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Claresholm Local Press from Claresholm, Alberta, Canada • Page 2
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Claresholm Local Press from Claresholm, Alberta, Canada • Page 2

Claresholm, Alberta, Canada
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Claresholm, Alberta, Friday, May 15th, 1931. A A A Ai A A 39c. doz. CUT TULIPS SATURDAY All Colors. The CLARESHOLM LOCAL PRESS Phone 157 A Local Newspaper Published for Local Peopla.

Advertising Rates upon Application at Office, R. L. KING Editor and Proprietor. w-------- Friday, May 15th 1931 BEDDING PLANTS to arrive first of the week. These should be put in any time now.

We will have a large assortment of all the popular kinds. We will look after any special orders. BALSAM, CLARKIA, COSMOS, GODCLIA, LOBELIA, MARIGOLD, PANSIES, ASTERS, SNAPS, TOMATOES, CELERY and many others. GERANIUMS out of pots for window boxes. CAULIFLOWER and CABBAGE PLANTS.


HATCHWAY, B. V. D. at $1.00 HATCHWAY SPECIAL at $1.50 WATSONS UNDERWEAR at $1.50 and $1.75 WATSONS POLOSHIRTS, all silk. COTTON SOX 2 Pairs for 25c FANCY SILK and WOOL HOSE at 50c TENNIS SHOES for BOYS and MEN.

instruments of government In every civilized community may call for more titan passing appreciation. This Initial Canadian census was repeated several times during the French regime, after which a series of less elaborate Investigations by siiccesslve Colonial Governors took its place. The first legislation on the subject was an Act of the Vnited Provinces, dated 1847. L'nder it a census of Upper and Lower Canada was taken in 1851 and again In 18G1. Censuses of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were taken lu the same years.

An account of these and of preceding investigations may be found in Volume IV of tlie Report of the Census of 1H71, a volume designed to start the new Dominion on its career with a review of all previous stutlstlcs relating to its domain. At Confederation the British North America Act sperifleiully mentioned The census and statistics" as falling within Dominion as distinguished from Pnivlndsl jurisdiction (Section 911. The first Dominion Census Act was passed in 1870. and the first census whs taken thereunder In 1871. Similar comprehensive censuses have followed every tenth year, namely.

1881, 1891, 1991, 1911 and 1921. Ill 1886. a special census of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories was taken midway betwpen tlie other censuses. This so-called Quinquennial census was repeated for Manitoba In 1896, whilst In 191)6, 1916 and 1926. It also embraced Saskatchewan and Alberta, rreated Into provinces in 19115, the reason being the rapidly changing conditions in these newer sections of the Dominion.

The census nf June 1, 1931, is therefore tlie seventh comprehensive decennial cenxua to he taken since Confederation. The administration nf the census was originally vested in the Minister nf Agriculture; In 1912, however, in a reorganization and centralization of the statistical work of tlie Government It was transferred to the Minlxer of Trade and Commerce, who will' accordingly promulgate the schedules and regulations of the present census. CARL J. BRAREN EDITORIAL NOTES Premier Benaett -told pauliament the other day that he had luvesstl-gated the Canadian banking system and found It to be satisfactory and fully adepuate to meet Canadian exl-geuciea and conditions. But there are even conservatives In Claresholm ready to argue the point with him.

ooo One of the great arts that should be taught more thoroughly hi our schools Is that of telling stories. To tell a good story, and tell It well, is Indeed a great accomplishment. Tills Tact was forcibly brought to onr attention at the Mother's Day services Sunday morning, when Mrs. Williams told to the hoys and girls the story of The Cap That Mother Made. A rumor emanating from Ottawa indicated that Premier IL B.

Bennett contemplated matrimony. Nothing would aniusb the Canadian people more than to see Itlehard Bedford and Agnes set an example for the rest of the lonely parliamentarians to follow. It might surprise some of the economists and statisticians to learn that several thousand famlltea In Western Canada have re-established themselves on farms this spring. Quite a few Instances are noted in the Claresholm area. In spite or low prices, the farm seems to offer a sense of security that is not found In the towns and cities by people who are not regularly engaged in well organized and soundly established lines of business and Industry.

ooo Just take note of the Clean-lTp announcement on the front page. Inserted by the Board nf Health. HOSPITAL NOTES FRESH FISH Thursdays FRESH FISH is now arriving from the Coast EVERY THURSDAY MORNING. THE CLARESHOLM MEAT MARKET D. A.

ANDERSON, Proprietor tj Phone 11. CALGARY'S POPULAR PRICED HOTELS HOTEL YORK EVERYTHING NEWEST. Rates $2.50 and $3.00 COFFEE SHOP BEST FOOD LOWEST PRICES 8ILVER QUESTION AN INSISTENT ONE Ila Fenton was a patient for a few days. Floyd and Gerald Torrence, of Granuin, were tonsllectomy patients on Monday, A baliy girl was horn to Mr. and Mrs.

E. G. Studd on Tuesday, Mny 12th. AY. Robinson was a tonsllectomy patinet Tuesday.

Gegion Sundherg was admitted on Wednesday. Mr. 'Hennegan Is not so well. Melvin Enlman. of Cranum.

was discharged Friday. Mr. Nowlin was aide to go home on Wednesday. Alio Operating HOTEL ST. REGIS RATES: $1.50.

Bathe $2.00 up. Weekly and Monthly Rates. itjaaoaaAjaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaB Only fools are certain, Bobby; wine men hesitate." Are you sure of that. Pop?" "Yes, certain of It." HILLVIEW FARM DAIRY Use PASTEURIZED MILK for a safe food product. Delivered mornings at 1 0c per qt Pierce Props.

Phone 1408 Hon. John S. Martin, of Port Dover, Ontario, and former minister of agriculture for that province. Is dead, aged 56. He was known throughout the North American continent as the world's White Wyandotte king.

(Lethbridge Herald) The silver question will not down. People on this continent may have thought that it liad breathed its last In 1896, when William Jennings Bryan, with his cross of gold" and crown of thorns" speeches (luring the presidential election campaign In the United States that year, went down to defeat. But the question will not down. Every day some new financial authority Is speaking publicly about it. One of the few occasions upon which Rt.

Hon. Arthur Melghen, former Premier of Canada, has spoken since his retirements from politics, brought from him the suggestion that silver was not being given Its proper place In our monetary system. Hon. Mr. Melghen put forward the suggestion of a British banker that a Bank of the British Empire be formed to buy all gold and silver used In thp Empire aa coinage, and new coinage issued to he known as Rex" The price for silver, instead of being 36 rents an ounce, as It Is now, would at once lie raised to 90 cents, nr almut 28 to 1 as compared with gold.

Bankers and business men, whose property Is valued upon the gold standard, are not likely to receive the suggestion with anything but a cold shoulder, but hundreds of millions of the world's people In India. China and other parts of Asia South America would welcome the Melghen proposal herauxe It would mean that thpir buying power would be tremendously Increased, and Increased buying power appears to he tlie world's greatest need at the present time. Business men of the world, gathering in Washington last week to attend the convention of the International Chamber of Commerce, were rather Inclined to the opinion that. It Takes Many a Stook TO EQUAL THE VALUE OF A GOOD MILCH COW. Your Household Expense Account can be kept covered if you milk a few select cows and ship your cream to the NANTON CREAMERY (BURNS a LIMITED) E.

W. Luther, Manager. Phone 153, NANTON: David Belusco. famed U. S.

theatrical producer, Is dead. He was 77 years of age. CENSUS QUESTIONS These are the questions that will la; asked about each person hy a Dominion Government census-taker Home time during the opening week of June: 1. Your name and where you lire. 2.

Whether your home Ik owned or rented. 3. The eHtimated value of your home. If ownetl; or the monthly rental, If renled. 4.

How niuny rnonix are In your home, and 1h It of Htone, or brick, or wood? 5. 1h there a radio Het In your home? G. Your relatioiixhip to the family (whether the head of family, wife, lun, daughter, or unde, etc.) 7. Wliat Ik your iex? 8. Are you single, married, widowed, or divorced? 9.

What wax your age at luxt 1 birthday? lu. Where were you horn? I 11. Where waa your father lmrn? i 12. Where wai your mother horn? 13. In what year did you migrate to Canada? (Fur foreign-horn perxonx).

14. In wlnn year were you natural- lied? I For fureign-horn perxonx). What lx your nationality? I lfi. What lx your racial origin; from I what overxeaa country did your fam-i lly originally come? 17. Are you aide to Hpeak Knglixh.

1 or French? 18. Wliat lx your mother tongue? I For roreign-born perxonx). 19. or wliut rellgloux denomination are you a member or adherent? 20. Are you able to read and write? 21.

How many monthx at xrhool i since Sept. 1, 1930? (For permute of xrhool age). 22. If you are a gainful workar, I what lx your occupation? 23. In what induxtry are you employed? 24 Are you an employer, an cm-i ployee, or are you working on.

your own account? I If you are an employee, you will he axked If you were at work on Mtm-i day, June lxt. 1931. If you anxwer I No. you will lie axked it wax hecauee of: (a) No job; (b) Sick- nexi; (c) Accident; (d) On holiday (e) Strike or lock-out: (f) Plant clox- er; (g) Other reuxoti. You will nlxn lie axked whether you have been out of work for any cauxe In the luxt 12 month? If you anxwer Yex." you will lie uxked: How many weekx have you been nut of work, uud of tliexe how niuny were due to: (u) No jolt; (li) Illnexx; (c) Acri-! dent: (d) Strike or lock-out; Tem-I porury lay-off: If) Other reason.

ono Oil June 1, 1931. the Ceiixux of (he Dominion will he taken. The cenxue ha been culled the largest single art of administration of the Cnveru-, input." Tho success of the census de- pends largely upon the co-operation of the people. Without general apprerl-: ntion of the ends In view, and without tlie cordial assistance of individual citizens towards those ends, a I good census will he impossible. A brief description of the scope, methods and purpose of the ceiixux und of its place in statistical and general administration will therefore he of interest and utility at the present moment.

CeiiKiix-tuking (latex from the dawn of civilization. Moses numbered the Children of Isreal in the fifteenth century (Exodus XXX, 12-15; Numbers 1, 2-4. and 47-49; III. 14-16; IV, 34-49). Hut statistical investigations were known many eenturles earlier, in Huhylnnin.

B. O.l. In China I3.G00 B. in Egypt (2,500 H. C.l.

A census taken h.v King lhivhl ill lnl7 B. C. achieved evil nntorietv In history from the Divine wrath which it provoked III Samuel XXIV. 1-25; I Chronicles XXI. 1-27).

ail 1 which was eited for many generations against the spirit of inquiry. The census was one of the institutions founded hy the great lawgiver Solon at Athens in the sixth century. 11. f. The Konmits were assiduous census-takers, both under the llepiihlic nnd the Empire: Julius Caesar reformed the census among other things.

Tile Breviary of Charlenuune (A. D. So.M and t'le Domesday i.o-ik of William the Conqueror I A. D. lrSH) are celebrated mediaeval censuses, latter, the census disappeared from Europe.

It may not he generally known that the credit for taking the first census of modern times belongs to tnrdu. Tho year was ltiiiti; the census was one of the Colony of New France. There had been earlier -records of settlement at Port Koval (16651 and Quebec Dios I. lint the census of was a systematic nominal enumeration nf the people li. record of each individual by name), tuken for a fixed date, showing the age.

sex. place of residence, occupation und conjugal condition of each person. The rpxults are to lie seen in ii document of 154 pages in the Archives nf Purls, of which a transcript is in Ottawa. Altogether this census recorded 3.215 souls. When it i recalled that in Europe the first modern foiiKiiK dated only from the eighteenth entury (those of France and England dating from the first year of the nineteenth), whilst in tho Vnited States no census was taken before 1790.

the achievement of the primitive St. Lawrence Colony In instituting what la today one of the principal FOOT HILLS LODGE, Now IS I. O. O. F.

The lodge will meet In regular every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. Visitors welcome. wii. McCartney, n. g.

J. W. MORROW, Secretary. though they didn't like the subject, they ought to discuss the problem of silver. plt was the head of the Canadian delegation, George C.

MacDonald. who forced the issue when he told the Chamber that Canadians considered silver an economic question, with the result that It was finally decided to advocate calling an international conference on the matter. It looks, therefore, as If the business world, even against Its will, la being forced to do something to make sliver help up the buying In which one-half of the world la sadly lacking. I Want Your Hides and Furs HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR HIDES, FUR PELTS, WOOL, ETC. DONT SELL TILL YOU GET OUR PRICE QUOTATIONS.

DR. J. 8. HYNES, C. M.

Phones: (McGill) Office, 141. Residence, 96. Claresholm w. McDaniels DR. P.

J. CARROLL Physician and 8urgeon. Ultra-violet, diathermy physiotherapy. Phones: Office 40; Residence 164. P.

A. M. LY8TER. M. DC.

M. McGill) Office and Residence: The former Dr. McMillan premises. Phone 79. OR.

A. a MACGREGOR Dental Surgeon. Office: Mllnes Building. Phone 188 Claresholm, Alberta The largest and most powerful locomotive of its kind in the world has just been eomnh the Angus Shops of the Canadian been completed in ngus DR. J.

A. MULLIN Dentist Phones: Office, Residence, 198. Pacific Railway, Montreal, for ser- R. W. JELL AUCTIONEER GRANUM, Alberta Phone 16.

See J. H. Thorne for Rate and Dates. vice in the Rocky Mountains. The new "8000" locomotive represent a new era in the advancement of steam motive power of greater efficiency and higher sustained capacity.

It is called a "multi-pressure" engine because it generates its steam in three separated portions and at three different pressures and, herause of its radical departures in boiler design, i creating something of a furore in mechanical and railroad circlet. Facts and figures of the 8000 will give some indication of its magnitude, efficiency and strength. It is onlv a scant nine inches short of 100 feet in length. Weight of engine is 485,000 Ilia, and of tender 300,000 making a total of 785,000 lha. or 392 tons.

It has five rnsi driving wheels on earn side, each of which TEN REASONS why you should have your car CAREFULLY INSPECTED before hot weather starts 1. RADIATOR cleaned out and defective hose connections replaced. 2. IGNITION careful Iv checked; COIL and POINTS inspected. 3.

GENERATOR BRUSHES and BEARINGS in-spebted and replaced if necessary. 4. FAN BELT tightened or replaced with new one. 5. BATTERY CONNECTIONS cleaned and greased and BATTERY TESTED.

6. SPARK PLUGS are always replaced at 10,000 miles by careful car owners, who know that points burn off. 7. OIL FILTER should be changed at 10,000 miles, as inside of can becomes clogged with dirt. S.

All IGNTION CABLE or WIRING should be checked for breaks. 9. REAR END and TRANSMISSION GREASE changed to Summer grade. 10. WATER PUMP and FAN carefully checked.

WE HAVE THE MECHANICS and THEY have the TIME. QUALLY MOTORS Where All the Chevrolet! Come From. J. H. BOUSQUET GENERAL CONTRACTING Concrete Excavating Ditching, Etc.

Septic Tank is 83 inches in diameter. Its tractive effort is 90,000 lbs. which means that on a level track it will haul a freight train, over a mile in length, made up of one hundred and fifty 40-ton cars and representing a total wetght of 6000 tons. Its tender has a rapacity of 12,000 gallons of water and 4350 gallon of fuel oil enabling it to make long hauls without replenishing. There are 18,695 feet or slightly over three and a hall miles of seamless steel tubes used in the construction of the boiler units alone.

j- An outstanding feature of the "8000" is the firebox unit which is a closed circuit in which 800 gallons of distilled water are continually circulating without loss by evaporation. Distilled water is used because it prevents accumulation of sludge and scale so common in water tube boilers. The closed circuit or firebox unit extends into the high-pressure boiler drum in the form ofl6 coils, called beat transfer coils. There are three locomotives of this type in Europe and they show excellent savings in fuel, ranging from Z5 to 35per rent, as compared witn the conventional type of locomotive. But the of the Europe" of this type only 42 per cent of the weight and develops only 86 per cent of the power of the '8000.

It will be used in che Rocky Mountain territory of the company. H. B. Bowen (inset) Chief of Motive Power and Rolling Stock, Canadian Pacific Railway, working in co-operation with the American Locomotive Company ana the Superheater Company, of New York, designed the 8000 aftei he had made a special trip to Europe in 1929 to study locomotive types and development. The construction ot this monster locomotive waa under direct supervision of Mr.

J. Burns, Vorks Manager, Angus Shops, and Mr T. Donald, of Mr. Bowen's staff. ngth view tbs front-end view; and, inset, Mr.

Bowen, designer of th Also Plumbing, Waterworks and Gas Connections Two Doors South of Bank of Commerce CLARESHOLM.

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