Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 24, 1914 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1914
Page 5
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE r JUNE 21, 191 f P SEEK TRACES OF WOMAN II. C. CAPWELL CO.-. 11. C CAPWELL CO. POLICE STILL BAFFLED Special Sale of 300 Fresh Summer Blouses Absolutely pure Makes delicious home-baked foods of maximum quality at minimum cost. Makes home baking pleasant and profitable ILL --y4 WEDNESDAY KVUMMU. V RESCUES! CHILD But He Loses Home and Goods Following c Explosio'iH::..i, Other Blazes Cause the Loss of Property, Not Life U.S. TROOPS ER FIRE Sniping Continues, Presumably to Bring About Intervention. SAN FRANCISCO, June 2 4. Startled from Bleep early thin morning by the explosion of gas and the bursting of a sheet of fire In his bedroom, B. Contt of SB Caine street, seized his wife and child and carried them from his burning home. He then ran four blocks to a fire box to turn in the alarni. the little bungalow was a flaming nyre. The firemen were forced to string their hose a distance of four blocks from the nearest hydrant and by the time a stream of water was playing on. the blaze Conti's residence and that of J. Davis, 83 Caine street, adjoining, had been destroyed. ANOTHKR RESOX'E. Davis had ample time to save ,his family, and some personal effects, but Contt lost -all his household goods. The cottage of J. Iucas, 79 Caine street, was slightly damaged, but was saved from destruction by the fire-! ngnters. The total loss will amount to $10,090, half of which Is covered by Insurance. A still alarni of fire, was sent In for a blaze In the two-story homo of T. Home, 266 Richland avenue, nt 3 "'clock this morning. A defective "1'ie was responsible and the damage Bllgni. : At 2:40 o'clock F. Harlow of 1104 '.aguna street was awakened by smoke ourlng into his room. He traced the ire to the apartment of W. R. Justice n the same building and an alarm was turned In from box 173. A leaking, gas pipe was responsible for the blaze, which was put out without much damage. TO ADDRESS ST. ANDREW CONGREGATION SUNDAY Right Rev. William Ford Nichols, blfhop of the California Episcopal diocese of California," will address the congregation of St.. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Twelfth and Magnolia, on 8unday morning, June 28. His subject will be "Growth in Religion and Grace for St Andrew's." The Rev. F. C. Murgotten, professor of Old Testament language and ltterature, has recently taken charge of St. Andrew's Cnurch, and the bishop's visit will be In the nature of an inauguration of his ministry in the pariah. FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD AWAIT SHOW AND DANCE MKI.,R09E. June 24. .First class talent has been secured bv Melrose Lodie No MO. Fraternal Brotherhood, for a vaudeville entertainment and dance to be held tomorrow night In Melrose ball. Flfty-flrst avenue and Bast Fourteenth street. A five-piece orchestra- will furnish the dance music. Members of other lodjes of the Fraternal Brotherhood have been invited to attend the show and dance. The following committee Is sparlnr no effort to ensure tho success of the affair. Mrs. C. H. Oraeer. chairman: J. Qurke. Captain ". W. Nleln nnd W. W, Pwlnver Painless Parltor VNMMISV s IM-H AVD BROADWAY. (Continued From Paee 1.) the statement, was that elections could not take place till banditry had cased, therefore he would not agree to hold any election until several leaders now classed as bandits had been crushed. "HUERTA MUST DIE." Anothe'r " demand, according to the statement, was that 'Huerta should" be protected, to which Carranza is reported to have replied that,' according to the Astec law. Huerta must'frVfclVgnd the Constitutionalist chief refused to- acquiesce in the demand. That Carranza also refused toi obligate the Constitutionalists to pay debts incurred by ' the Huerta government was another assertion Included in the Caldcr-on statement. DELEGATION ON WAY, NEW ORLEANS, June 24. Alfredo Brccada, Private Secretary to Geenral Brecada, Private Secretary to General ton. left here today for Washington. He said he had nothing to add to his statement of yesterday that Carranza never would agree, to meet Huerta representatives in an attempt to select a provisional president of Mexico. ' ACAPULCO HELPLESS. ON BOARD U. S. S. CALIFORNIA. Mazatlan, June 24. (By wireless to Ban Diego) Conditions at Acapulco. which have long been deplorable are gradually becoming intolerable. In order to subject the federal garrison under General Salad6 is making forced dally loans, ranging from fifty cents gold to (25 on all civilians who have that much discoverable wealth. The Constitutionalists operating under the leadership of Zapata keep the town tightly hemmed In. The Federal troops are' restless and the citizens depressed. This was the news brought hc"re today by the Pacific Mall liner Peru, which also carried two refugees an American named A, X. Flynt and Dr. C. .Flnehout, a Frenchman. They came down to the coast at the little banana port of San Bias, where the Peru picked them up, "SNIPING" STILL. WASHINGTON. June 24. Persistent reports of "sniping" by Mexican Fed erals upon the American outposts at Vera Cruz and rumors of Constitutionalist further advances toward Mexico City, served today to stir interest in the Mexican situation. Although the War Department would make public no reports from General Funston regarding "sniping on Amert can forces, it Is known there has been an investigation of continued reports to that effect. There have been many in ferences that Huerta's generals were at tempting to provoke a fight with the American troopers and to force interven tion. Patient waiting on mediation contin ued todav to be the attitude of the ad ministration. The coming .of Alfredo Breceda, a representative of Carranza to Washington tomorrow was awaited wltn Interest in official quarters. - FEDERAL VICTORY REPORTED. KL PASO, Texas, June 24. Irregular Federal troops have taken Guadalupe, on the Texas-Chihuahua border a few miles east of EI Paso, it was announced today by Consul Ellas of the Guerta govern-by Consul Ellas of the Huerta govern-Ornellas. the commander at Juarez. Bliss said that the wounded had been brought to Juarez and that the Federals were In command of Colonel Jose Orozco, cousin of Pascual Orozco, the former revo- lutlonlsts. Guadalupe is a town of little Importance except as a renter of arms-smuggling, lying in a wild country along a sparsely Inhabited strip of the Rio Grande bottom. " The Huerta, Carranza and Villa controversy was reflected today in the local money market. For the first time since the Villa-Carranza estrangement was first reported Villa money dropped lower than Carranza money, while Federal money remained at a staunch thirty-three cents' on IheTgoid dbllaf." " The Constitutionalist national Hat paper was quoted at 24 cents, while Villa's Chihuahua state issue dropped to twenty-three cents." 44'' v - Vrnfc. if ! i ' i i ' " MRS. "JOHNNY" MAE DUNBAR, WHOSE K1STF.R FEARS FOR HER SAFETY SINCE HER MARRIAGE TO F. K, HAMILTON, ALLEGED BIGAIIST. Whigham Photo. UNUSUAL VALUES IN FURNITURE pRIOR Ito inventory, we offer extre m e values throughout our comprehensive stock of furniture. We have the exclusive sale of the celebrated Berkey & Gay models. W; & J. SLOANE 216-228 SUTTER ST., SAN FRANCISCO No direct word has come from Mrs. "Johnnie" Mae, Punbar -TtaTnlltrm, the latest bride of William Keats Hamilton, the alleged bigamist, and Mrs. W. A. Kinser, sister of Mrs. Dunbar-Hamilton, has grave fears for her sister's safety. As In the case of the elopement and flight of "Sir" Harry Westwood Cooper with Arma Mllbrath from Oakland, the fugitive bridegroom ad bigamist man- seed to keep out of sight of the suthorl ties, elude detection and flee across the continent, without permitting his bride to send any messages to her relatives or friends. Mrs. Kinser, who suffered a nervous breakdown when she learned, the Identity of the man who eloped with her. sister and who has been confined to her home since that time, declares that she will aid the police in every way In effecting the capture of Hamilton. She declares that she fears for the safety of her sia ter until Hamilton is safe in the hands of the police. '.'I cannot understand why Mae has not written," said Mrs. Kinser. "If she has been abandoned, she will take refuge with friends. In the Eastern Star, of which she Is a member." Experience? Romance? Plenty of It. That's why Bertha Arlett Hamilton, late of San Diego, is writing a moving picture scenario. It Is the story of her life, since to love is to live. And Bertha there la no use denying It has loved. Briefly summar ized the scenario should read something like this: "A chance meeting on the train from Los Angeles to San Diego. A helping nana to a bundle-encumberea old way, A smile, a word exchanged with the pol ished stranger in the seat beyond, that good-looking young man who also sprang to the aeslstanre of the elderly truveler. A conversation, lead Ins to an invitation to call at the well-anDointed San Diego home. Rapid courtship. Hasty marriage against the paternal advice. Duplicity of the man. Deserted lor another woman. Friendless and alone, penniless in a strange city. The police station: the re porters; the photographers, and the end wnicn is not yet. Up on the top floor of the Hotel James on Washington street yesterday sat Mrs. Bertha Arlett Hamilton, pen in hand, before her a big book half full of closely written pages. She is engaged in writing her story, and "it Is full of things whlrh have never been told. v FREDERICK KEATS HAMILTON The man In the case Is speeding F.nst- ward. with him wife No. 2. known as Mrs, "Johnny" Mae Dunbar Hamilton, whose swift wooing is a matter of record. But mat s another story. "Why did he do It?" That is the ques tion that Mrs. Bertha Arlett Hamilton, the deserted young wife, Is constantly asking herself. "Why did he do It? How could that man do what he has to meT' The "he" whom Bertha has in mind Is ireaerlcK Keats Hamilton. 28 years oio. Hamilton the adventurous, ttie wheedling, the love-maker whose pawns are young ana connmng women. JU8T HAD TO FAINT. It whs on Monday that the deserted bride told her story to the police of Oakland, and then "I Just had to faint," she explained. "It was all down in my heart anq I couldn t cry." However, If Mrs. Bertha Arlett Hamilton wants to return to her Ban Ptego home, alia has tb means to da so... It is up to her. entirely. , Her father has sent her money for the trip. Will she go back to the waiting ones the true friends those who chidea only to be klndT "I don't know," answered Bertha, her glance following the manuscript before her. "I have a good proposition; 1 am going to be well paid for this work. "No," the word was accompanied by a quick glance, "I have never written be-fore, but they are very kind. They even corns here and help me with this this." Again the brown eyes swept the pages. "Act?" Mrs. Hamilton hasn't decided. But In the face of the fact that she Is now supplied with money from home, that willing friends, hearing of her plight, have come to the rescue. Bertha Arlett Hamilton, apparently torn with conflicting emotions, says that she has no one lo whom she can turn. "Ob! if I had only one person to advise me, a single soul to whom I could turn, who would really mean what they say, but I haven't. They (meaning strangers) keep coming to me, telling me to do this or that (there was scorn in the voice and a flash in the eye). They tell me not to swear out a warrant, and some of the papers sav that I believe In him still. It Isn't true. It isn't!" she denied, with a dramatic gesture of the arm bared to -the elbow, and a scornful glance. "Do you think for one minute that I wouldn't like to see him punished? I could send him up for twenty years for whmt he has done to me!" But would she? ALL BESPEAK REVENGE. "t would!" Her reply was straight to the point; her eyes, h-r voice, her bearing spoke revenge. But swiftly came the altered mood. The dimple In the chin deepened, smiles chased away the frowns, the dark eyes grew luminous with retrospection Intimate recollections, spoken softly. "To think how that man "dolled" me, how he waited on me in bed, washed my face (yes, she's fairly good looking, quite pretty, when she smiles), combfd my hair (she has quantities of it, dark, almost black), called me endearing names and then (an angry, subdued sob broke) went straight from my arms to court the other woman! I thought he left me to go to work. Instead. It was for Her." "Why did ha do tt?" that is the Ques tion the deserted wife keeps asking; she wno ior two whole weeKs ' Knew per feet bliss." That question, also Is one which the police are trying to find out, and what other -people want to Know, for Hamli ton's rapid fire love making, his many lug propensities and his ability to charm money from the other fellow are unusual, to tay the least. If he keeps on in his career, "Hlr Harry Westwood Cooper" will have a rival of no mean ability. "Work? Yes. He told me he was an architect," said the girl from Ban Diego. "That he had put up the Y. M. C. A. building at San- Bernardino; that he had built rows of bungalows there: that he had offices In Los Angeles; that be had a brother, too, who was an architect in Berkeley. MEETING WAS ROMANTIC. The meeting of the pair Is a romance of Itself, at least it may seem so to young and unprotected" girls, even though tho romance has a tragic turn, and the iron is In the deserted one's heart. "It was on the train coming from Los Angeles. He Was sitting in front of mo. An old lady got on. She had lots oi nunuies, a cage wltn a parrot In It, ana otner tilings, i got up to nelp her. He did. too. Later, he ODened the win dow. Then he turned around and asked me if it was too cold for me." That was the beginning. For from this chance meeting came the closer intimacy. The short courting at the home in San lle?o, a home where she that was Bertha Arlett had "nothing to do but to sit with my hands folded, If I wanted to. And ne Knew it: why old he bring me here, to leave me alone like this?" Ah, but here the story ends." At least the "alone" part of it, for friends have come to the rescue. Just as Mrs. Hamilton began to tell another phase of her courting and heart-lens abandonment, a step was lyard on the stair and, looking over the old-fashioned well, a big, strong looking, grey-haired man was sighted. "Oh." came the long drawn exclamation. "A friend! Come right up here!" she called, and ran half way down stairs to meet him. "isn't it awful the notoriety and all?" she greeted In a low voire as the big man with tho Klks tooth on his watch erinrm took both her hands in his, with a "Well! Well!" By this time the pair had reached the top floor under the skylight. '"My friends have come!" announced Bertha Arlett Hamilton. "One Is here already, and another is coming tonight. 1 nave nuiiung more to say: . , 1- . . Golfer Is Sorry for bussing" President WASHINGTON, June 24. The story of how rreslflont Wilson, golfing on a local green, sent a ball whizzing nesr another golfers head, and how the other fellow "missed" the President of the United State and then in confusion and chagrin, made profuse apologies, had a sequel today- when- President Wilson and the other golfer exchanged letters, one an abject apology and the other an ac knowledgment, coupled with a firm dec laratlon from the President that he was within hti rights under the rules of the game. Managers of the club were expecting to take some action against the "cussing" member, when he wrote his apology. ' Two Killed and 20 Injured in Tornado WAUKESHA, Wis., June 24. Two were killed, three fatally Injured and seventeen hurt, several of them seriously, when the house and barn of Michael Kurtzwell, In the town of Kmmet, Msra-thon county, was blown down by a tornado early today. The dead are Lawrence Zalzman, 17, and the 2-year-old child of Kurtzwell. PROPERTY-HOLDERS NOT TO PAY FOR SEWER WORK Through a declsldn of Superior Judge Waste, handed down today. - property owners along Temescal creek in .North Oaklond will not have to pay for storm sewer "constructed some time ago by Rob. ert Bendls, the contractor, on the groundi that they had not been benefited thereby. There were twenty-six suits growing out of the controversy. v r A - L Dressy styles that .women need for Vacation and Summer wear Purchased below regular prices the savings going to our customers. Regular $3.95 and $4.95 Wdists for They arrived only yesterday, and because, of their beauty and mar- t velous worth we hasten to offer them to our customers so that women ) planning a visit, and those who noed an extra waist for "best" wear t at home, may avail themselves of this saving opportunity without delay. All well made, extremely stylish blouses, fashioned on the simple lines of the prevailing modes and the kind that are the hardest to get even at regular prices. Fine crepe de chines, Georgette crepes, Pussy Willow Taffetas and nets in white and delicate colorings, some with organdie embroidered collars, some with touches of roman striped ribbon, still other embellished with delicate laces and fine embroideries, ruff-lings and hemstitching. All-are copies of French models and have the drooping shoulders and "flrxisy" back effects. 1L Sale will take place in Second Floor Waist Section. Millinery Sale ? a. m. to 12 only The most extraoadinary affair of its kind that has been held in this store this season-and that's saying a good deal. See window. 400 Trimmed Hats, Un trimmed Shapes and Children's Hats Worth regularly to $1.95 Smart, stylish... becoming of such marvelous values as to cause your utmost atsonishment. This pittance price for a final clean sweep. Sale from 9 to 12 o'clock only. Special Prices on Used Sewing Machines All in first-class condition and guaranteed for ten years. If you need a machine be sure to see these bargains.' A Panama Drop Head Machine (brand new) $15.75 New Home Drop Head Machine I1U.B0 Wheeler & Wilson Drop Head Machine H5.00 Singer Crop Head Machine... $20.00 White Rotary Drop Head Machine , $27.50 New Home Bo Top Machine $ ft.OO Wheeler & Wilson Box Top Machine $5.00 Your old ituvhlno taken In part payment. Any machine In thU department sold on easy terms. You Can Own a Sewing Machine for 14c a Day The American Hewing Machine is regularly 14c a day. Our special price Is $25. Pay us 12.00 down as a guarantee of good faith and $1.00 a weelt, or about 14c a day. We lend the machine home on the first payment. 30c Lockstit Marquisette ) O c For Curtains ' A fine mercerized marquisette scrim. Very pretty and very serviceable. In white, . cream anlecru.Width 40 Inches. Nottingham Qc Curtains vJ-pr Allover effect with plain borders. Two and a half yardt long and up to 45 inches wide. "Cleanup of Women's Suits, $4.98, $7.75 and $9.98 All sizes nrnl colors on sale at these prices. ' Women's ('oats $1.98 and $7.50 Values up to' 110.00 on sale t $i.8H. Values up to $12.50 on sale at $7.80.- Mercerized Damask 25c and 35c Yard flood wearing damask in a large vsrlety of floral designs. A splendid basement bargain. TOWrXH Huck Towels, size 18x38 7c eaoli. Pincushion Forms Half and Nearly Half Price Covered with pink or blue sateen end filled with silk rioss. All sixes from 410 to 4x18. Reg. 30c values for. .13c Reg. 45c values for. .23c (Art Needlework Section, Set-ond lloor.) - Special Leather : Centerpieces Handsomely decorated with California Poppica and Polnsetta. 13 -Inch sire. Extra special values at $1.50. (Art Needlework Section, Second Floor.) - Special Sale of Pullman Aprons and Traveling Cases First aids to the feminine traveler. Made of fieavy cretonne or fancy plaid silks. All lined with .' odorless rubber and fitted with rubber lined pockets sanitary and ' moat convenient. Special sale prices Oo to $2.00. (Art Needlework Soctlpn, Second Floor.) Infants' Bath Towels A large variety of designs both with and without scallops. Regular 25c values lc. Anne of Green Gables 50c This popular novel by h. M. Montgomery, which ran through many editions at the full price of $1.35, has Just been published in the popular 50c edition. A splendid novel for your vacation reading. (At our Main Floor Book Counter) Special 40c lb. Paper for 28c Good quality paper, Just the kind to take on your vacation trip for the long letters home. An, extraordinary bargain at this tittle price. " Cross Bar Voile Waists 59c Attractive and. useful waists In light and dainty colorings. Mada with low neck and short sleeves. Splendid for morning and vacation wear. All sizes. Educational Toys The CAPWELL all-ti)e-year-round Toy Shop mae a big feature of Educational Toys of all kinds for young folks. Dozens nnd dosens of different games and blocks that are mind Lull.iers. teaching the children while amusing them. The famous Meccano and Jfllton Bradley games all ac modes-ate prices. Agents for Butterick Patterns Clay, Fourteenth and Fifteenth TYPHOID GERMS MAY, COST OFFICER'S JOB WASHINGTON. June 4. Nsvy Department officials were pu"ling todsy over'ths proper disposition of an officer ill to be a typhoid-germ "carrier." H Is apparently In the best of lilth, lmt eee.rs laden with typhoid germs, and when he has hren asetawd to n sliip 01 shore station, a typhoid upldemlc of more or less severity hs InvarlaWy followed. Because of the officer's unique rsse. Navy officials refused to make public-his name, ,Hs Is now under treatment at New York by specialists, Although lie is en excellent officer an! otherwise fit for duty, he must be r tired for "physical disability" as a safs-guard to protect the Nav, unless th typhoid germs can be ch&ssd from hi system. '

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