The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1893
Page 7
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T^OTS tlMESi* BBS M<MNHS:' ALGOtfAi IOW.A, WEDNESDAY,..jjO^MBMg^J^ s~ B[m *-'- -• _ jji j i fgi I'lffni ni if j i aifftinmrTiflirii iil;u mmMim jirtiirf ttorf -^™™-^=°—-^•yi'—^-*— J - L -^-~an ij iUfca-jaHilMariifti tf ifiTBrt n Uiiitli'dtti Ijlli iill11 ' frufli fifatftHiftfJHiTi f\ ift n' a 11 yr irrrTf-^fiiJiJiJ LTiT-"1tfftrTTl- """fi~ jrt" t ~"Mfeii>ir tf rjaflBflBtta i itiMifcartfca fcriyaA rfl i littt n ii"ilf\jiaiiihjfiiti to jrfhaifrtfraaliiirSaaaaa l, Asthmatic Aft ill* til* Complaint,* ''./toMbu's iWfone/tirtl Troches" have remarkable otirativ* properties. Mold wily in bwces. Faith without love is omnipotence with- fetita heart. It is tho power of Jesus with the blindness of a bat. BEECHAMS' Pitts are a painless and effectual remedy for all bilious disorders. 25 ftehts a box. For 'oale bfrill druggists. Preaching' 'aimed at tho head seldom strikes the Wart. , JUDGE J. B. HIM,, of the Superior Court, Walker county, Georgia, thinks enough of German Syrup to send us voluntarily a strong letter endorsing it. When ineu of rank and education thus use and recommend ari article, what they say is worth the attention of the public. It is above suspicion. " I have used your German Syrup," lie says, "for my Coughs and Coldsonthe Throat and lyuugs. I can recommend it for them as a first-class medicine."— ke no substitute. © THE'NEXT MORNING IFEEL BRIGHT AND NEW^AND.MY-COMPLEXION IS BETTER. Ttynontorsays'lt nctn gently on tho stomach, Hver *nd kidneys, nml J.s a pleasant Inxattvn. This drink Is made from liertw, and Is prepared for uco as easily ns'tea. It Is cnlled All drugalatssell ItatMo. and $1 a package. If you caiinotiRBf. It, send your adtlross for n freo sample. I,:ine'« Fninily Modiclno move» <jl«\vols-eiLC'h dny. Addreps . WOODWARD. LKROY. N. 1. if It is very difficult. j|-t <o ^convince ^children that p-a medicine is ji ; "nicevfeo take" |—this trouble 5 ndt experi- Senced in ad- Ifministeringr Cod Liver Oil. It is j?almost as palatable as milk. No preparation so rapidly fibuilas up good flesh, jpstrength and nerve force. ^Mothers the world over rely p/upon lit in all wasting diseases ||yi-!that children are heir to. Prepared by Soott & Bowno. N. Y. All drneirisf e. "COLCHESTER" SPADING BOOT. BEST IN MARKET. BEST IN TIT. BEST IN WBAUING QUALITY. Tho outerortnp solo ex tends the whole luiiKtli down to the heel, pro- teotliiRthe, boot In dltr- i plug and In other hard " work, ASK YOUR DEALBU FOIi 'J'UKJI .and don't be put oil ' with inferior Roods. COUOHESTER HUBOKR CO. In .1886, my son, suffered very much from cancel «if the .mouth, lly. advice of physicians, an operation -was .performed,! extending from the jaw- hone, >which .BfcMBBM^fcmMWKiifc they scraped cer returned |S| Many •remedies.'In'Vaii), .'I'commenced to give him S. S. :6.; after seven i bottles had been taken the cancer dis- ^ — •.^.mnn appeared ent^ elyandthoughfftftH'HCn 7 VS ars have reason to believjathat he is permanently cured. His CUieisdue. exclusively to S. S..S. J. :R. MURPOCK, Huntsville, Ala. 7natkcion:Blood and Skin Diseases-Mailed Free. .SWIFT .SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. Ely's Crai Balm QUICKLY CUBES COLD IN HEAD I Price"50 Cents. \ ily_Balm Into each nostril. 56WarronSt.,N.Y. iURES WHtHE AU Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Goad. Use INPIAM « SACWA; ThegreatestLlver, 9 Sioinacli, Jilood ami a Kiilney fii.-iiicily. 5 Untie a! Roots, S i and Herbs, S is Abiiolutely I Preo i'roui S All Mineral 2 or OtUerZ Harmful In- )S Kr.etlien ts. j Dr Laughing Dog, age tobyrs. ruggists, $1S per bottle, (J A ,. i iftdimi ScJlelue C'o., [ Heal)' 4 Blgdow, Ageutti, JNew Uftu'n, Ct, ( PICKED PARAGRAPHS. New England lias 230,000 more Romah Catliolics'thari Protestants. la-lilackstohoS time'150 ofienses were punishable in England by death. It is said that two-thirds of all the colton duck produced in the world is made within twenty miles of Balti-, more. Miss Jennie Lyrnan of New York has brought siiit against her former 1 ' lover for the return of a ring which he gave her and afterwards secured. The archbishops of York and London each receive a salary as high as that paid to the president of tho United States, and the archbishop of Canterbury gets half, as much, again— .$75,000 a year. . . ; ,, A Frenchman of some literary distinction, after studying English for a few months, wrote to an American friend: "In small time I can learn so many English as I think I \vill corne •at the America and go on to the scaffold to lecture." Rev. John Hutchinson, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Freeport, Long Island, preached a sermon, '"J ho Tongue," a short time ago, and it led to a breach in his congregation, that has ended in his resignation. There seems to have bscn too much of it. Tho Karens of Burmah have their marriages at a funeral feast. When a villa.ger dies his remains arc temporarily disposed of until one or more marriages can bo arranged, when they are disinterred, a great feast m:idd, and tho funeral services properly performed. When a Chinese girl is married her attendants are always the oldest and ugliest to be found in the neighborhood, who are paid to act as foils to her beauty. It is said that some exceptionally ugly old women make their living by acting 1 as professional attendants at weddings. A curious bridge is found on the Canadian Pacific railway. Here a tremendous chasm had to be crossed, and the best way that eould be seen of siirmounting the difficulty was by resting the bridge on two trees which were growing in the abyss below. The tops of the trees reach the ground above,and the bridge rests upon them, JIBES AND JESTS. He, indignantly—I hope I know my own mind! She, sweetly—Yes, you surely ought to know as much as that." Mother—How in the world did you get your coat sleeves so dirty? Little Boy—Walkin' 'cross the puddles on my hands, so's not to get my feet wet. Johnny—Papa, can a watch jump? Father—No, certainly not; what made you ask such a foolish question? Johnny—Oh, only because I've seen many a watch spring. On a first night. Author to his neighbor who is,.about to leave tho house after the first act—But my dear sir, there are two more acts. Neighbor —That is the very reason I am going. A Paisley gentleman, hearing that two of his female relations had quarreled, asked: "Ha'e they ea'ed each ither ugly?" "Na, na." "Ah, weel then, I can mak' it up atween them yet." It was the first she had ever baked and she said proudly: "Don't you think I could go into tho bread business?" "My dear," answered her husband, gently, "if they sold bread by weight you'd make your fortune.' 1 "Niver again," said Mr, Dolan, "not even if Oi get to be as rich as tho Vanderbilts, will Oi take me clothes till a Chinese laundry." "An 1 phy not?" asked Mrs. Dolan. "Because Oi hov a siispioion that the wroitin' ho puts an the ticket is sotnethin' personal. An' be the looks av it it's moighty uneomplemintary." Minister—I have noticed, Patrick, that the vane on our church spire has not changed its direction for several weeks, though the wind meantime has blown from all points of the compass. Can you explain the reason of this? Patrick—I'm thinking I can do that same, yer rlvorence. It needs the same thing as the ;people that sit under it o' Boooadays. = Minister—And what is that? Patrick—A little grace, yer riverenc.e. , True Enoug'h. Papa—Won't you toe glad when you an a big man, Harry? Harry —No, papa. Papa— Why not? Harry—Well, because then I .can't get into the circus .at half pries. Tried and Approved l>y the IJllloui. if or over a third of a century >a -great specific has been <m trial by ramational jury of the bilious. Although a verdict in its favor was rendered long sluoe it is etili oa trial. Never when it has been "weighed in the balance" has it been found wanting. The name of this mecicine in Hostetteir's Stomach Bitters, which more speedily tlmu any other terminates those villainous sensations which attend disorder <af the liv«r. It expels bile from the blood and secretions, remedies chronic costivowess and reinforces the organs of digestion and assimilation. Sick headache, yellowness of the skin and eyeballs, furred tongue, and other indications that the liver has temporarily knocked off work and goue on the strike, disappear when it is used. It is a most efficient safeguard against malaria, rheumatism and kiduey trouble, and fortifies u nervous and enfeebled invalid effectually. They Quarreled. "Dey has done bruk the engagement." "You doan say so" 1 "Yas in'deed." "What fob?" '•She done tas'ed a persimmon dat warn't ripe an' he misconstrued tho pucker an' kissed her." The new BIOPATHIC System will cure auy acute disease iu one treatment (cureor no pay), chronic iu a few. Failure impossible. • invalids get well and theii learn the system, and get our diploma. Attain health, wealth and happiness. One or more Biopaths are needed in every town to extract the poisons the M. D.'s give. Come or write to Dr. John Shelby, Sheeley Block, Omaha, Neb., for full information. Some men have an idea that they will .some clay walk in the streets of glory been use now and then they give away aw old cost. TBLEdHAPHtNQ ON THE FLY, Difficulties o? n Travilrtr Thnt Toft'ch' dtlVom a Poison. Telegraphing While the train waits • *~did you ever try it? No? Well* you'vo missed something unique. I tried it once, successfully, too, but— > let tne tell tho story. The narrator continues his yarn in the Boston Herald as follows: I was riding 1 on a train from A. to D. When B. was reached it occurred to .mo to examine my time-table, and, behold, the train was duo at D. exactly on the minute when tho oflice to which I was going would be closed for the.dayi and the station a good half mile away.' Telegraphing" was my 1 -.oiily ro- cbitrso, but lioW? Well, T prepared my dispatch on a bit of paper, reduced St to tho regulation ten words and patiently awaited tho arrival at C., the last place to stop, and I know there was a telegraph office there. The train was a little behind time, and I was correspondingly nervous. No sooner was the train stopped than I sprang forward, fairly bounding over the platform to where I supposed the telegraph office was, but to my surprise and chagrin tho very spot where I expected to deposit my dispatch proved to bo tho express office. I was perspiring. "Further end of station," shouted the office boy to my inquiry. I looked in that direction. Up to that moment I had had control of the situation, because I was ahead of tho train. Just one glance told mo I. must go far to the rear of the train. No time was to be lost. Away I wont, casting anxious eyes to tho rear car as I fairly flew past it. I approached the office window, clutching my little telegram. I incontinently whistled the lirst two bars of "You Know" just to stir up the boy and let him know a customer was approaching on the fly, as it were, and sort of brace him up. Well, I stood bo fore tho little window, and, sure's I'm born, there were two younsr women there, one of whom appeared to bo in charge, and tho other tho one who actually does tho work of standing between tho telegraph company and the outer world. The whistle above referred to didn't strike the tympani of these two operators pleasantly. They both actually frowned on me in silence. I felt myself actually withering, but there I was and I must proceed. Casting an affectionate glance, not fit the girls, but at tho roar of tho train, some distance ahead, to see that it was whore I had left it, I ventured to remark: "How much ten words to D—?" At the same time 1 handed in my little message. It waa received in dignified silence, and the counting process began— tme, two, three, etc. I felt as if ages were passing and decades wove liko railroad telegraph poles. How nervous I got, and how the great beads of, porspirution joined forces and became rivulets aclown my face and neck, but yet tho young woman slowly proceeded with the business in hand, and calmly took my money nnd calmly took the message. What a relief as I bounced for the rear car, but what if the lady operators whom I had offended by that innocent Whistle should bo revengeful and delay my message? i was duo in D in twenty minutes. On arrival, it was tho work of only a minute to take a cab and say "hurry up." Thanks to those young women, they were prompt, and I found tho office open, and transacted my business. Moral No. L—Don't telegraph while the train waits and expect tho operator to bo overflowing with •comfort. Moral No. 2—Don't whistle "You Know" as you approach a telegraph office, whether you are in a hurry or otherwise. \Vh<m JMuuruuily Playoil. Macready was playing in a country town, a.nd, upon a night when ho proposed to perform "Macbeth," -a ;small scone painter was east to act tho "blooding sergeant" At rehearsal tho "star" was quiet enough, merely scanning the local performer as one prize-fighter might judge o( the points of another. When the night cciine, however, a very diller- ent scene was enacted. The sergeant dashed on, dropped upon his knee, and s-aid: "My lord, as I stood upon my watch upon the hill Mothou;ht th it Biniura Wood 'gun move towards Dunslmino " Thei'oupon Macready, with a growl of raga and the words, "Liar and slave!" rushed at the little man and shook him till his teeth ral tied. The mauled performer made a bolt for it, and, at the same time, justified his conduct by screaming out: "It's true, s'elp me, Mr. Maoready, sir; the stage-manager told me to tell you I''—Argonau t. GRAINS OP GOLD. Decidedly Unreasonable. Clara—Mea are the most impatient creatures. _ Harry knows that I have an oflpai 1 from Mr. Oldehap, who is just rolling in wealth, yet Harry is just as unreasonable and babyish as if he thought I eaaed for that old gray-head. Harry is so ugly about it that he won't do me the smallest favor. Mother—What did you, ask Harry to do? Clara—I merely asked him to wait and be my second husband. Words, The English language contains about 60.0UO words. Mi*x Muller Ml of the opinion that the average ffti'm laborer never uses more than 800, an ordinarily educated ,ma« frpnj 8,000 to 4,000 and a great orator about 10,00ft The pl<J Testament con taws 0,S42 <iiffer, uses abputi 8,QDO, i Influence is the exhalation of character. Tho sin you do hot kill will soon become your master. . Gratitude, says some one, is the memory cjf the heart. Other modi's sins are before our eyes, our own bohind our back. It is good'.to know right principles,' but better still to love them. If you have no trials, .how do you know that you have any faith? OnethashelpefJ tho world some if he has only varied the monotony. Conceit is the most incurable disease that is known to the human soul. Sympathy for the. poor doesn't lift them up. Only full sacks stand on end. There arc many people whose whole wisdom consists in hiding their want of it. Religion is the final center of repose; the goal to which all things tend. God can not do as much toward making you contented and happy as patience. Were a vote to be taken as to who is the wisest man, every fool would vote for himself. Nothing from man's hand, nor law, nor constitution, can be final. Truth alone is final. Doing is tho preat thing. For if, resolutely, people do what is right, in time they come to like doing it. Honor is like an island, rugged and without a landing-place; we can never more re-enter when-we are dnce outside of it-. Lady Walters Do Blunder. "You've mode a slight mistake," said tho worldly-minded taun ut tho church social. "AFlmt about, sir?" inquired the handsome waiter. '•I asked you to squeeze a lemon in my .oysters." "Yes, fiir." '•You made n mistake and squeezed the oyster—" But she wouldn't listen to the hoggish brute. A Child's View. Little Ethel (at her arithmetic lesson)— What's a "quotient?" Johnny—It's what you get by dividing one number by another. "Oh, it's the answer, is it!" "Yes." "Then why don't they call it tho answer?" • "'Cause that work is too easy to remember." Not a Success. T "What's that dreadful noise in the parlor, Hannah." "That do be yer small chile nmusin' his- self." "What is tho darling trying to do?" "He do bo makin' a carpet sweeper uv de music-box.'^ Observing Johnny. Johnny (visiting)—Can't 1 have another biscuit? Johnny's Ma—Why, Johnny, what an appetite you have! Johnny—I-I'm! You're two ahead of me, ma. Tho hero never asks, what will people things, but what will 1 think of myself if I ao not do thorn? If you nro praying for growth in graco don't keep your hands in your pocket. When the devil goes to church he does not always sit on the backseat. Good looks, to bo permanent, must begin on the inside. Broke Up the Business. Briggs—1 see that Stubble, who into business for himself two months ftgo ( fans failed. Gribbs—You don't say 1 What was the matter? Brings—The bookkeeper let him bftvO an extra key to the cash-drawer. • • HoWeVhls? Wo offer Otto Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be c.ured by Hall's Catnrrh Cure. P. J. CHENEY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, O. We, the utuierslgned. have known- K. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, nnd believo him perfectly honorable in all business transaction nnd financially able, to carry out any obligation made by their firm. WEST& TKUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. .' ' WALDINO, KINSAN & MAIWIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo' O. Hall's Catnrrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blooa and mucous surfaces of the system. Price T5c per bottle. Sold by, all druggists. Testimonials free. ___^ : It can't bo said of Lot's Wife that she didn't earn her salt. , linno's Motliolnu Moves tfio Bowels Knoh Way. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Cures? constipation, headache, kidnoy and liver troubles and regulates the stomach and bowels. Price 50c and $1.00 at all dealers. .In every soul is a slnbless grave where- soinofond hopes lie sleeping. No Trouble to You, They are Personally Conducted. Tho Groat Central Route Weekly California excursions are in charge of experienced conductors and a uniformed porter who accompany tho party to destination nnd look after tho wants and comforts of tho passengers. You will save titno nnd expense by joining our iioxt party. Hend for folder giving dotiuls. 1'. K. Shearer. Manager, Hi I. So. Chirk St., Chicago. E. L. Louinx, Gen'l Pass. & Ticuet Agt., Omaha, Neb. When some folks pray "Ihy kingdom como," they do it with ti mental proviso that somebody else has got to stand all the expense. A C'llir-I) J3N.IOY8 Tho plonsnut flavor, gontlo action and soothing cll'ects of Syrup of Figs, when in need ol' a laxative, nnd if the father or mother bo costive or bilious, tho most gratifying results follow its use; so that it is tho best family romo;ly Imowii, and every family should have a bottle on hand. No problem can be solved by a fjeople with blazing brains. Ulcers can't think. Cheap Rates to California. Tho Union Pacific is offering greatly reduced round trip rates to all Californium points and Portland, Oregon, this year. Kor full particulars inquire of your nearest ticket agent, or address E. L. Lomax, Gon'l Pass, and Ticket Agt., Ornaha, Neb. A Goliath in brains is sometimes not over knee high in graco. If tlio Unity In CuUlntr Tcclto, Bo sure and uso tlitt old and well-tried remedy, Mm "VINSLOW'S SOOTHINO SyRDp for Children Teotlilng. You cau't tell what a man will do in a tioreo trade by the amount of noise ho makes in church. "Hanson's niiigic Corn Salve." Warranted lo cure or money refunded. Ask your druggist tor It, l j rlco ID cents. Some tnon who start out to set the world ou lire give up at the (Irst thunder chip. Slilloli's ConBainptlon Cure Is sold on a intaranti'p. It cures Inelplcnt Consumption. It la tlio best OoiiBli Cure. 25.cls., DOuls. it $1.00. No man will over bo celebrated for his piety whoso religion Is nil in his head. liegeman's CampUor lew will! Glycerine, Cui'iisChiippeil Hands atiiU''iiei!,Toiiilc'r or Soi-uKuot, Chilblains, Piles, &c. C. U. Clark Uo.,Now llavau, Ul. ' The love that is dumb until it speaks on a tombstone doesn't say much. The truth will not down, yot we must swallow it. I F you wish the lightest, sweetest, finest cake, biscuit, bread and rolls, Royal Baking Powder is indispensable in their making. Ten miles an Hour. C. L. Simonds of Lynn, Mass., has made a steam carriage for his own use that will make ten miles an hour. Tho carriage weighs only 400 pounds and can carry two persons at a time. It has the appearance of an ordinary carriage in front except there are no provisions made for a horse. The wheels are of cycle make and are four in number. The hind wheels are forty-three inches and the front wheels are thirty-six inches, with rubber tires. The boiler and engine are just in the rear of the seat, and give tho carriage the appearance of a fire engine. Tho steam generates in what is called a porcupine boiler, which vveighs 100 pounds. The steam is made by naphtha flames from three jets. The naphtha is kept in a cylinder, enough to last for seven hours, and there is a water tank that will hold ten gallons. Tho steering part consists of a crank wheel on the foot board, so that the engineer can steer and attend to tho engine at the feime time. Too Sinirt 11 Hoy for Tliut. Mission Sunday School Teacher __ Benjamin, I was shocked to see you picking up a half-smoked cigarette on th« street as I cam'e down this morning. You ought not to smoke the vile things. They are pojaonous, iilthy and disagreeable to everybody around you. ' Indignant Waif — I don't smoke no cig'retter! I gets fifteen cents a quart fur do stumps at de factry!" Still ll Eastern Man — How are things in Dugout City now? Western Man — ISooming, just a- booming. Why, I happened -to want a little spending money last week, and it didn't tak«» me half an hour to got a third mortgage on my house. Ifot so JOusy. Laborer—It's an actor ye are? Sure you have easy times. Actor—J^sy, is it? Just you take ,j ''art in a Russian play, l^cjook half froxon in a v ' £V-storn\ on a stilling hot ul sen. a leadin and try Siberian July nig ST. JACOBS OIL CURES , . . D "PERMANENTLY |\ MEND YOUR OWN HARNESS WITH THOMSON'S SLOTTED GUNCH RIVETS, No tool* required. Only a hammer needed to drive aiid clinch tbeju easily »ud quickly: lettying tUe clinch Absolutely smoolh. Requiring no hole to be wade In the leather iior burr for the ttiveta. They are STRCN6, TOUQH and DURABLE- »ow ui use, All lengths, uniform or put up in boxes. y«MH' d«ulvr HQF t lie in, or seed 40c. U stamps tot a pox pi' 10Q; ftsearted uUe«, RUPTURE PERMANENTLY OR NO PAY No PAY UNTIL CURED WE REFER YOU TO l.OOO PATIE1T8 nO P RA1ION. NOD<-,T NTION FRJ. M 3USI ESS. I Valley Nut. Hank. 1 JJcs I Oermiin Siivlngb Bunk, J Moluos Write or full for <'li'i'iil:ir TUE D. K. MILI.iat <•<).. ' tOM & TBgST ?tOG'< Oes Mginesi lews Sometimes When & raSfl ftira' raises a breeae, , - tit QUABDtJWf OSS! Of tTSOtiB SAM'S Jiis bepdrlfhtntt tf, S. tn ttfi tqralifift j, service, liufftilfi, ft. Y* ) "WontA'S IMSPENSAIIY MafllCAt, ASSOCIATION* Bear SlrS— From early childhood 1 have sitt* fered from n sluggish livqr with nil tho di** orders aficompfttiyinir sijch a companion* Doctors' prescriptions and patent medicine* I have used in abundant!!? i tliey oiily afforded temporary relief. I was recommended to try Dr. Pleroe's 1'loftsftat Polled. T did so, taltlrttf three at nipht and {Wo after aimer every day for two weeks. I then reduced tho doao, t<* one "Pellet" every day and continued thte Guarantees a out practice for two months. 1 have in six months increased In solid flcah, twenty-six pounds. I nm in hotter health than T huve been slue* ohildhood. Drowsiness and unpleasant real* lags after nieals huvo completely disappeared* Respectfully yours, U.S.Inspector of Immigration of nil BIBOX. Toll «» ycrtif needs. NATIONAL T/" «;O., Ucs IHoiiiUH, Iowa. At i- Price Siwltlff nitirtiliiM.Oignrm.ltiMftln^ I'nrin Took, Snfp.. ctt, IUIHIKB. (!m(!Aat)HUI,r.CO,,Uilengo, Ilk NESS AND HEAD NOISES IM IVck'Kinv Hihl» 1'i.rljiiHlnoii* Winf Hitrft pnfitl \vhfit All riMiti-ilhitrrtlt Sitlil •w*jr,N.Y. Wrltoli)rin«kof|ir«irii .TOIB w w.iuonms, \ WiiMliliiKton, If. O, SALESMEN WANTED The greatest inducements over offered. Wrllo for particulars. Tho Jewell Nursery Co., Lako City, Minn. H5 PER nENT.ffisr.V 1 ";.^ ]\Iout.li8. Ijlttlo capital mny bo multtpllod :1>y our Bystein oC spcculat,lni?. Wo nvo nxport judge* ol' tlip mnrUct mill miccessful opoi'ntois. Book mailed free. W. A. FKAXiER & CO.. 1111 Moimdnoc.'k lildic., Olilcngo, 111. Mndn In nil atylcfl nnd '•en. LlglilcBf, Btroneost, nleat- working, antcBt, most accurate, most compact, ana most modern. Model 1891 In 83 cal. UBOB eliort nnd loiiR rim nnd cen- tor-lire cartrldgcH In tlio annio rifle. Saves 00 per Cent, on cost of nnimtinltlon over any other 8iJ cal. repeater inndo. Model 1811!) now ready In IH-10 and 88-55. j^ ^ffinss. REPEATERS THE MARLIN FIREARMS CO., How tan, Conn. A POSITIVE CURE I'or the ovll cITects of thu errors ,)f youth nnd oil prlviitu dlnenses. We can restore you to iiiisohito- ninnliood, ciulekly and privately. Hend us 20 eta. pOMtnKO and wo will send you symptom blanks nu& (.•utn.loKuu K\V]HK lull de^erliitlon of cxiro. Pre- Bcriliud nnd prepared by tho beat medlcnl au- tborltlCB of tlio IIRC. TINO iUKUJCA.1. CO., 1>KS MOINKS, .IOWA. 1'. O. I!ox 304. DR. IS THE ONLY SPECILIST , WIIOTllKATSjiLL I PRIVATE DISEASES, Weakness and Secret .Disorders of MEM ONLY. Mvery ijuro guaranteed; 18 years ozpcrlenoe;' V years In Omnlia. Writ* for book, It tolls nil. Mill and Fanmm Sts., f OA1AIIA, - 3MEB.. Tlte Best Cltristmas <&Sft or tho host addition to one's own library Is WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY The New "Unabridged." Ten years spent reviain (;,100 editors id, nnd over expended. A Grand Educator Abreast of the Times A Library In llsoli Invaluable In the household, and to the tcauhor, professional man, or Belt- educator. employed, nnd over $800,000 ' ' Sold by AIL HookseUers, G. & C. ATerrlam Co. I'ublis/iers, Sprtnpjleltl, Afass. {0^~Do not buy clienp plioto- Ki'aphlc reprints of ancient cdilions. {g?""Seiid for S roo prospnctus. WEBSTER'S 1NTERNAHONALJ DICTIONflTOT, McELREES' ;WINE OF CARDUI.: t For FemalB Diseases, : ; GOOD CHANCE! Odell 8.0 Typewriter tut SIU, il cash with order is received before Nov. 1st, 1893 Th« famou'S Odell Typewriter is used by lawyers. Ministers, Dootnrs, Merchants, Kdltors ftu4 Government Ofllcur.s, Ijeoivuse ol its clean print, simplicity and manifold copies. N» toucher required, it will do your work In on* hour's prnoliee. Order now and talte age of this exceptionally JGOODCHAMCE! do upt torget t< the advertit>«JULut io '

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