The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1893
Page 7
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F I f y* i & BBS ALOONA, IOWA, WlBKESSBA; DE01MBEK 6,' ™ T- 4 - i'*r^K$M?rwl j • < •' KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and _hds to personal enjoyment when jghtly used. The many, who live bet* If than others stud enjoy life more, with jifess expenditure, by more promptly 'Adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest ths value to health of the pure liquid [l&Kativo principles embraced in the ffemedy, Syrup of Figs. llts excellence is due to its presenting fi the form most acceptable and plcas- (Mt to the taste, the refreshing and truly feneficial properties of a perfect lax- ttive; effectually cleansing the system, 'Ipelling colds, headaches and fevers . id permanently curing constipation. | has given satisfaction to millions and *it With the approval of the medical >fession, because it acts on the Kid- leys, Liver nnd Bowels without weakling them and it is perfectly free from 'ery^objectionabje substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- istsin 60c and $1 bottles, but it is nian- ictured by the California Fig Syrup ', only, whose name is printed on every bkage, also the name, Syrup of Figs, id being well informed, you will uot :ept any substitute if offered. , . *\ ^ One of my neighbors, Mr. John (Gilbert, lias been sick for a. long e. All thought him pastrecovery. .€s was horribly emaciated from the action of his liver and kidneys, difficult to describe his appear- ice and the miserable state of his ilth at that time. Help from any seemed impossible. He tried tur August Flower and the effect ipn him was magical. It restored to perfect health to the great tonishment of his family and lends." JohnQuibell, Holt, Out.® »¥« i-OutMColds, Caught, Sots Jhroat, Oronp, luflnonra, TnnnmnM n««»Vi PvAnniiUtn n«4 A nil.*** * •««™*MI«I ; Bronchltla aai t. 5thm». A ce rtaln cure Minuses, and a euro relief Jn ad ' o flrct done. Cold b law tattle GO cento and SI A remedy which, Jf used by Wives about to experience the painful ordeal attendant upon Child-birth, proves an Infallible specific lor.andobvlates the tortures of confinement, loseeniiifr the dangers thereof to both mother and child, h'old by all druggists. Seiitby express on receipt of price, Sl.BJ per bottle, charges pra- v ff >^' paid. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO.. .ATLANTA. GA. TK13ATEB FKli;E Positively Cured witli VcKetuhle .Remedies Huvo cured thoiiaunrts of cases. Cure casoi pro • nounced lioijulcaa by heat physicians. li'rom tlrstdosc Byraptomsrtiaappoiir; in tun day-antlenntiwo-tlilrds -all symptoms removed. Send forfrco buolctoatimu- nlals of miraculouB cures. Ten days' treatmen free by mail. If you order trial send JUo In stamps .topay postage. Dtl.H.H.CjHEKN&SoN.s.Atluntn.Ga. If you order trial return Una adverllseuiout to us. Ely's 7 Balm intocach nostril. "" S., M \Varrou 8t.,N.Y. and people j who have weak lungs or Asth- rait, should use Piso'sCure for Consumption. It has cured tUousuiiU*. it has not injured one. It Is not bud to take. Itistuo best cough syrup. Sold everrwhere. 3S5c. HIGHLY ENDORSED. Tbe Profossor of Physiological Cheni-1 ( istry at Yale College says: " 1 find Kick\ a P°° fi u & an Sagwa to be ait txii-act of"* Jtools, JJai-ks anil Herbs of Valuable. Item-* edinl Action, without. ««;/ mitierat'or ut/iei- hari'Sul admixtures, if*r Kic-kuooo ludlun" ** SUKWU Is the grandest Iiivcr, Slouiucii. liluod a nil K<it\'U Remedy KUOWB. Cleanses, Purlilcs, and Bcaoviitcs cvary part oV tlio Ii:uu:iu system. All JJi'Ut;- Xlsts, Si u I'OlUe — 0 EotUes tor $6. 8 AND HOUSEHOLD, HOCS AND ' THEIR RELATION , TO rvlORTQACES. Give This Importune Anlmnl Hitttet Cure—Mow Wiitor Gets Into Tilo — ; Keeping I'otHtdOB Snpiirnte—Poultry : Pickings and Itouiuhol I Help, The Ji ,S\vino havo boon, and still arc, to the farmers of tJio groat corn belt ot the Mississippi valley what, in the past, sheep vevp to tho farmers in the hills of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio—tho great mortgage liquidate.!'. By footling their enormous corn crops to swino they escape the heavy expense necessary to transfer their corn to the market, anil at tho same time realized more per bushel for it when marketed aa pork than would have been possible if sold as corn, writes F. D. Beck in C'olman's Rural World. Hogs have not only enriched the farmers but they have been chielly instrumental in buildine- up Chicago, Cincinnati, Kansas City, St. Louis and many more of our prosperous Western cities. With such a favorable showing 1 think they are justly entitled to more consideration and hotter care than is usually bestowed upon them by tho general farmer. If, with all tho neglect and gross mismanagement that has boon their unfortunate lot in the past, and they have accomplished s6 much, what would have been the result had they been given proper treatment? In the first place too many poor, scrubby, ill-bred hogs havo been and still are kept for breeders. Every male pig not strictly purebred, and many that are, should be emasculated before they are two months old; it is tho only perfect guarantee that wo havo that they will not double their own disgrace by becoming tho sit-os of pigs of a liko inferiority to themselves. A fow (not so few, cither,) spayed sows will have the same effect. A sharp knife properly handled is the chief agent in tho improvement of all classes of domestic animals. It matters not whether your breeding sows arc purebred, cross-bred, high-grade, low- grade, or scrubs, they should never bo muted with a boar that is not thoroughbred. We often seo a high- grade boar that to all appearances ia equal to tho pure-bred one, but put him to the test and his low origin will crop out in his pigs as surely as "night follows day." No improvement over was or over will bo effected by breeding from any hut pure-bred males, and ho who persists in breeding to those miserable specimens we too often see, that plainly show their mongrel origin, are simply committing self-robbery. A purebred male can now bo secured at a nominal price; there are thousands raised every year that, while they are not good enough for tho purposes of the professional breeder, are, or would be if bred to tho common herds of tho general farmer, of incalculable value in tho improvement in their herds of which they are capable. Swino breed at an early ago, and may bo bred twice each year, and by using pure-bred males and selecting tho best sow pigs and mating thorn to other pure-bred males, in an incredibly short time the poorest herd of scrubs may be so improved that for all practical purposes are nearly, if not altogether, tho equal of tho best thoroughbreds. Considering the increased value of the product of tho herd, all this improvement is effected without cost. Ouce,and many yet adhere to tho customs of their youth, wo were taught that the brood sow ho poor, ti mere skeleton, at tho time of far, t'owing, or she would neither farrow large litters nOr rear good pigs. We, some of us, know hotter than that now and endeavor to keep all the brood sows healthy and thrifty—a very poor sow is neither. Tho sow should not bo fully fattened; that would bo almost as bad as tho old plan, but she should bo fully half fat Never fear, if sho produces a largo family, with the most liberal feeding she'll bo poor enough by the time she weans her pig's. "Tastes change," and the markets change with thorn. Wo wore onco justiliablo in trying to market our hogs at as great weight a-.i possible. Then if any large, overgrown hogs •wore to bo had the medium sized pig was ijhov.'n small consideration, but now he's "on top" and tho former favorite is far down in tho scale of favoritism. In those days of small profits 1 doubt very much if wo can afford to food our pigs until they are much more than six months old, and if properly cared for and fed every day of their short lives if they are well bred they can be made to weigh 25!J pounds, oven more at that age. There are many, very many reasons for getting rid of them as soon at; possible. lion- AVfUer <ieta Jutu Tile. Professor J. M. Bloss of the On- tai-io state oolles'o {jives in a recent lecture on tile draining', some ti-uo und some false theories. lie claims that water does not come through the tops of tilo, but from the bottom where tho ends come together. This is generally true, though in a severe rain storm, when the soil is drenched with water, some of it is washed through the cracks overhead,and to guard ugainst this a coarse gravel ought to cover these joints so as to hold the lino ailt that will spoil the .drain. But some water may and does soak ;hrough tha cile when tho ground is saturated, and in denying this the n-ofessor is in the wrong. He say a ;hat poms tilo ought not to be uaod, arguing Hint it will dissolve by action of tho water. It will if frost gets to ifco not. Jf the Around is firm it is belter to lay horseshoe tile than sole tilo. In that case nearly nil tho \\lator will rise "up into the channel from beneath. We 'have 'often laid horseshoe tile .in soil where thero wore'occasional 1 springs in tho bottom of.tho drain. It is best, in such eases to lay long, flat stones on cither side.of tho drain, wido enough for tho tilo' to rest on, and long enough to reach past the . spring to firm soil on either side. Drains thus laid foyty years ago are doing good service, only showing action of frost nt tho outlets, whore tho water in porous tile sometimes froze in very cold weather. Glazed tile are needlessly expensive, and do not drain so well as tile that arc porous. Glazing the pipe, witn tight joints at tho ends, is used for city sewers, but such pipes are no good for draining land of tho surplus water that fills it. Hooping Potatoes Sopttrute. There is moro mixing of varieties among potatoes than there is in any other farm crop. The evil is increased by thn tendency of now varieties to sport and produce potatoes of different color and shape from those used as seed. But in most eases it comes from carelessness in digging where several sorts are grown on adjoining rows in the sumo field. No matter how distinct ono variety may bo from another, when the men strike a row of another kind it ia tho most natural thing in tho world to dig ono or two hills "just to seo if they are different. " Nino times out of ten those hills will bo put among the potatoes previously dug. In this way after two or throo years potato seed becomes hopelessly mixed. It is very -hard now to get Early Rose that will bo wholly true to name. Tho sport Late Rose looks so much liko tho other that it escapes unless the hills are marked before tho tops die. Tlio Late Rose has green tops long after tho other kind has withered almost out of sight. Where potatoes aio cut and two pieces placed in tho hill tho mixing is still more hopeless. \Ve think at least enough varieties, pure and true to name, should bo saved each fall for seed. An even lot, all of one variety, looks much bettor and will bring several cents moro per bushel in most markets than sorts that include several kinds. Even for cooking they are worth more, while, of course, for seed no ono would willingly purchase a mixed lot if he could got any other. — American Cultivator. Poultry Chickens liko swoot milk bettor than sour. Try warm, sweet milk as a tonic for sick fowls. For swelled head bathe tho face with a solution of Halt. Study the demands of tho poultry market and eater to tho demand. If you want to raise only oggskcop the hens separate from tho males. Giving too much sloppy food to young chickens often causes scours. The. goose is a good rustler and will take care of itself when thoro is pasture. If chickens arc not kept, froo from lice and fed well, "cholera" in some shapo is sure t > come. Never attempt to make an incubator. Buy a good ono and it will combine all tho host features. lions that moult early generally make good winter layers and should be saved for that purpose. Ducks grow rapidly, and, if prop erly managed, can bo put upon thu market at a comparatively low cost Poultry raising is no child's play. It requires study, observation ani 1 experience to bring it to tho highes' success. If it is eggs instead of fat you want food tho hens wheat and other ogg- producing food instead of fat-producing feed. A lump of camphor in your clothes press will koop stool ornaments from tarnishing. Milk applied once a weak with a soft cloth freshens and preserves boots and shoes. You can drive naihi into hard wood without bonding 1 them if you dip thorn first in lard. Weak spots in a black silk waist may bo strengthened by "sticking' court plaster underneath. An inexpensive afghan is made of white crickot cloth, a material liko eider down, with tiny pink rosebuds embroidered around the edge. To make sweet apple pickle take seven pounds of apples, ono quart of vinegar and four pounds of sugar. Pare, quarter and core tlio apples; steam them if hard, and cook in the vinegar, adding spices to taste. lioautiful napory, silver, china and all sot out with geometric ox act- ness, and all exquisitely spotless and clean, uro the characteristics of tho dinner' table, and the choicer and in;,to costly and beautiful, the nearer is reached tho standard of perfection. A window without a, shade is only half dressed. Draperies may bo dispensed with; they are decorative, but shades are essential. They temper thu light for the room as tho iashcs do for the eye; they dress the window and at tho same time form a background for tho laces and stuffs of the drapery. A pretty article for hanging beside the bureau to hold tho buttoii-ho.ok and other small articles is made of one of tho woodeneggs used in stocking darning. At equal distances around the center screw in four of tho small brass hooks such as are used en bangle boards, then paint tho egg- white and decorate with tiny flowers and attach a ribbon to two opposite hooks to hang it by. The egg may b«j gilded instead of paJuled. if preferred. SMILES. Mr. Crimsonbeak—- Isn't ithard minding- the baby? "Not half so hard as trying to make tho baby mind me.". Strnng'cr, in far Western rcstauniat —Is it nccRS ; ary to tip the Waiters here in order to secure proper attention? Nntive—Not if yeh got a gun. Mrs. Kutshaw, who hns boon discussing individual tastes — What is your forte, Mrs. Jimpsey? Mrs. J'tinp- sov—Mo fourt' is dead. Jimpscy's mo fiff. Jones—War, that you I honrd trying to unlock the door nt 3 o'clock this morning? Brown (\vho had come in at 5 a. m.,) with great indignation— No, sir; it was not. Mayor, introducing his family to new prefect—Here are my wife and my daxighter. I would beg your excellency to observe that the elder of the two is my wife. Tourist, in Ireland—I should liko a room with an iron bedstead. Hotel Proprietor—-Sorr, Oi haven't an iron bedstead in tho place—they're nil soft wood. But you'll foiud the mattress noico and hard, sorr. "I suppose you like your now piny very much, said tho inventor to the actress. "Yes, indeed." "No doubt tho lines aro quite bright." "Well, to bo frank with yon, I haven't read them j'ct. But the costumes aro simply gorgeous." Teacher—Tommy Figg, you may give a definition of n, gentleman, as tho word is understood nowadays. Tommy—A gentleman is a feller that is so dead sure that ho is better than all the other fellers that ho does not ever have to say so. Police Justice—The policoman says you were found going along tho street wearing three suits of clothes from which the price mark had not been removed. What have you to say for yourself? Baryl Howes—Seems to mo ;jodgc, dat a cop wot will pinuh a man jist for bcin' a little over-dressed is too much of a dood to bo allowed to stay on do force." In a third class railway carriage between Dublin and Brav—First Politician—Troth and it's a distrissfnl country to govern, she is.' Second Politician—It's tho truth you're say- in', sur. First Pol itician—Me opn- ion is, it would take Oliver Cromwell himself to come out of hell to do it." Second Politician—Whist, man! laye tho poor sowl bide. He's asicr where he is, That Was Why. "Why, littlo boy, nrcn't you nfrnicl you'll froo/.o?" 'Turty cold, Indy." "Are your arms cold?" "Yos'm." "Wiry do yon bundle up your nock nnd lenvo your arms bnrpt" "So I won't got it in tho nojlc, ludy." Troubles Tliri'iitenliiir tlio Kidneys, Although they nro grievous and very often iiitiil it diKi'"[i'ardod, inny bo prevented by a timely retort to that admirable safeguard of hciiltli, Hostetter's Mtomneh Bit- tors, a peunvl promoter of activity in the renal or;rnns, tlio stomach and the iiyor. Ere iunclipii of tlio Icidnoy.s clovtlopes into l!rij;bt's disease, diabetes or other clangorous disorders, recourse should bo hml to the. Bitters. If this suggestion is followed the happiest outcome of tlio earlier symptoms mil}' be untielpntcid with conlidoueo. Chock a development of these maladies ut tho outset by the tuocins indicated, siiico at their maturity they arn hard indeed to conquer. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, insomnia, nervousness, constipation, malarial complaints aro eradicated by tlio Bitters, a medieine of comprehensive usouncl prompt effects. Finding fault with others is only n roundabout way of! bragging on yourself. ])csp.rving Confidence.—Thero is no article wl)lch so richly deserves the coull- cleuco of: the community as BIIOWN'S JinoN- oiiuij TIIOCHBS. Those siifl'eriug from Asthmatic and Bronchial Diseases, Coughs und Golds, should try thorn. Price 25 ots Some men who start out to sot the world on lire give it up at tho first thunder-clap. 16 World's Fair Photos for One Dime The Chicago, Jlilwaukao & St. Paul Railway has made nn arrangement with a llrst- clans publishing to f< rnish a series of Iiontitil'-l World's Kuir pictures, of a large si/.o, at the nominal cost to the purchaser ot only ten cents for a portfolio of sixteen illustrations. Nothing so handsome in reference to tho World's Fair has before been published. The series would be worth at least twelve dollars if the pictures wore not published in sueh large quantities, and wo aro therefore able to furnish those works of art for only ten eents. Komit your money to '0ecu-go H. Houf- ford, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Milwaukee & Ht. Paul Railway, at Chicago, 111., and tho pictures will bo sent promptly to any specified address. They will make a handsome holiday gift. Why some people become so sleepy in church is because the preacher Is not wido awake. Is tho oldest unit best. Jd will drank INI it Cold quicker tljaii aiO'llihiK i;lse. It I* always ruliuble. Try It. If churches wore built without buck seats it v'oukl lie next to impossible to get backslider into ono. MEND YOUR OW$*J HARNESS No tools required. Only a hammer needed to drive and clinch them easily and quiclily leavin;,' the clinch absolutely smooth. Ueiiumi!" HO hole to be made in the U-utliur wor burr for tlie Itivets. They are Si RCNO. TOUGH and UURnBLE. lldlions now in use. All lengths uniform or assorted, put up in boxes. A»k yiiur ilealt-r for tlloiii, or send 40c. Ill stamps for a box of ion; assorted sizes. IfANUPAUTUUKU 11Y aUDSON L.THOWISON MFG. CO., Waliiitiiii, jUiiKs. Illustrated catalosue showin ATJaEES, KOCK JJKtLLS, UyDB AND JttTTISG afACIUWEHY. etc. BKNI FiiEic. Bitvo been tested and all warranted. THE PECH HFO. CO. feiioux City. 19 S. Canul St., Chicago. For He evil ctlcc-U of the errors jf youth »ni| nil _ rlvato U!tcu>et>. \\'e tan reatwu you to absolute wanbooii, yuitlily and privutely, Se'iul un ^3 cts. and we will rend jou Fjiuploui lili.u'j.» and o (ilvlnjj full den'ilptlon of turn l'io- ;<iilheij uu\ pjgpaiod by tho butt mt'dlcwl aa- JioHtloa of thu *ire, TIKO HWOJOA1, OQ., itt)V4t A Different Case. An ftrntising story is told of ft small boy in one of Marshall Field's store ill Chicago, who npproached his employer And risked for nn ndvnnco In salary. "How much nro you getting a Week now?" snld tho merchant. "Four dollars and a half, sir." "And how old arc you; 11 "twelve, sir." "Well, my lad, at your ago I wasn't paid that imicli." "Well," replied the shrewd lad, "maybe yon weren't worth it to the firm you was working tor, but I think I am." Fearing His Fate. Krnnk—AV'isj.1 me luck! 1 run going into the conservatory to propose to Miss Darlington. Hurry—Well, brace up. old man. Yon look frightfully depressed. Krnnk—Ah, yos! 1 fear I am going into a decline. Deafnnss Cannot be Cured By local applications, as they cannot ronch the diseased portion of the enr. Thore is only ono wny to euro Deafness, and that Is by constitutional remedies. Dcnfness is caused by an inflamed condition of tho mucous lining of the Eustiichion Tiilio. When this tube gets inflamed you luivo a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed JJoaftipss is tho result, and unless.tho inflammation can ho taken out and this tubo restored lo its normal condition, hearing- will bo destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten nro caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of tho mucous surfaces. \Vo will give Una Hundred Dollars for any case of Uenfnoss (caused by catarrh) that cannot bo cured by Hairs Catarrh (Jure. Send for circulars, froo. V. J. UH15NBY& CO., Toledo, O. t-i£?"Sold by druggists, Tfic. If a man -\yill keep on grinding ho will make his point in the rnd. No Trouble to You, They pro Personally Conducted. Tho Great Central Hotito N'coldy California excursions are in charge of 'experienced conductors and a uniformed, porter who accompany tho party to destination and look after tho wants nnd comforts of the pnsse,ngors. You will save tium and expense by joining our next party. Send for folder giving details. i<. .Ii!. Shearer, Manager, .11)1 80. Clark St., Chicago. K. L. Lomax, Uen'l Pass. & Ticket Agt., Omaha, Nob. Backbones nro made for wear, not for walking-sticks. Cheap Rates to California. Tho Union Vneillc is offering greatly reduce:! round trip rates to all C'aliforniau points and i'orthuid, Oregon, this year. For full particulars inquire of your hoar- est ticket agent, or address 13. L. Lomnx, Geu'i 1'ass. and Ticket Agt., Omiilia, Nob. Tho devil guts lame as soon as ho conies in sight of ii good man's house. Asthma NiilTorurM Who have In vnln Irloil every olhor menus of relief should try "Solili'l'miiiui's .AhUmm Cure." No wnltlns 1'or results. Itn uetlon In lmmi!illiiti!, direct inul eertiilu, n« M. Hlimlu ti'liil |iruvc.«. Send Hi Dr. I!. HchllTiiiiuin, St. I'nul. Minn., fur n fruo trial imekiiKe, l.ut, usk iirilniKjsl.Ht tlrsl,. x For over- A quarter of a century, Dr. Piof ce*fr Golden Medical Discovery lias teen effeotlfljf cures of Bronchial, Throat and Lnng nffeo* tions Tho makers have such confidence In the "Discovery " for curing Asthma, Bronchitis, and incipient Consumption, ihat.they" can afford to guarantee it. Mrs. ISAAC IIOMIAN, of Tliurtmv, DclaMar& Co., Pa., writes as follows: Dn. Tt.V. 1'iEnCE, Buf* falo, N. Y.: " Dear Sir-* 1 wlah to write you Of' my brother, Hnrry O. Tronn, who hits Dectt. sioli: tor ten ycnrs With. nsthmu. He has been fronted by (.on different physicians, who havo- \\ EiUl ho could not b& v~x,eurcd. Ho had to sit 1 \ up nt iil^lit, ho got BO> ="VK/ J_ Bllorf ' < rf breath; he suf- l—U.// j feivd with fearful hoatl- / aelics anil hnd a bad ' uoUffh. After tftlcfngf Doctor Pi:;rr:e's Golden; IT. C. Tnoup. MoOlcnl Dlscox-ory andB notgotshort of breath, ami can tiletjpnli night.'" l), M!IO To AMY MAM or ] Youth or Mnidrn, ltptv/f>,°n i\w nif«4 of 1 i-fin supnly (lit, fttll Ijjil. (,!' rocrui.-t p.nnw(?rrt lo Mi,'> f«l- I lowing l''(JUIl Sicr.l.KKis' \ViniIi SriimE'i, nnil it nrulinN 'Umud'iiM-Hnl for A MIStil.t; Wl.N.v IM A.NSWErtlu V.\ Y ONK of (hit lour. HERE ARE THE 4 V» !inl ninny poll- Itidini^, pollttcnl (ithrrs. n for nil wo* ItiPti, nint I'wjipdn for iliono v.iih pi oi'imntlnictlve fncM, Tliflu for -vrnirn ivompn folitl of ilmwy Htlivi! ol'tou u too tnuuh money. DonlrnWo lit tliolr " luit>l by Sullivan, und ulli Simply wrtlti nut wlmt, aftrr careful p{ndr ( yon1i«- llovo fin* thu inn worn rotjittr«il In \\i\i Ihn S-J ivswiml; AX» DON'T FoiitjRV llmt if yout- KnHWfi-.i nv-j only i»nr-1 tinlly rijrht, yon wMI i,!ill win :i Jnns jimi'mf tfl|t of tllfl S full rmvnrd, Tm • writ" rotn- -unmi and rul dress ""* I dornu;itl) your fMtnwtiVj und i.v !| them to Hits rn!('.i'th«i AM. PtJB,J!jM7'«!; 7l! S7 .Tcrsey City, N. J. | Ymi im 1 no* In'-l ft, itrMiny of with vo-ar mioworo mil cvi.i, n'Mun ponMco on thu :\ : ''~",''".''''.'.'. : "'"'', t ' "^••'" '• " — "-• Mult. e NiMvlnir .Mni.lihii'*.0ririln-<,ini'j'i-l«*. Fiirm Tii-ili. siifrii.rlr. I.Ul I'llKIt. (•mt'.UiO SC.ll.l: CO., VMrngu, UU Onus, t!ii(.-?Ics. KxiimfimUnti niid Advtoo rn< to I'atentnliltltv of MI vim [Ion. Scud fin- '• liiviMitnr.Vdniilc. or How foGvl. •• "utcnt." rA'."M6C OTAE33LL, \VASKIUuT01T, D. C.. More people fail from discouragement than from real misfortune. ET Leads to Consumption Kemp's llnlsnm will stop tho cough ut once, (lo lo your druggist to-day and got a sample bottle free, hargo buttles fill cts. aii(l-i ! I.Ol). The coal dealer in an expert in making a littlo go a great weij;h. .' No mineral v.-ator will produce tlio beneficial results that follow taking one or more of Hecclmm's Pills with a glnsw of water. Tho man who expects to outrun a lie hail bettor not start with lumo feet. Sci-- Colfhcsti.T SpailliiK liuutsiitlv. In utlicr uuluniti. It must astonish (Jin aupejs to seo how fow pooplo thoro arc who got in, Jf tho Itiihy I* C'llCillK Teeth, BOBUTU luul tl!)i: llir.t. old unil wcll-trlud remedy, Mm "Vi«si.ow'a SOOTIMNO Sviiui' for Children Tuutliinif. is like gold—it is not found in Truth lumps. "Ilangon'x Dln^lc, Corn Sitlve." Warninti'il to iMirn «r iniincv rcl'mult'il. AsU vour rub' ror It. 1'rk-n l.-iuvnts. When tho devil goos tochnrrb, ho goner- ally walks thoro with a church member. Is Bold on a (,'tiatuntw. It I'urcia Inulplnnt i^onsump. tion. Jtl8 tlio best CouEh Curu. 25.uia..aOcla. It fUXi Mau-mndo sclonco is often fouud Ktund- ing with itc back to tho light. Mnilo in nil ctylns iind, .'«lxc!i., KtrontroBt,.. »liii|ilL'»t, most, auuiinau, mast cuiupacl, mid > Inoat ninitcni. Jfodcl IN!)I In 33 cnl. uses snort nnd Ions rim nnd ccn- fcr-llri! curl rlilwm In tlio »nmo rlllc. PHVI-S i;0 per ct'nt,. (Hi rust of ammunition over liny otlici- :W '•«!. n'|)(;atcr- iniKlc. Muilul 1S!K) now r(!iiily In Iti-ll) und 88-55. ,0^ .__ ier limited Five. THE MARLIN_FIRE ARMS CO., Sow Haven, Conn. TOE 1 ^ or S tho WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION Have made the (MoilulR ami Iliiilcunas) to WALTER & CO. On oauh of tlic I'dllowlni; niiined KUEAKFAST COCOA, . . Premium Wo. 1, Chocolate, Yuuilln, Chocolate, . . . Oenniin Sweet Chocolate, Cocoa Butter. ITor "purity of innturhil," "uxuollunt llivvor,'' and "uniform oven coniiiosltlou." WALTER BAKER &"cajDORCH£STER, MASS, W. N. U. D.M. 1117 No. 40. UST'In applying to any of thoubovo advertisers, do uot forgot to say that you saw | tho advertisement in this paper. TO FEEL ft PERFECT , JACOBS OIL WILL DO IT *S NOTHING ELSE CAN DO Especially for Farmers, Miners, ti. R. Hands and others. Double solo extending down to the heel. EXTRA \VRAKIXfl QUALITY, 1 housands of Rubber Boot wearers testify this is the best they ever had. *Sk your dSaSe? for thSltl and don't be persuaded into un inferior article.. move to Nebraska, where land is cheap? Where just as good farms as an; selling for 500 or 570 an acre in loaa, Illinois and Missouri, are to be had for $10 or $15 an acre? .Where the soil, the climate, the surroundings are all that can be desired? Where there's money in farming? Why not move? Five years--yes, three years—hence will be too late. The "cheap laud" days will have yone by forever. Move now ! Write to J. Francis, General Passenger Ageut Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb , for descriptive pamphlets The) '11 help you to decide on a location Write to-da\ phlsK ar« free.' You neen't i -.dose a bt

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