The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1893 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1893
Page 9
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THU flOIMfl8AMO:N'A KNOWLEDGE' , ttgs comfort and improvement and to personal etijoyment ; when used. The many,,whoiiV«f.,bet- iftn others attd enjoy' life niowf with expenditure, by ,mpf:e ; promptly tgting the world's best prdOTcts to Meeds of physical being, will attest 4Value to health of the pure liquid ive • principles . embraced" in the edy, Syrup of Figs, excellence .is due to its presenting *& form most acceptable and pleas- the,.taste, the refreshing and truly ieial properties of a perfect laser] effectually cleansing the system, Illing colds, headaches and fevers 'permanently curing constipation. u« given satisfaction to millions and I 1 'with the approval of the medical ffession, becauao-it-acta on the Kid- Liver and BoWelS without wenk- them and it is perfectly free from objectionable substance, yrup of Figs is'for sale by all drug|in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is man- fitured by the California Fig Syrup nly, whose name is printed on every teage, also the name, Syrup of Figs, . being well informed, you will not ept any substitute if offered. ;jpor two years I suffered terribly stomach trouble, and was for ,t time under treatment by a 'sician. He finally, after trying thing, said my stomach was •n out, and that I would have to eating solid food. On the rec- rtnendation of a friend I procured *" ittle of August Flower. It seetn- do me good at once. I gained length and flesh rapidly. I feel jw like a new man, and consider fit August Flower has" is. E. Dederick, Saugerties, N.Y.® Rfluroa Colds, Oor-ha, Bora Shroat, Cronp, Influenza, whoopis? Cough. Bronchitis aniU sthaa,. A certain was , ftjOonpnmptlonln first otigeo, mil » euro relief Jn ad- wnceci stages. USD at on:o. iToa wl!l BOO tho excellent effect after taking tho first dose. Sold by dealers evoiy. Rhoro large bottles 60 coats and Sl.OO. __ "MOTHER'S •. FRIEND".- is a sciontiflcally prepared Liniment and harmless; every ingredient is. of recognized value and in constant uso by the medical profession. It shortens Labor, Lessons Pain, Diminishes Danger to life of Mother and Child. .Book ''To Mothers 1 ' mailed free, containing valuable information, and voluntary testimonials. Sent by express, charges prepaid, ou receipt of price, §1.50 per bottle. BRAOFIELO REGULATOR CO,, Atlanta, Ga. SOI.D HY ALI, DIIUOQISTS. Cleanses the Nasal Passages, Allays Pain and Inflammation, Heals the Sores. Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell. TET THE OURE. Y-FEVER particle Is applled~into each nostril" and 1« ible. Price 60 cents at DruKglsts. or by mail ILY BROTHERS. Sg WarrenSt...New Vort. PISO'S CURE POR CoDCumptlve* and people | I who liave weak lungs or Asth- I ma, should use Piso'sCurofor I I Consumption. It tuu cured 1 I tbpa*»nd«. It has not Injur- 1 led one. It la not bsid to (alec. I | It is tbe best cougb syrup. gold everywhere. XBc. C'ONSyMPTION. ENPORSED. Tbe Professor of Physiological Chemistry at Yale College says: "Iflnd Kick- qpoo Indian Sagwa to be an extract o/ Ryots, Barks and Herbs of Valuable Bent- edial Action, without any_mineral or other harmfltl admixtures Kickauoo ludlau 8u>;wa is tbe gruad- est IJvcr, Stomucli, Blood aud Nerve Remedy Kuown. Cleoiist'S. Purifies, and Renovates every port oV the Iiuaiau lEysteiu. AU Prug- fi a Uottle— THE AGRICULTURAL WORLD I'D THE Storing CfopH iit Offeett Coctl Foclittf— 'I'lic I'roilt From C!ocse-^Tljc,Gjirilcn— Itcills of interest. ',, f _ j' ^ •-•:•'•• Tlifi Jo^s of mtUs ami vegetablo| . in alorajre IS of not iufi-eqvtont ocrfrirrchc&r To lose one's " supply ot pointbos of npplcs is a st-rlous matter. Sometimes t.lio loss is duo to Floring in bad condition. Potatoes nnd apples— in fact, every fruit: or vegetable, should not ba stored a^-ay while damp. Dampness favors rot. Fruits 'and vegetable nro best stored in some dry, airy outbuilding '_ until tho imminent approach of freozing weather makes it necessary to put them in, the cellar. . The building should have rather open sides, and there should be a free circulation of air under and around it. Seed corn should not be put away until it is thoroughly dried— to put it awny dump is to give a cordial invitation to disaster. If meat is put away in proper condition it will keep sweet; otherwise it will decay, and it would make w any a ' farmer 'fed poor to have hl|S jgpjft, spoil. Meat most frequently sp'6ils because it is put away before it has thorp.ughly cooled. One should remember that tho interior cools lust and -that 7 the, middle of a piece win retain considerable heat after the surface has been cool for some time. Sometimes meat, butchered in very cold weather, 'is pu£ 'away" frozen so hard that it will not absorb salt. This may favor 'decay. Every year much hay, straw and fodder is lost because of storing it in bud condition. Tho great bulk of the straw, stored in this country is put in slacks, ;nnd it will keep in good condition- several months, if the stacks arc properly Constructed. Much depends upon the top, and it is a good plan to repair the top and carefully readjust flic keepers some weeks after the stack has been built. It will have become settled by that time. Tho same attention should be given to hay stacks. Corn fodder left in the field during the winter is sure to be damaged seriously. The parts injured are just tho cnos that aro most valuable. If it pays to cut corn it will r.ay to store the fodder in such o. way as to preserve it. If it is well sot up and given a roof of boards and straw it will keep in good condition. Com cribbed before it is fully mature will mold, and may rot. It docs not pay to get in. too groat a hurry aud store the com before it is fit; and, 011 the other hand, unless one begins husking it at- the earliest seasonable moment and pushes the work, his corn will pass beyond n lit condition for storing if ho be in the groat corn growing bolt. Wheat or oats put. in the bin in unfit condition will spoil unless attended to, and one should, frequently rim his hand deep down into tho bin, for sonic weeks after threshing. If the grain starts to spoil tho only thing to do is to got it out on tho barn floor and shovel it around every day until it dries and cools. In conclusion, to put every thing in storage in good condition is a reform much needed on many farms, and it is to bo note'd that it is a reform that may bo begun at any time. — American Agriculturist. Green Corn Fodder. Tho results of! somo experiments upon tho comparative digestibility of green corn fodder, and of the same material field cured and ensilaged, are presented in a report of the Pennsylvania experiment station. .These rc- suMs, when compared with those of similar experiments at this station and elsewhere, modify somo previous conclusions as to the influence of ensilage upon the digestibility of corn. Contrary to • tho generally accepted opinion it was found ,that in certain cases the process of ensilage increased the digestibility of the woody fiber of tho corn. It was also found, however, that tills result, was only reached when tho amount of fermentation and cou- Boqfient. Ipss- in the silo was excessive, and that'.more normal conditions, both ensilage and field curing somewhat; (Increase the digestibility of corn. Kvidonco "is constantly accumulating that,,'4110 undoubted groat valuo of cnsilitgo in progressive farming is not duo to any mysterious action of the silo upon Iho fodder; but is an economic advantage arising from the facts, lirsi, that tho corn crop produces a very large amount of food per aero, and second, that the silo pro- serves this food with comparatively lit tin loss in'a palatable and succulent condition, so that it is oaten with little or no wasto. Condemned A ill mill M. Following aro tho latest instructions given to tlio I'- B. Bureau o-f Animal Industry in charge of the inspection of animals shvnghtored at abattoirs throughout the United States: All animals found on either ante or post-mortem examination to bo affected as follows aro to be condemned and the carcasses thereof stamped with the "condemnation" stamp supplied by the department, aud inspectors will see that said carcasses are placed in tho rendering tanks of tho abattoirs: : First—Hog cholera. Second—Swine plague. Third—Carbon or anthrax. Fourth—Malignant epizootic catarrh. Fifth—Pyaemia and septicaemia. Sixth—Munge or scab in advanced stages. v Seventh—Advanced stages of acti- nomycosis or lumpy jaw. Eighth—Inflammation of the lungs or of the intestines. Ninth—Texas foyer. Tenth—Extensive or generalized tuberculosis. Eleventh—Animals in an advanced state of f n'egnancy or which have recently given birth to young. Twelfth—Any disease or injury causing elevation of temperature or affect- Ing the system of the animal to a degree which would make the flesh unlit for human fcod. Any organ or part of a carcass •which is badly bruised or affected by tuberculosis,- ' astjnoinycoiis, abscess, sup' rurMlnR sor(> or tape worm cysts shcHikl bo conctpranrcl. . ' -~—' - - In the kitchen gimlon, ns fnst ns the crops nfo off, everything should be cleaned np nuct niflcle tidy, nnil, as far as possible,,the soil be made ready for spring crops, Tlio tops of asparagus should be cui and burned aud the bods •\vell Covered with goo'd lunnure. 'Beets and carrots must be got in as soon as there la danger of hard freezing, or they will not keep well for winter use. Squashes also must be gathered before touched by frost, 'handled as carefully, as eggs aud kept Iu a dry, cool, frost- proof plaee. In-the flower garden beds of hardy bulbs, such as tulips, crocuses, etc., may be set at once. The soil should bo deeply spaded, and It Is all the better If a little sandy nnd made rich With rotten manure. Tulips should ho set IjH-ee to four inches deep. When the ground is about to freeze up throw a, cover of strawy manure or other litter over the beds and let It remain till spring. Besides tho bulbs enumerated snowdrops, narcissus and jonquils are to be similarly treated and planted at a depth according to their size. After frost has touched the dahlia and eauiiii tops they and all other tender bulbs should be taken up on a dry day and labeled and stored away for planting. Tlie of Been. This depends almost entirely itpoil circumstances. It may bo impossible, to decide how long a working, bee would live if kept from wearing .itself out by constant labor in the Held. It may live one year or more, but. the av- crago life during summer is not over three '.nonths, and during a great honey flow it may not be over six. weeks. Experiments may bo made by introducing Italian queens to colonies of black bees, at various seasons' of "tho year, and noting the time when all the blacks disappear. Bens hutched in autumn will livo throi'gh Iho winter until spring. Drones livo a shorter time than workers. Kept in a qucculcss hive they may live three or four months. Being useless, except for mating purposes, the workers soon got rid of them. It is -supposed that when thoir usefulness is at an end they aro driven out. to perish, but. it may bo that they livo out thoir allotted time and in the throes of death the workers take them out to die. Tho quoon lives to good old ago, somo as long as four years.— Southern Live Stock Journal. The Vrollf From Gecnc. A goose lives a great, many years and produces young until aged. When once a large flock of gccso is obtained the young may be sold off entirely, except to replace any loss of old ones. Gcoso bring about one dollar per pair in tho largo markets, but they also give a profit on feathers. It is not encouraging to keep geese unless they can have somo place to procure thoir food, such as a clover field or pasture. They .will cost nothing if conditions aro favorable to thorn, but it' they are to bo fed they become expensive. COMIC Kerns ot Intercut. A straw shed ir.ay be made as warm as a. bonk barn. Baby tread powers aro now inudo for running baby separators. It is very seldom that a. horse gets cast if tied short. A warm bam and a good bod save grain in winter. It is timo those porkers you mean to "turn off in the fall" wore gettln in good shape. If turnips arc fed, do tho milkin before feeding, unless your customers are fond of turnlpy flavor. You can make a pound of pork cheaper now than in ordinary December weather. Aro you crowding the shoals? Happy is tho man with fresh cows. Butter is high and steadily advancing. •'All out of doors" Is too roomy a place for milking. Tlio successful dairymen milk under shelter. Keep a book account with your cows. Know what they aro doing and what, income you havo from each. It is business. , It is to bo hoped no ono is leaving stock out of doors in the cold rain storms. To do so advertises want of common souse. Ono of tho points for stock growers to keep In mind In improving their broods is that tho qualify can be improved without increasing.the cost for food. If sheep or pigs aro allowed tho run of the orchard they will destroy many insects by eating fallen apples and will do better for the succulent food thus obtained. The Jackson Park dairy test hn.s proved that there is a general purpose cow and that she will make buitiv. Tho special dairy cow makes mon; of it, however. Got the cream into small bulk to save butter in churning. Thick cmmi can also be churned colder than thin cream, and again in quality is obtained as well as an increase in quantity. Milk with dry hands. It is far too common to keep tho luuiTIs and tit teats dripping wot with milk. It may be a little easier to milk with wot hands, but it is a filthy habit. There have been enough tests inndo to furnish proof that dry corn fodder can be successfully made into ousilago by wetting it as it goes Into the silo; about four or five pails of water to the load Is plenty. A close barn is not the host for sheep. «live them a shc-lter from storm, free from drafts, and, except for ewes that have to mother winter lambs, you hav« enough for all except the most severe weather. Good batter can be made when all tho butter fat is taken out of the milk. Good butter can bo made from the first half or throe-fourtihs of the cream w'hlch rises, but not from the last to rise if churned by itself. It will be slushy, inferior stuff. Tommy—I've just been playiug ball, and I'm awful hungry. Cook—How hungry is'that? Tommy—Well, J'ta not hungry enough for bread and butter; I'm just hungry enough'for'a piec of pie. Little Miss Mtiggf—I's gob a, bi'cyd6, and you hasn't.' Little Miss Freckles •—Yes, and now evervbody knoWs you Wears darned stocltin's.-, • ••-• • Mr. Bilkins—What do you think of these fresh young women, who rijn typewriters?" Mr. Spilkins — f don't, think of them at all. I've a wtfo who"'. dd.cs.niy th.lnftin^ i6 thjit ; .regfai 8 j:1. "What riew' anraftgemehthtjla .Conley for his store? He's always talking' a,tiout it." "Greatest novelty I've seen. Tho stove pioo he had last win- tor fits the stove no,w^,.without . any change being made in it." Servant Maid—Please, ma'am, the parrot has .been saying .another lot of fresh words. Mistress, to Visitor—Yes, my Jokko is very teachable. It listens to every word m3 dear husband speaks to me. i (To servant) T What did the creature say? Servant Maid—Shut up, you old besoml Tableau! Lawyer—Are you sure that occurrence was oa the 17th of tho month? Witness—Yes; it was tho 17th.—Law- yer—Now, remember, yoit are under oath. How do you know it was on tho 17th? Witness—'Cause tho day lefore Lawyer — Be careful what you say, now. Go on. Witness was the 10th and the day after it was tho 18th. Saving: Money. Mrs. Sjvlftly—I'm inditing nil my hats myselE to save money. M)\ Swjftly (much plensod)—Indeed I Mrs. Swiftly—Yes. This ono 1 got only cost; tue twenty-five cents. Mr. Swiftly—Well, I declare I Mrs. Swiftly—And I put nil tbe trimming on myself. Mr. Swiftly—Wlioro did you got the trimming? Mrs. Swiftly—At Droighood's. I got it for $18. Somo people would rather have a dry bone of contention thuu a plump canvassed bam, Beware of Ointments ror Catarrh that Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy tlio sense of smell and completely derange the -whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except ou prescriptions fiom reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is ton fold to tho good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, ^manufactured by V. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hull's Catarrh Cure bo sure you get tho genuine. It is taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. {SSFSold by druggists, price T5e per bottle. Jagson says that many a man's reputation wouldn't know his character by sight. Th 5 sefpentiiio dance is really vefy | old. "Why, J. thought it was the most modern of all." "No, indeed: it was originated when Eve wa Itzed out or the garden of Eddu." To California via Denver and Salt >Lake Clty^, Pntrons of the Great Central route Weekly Excursions to California via the Union Pacific can have their tickets read via Denver nnd Salt Lake C'tV without additional eSpthse. Scrid for folder giving details an d ndvftntages offered, K. 13. Shearer, Manager, 1!)1 South Clark Street, Chi- engo. E. L. Loinax, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Agt., Omaha, Neb-. When a woman is too busy to glance over an old love story in a paper when she is cleaning. house, she is terribly busy. California and Return, $65. BO. The Union Pacific oners to the California tourist f.or the winter of 1803-4 a ra to of $05.50 for the round trip from its Missouri River Terminals. Quickest time and best service. The only lino running Pullman Palace Sleepers and Diners through from Chicago to San Francisco. For any additional Information call on or address E. L. Loin ax, Qeu'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Omaha, Nob. Tho shinglo may become a board of education In the hands of a thoughtful mother- Sick headache, chills, loss of appetite, and all nervous, trembling sensations quickly cured by Bcecham's Pills, 23 cents a box. _ II doesn't rain so very hard on the unjust when ho is undnr''n*8tolou umbrella. A Sora-,(Fhroat or Cough, if Buffered •to progress, often results iu an incurable throat or lung trouble. "Jinim's JJroncJtial Troches' '' give instant rtliof. It is tho restaurant keeper who conducts business 011 a hand to month basis. Hf the Itnby tn CiiUIne Xectti, Bo uiiro nnd uno tlitt old nnd well-tried remedy, Mn» "tfiNsr.ow'8 SOOTIIINO SYHUP for Children Teething. One thousand unemployed aro daily fed in tho sand lots of San Francisco. " Iffiiison's lUnglo Corn Snlve." Warranted lo cure ni- money refunded. Ask your druggist for It. Trice 15 cents. Mysterious disappearances aro now classed as autumn leaves. Rlilloli'K Consumption Turn Jssold on aKtuirantw. It cures Inclpk-nt, Consmnp. lion. Itutliu best Cough Cure. 20.cls., GUuts. & 5)1.00. A mean man can got religion, but ho can't stay mean aud keep it. COH'H Coiiglt nmontu Is tlio oldost; iinil best. It. will hreuU up rifold quick. cr than UM.vUiiiin else. It Is always relhilili;. Try It. A mnn is very much Hire a razor, because you can't tell how sharp ho can bo until ho is completely strapped. Some of tho devil's best helpers sit close to the pulpit iu tho church. See Colchester Sp:ulln£ Hoots adv. In otJier column. Debt is tho only thing known that enlarges tho more it is contracted. All t)ay At the l)e«R. Even in the strangest constitution! tht stock 6* vitality «"nb« ine*haustible, v Aft day at the desk, •without fl, due tnodietiffl of oufc of door exercise, is calculated to Jtmia the Inherent ^igofi^ufeSf a healthy man •woman with as mftcB certainty as water if pumped out of tfs^rp^hold by A donkey 1 engine. ApfclieatiotfM business is praise* woi'thy, o£ course, .btyfefiklswaay be o*er- done. Expand your lungs, stretch yottf limbs with vigorous s*erbFseVjoccftsl6n&lm and above all, if you find that overworK has made inioads upon health, try acoursft of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, whicH stimulates digestion and regulatefe tn6 bowels, liver and system generally. It li the king of tonic*, and possesses qualities Which, say physiciansi.commend It to th» use or Invalids in general. Beneficial IB molarial, rheumatic, ..kidney and nervouj complaints.'. '. ^'v'-'y. f When it cones to jealousy and crowing) man is about as bad as a rooster. Coughing Leads to Consurrtptldrt Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at otice. Goto your druggist to-day, and get a sample bottle free. Large bottles 50 Ct8. and $1.00. : • • • The whisper of a slanderer can, be heard farther tnan thunder. •... . , Even pefson'fu'&y fall plump into the water. • BT'S A MILLSTONE, .About a „ man's necK ^o be a sufferer from hef- vous exhaustion, nervous debility, impaired memory, lo-W spirits, irritable temper, and the thousand and ono derangements of mind ana body that result from, unnatural, pernicious habits, contracted through ignorance. Such habits result to loss of manly powery •wreck the constitution nnd sometimes pro* duco softening of the brain, epilepsy, paralysis, and oven dread insanity. To reach, ro-claim and restore such unfortunates to health and happiness, id the aim of tho publishers of a book written in plain but chasto langungo, on tho nature, symptoms and curability, by homo treatment, of such diseases. This book will be sent sealed, in plain envelope, on receipt ot ten cents in stamps, for postage. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, 003 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. flg'} Thompson'* Eye Water. nil Tnll us your NATIONAL TANK t;O., Dos Moinrs, Jowu. • M. • . H # I IjMIrt/* flT m!_ fr'|II!P Hi 4 I I lUU WntpliRM, (him, Ilnggtci, lfftrneit| Hinrlnir .1lnrlilm>4,Orgnn!t,ltloT6lai, Piirm 'I'miN, SnfM. ntc, LlntFURC. UlUIUCiO SC.II.K CO., Chlrngo, Ilk CURES PROMPTLY SOOTHES, SUBDUES, CURES. THI Cash pay • weekly; business man, professlonnl mon, inoblinnlog, fiiriuors— tliolr Bons, cluuu'htcrs nnd others, work fur us tlio year runtid— bccauno notuliiB olso brliiKH them so much quick cnsli. Uocln- nera tuivjht; our mon Bell wlioro othors full— our priuo» half others, our Wholo ItcmlTruun live (ono cu«- touierpluntetl Jfi,.«W(mrf ever)/ tree living), hardy soils far tho North— Jut Olioico aorta for ovcry Stiite In U.b..guarnntywltheToryorclur, wo pay frolithtn, Insure satlsfuction, bullil up tnulc./iolii It; you work direct, no middleman; iVXI nowouttlts ]ii«t reudr, th'n Uncut over euros, etc.) to STAHIC lino's NuiiREHlEH " ' ' . Jimt ready, tho llnest over used. Wrliuuiilok iiilvlmr Hue refer. IHKH & OnoiMium Co., ,sv/Mmni.'V Dev't J/o riaiANA M i . or JlofKi'OKT. Ii.i,. lOoHiidod ISZfii 1,1100 aorus Nurseries; au.WHJaores Urrhnn s. Hm Kl two" n 'ps for Orchard Book, pbutocruphs of Fruits, Nurseries, O/chimls, etc.. li " ' •• I of nxnnt Inrormatlon about truosiintl t'rults. Especially for Farmers, Jliners, rf. R. Hands and others. Double sole extending 'down to thn heel. EXTRA AVF3ARING QUAT.ITY. Thousands of Rubber Root wearers testify this is the best they ever had, •Ask yOlir desist" for th8m and don't be persuaded into an inferior article. Patents. Trade-Marks. Examination nnd Advice ns to Patentability of Invention. Bund for "Inventors'Gnlda, or How to Gel n "ment." PATBIOK OTAERELL, WASHIHQT01T, D. 0. •BOB St. no linO Mndo In nil ntylos and •IffH SA VK L Blw fllzc8 - LlBhtest, BiroiiRost, HWl "• ».•«• B«easiest- working, safest} 11 • ™ Dlinplcst, most accurate, most compact) and most modern. Model 1801 In 82 cal. uses short and IOIIR rim and cen- ter-tiro cartridges In the sumo rifle. Saves GO per cent, on cost of ammunition over niiy other 82 «il. repeater made. Model 18113 now ready In sa-IOjind 88-55. f Cntnloffnes I mailed Free. I THE MARLIN FIRE ARMS CO., flow Itoveiy Com TPOSITIVE. cuRf For the ovll effects of the errors of youth* ami nil private dlsenscM. \Vn din rostoro yon to absoluts manhood, quickly nnd privately. Hond us 25 Ota. liostiiKo nnd wo will Hund yon symptom blniikH and cutiiloKnu KlvlnK full deHcrlptlon nf . uuro, .Vre- scribed nnd prepared by tho best moilleal au- UiorltloH of the IIKL-. TINO MliOICAL CO., J>KS M.OIN1SS, IOWA. P. O. Box 304. Illustrated catalogue ehowlnc WELL ATIG13KS, HOOKBEILLS, HYDBAULIO AND JETTING MACUINEIIY. etc. SENT ITIIEE. Have boou tested nnd all warranted, THE PECH HFC. CO. Sioux City, Iowa 10 S. Oimal St., Ohlcat'O. Unlike the Dutcf Process No Alkalies.., _OK — Oilier Chemicals aro used in tlio preparation of W. UAICEB & CO.'S reakfastCoco,a ti'hloh is absolutely pit i'<i ami soluble. \ It lias morothan tlireetlmes | tliestrenytli of (,'ocoa mixed jwilh Starcli, Arrowroot or ^. '8ui;ar, and Is far more economical, coutlny less than one cent a cup, It is delicious, nourishing, and BASILV DIGESTED. , _ SoliI by Cl'oi'crs W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Maig. ••>XM«OTMIIIMIIWM>B«mK'^^^BM*MMI^BM^M«HHMMB«BMI^n«MMWI^HMM W. N. U. P.M. 1113 No. 47. ES"ln aiiplylng to any oC tlie above att vertiser.s. do not forget to say that yow saw tho advertisement in this paper, It Comes Every Week—Only $173 a Year, Something of special interest and value for every member of the family will be given every week during 1894. Full Illustrated Announcements for the 68th Volume, with Specimen Copies, Free, Famous Contributors. Prof, Henry Drummond.—The Duke of Argyll. —Sir Robt, Stawell Ball. — Lady Jeime, Henry M. Stanley, — Archibald Forbes. — W, Clark Russell, — Bret Harfe. Archibaia Geikie. - Gen. Wesley Merrltt. — H. H. Boyesen, — Mary At Livermore, Marion Crawford. — Frank R. Stockton. — J. M. BarrJe; Important Features for 1894. Nine Serial Stories, 100 Adventure Stories, Practical Advice to Students. UJustrated Weekly Supplements, Capital Short Stories. Household Articles. Over 700 Large Pages, The Best Illustrations. Sea Adventures, Health and Hygiene, Popular Science Articles, Charming Children's Page, Double Holiday Numbers at Thanksgiving, Christinas and New Year's, Free to each Subscriber. "Sweet Charity 99 This beautiful Colored Picture, "Sweet Charity," must bo seen to be appreciated. Iti) richness of colorinc co;umu,nd3 lustaut attention. Its subject Is a young lady oi' Colonial times. There is not a, huiiio that tho picture will not ornament. Sizo 14>< x 21 Inches. It .will bu gent to ull new subscribers to Tho Companion •wUp -will cut out this feffer'and send it with SI.75 for a year's subscription, and In addition tho pape? will bo pent JTrco to Jan., 1894, ana for a f«ll.year froajthul date tuJr.r... 1300. U7j TtwQffi YpVTECS COMPANION, Columbia Avenue, Boston, Mass,

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