The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1893 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1893
Page 9
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%" ' THE OTJPEtt DES MOINBS: ALGONAj IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOYEMBEK 29, 18D3 1 V'ot tironehhvl, Asthtnailearti*l'ul- IttOtiftry Complain?ft "J5i'«*)i'S -Sfoticlndl Trothm" have remarkable owratlv* properties. i!>'oW <yrdy in boxes* fraith without love is omnipotence with- 6uta heart. It is tho power of Jesus with the blindness of a bat. BEECHAMS' PIU.S are a painless and effectual remedy for wll bilious disorders. 25 dents a box. For valo by*"all druggists. Preaching' aimed the Wart. at tho head seldom JUDGE J. B. HIM,, of the Superior Court, Walker county, Georgia, thinks enough of German Syrup to send us voluntarily a strong letter endorsing it. When men of rank and education thus use and recommend an article, what they say is worth the attention of the public. It is above suspicion. "I have used your German Syrup," he says, "for my Coughs and Coldson the Throat and I Y ungs. I can recommend it for them as a first-class medicine."— fake no substitute. ® TMH'NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND NEWANB.MY-COIYIPLEXION IS BETTER. JTynoctorsoyBlt nets gently on tho stornnch.llvpi «na klrtnoys, nml is a pleasant Jaxativn. Thlo drink Is mnilo from herlw, and Is prepared for BCU as cosily ns^tea. It Is called All dragolflts sell Itat68o. nnd (1 a pnckago. If r nddrnss for n freo lUeilleiuo moves . . yon oannntinet It, send your nddrnss for n freo Iiriiic'n Faintly dnr. lOKATOltH-.WOOD'WARD. LEROY. N. It Is very difficult. t <o tconvince dhilciren that a medicine is "niceito take" —-this trouble is not experienced in administering of -Cod Liver Oil. It is almost as palatable as milk. No preparation so rapidly builds up good flesh, strength and nerve force. Mothers the world over rely upon lit in all wasting diseases that children are heir to. Prepared by Scott & Bowno. N. V. All drHppisf "COLCHESTER" SPADING BOOT. BEST IN MARKET BEST IN FIT. . BEST IN WRAU1NG | QUALITY. . i Tho outerortnp solo ex {tends the whole loii ' down to tlie heel, pro teel.lnK the boot in clip f plus nnd in other hurc "' work, ASK YOUli DEALER FOR THEM and don't bo put ofl with inferior goods. COUOHESTER RIIBUKR CO. •bone, which but .the can- nnd grew they scrape cer returne rapidly after tryini many .remedies.-ln'Vaiij, 'I' commenced to give him S. S. :6»; .after seven i bottles . the cancer dis- hough there had been take appeared entir 1 ^ars hv B return, .and I have reason to. believe that he is permanently cured. His cuxeisduaexclusively toS. S..S. „ . , J. :R. MURDOCH, Huntsville, Ala, Treatlse.on.Blood and Skin Discascsitiilcd Free. SWIFT .SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. Ely's Cream Balm ^VICKliY CeiBES COLD IN HEAD 1 Price CO Cents. § Balm Into each fi.. 68 Worron WHERE All ELSE FAILS. Best'Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. JK ICKAPOO INDIAN SACWA The greatest Liver, a Stouuuili, lilood and Kidney Hcuiedy. AJtiUo of Itoots, ^ Ilaika ao<l Herbs, J is Absolutely] Freia From All Ilinei-al or O t Ue r Harmful In- Kroilion ts. J •Pi'upgisU, 811 per bottlo, i! A |udl»n ilcJlclne Co., Aguuts, fiov/ Uaion, flesly $ ju$«low, Aguuts, fiov/ Uaion, tt. \ tffftfftfHttffffffMffttffff) PICKED PARAGRAPHS. New England has 230,000 more 'Roman. Gatndli^s' tlvtiri Prbtostants. ; ; In- Blackstofao s s time 150 offenses wei'e ptmishable iu England by death. It is said that two-thirds of all the cotton duck produced in the World is made within twenty miles of Baltimore'. ' Miss Jennie Lyman of New York has brought suit against her former 1 ' over for the return of a ring which he gave her and afterwards secured. The archbishops of York and London each receive a salary as high as ;hat paid to tho president of the Jnited States, and the archbishop of ianterbury gels much, again— $75,000 a year. , ; .,'':. ;, A Frenchman of some literary distinction, after studying English for a few months, wrote to an American friend: "In small time I can learn so many English as I think I will come at the America and go on to the scaffold to lecture." Rev. John Hutchinson, pastor of tho Presbyterian church at Free port, Long Island, preached a sermon, "'Jhe Tongue," a short time ago, and it led to a breach in his congregation, that lias ended in his resignation. There seems to havo been too much of it. Tho Rarens of Tiurmah have thein marriages at a funeral feast. U'hou a villager dies his remains arc temporarily disposed of until one or more marriages can bo arranged, when they are disinterred, a great feast mada, and tho funeral services properly performed. When a Chinese girl is married her attendants are always tho oldest and ugliest to be found in the neighborhood, who are paid to act as foils to her beauty. It is said that some exceptionally ugly old women make their living by acting as professional attendants at weddings. A curious bridge is found on the Canadian Pacific railway. Here a tremendous chasm had to be crossed, and the best way that could be seen of surmounting the difficulty was by resting the bridge on two trees which were growing in the abyss below. The tops of the trees reach the ground above,and the bridge rests upon them, JIBES AND JESTS. ON THE FLY, He, indignantly—I hope I know my own mind! She, sweetly—Yes, you surely ought to know as much as that. Mother—How in the world did you get your coat, sleeves so dirty? Little Boy—Walkin' 'cross the puddles on my hands, so's not to get my feet wet Johnny—Papa, can a watch jump? Father—No, certainly not; what made you ask such a foolish question'.' Johnny—Oh, only because I've seen many a watch spring. On a first night. Author to his neighbor who is,about to leave tho house after the first act—But my dear sir, there are two more acts. Neighbor —That is the very reason I am going. A Paisley gentleman, hearing that two of his female relations had quarreled, asked: "Ha'e they ea'ed each ither ugly?" "Na, na." "Ah, weel then, I can male' it up atween them yet." It was the first she had ever baked and she said proudly: "Don't you think I could go into tho bread business?" "My dear," answered her husband, gently, "if they sold bread by weight you'd make your fortune.'' "Niver again," said Mr. Dolan, "not even if Oi get to be as rich as tho Vanderbilts, will Oi take me clothes till a Chinese laundry." "An 1 phy not?" asked Mrs. Dolan. "Because Oi hov a sxispioion that the wroitin" bo puts an the ticket is somethia' personal. An' be tho looks av it it's moighty uneomplemintary." Minister—I have noticed, Patrick, that the vamo OH our church spire has not changed its direction for several weeks, though the wind meantime has blown from all points of tho compass. Can you explain the reason of this? Patrick—I'm thinking I can do that same, yer rivorence. It needs the satn.e thing as the people that sit under it o" Boondays. -. Minister—And what is that? Patrick—A little grace, yer riverence. . . True Enough. Papa—Won't you. toe glad -when yevi art a big man, Harry S Hurry —No, papa. Papa—Why not? Harry—Well, because then I .cau't get into the circus .o± bait pries. Tried and Approved by Hie JUllous. it or over a third of a century a -great specific has been on trial by taxational jury of the bilious. Although a verdict in its favor was rendered long since it is Btill on trial. Never when it has l>eon "weighed in the balance" has it been found -wanting. Tho name of this uieciciue i« Hostetter's Stomaeli Bitters, which more speedily tlmu auy other terminates those villainous; sea- sations which attend disorder *)£ the liver. It expels bile from the blood and seere- tious, remedies chronic costiyeiiess and reinforces the organs of digestion and assimilation. Sick headache, yellowness of the skin atid eyeballs, furred tongue, and other indications that the litrer has temporarily knocked off work ond gone on the strike, disappear when it is used. It is a most efficient safeguard against malaria, rheumatism and kuluey trouble, and fortifies a nervous and enfeebled iuvahd effectually. They Quarreled. "Dey has done bruk the engagement." "You douusay so?" "fas in 'deed." '•What fob?" "She done tas'ed apersimrnou dat warn t ripe an 1 he misconstrued the pucker au' kissed her." The new BIOPATHIC System will cure any acute disease in oue treatment (cure or no pay), chronic iu a few. Failure impossible. '« Invalids get well and then leaiji the system, and get our diploma. Attain health, wealth and liappiuesis. One or ruore Biopaths are needed iu every town to extract the poisons the II. D.'s give. Come or write to Dr. John Shelby, Sheeley Block, Oinaha, Neb., for full information. Some men have an idea that they will .some day walk in the streets of glory been use now and then they give away au old eoat. $#« C«lvt.oter Sp;uiUnr Boots adv. la e_j*r column, tHfflouUlos 6f n Tfrtfeldr thnfc • TpnolijOtlieM n l,<ssson. : ' ; ' Telegraphing -While tho train waits ~-did you ever try it? NoP Well, you've misled something linique. I tried it once, successfully, too, but—i let tno tell tho story. Tho narrator continues his yarn in the Boston Herald as follows: I Was riding on a train from A. to D. When B. was reached it occurred to,mo to examine thy time-table, and, behold, the train was duo at D. exactly on the minute when the oBice to which I was going would be closed for the,days' and the station a good half mile away.' ; . . . Telegraphing' was my :oiily ro- course, bllt how*? Well, -1 jjropared my dispatch on a bit of paper, reduced it to tho regulation ten words and patiently awaited tho arrival at C., the last place to stop, and I know there was a telegraph office, there. The train was a little behind timo, and I was correspondingly nervous. No sooner was the train stopped than I sprang forward, fairly bounding over the platform to where I supposed the telegraph office was, but to my sin-prise and chagrin the very spot whore I expected to deposit my dispatch proved to bo the express offlco. I was perspiring. "Further end of station," shouted the oillco boy to my inquiry. I looked in that direction. Up to that moment I had had control of the situation, because I was ahead of the train. Just one glance told mo 1 must go far to tho roar of the train. No timo was to bo lost. Away I went, casting anxious eyes to tho rear car as I fairly flew past it. I approached the office window, clutching my little telegram. I incontinently whistled tho llrst two bars of "You Know" just to stir up the boy and let him know a customer was approaching on the fly, as it were, and sort of brace him up. Well, J stood before tho little window, and, suro's I'm born, there wore two yountr women there, one of whom appeared to bo in charge, and tho other the one who actually docs tho work of standing between the telegraph company and the outer world. The whistle above referred to didn't strike the tympani of those two operators pleasantly. They both actually frowned on mo in silence, felt myself actually withering, but there I was and I must proceed. Casting an affectionate glance, not fit the girls, but at tho rear of the train, some distance ahead, to seo that it was whore I had left it, I ventured to remark: "How much ter words to JD—?" At the same time ] handed in my little message. It waa received in dignified silence, and the counting process began— tine, two, three, etc. I felt as if ages wore passing and decades wore liko railroad telegraph poles. How nervous I got, and how tho great beads o: perspiration joined forces and bo came rivulets ad own my face am neck, but yet tho young womar Blowly proceeded with the business In hand, and calmly took my monoj and calmly took the message. Wha a relief as 1 bounced for the rear car but what if tho lady operators whoir I had offended by that innocen whistle should bo revengeful and de lay my message? I was duo in D in twenty min utes. On arrival, it was tho work o only a minute to tako a cab and say "hurry up.-" Thanks to those young women, they were prompt, and I found the office open, and transacted my business. Moral No. 1.—Don't telegraph while the train waits and expect tho operator to bo overflowing with •comfort. Moral IS o. 2.—Uon't whistle "You Know" as you approach a telegraph ottioo, whether you are in a hurry or otherwise. \Yh«u Miioreaily I'luyod, Mucrcady was playing- in a country town, a.ud, upon a night when ho proposed to perform "Macbeth," -a small scone painter was cast to act tho "blooding sergeant" At rehearsal tho ".star" waa quiet enough, merely scanning the local performer as one prizo-fighto? might judge >of the points of another. When the night ccime, however, a very difter- •ent scene was enacted. Tho sergeant dashed on, dropped upon his •knee, and said: "My lord, as 1 stood upon my watch upon the hill Methouiht tint Blrnam Wood 'yun movo towards Dunslnuiio " Thereupon Macready, with a gro wl of raga and tho words, "Liar and slavei" rushed at the little man and shook him till his teeth rattled. The mauled performer made a bolt for it, and, at the same time, justified his conduct by screaming out: "It's true, s'elp me, Mr. Macready., sir; the stage-manager told me to tell you '•' '—Argonau t. Decldiully Unreasonable. Clara—Mea are the most impatient creatures. Harry knows that I have an offer from Mr. Oldehap, who is 'just rolling in wealth, yet Harry is just as unreasonable and babyish as if he thought I caaed for that olc} gray-head. Harry is so ugly about it that he won't do me the smallest favor. Mother—What did you ask Harry to do? Clara—I merely asked him to wait and be my second husband. GftAtN3 OP OOLb. of char- Infhienfto Is the exhalftttdn ,cteft The sin you dci not kill will soon become your master. Gratitude, says some one, is the memory of the heart. Other m'on's sins are before our eyes, our own behind our back. It is goqd'.to know right principles, • but better still tp love them. If you have no trials, , how do you know that you have any faith? Oneihas helped, the world some if he has only varied the monotony. Conceit is tho inost incurable disease that is known to the human soul. Sympathy for the. poor doesn't, lift them up. Only full sacks stand on' end. There are many people whose whole wisdom consists in hiding their want of it. Religion is tho final center of repose; the goal to which all things tend. God can not do as much toward making you contented and happy as patience. Were a vote to bo taken as to who is the wisest man, every fool would vote for himself. Nothing from man's hand, nor law, nor constitution, can be final. Truth alone is final. Doing is tho ereat thing. For if, resolutely, people do what is right, in time they come to like doing it. Honor is like an island, rugged and without a landing-place; we can never more re-enter when-we are cince out- Bide of it. _ Lady Walters Do Blunder. "You've made a slight mistake," said tho worldly-minded inau ut the church so- "Wbat about, sir?" inquired the handsome waiter. '•I asked you to squeeze a lemon in my pysters." ''Yes, sir." '•You made n mistake and squeezed the oyster—'' But she wouldn't listen to the hoRgish brute. A Child's View. Little Ethel (at her arithmetic lessou)—• What's a "quotient?" Johnny—It's what you get by dividing one number by another. "Oh, it's tho answer, is it!" "Yes." "Then why don't they call it the answer?" "'Cause that work is too nasy to remember." Not a Success. T "What's that dreaaf ul noise in the parlor. Hannah." "That do be yer small chile amuem' his- self " "What is the darling trying to do?" "He do bo makln' a carpet sweeper uv de music-box.'] ___ Observing Johnny. Johnny (visiting)—Can't 1 have another biscuit? Jplmny's Ma—Why, Johnny, what an np- pctito you have! Johiiny—H'rn 1 You're two ahead of me, ma. The lioro never asks, what will people think of mn if 1 do those things, but what will 1 think of myself if I ao not do them? 1C you aro praying for growth in grace don't keop your hands in your pocket. When the devil goes to church ho does not always sit on the backseat. Good looks, to be permanent, must begin on the inside. Was Bfoke Up the Briggs— 1 see that Stubble, into business for himself two has failed. ••,... Gribbs— You don't Say 1 What mutter? BriRgs— The bookkeeper let him bavfe an extrn key to the cash'drawer. • • MoW'eVhls*? We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Mall's Catarrh Cure. ' P. J. CHENEY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, O, We, the undersigned, have known P. J. Cheney for the last 15 yearsj and bolievo him perfectly honorable in all husiiiess transaction and financially ablo to carry out any obligation made by their firm. WF.ST& TBUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. . . ,*,>..» WALBINO, KJNNAN & MAUVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo", O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tho blooci and mucous surfaces of the system. Price TBc per bottle. Sold by. all druggists. Testimonials free. __ _ : It cnn't bo said of Lot's wife that she didn't earn her salt. Sometimes whea ft. Wft*t A^s hfs-vletfs nt,- raises a breeae. Words. The English language contains about 00,000 words. Max Mullor ia of the opinion that the average farm laborer never uses more than 300, an ordinarily educated man from 3,000 to 4,000 and a great orator about 10,000, The Old Testament contains5,642dill'oreut words; Milton uses about 8,000, and Shakespeare nearly J Lane's Mediolnu Moves trie Bowels Enoli Day. In order to bo healthy this is necessary. Cures, constipation, headache, kidney and liver troubles and regulates the stomach and bowols. Price tiOc aud $1.00 at all dealers. In every soul is a slabloss grave where some fond hopes lie Bleeping. No Trouble to You, They are Personally Conducted. Tho Groat Central Route Weekly California excursions are in clinrgo of experienced conductors and a uniformed porter who accompany the party to destination and look after the wants nntl comforts of the passengers. You will save timo and ox icnse by joining our next party. Send for folder giving details. i>. M. Shearer. Manager, I'.il So. Clark St., Chicago. E. Ii. Lonuix, Oeu'lPass. & Ticket Agt., Omaha, Neb. When somo folks pray "Ihy kingdom como," they do it with a mental proviso that somebody else lias got to stand all the expense. A CIIIM> KN.IOYS The plonsant flavor, gentle action and soothing effects of Syrup of Pigs, when in need of a laxative, nnd if the father or mother bo costive or bilious, tho most gratifying results follow its use; so that it is tho best family remedy known, and every family should havo a bottle on hand. No problem can be solved by a people with blazing bruins. Ulcers can't think. Cheap Rates to California. Tho Union Pacific is offering greatly reduced round trip rates to all California!! points and Portland, Oregon, this year. For full particulars inquire of your nearest ticket agent, or address E. L. Lomax, Gon'l Pass, and Ticket Agt., Omaha, Neb. A Goliath in brains is sometimes not over kneo high in grace. If tho ISnby l« Cutting Teeih, Bo attre dtid use tlitt old nml well-tried remedy, Mns "VINSLOW'S SOOTIIINO SYRUP for Children Teething. You cau't toll what a man will dp in a liorso trade by the amount of noise he makes iu church. «< Hanson's Miigic Corn Sulvn." Warranted to euro or money refunded. Ask your druggist tor It. 1'rlcc 13 cents. Some moo who start out to set the world on flro give up at the first thunder clap. . Sliiloh's Consumption Curo Ti sold on a (rnanintco. It cures InHplant Consunip. tfom IttotlVoKcjoueU Cure. 2S.cuS..50cts.&*1.00. No man will over bo celebrated for his pioty whoso religion is all in his head. Ileci'iiiltTi's Ciiiuplinr Fc» wllli Ulycflrlilti. Gurus Cltupped Hands and I'uun, Tomli>r or Soro Foot, Chilblains, Hies, &c. C. O. Olui'U Co., Now Haven, Ct. ' The love that is dumb until it speaks on a tombstone doesn't say much. The truth will not down, yot we must swallow it. I F you wish the lightest, sweetest, finest cake, biscuit, bread and rolls, Royal Baking Powder is indispensable 'in their making. Ten Miles an Hour. C. L. Simonds of Lynn, Mass., has made a steam carriage for his own use that will make ten miles an hour. The carriage weighs only 400 pounds and can carry two persons at tv time. It has the appearance of an ordinary carriage in front except there are no provisions made for a horse. The wheels are of cycle make and aro four in number. The hind wheels are forty-three inches and the front wheels are thirty-six inches, with rubber tires. The boiler and engine are just in the rear of the seat, and give tho carriage the appearance of a fire engine. The steam generates in what is called a porcupine boiler, which weighs 100 pounds. The steam is made by naphtha flames from three jets. The naphtha is kept in a cylinder, enough to last for seven hours, and there is a water tank that will hold ten gallons. Tho steering part consists of a crank wheel on the foot board, so that the engineer can steer and attend to tho engine at the t<trne time. Too Sm u't u Hoy for That. Mission Sunday School Teacher.— Benjamin, I was shocked to soe you picking up a half-smoked clgarotto on the street as I cam'o down this morning. You ought not to smoke the vile things. They aro, filthy and disagreeable to everybody around you. Indignant Waif—I don't smoke no c.ig'retter! 1 gets fifteen cents a quart fur do stumps at de factry!" Still linomlng* Eastern Man—How are things in Dugout City now? Western Man—Booming, just a- booming. Why, I happened'to want a little spending money last week, and it didn't tako me half an hour to got a third mortgage on my house. Jfot so Laborer—It's an actor ye arc? Sure you havo easy times. Actor—Easy, is iti' Just you tako a leading part in a Russian play, and try too look half frozen in a Siberian snow-storm on a stilling- hot July night, and sao. ST. JACOBS OIL CURES . . . •PERMANENTLY Wontn's DISPENSARY MfibidAt Assocunom Deaf JStfS-From curly; childhood t httVe Sttfr fcred frotfl o slujffflah Jivcf with all the dis» orders adcompaiiylng such a compittiiofl. Doctors' prescriptions and patent medicine* I havo used in abundance) they ohly sUfordgd temporary relief. I was recommended to try Dr. Pieroe'8 I'leasftttt Pellets, I did so, taktflff three at tilfcht and two after, dinner ovoKf day for two weeks. I then reduced the dose t* one "Pellet" every day olid continued this Guarantees a OR practice for two months. 1 have in Six months increased in solid flesh, twenty-Six pounds. I am in bettor health than I have been Bine* childhood. Drowsiness and unpleasant feo> ings after meals have completely disappeared* llcspeotfully yours, ',¥" U. 8. Inspector of Irmnisfratioa, Eye Ol' 111! SIKOS. TOll KIR licods. NATfONATj T. CO., DOH iVloilics, town ymrf ANK At m • Wnlehoih (Inm,tliigtlm> Hi —, MPinft Sowlnit >lnrhlrip*.0ignn«.lllj«l(«t 9 I J I.B 3 '''"rm VnolS Huron. fit, fjil 1UKK I I iUU CHICAGO SHAMS Co., tbi«ig»,nw SS AND HEAD NOISES CURE I'erk'iiiMV nil'li- KirUii«Uiim«. \\uwpi mliiilr b)F.IMicui,8B!IIV\vHy,N.Y. Wtlli) fill too Prosecutes Claims. .inluer U.S. reunion Burenu. . . 3 y re i u lust war. 15 iuU.uulcnl.liii; olnUua. SALESMEN WANTEDl The ereatest inducements aver offered. WrltoB for particulars, Tho Jowell Nursery Co., Lalco City, Minn. 115 PER niENT.M Months. J.lttlo cupitiil nmy aviusil by our Syn- t.n In Hnvon . bo iiiultlplloa by our Bystein or epoculiit,ln«. Wo aro export Judge* or tho market and successful ororutois. BOOK :n:illoil free. W. A. FRAZ5ER & CO., 1111 Moiiiiilnouk Blilp., OhlciiRO, 111. Mmlc In nil stylen nnfl atom. Lightest, Btroneost, cnaliiBt- working, BntcBtj most nccurntc, most, compact, ana moat modern. Model 1891 In 32 cul. uses short nnd lonp; rim and cen- tor-flro CHi'trldgca In tho Bnmo rine. Saves 60 per cent.. on cost of nmnmntUon over any other 82 cal. renoater nmdc. Model 18U3 now rendy in 83-JOnnd 88-5o. j^ sarss. REPEATERS HE MARLIN FIRE ARMS CO., Sow Hawn, Conn. ^ ^ MEND YOUR OWN HARNESS WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED CLINCH RIVETS. No tools required. Only a hummer needed to drive uud clinch tbeui easily ttud quickly; Ifiiiviug the clinch Absolutely smooth. Requiring no hole to lie tnadc iu the leuilier nor burr for the itivets. They are STRONG, TOUGH and DURABLE. .Millions now iu use. All lengths, uniform or assorted, put up iu boxes. Aslt you i' (Itmlfi- for tlit-m, or seed 40c. u stamps for a box (jf 100; assorted sUes. JUDSQN l^*THaWS K ON X MFC.' RUPTURE PERMANENTLY OR NO PAY No PAY UNTIL QURiP WE REFER YOU TO 4.0OO PATIENTS *Q P RATION. NODtJ NTION FRi.WBUSI ESS, Valley Nut. Bank, I German Savings Hank, f for r APOSITIVEGURE Kor the ovll cllocta of tho errors ,>C youth nnd all irlvnto dlsoascH. We can restore you to aliuoluto- minhood, quickly nnd prlvutcly. Hond us 20 cts. lOstiiKe and wo will send you symptom blanks »n* MitnluKuo KlvlUK full description of cure. l j re- crihoil and prepared hy the best medical au- horltles of the use. TINO MKUICAL, CO., i>KS MOINKS, JOAVA. V. O. Box 304. DR. IS THE ONLY SPECIUIST WlinVHEAT8AT.Ii PRIVATE DISEASES, Weakness and Secret J)lsordnrs of MEW ONLY. Mvery euro guaranteed. IS yours oziierlenoei'V years In Onmlia. Writ* for book, It tolls all. l-llli and Ii'arniun Sts., OMAHA, - NEB. The Best or tho boat addition to one's own library is WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY The New "Vnnbridged." Ton years Bjiont revising, 100 editors employed, and over $800,000 oxpendeil. A Grand Educator Abreast of the Times A Library In Itsoli Invaluable in tlio liousehold, and to tho teacher, professional man, or self- educator. Sold by Ml Jlnolcsellcrs. G, & C. Co, Publishers, Spring/field, Mass. EJ?~r)o not buy chcnp photo- umphln reprmlB of undent (Millions. |^F™Sciid for f rco prospnotus. WEBSTER'S INTEUNAHONALJ DICTIONAIW, McELREES' IWINE OF CARDUI.: t For Female Diseases, GOOD CHANCEil Odell $.0 Typawmer f^r $10, if cash with or' der is received before Nov. 1st, 189J Tljfl famous Odell Typewriter is used ny Ijawyers. Mluiaters, Doctors, Merchatit.s, ICUitors au4 Government Unicurs, keuauaa of its cleaq print, simplicity and manifold copies. N toucher required. It will do your work in hour's pnielice. Order now aad tul;e age of this exceptionally IGOOD CHANCE! Address FRANK RQHW. y t..

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