The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1893
Page 5
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f<»- > '.n, c?;jf«f ?f^-T '•^U^WT !I V«.^^"" ? ,?'^ % ; .' \* .c*r, *>>^ ^<. j.^-'v^',-"'/ .-»-.- *w™^i^<<t^p/v w ^ «*•" v, ;^* %i ' T n^'W.'^^Y'^T^TS^V^ . w^*!'''' ' ^'V-- 1 " \"' v "^i^HSKP^*^ ' ' ' •> !'",",•-, ' • " """ ' ' " ,~\ ' • " > , * ' ' ' " ,>^ '"'T, * r - T >' ^ , 'v ^ ^/.(T * , ( - >^ , \ ^, ';', , •,./,' j " • ,'\ ; .^frj*. " ""• , a ' F \ 1 "• ."' 1 1 THE OTPMR DE8 MOIMJS: ALGOHA, IOWA 5 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1893, __ CUniNG, SLASHING, AND SACRIFICING the order of the day at uJii i l{ji' ^iTifllia ii JL n^i »HLi i Last week was a grand success, Hundreds of people carried away large bundles, happy and satisfied they got the biggest bargains in their lives. We earnestly desire to have everybody come to this great sale. We want everybody to come and get the benefit of the lowest prices ever made or will be made on first-class clothing, OUR SOLE OBJECT is to turn the stock into money and have it closed out by Jan. 1st. All the winking and nudging and dodging and cry of sham sale don't matter, gentlemen ; it has no effect, We are going to close out the stock as we have said. The people know a good thing when they see it. Come with your money and we will give you some of the greatest bargains you ever saw, Tliis week we will make a great effort to close out many lots. Come early and get first choice. &z, OO. DR. DOWNING, !'The well-known and successful specialist In 'Chronic and Nervous diseases and diseases of the Eye and Ear, by request of many friends and patients will visit •ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th, AT THE THORINGTON, ONE DAY ONLY, EVERY MONTH. CONSULTATION FREE. DR. DOWNING, Author of "Nervous Debility." Generative Exhaustion, Its Cause and Cure, etc. This skillful and reliable SPECIALIST, well and favorably known throughout the northwest for the many wonderful cures of Chronic and Nervous Diseases which he has effected that had baffled the skill of other physicians and specialists. HE CURES WHEN OTHERS FAIL. Diseases of EYES and EARS, Granulated Lids, Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Ears, Deafness, etc. Diseases of NOSE and THROAT, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc., diseases of Stomach and Liver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Biliousness, Jaundice, etc., KIDNEY aud BLADDER troubles, Blood and Skin diseases, Scrofula, Pimples, Blotches, Eczema, Ulcers, etc., Nervous Diseases. Headache, Hysteria, Insomnia, lack of vitality, languor, Norvousness, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc., Diseases of Women, Deformities. Surgical operations of all kinds successfully per formed, YOUNC AND MIDDLE-AGED MEN Suffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Seminal Weakness, Lost Vigor, Decline of Manly Powers, Drains, Dls Charges or Losses Varicocele, and all the train of evils resulting from excesses, errors of youth, etc., producing some of the following effects, as Nervousness, Emissions, Blotches or Pimples, Debility, Dizziness, Defective Memory, Absence of Will Power, Confusion of Ideas, Aversion to Society, Sexual Exhaustion, Pain in the Back, etc., blighting the most radiant hopes, rendering marriage unhappy and business a failure, sweeping thousands to an untimely grave. No matter who has failed consult the Doctor. He has cured thousands Who have given up in despair. A perfect restoration. Consultations sacredly coufldentia., Delays are dangerous. MARRIAGE, — Those contemplating mar rlagewho are aware of physical defects or weakness which would render marriage a disappointment will do well to call on us. T?REE examination of the urine, chemical and microscopical in all cases of kidney dls ease, brlght's disease, diabetes, and sperma- torrhoea. Bring specimen. Eenwrkable Cures perfected In old cases which nave been neglected or unskillfully treated. No experiments or failure. Cases and correspondence strictly confidential. List of questions free. Address, with postage. J>R. DOWNItfQ, v }l3 West Madison St., CHICAGO, ILL. 'refght 10:00 a m Freight.... 10:00 a m Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Molnes at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi ago at 8 a. in. F. H. VESPER, Agent. Good Farm for Rent. I want to rent, for cash, my 160-acre farm four miles due south of Algona. Eighty acres under plow. Eight acres tame grass on the place. Farm is al' fenced in. Plenty of good water. Wil rent farm implements, Half cash down and balance after harvest. 38t2 CHAS. BUSA, I HAVE five, six, "and seven-octave or gans in walnut, oak, cherry, or beach cases. Write for prices. C. Brooks LiYermore.-38t2 ; _ OLD-FASHIONED maple syrup, guar anteed pure or money refunded, at the Opera House Grocery. JUD. HEALEY is to have a big sale Dec. 19 of stock, grain, machinery, etc Apong other things are 40 hogs. KATE SMITH will be ready for a clasi in music about Christmas.-38t3 - up with the «*<wi| Iwyipg aj ' RAILWAY TIME OAKDS. Chicago, Milwaukee *. St. Panl Rnllwny. IiOCAIj TBAIN8 WEST. <To. 7 departs at 8:30 am To. 0 departs at 4:2G p m Freights that carry passengers— To. 93" departs at 11:55 a m Mo. 71 departs at 0:15pm TRAINS EAST. .^.2 departs at 10:12 am ^o. 8 departs at 5:38 p m Freights that carry passengers— STo. 761 departs at ll:00pm ' . 04 departs at 1:45pm B. F. HEDKICK, Agent. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. North— llxed 8:18am ass 3:33 pm South- Pass 2:40 pm Mixed 6:07pm THE CITY CIRCUIT. L. C. Smith returned last night. S. B. Shadle is sick with lung fever. Ledyard has a citizen narnsd E. Gad. Geo. Hunter is acting as baliff in iourt. There will be no Ladies' Aid supper this week at Mrs. Boals.' E. P. McElroy is just _ recovering rom two weeks with the grip. Jas. Hunt, a former Algona shoemaker, has opened a shop at Burt. The library association will meet in the reading room Friday, Dec. 15, at 3 o'clock. A shoemaker named Bestenliner died this morning after an illness of a ! ew days. THE UPPER DES MOINES is full of new advertisements this week. Bead ;hem all. A Des Moines traveling man, Sam. Schrimer, was stricken with paralysis at Burt last Friday. Mayor Boyle was over Monday. He says Whittemore is doing more trade this fall than ever before. Cheever Hudson is again attending to business after two weeks at home with grip and rheumatism. Germania is after a druggist's permit to sell liquor at this term of court. The hearing comes next week. J. F. Nicoulln is building adjoining the Clarke block, 20x40, to be used by Joe Cordingly for a meat market. Plum Creek has a Good Will society which seems to be affording the people there some very sociable gatherings. Our new sheriff, C. C. Samson, is having a hard time to find a house. Vacant houses are very scarce in town at present. The court calendar for this term is the largest the county has ever had. There are 168 cases. If the docket is cleaned up it will take three weeks. Marriage licenses have been issued to John Stranger and Frida Traub, Wm. J. Hable and Victoria C. Chris- chilles, Alfred Miller and Sophia Hof. Marshal Dailey has not yet heard whether his darkey has arrived at Fort Missoula and does not yet know whether he is the man wanted or not. A debating society up at the Scotch school house, near Thos. Burl's, is to tackle the tariff this week. Dr. Bourne and J. W. Julian are two of the speakers. There will be preparatory service at the Irvington church tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock, reception of new mem- U n nnrt T .rtw/1'o ClirmAT» SlUlflRV &tS bers and o'clock. Lord's supper Sunday at 3 In our neighborhood news is notice of J. J. Ryan in a new Fort Dodge investment company. That and the new house down there are still to be explained. The third grand child of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Raymond that has died lately at Spirit Lake was buried Friday. Mrs. Raymond has been there for some days. B. W. Haggard has bought the big walnut desk that decorated O. E. Palmer's office so many years and has bad Jas. Orr polish and varnish it till it looks like new. The Bode debating society decided against Cleveland »the winter's amusements open to the people and every town and township should have one. The social union club serves the purpose for Algona. Samuel Mayne and Mayor Thompson wore down from Bancroft Monday for the opening of court. The latter got an order that permits Germania to vote on incorporating. Mrs. Kennedy and relatives desire to thank their many friends ; who in any way so kindly assisted them through the sickness and death of her husband and their brother. The Odd Fellows are in their new hall and will have a public dedication in about a month. This will be announced later. It will allow the public to see this handsome room. Jan. 8 and Postmaster Starr's retirement are a week nearer. Will the new man be named before then, and if so is Bro. Hinchon the man? Or is it Mr. Ford or Mr. Heise-or Mr. Pettibone? Rev. Jackson of Iowa City preached for the Episcopalians Sunday and pleased them very much. An effort is being made to secure him regularly here and at Emmetsburg, preaching alternate Sundays at each place. •Fifteen Good Templars from Algona went down to the Newcomb school house in Irvington township Saturday evening and organized a Good Templars lodge with 14 members to start with and a good prospect for many more. Guy Grove came rushing in last week ,o say that the cut we had announced at the opera house grocery was not a cut in the right direction. Instead of cutting canned tomatoes up to 25 cents they had cut them down to 10 cents a :an. There will be quarterly service at ;he Free Methodist church Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock, Saturday at 2 and 7:30 o'clock, Sunday at 11 and 7:30 o'clock. Rev. G. P. Wilson will conduct the services, to which, all are invited. Henry Hauserman died last Wednesday at the poor house and was buried Thursday. We gave last week a sketch of his career in the county, calling him Elenry Switzer by mistake, his old nicknames being "Swiss Henry," and "Dutch Henry." Letters are advertised for Mary Brock, Mr. Butts, Jesse Caswell, Homer Cleary, Stella Crosk, Jas. A. Fos- ,er, J. M. Gardner, Mr. Hodge, Engelbert Koppen, Sigri Olson, Jas. G. Peterson, Wm. Smith, Geo. E. Talbott, W. A. Williar"*, Jos. Young, Iowa's nev£ magazine, the Midland Monthly, will be issued Saturday. All who want sample copies can secure them by leaving 15 cents at this office or by sending 14 cents in postage to the publisher in Des Moines. The Midland with THE UPPER DES MOINES will cost but $2.50 for 1894. Will Purvis, whose paintings at the county fair won the first prize and who did them without having received any instruction whatever, has been in Chicago since then studying in the art institute, He has a great deal of native genius and wiil be heard from if he sticks to his present ambition, Judge Carr and Reporter Grier arrived Monday ready for a long term of court. There are more cases on for hearing than at any previous term for years. The jury was called yesterday afternoon on the case of S. H. McNutt vs. A. L. Cheney for a car load of hay at Hobart. Geo. E. Clarke represented McNutt, and W. C. Danson, Cheney. The Milwaukee company advertises a cheap plan for getting some very handsome world's fair views. We can cheerfully commend the quality of the pictures. There is no cheaper way to ornament a home than is thus afforded. Everyone who orders one portfolio will take the lot. But one portfolio is an ornament by itself and costs but 10 cents. At the Bible society meeting at the Baptist church Sunday evening Chas. J. Doxsee was chosen secretary and the old board of directors were re-elected. Miss Dodd, who has for six years been when he sees the sermon in the second paper he feels inclined to profanity and that feeling increases as ho picks up each succeeding paper until he is worse off than as though he had no sermon at .all. tf he last West Bond Journal an nou nces es that the bank J. C. Blackford is connected with has voluntarily closed and gone out of business. No mention is made of what Mr. Blackford will do in the future. We note among the stockholders that he had 20 shares and Barnet Devlne 50 shares of stock, while the State Bank of Bancroft was largely represented by its stock holders. Work has been stopped at the city well and over $200 has been put into what proves another unsuccessful, experiment. One point is in but Mr. Stahl failed to locate the end of it in enough water to produce any visible results. The second point he is pulling out, as the committee decided to quit work without any further expense. Nothing further will be done this winter. . The Dingley & Moffatt case against Martron, for damages on account of that cribbing stallion, was set for this morning. The case of the Caxton Co. vs. J. J. Banwart and Whittomore district No. 3 is also sot for today. The breach of promise case of Anna C. Roda vs. Emil Rau is set for tomorrow and also the case of Timothy Brick vs. D. C. Filkine, A. B. Dunlap, and F. E. Smith. Nine men came up out of jail yesterday to face the grand jury. They were Baker of wolf scalp fame, Kelloy, who forged a $190 check at LuVerne, Jones and Fuller, who stole the hogs, and the five Germania citizens wanted for illegal liquor selling, one of them on two charges. The grand jury this year is E. N. Weaver, E. McWhorter, Wm. Billsborough, M. Froilinger, and G. Wallbillig. They will keep Kossuth straight and law abiding. John G. Smith has received a very unanimous 'endorsement for appointment to succeed Mr. Griggs as fish commissioner. Tho letters come from men of influence all over the state and are all very hearty in their approval of his candidacy. The term of Mr. Griggs docs not end until April 80, and probably nothing will be done soon about chosing a successor. But when one is chosen Mr. Smith will have the inside track from present appearances. Jas. Orr agreed last week to clean up and varnish the editorial table in this office for nothing if we would find a new resting place for a week for the accumulations of the past 12 years—we took him up, The fact is our lady visitors have looked at that table for some years in a way to suggest that we would be warranted in going to some expense in the matter, and it is with great pleasure that we announce that hereafter they will have nothing to complain of. A trade was made last week by which Dr. Morse gets the W. W. Wheeler house and Mr. Wheeler takes the Morse house. Mr, Wheeler's family will move to Des Moines and Dr. Morse's family occupy their new home about New Years. We are sorry to lose the Wheelers from Algona, but congratulate the doctor on the fine home he gets, Mr. Wheeler is a genial business man, and Mrs. Wheeler a lady of very superior mental culture and attainments. A very small audience was out for the social union club Friday evening on account of the bad weather, but an excellent programme was given. Miss Jordan gave an entertaining account of the mythology out of which the constellations got their names in astronomy, and Rev. Dorward had an excellent paper on "Show Your Colors." An instrumental duet by Misses Farrell and Jones and a vocal duet by Miss Cora Setchell and Geo. Hamilton added to the enjoyment of those present. The Bancroft Register publishes an item about Burt and that town furnishing the paid admissions to the home entertainment Friday, which seems to treasurer and had the business of society in charge, reported that bad sold 75 bibles the past year. the she She resigned her office, but no successor has been chosen. credit the rumor that the Algona visitors went in on free tickets. We have enquired as to this and find that outside of those who had parts in the play and acted, only two complimentary tickets were issued; to Algona visitors, one " *-- after a full hearing last Wednesday. W. B. Quarton appeared for Wolf and Raymond prosecuted. Drs. Garfield and Konofick both testified fully us to Its alcoholic character, but Wolf swore that ho did not know it was alcoholic and was turned loose on this pretext. Mr. Raymond will try and appeal to the district court thereby raising a new and close question. If he can have the district court review the case the Lu- Vorno prairies may yet bo watered with a wagon load of very excellent beor. Oliver Bonschotor, one of the. pioneers, is very sick at Fairmont. I-lo was taken with hiccoughs and they could not be stopped for over a week. Mrs. A. L. Seeley and Ned Benschoter are with him. Grant was up last week. It is a curious case. Another world's fair story has como to light. It seems that in the house that Wm. Peck of Burt and Wm. Carter of Irvington wore stopping, either through a failure of the gas fixtures or to the light not being properly turned off the gas escaped in Mr. Carter's room, and but for the coming in of Fred Jain, son of Rod Jain of Portland, many might have been suffocated. Ho smellcd the gas in the hall aud called the clerk. All the transoms wore open and before morning the gas might have smothered all tho sleepers in the house. It was a narrow and fortunate escape. Yesterday's Sioux City Journal has this from Washington: "Tho postof- fice at Algona is giving tho politicians a small amount of annoyance. Th.e principal candidates are J. W. Hinchon, editor of the Courier, and D. S. Ford. Hinchon, being a newspaper man, has tho right to suppose that he has the encouragement of Mr. Richardson, but on tho other hand it is hinted that Mr. Ford has the backing of Dan Lament, secretary of war, who has been suspected before of sticking his thumb into Iowa politics. If Lamont is really backing Ford all the other candidates might as well get out of tho way." The Kossuth wolf hunt is assuming huge proportions everywhere except at home. The Sioux City Journal says editorially: One of the biggest wolf hunts that ever took place in the state Is being arranged in Kossuth county. The farmers, who are sheep raisers, have met with such a loss by the sheep killing wolves that they have organized and will sweep tho Des Moines valley from one end of the county to tho other. After the wolves have all been run Into a small circle and killed, their pelts will be disposed of to the county and the proceeds will go towards furnishing a grand supper for the participants. The railroad wreck at Ledyard last week was a pretty considerable affair. It occurred at an open switch and the engine was on an embankment. The Bancroft Register says: " The engine plunged down the bank, turning completely over and landing on her top. The heavy iron switch tie got caught in the wheels some way and for about 15 minutes they continued to revolve, tearing up the frozen ground and knocking the machinery to pieces. Tho steam dome was broken off, but the weight of the heavy engine held it in place against the hard earth, so that, as the trottle was left open, the steam had to leak the cracks before the wheel with the irons caught in it ceased to revolve." The engine and four cars were ruined. It was an expensive affair, D. H. Hutchins is gathering a full and satisfactory experience with bunco men. A short time ago he was visiting his daughter in Sioux City and as he was walking along the street a stranger accosted him and inquired about A. D. Clarke and told Mr. Hutohins to tell him when he got back that J. C. Clark of Dubuque sent regards, Then he asked about a banker named Hall. Mr. Hutchins said he guessed he meant Call. The man agreed and said Mr. Call was then in the city at a certain' hotel and wanted him to go down and meet him. Mr. Hutchins knew better than that and told the man that he guessed not. He afterwards found out that the hotel named was a gathering place for tough characters, and Mr. Clarke knew nothing about any J. C. Clark of Dubuque. Saturday night about 1 o'clock Frank workin a Norwegian named Thuysbrok, pretty roughly when Hunter's brother-in-law, Weldy, came up and got them out of the barn. After they had gone a good buffalo robe and five whips were missed. They were arrested and brought be- fore'Squire Clarke and gave bonds to appear a week from next Friday for trial on the charge of assault and battery. Mr. Bamsoy claims that they had nothing to do with the missing: articles. The Norwegian was not much hurt, but was very roughly handled) a whip being broken over his head. The trial will bring out the facts. DR. W. A. ROHLF, diseases of the eye and ear. Glasses fitted. At Dr. Kcnefick's olfico, Dec. 27 and 28.-38t2 ONE of tho finest stoves made can bo found at John Grove's hardware. Columbian Stamps "Wanted. Wo will pay ten cents a hundred for cancelled Columbian stamps of all kinds neatly pasted on paper, until Jan. 1, 1894, at tho real estate, town, chattel, and personal loan ollice of Skinner Bros. Money for Christmas—Plenty of money to loan on all kinds of security at Skinner Bros. 1 AVlio Has a farm or wild land to trade hotel, or a stock of merchandise? 180, Fort Dodge, Iowa.-38t4 for a Box C. B. MATSON hns the blacksmith accounts of the late John St. John for collection. All those knowing themselves indebted to him should call and pay the same at onco.-38t2 MONEY of all kinds on all security at Skinner Bros. 1 LARGE stock of wood and iron at John Grove's hardware. pumps ITvo Dollars Howard. Lost, a pair of gentleman's seal skin gloves, on the streets in Algona last week. The finder of the same will receive the above reward on ery at tho MOINES. office of THE their deliv- UPPER DES You can buy a new No. 9 cook stove for $9.95 at John Grove's hardware. THE Opera House Grocery is the place to get your fresh fruits, oranges, •pears, grapes, apples, etc. Want Ice or Water? If you want a nice load of ice or water, leave your orders at H. J. Winkle's hardware store. B. H. WINKIE. WHILE " You're Thinking" about it go to the Opera House Grocery. You are sure to find just what you want. SKINNER BROS, have a good farm to rent. Call immediately. You will get fooled by not looking at John Grove's stock of hardware. BREAKFAST flakes, breakfast foods, Quaker oats, wheaten grits,,farina, etc., at Langdon & Hudson's.-S7t2 Do you need a fur robe? If so call on. F, S, Stough. LADIES' and misses' jackets in all the latest styles: also new stock of dress goods at Galbraith's. DON'T forget that the Opera House Grocery is still THE place to buy yopr butter. HAVE you any money to spare? We will guarantee you 12 per cent, on investment. Call and investigate our plan. Skinner Bros. HE cures when others fail, Dr. Downing cures chronic and nervous diseases. Consult him at the Thoringtoo hotel, Wednesday, Deo. 13. NEW stock of carpets, cm-tains, at Galbraith's. portiers, lace BEGIN the year 1894 right by eoroll- " - the Normal n Fisher says h§ £ f Js six J»jwri

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