv <o Keep I'timpklitN. A writer in an exchange thinks to keep pumpkins in a fresh state for ten months or a year is a very simple matter. A person has only to select- (hose that fire sound and well ripened, )fan- die ihorn carefully so as not to bruise the flesh; wash and wipe dry, and then store them in a dry warm room. Lot each pumpkin havo a separate rest: that is, do not pilo one on top of another. Keep tho temperature of the room as .even as possible at all times. and sound, plump pumpkins can be had in Juno lust as well as in fall or parly part, of winter. For tho past two ycarj ho lias kept his in the upper hall-way loading from the dining room. A portiere hangs at the'mg of the stairway, so the boat rises and keeps the upper hall at the same temperature as the dining room. If a person has a roomy pantry, well secured from frost or dampness, the upper shelf would answer nicely for a storing place. Or a clothes closet, secured from cold or dampness, would answer the purpose as well. Winter squashes can also bo preserved in like manner. Dampness and frosted air soon put this line of vegetables on tho road to decay if left long under its influence. The Supply Oettlner i P6tnlnte—'''My friend, nre you not dwnre that the life you arc living is the pace that .tills?" , High rbllef—"UiRht yon are, Donaime, and I pfopbse to turn over a. new leaf on "the first of thn year." , "Hut 'now is tlie' accepted time;' why not turn it, no\V?" "Well, you seo, Dominio, I've turned over 60 blnme'd mftny nlromly that I've' got nlmost through tho hook, timl I nml I've got to hiislmml my remniniiig resources. 1 expect I'll run short yot.' ! Whs Chickens Roost Higrh. "1 unctcrstni:d you've turned free trader, Uncle Mose." "Ycsser, yesse'r! "Wise mou alms koop dor niln's open for convio.kshurt." "lint how do you expect to profit by tnwlt reduction, unclbJ' 1 "Tar'It on nigs. boss, makes liens mighty S roiicl, 'ud iluy roos' high. Used dey do, oss.'' He Knows His Place. "How does the old mnn look upon you as a prospective son-in-law!'' "Don't know yet. Haven't got far enough along to sound him." "Ho can't be blind to the fact that you tiro nn accepted hoiiu'!" "Well, no; that's plain enough so fnr ns thobcnu is eoiu'orurd; but I scorn to bo playing second fiddle nil tho timo." A Disappointment. Jennnetto—I'm sorry I went to the sea shore. Mnnde-Why? ,lc/mneUo--J got tanned almost black. Miiiulc)--\Vc'll< Jpnunotlo— Ami it all came oil coming homo. Split. York is a little about tho Arabian Whero They you think Now over • squeamish womnii's danco't" "1 'primps so; but posribly the dancers wore a httlo over AKi'lL-ultnral Pointers. Giro tho brood sow :t unotl nuigc and she will take exorcise enough. Just now what focil is better for growing pigs than milk anil milk feud'.' If yon hnvo never churned, irraniv lated'butter it is timo to begin. It never increases tho milk 'supply to pilch milk stools at the cows. At the price of feed and milk thin season it will not pay to feed poor cows—it never does. It is not necessarily Uio slerk. f.?.t cow that is the best cow iu the dairy; many n lank, niw-boned cow is the cue that turns out I lie. butter. lOiich degree of cold adds to *!>e amount of corn needed to make a pound of pork. Crowd the porker now. A mixed diet is better than clear corn. Tt pays to treat cows gently. Sonic folks call it "babying thorn." Ncve-t mind what it is called if it brings the cash. The Knssian thistle is taking complete possession ol' Holds of both Uiiko- tas. Unless vigorous mcasim si are taken, It will soon be almost impossible to eradicate it. More cows are injured 'from underfeeding than overfeeding while growing, but fewer are ruined. Overfeeding ruins scores; .underfeeding injures thousands. Prof. Henry-shows by experiment, that It costs ,f2.(;i to produce 100 pounds of gain with lambs, and $.'!.0;5 to produce tlie sumo gain with pigs of about the same age. Fast walking horses should be slassed as a breed, and records made in order to encourage the breeding of them from pedigree stock. Such n breed would be iu. demand everywhere. A little linseed oil is healthful as well as nutritious food for any domestic animal during full, Vov horses it is used to advantage to tone up and keep up a healthy digestion and consequent up- petite. Now Is the timo when the careless farmer spoils the coming cow by improper cure of tlio heifer. She needs gd cxous feed—not cramming with corn like a fattening steer, but plenty of clover hay, oats and a taste of other good things. The fall is an excellent time for purchasing pure-bred stock, as the prices are then lower than at any other sea- sou for the reason that tin* breeders are reducing stock before tho winter sets in, and are willing to make a reduction in price. Wheu you are husking corn this fall, and design the stalks for the cows, don't be afraid to leave all the nubbin ears unlmsked. The cows will eat them with the fodder, and will be greatly helped on mUk yield thereby. Agriculture can be made more nearly tm exact science by the application of irrigation to tlie soil than by any other means whatevx>r. It prevents drouth and makes crops certain, and thus lixes the earning power and value of the land. We shall see it much muro extensively applied in the future than it has been in the part. Great large hogs are not as numerous as they were a decade ago. The demand at present is for hogs of a medium size, and farmers have become disposed to give greater attention to early maturing breeds rather than to those that attain great size By varying the food, instead of using corn altogether cheapness of the pork is also secured. This is the time of year to look after the fences. Are you getting a little short of good material for rails'.' Then it should 'be a suggestion to yon that it is time to be planting n little timber. Wheu the supply begins to get so short that there Is not an abundance of wood for all the needs of the farm, ilie market value, of the farm at ones. • IO World's Fair Photos for One D I m & Tho Chicago. Mil \vnnlcnb & Rt. raulU'ul- way has ntado nn arrangement with a first- class iinlilishinK house to ft.rnish a scries of bountiful World's Fair pidlires, of a large si/o. nt. the nominal cost to l.ho piir- chusi-r of only ten conts for n portfolio of sixteen illustrations. Nothing so hand- Nonio m reference to the World's Fair has before UCBU published. The series would bo worth nt least twelve dollars if the pictures wore not published in such largo quantities, and wo aro therefore able to furnish these works of art for only ten cents. Hemit your nionoy to George IT. IJeaf- ford, Goiioral Pnssnngor Agent, Chicago, Milwavkeo & St. Paul Railway , at Chicago, 111., and the pictures will bo ( sent promptly to any specified address. Ihoy will make aliamlsomoJioliUay gift. The ladies tailor hns a hard lot. He has to reform so many of his customers. San Francisco's Midwinter Fair will bo ono of tho attractions on •thoracifin Coast during the coming winter. It will bo held from Jan. 1st to Juno 80th, IS'.M, and might, bo aptly termed tho Worlds fair in miniature. It will equal i' not surpass tho great Centennial. The Union Pacilic is ollorinp; unusually low round- fiy »tntry sun's declining glow 3f A wanderer found ,3i Modlcd la frpshly-fallen sno» ••'"T! A onflows mound. .' j Wnn it thn hnmor of-thcS fttorm, Or Nature's [tint, To mimic thus a. fowl's plump form • / , And rounded nest? Not so—for wlmn the snowy mnsl Ho brushed aside, • • A diipk Mat patlnnt o'nr her task ' ^ There—as elio died. Huddlpd honoatli tlui downy breast Sweet treasures lay, Which she with anxious ca>'6 had pressed That nmol dny; And braved Ionic hours tho blinding (lakes' Tlio wild wind's moan, Ami mK>liin<r cold all for tholr snkes, Her nestlings own. No mntR'to cheer with voice or food-* • Tlio last riend gone— Sole fruardian <)' a numerous brood, She still sat ou. Nor rvnr in that, bosom stirred Of doubt a ((tiOBt, 15ut. motlipr-ltKi', the simple binl Died ut her post. I?pst well, fond martyr, lovo-cmlowej W itli lovn content; Tlie wlillnst. snow thivb builds thy shroud And monument. MINOR MISCELLANY. N OW comes the season when dainty and delicious cake and pastry are required. Royal Baking Pow- dei*is indispensable in their preparation. For finest food I can use none but Royal.—A. FORTIM, Cliff, While House, for Presidents Cleveland and /irtbttr. ROYAL OAKINO POWDER CO., 11)11 WAU ST., > New York contains more Hebrews than there are in Jerusalem. Rose-leaf jam is n. common dish in Boumania, where roses are grown by the million. An editor in Six Towns, Maine, recently became disgusted with his profession ancl became u. flsh peddler. Annie and Ellen Taylor, two middle-aged twins, living 1 in New York, became insane simultaneously the other day. An electrical engineer wants to throw advertisements by electric light against the falling sheet of water at Niagara Falls. Texas is a big and still a roomy state. Of its 'jno counties, 20have less than 1.00 inhabitants; 37 others havo less than 1,000, and only 81 havo over 10,000. afltw- trip rates to all California, points and Portland, Ore. Send two conts for our CJuli- forni'n Sights ami Scenes. B. TJ. tJeii'J I'as's. and Ticket A gout, Omaha, Nob. The cow has boon tnoro of a blessing to man thiin the lion. Ono Way to Cross the Country is tho subject recently given liy tho New York Run to an article on "Tourist l j ur- .tins' 1 to thn Car west. Tho nue way IK via tlin Croat Central Route Weekly California Excursions via tho Union Vncifie. kolul comfort, jolly time's, cleanliness and chonpncps exemplified. Soiul for folilor eivins details. F. 15. SiiHAiiRit, Manager, I'.ll So. Clai-lc St,., Chicago. IS. TJ, LO.MAX, Puss. & Ticket Agt., Omaha, Nob. their ©PfiRITS follow good health •whilo low spirits, melancholia, impaired memory, morose, or irrltnblo temper, fenr of impending calamity and a thousand and ono derangements of body and mind, result from pernicious, solitary practices, often indulged In by tlio yoiinff, through ignorance of their ruinous consequences. Nervous debility, and loss of mnnly power, not infrequently result from such unnatural habits. To reach, reclaim and restore such unfortunates to health and happiness, is tho aim ol an association of medical gentlemen, who haya prepared a treatise, written In pluin but clmsto languaKO and treating of tho nature, symptoms and curability, by homo treatment, of such diseases. .„ , » A copy of this useful book will, on receipt of thlu notice, with 10 ceuts in stamps, for postairo, bo mailed securely sealed in a plain envelope. Address. Wont.D's DISPENSARY Hume/til ASSOCIATION, Buffalo, N. Y. ELY'S It Was Too Much"Madam," snlrl tho prospective timidly, "do you havo any little boys ta- tlio house?" . "No, sir," sukl tho lady who hna Used for a Uiilgor. '•No piano?" "No, sir." ,. .,, "Yon don't serve stows Very often? "No." "Well, mndam," "'»' tho young voice sunk to a whisper as his men Jlusnea, "do you serve--stowoil prunes &V «6cn meal?'" "No." , . '•Thou, madam,' 1 said thn youth, ns B»» turned away with a sigh, "then 1 cannot** your guest. I feel that 1 am not wortny of it." The Substances Was There. Awful dud—"So yon want my daughter,, do yon?" ., Prospective imrmnbrnnoo— I nersr would hnvo thought, of asking for JIUT rf there had been any douht in niy mind. a» to that." .. .„._, "Havo yon weighed tho responsibility yon would assume <" "Well, I've hoCted her, and—A thuja Bho'll do." The In ancl Out of It. "What's your congressman doing !» Washington!" "He's a-drawin' of his salary." "Nothing olsof' "Yes; he's a blowin' of it iu.'' Illinois GBITRM.R.R. By Uio way of Now Orleans, is Vho ONLY TRUE WINTER ROUTE- To California. Tourist ticttols TO CALIFORNIA VBANEWORLEAIMS Arc now on sale via tlin Ct-ntrn.1 Koule and to cluilo stop-over iirlvlloffus ul New Orleans aafl points went. Kiich us Houston, faun Anlonl<»«mO> El Paso. On tourist, ticltota TO FLORIDft POINTS VBA NEW m Stop-overs siro glvnn nt Now Muxi tin Unit Const, rusorls of Hay Pass Christian. Mississippi CHy. Ocean SnrlniiB, " s W(j11 " s 1U M" 11110 ' am" Ttfl liiUio. TkUots tind further infor million can bo lurt or lick K. R. and connucting Hues, or to SON, U, P. A., l'Jhluui-,0, Ilia. o A. Konio nervous pooplo waste time getting there too early. half Il,i vo You Asthma? Dr 11. SchUTmann.St. Pin:l, Minn., will mail a trial pauktiKn ol'"Schlfrinutin's AHluuiii C.iiro Jrou to uiiy Hiifforcr. Ho uclvurliHed »y KIVIMB it away. Novnr falls toglvo inBlant rulicf in worst'cuscis unilcurus wlioio others fail. Name this ptipur uuU aoiul aiUlress for u troo trial Give every man take it. jnstico and make him atn? Colds. Those who aro BiilVering from Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, etc.. should try Buowx's BUONCUIAJ. THOCIIKS. »S'oW (inlij inbixcx. Cleanses tho Nasal Passages, Allays Pain and | Inflammation, Heals tho Sores. | Restores tho Senses of Taste] and Smell. Wnlrlnn, Hnwliw Piirin 'l'nul«, S... -. cite, U»t * CllltiiliO 8M1.V. CO., <: AVhpn ROPlnty bociomes loses its natural charm. a profession it AVuo WOULD ho free from earthly ills must buy a box of lioec-hani's Pills. 25 conts a box. Worth a guinea. The call to arms quickest responded to: Tho cry oi tlio tmby at night. Good actions, like sheep, aro apt to follow one another. How fiomo shepherds do love to weigh their sheep" Criticism is one form of conceit. TRY THE OUEE. g^ AY"I A partlolo la applied Into each nostril and Is Bcreonlilo. Prlro fill corits iitDniKglsts.or by matt MLV BUOTflW" 8 r." \Vnrri'nHt,.,Naw Vore. (Joniiumpuvea who nave wcnk You can olituin !i pack iif licst quality p\»yatf. rnrcla hy RGndiiiff fifteen cents in postage to P. 5*. iUSTIS, Oen'1 l j ass. Agent C.,"- & Q. K. «., KUST Chlcajro.'Ill Hnd BlX the World Hnouj8 the COJJH is SURH. l''or Ilic evil uBucts ot Uio urrurn ,tt youth prlvutii dlauusua. \Vu cim rusturo )'i>u to ul>M>lul» • ninnlioud, iiulckly unU prlvnloly. Homl n» 2i ct& IKiHtuuu mill wu will Bonil you »yiiiptoiu tilnnka ana- clitiiln^HO glvinc 1'n 1 1 (ICBOi'lpllon of miro. rr»- Bcrlheil niiil propuroU liy the best nicdlial • •»- thurltU-B of tlio nuo. TINO .lll'.DIOAI, »-<*•»- DKS SKUNKS, JOWA. I'. O. Uo« 3*4.. Map of the United Stales.' A lurtrc, handsome m:ip of the IJNiited StntcS inounlei), and suited for home* use, is issued by tbff HIMlington Kouti 1 , Copies wilt ho mailed iu &try address, nn receipt of (ifltvn cenls in postage, bjf I*. S. KUSTIS, UciVl Pass. Agent. U., U.A Q, R. U., Chicago, IU. WELL MACHINERY t $ movo to Nebraska, where land is chsap? Where just as good farms as aro selling for £60 or 5.70 an acre in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, arc to be had for $10 or $15 an acre? Where the soil, the climate, tho hiirroundinps arc all that can he desired? Where there's money in farming? Why not move? Five years—yes, three years—hence will be too late The "cheap land" days will have gone by forever. Move now ! Write to f. Francis, General Passenger Agent Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb., for descriptive pamphlets. They'll help yon to decide on a location. Write to-day. You needn't inclose a stamp. The pain- j. nhlets aro f rre. \ ----- - - «^^.—._,«._.....«. -y-^^,^^/^/^^-^1 IllnBtratod catalogue showing ATIQEUS. KOC1K UUUJ.S, 1 1 YUUAUUO AND JKTTIN« JtAUHlNKHY, (•((-•. . BENT ]?HKE. lluvo boon tcstud nmi all imrmntal. THE PECH flFQ. CO, ttliiux City, Io»v:i 19 S. OimulSt., UUIuago. MEND YOUR OWN HARNESS WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED No tools rocjniml. Only a Inmmcr nested ' to drive and clinch llicin r»,sily anil quickly: leaving tliei-Hndi un.-'oliitcly smooth. Kc<juirij»g' no liolu to be niaili; in Hie leather nor burr 1'or tb» llivcls. They lire SIKCNfi, TOlKiH and OUHABLE: atillkms now in usu. All kiiglhs, uniform $*) as.-ortiiil, put up iu boxes. A»k yon i tlmilcr for (lii'iii, or send i'Jffi iu stamps for a box of toil; a*.-i>rh-.l sizes. JUDSON NEVER OFFERED BEFORE FOR LESS TiiftN ONE DOLLAR, Father OP Mother; Sister or Brother; Sweetheart or Laover Would be pleased to receive as a Clirislmas cf New Year's Present Something 1 • could always keep as a reminder of the Co- year. Wha't more appropriate than a WORLD'S » FAIR Sent Post-Paid to any address.for SO cents in 1 or 2-cent stamps, limited numb «r It-It Older quick nwv K G. BUO \VN, 89 9* West III. SOUVENIR » HftlF » DOIUR? Only i THOMSON MFC. "COLCHESTER?", "t :l BOOT. BEST IN MARKET. I1ESTIX KIT. 1JEST IK QUAI4TV: The outeror tap tends tbe whole down to *.lio heel, teutiiiK the boot in phit.' uml iu other Wurlv ASK YOUR and di-iiTt tin p«& with iutoilur j;uwii». Mr ".nun r«». \Y. u, y. -».M. me NO. s*. ^

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