Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 7, 1916 · Page 21
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 21

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1916
Page 21
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MAY 7, 1913. 31 s Children's Home Benefit Planned -K -Kj-t- -KJ . STATE RAILRDAfl i Si- OaklanD Ctifiunc HEALTH OFFICERS' F Sisters of Holu :Familu Will Aid ssi gust 1 s - IS must us 11 Second Weddings Termed Luxuries Judge Gives Opinion to Petitioner SAJ FRANCISCO, May That first marriages mar be BE T G1M cunts 1UI 9 R William King on Stand for Pastor; to Resume Monday. OROVILLK May . The Slaughter trial adjourned at noon. Court convenes again Monday mornta. At that time the cross-examination of William King, alibi .witness, may be I resumed, The defense opened its case today with the testimony of King, who testified that li company with Ruth and fimi Slaughter,' Nita Davis and George Murphy, he attended a foot-nail game between Stockton and Chlco high school on November 13. A din- M nartv it tiA CI '1 irVitc hAmft fnl. ! lowed ths game, i slaughter or daughter Naomi - did- not leave the . room whlls he was there. This was the night Naomi Slaughter Is alleged to have let Gertrude Lamson In the back door. SAYS CTRL NOT THERE. The witness stated that Just before 11 o'clock the party broke up and they went In Slaughter's automobile to meet Mr. and Mrs. Clark Camper, who were returning to Chlco from San Prancisco. The house was well-llghUd when they left and when they returned. Their wraps were placed In the spare bedroom, where It Is alleged an offense took plaoe that evening. Gertrude La'mson was not there at any time that evening. Under oroM-examination by Assistant District Attorney Pavids, ths wit-ness memory seemed to be a blank. He pondered several minutes before answering any questions; then replying In a low tone that could hardly ifea hoard. Bereral times the court admonish the witness to talk louder. The court said on one occasion: TOXE 18 IjOW. "Ton can talk louder, Mr. King, and If you don't talk louder I will have to 'take steps to compel you." Several times during the cross-ex-amlnatlon Attorney Schooler Inter-k rupted Davids. The court cautioned Blm, saying: "Mr. Kennedy can tend i to this witness, Mr. Schooler. You - Just keep quiet" Under cross-examination he stated Blaughter or any of the girls might have gone out of the room for all he knew. The case is expected to go to the Jury by Wednesday night Under the law the oourt Is not allowed to place a time limit, but can llmitvth num-f oer or attorney's arguments. Alleged Poison Ring' Leader, Pursued, Caught T SAN FRANCISCO. May 6. An automobile chase through the downtown streets resulted In the capture tonight of William Wolff, believed to be the leader of a poison vending ring who was booked at the city prlsonTrore TTfiiui HOD worth of opium contained -f-fn-tt' trunk was confiscated by the pg- 111 Klf . Detectives 8tarrett and Qrldle had I talnment for the benefit of the Chll-ben watching Wolff for several days, I dren' Day Home, which will be held ( suspecting his occupation. They saw mm lumgai at wmon Brothers1 Storage Company, 16S6 Market street, and pursued him In a machine down towards the ferry and thence on a back track to Turk and Franklin streets, where his car was overhauled. Later the trunk was broken open and the poison found. He was booked for violating the state poison law and rave , his age as 17. Diogenes-liKe, Braves ' Death to Evade Laws SAN FRANCISCO, May . Clad only In nature's garb and with a small Oriental tub keeping hlm afloat, a Japanese dived overboard from the steamer Asia Maru an it was passing through the Golden Gate this afternoon and began swimming shoreward. His evident purpose was to evade the Immigration laws and seek a harbor in the Oriental quarter. He had tripped his clothes from his back and jumped over the rail. After he had been about fifteen minutes in the water a fishing boat picked him up nd ook hlm to fisherman's wharf. "I guess I wanted to get to land," he said brokenly, but declined to give his nam. He was taken to the detention hospital. College Night aj. ' Plymouth Church V "peela! feature of College Night !n the Plymouth Congregational Church this evening the Glee Club of the University of California will conduot the musloai aervioes. A special invitation has been extended to all college men and women and High School students of the east bay cities. Rev Albert W. Palmer, pastor of the church,, will talk on "California and Jale a Comparison and a Contrast" ' iFVJQ: pJrnr a graduate of the V?1! ,of California with the class of 1 and of the Yale School for the Ministry in 1S04. - - . Ajnon the numbers on the musical program will be two orsan eommwm. by Prof. Jepton and Prof, p.r-u. Tale. "War Brides" Complete Author's Work of Years CLEVELAND, May .'T'ar brides" win enable prof. Kiroy M. Averv, who pent thirty year of his Ufa writing1 a history of the Unlfed State, to publish hla work. . . , Five years ago, after $230,000 had been . spent making seven volumes of the hl- iary, iinanoiai mrrcuitles overtnolt hl pubiishers. So publication of the f va remaining volumes was held nn Now A. W. Henn. of ths Nut! nni Ai.m Co., has eereed to put up tito.ooo and so , avenue, this afternoon. Mr. Tracy has Utley Wedge of Philadelphia. Both was washing windows and fell back-men are BBld to have- made hi profit I ward to the ground. Her left hip was from "war brides " broken and her right hip dlslooated by B , the fall. She was taken to the Central The Real Secret of -Befuvenatlng the Face Sh holds the true secret of fnolal re Juvenatloh who hag learned how to remove tha dead ekln pm-tlrlcs as fast ns they appear. It's a sfleTet anyone may possess. The axed, faded or dlacolored kin may be gradually absorbed, In an VIllliVMjr BfflTT ni(U IHUUIIHI IlinilllCI, l' III nlphtfy application of ordinary mcrcollzea wax. Within a Week of two the underiy-lng skin, youthful and beautiful to behold, has taken the place of the) d carded cutMe-. So little of the old ikin Is absorbed each day there's no Inconvenience at nil, and, no one auauects you are put ting anything on your face. The mereo- lod wax, procurable nt any drug store an ounce is sufficient). Is atiblled Ilk cold cream, In the mornlne it Is' erased with soap and water. -It's the beet thing known for freckles, blackheSda, pimples, moth patclie, liver spots and fine ur- ace wrinkles ", , , For the deepor wrinkles' an excellent recipe Is; Powdered aaxollte, 1 on., dissolved In Vi pt, witch liasel Bathing Xbi face In the Solution produces quirk, and wuwaafiui resuiia-xaavaruaaiuanL , . -' ':,) ' ' ',-- ?v "i .il Vt tl a MRS. P. N. HANRAHAN, ONE OF THE ACTIVE WORKERS FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE CHILDREN'S DAY HOME BENEFIT, WHICH WrLL BE HELD ON MAY 11. Vaudeville Program , Evening in Arrangements have befln completed by the committees for a big enter- the Holy Family on Thursday 'evening. May 11, In Lakeside hall. Sixth avenue and East Twelfth street A varied program has been outlined by the benefit workers who are planning several mirth-provoking vaude- Experts to Scan Finances and Devise Method for . . Installation. The financial affairs of the school department and thr Board of Education are to be. experted by the firm of Klink-Bean & Co., th expert accountant who Installed , th system In th municipal department of Oakland. - The experts will commence work on the books of the ohool department this wek. It has long been realized that th books and accounting of the school department needed systemattiatlon. The Alameda County Tax Association has been urging that something be. don to .clear up the situation, a It was recognUed that th financial situation wa becoming hopelessly muddled, j . Th accountants will first expert the books and will then make a study" of the revenue and disbursements In the school department They will then devise a nw system, and will aid in installing this In th school department and tho offices of the Board of Education. The new system will be based upon that Installed In the municipal departments, under the control of City Auditor I. -H. Clay, and will be eo-ordalned with the books and -control system of the au-eitor' offlc. By means . ef the new system the Board of Education will be abla to keep itself Informed, from week to week and meeting to meeting of Its exact financial status. This has nvr been possible In the past. Fall From Building May Cripple Woman SAN FRANCISCO. May e. Mr. Nellie Tracy, 60 years old of 637 Mo-Alllster street, will likely be perma- nently crippled a the result or a ran ! Horn a second-tory window In the i hoiTifi of Miss Janet Wade, 81 PRrker Emergency hospital. Baby Boy Falls in Pool; Is Drowned SAN "FRANCISCO, May 6. Fred Pierce, 6H yeara old, of 61 Montana avenue, lingered at the bank of a I little pool near his. home tonight to watch tha pollywogs and, fell in. ACCOUNTING FDR CITY SCHOOLS citizen saw him plunge into the cooVj tomobll and driven about the coun-water, but arrived too late to effect'Uy. H, WM uken 0vr th Skylln a. lemur. " iicii nip uuuy was brought to the surface later and hurried to the Misalon Emergency Hospital resuscitation failed. Suspect Deities Plot , to Hire Bomb Matters -IV-tjeiHIIrM mrAHww-fr-Herrogf arested here laM night on suspicion that h was seeking men to make .bombs In a factory on the Pacific Coaat,. Henled to- tuur unit us bm cujmicu iu iuvu wvit. W' , ft,-' and Dance to Feature East Oakland vlUe acts and a whist tournament, In which many valuable prtxes will be awarded the winners. Dancing will be enjoyed to the music of a large or chestra. One of the active workers In arranging the affair for the Children's Day Home and who will also act as a patroness, la Mrs. P. N. Hanrahan, who will be assisted by a large number of East Oakland matrons. T L Noted Traveler Is to Occuoy - Pulpit, Succeeding Rev. Murgotten. Rev. A. L. Mitchell, for the past four years pastor of Christ Church, Episcopal, at San Jose, comes here today as rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Twelfth and Mairnolla streets, to be uo-cessor to Rev. Murgotten, who has resigned the local pastorate to take up duties as a teacher In the Episcopalian divinity school In San Ffanclaco. Rev. Mitchell will occupy the pulpit of the local church today. In addition to th pastorate, Rev. Mitchell will hold ths vlcarag of the Qood Samaritan chapel at Ninth and Oak streets. ' Oakland's latest addition to Its ministerial Hat la a much traveled man. Born lir India, he has been as a missionary to most parts of the civilized world, particularly to Egypt end South Africa. Ills first work following his ordination In 1891 was the care of six mission 1n th southern part of this state, embracing Monterey and San Luis Oblapo. He became rector of the church in National City In 193, going to Salinas a rector there In 1893 and remaining there -three yeara He wa Instrumental In the building of the churches In Salna and Paso Robles and In restoring the churches at San Miguel and National - City. For several year he wa assistant to Bishop RastrlckJ or Honolulu at wan uiego. letter, na nau charge of a group of missions in Humboldt county, taking a church In Marys-Villa In 1906. He resigned because of III health In 1911, and later accepted the pastorate of the San Joss church, which he Is leaving to come to Oakland. F. W. Woolworth Is Visitor in Oakland F. W. .Woolworth, New York millionaire, owner of the tallest building in the world and controlling head of , more than 800 stores in cities all over th United States, wa an Oakland visitor yesterday, He came here from San Francisco and spent the afternoon and a part of the evening. Wool- worth 1 traveling over the country now. making a tour of inspection of hi long chain of stores. At the Hotel Oakland h wa met by Mayor John L. Davis and a commute representing the Chamber of Commerce. The member of th oom mitte Included' Bdson F. Adam, the banker; A, S, Lavenson, V, O. Lawrence and W. J. Rand Jr., Pacific Coast manager, for. th woolworth Inter t. Following an informal greeting In the hotel parlor th distinguished visitor w taken In th mayor' au- boulevard and to other point of In terest, members of the committee ac company! ng 'him on the trip. ' - : titUAN-GiSrt la "BOLD rOK KaaRIAQg"! and .Roscoe ("Fatty") Arbuckle U "TR8 OTHEB. MAD" H Makes Quick " Valuations on - Many Public Utilities. - SAN FRANCISCO, May . Although before the publlo utllltUs act became a law It was common for the courts , to work several years completing the valu ation of a single public utllltr ooroora- tion, during the years 1914 and 1915 the State Railroad Commission socei?F ed In' making valuations of public utilities In California totaling Ul,S59,g5.78 In worth. This announcement was mkde today, During this period the Commission placed valuations on about fifty different prenerttea Thsv Include nav.rnl of the largest utilities coast The Commission's flmraa vera generally accepted without complaint. j ne mrgw individual valuation was made of the holdings of the Paolflo Gas JSlectrto Company. : Other big ones were the Los Angeles Railways, the Ban FrancUoo-Oakland Terminal Railways system, the People's Water Company and the Paclflo Telephone A Telegraph Company. - V V Auto Drivers Are Out on Parole By order of the count v nmi limM Carl 8ts.hH and David White, who were serving sentences In the county Jail for peUy larceny and driving an automobile while Intoxicated, respectively, were released yesterday, one-half of their terms having been completed. They both had good prison records. Two other petitions were turned down. ... Jhe Only Department Store in Oakland (jiving M: (jreen Stamps (dash Ribbon 5c yd Pure silk with self-woven dot patterns In white, light blue, pink and red. One and one and a half inches wide. jf special in Suits Good Assortment of Season's Best Models Sorry to say we, have only forty-five of them wish we had more, for the values are so unusual that every customer will enthuse to our advantage. Now and attractive models In Serge, Poplin and Gabar-dlno-'-blaek, Copenhagen, navy, rose," tan, gray, reseda, rookie and wistaria. Shepherd Checks and big block checks. Every milt formerly marked at a higher price. but they must go because the size assortments ar broken. Real Kid gloves $1.35 pr. Every pair made of real kid carefully selected skin. Two olasp style in black, tan, gray and white with black stitching. Plenty of all sizes. Unusual value at $1.35 a pair. Oriental Pongee 39jd z You usually pay at least 50 per cent more for this quality. The real . 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TownU at 15c Union Huok Bath Towel, all 20xJI. Towel at Ho Full Bleached Towei, me sua i. ... i .. . , Towls at SRo Full bleached Bath Towela, oize 22x44. Union HuCk Towels, le ltx3. Pure linen Damask. To wcla,.glza ZQxia, Appropriation of Sectarian Nature Opposed by Methodist Delegates. . SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. T., May i.-An amendment to the federal constitution to prohibit governmental appropriations for sectarian purposes was recommended In a resolution adopted without debate today by thj general conference of the Methodist Eplscpal churoh. The resolution was Introduced by Rev. W. R. Wederspoon of Baltimore. - . It was set forth in she resolution "that a powerful lobby, working In the Interest of sectarian appropriations," had obtained an agreement with a Congressional conference committee to abandon a Senate amendment to the Indian bill, designed to authorise the establishment of government schools, In place of the usual appropriation for sectarian school contained In the House bill. It wag charged in the resolution that the alleged lobby ho;yd to defeat the, measure "by the subterfuge of a proposed investigation as to whether there are sufficient government schools to education the children on the Indian reservations." ' Congress Is requested to "eradicate this foot of bitterness from our religious and civil life hy prohibiting all sectarian appropriations, wherever our flag floats, whether by national, state or municipal governments." Other resolutions endorsed abstain-enoe of tobacco on the pan. of ohurch members, compulsory Bible reading In the nubile schools, and resetted fnviril cotton, hv rnnarewi on a mm m mmj imim - -m I . ...ii - H'l'11"." .'."'J wg g n . I ISth and Washington, Oakland H! IH m ii " :S : s m m y4 te! fJ i -i -- &, i I Spori Stripes - There's a wonderful demand for sport stripe fabrics the great problem has been to meet it. We've brought them out by express order after order until we have a wonderful supply. We have speclalld on thes prlees 25c, 35c and 50c a yard We can show you solid color strlpea wide or narrow, and novelty stripes In many color combinations. Th assortment of fabric Is good crepe, galate weave, novelty weaves In great variety, If you are looking for stripes, seek ho further. W have what you want at th prlc you want to pay. 1 Haft-Price for Package Goods Embroidery Floss 1c Shein A Wtlt known brand, rope and India, lc skein while It lasta Don't he late. offered on this basis Towel. iz 11x11. V Full Blaehd TurkUh Union Hu'ck Towels, size 20x44. Bath Downstairs Salesroom. 1 characterised under the head of obligations and performance of patriotic duty, but that seoond marriages following divorce are luxuries pur and simple and must t classed along with motor car, summer homes and other expensive thing was the declaration of Superior Judge Mogan to-day. It was In connection with th denial to William D. Isaacs, a civil engineer for the Southern Paelflo Company of an order modifying th ITS a month he Is paying to Mary A. Isaacs by the twmttftf a divorce deoree of March. 1111, that the opinion was rendered. Isaacs told th court that when th dcre was signed he was allowed 110 monthly expenses, beside a salary of 1171. Since then th expense money ha been cut off and he has taken unto . himself , new helpmate. "First , marriage are almost necessities, and are certainly dutiful and patriotic, but sec-, ond marriages are a luxury when a man has obligations to meet to a former wife," declared Judge Mogan. ..rr The petition was refused. NAMES AFFINITY". SAN' FRANCISCO, May 6. Kemo-uka Watanaca, the Japanese pugilist and boxer, filed suit for divorce today- against Kantyo Watatiae. Ha names an affinity In .the nam of O, Hayshl of 7tl Irving tr. proposed law to for bid the exporta. tlon of Hnifr to Africa. Waist Pricesprop We have just gone through our entire stock of lace, crepe de chineGeorgette erepe, chiffon and taffeta Waists and reduced prices in order to milMrlv rprtiirft t.ViA nmniiTit nf arvlr nn hand. The M-- . least you can save more. The seven feature prices are: - :$1AS, $1.95, $2.25,43.45 $3.95, $4.95 and $5.95 There are a few-ln'the higher price up to 7.9. 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' ,iu It ws charged that thes ftv health officers hsd failed to report eases of oommunlcabl diseases to the State Board of Health as required by laW, Kvldenoe waa Introduced to show that serious acidemias were threatened a result of dereliction In duty. . X s Th board also heard 100 cae of vlo- latlons of the pure food and drug laws, b'Shaughneisy Files Petition for Probate gN FRAWC3SCO. May . Application for special letter of admlnUtratlon were mad today by City Bnglnaer M. M-O'Shaughnessiy In the tat of Jona SpotttswQod,, pioneer educator and form -ar .professor of fit Mary's roUege, who died April t- Th property Is valaed at 3O,C00. 08haughnaay Is a pon-ln-Uw. The heir Include Mr. SopMa SpMtls-wood, the widow, Mrs. Mary OSfcang-nesy and Mrs. Maud Pettee, 'W' and Dr. Jolm 3 Paul, George, and Un Spottlgwood, fns. ' . i j . "'. -'U .'J -'JP Union Suits 5fr Band top garment; kne length, low neck and sleevelet. 6 tamer weight, 111 finish. All ala. Wonderful at th prleei ...... 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