The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1893 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1893
Page 11
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IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER ^ 1S9& SENSIBLE WOMAN. My acquaintance With Bosdiee's German Syrup was made about fourteen years ago. 1 contracted a cold •Which resulted, in a hoarseness and cough which disabled me from filling my pulpit for a number of Sabbaths, Aftef trying a physician, without obtaining relief I saw the advertisement of your remedy and dbtained a bottle. I received quick and permanent help. I nevef hesitate to tell my experience. Rev. \V. H, Haggerty, Martinsville, H,J 4 ® Ml TH NEXT MORNI NEW AND MY CO I FEEL BRIGHT AND .EXION IS BETTER. WC (V *AI »L/ ITI I WWIYin»-li*\IN*i»iwi*fc-»! My doctor says It acts gently on the stomach, HTM and kidneys, nnd la a. pleasant laxative. This -a-i—t- <« «...,!,> *..,>*» hn^via otiM jfl prepared for uco ana Kianeys, anu is a pi drink Is mado Irom herbs, us easily ns tea. It Is called All druggists sell it at 60e. and $1 a package. If you cannot not It, solid your addrnsn for a free immple. l,:in<?'n Fninily Medicine mores Hie bovrcls euoli <l«y.' Address OllATOH H. WOODWARD. LBROY. N. T. A Natural Food. Conditions o f the system arise when ordinary foods cease to build flesh— there is urgent need of arresting waste—assistance must come quickly, from natural food source. is a condensation of the life of all foods —it is cod-liver oil reinforced, made easy of digestion, and almost as palatable as milk. PrRpnrpd h» Rcnttft Bownn, N. Y. All drueeistB. M n J»M la T" • f*. til T y.' /// order to introduce our Superb Tea$ &Coffees we will present to Customers wiih Packages a four goods SOLID GOW & 5/i VER WATCHES. GCNUINC DIAMONDS, RUBI£S,PCfiFll$,SAPPmRK» t. 0,JU!>. Mr. J C. Jonea, ot Fulton, Arkansas, 1 says of "About ten years ago I contracted a severe case of blood poison. Leading physicians prescribed medicine after medicine, which I took without any relief. I also tried mercurial and potash remedies, •with unsuccessful results, but which brought on an attack of mercurial rheumatism that mado my lifo one of agony. After suffering four years I igave up all remedies and began using 8.8.8. After taking several bottles I was entirely cured and able to resume work. i Is the greatest medioino for blood poisoning to-day on tho market." Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. SWIFT SPEOIFIO Co., Atlanta, G». SVSARUM • • • simplest, moat accu Made In all styles and Islzoa. Lightest, strongest, • euslust- working, safest, simplest, most accurate, must compact, ana most modern. Model 1891 In 83 cal. uses short and long rim and center-lire cartridges In the eame rifle. Saves liO per cent on cost of ammunition over auy other S3 cul. repeater made. Model 1893 now ready In 32-JO and 38-05. t Catalogues mulled Free. THE MARLW FIRE ARMS CO... few Haven, Com 1 1893 now ready In 82-JO aud 38-05. ^ REPEATERS (NPIAN SACWAj The greatest Liver, S Stonuicl), Blood and Z Kidney Remedy. J Bluile of Boots, Z Harks nnd Herbs, 2 and is Absolutely Z Free from S Alt Mineral 2 or OtberS Harmful In- 2 :redients. 2 ici- bottle, tin :',"•" '""• ~°" '— • bottles for $5. S Eiclittpoo ludidu JiedicluLe Co., S pv*»i $ lllg«l«»? As^* 1 "? W^V Hsvcn, Ct, J ffffffffffttfffifffffffftft Newsboy— Yefe's yer extryl All about there not bein' any tr-ain i-ob- beries yesterday! Mrs. ' Meeker^, during 1 the disagreement— ^Sometimes, yllenry, I'm sorry we ever iriade a Aateh. Mr. Meekers H6— DbJi' think it wron| for people to marry their intellectual Inferiors? She — Yes, always wrong and in some iases quite impossible. McSwatteis — You say he's no poet; how do you ktow? McSwitterSr-Why, man, he can't get his poems published anywhere, but in tha maerazines! I'he Impecunious— It is just as easy to love a girl with : money as to love one -without it. The Heiress, smiling — But it isn't no easy to get her. American Tourist, to a boy in Glasgow — I say, my boy, I've been waiting here a fortnight for fair weather. Does it always rain in Scotland? Boy — Na, na, sir; not always. Sometimes it snaws. "Well, my friend," said a clergyman sent for to the sicft bed of a parishioner/, "and %vhat induced you to send for me?" The man"was very deaf, and inquired of his Wifelhe purport of the inquiry. "What do he say?" "He says," bawled the .woman, "why tho deuce did you send for him?" One of Washington's bright" women was present while her husband discussed the financial situation. "I must confess," he said, "that tho money market has worried me a great deal." "It wasn't the money market that worried me," observed his wife. "What was it?" "It was the market money." Two cabmen, a short time ago, had a fishing match for half a sovereign and drinks. Suddenly one of the jarvies fancied he had a bite, and, being over-anxious, had the misfortune to fall into the river. On his regaining the shore, his rival shouted out: "All bets are off, Jim; none o' yer clivin' in after 'ern." NEWSY NOTES. One of the latest fads is the organization of a postal card society for the collection of postal cards. A water-drinking contest was recently held in Paris. The winner swallowed twelve quarts, the second nine and the third seven. The recor of the Mississippi penitentiary during 1 the past four years is, according to report, anything but a good one. From figures it appears that during that period 110 convicts died and 137 escaped. Cinderella's real name, it is alleged, was Khodope. She is believed to have been a beautiful Egyptian maiden who lived 070 years before tho common era and.during the reign bf Psammeticus, one of the twelve kings of Egypt. Women belonging to a Baltimore cooking school have offered to train in culinary science 100 girls attending the grammar schools of the city without charge. Their object is to demonstrate the utility of a cooking department in the public school curriculum. It is alleged of a ganger not long ago dismissed from tho revenue service, that he lost his place because of a tin breastplate. This chest protector followed in shape tho contour of his form, fitted on beneath tho vest. It was hollow, and held about a fluid gallon. Its frequent filling at the expense of wholesale liquor dealers led to his downfall. A paragraph about a young lady in Philadelphia who could lick and attach 6,000 postage stamps per day has evidently reached England, whence Captain Clipperton, British consul at Philadelphia, has received a letter asking for her address and further information about her. The writer, no doubt, regards her as the right kind of a girl to stick to. A FuoC Wort H Kciiiumbnrlng. There are mnuy such o£ course, but hero is one which especially commends itself to invalids, viz., that in order to acquire vigor, the basis of health, that mvifroratiou is only possible by re-establishing tho functions of digestion and iissimilalion upon a permanent basis. Stomachics in name are numberless. They impart a slight stimulus to appetite—nothing bovond this. Much more is required, and Hostetter'a Stomach Bitters "(ills the bill. This time- honored standard iuvigoraut builds up an enfeebled physique auil protects it against disease by insuring tho thorough conversion of the alumcmt received into the stom- nr-h into blood and bodily tissue. Clothed with increasing strength through this unfailing agency, the system is defended against influences prejudicial to health. Use the Bitters in malaria, rheumatism, kidney and liver trouble and constipation . Before some meu are willing to cast their bread upon the water they want to be sure that it is going to be mentioned in the ne wspapers. BTATE OF OHIO. CITY OP TOI.EDO, I LUCAS COUNTY. | FKANK J. CHENEY makes oath that he is tho senior partner of the ilrm of F. J". CHENEY & Co., doiug business in the City of Toledo, County and state aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLABS for each and every •case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by tue use .of HALL'S CATAKHH CUKK. FKANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this Oth day of December, A. D. 1886. —•— . A. W. GLEASON, SEAL \ Notary PvMic. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O. dSgr'Sold by Druggists, 75o. A child's first question is the first round in the ladder ot knowledge. A CUILU JSNJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action and soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when in need of a laxative, and if the father or mother be costive or bilious, the most gratifying results follow its use; so that it is the best family remedy known, and every family should have a bottle cm hand. Tho less a preacher believes God's promises the more particular he is about the size of his salary. The very greatest novelty in girls' pocketbooks is money. Tha f^t fellow cwmot he called a straight- She is a Oom nnd fto'v«* liliiully Foliov»« ilto tend of Others. A crusty old bachelor once said that a sensible woman was tho noblest and the rarest work of God. His audience was composed of congenial friends, and he was not disputed, si he continued: ; : i "The sensible women who are born ihtft this world outnumber those who leave it six to one." "Got tho figures to prove that?" asked a reporter. "No; but you can't prove that I'm wrong. My statement, is an axiom and will be acknowledged as such before long." "What becomes of the sensible women who don't die?" was the next question. "They die fools; spoiled in the bringing up." A sensible Woman begins early In life to show her prevailing characteristic. As a child she can bo reasoned into obedience when she cannot be coaxed or driven, and, though it would bo idle to attacli undue importance to tho bachelor's opinions as given above, it is wise to remember that wise impulses may be changed to bad ones by improper training. The sensible woman does not allow self-gratification to persuade her to do that which is contrary to reason or sound judgment. She never loves a man so clearly, notwithstanding his bad habits, which she despises, that "she cannot give him up." Her good sense tolls her that love is short- lived unless fed on respect, and also an affection that is weaker than a bad habit is scarcely worth having. Tho sensible woman never does a thing .simply because every one else is doing it, but because she has decided that she may safely do it. She cares just enough about tho opinion of her neighbors and none too much. She who does not care what others think of her is lacking either in good sense or morality. She whoso first thought is "What will folks say?" lacks good sense and firmness to do what she believes to bo right regardless of consequences. Tho sensible woman is the medium between these two extremes. In time of trouble one turns involuntarily to tho sensible woman, Others may be favored companions when the skies are clear, but under the clouds are useless as a laco shawl in a snow-storm. But the sensible' woman knows you are human, and although they may have seemed prosaic, when your fair weather friends are comparing you with the angels you are not grateful. She does not gush, or look scandalized or say "I told you so," or become sentimental, or try to convince you that she has suffered worse; you know at once that she understands that she is not wasting in appreciation or sympathy, and that she will help you il you will let her. A Great KntorprlKu. ' The Suez canal is tho most important shipping enterprise known to history. It enables two ships to do the work of throe in trading between Europe and tho East. From Ijondon to Bombay by way of the capo is 10,695 miles; by tho canal, 0,880. It cost £37,000,000, was begun in ISoti and finished in 1809. Its length is ninety-two miles, depth twenty-six feet; the tolls average £800 per vessel, or night shillings per ton of not tonnage. Tho estimated saving to commerce is £5,000,000 a year. In 1889, 8,4'26 vessels wont through, tho moan time of passing being twenty- seven hours. Electric lights are now used to enable ships to pass at night as readily as in the daytime. A lioliu of General Miirlon, An interesting relic of the revolutionary war came into the possession of Stan V. Honkels, of Philadelphia, it is a large silver-pointed star, with a square cross in tho center, surrounded by a ring of rod enamel. It formed tho head ornament of tho war horse that bore General Francis Marion—otherwise the "Swamp Fox" —through tho world-renowned campaign in the Carolinas during the struggle of tho colonies for freedom. This relic, together with another similar to it, except that it was made of brass and was used by tho general's lieutenant, was sent to Mr. lienkols by General Marion's descendants in South Carolina. A I>:ui(;t!rous ISoiinlur. The widow Flapjack got a new boarder the other day. At tho first meal ho took lie choked and had a terrible time trying to swallow some coffee. "What's the matter, stranger?" she asked, kindly. "Nothing, except that coffee wont down the wrong way." "Good heavens! It isn't possible that I have secured a boarder with two throats, exclaimed the widow Flapjack, who has been complaining very bitterly of tho amount of food a man with one throat can destroy. — Texas Sittings. Friendly Jinks — See hero, old boy! l r ou ouglit to do something to reduce your llesh. You are becoming fearfully stout. Minks — Say, Jinks, you are about the fortieth friend who has mado that offensive remark to-day, and I'm getting tired of it. It worries ine. Jinks— That's all right. Worry reduces flesh. Why Ho Uuced. Nervous Pi^sengor—Why are yow steaming along at such a fearful rate in this fog? Ocean Captain reassuringly-Foge are very dangerous, niadanj, aud 1 am always in a hurry to get out Q.I A Portland, Maine, furniture man who has failed for nearly $300,000 shows up with less'than !}50b 6i' assets. The most skilled workman in.New York ia an operative whoso Jntsiness it is'to make tho lenses of astronomical instruments. Tltia man has but onejeye. ; j '•> . v 'y \ A locomotive is being constructed in England to run 100 miles an hour. It is 2,000 horse power, the driving wheels twelve feet in diameter. The three cylinders are forty, -twenty-eight and eigeteen inches diameter, With a thirty inch stroke. The boiler pressure is 200 pounds. The French government has just created in tho nature of an expert ment, a postal service by camel express in the French territories of Obosh and tho Somali coast. In connection with this service & special provisional stamp will be issued, the value being five francs. If you happen along at the right time on certain east side streets, says the New York Sun, you may learn one of the secrets of cheap shoes. Yoii will see dumped on the sidewalk a great reddish brown bale, which on close examination will prove to be something that looks like leather, but isn't, cut up in the rude semblance of half soles. It is a cheap compound made of refuse leather and other things and it forms the insoles, and perhaps tho outer ones, too, of tho cheapest shoes. F. A. Wheclook, a St. Paul engineer, has completed a model of a new electric fire engine that seems destined to work a revolution in fire extinguishing apparatus. It does away with the use of coal and can be put in action with one horse and one man less than the engines now in use. The engine weighs but 4,850 pounds and is of seventy horse-power. This •makes the machine weigh 9,000 to 10,000 pounds less than the aparatus now in use, while its efficiency is claimed to be much greater. A Dub'ous Compliment. "I used to think you were not a man of your word, Jones, but I've changed my mind." "Ah, you understand mo now, friend Smith. But what led you t<j change your mind?" "You remember that $10 you borrowed from me?" "Yes." "You said if I lent it to yon you would be indebted to me forever." "Yes/' "Well, you are keeping your word like a man." A Timely Warning. "I'm going to turn over a new leaf," remarked a very selfish man to an old acquaintance. "How?" "I've joined tho church nnd I'm going to love ray neighbor as myself, as the Good Book commands us to do." Tho acquaintance put his hand on his shoulder. "Well, goat it gradually," he said. "If you go at it suddenly you'll smother him with affection in the first five minutes." Explicit. "Is that Lake Michigan?" asked a ven- »rablo woman who was trudging along the sea wall near Manufacturers building. The guard scratched his head a moment and thought. Then, having solved the problem, ho said: '•No, madam; it's only part ot it." Matrimony is love's eye-openor. Human Nature, "Ton remember old Jogglns, who used to he fitornaiiy hflrping on the smartness of Boh inoferaoll and tho uselossnoss of the preachers, don't you? Well, I heard to-day that he had been killed while traveling through Persia." "So? How did it happen?" "He got into a dispute with a native who made some disparaging remarks about tho Christian religion." 7*6. California via Denver and Salt Lake City. Patrons of the Great Central route Weekly Excursions to California via the Union Pacific can have their tickets read via Denver nnd Salt Lake City without additional expense. Send for folder giving details and advantages offered. If. E. Shearer, Manager, 101 South Clark Street, Chicago. E. L. Loams, Gon'l Pass. & Ticket Agt., Omaha, Neb. A chronic grumbler can be sot down as a person who loafs too much. The new BIOPATHIC System will'cure any acute disease in one treatment (euro or no pay), chronic in a low. Failure impossible. Invalids got well and then learn the system, and get our diploma. Attain honlth, wealth and happiness. One or more Biopatlis are needed in every town to extract the poisons the M. !).'» give. Come or write to Dr. John Shelby. Bheeloy Block, Omaha, Neb., for full information. The peoplo are beginning to find out that they can soo as far through a millstpno as tho man Who makes tho hole. California ancl Return, $65.5O. Tho Union Pacific odors to tho California tourist for the winter of I8i)8-l a rate of S05.BO for the round trip from its Missouri River Terminals. Quickest-time-and best sorvico. The only line running Pullman Palaco Sleepers nnd Diners through from Chicago to San Francisco. For any additional information call on or address E. L. Lorn ax, Gon'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Omaha, Neb. When faith goes to market it always takes a basket. 1/nno's JMcdioino Moves tno Bowels Eooh Day. In order to bo healthy this is necessary. Cures constipation, headache, kidnoy ana liver troubles and regulates the stomach and bowels. Price GOc and ¥1.00 at all dealers. Don't talk too much about giving the dovil his duo until you are sure if ho had it ho would not have you. BEECIIAM'S PILLS quickly cure sicV headache, weak stomach, impaired digestion, constipation, disordered liver, etc. There is no mansion being prepared in heaven for the man who will not forgivs. It the Baby In Cutting Teeth, Be eure and use that old mid well-tried remedy, MRS. OTUINU Synup for Clilldron Teething. It would puzzle angels to know what some men moan when they put a 2-cent piece in the hat. Camphor Ico wltli Glycerine. Tho nrlKlmil ami only Keniilnc. CnrcsClinupetl Hiiiuk. anil Face, Cola Sores, &o. U. O. Clark Co.,M.Havcn,Ct. The man who is afraid to look his faults squarely in tho face will never get rid of them. __ >< Hanson's JUngic Corn Salve." Warrjintod to euro or money refunded. Ask your druggist fur 11. 1'rluo 15 cents. If some men had killod Goliath they would remind tho Lord ol' it every day in tho week. Consumption Cure Is sold on a Riuininton. It curus Inulplnnt Consumr* lion. II. to Urn best C'ough Cure, iifl.cls., 50 um. & pl.UO. Th ore are too many peoplo in tho church who can't bo religious in cloudy weather. Soo Colchester Spading Hoots adv. hi other column. You can't toll how many friends God has in a community by counting the church Kpires. Too many people have tho idea that religion cau be measured by tho length of the face, An enemy is a person who applauds you when you fail. Nothing can be substituted for the Royal Baking Powder and give as good results. " No other leavening agent will make such light, sweet, delicious, wholesome food. *- SORTED AND SIFTED. Flour made of aweot potatoes is one of tho latest of culina.ay inventions. It is said that there IB no case on record In Massachusetts whero a verdict being set aside in a capital case and a second trial granted, a conviction was secured. Henry Doyle of Pittsburgh climbed a chestnut tree near New Bedford. He fell, and his clothing 1 catching on a limb, held him fast, head downward. He was nearly itead when found. Herat, in Afghanistan, is the city which has been most often destroyed. Fifty-six times have its walls been laid in ruins, and the same number of times have they been erected again. What is claimed to ba the first live gorilla ever brought into this country is now in the possession of a New York furrier. The animal was captured in the Congo country, near Lake Tanganyika, in Africa. It appears that tho experiments for some time past made in France for obtaining a satisfactory method of color printing on leather have been so far successful as to open tip a prospect of ani'w and attractive industry. COLLEGE OF WIT. In society tho German • emperor is said to bo charming to meet There is about him a sincerity and simplicity altogether refreshing. "Did yez go to Terence's wake, Moike?" "Oi did not." "Phwy did ye not?" "Sure only last Chusday Oi had a fallin' out wid the corpse." "My wife reads a great deal of poetry," remarked a Washington minister. "You have quite a literary household, then." "Yes. She's poetic and I'm prosy." Hicks—Isn't it strange that while my hair is gutting gray my mustache is not? Mrs. Hicks—Oh, I don't think so; your mustache is about twenty years younger, you know. "Frank never speaks of them to me, but I know that he must have poor relatives." "How did you discover it?" "In his sleep he keeps muttering something about a penny aunty." "Why are you in such a bad humor?" "Because I met a fellow yesterday whom I treated very politely, and it has only just occxirred to me that he has owed me $10 for several months." Is the MASTER PIS IV1QINIS MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY CO. - WANUFAOTUBEKS OF - !NQ(N£3, BOiLERS, PUMPS, ETC,, FbQTJB, COM AND OAT MJBAL MACHINES AND MACHINERY OF ALL KINDS, ND HANDMNU AND CLAY WORKINU L AND FACJTORY SUPPLIES 0FF1CS ANO WORKS, 191 TO 131 |AST QOU8T AV5NU6, COAL HOISTING A MACHINERY, ftbovd 6v6ry othef 4 .Burifier, stftnda Jwwar : |laf(i6's Golden Median f*.jrf.^,— y^ th« «fl* It% sold » ^ _ __ oft I'rloli tf It ovei-'ifATls to benefit &f- etfro, yoil have yoW" money baolfc strength, When yott'** "run-down" and "taStM* tip;" in cleansing yottr Wood -from every Imptrt^ Ity. tvhsthelp 4«'s ft MflifW 1 ; fertiptloa off. the wdr** D . lu , u ,«v, t ^-'m building' «| wholi flesh, whott you're thin atid>Weak—t nothuiK to equal tha " DiBcdvgfy." Ift f dleoassrealised by ft torpid'HVef or unpni* blood, it's tho only guaranteed remedy. Mrs. BustAntmt J. HnstiWAw, of ^t^tt Ohio, Writes: "My little boy wna so «fflJoM« •with Hvor trouble nnd other rtlsenses that ottr family pliyalcliili suM ho could Hot live. T - fnot, they nil thptmht BO. I ffijvo hi<« Pleree's Golden Medical Discovery and - ----— and they saved his Ufa. Wo have used the'MM- covei-J'' for thront ntul bronchial trouble, ajul found such porfuot rolioi: that we can fecon**- mend It very hlgaly." l Thompson's Eya Wafer* ovory liicly needs It. Ml I <if{idc Send lOc fur Koyul LatllBS RU >m , st. loan, HESS AND HEAD NOISES GDRE> ii, rutK'ftinv t» n • i n ouftWoiii*. win^pfhOtenrA. mBhil wlun nil nji l M . ffk H ^VnJclllA, Olltl*, ItHRRlCS, ITAfKBA^. ft ft I loWt/fim Hdwlnit SlnclilnrJ.Orsniiii.nicMh*,' II f m^m f f I B " W Knrin V,,nl«, S»IV>«. r[l>, I.fli I'lUCfc nl 4 I I IWW (-HiriH(isi'M,u(:o.,(,i.itn«o,nv. H.TOHN Wi ino. »•«»• . — . - AViislil Hilton, 0. O*. ,r 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims, f tatoPrinoipnl Exftmtiier H.S. Pension BarmucL. II Syraluloat war. IBui/jmllciitlnnolBluiSi otty allies. SALESMEN WANTED The greatest inducements ever offered. Write for particulars. Tho Jewell Nursery Co., LaUo City, Mint*. A POSITIVE CURE 3 For the evil effects ol tho errors of youth nnd BO ' i private discuses. Wo can restoro you to absolute , • manuood, quickly and privately. Send us 25 ot*. ^ postnKO and wo will send you symptom blanks IUMB catalogue giving full description of cnro. Pro— '' ', scribed nricl prepared by the beat uieilleol «n- thorltles of'the ago. TINO MIS Dip At CO, / DI3S MOINJSS, IOWA. T, O. Box 394. •; WELL MACHINERY Illustrated catalogue Bhowinff WKIJ, ATJGEBS, BOCKDEILLS.nYDBAra.IO ' AND JETTING MAOHINEBY, ele. SENT FHEK. Have boon tested and all warranted. THE PECH HFQ. CO. Slotix City, Iowa 19 S. Canal St., Chicago. PERMANENTLY OR NO PAY No PAY UNTIL CURED WE flEFEn YOU TO 4.OOO PATIEN1* NO OPERATION.. NO DETENTION FROM BUSINESS*. . Des fMoinm- Wrlto or t'sxll for (Jlrculnr. TIIK O. 15. MIIA.Ell CO., 602 IQWft LOAN & TRUST BIDG., Dos Molnes, Iowa. T, , ~ I Valley Nat. Bank, ) References-J Oo ,. n ,f ln Savings Uank, f M DR. THE SPECIALIST,, CURES ALI* PRIVATE DISEASES Woiknsn and Dibillllai of MEN ONLY. He has no equal, 18 years axporienoq, 7 years In Omaha. Nervousness. Low Spirits or loss or Vigor art __ _ Ambition, Varleocete.' All unnatural discharges ami evil effects pt early/ vice, cllfioaae or the Ulood, Kidneys and Ulmidor. Tho areatcut known remedies. Instant roller. Fo raanont cures. Write for book. The doctor endorsed by tho people In tho btroiiKesV term 14tb and Fariium Streets, OinaUa. NobrasHa. "COLCHESTER" For Farmers,Mlnors.U, K.Hands others. The outer or tui> sole uxU' the whole length of Uio sole down tn the llUUl, pt'Otl'C-tlllt' tllH SlUlIlk ill ditching, illggln;,', &u. JJusl ijuulily McELREES'' WINE OF' CARDUIJ il For Female Diseam, W. N. U. D.M. 1114 No. Jw aij)))iuc to tiny 01' theabOTfe Ad. » ^ ifeeit>. do put lorjrct to MIV \.hnit you f|up r *"* • iw>4 "' A * ,^^ ; *£

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