The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1893 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1893
Page 11
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: ^i iig& comfort and improvement and (', to personal .enjoyment- -when J j* usea. The many, ,whd llVfevJbet- Ban others and enjoy' lite'tto^witb. „ expenditure, by .mote • promptly Ipting the world's best p'ro'dtfcts to Speeds of physical being, will attest ^-''le to health of the pure liquid ..3 : principles embraced'-'in the ,dy, Syrup of Figs. j due to its presenting h'e forja most acceptable and pleas- to the.taste, the refreshing and truly Bucial properties Of n perfect lax- M', effectually cleansing the system, [Belling colds, headaches and fevers ir'tiefmanently curing constipation. 'Bas given satisfaction to millions and O l with the approval of the medical gfession, becauao-it-acts on the Kid%, Liver and BoWeis without wenk- tig them and perfectly free from Jry objectionable substance, lyrup of Figs is'for; sale by all drug- is in 50c and$l bottles, but it is man- btured by the California Fig Syrup Jonly, whose-name is printed on every Bkage, also the name, Syrup of Figs, a being well informed, you will not cept any substitute if offered. ^For two years I suffered terribly jju stomach, trouble, and was for ':hat time under treatment by a 'sician. He finally, after trying _ tiling, said my stomach was 6 out, and that I would have to !se eating solid food. On the rec- imendation of a friend I procured ttle of August Flower. It seem- o do me good at once. I gained ngth and flesh rapidly. I feel JW like a new man, and consider [at August Flower has cured me." is. E. Dederick, Saugerties, N.Y.® 'ft Onroj Colas, Cov;ho, Sore Shroat, Cronp, Influenza, Wiooplai; Cough. Bronchitis and/sthma. A certain ours p for Ooniuaption fa flint otaget, end a euro relief In ad- 1 nnooi stages. Use at onso. Vou will BOO the ezcellont *'; effect after taklngths first doso. Sold by dealora every. " (Aero. Lareo bottlco 60 conts and Sl.OO. "HOTHER'S •. FRIEND" / js a sciontiflcally prepared Liniment and harmless; every ingredient is. of PJ recognized value and in constant use '• V. by the medical profession. It short•* ens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes . Danger to life of Mother and Child. .Book '-To Mothers" mailed free, containing valuable information, and voluntary testimonials. Sent by express, charges prepaid, ou receipt ofprice, $1.50 per bottle. BRADF1ELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Ga. ELY'S Cleanses the Nasal Passages, Allays Pain and Inflammation, Heals the Sores. Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell. TET THE ODBE-H A particle Is applied Into each nostril* am »greeuble. Price 50 cents at Druggists, or by in all w ELY BROTHERS. 58 W»rren%t.. New tori. PISO'S CORE F0R ; OoniumptlTet ana people who have weak lungs or Astb-1 I ma, sbould use Plso'sCure for I | Consumption. It lias cured I I thoai«ndf. It bag not id jur- I led one. It Is not bad to titl 1 Itiatbe best cough ayrup. Sold everrwhero. 85c. CONSUMR-tlON. r j ENDORSED, The Pro.'aasor of Physiological Cbem- 1 Istry »t Yale College say s : "I find Kick- ( gpoo Indian Sagwn to be an extract Roots, .flarfcj. aiut llert/n of Valuable Bent- edial Action, without any mineral or other ( liaric-fut, admixture*. • Kitkwoo ludiau Sagwa Is the grand- pst I4vtr, Stonittcli. Blood aud Nerve Keiuedy Kuown. t'leaiwi's, Purlflos, fnd Renovates every pitrt oX' tlie human All Prug- TIE AGEICULTDRAL WORLD OP GE^fitlA^, tSTTEttEST TO THE Storing C*ot>S In GrcoH Corit Foiiilev— 'I'hfe l'*«)Ht Ffiniit JJccse— Tfce v ain!(lcii— Itcins tti Intcfcut. " ?. • .? ^ _ ii J -'^ ioss of iniHs and vegota|loi',in st-vafrS is of; n6t luf requont ocrfiirrehco, To loie onb's supply oi' pointboS or apples Is a st-rlous mutter. Sonic-times tlie loss is duo to storing In bad condition. Potatoes and apples— in fact, every fruit: or vegetable, should not ba stored away while damp. Dampness favors rot. Fruits 'and vegetable ni'e best stored In some dry, airy oxitbuild- ing \mtil- the imminent approach of freezing weather makes it necessary to put them in, the cellar. . The building should have rather open sides, and there should be a free circulation of air under and around it. Seed cor)i should not be put away until it is thoroughly dried— to put it awny damp is to give a cordial invitation to disaster. If meat is put away in proper condition it will keep sweet; otherwise it will decay, and it would mtfke' nmuy a farmer feel poor to have hij ,pp.,i,it, spoU. Meat most frequently sp6ils because it is put away before it lifts •tho'rp.ughly cooled. One should remember that tho Interior cools last and -iJittFihp. middle of a piece win retain considerable heat after the surface has* been cool for some time. Sometimes meat, butchc/ed in very cold weather, 'is put "away" frozen so hard that it will not absorb salt. This may favor "decay. Every year much hay, straw and fodder is lost because of storing it in bad condition. The great bulk of the straw, stored in this country is put in stacks, .'and it will keep in good condition- several months, if the slacks are properly Constructed. Much depends upon the top, and it is a good plan to repair the top and carefully readjust flic keepers some weeks after the stack has been built. It will have become settled by that time. The same attention should bo {riven to hay stacks. Corn fodder left in the Held during the winter is sure to be damaged seriously. The parts injured arc just tho cnos that are most valuable. If it pays to cut corn it will r.ay to store tho fodder in such n. way as to preserve it. If it is well set up and given a roof of boards and straw it will keep in good condition. Com cribbed before it is fully mature will mold, and may rot. It docs not pay to get in. too groat a hurry and store the corn before it is lit; and, on the other hand, unless ono begins Husking it at- the earliest seasonable moment and pushes the work, his corn will pass beyond a lit condition for storing if he he in the grout corn growing belt. Wheat or oats put. iu the bin in unfit condition will spoil unless attended to, and one should, frequently run his hand deep down into the bin, for some weeks after threshing. If the grain starts to spoil the only thing to do is to get it out on tho barn lloor and shovel 'it around every day until it dries and cools. In conclusion, to put every thing in storage in good condition is a reform much needed on many farms, and it is to bo uoteU that It is a reform that may be begun at any time.— American Agriculturist. Grcou Corn Foilflor. The results of some experiments upon tho comparative digestibility of green corn fodder, and of the same material field cured and ensilaged, arc presented in a report of the Pennsylvania experiment station. .These re- suM'S, when compared with those of similar experimonfls at this station aud elsewhere, modify some previous conclusions as to tho influence of ensilage upon tho digestibility of corn. Contrary to • tho generally accepted opinion it was found ,Hint in certain cases the process of ensilage increased the digestibility of the woody liber of the corn. It was also found, however, that tills result was only reached when the amount, of fermentation and con- ssoqupnt, Ipss- in the silo was excessive, and . that uiiifler.:.moro normal conditions, both ensilage and Held curing somewhat; decrease the digestibility of corn. Evidence ' js constantly accumulating that,.: tho undoubted great value of ensilirgi! in progressive farming is not due to any mysterious action of the silo upon the fodder; but is an economic advantage arising from the facts, llrst, that the corn crop produces a very large amount of food per acre, and second, that the silo preserves this food with comparatively little loss in'a palatable and succulent, condition, so that it, is eaten with little oi 1 no waste. Co IItlOIII IIOil AlllllKllH. Following are the latest Instructions given to the II. S. Bmvau of Animal Industry In charge of the inspection of animals slaughtered at abattoirs throughout the United States: All animals found on either ante or post-mortem examination to bo affected as follows arc to be condemned and the carcasses thereof stamped with the "condemnation" stamp supplied by the department, and inspectors will see that said carcasses are placed in the rendering tanks of the abattoirs: First—Hog cholera. Second—Swine plague. Third—Carbon or anthrax. Fourth—Malignant epizootic catarrh. Fifth—Pyaemia and septicaemia. Sixth—Mange or scab in advanced stages. Seventh—Advanced stages of acti- nomycosis or lumpy jaw. Eighth—Inflammation of the lungs or of the intestines. Ninth—Texas fever. Tenth—Extensive or generalized tuberculosis. Eleventh—Animals in an advanced state oj |)regnancy or which have recently given birth to young. Twelfth—Any disease or injury cans- lug elevation of temperature or affecting the system of tlie animal to a degree which would inuke the flesh unfit for liuniau food. Any organ or part of a carcass which is badly bruised or affected by tuberculosis, ' asttnomyco&is, Abscess, sup. ALGOKAIOWA sore or tape should bo condcmm d. worm cysts In the kitchen garden, ns fast, as (lie crops are off, everything should bo cleaned up ami made tidy, aud, as far as possible,, the soil be made ready for spring crops. The tops of asparagus should be ctii and burned and .the boils well Covered with gooil liinuure. 'Beets and carrots must be got in. as soon as there is danger of hard f reeling, or they will not keep well for winter Use. Squashes also must be gathered before touched by frost, 'handled as carefully. as eggs and kept In a dry, cool, frost- proof place. In -the flower garden beds of hardy bulbs, such as tulips, crocuses, etc., may be set at once. The soil should be deeply spaded, and It is all the better if a little sandy and made rich with rotten manure. Tulips should be set IJiree to four inches deep. When the ground Is about to freeze up throw a cover of strawy manure or other litter over the beds and let it remain till spring. Besides the bulbs enumerated snowdrops, narcissus and jonquils are to be similarly treated and planted at a depth according to their si/.e. After frost has touched the dahlia and canna tops they and all other tender bulbs should be taken up on a dry day and labeled and stored away for planting. Tlie j\g-c of lloi>H. This depends almost entirely Upon circumstances. It may be impossible. to decide how long a working bee. would live if kept from wearing itself out by constant labor in the f'-.jld. It may live one year or more, but tho average life during summer is not over three months, and during a grout honey How It may not be over six. weeks. Experiments may be made by introducing Italian queens to colonies of black bees, at. various seasons of "the year, and noting the time when all the blacks disappear. Bees hatched in autumn will live through the winter .until spring. Drones live a shorter tiuic than workers. Kept in a queeulcss hive they may live three or four months. Being useless, except for mating purposes, the workers soon get rid of them. It is -supposed that. when their usefulness is at an cud they are driven out to perish, but it may bo that they live out their allotted time and in tho throes of death the workers take them out to die. The queen lives to good old age, some as long as four years.— Southern Live Stock Journal. COMIC The 1'rollf Prom GCOHC. A goose lives a great many years and produces young until aged. When once a large flock of geese is obtained the young may be sold off entirely, except to replace any loss of old ones. Geese bring about one dollar per pair in tho large markets, but they also give a prolit on feathers. It is not encouraging to keep geese unless they can have some place to procure their food, such as a clover Held or pasture. They will cost nothing if conditions are favorable to them, but if they are to be fed they become expensive. Items of IntcrcNt. A slrnw shcil may be made :is warm as a bonk barn. Baby treail powers are now made for running baby separators. If: is very seldom that si horse gets cast If tied short. A warm barn and a good bod save grain ill winter. It is timtt 4hose porkers you mean to "turn off iu the fall" were getting in good shape. It turnips are fed, do the milking before feeding, nnlesn your customers are fond of turnlpy llavor. You can make a pound of pork cheaper now than in ordinary December weather. Are you crowding the shoatsV Happy is (ho man with fresh cows. Butter is high and steadily advancing. "All out of doors" is too roomy a place for mllltlng. The successful dairymen, milk under shelter. Keep a book account with your cows. Know what they are doing and what income you have from each. It is business. , It is to be hoped no ono is leaving stock out of doors in the cold rain storms. To do so advertises want of common sense. One of tho points for stock growers to keep in mind in improving their breeds is that the quality can be improved -without increasing the cost for food. If sheep or pigs are allowed the run of the orchard they will destroy many insects by eating fallen apples and will do better for the succulent food thus obtained. Tho Jackson Park dairy lest has proved that: There is a general purpose cow and that she will make liutte' 1 . The Special dairy cow makes more of it, however. Get the cream into small bulk to save butter iu churning. Thick cream can also be churned colder than thin cream, and a gain in quality is obtained as well as an increase in tpianiity. Milk with dry hands. It is ftir loo common to keep the hanTls and tin teals dripping wet with milk. It may be a little easier to milk with wet hands, but it is a til thy habit. There have been enough tests madu to furnish proof that dry corn fodder can be successfully made into ensilage by wetting it as it goes into the silo; about four or five pails of water to the load is plenty. A close bam is not the best for sheep. Oive them a shelter from storm, frei from drafts, and, except for ewes that have to mother •« inter lambs, you have enough for all except the most severe weather. Good butter cau be made when all the butter fat is taken out of the riiilk. Good butter can be made from the lirst half or three-fourtjis of the cream which rises, but not from the last to lise if churned by itself. It will be slushy, inferior stuff. Hit* Tommy—I've just been playing ball, and I'm awful hungry. Cook—How hungry is 'that? Tommy—Well, 1'ijj not hungry enough for bread and butter; I'm just huugry U Xw a piec of pie. Little Miss Mnggr—t's gob ft bicycle, and you hasn't." Little" Miss Freckles —Yes, and now everybody kttoWs you wears darned stocltin's.--, • ' Mr. Bilkins—What do you think of these fresh young women, who -rijn typewriters?" Mr. Spilldns — 1 don't, think of them at alf. I've a wife who'., dd.cs my' thinftir^ iii thutreg'ftrfl. "What nW aiirartgemeht hls'Conley; for his store? He's always talking a,bout it." "Greatest novelty I've seen. The stove pine ho had last winter fits the stove n.o,\y. ; ,.without .any change being made in it" Servant Maid—Please, ma'am, tho parrot has boon saying .another lot of fresh words. Mistress, to visitor—Yes, m7 Jokko is very teachable. It listens to every Word mj dear husband speaks to me. < (To servant)'What did .the creature say? Servant Maid—Shut up, you old bosom! Tableau! Lawyer—Are you sure that occurrence was on the 17th of tho month? Witness—Yes; it was tho 17th.—Law- yer—Now, remember, you are under oath. How do you know it was on the 17th? Witness—'Cause tho day tefore Lawyer — Be careful what you say, now. Goon. Witness was the 10th and the day after it was tho 18th. Saving- Money. Mrs. Suviftly—I'm making nil iny liats myself to save money. Mr. Swiftly (much flensed)— Indeed] Mrs. Bwiltly—Yes. This one I got only cost me twenty-five cents. Mr. Swiftly—Well,I declare! Mrs. Swiftly—And I put nil the trimming on myself. Mr. Swiftly—Where did you got the trimming? Mrs. Swiftly—At Uroighood's. I got it for §18. ' Some people would rather have n dry bone cf contention tbnn a plump canvassed tmui, _______ Beware of Ointments Tor Catarrh that Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell nnd completely dernngo tho whole system when entering It through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should nover be used except ou prescriptions from reputable physioinns, as the damage thoy will do Is ton fold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, nnd Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure bo sure you get the genuine. It is talten internally, nnd made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. BSFSold by -truggists, price 75c per bottle. Jagson says thnt many a man's reputation wouldn't know his character by sight. Old. Of Anctettt Orlglh. serpentine clanco is really very Why, i thought it was the most mode*ft of oil. 1 ' "No, imtead; it was originated when Eve •wa Hzed out of tho gnrcleu of Kddn." To .California via Denver arid Salt .-Lake City. Patrons of the Great Central route Weekly Excursions :to California via the Union Paciflc can have their tickets redd via Denver nnd Salt Lnlte C"ty without additional expense. Send for folder giving details an d advantages offered. K. E. Shearer, Mannger, 101 South Clark Street, Chicago. E. L. Lomax, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Agt., Omaha, Neb. When a woman Is too busy to glance over nn old love story in a paper when she is cleaning house, she is terribly busy. California and Return, $35.BO. The tJnion Pacific odors to the California tourist |or the winter of 180U4 a rate of $05.50 for the • round trip from its Missouri River Terminals. Quickest time and best service. Tho only lino running Pullman Palace Sleepers and Diners through from Chicago to Snn Francisco. For any additional Information call on or address E. L. Loiuax, Geti'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Omaha, Neb. Tho shingle may become a board of education in the hands of a thoughtful mother- Sick headache, chills, loss of appetite, nnd all nervous, trembling sensations quickly cured by Boeeham's Pills, 25 conts a box. It doesn't rain so very hard on the unjust when ho is unclnr nsstolon umbrella. A Sora'.Throat or Cough, if suffered •to progress, "often results in an incurable throat or'lung troublf. "Jiroien's Jironclual 2YocA«i :> 'give liastant rtliof. It is the restaurant keeper who conducts business on a hand to mouth basis. Hf the ISnl.y In Ciildnc Teo<)l, Bo BIU-B oiitl uso tlict old hnil -\voU-trlcil remedy, Mn» "^INSLOW'S SooTiiiNn RYHUP for Children Toetliing. Ono thousand unemployed are daily fed in tho snnd lots of San Francisco. " ITnitgoii'a Mn gin Corn Kalve." Warranted tociiroor motley refunded. Aslc your druggist for it. 1'rlce 15 oeiits. Mysterious disappearances are now classed as autumn leaves, Plillols's Consumption darn Ts eoltl on n, piiRrantnn. II rin-es Ini'lplpnl, Consiunpt tion. It is tliu best (Jougu Cure. 2G.ct8,,GOot3. & $1.00. A mean man cnn pot religion, but he can't stay moan and keep it. Cnn'n CoiigU 1:111411111 Is tlin oldest and best,. II, will brunk up n, ("old quicker than ittiytuliitf else. It Is always reliable. Try It. A mnn is very much like a razor, because you can't tell how sharp he can bo until ho is completely strapped. Some of the devil's host helpers sit close to the pulpit in the church. Sec Colchester Spridlnff Doutsnilv. In other column. Debt is the only thing known that enlarges tho more it is contracted. CURES PROMPTLY * BACK-ACHE SOOTHES, SUBDUES, CURES. I'urns. Cash pny weekly: buslnoas men, professional mun, mechanics, fnnnors—tliolr sons, duuulitora nnu others, work; for us the yeiir round—beeuuao notliliiKOlso brings tliem so luuoli quick ciish. lloeln- nerslnttj/it; our raon soil whore others fall—our prices h«if others, our Whole Hoot Trues live (onoeiia- tomer planted lO^OUtmd every tree itv{n0),Lnrdy sorts for tho Nortb-Jst C/inlco sorts for every In Especially for Farmers, litiners, rt. R. Hands and othera. Double sole extending 'down to the heel. EXTRA "WEARING QUALITY. Thousands of Rubber Boot wearers testify this is tlie best they ever had. Ask /Our dealer for them and don't be persuaded into an inferior article. All nay AC the JBveninthe strOftcetit constittitiofi* ... stock of vitality fsfnofc inexhaustible. All day at the desk, ttithaut ft due foodtmiffl rif out of door eXeffflse, Is Calculated to £ttfii|i the Inherent vigol»u$l£ ft healthy foftti 6f woman with as rmten certainty ns water It pumped out of^i'&rH'fJ'S "\hold ay ft o6HK6y engine. Application to business Is pvnfstf* worthy, ol course, but-vAbiswnay be ovif^. done. Expand your lung's", stretch yptirV limbs with vigorous efcefetses.occastdtialm and above all, if you find that, overwork has made intoads upon health, try a course of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which stimulates digestion and regttlftteb the bowels, liver and system generally. It H the king o£ tonics, nnd possesses qualities which, say physicians, commend it to th» use of invalids la general. Beneficial 1H malarial, rheumatic, .kidney, and nerVoiW complaints. ...•..''•• When it cones to jealousy and crowingY man is about as bad as a rooster. Coughing? Leads to UonsurrtptldrV Kemp's Balsam will stop the'cough at once. Go to your druggist to'-day, and get a sample bottle free. Large bottles 50 cts. aud $1.00. '-'• • '" The whisper of a slanderer can. be heard farther tnari tljunJer, -..._...., >,> ^ Even a,lean persotffijay/.fnli'plUmp into the wnter. , , , About . man's Meek to W a sufferer fr6m nervous exhaustion, her- VOUB debility, impair- od memory, low spirits, irritable tem» per, and the thousand and ono (lornngemeuta of mind and body that result from« unnatural, pernicious habits, contracted through ignorance. Such habits result in IOPS of manly power, •wreck the constitution and sometimes produce softening of the brain, epilepsy, paralysis, and oven dread insanity* To reach, re-claim and restore such unfortunates to health and happiness, is the aim of the publishers of a book written In plain but chaste language, on the nature, symptoms and curability; by home treatment, of such diseases. This book will ba sent sealed, in plain envelope, on regeipt of ten cents in stumps, for postage. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, 663 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. ! Thompson's Eye Water, of nil Hi/.ns. Tell n» your nocilK. NATIONAL TANK t;O., IJes MollH'H, lowiit Wntflmi, (lam, llnfglet, Itarnfil, Sinrlnir .Mnrliliira.Orgnni.lltnyilM, Fnrni Tonl., Sntff, otc, Uit VHT.t, <:l!ll'Afi(l NIUIiK CO., Chlrnjo, III, Atilrice Patents, Trade-Marks. Examination iiml Advlco us to I'ntontnblllty of Invention. Send for " luvoiilorB' Guide, or How to Get n "utcnt." PATRICK OTAEREut,, WASHINGTON, D, a ti&OS & r% B RAD Mndo In nil styles ana BnwM *« Wt I H I»S sizes. LIuhtaBt, HtroupcoBt. B W B «»•»•"• B • «enslest. working, safest. • « • simplest, most accurate, most compact, nnd most modern. Modol 1891 In 32 cal. uflcn short and Ions rim and center-lire cartridges In tlie Biunu rifle. Saves GO per cent, on cost of uimnnnltlon over any otliur 82 c»l. repeater iniidu. Model 18!)3 now reiuly In 83-JOniuU!8-5S. , CntfllOKiics nmlluil Free. THE MARLIN FIRE ARMS CO., flew tonyConii TposmvE CURE For tliB evil olToutH of tlie errors ;if youtlrnnil all prlvulu discuses. Wo cnn restore you to absoluta manliooil, quickly mid lu-lvnlely. Send \i& B5 cts. IxmhiKu ami wo will »ond ynn uyinptom bliinkH and ciitiiluKuu xlviiiK full rtCHCi-lptloti of mm). -Pre- Berlbod itnd prepared by tho bast medical au* tliorttloH nf thu IIKI;. TiNO 31 K IMC At, CO., DKS MOINKS, IOWA. I'. O. Box 304. 118!)3 now reiuly In 83-10 and 88-55; -^ REPEATERS Illustrated catalogue Bhovdn ATJG1S119, HOOK DIIILLS. HYDliATJLia AND JETTING MAdHINKUY, etc. BKNT FIIEE. Have boon tostocl and ull waTriintccl. THE PECH HFQ. CO. Sioux City, lowsi 10 S. Onnal St., Oblcago. like tlie DuMf Process No Alkalies,..; — OK— , Other Chemicals are used In tlio proimration of W. BAKER & CO.'S BreaMastCoco,a which is absolutely j jiiii-e and soluble. . I j Ithiismoi'nthcintlireetlmeg j thestrenytli of Cocoa niUed • with Starcli, Arrowroot or _ '8ui;ar, mid is fur more eoo- nomlcal, coating less Hum ono cent a, cup, It i.s delicious, nourishing, and EASILY DiaESTun., Sold by (i'ocurs everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Maw. • •'•'•••'^^^M'MBM>> H 'VM< l M Mw ^^^ M i^B^* MM W MM H«B M B^MMH M ^H "W. N7TJ7 P.M. 1115 No. .47. " B3jp"In applying to nny of the above ad vet-tisors. do not forgot to say that youi saw tho (idvortisoiiiont in this paper. It Comes Every Week—Only $1.75 a Year. n *««.? JB. <£.& ^m- B. ?l&fJW$ftisS'!?jM3ia>< Something of special interest and value for every member of the family will be given every week during {894. Full Illustrated Announcements for the 68th Volume, with Specimen Copies, Free, Famous Contributors. Prof. Henry DrummoniJ, —The Ptike of Argyll. —Sir Robt. Stswell Ball. -<• Lady Jetme. Henry M. Stanley, — Archibald Forbes. — W, Clark Russell. — Bret Harte. SJr Archibald qeikle, *. Gen. Wesley Werrltt, •» H, H. Boyesen. — Mary A, Llverinore* Marion Crawford, «*. Frank R. Stockton, » J. M. Barrie; • • . Important Features for 1894, Nine Serial Stories, loo Adventure Stories. Practical Advice to Students. Illustrated Weekly Supplements. Capital Short Stories, Household Articles. Over 700 Large Pages. The Best Illustrations. Sea Adventures, Health and Hygiene, popular Science Articles. Charming Children's Page, Charity Double Holiday Numbers at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, Frea to each Subscriber. This beautiful Colored Picture, "Sweet Charity," must bo Boen to be uppreciutud. Its richness of coloriuc commands lustant attentloui. Its subject is n youns lady oi' Colonial times. There is not a home that tho picture will not ornament. Sizo 1<1,S' x SI inches. It will be sent to all new subscribers to Tho Companion whj,» will eut out this X>ffer and send it with SJ.7S for » ycsr'a subscription, and iu addition tho paper will be r.c:it Free to Jaw., 1894, and for a f ull .year from Hist Onto to Jr,r,., 1305. ( m \ QQ3^PAN10N, Columbus Avenue, Boston, Mass.

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