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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

OAKLAND TRIBUNE JULY 23, 1914. Won Rare Honor 0 Artistic Plans SERIES OP THEFTS Shotgun, Revolvers, Bicycles and Motorcycle Included in Loot. TUESDAY EVENING. YOUTH ACGUSED OF Featured Wednesday But on Sale as Long as Lines Last iiv. I'V t. Special at Hale's for Charged with committing eight thefts In as many' days, William Harm, aged 19, was arrested early iHi this morning; and lodged in the city prison by Inspectors Drew, Quigley and MoSorley, who declare that the We were able to secure only 150 of these splendid Fall Waists to sell Market Day at 98d. Made of good Ramie Unen and cotton mixture. In light and dark Copenhagen, leather, tan, pink, white, tango, flesh laa has had one of the strangest careers of crime ever brought to the and crushed raspberry. Neat white collar and turn-up cuffs. Finished with crochet buttons. The ma notice of the local police department. terial alone would cost as much, if not more, than sale price, 98tf. The boy is declared to have stolen a shotgun, two revolvers, three over coats, a couple of bicycles and i Unburnned Hat Shapes Every Short Kimono Now motorcycle. He will nrnhnhiv Fifty $1.95 to $3.95 Sweaters at TV -I charred with WORTH TO $3.50. NOW acctount of his youth an effort is A wonderful bargain sale in 25c oeing made to throw the matter into A host of this season's best Hat Shape styles, in the popular 29c Short Kimonos, mostly in flan. 98c nelette, a few in flowered lawns. we juvenile Court The history of the boy's offenses, according to the police, la as follows1. He is accused of having stolen a urny oecause or tnese white sweaters are slightly soiled can we sacrifice them at 98tf Once cleaned they will be as good as new. A good range of styles and sizes for women. shotgun from his brother, living at via xnirty-slxth street; two pistols from another brother, three over $1.19 House Dresses, Special coats from automobiles standing on Broadway, and a Bicycle- in Concord, which he Is deplared to have' sold. The boy then, according to the police, proceeded to Sacramento, where he Only because we are overstocked in sizes 36 Is accused of having stolen another 69c CARL WARXECKE. and 38 can we offer these Dresses at such drastic reduction now 694" each. mcycle, selling this, and, after taking a train at Davis, Is declared to have Materials are percales in stripes or checks, in returned to Oaklanl. Here, it is de clared by the police, he stole i light, medium and dark colors. Examination will prove workmanship and finish excellent. Second Floor. motorcycle from William B. Dean in the Bacon building. In tracing this the detectives came across the lad's In the semi-annual competitive examinations for admission to L'Ecole des Beaux Arts at Farts, France, Carl War-necke, son of Mrs. C. Warnecke, of 117 Forty-fifth street, received sixth place. Over 700 architectural students were examined. Warnecke devoted about three trail and his arrest resulted. EDUCATORS WILL months to preparation for the Before bis departure for Europe In Jan uary, Warnecke was employed in the office of the firm of Bakewell Brown of San Franclseo. He designed the horti HE BLOOMFIELD cultural building for the Panama-Paclflo snaaes or gold, tango, navy, natural, also black. Wonderful bargains now at only 25 each. Tent Prices Now at BedrocK $5.50 Tents, 6x8 8 oz now $4.50 $6.50 Tents," 6x8 10 02:7 now: $5.50 $6.50 Tents, 8x10 8 $8.50 Tents, 8x10 10 now. 25c SilK Striped Voile, Yard 19c Many pretty effects in solid colors with dainty silk stripes. 15c Striped Whipcord, Yard 9c Comes in all good colors, 27 inches wide. 20c Figured Crepe, Yard 10c White ground with small flowers, 36 inches wide. 20c Ratine Suiting', Yard 9c An excellent quality of Ratine in all good colors, 27 inches wide. $2.50 Bed Spreads, Special $1.95 Scalloped, honeycomb Bed Spreads in large double bed size. $3.00 Wool-Finish BlanKets, $2.59 These Blankets come in white, in large size. $1.00 SilK Gloves, Pair 59c Two clasp Gloves in white and black. Also some sixteen button length Silk Gloves, not all sizes, black and a few good 75c Plaid Dress Goods, Yard 59c A good line of pretty Plaids for Skirts, trimmings, children's dresses, 40 inches 20c Fancy Ribbon, Yard 15c All silk Ribbon, 4z inches wide, in pink, blue, cardinal or white. SSSSSBBSSSSSSSSI HALE'S SSSSSSSSSSSBSSBSSSSSSSSSI Exposition, and in 1913 he entered into A good range of sizes and colorings. Women's $1.50 BlacK SilK Hose, Special, Pair, 89c Pure Silk Hosiery with lisle sole, heel and toe, with fashioned ankle. Women's $1.00 Union Suits, 47c Summer weight Union Suits of lisle thread with low neck, in knee length, with wide knee lace trimmed. Men's 75c Golf Shirts, 49c A new line of these Shirts with stiff cuffs and plain bosom, in stripe effects of lavender, blue or black. Men's 50c Work Shirts for 39c Of blue chambray, with lay down collar, trimmed with pearl buttons. Men's 10c Cotton SocKs, 5c Black or tan Cotton Socks in medium weight, seamless. Women's $1.00 Combinations 69c Muslin Drawers combined with Corset Cover, trimmed with lace, embroidery, beading and ribbon. Women's 25c Waist Aprons, 15c Gingham Aprons gathered at waist, cut wide and good length. Children's 50c Rompers, 39c Of Bluebell Gingham or Seersucker, with yokes and gathered knees, low neck and short Bleeves, or high neck with lay down collar, 2 to 6 years. 25c Pillow Tops for 10c Pillows, square or oblong, to be embroid-ered in the new cross stitch and other simple embroidery designs. competition for" an original design for the United States Supreme Court building, and be won the first medal for the most artlstlo plans. Many of the leading architects of America competed for honods. "Vocational Guidance" Dinner to Be Attended by About 200 Teachers. 'TRICK LEGALIZED 500 Yards 30c Voile Scrim, Yard A fine assortment of this Hemstitched Voile Scrim, with plain band and four rows of open hemstitch work. 1 OC 1000 Yds. 45c Hemstitched Scrim, Yd. Comes 36. inches wide, in white, cream or ecru, the newest and best material for living-room curtains in j)C cottages and bungalows; three patterns with satin stripes and open hemstitch work. Odd Lace Curtains to Off Only one and two pairs of a pattern, in white, cream or ecru. Included are Nottinghams, Brussels Nets, Scrims and Voiles all one-third to one-half off present low prices. $1.25 Matting Fibre Suit Cases Come 6 inches deep, with strong lock and handle. (A $2.25 MATTING SUIT CASES for 8 inches JJ 4C deep, with strong lock and leather handle; light and convenient to carry. About 200 teachers, welfare workers and educators will attend the "Voca. tlonal guidance" dinner to be given this evening In Hotel Oakland, where Meyer PRIMARY LAW Bloomfleld, director of the vocation bu reau of Boston, will be the speaker of the evening. He will be Introduced by A. C. Barker, superintendent of the Oakland public schools, who will act as toastmastcr. The discussion will be led Attorneys, Advising Jordan Re by Professor Alex Lange of the University of California. Dr. Mary Woolman of Boston and E. J. Afchern of the South garding Plural Nominations, Utter Criticism. em Pacific Company, will take part In the argument. The following letter la self-explana- Plana for the vocational guidance will be outlined by Meyer Bloomfleld, who is one of the leading authorities upon the new vocational guidance movement In tory: San Francisco, July 87, 1914. Hon. Frank C. Jordan, America. HAIiE'S1 HALE'S 1 Secretary of State, Sacramento, California. SAFE-CRACKERS FAIL. Dear Blr: BAN FRANCISCO, July 28. gang At your request we hare made an ex ot yeggmen broke Into the grocery Great $1.00 Bargains for "Dollar Bay" at Hale' amination of the "Direct Primary Law" as approved June 16, 1913, for the pur of Glnocchlo Sons, 8903 Geary street, about midnight and blew the outer door of the safe with nitro pose of determining your duty with reference to putting upon the ballots to be glycerin. The charge was not suf $1.25 All-SilK Taffeta, Yard $1.25 Melba Preparations for $1.95 Messaline Petticoats at voted at the coming- Primary election. ficient to force the inner door and under one party-designation, the names evidently the cracksmen were fright ened off as they left their tools scat of candidates who are seeking nomina tions at the hands of other parties, tered about the place and left a hat in the course of their flight. The safe In the concrete you have asked us if It showed that a second charge had been is your duty to place upon the Republican ballot the names of recognized partisans of the Progressive or Democrstlo placed, but the fuse had not been touched off. John Carraffa, employed In the place, heard a noise at 1 a. m. parties, who, having become the candidates of their respective parties, have and went downstairs. Finding all quiet he returned once more to bed through the activities of their friends, who are registered as Republican, obtained the necessary petitions to have themselves likewise enrolled as Republican candidates. You have called our attention to the A splendid quality of Silk Taffeta, (f 1 A A now so popular. Comes a full yard tPl.UU wide. Also yard wide $1.25 all silk Satin for $1.00 yard. $1.50 and $2.00 Net Guimpes, Fine net Guimpes, with pleated A A fronts, tiny buttons, and some with 1 aUU fine pleated net at neck; low neck effects, and high neck effects with sleeves. $2.50 and $3.00 Pictures for A great range of. subjects, includ- flA ing the popular Cupids, in oak or gilt UU frames in many different large sizes. $2.00 Art Linens Special Pure Linen Centers and Scarfs in A A a variety of pretty patterns, with PxU French hand embroidery. Impossibility of sueh candidates should they be nominated by more than one party, meeting in the several separate conventions which are subsequently con vened at the Capital at the same hour to adopt party platforms, as re MRS. THOMSON TELLS WOMEN How She Was Helped During Change of Life by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. quired by Subdivision 2 of Section 24 of the Act, NO CHOICE. To the question thus submitted to us we have given careful and unbiased con A limited number of these excel- A fit lent Petticoats in good colors and a Jh I .11 II full assortment of sizes. Values to $5.00 in Infants' Fancy Hats, Special Wednesday for This season's styles in pretty (tf A A Hats, many hand made, others of I II II fine Milan straw. Practically all popular styles included. $2.50 to $6.00 Children's Coats For Coats of cashmere, serge, pongee tft AA and satin, light mixtures and black JJLIIU and white check. Made in Reefer style or with large fancy collars. Sizes 2 to 6 years. $1.50 Hair Brushes Only Your choice Wednesday of any fr $1.50 Hair Brush in stock for $1. JI.UU These Brushes have pure bristles, solid backs of real ebony. $1.25 Bed Spreads, Special Honeycomb Spreads in white or A A colored effects. 2)1 UU $1.50 Feather Pillows For These Pillows are guaranteed filled A with pure sanitary feathers. Jl.UU $1.25 Linen DamaslI, Yard This beautiful Damask is bleached (tf and comes 72 inches wide. 1 UU With every $1.00 purchase of Melba A A Powder, Cream, etc Wednesday we D1UU will give without charge a 25c jar of Melba Rouge. $1.45 24-inch Dolls For Prettjr Dolls with sleeping eyes, 1 A A full jointed, with eye lashes, shoes tDLUU and stockings to match. $1.50 Cotton HammocKs Special These Hammocks are woven with A A fancy stripes in red, green, yellow and mixed colors. Very special in the middle of the season at 1.00. $2.00 Scrim and Nottingham Curtains Special, a Pair Come 2Vi and 3 yards long by 40 djl A A to 50 inches wide, in cream, ecru or tJxoUU white. $1.50 Couch Covers, Special Couch Covers 60 inches wide by A A three yards long, in blues reds and 0lUU greens. $1.75 Rag and Crex Rugs For Rugs 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. long, in A A ef ect of pink, blue, brown, green 0 1 and red. $1.95 Wash Dresses Special Women's galatea Wash Dresses in A A stripes of navy or light blue; noted JU for perfect fit and extra good workmanship. sideration, and as a result find ourselves compelled to advise you that in our Judg ment, under the law as It is written you have no alternative. $1.25 Worth of Ribbon Only The Act explicitly provides in Subdi vision 4 in Section 5 as follows: Philadelphia, Pa. "I am just 52 yean of age and (luring Change of Life I suf Nothing In this act contained shall be With every $1.00 purchase of Ribbon in our Ribbon Dept. Wednesday $1.00 fered for six years fcw.Hnmii.Wfi'.'iHiiwra.wJ only you can select without extra charge 25c worth r. i i i terribly. I tried several doctors-but none construed to limit the rights of any person to become the candidate of more than one political party for the same office upon complying with the requirements of this act, but no person should be entitled to become a candidate for more than one office at the same election." Under Subdivision 2-b of the same section, "requirements" which must be compiled with in order to become a can seemed to give me any relief. Every month the painswere intense in both sides, and made me so weak that I had to go to bed. At last a friend recommended Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable ux any luouon in our enure stocK, Boys' $3.50 to $6.00 Worsted Suits for Russian styles with sailor collar and Knickerbocker Pants, in brown, blue and gray A A in all good styles, 2 to 6 years. JU Boys' $2.50 Wash Suits for. Made of Repp, galatea and ging- A A ham, mostly with sailor collar and I 1911 gathered knee, in neat color effects, 4 didate for nomination to be voted for at any primary election are explicitly get forth, viz: By having his friends in each fnnntv where the vote is to be taken, and who are registered and qualified electors of such county, circulate nominating petl- uuiib in nis iavnr, and obtaining thereon the requisite signatures. Under Section 10 of the Act it Washington and Eleventh Sts.irOakland your duty as secretary of state to certify the names of all persons for whom nominating papers which comply with the requiremems-or the law have been filed in your office within the prescribed time. This leaves to you no discretion. nrf a nmisteral officer of the state you must are not justly entitled. Still this result Is the work of those who legalized the iiuio. ji me law leads to absurdities, or imposes duties uDon the trick, and which you. In the discharge Compound to me and I tried it at once and found much relief. After that I had no pains at all and could do my housework and shopping the same as always. For years I have praised Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for what it has done for me, and shall always recommend it as a woman's friend. You ane at liberty to use my letter many way." Mrs. Thomson, 649 W. Russell St, Philadelphia, Pa. Change of Life is one of the most critical periods of a woman's existence. Women everywhere should remember that there is no other remedy known to carry women so successfully through this trying period as Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. If you want speolal advice write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential), Lynn, Mass. Tour letter will be opened. PASTOR QUITS JOB RATHER THAN CIGAR FRESNO, July 28. Because the con of your duty a rworn officer of the candidates which they cannot perform the responsibility therefor nfets upon the wheeling chair for a paralytic, In or. der that the poor sufferer can be wheeled In the, aunshlne by members of his family. Anyone having such a chair to loan or give away Is requested to communicate with the Oakland Associated Charities, tele-phono Oakland 688. tern uiaxvui a hiiu nui upon yOU. gregation objected to having their pastor Indulge In his after-dinner smoke, the state, are powerless to prevent. Very truly yours, (Signed) FRANK H. SHORT. THEODORE) H. BE3X, WILLJAM H. JORDAN. LEGALIZES TRICK. The Act provides as a ruin Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the most aristocratic religious Institution, of WOMEN MUST COUNT BALL0TSSIXTY HOURS CHICAGO, July 28. An nnfore-eeen difficulty confronts the election offlclaJs of this city who will be called upon to handle the September primary vote. Experts estimate that It will take lxty hours to count the primary ballots. Tha new primary law requires that the election officials do not separate from the time the polls close until the count Is completed, and a large proportion of the judges and clerks who have qualified are women. So far none of the women have withdrawn. whose duty It is to construe it that it "shall be liberally construed so that the real will of the electors shall not be defeated by any Informality or failure to comply with all the provisions of the law I I 3 9UI11 respect 10 euner the giving of notice or the conducting of the election or certifying the results there- muiI and aimwered riv a. woman of. ced today, en route home from a mountain trip, when he was arrested by City Marshal Thomas for speeding. The matter cume to the attention of J. J3. Olcese and W. C. Dallas, who In common with a large number of other Merced citizens, believe that the speeding regulations are too strictly enforced, especially In the case of strangers who happen to be traveling through the city. The result was that Messrs. Olcese and Dallas and Mayor K. Barcroft volunteered to pay Mr. Corder's fine of $10. The visitor was reluctant to accept the proffered assistance, but wag finally prevailed upon to do so. Mr. Olceae and Mr. Dallas, and also Mayor Barcroft, are convincfd that the city Is suffering Injury by the Imposition of these finns Hgainst motorists who happen to fee traveling through Merced. Mayor Barcroft stated that at meeting of the board the matter would be discussed of seeing whether or not a more lenient policy can be adopted In this regard, "SCHOOL 0FJDESIGN" The flan Francisco Institute of Art (formerly the Mark Hopkins), San 1'hii- and held in strict confidence. An Indication of the glgantlol Fresno, is now confronted with the pro lem of finding a succpssor to the Rev. H. C. Baxter, who resigned yesterdav Members of the church have objected to Baxter's habit for some time. On Sunday matters readied a crisis wh" several of the members severely criticised tlifl pastor during the morning service. "I smoke but very little," said the Rev. Mr. Baxter yesterday. "1 have had stomach trouble for several years and many have advised that I try smoking. I did and found It beneficial to my ailment. I smoke occasionally in the even Ing. at my home. The money required to keep me In smoking tobacco for a year would not exceed J2. I hoped the board would take a broad view of the latter, as the question Is really of trivial SATE AVOTB MONET PAJN nature of the task of counting the primary vote Is given In the tact that up to today petitions of 505 Democratic candidates had been filed here. There were 450 candidates 'of all parties on the ballot In 1912. KILLS HOI.S1.8 AND SELF. NEGLECTS TO TELL PLAXS. Elmer John Wolter and his bride, who waa Miss Mary Olys until last Saturday, when the couple were made one In San Jose, have returned to the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary Olys, 663 Sixty-second street Both were employed In the auditor's office of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. When they went to San Jose last Saturday they neglected to toll Mrs. Olys about their plans, a fact which gave rise to the Impression that there had been an elopement Cltrolax for Children CITROLAX FOR GROWN-UPS Cttrelax-for Invalids and Dellcat One, Children love to take CITROLAX tastes like lemonade and Is the nicest physic In the world for them. A grownup writes: "It gives the best flushing of anv cathartlo I ever used and an In-vaiHajs: "It suits me eTaotly Its action Is so mtliTr nnor sfford to be without It." Nothing better lor constipation, sour, distended stomach, bad breath or biliousness. Stops headaches ftulckly. Sold everywhere. MTertlsemeat tO.Vsae Ousran- 1VILL XOT SELL $3 LIEN'S HATS FOR LESS THAN' 1.50. BIT Wed. and Thurs. OF THIS WEEK IfE WILL MAKE EACH Pn.CHASER OF A 1915 MODEL BAL-MACAAN A PRESENT OF 60c, hO MAKING THEM Cost S1.00 Just to Get Acquainted, YOl'It STYLE. YOin SHADE, YOUR SIZE. Works 257 12TII. NEAR ALICE. HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED. If there were no doubt as to your duty in the premises, we think that under this rule it would be easily resolved as we read the law your duties are el'eur and we advise that you certify to places upon the ticket under each and every party designation the names of an persons for any office who have complied with the requirements set forth In the act. In giving you this advice we are not unmindful of the fact that in following It you will enable persons who are well known advocates and members of a certain political organization to obtain by the employment of a legalized trick HaeTTipdneVerSirtriheV' structlon of which they have in the past with All Work FKKRY, July 28. Orlef- I laaK oold CROWNS, Set of Teeth. Oold Fillings. Brides Work. stricken because or the threatened loss of his team of horses, by foreclosure of a mortgage, Gottlieb Wlg-ger. a farmer yesterday shot and killed the animals, burled them and then on'lt'd his own life Q''or the flrHllnQsJjrHA 0AKLANDER GETS TASTE 0FMERCEDSPEEDtAW Weure Week days, St Sundsys, to 12 M. t'nlversity: krswlnu, Painting. Modeling. BOSTON DENIAL to. phu tin now trying 10 accomplish, and thus by deceiving Innocent and Unadvised Opens August 10th; circulars mailed on REEK AVIIEEIJXU tlJAIIl. The Associated Charities Oakland have Issued an appeal for a (Merced Sun, July 20.) Walter E. Corder and family of Oakland were motoring through Mer- 1M VAmnrOXOBC grwgg luctor, gala mux vote to woldi taty a-Advertiscmeat.

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