Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 19, 1916 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1916
Page 4
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Daklanti Ctibunt HAY I9r 1918. FRIDAY EVENING CHARGES DESERTION. On th grounds that her husband frurj fimrt4 hr, Mr Mary Nnr has been grante.l an interlocutory decree of divorce from J. Jj. Near, a r?.rVl(v osteopath Mrs Nr brM that her husband had just packed his belongings and left her. She was allowed Slftfl per month Alimony. TIE OSPHEUM- NOW Announces Its New Midsummer Policy Of Bia Triple Shows HEADED BY , --' - - - - y ''T? '' Because of their Immensity the Orpheum Shows will start at 7:45 o'clock beginning next Sunday. Beginning next Sunday there will be a huge bill of amusement features of fered at the Orphe"um consisting of three divisions of entertainment ll for one price the Orpheum s standard price. Notice the Three Divisions! Division I. ORPHEUM VAUDEVILLE (Every act that plays the San Francisco Orpheum will appear ai the Oakland Orpheum.) Division II. ' MUSICAL COMEDY Division? III. . (Each week a big high-class musical comedy will be pro duced jy a company of forty artists.) FEATURE PICTURES (The best that money can buy in the motion picture world will be offered-each week.) mXTM 'The brilliant Viennese prima donna, whose gowns are a revelation, whose "fame as "the little devil of grand opera" is world-wide whom every woman in Oakland will want to see Fritzi Scheff, is to head the vaudeville. division of the Orpheum program. , "Bright Eyes" One of the sparkling, effervescent, delightful $2 'musical comedies in two nets in which Cecil Lean and Florence Ilolbrook formerly starred, will be the lusical comedy feature of the Orpheum's bill." It will delight the eye, and tickle the ear, and set the feet of the Orpheum crowds a-dancing with its catchy melpdy and gay fun. ' Percy Bronson and Winnie Baldwin These two sterling stars will head the big company of forty artists that are t to make merry in "Bright Eyes." With Percy Bronson and Winnie Baldwin there will be: - ANN TASKER, the beautiful prima donna of the original "Madame- Sherry Company; PAT BARRETT, a smart comedian from New York; EDDIE AL-LEN, the dancing wonder of the musical comedy field in Chicago; JEAN DEV-EREAUX and a host of other clever ones, and, last but hot least-- The DancingBeauty CJiorus All Young and All Pretty! The feature screen drama will be a live-part nmausi piece The Sins of Men" The orchestra will be augmented for the summer under the direction of Leon Kowalski. The musical comedy will be directed by Felix Rice of New York. The Orpheum Theater will be beautifully decorated next Sunday by Sanborn, the Broadway florist. The prices will NOT be advanced. PLEASE NOTICE THIS ! The screen drama will begin at 7:45 each night the musical comedy at 8:30 each night the vaudeville at 9:45 each night. The curtain will . fall at 11:15. The daily matinee will begin sharply at 1:45 o'clock. , ORDER YOUR SEATS NOW! Telephone Oakland 711 100,000 Died from Bright' s Disease and Other Kidney Troubles During the Past Year Inn-rance ( omjwny . Official K j 'Jliat: "eOTo of Thews Deaths , ('ouki Haw Been Avoided.'1 I The increase in fatalities from Bright! DUeiw and other kidney ailment ia earning: grave .concern to health authorities. A, leading' lilfe Insurance Co. states that 60fof the fatalities could have' bm avoided or postponed had the proper precautionary measure been taken. Thousands of people .'who-', have kidney trouble -do not know it. They do not realize the Important part the kidneys play in our dally life. If the kidneys fall to act as nature Intended, good health Is impossible, as the poisons created daily are retained in the system, which cause back-aches, constipation and many other distressing ills.' to to avert serious kidney illness, Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Remedy Invariably helps these important organs back ' to 'normal-action. Its healing and soothing action on the kidneys aids them to do their work of elimination of poisons from the system. That Is why Warner'ahas helped thousands of sufferers from backache, weak kidneys and bladder troubles, and why it Is so uniformly successful. Then remember, Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Remedy is no. experiment "bf today, but is a most dependable medicine for the kidneys that has been a blessing to thousands ' of sufferers for the last 40 years. ; You can get It at all druggists in 50c' and ii.0 bottles; or a sample will! be mailed free. If vou write vrnr'i - Safe Remedies "Co., Dept. 863, i Rochester, N. y. Advertisement. i BELIEF APPEAL IS Ship Fails to Carry Succor to MacMillan Party in North. . NEW YORK. May 19 The first direct word from the MacMillan Crockerland expedition elnee September 1Z, 1911, reached this city today In two cable messages to the - American Museum ef Natural History, sent Wednesday from Thorshaven, Faroe Islands, and signed by Dr. Edmond Otis Hovey, head of the relief expedition, and Maurice C, Tanquary, soologlst with the party. The messages tell of the failure of the relief ship Cluett to reach the headauartera at Etah and ask for another relief ship to be sent at once. Dr. Hovey's message reads: ' Cluett failed to reach Etah. I got Green, Ekblaw,-Tanquary and Allen, with Rasmussen's power boat, commanded by Peter Freuchen from North Star Bay. Other men absent -hunting for food. Cluett wintering Parker Snow Bay. Engine disabled. Food supply inadequate. My party forced to leave vessel in January to ooiain suDsistence. Green, Tanquary, Allen and myself started southward by aledge January 11, but they left me at Cape York. Unwise for me to proceed across Melville Bay on account of physical conditions wblch developed next day. Tanquary on Egedge from Holstenborg to .Copen-hagen. Cable Tanquary, care of Knud Rasmussen's address $500 to cover expenses to New York. Mac- MIHan on expedition to' Flndlayland (King Chrtotlanland). Small in charge headquarters (Etah) Eklaw, ,Hunt Comer and myself at North Star Bay. All well. Pickela (captain of the Cluett) says he will sail directly homeward without attempting Etah - again. Therefore necessary for -museum to send reliable steamer with competent, experienced master, adequate accommodations full year's provisions for six passengers. Vessel to leave St. John's, N. K., by July 10 for Etah and other Greenland points as desired with Instructions to at- tempt Cape Sabine to relieve MacMillan, if necessary. Vessel to load cargo from the beaches. Send me written authority over property and control over movements of vessel. Am sending full report by mall and messenger. Inform all my friends. Knud Rasmussen, the Danish explorer. who is leading an expedition of his own Into Pearyland, is supposed to be with ur. Movey at present. Tanquary's meSs age tells of an offer made by Rasmussen to bring the party out and urges quick worK in rutins out a ship. Adams Case Waits for Judg'e's Return Pending the return of Superior Judge Harris to Oakland, the fight of Mrs. Mary Kllen Adams, his mother in-law, to be restored to competency ana the management of her $J:jO,000 estate has temporarily rested, it developed today. Mrs. Adams, who was" reported yesterday to have left' her temporary home at 2716 Fruitvale avenue and gone to San " Francisco with her brother, Dr. John P. Rice, returned last night. In the meantime, through her attorneys, San Francisco alienists have sent letters to Dr. Leonard Stocking at the Agnews Asylum voicing their opinions that the paroled patient Is perfectly sane. Her attorneys bc-lleve that if she is given a discharge from the asylum her rights will be automatically restored. On the other hand counsel for her legal guardian state that the matter of her competency to manage her 1 affairs will have to Ho threshed out In court when the case comes up. for hearing before Judge Welis in August. Assemblyman Harris TaKes Bride Here Witton W. Harris, member of the assembly from teakerefield and .connected with the commission of imml-pratlon and housing of California In San Francisco, was married last night to Miss Ethel Pearle Farley of Bakersfleld. The couple had postponed their wedding for several months owing to the illness of the bride, who has been in a Richmond sanitarium. Assemblyman Harris is 43 years of age and his bride 27. He was elected to the assembly two years ago from the Fifty-sixth district and Is editor of a Kern county newspaper. LITERARY LECTURE. The next meeting of the Oakland Short Story Club will be held Saturday, May 20, at 2 p. rri., in the Golden West Hall, Pacific building. Sixteenth street. Dr. Edwin .Harvey Hadlock will address the meeting on "Great Short Stories and Their Writers." MAKES. WINE MINES "KICK." ROME, May 19. Wine that has no "morning after" reaction Is being produced in Italy, where a scientist has invented a method of removing the alcohol without otherwise affecting the beverage. 8000 HEAR ""APPEAL. t CHICAGO, May 19. Five thol sand Chlcagoans crowded the Audi- torium theater last night 'And listen! to Dr. J. L. Magnes' powerful plea for relief for the suffering Jews In the war sones. A total of 1350,000. relief money was pledged. '4 WANTED!!! 5 Live Solicitors (Male or Female) ; Excellent,. Pay! Easy Worf-R.- 818, First Ravings Bank Bldg.. ilxteentli nnd San Pablo Ave. Open Until 10 P. M. San Diego Will Hold Preparedness Parade BAN DIEGO, May 'l 9. Plans for a great preparedness parade here July 4 were outlined today by prominent citizens, who have been promised hearty co-operation by army and naval officials stationed here. Hear-Admiral WJlliarh Fullam. commander-in-thief of the Pacific reserve fleet, announced that he would try to have every available ship of his -command In the harbor on that day, and it Is expected large numbers of bluejackets from the active warships will participate. . East Bay Nurses to Receive Awards Graduation exercises will be held st Ebell Hall on May 2J. for e nurses of the East Bay Sanatorium ' and Training srliool. Dr. Iemuel P. Adams and Dr. Hayward G. Thomas will be the speakers. The following will be glvon diplomas: Miss Rose E. Rogers, Miss Ruby M. An-stey, Miss Marjaret Reynolds, Mies Elsie Rlttenberg, Mlas Ethet E. Bweaney, Mips Gertrude Tynan and 'Miss Frances R, Harvey. The program will be concluded with dancing. Reads"Hamlet" to Rotary Club Class The last of the series of lectures on public speaking, given under' the auspices of the Rotary Club and Civic Center at the Hotel Oakland this season, by Pwfunr TCmersnn BnsAtt nf Stnn. when the lecturer concluded his course with a reading of "Hamlet." The -teacher read the play with enlightening remarks on proper handling of various scenes and paragraphs. A large audience heard his address and reading. GOING HOME TO LOS ANGELES Mew Quality Suits Reduced 5 1 4 7 $ g 50 For Suits up to $27,50 .. : For Suits up to $37.50 Over 200 new Suits' in flare, belted, norfolk, box and novelty-effects. Stunning new models of serges, gabardines, poplins, checks, silk taffetas an combinations of silk and wool fabrics. Smart and attractive new Suits in all desirable colors and all sizes for Women and Misses 'New Man-Tailored Quality : Suits Superior quality serges and hairline stripes. Skinner satin lined. 22-50 and 25-0Q New Silk Coats Satins, Jaff etas, poplins. Some marabou trimmed $9.75 and $16-75 $12.75 New Washable Sport Dresses Very smart looking and popular. In solid colors and awning stripes. $3.75 and $5.95 New SportSkirts Checks plaids, cordu- roys and awning stripes $3.95 and $4.95 568-572 Fourteenth Street, Between Clay and Jefferson Oakland Store That Undersells Buy Curtains Saturday A splendid lot of Curtains, 45 and 50 inches wide, m and 1 yards long, durable mesh, ecru or white: a variety of pleasing patterns, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.(0 Qr curtains marked to, pr. vt Drapery Dept., Third Floor. SUCCESSORS TO OAKLAND STORE trQJBffJfil - Til - nil ML 1gglvyrar" .OAKLAND STORE New Sport Stripes in SilK Poplins The latest light shades, alternate stripes of white and color, 86 inches CI 1 R wide, at yd. . M J Oriental Pongee Pure silk, washable, natural color only, 50c 35C quality, at yard "" ECONOMY" miTTENzkMME fn Saturday ItemsRemarkable Merchandise Values for Tomorrow's Shoppers. Wash Goods Reduced A larse assortment, 10,000 yards of New Wash Goods, splendid weaves nnd qualities, t yard 8-ineh PERCALE, light and dark coionT 86-inch FIGURED CHALI.IE. 27-lnch DRESS GINGHAM, stripes, checks, plaids and solid colors. WHITE INDIA LINON, fine sheer quality, . 27 Inches wide. , hinKngra,uiy-a Trtextne Offlcr.-pler Et n S"jr"fit." . TO SKCO'XD THIAU Joseph 'Greenberg, charged with manslaughter in connection with the deatsi'trr E. J. Bock, whom he ran overSwith his automobile last February at Tenth street and Broadway-," will appear before Superior Judge Ogden next Tuesday to have the date of his second trial" set. The Jury last night failed to agree in tho first trial after several hours' deliberation. -4- bot.wicaij thip to movnt. The California Btftanical Society announces a field trip to Mount Diablo ory Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21. The train will leave the I Oakland pier (Key Route) at 1:18 I p. m., or Fortieth and Shafter at 1:30 p. m.. or College and Shafter t 1:85 p. m. A later train leaves Oakland BLKACHED SHEETS, standard quality, at a saving 64 x 0, each , .540 63 x 90, each 59o 72 x SO, each' 61o 81 x 90, each ,.69o UNBLEACHED SHEETS, extra heavy, well-known brand 7 2 x 90, each . Mo II x 90, each , ; . 580 PILLOW CASES, bleached, heavy quality, at special prices 42 x 3, each 16a 45 x 36, each 18o UNBLEACHED MUSLIN, good quality, 88 inches wide, mill -lengths, at yard rrrTrrv: 7T7. ,4c Children's Knit Underwear 'Pure white combed cotton Vests, long or short sleeves;. Pants, knee or ankle length; ages 2 to 9r Extra sizes, up to 16 yr., t each. ' Floral Ribbons All silk, 5 and 6 inches wide, good line of colorings, w,orth 25c and 35c yard, at the exception- 1 Cr allyJow price, yard ' 35c Muslin Underwear v A great sale of Combinations and Envelope Chemises for Saturday. Made of fine nainsook, trimmed with lace and embroidery; big variety of patterns. These garments, we think, are well 1 flft worth $1.50, at each. ..... Children's Hose .White, lisle finish, Cotton Hose verv fine rib, all sizes up to 1 Cp 10, Saturday, at pair'. , . . '' Women's Hose White or black Cotton Hose, with white foot, for Summer wear, ' medium weight, all sizes, 1 C Saturday, at pair lJX' Corsets Another sale for Saturday. New Summer styles, plrfk or white, medium low bunt, long skirt, four hose supporters, sizes IS RQr to 26, at each.: V7lt PUSSE CREPE, small floral patterns. SOLID COLOR CREPE. 29 Inches wide, pink, old rose, light blue, navy, gray, red and lavender. , WHITE PLISSE CREPE. 32 Inches wide, for underwear and waists. BLACK and WHITE CHECK SUITING, 27 Inches wide. v . Women's Waists Voile and organdy, up-to-the minute styles, trimmed with pretty frills with colored edges; new lot Just received. We consider them good values at $2; priced 1 3c for Saturday, at each Men's Shirts ' ' Unlaundered, white with linen bosom and cuffs, reinforced back and front, sizes 14 to 17V4, ?flr at each.. 7VV Men's Balbriggan -, Underwear Shirts have long or short sleeves; Drawers are ankle length, reinforced seat; all sizes up to 9lr 44;. special price, garment. .. "T Men's Leather Belts Black only, with German silver buckles. These belts were made to sell at $1.00. We close them Cm-out, at each 'U4' Stamped Pillow Tops with BacKs Tan crash, neatly StampedMn conventional and If) California floral patterns, 60c quality, at each. Art Dept., Third Floor. , Sale of Women's Spring, Suits " Now in Progress ' Values up to $38.00 Now $18.95 Values up to $25.00 Now $11.95 Values up to $12.50, Now $8.95 : Embroideries and Flouncings E m b roldery Flouncing and Corset Cover. Embroidery, 17 inches wide, pretty patterns on fine lawn, OZr yard Cambric and Swiss Edges, from 3 to 6 Inches wide; also Insertions, at , r yard lv Em b roldery Flouncing, 27 Inches wide, pretty patterns In splendid variety, at CSr yard Em b roldery Flouncing, 27 lncheg wide, showing open, lacy patterns on fine Swiss, at ARr yard 40t Washington EUventtStr, Embroidery Flouncing, 27 Inches, wide, for graduation and confirmation, dresses; splendid assortment . 'of ex-qulsite patterns on sheer laxyrt batiste. una vohm jard i,, TT,r;

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