Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 12, 1914 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1914
Page 3
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SUNDAY MORNING OAKLAND TRIBUNE IAWTTAKY U, H. YERB Ml Ml 50 ri 18 14 VfflL THREE OAKLAND SKYSCRAPERS AIL IN A ROW ; 1 wetS v- :sey..,f .M;.i!!I!H;.ffpi ' ; I tr; - itm,wiiiiiiiMwi" if LtMOBMT 'I aL - -yM . , .', J' T m-mr rTf H r! f rr- i.. . .-ni PUq -4 i irwv iHrtu' in"' a 4 -v ... ... j . .. ..... ((fi1 irTririS ... -v . x iiii"381 332 -r-?rf rh'iiv j at mm ... , , 'it ' " ' SnV -r.:.v.i8iiti - n f3 i: nil ttu r et? I . I UiiiHlIi Hil BH-II II bi . M5 fA J: i if ,fHT'.,r itpi wi? w - ' I : - JZSA - fiR I I I IK Ji m .UJ' CXL 1 'IIIII ; Y: liJl II W ir-'r- , , a St ' Jf r S 1 li 5 5 SI B It 3, w ? ' i ' - til! i 1. Ii 4: M HQ Sff 32 "(2 5 4 i2 . 11 " ? - H Bti IB SI I . . ,3 -ingi'm 'nn v -i Ml Hill II - II tt ?J II r ; ---I V t ff; S3 . 08 3 Sit fi$ 6 S.- V I Hill ft 7 .V, :K ii.Mli II II II " 1 ' ! it I t f ' f t fir! ' THE TRIBUNE Photographer Was Able to Obtain a Focus on the Three Tall Office Buildings Now Under Construction in Oakland, Showing How They Form a BulwarK Across the Northern Edge of the Central Business District, irom Lett to Kight They Are: Thomson Building, 10 Stones, Northeast Corner Broadway and 17th Street Carlston $ Snyder Building, 14 Stories, Broadway and Telegraph Avenue, and First Trust BanK's New Home, 1 1 Stories, San Pablo Avenue and Sixteenth Street. BI G PROJECTS ARE PLANNED FOR YEAR Record of Achievement During 1913 Will Be Broken ...J 4, x AlKANCIAl, eondltlonB in 1913 eem to have had little influence upon the Oakland real estate broker us he facf-s the neNv year. He If planning a buBy'deasdn in his. office ivni pledging hlg co-operation in all movements for the further growth ot-Oakland during 1914. The commercial organization expect to accomplish much for the general good before next Ne Year's. AH have bepun- to map BERKELEY-EXPECTS 1 Wmi ALTY ArAKlMLNiS NEAR LAKE Excellent .Showing of 1913 in' 1 1 t . W Mil uonege uity to Be uuiaone in This 12-Month. v T1S ISSUED out camralgna for varied 'Improvements arid projects for the eity advance ment. . ' f ' The municipality has arrange a big pMirram -of activity for 1914. The " interior of the new city hall Is to be finlnh''j. and all the departments not " now in the structure are to move in. Bonds have. been.jyQter for. tht..inr. ' torior worfr city hall park trom Kiurtecntn iO' tmecmn street ib iu u pci mnin uuj paved, following the construction hy the city of a street cHr connection In iront of the new city hull, linking the .Washington street and" Su'h Pablo "-avenue line. This improvement will relieve much of the trolley congestion ' in Uroadway and provide another line -of cars through the new shopping district. " " TO FINISH ACDITORICM. The municipal auditorium, on the south Bide of Lake Merrltt, will be practically complete before the end of the year and soon afterward will be made ready for the great Nationul Education Association's convention In , litis. The Immense structure, costing more than a half million dollars, will bring an increasing number of 'important gatherings to this city, which is f also well prepared now to take care of its guests at the large number of fine hotels erected during the last two years. The citv will compute eariy in me year me w,ouu noai lanaing at me - east end of the lake, to be known as the Embarcadero, and the J30.000 boat--house on the west shore These betterments are in the hands of the Hoard of Park Directors, which has also planned to place all the park surroundings of Luke Merrltt under cultivation during the year, ornamenting, the shores with lawns, .8hmh, and flowers. An extension of Lakeside Park-la to bef treated through the beautification of a strip recently purchased east of the main tract. Various sectional parks in different parts of the-city are to be developed this year, these including Bay View, which is Co be finished; Holla Vista, which is to lie planted; Linda Vista, in which street work and grading is to be done, end Kan Antonio, In which a tennis court, will Mf con- : strutted. '. ' Park improvements are perhaps the most important under way In Oak- "Mund in preparation for the 1915 exposition, now that ample hotel accommo- 4 , l ..mi' .ml 'I'a nufb rsttm ula aimrca In fl rt ,1 unthliuluc. UUUUnB Iint? ux-u jyi ... . ... n i c s ... . t, .v " . an tic In their plans and work of, mnklng Oakland even more beautiful for the ' enjoyment of next year's guests. The outer appearance of the city will have much to do with the impression gained by the visitors and weli cultivated parks'and private gardens, clean streets, sidewalks and vacant lots will cause almost as much admiration as handsome buildings. Permanent paving of Grand svenue, one of the city's most notable undertakings, which will furnish a modern highway into the fast-?rowlng hlll-'side region,' is to be completed early in the year. . " Tk-triff- t,t th. snnrnarhps to the municinal whnrves In the Krv Route " ijs.feln and' along the inner harbor is to continue during 1914. and .in effort iido to prepare- them for the handling t.f deep-sea shipping. By the end 'the year it is -believe ii On k land will not be behind othr -cities. in its pre-tir lions for Panama canal trade. 1 tS( lltOLS WILL BE HXISHF1). . All if the unfinished new schools will be completed this year.. They are-nine in number. This, too, is an important irriiroVumcnt, of interest to every - n -nool patron in the city who realizes the handicaps of educating children in cramped and uncomfortable quarters. .Much new paving and other street work Is to be done, in addition to the -iiii'.Ierful progress in this line during 1913. Private enterprise is to havg, a large share in Oakland's development ' M'is ';ir Thrfe down-town office buildings are to be completed and e-,'.,',,,!,.,! ,,.fre the next holiday seaeon. So re. ee'Wl hotel structures, and vt'll' o'-her hoyti-lries, according to. present plans, are to be erected. The next n- - i.K.nihB wi.i ee far greater areas of vacant residence property ?m. ,,,.. The h'im di.-trict w,U expand further Into the hill!., and more new I ''...j! s will be i i;i.'d on the market to proide residence sites., . Tracts .',),..,',! oiM-red up will lr.ti-rf homeseekers and invent. rs. Tt.e Ki'ht '-JeihoiJist end Filst Presbyterian (h'.ir.'hes will be completed f,,ni w 'k' on tr''snagogue of the Virtt Hebrew Congregation will be i... i ' 1 on with rapiaity. BERKELEY, Jan. 10. -Berkeley's tremendous building boom of the last year has excited local builders and investors to redoubled efforts to continue the advancement before the time of the fair. It Is expected that the 1913 figures' will be largely outdone by the record the city sets during the year Just opening. The Berkeley record for" 1918l 1s the more remarkahle when considered In relation to the dull times of thA past year and to reports from otoher cities. These show, that It -compares wll ; with other cities of its . class In the state. . The record , of $2,2.16,000 -is well ahead of Fresno and closely approximates that of Sacramento.. . ' . - ' Another Interesting fact Is that 1 the growth In building has been steady from year to year, and during 1913 from month to month. As the year , ended strongly, the Indications are for an Increase in activity this year, n fact permits granted during the first week of the present month ani unofficial reports of buildings to be erected give' promise of a larger total even In 1914 than in Its predecessor. It Is expected that many thousands of 'tourists .who Vome West to -the exposition will make their homes during their stay, and perhaps afterwards, on this side of the bay, and- Berkeley Is already getting In shape to receive these visitors. December's permits totaled $232,250, bringing the year's total Up to $2,236,700. One of- the permits to be asked this year Is for the new building which Is to he. built for J. Arthur Elston and Ceorge Clark at the corner.of Telegraph and Dur-ant avenues. This building Is to contain stores and Apartments and it bi expected to be ready for occupation by early summer. It will cost close to $100,000. Among the building permits of most recent issue have been the following: Two-story, eight-room dwelling. Alva-rodo road near Bridge road. Max Thelen. "nwnpr- rnst 17000. Two-story, six -room dwelling. Virginia- street near California, Tr.eresa urier, owner; cost ?'?VH'. Two-story, six-ronm dwelling, l'nnce Street near' Pana, William Lyons, owner; COt, Jl'fiiU1. One-ctory,. clat-9 C store building." Adeline street nr Alcatraz avenue; Abe and Jules Colin, owners', cost $10,000, One-story, six-mom bungalow,- Hopkins street near Jofephlne. li. Goranson, owner and builder; cost $25oO. Same, cost $2!.j0. Two-story, seven-room dwelling, Boyd place and Olarernnnt boulevard; P. J. Crltes, owner; cost $3980; 'iK-stoiy, one-room, garaee, Domingo , avenue and T'hiza drive, E. A. Svkes. i owner; c.it $"fi'. ' Two-f-tufv, eiht-rnom dwelling, San i Peuru avL-rme near Laui'el Lane, Butler i &- A-.lsworth,, owners and bnl'ders; cost j $10i.0. . 'lif-picry, iiir-ronni cunj-iuw, street near Valker. K. W. ;eary, owner and buUUor; com j;000. Misinformation conewning Pacific coast building flan re for December, in which Oakland Is not Riven credit for ail Increase In cost over the same month In 1912; has been telegraphed from Chicago to a San Framlseo newspaper and given prominence. It is stated' tiiat San Francisco and Berkeley are the only cities on the . Pacific coaft showing- such a gain. The statement is alleged to have been based on an official report contained In the Chicago Construction News. Oakland's official record of building cost" for December, 1913, is $1,099,621, as compared ylth 67,724 for the wrresponfllijg month of the previous )ear, a earn of $431.S97,Tliese statistics have tx-cn givfMi due pnhllcntlon in the monthly illetin of the California Dcveluiunent Board, along vith the figures showing Oakland had a gain in hank clearings for the month of December, while San Frahclsoo and Los Angeles are credited with losses. The Mldgley Company has obtained a permit for a three-story 24-room apartment house on the east side of St8ten avenue, north of Grand avenue, which will cost $12,000. Rain Landthe holiday season have interfered' with building' In Oakland during the last fortnight. The total cost of construction for the week was f 43.4S1. TO BRING MANY NEW - RESIDENTS TO OAKLAND A campaign of personal solicitation that will eventually reach every ' town and hamlet In the state, and bring to Oakland hundreds of horn seekers and new residents. Is planned by the Teal estate department of The Realty Syndicate. The syndicate Is to send to all parts of ths state experienced real estate salesmen, equipped with maps, photographs and literature, who will place before the people. In illustrated and statistical form, the various , properties of the Svndicate. "We expeet to sell to people In the country hundreds of the best lots-owned by the-ompany s nd In this manner event-ual'y bring Into Oakland hundreds of fan J'les who are planning to eventually mnve into the bay -district- during 1914. 1915 and 1916," said G. C. Barnhart of the Syndicate. "By so doing we will build up new business and residential districts, direct outside Interests toward Oakland, Increase the revenue of the car lines and add to the value of prcpertles surrounding our various tracts." The Realty Syndicate has never before made any effort to sell their pfpertler outside of the Immediate neighborhood of Pan Framlsco bay, but conditions now are so favorable In Oakland, and so many I country people are planning to move to 207 Transfers Are Recorded; - Mortgages Number Sixty-six. Report of real estate transactions In the County of Alameda compiled by George W. Austin ,for the week ending January' 3: Transfers Total number Daily average ..... Trust Deeds-Number of bank . Number of private. Total number ... yaijy average Amount of bank , Amount of private ..Total-. amount ... . Mortgages ;Nilmher of bank Number of private Total number Dailv average - Amount of bank' .....$ U.SU.OO Amount of private ...$172,102.50 Total amount $186,617.60 Reconveyances of Trust Deeds Number of bank v.. 18 ' Number of- private .......... J3 Total number !6 Dally average ..... , 7 Amount of bank .... Amount of private .. ,To tnl jTmount-j Releases of Mortgage-Number of bank .... Number of private ... Total number ", Dally average ........ Amount of bank ... Amount of private .. Total amount 207 41 17 40 67 , 11 25,416.75 .....$113,334.64 $.138,750.89 ..... 11 ..... 55 66 13 BUii.niNr,swmii.n , KEACH 50 MILES How Structures Erected Here in 1913 Would Look in Row .$ 23.195.75 .$ 58.7R9.0O ,,$ 8.U.S4.75 IB 31 ...... 46 ...... 9 $ SS.9S5.00 $ 72.798.94 ......$118,733,94 TWO SNOUTS ON PIG ON WASHINGTON FARM DIXIE. Wash.. Jan. . Ameng a litter of 10 at the barnyard of Fred Thtmney Sr., rear Dixie, a pig without a s'ngle bristle and possessed of two snouts arrived tost week. The little one was apparently well when It arrived, althouyh a weakling." The rather careless motfiers lay on it and squeezed out tj life. The eSTrasnour protruded directly tietween its eyes and was about two Inches In length. The lower portion was - segregated ... froni th fact, which caured it to present an. exact duplication of an elephant's trunk. Each snout had one nostril In tha center. On the ranch of C. L. Weaver, five miles east of PHxte there ' a calf wM-h has no hind legs below the hock joints. For feet it nverely ha small deformed hoofs. This animal Is now 5 months old ami is well otherwise. It experiences -llfl 'lenity In petting about. this part of the state during the next three years that a rea-ly pale is anticipated as soon as the people can be reached by tha representatives of the Syndicate. Building permits issued in the City of Oakland during year 1913 show a cost of $9,106,141.40. Assuming that 'each permit represented a building and each building occupied a 60 foot lot, it would take 60.46 miles of continuous street frontage for the buildings; or it would t'ake 444 blocks of land 200x300 feet; or It wduld approximately take a territory as large as from First .Street on the south to Fourteenth street on the north, Fallon on the east and Per-alta street on the west, -r-4fJt,jie 5329 building permits were dwellings ' occupied by families (U. S. government method of estimating populations) the.se dwell ings would house , 26.645 people; or It would make a city with1 a population almost as large as the City of Alameda There are 2296 official municipal working hours In a year (excluding holidays and Saturday afternoons) which shows that 3.7 permits were filed each hour. These 6S29 building permits represent a cost of $9,108,191.40"; $1"C8 being the average-cost of each building. The build ings would fully occupy both " sides of Fourteenth street and Tiroadway to the town of Nlles, each building being placed on a 60-foot lot " : Plans for eve-story, reinforced concrete apartment house to be ereotfd on the northwest corner of East Twelfth street and Slxtto avenue, are to be prepared shortly, the new structure. to cost $50,000. This section Is rapidly becoming known as an apartment house' district and the new building will fill. a long felt want. George S. Pierce, president of the Pierce Grooery company, and a large property owner In East Oakland, will put up the structure. The lot Is 100 by 100 feet and It is Intended to utilize most of this ground. ,.. Real estate dealers and Investors and; other Boosters or uamand and Alameda county are taking unusual Interest In THE TRlHliNE ANNUAL this year, and have found the number, which was Issued yesterday, of unusual attractiveness. It Is one of the best permanent-reference magazines dealing wti the county's resources ever published. It tells of s record year of achievement In the east bay region, particularly In Oakland, and a comparison with the same month of 1912, is particularly to the credit of Oakland. In a month when business depression was admitted on all sides Oakland gained $34,843 in clearings, the figures pelng $15,470,533 for 1912 and $16,515,376 for 1.913. , . Another fact to Oakland'. credit Is contained in the Information that both San Francisco and Los Angeles lost considerably In bak -clearings In 1913 In comparison to 1912. San Francjsc'o lost oveJr seven million and Loa Angeles $,- iwwz-.-m-tne same report It is shown that Oakland gained $431,897 in building permits in 1913 over 1912. -For 1913 the total for December was $1,099,621 and the same month in 1913 showed $867,724. The Hotel St. Mark rUnlna- rnnm h. bienellmlnated and Is being remodeled Into stores. Oakland will gain much through ex-J hlbltlng at the big City planning Exhl-bitlon In New York during the coming year. Decision, regarding this participation-was Teached last week7 and the city -will reap a harvest of publicity as a result. It is planned to bring the entire exhibit back to Oakland later, when, it is hoped. ..the World's Municipal Congress will be held here. Plans have been drawn for a class A hotel to be erected at the northwest corner of Seventeenth street and Telegraph avenue, at cost of almost $500,000. The site is 58x100 feet and is owned by John A. Weston, Milo H. Weston and Emily M. Noble,, and it is proposed to build a reinfoTced concrete structure, eight stories In height. MI LOTiWILLBUILO if,j W. jj. Greuner, a well-known local builder, has purchased from Dr. J. J. nothing better suited to the purpose of Moyer, an -. Oakland physician, tha the homeseeker desiring Information southwest corner of Piedmont and aooui ..u, c,u ne .ouna. i ne . Randwlck avenues, at Broadway junc-real estate men are planning to send ,, , , ' . nun. i nt? nn ruze ip iitvxuv ieeu large numbers of the Annual east, and others will be sent by individuals as a token of pride in their home city and county. , , . ... The monthly report of the California Preuner is already planning to erect i on-the property a handsome struc- I ture. ment house. The lot sale was effected I through the office of the Laymance either a large guge or apart- DeveWmenV "ioaM reiaUng U'S8 by D. W. La,

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