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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois • Page 1
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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois • Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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67 34 5c a Copy 16 Pages TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1959 Carbondale Herrin Murphysboro, Illinois 'V r- i I if I' uo vl xi-J 1 I 9 -lr 'j rt4. Yj Storm Took Same Path As i-V, sr I'll. TT 1921 Tornado St. Louis, Feb. 10 (AP) A tornado struck a deadly blow at the heart of St.

Louis today without warning. Ninctocn were known dead. Another 265 were injured, 55 buckled the walls and the roof crashing to believed to be buried in the basement. Police and fire department details conducted rescue operations. at least 13 others were injured.

Toriado which struck the heart oi St. Louis early today sent was 5 DIED HERE In this demolished home at 4200 Delmar St. Louis, five persons were lulled and Ike's View: Another victim ground. SIm1s seriously. Col.

William Paschall, deputy civil defense director in St. Louis, said the death toll could go as high as 30. He emphasized this as strictly an estimate. Numerous persons were trapped in homes and apartments which crumpled under the storm's blows. The storm took the same path of this city's worst tornado which killed more than 100 in 1927.

Men worked throughout the night, searching the fallen bricks, concrete and lumber. The tornado hit at 2:12 a.m. First it hit two suburbs, Brent-woodd and Crest wood in south Dulles III Ike Sees No Delay In Talks Washington, Feb. 10 (AP) President Eisenhower predicted today that Secretary of State Dulles' illness will cause no delay in Western talks with the Soviets about German problems. Eisenhower spoke at a news conference just after Dulles had entered Walter Reed Armv Hos- 1 good bit of spotty unemployment.

GOP convention Selection of a site for the 1960 Republican national convention is entirely up to the GOP National Committee, Eisenhower said. He -I M0' i II pital for a hernia operation. The. imo StLouis. took secretary expects to be out of ac- -ts toI1 in an boundeJ questioned a reporter's suggestion that he (Eisenhower) had Washington, Feb.

10 (AP) President Eisenhower voiced belief today that some American planes have been lured across iron curtain country borders by false radio signals. Eisenhower told a news conference that American pilots have strict orders not to phy a fox and hound game by playing alone Soviet borders in order to gain intelligence information. The President was asked whether there had been occasions in which U.S. planes such as the unarmed transport reported shot uon ror some weens, inspire ms- hv OI- Strcct Grand oen intiuentiai in navine tne i 1956 parry convention held in Boulevard, Newstead and St. Louis Avenues.

This is a mile age or ana nis recent history of illness, officials predict he will be back in harness. But Christian Hcrter replacing Dulles San Francisco. As for next year's party meeting, hisenhower said Western allies expressed a de it would not be desirable or use ful for him to express any site preference. Foreign aid Any cut in the Joblcss Total Up 616,000 In January Washington, Feb. 10 (AP) Unemployment rose by gree of dismay over the illness at a crucial time.

Under Secretary C. Doughs Dillon took over as acting secretary. Under Secretary Christian Herter, who outranks Dillon, will relieve him Sunday, upon return from a South Carolina va administration's 3Vi billion-dol west of downtown St. Louis. St.

Louis was lashed by torrential rains for hours before the tornado struck. The tornado delivered its hardest blows in a section of tenement houses occupied mostly by Negroes. All but three of 16 bodies taken to the city morgue were those of Negroes. Seven of the dead were children under the age down bv the Russians last September had been trving draw Soviet fighters into the air. The President replied firmly cation.

that he had issued very strict or In his news conference state ders some time ago against any the most damage. The twister, which first struck in southwest St. Louis county, swept through the city in a northeasterly direction. TENEMENT HIT Four persons were killed and others were injured when the St. Louis tornado struck this tenement house at 3862 6uch tactics.

ment Eisenhower praised Dulles of 11. Page Blvd. A house next to it was flattened, killing or injuring other residents in an area where the twister caused as the most valuable man he has Five dead ere from 4802 Del- He went on to say that planes sometimes crossed the ever known in the foreign affairs mar where 14 were trap lar foreign aid program, Eisenhower said, would mean that statesmanship is sinking to a very low order. He went on to say he can think of no policy that would be more detrimental to U.S. best in-tersts than one of reducing aid abroad in order to make it possible to spend more on the nation's domestic programs.

Schools Eisenhower was told that some people feel that he thinks there is more danger in red ink than in under-educating American children. In reply, the President commented that human field. ped in a three-story house which border due to navigational errors. TWO DECATUR SCHOOLS 000 in January to 4,724,000. It was the highest number idle in any January since 1950.

The number of Americans at work dropped by 1,267,000 from 63,973,000 in December to 62,706,000 in January-. The monthly joint report of the Commerce and Labor Departments attributed the job decline to seasonal factors such as release of extra Christmas season workers in stores and post of Wasn't Any Warning He also made clear that he the harsh criticism of Ameri. 0 caved in. Four dead were pulled from the wreckage at 3S62 Page And, he added, he Deiieves false radio signals once in a while have drawn U.S. phnes can leaders and policy which So Blvd.

1 Saw A Blue Flash over Soviet or satellite territory. On all sides there was tragedy But for American planes to do and destruction. One father was pulled from the rubble, his dead anvthins to cause Soviet fighters there was tremendous damage to scramble in defense is strictly son in his arms. GET BOMB THREATS Decatur, 111., Feb. 10 (AP) More than 2,500 students were evacuated from two high schools Monday after each school received a telephoned bomb threat.

The bomb threats were phoned to the Eisenhower and MacAr-thur schools within minutes of each other about 2:15 p.m. Police and sheriff's deputies searched both schools and found nothing. fices, and further curtailment of acainst orders, he said. viet Premier Nikita Khrushchev coupled last week to an invitation for Eisenhower himself to visit Russia. Eisenhower said he understands Khrushchev is more concerned about having an informal heads of government meeting than about having a session of foreign ministers.

Hospitals Swamped Both City Hospital and Ho It was Eisennhower's 150th outdoor work. Some of these temporary work values are not going to be protected unless a sane fiscal policy mer G. Phillips Hospital were swamped with the injured. Thirteen were dead upon ar rival at City Hospital, and four A summit conference Eisen at Homer G. Phillips.

All police emergency equip "just down the street." Patrons of taverns poured into the streets to see if they could help. Zeb Williams was sitting in his room in the top floor of a three-story rooming house wrhen the storm struck in that section. Still shaking, he told a reporter "I heard the wind and I got up and I went to put on my pants when all of a sudden I wus blown out the window." Williams dropped into soft ground nearby. He only had a few scratches, and declined medical attention. ment was rushed into the area.

ers were not looking for further employment. President Eisenhower told a news conference today that he be lieves there will be a pickup in employment as the year goes along. Traditionally unemployment increases and employment declines in January due to post holiday employment practices and curtailed outdoor work because of severe weather. Streets were barricaoed. Live is pursued.

As for provision of school facilities, Eisenhower said as he has before that the job is primarily one for states and local communities, but that the federal government steps in when the need is overriding. Economy Eisenhower emphasized once again how important he feels it is to preserve the integrity and soundness of the American dollar. hower said, would require even more time to prepare. In any case the President expects Dulles to be back on the job in time to contribute to the preparations. Once his hernia operation is out of the way, Ei electrical wires curled in the news conference since he took fice six years ago.

He touched on these other matters: Dulles The President praised ailing Secretary of State Dulles a the most valuable man he has ever known in the foreign affairs field. Eisenhower said that despite Dulles' new illness he looks for no delay in negotiations between the western Allies and Russia regarding Berlin. As for whether he intends to devote more personal attention to foreign policy because of Dulles' illness, Eisenhower said he can't imagine how he could give more St. Louis, Feb. 10 (AP) "I saw a blue flash of light and I heard a terrible roar.

It shook the ground. There wasn't any warning and the wind seemed to stay forever." Thus newspaper vendor Gay Gross, 62, described the tornado which smashed St. Louis early today. He was on a street in western-central St. Louis hoping to sell a few papers to late tavern patrons when the storm hit.

It was in this general area where a number of persons were trapped in buildings which collapsed. "The lights went out and everybody was pretty calm for awhile," said Lula Kuehner, a waitress. She works in one of the many taverns, cafes and night clubs in the Bohemian area, called by St. Louisians "our Greenwich Vil streets. Power was cut off to the stricken zone.

Police patrolcd the darkened streets with flashlights. The 575-foot tower at tele senhower said, Dulles will have vision station KTVI fell across more time to think about U.S. policy on such issues as the fu. rure of Germany. two houses but no one was re Not Needed ported iniured.

The 385-foot Cloudy, Cold For Southern Illinois: Mostly cloudy and much colder tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy and colder. Low tonight in low 20s. High Wednesday near 35. Low Wednesday night 1 5-20.

Low yesterday 44; 7 a. m. today 56; 6 p. m. yesterday 65.

High yesterday 65; 11 a. m. today 57. Precipitation 0.32 inches fro-n 7 a. m.

yesterday to 7 a. m. today. Sun rises 6:58 a. sets 5:30 p.

m. Crab Orchard Lake 3 inches above qpillway Dulles, walking slowly but tower at radio station KXLW smiling, checked into the hospi also crashed. It fell on part of the tal today. He was met bv the hos Cannon Fires At Prison station where Bob Hetcrington, pital commandant, Maj. Gen.

the general manager, and four Leonard D. Heaton. others had gone to inspect flood Joe Brucato, 39, one of 12 occupants of a rooming house, was asleep on the third floor. "There was a big rattle and my bed moved," he said. "I grab bed my two infants and headed for a solid wall.

The next thing I knew there were trees blowing through the house." This house and others nearby were smashed. Crab Orchard Lake, Tay- Heaton, a surgeon who wil damage. do the operation, told newsmen lorville, Kirksville, the Mount Vernon Salem Cen- time to international problems than he already is giving. He said if he devoted more attention to that field it would have to be at the expense of neglecting other fields. Cool To Khrushchev Khrushchev invitation Eisenhower continued to cold shol-der the informal invitation bv Soviet Premier Nikita Khru-schev that he visit Russia.

The he expected it would be done week. He said there was no rush lage," where the twister first hit the hardest. A few minutes after the storm hit, said Mrs. Kuehner, excited people rushed in shouting that tralia area of Ilinois, and Hanni- Washington, Feb. 10 (AP) A Southern Illinois bid for a new maximum security federal prison has run into a formidable obstacle in the person of Rep.

Clarence Cannon (D-Mo). Cannon, chairman of the House Appropriations Commit ba, Mo. since it is not an emergency. Gray said the secctions were Heaton said it would take reported Friday to a House Ap about two weeks for Dulles to Building Unroofed At Oblong The Civil Defense went into full-scale operation for the first time since it was organized here in 1951. Brig.

Gen. Francis P. Harda-way (Re), St. Louis Civil Defense head, pushed coordination of both rescue and rehabilitation work. Hardaway reported some looting.

Eighty National Guards-men were ordered to stand by. An ornamental tower on the propriations Subcommittee. recuperate from the operation. Hd tee, said today he is flatly oppos- said Dulles also will be treated Kirksville, the third selection, President said the invitation, set cj t0 tnc administration's budget ill' for his colon inflammation, recommendation of 10 million is in Cannon's district, but the Missourian said this has no bear- Tornado Hits Crawford County; Upstate which has resisted medication. on his stand.

He said that treatment will re ing forth in a speech by the irem lin leader, was linked with criticism U.S. Certainly, Eisenhower said, he would want a more oificbl in- west of Robinson on Highway dollars for the prison. Rep. Kenneth J. Gray (D-111).

whose district reportedly tops the list as a site for the new quire several weeks of rest. I am against spending 10 ii. ii The secretary is worn out, Arena, scene of many a world's million dollars tor a new prison Heaton said. "He needs a rest." I .1 1 anywhere," he said. "I would be championship fight, was sheared off and a ten section of a televi prison, conceded that Cannon's opposition "makes an uphill His ailment, kept secret for against it if my district was first Falling temperatures were x-pected to change the slippery mixture in the north to snow, and accumulations of up to 3 inches was forecast.

I leuvy rains soaked central and southern sections and high winds ripped down telephone and pow more than a month, was disclos on the list. sion tower fell in its parking lot fioht" of the matter. 33. Trees were torn down and numerous garages and outbuildings were overturned. Mrs.

Dale Moore was injured at Oblong when her house trailer flipped over. The tornado touched down again near Palestine, east of Rob ed bv President Eisenhowei But Gray said he intended nearby. The storm smashed into a building adjoining the Arena. "This is just not the time to spend money we don't need to spend," Cannon continued, "since we are going to have to "to do all I possibly can to set tie this thing. There is no ques By The Associated Press A tornado churned through Crawford County in southeastern Illinois just before daybreak today as snow, sleet and wind-powered thunderstorms raked the rest of the state.

A new zero-bound cold snap crept into the area to end a spell of almost spring like temperatures. A woman occupant of a house trailer was injured and half a dozen buildings were unroofed as the early morning twister skipped Vitation than inai Jim a i.iu.v persuasive one. Tornado All of the government's emergencv facilities have been alerted "to lend a hand in providing help in tornado-hit St Louis. Employment Despite a recent increase in joblessness, Eisenhower said he looks for a tion in my mind that we deserve this allocation and that the prison There a roller skating rink was wrecked. The area around Busch Sta er lines during thunderstorms at scattered points.

at i i i borrow it anyway. 1 don say a new prison is needed. inrnpc rT run li'irn. Monday night as Dulles asked and got a formal leave of absence. Dulles' ability to shrug off illness and put in a grinding day is almost legend.

But on Capitol Hill there was less optimism about Dulles' power to snap back completely from his third illness in as many months. shouldn't be built eventually, but dium, home of the St. Louis Gray said a Bureau of Prisons inson, damaging some farm buildings. Freezing rain and sleet glazed uility lines and highways and produced hazardous driving con-'ditiom north of a line through this year is not the time. ol-nr ltrr in the vcar.

He selection committee has picked five sites as acceptable for the 'vjr stwtva ji tutu vv OOll- ed Rantoul and Vandal ia in 24 hours ending early today, and Vi inches fell in the East St. Louis aiea. Cannon said he would leave Cardinals baseball team, also was hit. There a number of persons were buried in the rubble. The ball park was undamaged.

the finul decision to an Appropri said the situation, which started with last year's recession, is slow in improving and there still is a new prison. This order of prefer ence was reportedly given: through Oblong, a community Galesburg, Ottawa and Jolkt. ations Subcommittee..

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