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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1916
Page 14
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DAY EVENING HAT 4, 1915. " -I uiiOUSE INTEREST SftN JOSE FETE ( Delegation in Oakland to Tell l of Plans for the i Round-Up. Headed by Serator Louis O'Nell, a delegation from San Jose visited, Oakland today to "arouse" interest in the annual California Round-Up to be held In their &ty on July 1, i I and 4. - Stockmen and riders from all. part of the State and visitors, attracted by the - fame of ' San Jose Round-Ups In he past, are expected to Join in matin? the affair this year of greater proportions than ever beore. San Jose is backing; . Its celebration with an expenditure of 15,000 and has announced that all of the proceeds will go to charity. It Is - the fact that no one la to- be compensated for his participation and that there Is to be no personal profit that gives to this round-up a unique position among avic celebrations. SUPPORT IS GIVEN. The Ban Jose delegation Is anthiwtna. ttc over the support and interest shown I Oakland and nearby places. It la announced that the Stockmen's Association of Llvermcre, of which James Mo-Olinchey is president. 3HI attend in a ody. One hundred and thirty horsemen . Will ride to the round-up from Walnut Creek arid other places will furnish enough to make it certain that Alameda and Monterey counties will6 have the Urgent delegations present EXPECT . 60,000. The round-up last year held in Luna Fark was a great success. - Estimates ased on experience gained a year ago, tlace the number nf strangers who will eiait this year's celebration at 60,000. Hares, bronco busting, roping, contests f many kinds and amusements typical of the west and California will be featured on the program. -v The Sen Jose delegation to visit Oak- ,lnd today Included F. E. Chimin vr SKum, Leon Jacobs, Fred Smith, Thomas tWckS. PeliT (Sunn T. t WWV T.I ' I Browninr Sid Tm Rf.rn Yi. o.. TT e Beni, William ' Iu"ul"na hicks, j. a. enea, job. .T. Brooks and Louis O'Neil. - Simple Way to . End Dandruff There Is one "sure way that has , .ever failed to remove dandruff at nee, ana mat, is to a-ssoive it, then ' you aesiroy n. euureiy. io ao mis, JUSt 'pet about four ounces of plain, common liquid arvon from any drug store - tthis Is all you win need), apply it at night when retiring; use enough to moisten the scalp and ruq it in gently With the finger tips. By morning; most, If not all, of your dandruff will be gone, and three or ' four more applications will completely dissolve and entirely destroy 'every Single sign and trace .of It, no r matter how much dandruff you may , have. ; You wiUfind all itching, and dlg-f-irin of the ecalp will stop instantly. 1 and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous, i ,.., -iiuv and soft and InnV ElST.' 1!? 1 fJSJL,? betterAdver.. " """"" l - f '' '"i" ii'i m'i liin! ml ir-"jj ji I, ii'm " '"' mm"mmmmmmm0m'MI" ' " b " ni"' ' - - n a l ( . . w- . DeparitaenTcf Good- FeUcri?- Qv We want a stove. No, we don't want It exactly, - but an old woman wants and needs It, and we would like to give hef one. She is really . a very old woman and lives all by herself, and the little stove which she haa now is really In very bad condition. The oven Is all worn out and she cannot use It at all! in fact, the whole stove Is Worn out. It probably was alright in its younger days, but it is not of much use now. P This old woman who is an optimistic and happy old soul for all that she has been -through, says that she would iust as soon have a man around the house as the stove, because It smokes all the time. But really she does need a stove and needs one badly. A small cook stove is what she Wants, because she Is all alone and a big stove would be unnecessary, although most any .kind would do, for she coum ppooaDiy trade It off for a email cook stove. We would like to do something to make this old woman's last days as happy as pussioie. tsne has a very hard time to get along, but with all of her struggles, her nps and downs, and her .old age, she is very cheerful through it "all and very uncomplaining. Can't we help her out The woman that we told you about some time ago as being in the hospital In a free bed, and the husband Occupying a free bed in a hospital In San Francisco, Is -to come out of the hospital In.: a very few days now, and we are sorry I 4 ...... 11. -A - i i. . - I to say that we have not quite enough fur- nlture to set up the little rooms that are- Costa Rica ShaKe Did Slight Damage NeV YORK, May -Only slight damage was caused by the earthauake of April 30 In Cost Rica, according 10 wireiess reports and private tele- .. "er VJ U " TU11 company. The interrup tion of telegraphic communication be j wvm wivfiiaKiuu t-umniuniuduon ue- iwpen wosia ica and Salvador, as announced in a cable dispatch received yesterday from San Salvador, was due to statiw conditions arising from heavy storms, according to the company's advices. FASHION SHOW TONIGHT. The stage is set for the spectacular 1 Outdoor Sports Fashion Show, which will be held tonight at the Oakland Itmln nneM". . pai ' rno.t it;;. ei.;. Keen Interest Is being taken In the production, to be riven for-the first II IIIO time west of Chicago, and ItMa esll""'"rv'"aTZ mated that close to 10,000 people will COMIHIfIONERS TO MEET. throng the balconies and find van-i WASM1NOTON Mav 4 State aerl- JSfse'ventv SVhJaSf 1 M!J&ffiM mllnru' "-fnl a national chamber of rt$A&J t,nrttJJ2S' rlculture la the Interest of scientific bay society women are taking an tonight, among the patronesses being """1 1IU wsi aej WUfc til lUrvW many oi me social leaders. BARSTJbw "DOCTOR DIVORCED., V " . maBy"l . pnymcian oxiiaiiurs wnne on me trip across tne ?artow - nM ben divorced by Eunice . bay last evening, Johnson was 65 Mason, who alleged cruelty. She was! years of age. a native of Sweden and rrnriTfan aiuti tpt m rT r a mnnv TO) JB)o Audit Bureau of Circulations What lt Is It means a national audit of a newspaper's circulation-a bureau organized by the national advertisers of the United States together with the leading newspapers therein , to ascertain by examination the accurate circulation oi all newspapers (who will permit examination) in order that the truthf uL bonaf ide circulation of said paper might become the knowledge of all advertisers. What It Does It maintains an efficient and experienced staff of investigators who are continually traveling from city to city for the purpose of examining and certifying to the circulation of newspapers that will permit their rigid investi-gatiop. : ; ' ... This circulation audit is an exhaustive one, consuming, from, two weeks to a month's time and results' in a bona-fide certification of that newspaper's circulation as ar-rived at from an examination of absolute concrete" facts. What It Means to a . . - . . . ? Buyer of Advertising' Space It means securing an honest bonaf ide legitimate knowl-, edge of juBt what a newspaper's circulation amounts to. , It means buying advertising space on the basis of absolute information as to how many copies of a newspaper , are printed a"nd circulated and where that circulation is ' distributed. ' . It means honesty of circulation' and The OAKLAND TRIBUNE is pleased to offer you just such a service. - Do you wonder why all newspapers do not offer such protection to the buyers of their advertising space? . ' Because they fear the white light of investigation as to .their -honest circulation. , . , BLCE BIRD rem HAPPINESS." "Heads up, work bard, beep ailln and lend a hand" that's the motto of the Blue Bird Bo-The) TRIBUNE'S Depart-Bent Of Good Fellowship. Ta how peopla who are willli to help others Inst how to fro about U without putting a tax on any one. to provide happiness swiftly without publicity, to make life brighter and give childhood ita birthright- that ferine purpose of the Blue Bird Bureau. If interested, rthotte Lakeside 6000. to be rented for her. What we still need ar a few Chairs, a table of some kind and perhaps a small rug or two. All the Good Fellows of oaaiana nave very admirably some to our assistance In this case, for we have received a bed, a mattress, springs and comforters, a couch, a stand, a chair or two and some pictures. This we are all very grateful for. but if wa could just get another chair or two and a table, the whole outfit will be practically complete. -, This woman Is going to have- a very pleasant surprise when she comes out of the hospital, for she doesn't know of all the good that Is being done for her. She bee a tiny baby also, now, about two weeka old. and it tniarht be a rood suft- (gestlon that a crib or baby buggy would certainly be of great use. License Destroyed, Police Close Saloon Corporal Peter Van Houtte last night closed the Seattle, bar. Sixteenth and Broadway, when the persons In charge of the place were unable to produce the license upon his demand. The place is In the hands of a receiver, and the police were Informed that the license had been destroyed in the altercation between the proprietor and the receiver. The matter Will be carried to the City Council. ' ,,.,.,. THIEF AT APARTMENTS. A sneak thief Used a skeleton kev to enter the rooms of F. a WlUer of the Aroo apartments. Fifteenth and Madison streets, and stole Jewels "V??1?' .ana. .""IS w 'ueQ " ". " nlnV ?.ne.pol,oe "iT'a f lL1"Le8i1tU0? J? . Burtlart pried the lock from the front door of the store of A. T. Mitchell, 2319 East Fourteenth . . a .. , ana, xow nine Doxes ot cigars v DIES ON BAY. Oustav Johnson, 1011 Center street, a fireman on the Southern Paclflo ferryboat Thoroughfare died of heart failure while on the trip across the la survived by a widow. -5 "THE Isabellas Have Dance Baby Hospital Benefit MISS ALICE JOY CLARK. Members of Society Give Time to Charily The Daughter of Jsabella were host esses last evening at a dance given lh Wigwam hall for the benefit of the Baby hospital. The committee In charge in cluded a number of the members- of the order, with Miss Alice Joy Clark as one of the leading workers. - . - ji ' .. Old German Steamer Is Sold for $1,000,000 BAN FRANCISCO, May 4,-The Ameri can steamship Republic, formerly the German steamship Walkure, has been sold to eastern buyers by Sudden ft Christensen for approximately $1,000,000, according to announcement By tne nrm yesterday. The BepubUo, now in port, will steam tomorrow for Vancouver, B. c.. to load cargo for Vladivostok. After discharging cargo at the Siberian port the BepubUo will return toy San Francisco and he turned Over to its new owners some time in July. Sudden & Christensen bought the Re public for 129,000 from the French government when it called for bids for. Its purchase. At that time the steamer was at the bottom of . the harbor of Tahiti. submerged as the result of the shells of the German cruisers during the bombard ment of the French South Seas possession In the early days of the present war. . ... Antioch Postmaster. Faces Shortage Charge ) SAN FRANCISCO, May 4. J. V, Saunders, postmaster of Antloch, who was indicted by - the United Btates grand jury Monday for em-beswling government funds, has been arrested. ' . ' A year ago-Saunders was short in his accounts, but was shown leniency by the postal Inspectors, who allowed him to make good the shortaa and continue In office. Saunders Is weir knowr at " Antl-: ooh. He gave a bond there before a Justloe of the peace, and will bd taken before Judge Doollng to plead to the Indictment. Women AttacKed by Thug on Road MARTINEZ, May 4. Mrs. Emma Gotham and her granddaughter, Mrs. Mary Myers, were attacked by an unidentified man yesterday on the road between the Shell Oil Company's plant and Martins. Mrs. Myers la a telephone operator at the plant, 'going oft duty at midnight, and Mrs, Gotham had gone for her granddaughter, a usual custom, driving a horse and buggy. The two women notified the sheriffs office of the assault and Under Sheriff William Veale, and Deputies Dike Joslin r: ? 7 WWMtmmMmm Mnnmiil 'Unmann, ! mini and Don Williams rushed to the scene irfieffect Immediately. an automobile, but could not locate the man. - Mm. Gotham has recovered from the beating. The man did not demand money or valuables, according to the womanT TooK Stranger in, - Then Is TaKen In SAN FRANCISCO. Mar 4. Frank Kent. an Inspector for the Chicago Indianapolis and Louisville railway, stopping at the jxew western woteL was robbed of all of his money and his return pass to his home in Indianapolis by a down-and-outer whom he encountered on a west-bound Santa Fe train. Kent took pity on the Arnold A Arnold, when he discovered that the latter man, who gave, the name of Harold was penniless. He took him to the hotel and shared a room with him. Last night both retired early and at 4 o'clock this morning Kent awoke to find that Arnold was gone. A gold watch and chain valued at fso, 835 In- coin and a railroad ticket was also missing. Silva Admits Killing Man; Woman Cause STOCKTON. May 4. J. G. Silva. also known ss Jack Fernandes, made a complete confession to the sheriff and district attorney of Calaveras county that he Is the man who killed George Schwoerer at Angels Monday night, with a prospector's pick. Silva admits having had relations with - Schwoerer's wife, a half-breed Indian, and claims' that she spurred mm to stay ner husnana. Silva also admits that he made a pre vious attempt to slay Schwoerer last Friday night as he slept With his wife. Silva raised the bedroom window sash, and fired from the. outside, but his aim was poor and Schwoerer suffered only a superficial wound. Silva himself la a haifbteed. 2 rear RESOLUTION OF INTENTION NO. 125SO N S. RESOLUTION W INTtJNTION TO SKW&K HARVEY AVENUE BUT WEEN 55TH AND 67TH AVKNL'td. RESOLVED: That it is the intention of I he Council of the City of Oakland to order the following; street work to be done in said City in accordance with the provisions of the Improvement Act of of the State of California, and In ao-cprdance with the plans and specifications adopted for this street work by said Council by Resolution No. 12589 N. S. That a sewer, havlnir an Internal diam eter of S Inches, be constructed along the center line, and Its production, of Har-vev Avenue from the center line of 67th Avenue to a point distant 643 feet northwesterly therefrom, measured along said center line of Harvey Avenue; also That a brick manhole with cast Iron top be constructed at the southeastern end of said sewer; also That a lamphole with brick and-east iron top be constructed at the north-western end of said sewer; also That "Y" branchM. enoh having Mnch openings, be constructed on said sewer so as to provide one such hranrh lor eacn 25 foot lot, and fractional lot remaining, into which the. abutting property front-age is capable of being divided. fcaia sewer. -Y" branches ana lamp- hole (excepting the top thereof) shall be constructed of vitrified eewer pipe. This Council hereby determines that serial bonds shall be issued to represent assessments of 135.00 or over for the cost of said work and improvement! said serial bonds - shall extend over a Senod Riding 6 years from the tnd day of Jan uary neTc succeeding uie oats ei saia bonds and an even annual proportion of the principal sum thereof shall be cay- able, by coupon, on the Ind day of Jan uary every -year after their date, until the who's Is paid, and the Interest shall be payable semi-annually, by coupon, on the second days of January and July, respectively, of each year, at the rate of 1 per cent per annum on an sums unpaid, until the whole of said principal and In terest are oald. Said bonds shall be Issued in accordance with said Improve ment Act of 19li. ; Notice Is herebv given that Thursday. the 25th day of Mav, ltls, af 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. A, M., is hereby ffraJ aa , 1. - Jta .. nA V, anil tk u a 1410 UJ OlIU I IUU1 , -MU L ' Council Chamber in the City Hall, Oakland, California, as the place when and wnere any and all persona having any abjections to the above described propose ed street work may appear berore saia Council and show cause why said -proposed street work should not be done In I accordance with this resolution. The- Oakland Tribune is hereby desig nated as the daily newspaper published and circulated in said City in which this resolution ot intention shall he nabllsn- ed. The Cleric of this Council is hereby directed to publish this Resolution by two successive Insertions In said newspaper. l certirv that the , fnr&eoinff la a tun. true and correct copy of a Resolution passed by the City Council of the City of Oakland, Cat, on May 8, 1916. I W, COMMINQS, City ClerkL - 380 May 4-2t ORDINANCE NO. N. S. AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDIN ANCE NO. 13S N. S. KNOWN AS THE BUILDING LAW Off THE CITY Oif section to be known 232A, which shall read as follows: Section 232A. ExceDt where metal lath is required for the flreprooflng of steeii in- iieu-thereof there may be used plaster board, composed of pure gypsum and wood or manlla fiber. No carbon ate" of lime shall be used apd hot less than seventy-nve nb) per cent Of composition shall be ot non-inflammable material. Such plaster board shall be not less than three eighths (H) of an inch, thick and shall be so constructed as to form a mechanical bond between the plaster board and plaster, Such mechanical kev or bond shall be equally distributed and shall compose at least twenty (20) per cent of the surface of the plaster board. Such plaster board shall weigh not less than thirteen (13) pounds to the square yard. . On wood Joists, furring strips, studding or other wood supports, the plaster board shall be securely fastened by means of nails of such length 'that the said nails shall extend at least three-quarters () inch to the Joists, furling strips, studding or other supports. Such nails shall be spaced or driven not more than six (I) Inches apart In one direction and sixteen (16) inches apart in the other direction. Where furring strips; studs or other supports are of metal the plaster board shall be seourely fastened to same with galvanized Iron wire ot not less than No. 14 gauge-or with metal clips or nails, spaced the same as In this Section provided t6r nails. All wire nails used for fastening plaster board shall be at least No. 11 gauge with a flat head not less than three-eighlhe (H4) inch in diameter. All such plaster board shall have applied thereon at least one (1) coat of hard wall plaster, such planter to be not less than three-eighths (ft) Inch in thickness. wnere piaster Doara is used for solid partitions said partitions shall be not less than two inches thick and the metal stuas snaii do not more man twenty tour (84) inches on centers. SECTION I. This .Ordinance shall tv in council, uakisna, o&L.. May I, lsil. Passed to print for two days by tne louowing vote: Ayes, Commissioners Anderson, Baccus, Edwards, Jackson and President Davie 5. Noes Jlone. L. W. CUMM1NGS, City Clerk. 888 May 4-2t ORDINANCE NO. N. 8. AN ORDINANCE CHANGING AND RE-ESTABLISHING! THE WIDTHS OP RmnrwAt.Ka on T.Aitm aTmmw between Jackson and oak ei new i s. -BE IT ORDAINED hV the Cmindl nf the City Of Oakland, as follows: SECTION L The W idtha of aldawalk. on Lake Street between Jaokson and Oak Streets are herebv changed and ra. established as follows: The northern sidewalk of T.alt Rtrt 18.1 feet wide at the eastern line ot jacason street and uniformly decreasing to a width of 16 feet at the Western end of the curve at the junction of Lake and Oak Streets: The southern sidewalk, 14.1 feet Vide at the eastern line of Jackson Street and uniformly increasinat to a width at 15 1 feet at the western return, southwestern The southern sidewalk. 15.8 feet wins at the eastern return southeastern cor ner or Maoison street and uniformly In-creasfng to a width of 1H feet at the western end of the curve at tha linwtin,. of Lake and Oak Streets. SECTION 2. AU parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. iai; iiu 1. 1 ms orainance shall take feet Immediately. , In Council. Oakland. OaL. Mv t lot Passed to print for - two days by the following votei Ayes Commissioners Anderson, Baccus, Edwards, Jackson and President Davie 5. Noes Nona L. w. cumminos. city aerfc. 881 May 4-2L . unuiPtHnvt nvi . rt. o. AN ORDINANCE ESTABLlSHINft rW- N. FICTAL' CURB ORADE8 AND POST-TIONS OF. CURBS. ON EXCELSIOR AVENUE BETWEEN BEACON STREET AND ATHOL AVENUE. BB IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City bf Oakland, as follow: SECTION 1. Ths official curb grades ana positions 01 euros on luxceisior Avenue, between Beacon Street and Athol Avenue, are hereby fixed and established as shown upon that certain map entitled Map snowing oinciai euro grades and of curb" Excelsior Avenue: between Beacon Street and Athol Av.nue Oakland, Cal. MaV .1914, Perry F. Brown,' Superintendent of Streets and offiolo City Engineer." filed in the Office of the City Clerk of said City on the Jd day Of May, 1916. SECTION I. All ordinances or parts of ordinances In conflict herewith are hereby repealed. 1 section s. This ordinance shall take effect Immediately. In Council, Oakland, Cal, May 8, 1918. Passed to print for two days by the following vote: Ayes Commissioners Anderson, Baccus, Edwards, Jackson and President DavieJ-H. Noes None. -L. W. CUMMINQ9, City Clefk. 882 May 4-2t To Give Speeders Jail Sentences SAN FRANCISCO. April 4-JfaI sentences ''for speeding Were put In Vogue gain In the police courts of Ban Francisco today and Henry M. Smith was the first victim. Motorcycle Officer Hand caught Smith speeding 15 miles an hour on Market street, and gathered hint In. He was sentenced to 14 hours In the n it nnniraim k v, rminMi r i i.kJk., L "-aJaZ" .."..V- thereof filed June 4. 189i. In book ,OTm,u ""i -""i. t 1 is of man. Iwn 41 AUMn,i rv-.-tj nun u I uut nn ,a h. tfnnurn . Mrutn rALXOTlCES RESOLUTION OF INTENTION NO. 125 N. 8. RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO KOVE 45TH AVENUK FROM EAST 14 fH 8TREKT nTTTWvirvTi. oi V RESOLVKD: That It la the intention of uio council or tne City of Oakland to order the following street Work to be done . said City in accordance with the provisions of the .Improvement Act Of 1911 of tae Slate of California, and in accordance ?'lln the plans and specifications adopted for this street work by said Council by Resolution No. 12586 N. 8. That 45th Avenue from tv,. .nulA.t. ern line of Est 14th Btiet to line parallel to and distant BO feet northeast-tSfn 5he northeastern linl of East o. V and tn crossing of East 10th Street with 5th Avenuef each, be graded, curbed with redwood, guttered with concrete gutters, three feel wide; paved with oil-macadam, and sldewalked with cement sidewalks, six feet wide: also - - " . That a vitrified pipe conduit, having an Internal diameter of 12 Inches, be constructed In 46th Avenue from the northeastern line of Bast 10th Street to the Misting water course crossing said 45th Avenue about 140 feet southwesterly of East 10th Street) laid conduit to be located parallel to and distant II feet southeasterly from the northwestern line of 46th Avenue; also . That a brick manhole with a- east Iron ton. be constructed at the north a at am end ot said conduit; also xnat a eerrugatea iron and Concrete eulvert, having two branches, be constructed in the crossing of East lJth Street with 45th Avenue: Excepting, however, from said work, the grading of, and the construction of eement sidewalks on 46th Avenue, as follows: the southeastern sidewalk thereof from the southwestern line of Elaet 14th Street to a Una at right angles to the southeastern line of 411th Avanu mi distant, thereon, (J feet southwesterly from the Southwestern line of East 14th Street, and "the northwestern sidewalk thereof from the southwestern line of East 14th Street t a line at right angles to the northwestern Una 4 1MH iv.nu. and distant, thereon, I.I feet southwesterly from the southwestern line ( Sast 14th Street. And said Council does hereby determine and declare that the aforesaid work and Improvement is ot more than local or ordinary public benefit- and will af-Jeot and benefit the dietriot hereinafter described, whljh said district ll hareby declared to be the district Tbeneflted by aid work and Improvement and that therefore such portion of the ntlre cost a ipsnsee ot saia wora ana improve ment that Is not ordered paid out of the treasury of the City of Oakland shall be and Is hereby made chargeable against nt ghsll be assessed upon said dlsinot, wuica aminci is witnin tne City of Oakland, County Of Alameda, 'BUte of California, and is particularly bounded and described as follows, to-wlti Beginning 4 point on the southwest ern line of East 14th Street distant, thereon, 16 feet southeasterly from the Southeastern line of 4Kth Avenue: thence parallel to the southeastern line of 46th Avenue 10 a point si feet northeasterly from the nortkauitern Una nf moat 11th Street; thence parallel to the northeast ern una oi jmi utn street to a point distant 120 feet northwesterly from the nOrthWSStarn Una nt aSth Avaftuai thanr.- parallel to the southeastern line Of 45th ith K.mih1.i lh.,.. .1... . . . l . lino and iu production, ot Block Q to a S""1' iuini, tnereon, jzs.s teet nortn-terjy from-the horthwestetn-llneif 46th Avenue; thence parallel to the northwestern line ot 45fh Avenue to a point 21 teet northeasterly from the northeastern line of East 12th street; thence southeasterly parallel to the northeastern line of East lith Street, loo feetj thence parallel to the northwestern no of th Avenue w the southwestern line of East 14th Street; thence in a direct line to the point of beginning! ex-P"h from the aforedesurlbed district all publlo streets. In this resolution whenever a distance from a Une is given the distance measured at right angles to such Une is meant unlaaa Athaiwta aiaA This Clt Council hereby orders thatv wie sum 01 iau aouars be paid out of the treasury of the City of Oakland from the General Fund thereof, to pay In part the cost of constructing the aforesaid conduit and manhole. This Council hereby determines that serial bonds shall be issued to represent assessment of 2B.OO or over for the cost of said work and improvement; said serial bonds shall extend over a period ending I years from the Ind day of Jan-uary next succeeding the date of said ponds and an even annual proportion of the prlnolpal sum thereof shall be payable, by. coupon, on the 2nd day of Jan u''1' lvfrr. fter f"lr date until the Whole la paid, and the Interest shall be payable semi-annually, by coupon, on the 2nd days of January and July, re-tpectively, of each year at the rate of 7 per. cent per annum on all sums unpaid until the whole of said principal and in-, terest are paid. Bald bonds shall be la-sued in accordance .with said Improve ment Act of 1911. ' .yi hereby given that, Thursday, the 25th day of May, 1816, at fifteen min- s aiier 11 ocioca A. M., Is hereby fixed as the day and hour, and the Council Chamber in the aty Hall, Oakland, California, as the place when and where any ana an persona naving any objeotlons to ths above described proposed street work may appear Taefore said Council and show cause why said proposed street work should not be done in accordance with this Resolution. . . The Qaloand. Tribune Is hereby designated ss the dally newspaper published anel circulated in said City In which this Resolution Ot Intention Shall be published. The Clerk of till Council Is hereby directed to publish this Resolution by two successive insertions in saia newspaper. I eerUfy that the foregoing le a full, ue and eorract urmv -nf a Raniuinn passed by the City Council of the City of I. Cel., on May 2, Me. L w. cuMMiNGB. city Clerk, RET.ONn,NTNT.ON RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO SEWWR D STREET BETWEEN ilTH AND 8HTH AVHNUB8., RKSOLVEDi That It is the Intention Of the Council of the City of Oakland to or. der the following street work to be done n saia uity in accordance with the provisions of the Improvement Act of 111 of the State of California,- and In accord ance wiui uie pians ana specifications adopted for this street work by said council oy neeoiution MO. 121)57 N. B. urn b. Hair, naving an internal 01-ameter of I inches, be constructed along tne. center line of D street rrom the center line of 88th Avenue to a point distant 200 feet southeasterly therefrom, measured along said center line of D Street; also That a lamphole. having a tm af hrwit ehd naat Iron. h nnaTrii,A a tk. southeastern end of said sewer; also That "Y" branches, . having t Inch openings, be constructed on. said sewer so as to proyme one such branch for earn 15-root lot. ana fractional lot remaining, into whloh the abutting prop- eriv frontasa la aaDabla of faalna hi. vided. . Haid sewer, "yTjittnches and lamp-hole (excepting the tup thereof) shall be. constructed of vitrified sewer pipe. Notice la hereby given that Thuracia the 25th day of May, 1918. at 20 minutes after ll o'clock A. M., U hereby fixed as the day and hour, and the Council Chamber in the City Hall, Oakland, California, as the place when and where any and all persons having any objections w tne aoove aescnoea proposed street work may appear before eald Council and show . cause why said proposed street work should not be done in accordance with this resolution, The Oakland Tribune Is hereby deals, nated as the daily newspaper published and circulated in said City in which this Resolution - of Intention shall, be published. The Clerk of this Council Is hereby directed to publish this Resolution by two successive insertions in said newspaper. I certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of a Resolution passed by the City Council of the City of Oakland. CaL on May 8, 1916. ' . L. W. CUMMINGS, City, Clerk. 83 way -2t NOTICE CALLING FOR BIDS FOR YSR9A BUKNA AVE. SEWBR EXTENSION. The Council of the City 6f Oakland will receive sealed bids fori construi-tln an extension of the Verba Buena Avenue sewer rrom tne n. r, tight of way. west eriv. on Mav 18th. 1911. hatwaan thi Jiours or u o oiooc A. M. ana 11 kL Bpeol-lcations therefor and form of proposal win ds iurnisnea oy juy wiera on appil. cation. A bond of 84600.00 Jot faithful performance of contract to be) given by the successful bidder; also to give labor and material bond in Sum of 60 of con tract prlca Contract to be entered into within ten days after award thereof. Certified check for ,10 of amount of bid to accompany each proposal. Council re serves rujm to reject any or an bios. City Clerk. LEGAL NOTICKS ORDINANCE NO. N. S. 1 AN sOliUINA.NCE ORDERING THH CLOSINd UP AND ABANDONING Oin POHTJONS OF DERBY AVENUE BE-( TWKKN EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. AND THE RIGHT OF WAY OF THE-' CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILWAY COM-! ( PANT, AND AUTHORIZING THHi MAYOR OF THE CITY OF OAKLAND; . TO EXECUTE AND DEIJVER DEEDS' CONVEYING ALL LANDS SO OK-1 DONED CW)sed vf and abanJ BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Oakland, as follows: , SECTION 1. WHEREAS, the Council of the City of Oakland did, on the 17th dayl of February A. D. 11, pass its Resotu-, tion of Intention No. 1214 N. S. to order the closing up and abandoning of the fol-' lowing portions of Derby Avenue, to-wlt:i (1) A strip, seven and one-half (7H) feeti in width, extending from the southwestern) line of East Fourteenth Street to the1 northeastern line of the Right of waft of the Central Paciflo Railway Company,, the northwester Une of the strip being the northwestern line of said Derby Ave-' nue; (t) A strip, seven and one-half (7H), feet in width, extending from the afore- ?iid southwestern line of East Fourteenth' treet to Mine aforesaid northeastern line' of the Right of Way of the Central Pa-- Si fid Railway Company, the southeastern' ne ot the strip being the southeastern Une of Derby Avenue; saving, excepting end excluding from both of the afore-described strlos euch portions thereof aa are within the bounds ot East Tenth, - East Twelfth and East Thirteenth Streets; and WHEREAS, said resolution described the work or Improvement and the land deemed necessary to he taken therefor. specified the exterior boundaries of be' eisinci oi land to be affected or benS-i filed by said work or Improvement and. to be assessed to pay the damages, costs and expenses thereof. And designated ttW Oakland Tribun. a dally newspaper published and circulated in said City of Oak. land, as the daily newspaper In which the' notice hereinafter referred to was to. bet Published by the Superintendent ot LB,'d Clty ot Oakland; and ' WHEREAS. ... said Superintendent ofi of February, A. D. 1911, cause to be con-1 splcuously posted along the line of said1 contemplated work'-or Improvement, ab "i ixuia man ouv leet in aistanc apart, but not less than fhrea In nil nntln.. nfl : ths passage of said Resolution No, 12142' N. S., which said notices were In thei ff,'n nA . ,1 AU. ... . .a' things required by law to be therein set' forth; and .. WHEREAi, said Superintendent of Streets caused a notice similar In sub-1 Stance to be dnlv niihllahnt fnp narinl of ten days in said Oakland Tribune: and! WHEREAS, more than ten days have, elapsed since tha axnlratinn nf tha ttmJ of the publication of said notice, aa aforeH saia, ana no objection whatever to said) proposed work or improvement or to the extent of the district of land 10 be af-1 fee ted or benefited by the Work or lm-i provemeiit have been filed with or de-1 Ilvered to the Clerk of said City Council,1 or made tow received by said City Coun-i ell; and -1 WHEREAS, the public Interest an convenience require that all thoee porJ tions of said Derby Avenue hereinbefore . described be closed up and abandoned: and WHEBEAa-sai4 proposed went is fon closiiufittp, imnt appears Uiat no assess-, mentis necessary; and WHEREAS, the owners of the-lands' adjacent to the portions of Derby Avei nue hereby ordered closed up and aban-i doned are the Derby Estate Company, a1 corporation, on both sides from Eastf Twelfth Street to East Fourteenth Stret on the northwestern side fir.tn tha south western line of East Twelfth Street to a' point distant- nily- (SO) feet southwest-' erly therefrom, on the northwestern sldej iiwii 1111 aiorvnaia nurmeastern line 01 the Right of Way of the Central Pacific1 Ral 1 1 way company to a point distant ona hlinilra .Ivlun 114V '- u.lk-.ri.rlu . . ... . . .......... 1 . i..v) aw. Bumn-j.i,i j;, from the aforesaid southwestern line of East Twelfth Street and on the south-i eastern side from the northeastern line of East Tenth Street to a point distant V one hundred sixteen (111) feet south-) I westerly from eald southwestern Une of 1 East Twelfth Street; the Western Pacific Railway Company, a corporation, on' the southeastern side from the south- western line of East Twelfth Street to ai Point 'distant one hundred sixteen (list teet southwesterly therefrom and on the1 northwestern side between points disi .ant, respectively, fifty (SO) feet and one, hundred sixteen (116) feet southwesterly tiom said Southwestern line of Kastj Twelfth Street; the Central Paolflo Rail-; Way Company, a corporation, all Of the southeastern side southwesterly of East1 Tenth Street; and . WHEREAS, the City of Oakland has received adequate compensation, by the' conveyance by Derby Estate Company, a corporation, to the City of Oakland ot, the Dortlona of 19th and 10th Avmiuh described In the deed recorded in Liber1 2434 ot Deeds, page 198, Alameda Countvt Records, for ths portions of Derby Avenue hereby closed up, abandoned and conveyed; ahd WHEREAS, said Derbv Fats t a Cnm. pany, Western Pacific Railway Company and Central- Psclflo Railway Company are entitled, pursuant to Subdivision fin of Pectlon 81 of the Charter of the City of Oakland, upon the taking effect of this Ordinance to deeds from the City ot Oak land of the portions of Darby Avenue, hereby closed up and abandoned adja-wfiU! ttf .'C. JSfJBEHT -teWLwj L nun, inMWVBtt, ttt. 1 1 UKUAIN-, ED bv tha Council nt tha Plttf isr Air. land that all those portions of said Derby1 Avenue nereinoeiore oeeennea be, and1 are hereby ordered closed up and abandoned, and that upon the taking effect' of this ordinance the Mayor of the City1 ot Oakland be, and he Is- hereby author-, lxed and directed to execute, acknowledge and deliver. In" the name of and on1 behalf of the City of Oakland deeds con. veylng to the hereinbefore mentioned, owners respectively, the portions of Derby Avenue hereby ordered closed up' and abandoned adjacent to their re-, spertlve holdings, and that thereupon all " claims thereto of the City of Oakland, or of the mtlillo,- shall terminate. SECTION I. This Ordinance shall take effect Immediately. In Council, Oakland, Cal, May I, 1918. Passed to print tor two days by the following vote: Ayes Commissioners la W. CUMMINOS, City Clerk at'- v '-a- -v, 884 May 4-!t NOT 1-0 B OF AWAR8 OF tONTRAOT. tiff??1 f t-t"ta and to Resolution, No.- liout NT S. of the Council of the, City bf Oaklahd. passed May 8rd7l9ie, dl-1 recting this notice, notice is hereby given' that tho said Council In open session on. the 7th day of April, me, openedTex-smlned and publloly declared ell sealed' proposals ottered tor the following work.r to-wit; That Sunset Avenue from the north-eastern line of Lynde Street to the southwestern line ot Bona Street, be graded, curbed with redwood, guttered with oon-orete guttore, three feet wide, and paved With oil-macadam; , i-.ACBuuuB, nowever, irom saia work the trading ot he northwestern fmirtoet of' ..into.u. Biucn-ua, vi ounsevAve-' nue from the hortheastern tine of Lynde Street to the southwestern line, produeed,-of Kaiser Street . The Council determined that serial, hnna shall Ka mI 1. - . ." . i represent, assessments of 888.00 or over for the cost nt mmA nrV mnA 1 rt, a . . . , V . ., bonds shall extend over a period ending man annual Tu-nnn(... , . i. . . .. : " y r" ,f , v principal sum thereof shall be- payable by coupon. . , January every year after their date until the whole la paid end the interest shall be payable iernl nnnallv his rtnrmn U a a J,.....J( wisiU( vii Uiee ana aays or ,i ' .v -onl Per annum ' on all sums unDald until tn- .wi '.,1 , j , . ....... ....j i n)i yj i uaiil nrlnlnal tttj Int.u.l . . . n T ""mw are paia. esam onos shall be Issued In accordance w.'C M1U .lllfVQIIIClli ACl oi mil. fc-i-i. 'i7Jr4 Pnrtlculars reference l 5i,.r.-!,ldt0 Re'olutlon of Intention HSi1",1: s : Ped March 14th, 191S. otdthTcytVofthOaKfand6 ' nm N. s. awardml th contmct for wd work t? the lowest regular reponlhl bidaer. to-wit to RahBomi-CrummeV Co. at tn nHf namat4 tv.fi mat a MMa,u rreposat on filet namely: Kuuio yara or excavation. , .t .. .1 .JTH ' Per linear foot of Redwood Curb.. .10 fer square foot of Cnfrte gutter, .11 Per square foot of ll-macadnm pavement ..).... ,07 L. W. CUMMlNOa. City ClePk. 188 May 4 -8 1 ; 'Notice to thb fubuo. This Is to certify that on and after this 8rd day of May, 19H, I will not be' responsible for any debts or bills con-i traded for- by my wife, Edith Peltoii Gates. , (REAL) a. M. OATfcS. Oakland, Cal. ; Dookblndlnt at The TRIBUNE Office. ( 0 Ji Old. Jolty prison. '' 177 May4-et

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