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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

SATURDAY EVENING A JANUARY 31, 1914. OAKLA TRIBUNE mil 1.1.1 in. urn hw -nit mr -n IH 1U, 1M mi uu mi iiwi Ml HI Hit lilt 1U1 Il Iltf MIT HIT Htf IK INI III! UU WV UK 1111 HIH UH HU THrWHf ini im mi ma nil lia nil llll nil REJDENT itv HAPPENING oT. DAY yu i. U5LRULJ11J1LJ M.

XlNIVERnTYToWN iIKo IAAND LITY flu int-rtg mi mi nummnnym Ilk fli -to mi VLim nn mi1 mUHl niJLX'l "nir mr Jill mi nu mi mf l.Yi'iriTjsf; -wir inr iqt am- avirf ipt nil1 nn ivi vftg ill EES- Is CHILDREN PRESENT PLAN BUREAU TO COUNCIL HALTS AT PRINCIPAL'GOHN A EXONERATED EXPLAINS CITY PLANNING HE OLD FOLKS' MUSIC TEACH NG POLICE GUIDE AUTDISTS Visitors From Other States Be Told About. All Good Roads. to -(Br -EDMUND CSffNNllON!) The tourists motoring to California In i "111. UIIUUUUWMM- Panama-Pacific Exposition as the primary reason fn rtheir trips Those who ran In n.iiir.i ity. surn IB Tne worn mat nan ironft mil wl to rcimsurp thosp v.

ho planning Chief Vollmer's Plea tor Instruction for Men Fails of Support. BErr.KE7,T-l,,.Tan. Chief of Police Vollmer's plea- that the toen his force ..,..1.. elead l'rit loft Miir-P-. tlit-mfdves lino met rt far it eavauer, rrnm luernner-- 01 lie i-llv TnmmlsH.iW' Hoff Tax or al.uwli.u' $75 1 servpes r.f ptff esnr A hid to talw this (Treat trip the fnr a univ ei it fxt.npi.

li ronrse fv the citlfl of the west nre arrnnpl.tip to pro- I mpn. whil1 this i oni't'sorl is-vifle evpry facility for comfort along the i slonprs T-iirnr-r nrrf ViUm- er Hiirmp hps nuf idnrp ye! in whirh Driving through this rfglo.n nfvait I he vishm to, rxpnn to which he in a romplete Cliipf 'V hIIt.i. points that Uip men etrangpr thr motorist ran only obtain of his fori run grave riks In enjoyment of the trip anil aeon- Ing intlmaielv with tl.t: df--ry when he knows he Is on the right tails of criminal. Ihw.

"ilinf. lie.rti lftrps, road and within raaeonattl distance of "re rirruinr'-rlWI a of accommodations. 1 i leavps theni rpf i. If the motorist can he advised before and. convict ion.

lmv he leaves home that on such and such a r'" tncnm now of tiiese Inns, route he will be alwaVR, within reach of rommunlcnted with the night and day acrnmmodaUnna ven vtteiiau.n rtriiat to no thmrrh thev are hundred miles aoart Instructor from the Impersonator Scores Sue ce ALAMEDA, Jan. S1. -r- Miss Clan Alexander, the gifted Flnterpreter of darkey dialect and all clever impersonator, lias arrived from New York after a most-successful sea-son in Newport the great metropolis, and Is a guest at the home of her sifter. Mrs. Henry Ftoeenthal, In this citv.

Miss Alexander has met with most flattering success in her recitals in the east. Several of these have been given in New Torn Under the Aicspiyes of the Inner circle of society, fw.h 4ffam "the Vanderl.iita. i I'rockers and other social leaders leine among her Her first prance N'rt mteresi In her work, which is unique of fjt ye i. it i -mu- 1 i MISS CLARA ALEXANDER 1 1 i d'nrtment of law were tc.nde,-c.lJS'K. aswmW tl.

tnu I th department eiJfruf Ide folks, Ponae of $75. an api.ropHat.Min for whlclf Thejie were Kll7.abeh Smith. AM onH (hot such a mote to the Pacific coast It 1. he WIN adont thaf nar- Ms tVm dear through almost certain i ii. "vrl, 11 rciurn iiraeia over uiimrem roan inq the outgoing one; It will be the same with the motorists.

If they are advised that they can reach San Francisco in ita via out- ti njuic that thre is a plainly 'marked road to Charges Made by Alameda Girls Are Not Sus-v. tained. fs-irritrel Colin, principal of the Porter school, was exonerated after an Investigation carried on last night by the board of, cdtiontii n. Following nearly four hours of desultory testimony the hoard unanimously, cleared Cn'hn of tlie charges made against hiiii by four former girl students. Lot lefore the di.ora of the council "hamher were openedi curious and Interested hundreds were waiting for admission, i All hung upon the words of the four girls ami two women who testified.

I hev 7 until', nva'rlv mld- i It was' the largest gatlierlng In the itv of Alameda. And when all had been said and done, they cheered for 1 Thsj board of education resolved it Slf intO Court IVaoUcrl VI Lanktree was and Directors Shanly, W. T. jiim, T. H.

peddy and Harold Ward' were his associates. of Schools C. J. Du Four was clerk. Miss Marion Lane, assistant -lerk and Harry Shed bailiff.

District Attornev W. H. Hvnes filled the role of prosecuting attornev. but In this case reversed the order of things to some extent, acting more as nn advisor irrrlie hoard. M.

C. Chapman was attorney for the defendant. Before the beginning of the trial (he district attorney asked tht all children 14 years, of age should leave the room, especially Kri, wno WAr, there without their parents. This was strongly approved by the applause that 'followed the action. Mrs.

C. Snyder, mother of Flossie F-nvder, was Allowed to give her testimony In the form of an extended statement, outlining the school life and' the incidents which lend np to the comrlalnt made by Georglna Young of the unfairness and hlns of the principal and her reasons for It. ASKS DISMISSAL'. Director G. Harold Ward moved that the charges be dismissed and the 1isrd.

nojuurn and all go home without further afterT'ohn wai'trighVy oitcuH.iion or the matter. uneses defense hi. that "Colin make a stntenient for hlnibelf! which he Dtl. denying all charges. GIRL IS WITNESS.

Georglna Young, who was put on the i atateinems uuTde er af hm i never bean falniiutr In oiwa.vs leu that he. had evil uioiigius iokhpi, her." When pressed to show the board what the familiarities she objected to giving an example of the way tne principal "put' his arm aroDnd the girls and raised their -faces to his with his nand under their chin." Attorney Hvnes tnen Illustrated the simple and kinuiy way in which the action was done, which the girl admitted was correct. e.N,athan' however, when aaked to illustrate the action iiieiiuum! in her affidavit, used at whose left he sat, as her subject! until actions were snown t.i I I Alameda Mayor Urges City to Join Eastbay Movement for Exhibit. JafT SI City planning arid the exhibit to be held in Oakland March 11! 22.

were explained in detail to the members of the committee of the whole of tlie city council last plght and an appropriation of t'ihn, Alameda's portion- of the expense of conducting the exhibit, asked for. The-matter wa referred to the finance committee. Mayor Frank Otis, In" a letter to the committee, explained the movement and urged that Alameda join with the other east bay cities In the plan. H. Cheney, secretary of the committee which is planning the exhibit, spoke of its features, lie told of the problems that confront a community- which can he solved by Just such exhibits, will some day confront- a housing prob-lem, he said.

The movement Is nut Just or me- sane or. art or a "city beautiful. but m. meet nrartlca problems heney told of Influx of Immigrants expected next year. He said that Alameda would not be prepared fnr housing many of, these people.

He asked where thev could he put. "Put them on Hay Farm Island." said Council President A. I- Morgenstern. CHENEY URGES CO-OPERATION. Cheney said that If these people's were not.properly placed that slum conditions tvouid exist.

He urged the co-operation or Alameda In the movement, saving that there would be an Alameda dav. The subway and bathing problems could all be solved, he declared. Counciim-, Morg-enstern said that he meant It seriously, when he referred to Hay Farm Island, as he believed that some dA.v this would be one of the most beautiful spots In Alameda. Mavor Otis' letter Is as followr: Alameda, Jan. DO, 1914.

10 the Honorable, the Council of the City of Alarneda. Gentlemen I respectfully submit and commend for your favorable consideration the proposed City. Planning; Exhibit to he held In Oakland hetweerf" Varrh-12 and SM1W. If Is proposed tu hYfng from Yoik the "Exposition of American and 1 "ins i-iiv i-nnn nv n.h si me rvew York public library during the months-of November and December, 191.1. The exhibition occupies not less-than 2000 quare feet of vertical space.

It has been pronounced bv experts to he the most dignified and generally educational exhibit ever col-If lt, flr to he arranged by suhiects, instead of by cities, the object bet-ig-to educate, the public 10 the. necessity of such official city planning as shall take care of future improvements. It rove a wide range of subjects. On section treats of railroads, another of waterways and still another of streets There an interesting exhibit qf hous-ng which shnws, by pictures and stattst-oi" thl" and tha wdatlon.of housing to places V' work and of play, the relation of whkh of them need urgency or tne various meth is (leTermineo, and, in view of this a consistent program of procedure Is auopieo. concertratlon on the various problems takestilace and tangible results LOCAL EXHIBITS ADDED.

To the exhibit -will be added such local exhibits as may be deemed suitable by the committee Two meetings of mayors of the east bay cities with the Oakland Citv Planning Committee have already been held In relation to thlB matter. I was personally present at the first meeting, and, at my request, Councllrnat, Bartlett. chairman of our public utilities t'ommlttte, attended the second meeting. The Oakland Commercial Club has Joined with the city of Oakland to hiake the event a It was unanimously decided that great benefits would accrue to Richmond, Albany, Berkeley, Emery, yllle, Oakland and Alameda by particljiation In this great City Planning Exhibit. It was alsi decMaH KhiLcost of the exhibit, with whatever1 lo.

cal exhibits are added, should be appor. tinned pro rata according to the size of the several cities. The Oakland city council has already appropriated $1000 toward the cost. I append a copy of the proposed apportionment, the total cost amounting to 4500r and Alameda's share thereof being $450. In connection with the exhibit the question was taken up at one of tjio meetings, of making a model of the east bay harbors from Richmond to San andro, etery speaker present feeling sure I return over another route it Is a rer-, talnty that a large majorjty will go back that, The eame can he.

'-said of touring up and dOwn the eoalit during fair times, i Realising this the. members of Chansli.r and Iyon Company at the recent annual conference decided to establlKji the different branches of the company Information bureau for the beenfit of motor-lata. J'. MARION OUT OF RECEIVERSHIP, INDIANAPOLIS. Jan.

Si What la taken In local financial circles to be a moat optimistic aign of trade conditions In general and of the automobile industry In particular was the lifting of the receivership for the Marion Motor Car Company of this city on ISa turtay, Jami-'. ary 24. It was shown that the financial affair of the company have been ad.lusted for the continuation of tfre companr'a business on a larger acale." than ever before. SAN JOSE pRGANIZES. San Joae Is planning an active aeason among the motorists.

I). E. Watkina, oratary of the California State Auto mobile Association reports that the motorists of the Harden City will meet on next Friday evening In the chamber of commerce to form a branch of- the California State Automobile Aaaoclatlon. The aaaoclatlon will establish a branch in "that lty for the benefit of touring motorists. At the branch will be Information concerning roads and everything else of interest to the motor car owner.

BIO SIMPLEX ATTRACTS. A motor car that haa attracted con-ldarable attention on automobile row it th big Simplex racing Tar owned by George Settle and driven by Barney Oldfleld. This la a aeven year old veteran which us Kinu, mm iioiii iii.ii umc n.r uiftuiivi uiwhiu ner out thAt -she had a continuous demand on her time resented his familiarity with the other from not only professional ngagements on the legitimate stane but for drawing room recitals and at hlg so-ial Her recital at the St. Franclr before her departure for the south and east was one of the leading society evvnU of the season, society with big being. In evidence and some of iU favorite representatives having takel.

part' jn the varied program. That Mfsa Alexander held the absorbed attention of an ultn fashlonable audience was one' of the strongest, evidences of her magnetism, and her gifts aa an imironator. Her stay 'is Indefinite, dependent upon her professional plans. RARE FLOWERS BEING EXHIBITED IN ALAMEDA ALAMEDA. Jan.

31. The fine dls- phiv of clnerarles. and cyclamen at the Alameda 'iTiumber of Commerce has the TWoi.fa of this city during and well meaning. When asked wUt the value and method of jimde her think had evil thoughts surveys, the effects of conges-toward hrr, Georglna Young said: "to. It makes It plain that the I though Mr.

Cuhn did not think I fWW to proceed Is to diagnose the a pertectlv good iHrl. feom hi. physical Ills of a communttv asKerl of the council hv Conimlssuiner Hoff. --Cnmnilaslnner Tur nr hehef ihat -thl pnm was unn nrranro.l ir.rard nor of )h)l pBtroln.n made anv serious hrea. of the law anrued finm tills thev woiild nun so neenea no inMlrict'on Nlth htm Commissioner Wt'son agreed, and tommlssioncr Tla'nns half The motion of Commlfiaitmer linff re.

kiyHved no second. COMPOSER SENDS THANKS TO BERKELEY MUSICIANS BKRKrcr.EY. r.crkclev's fame as a musical center and the fame of one of its niuslcjajis -traveled all -the war to Paris, kuid an echo has Just' hern received. When "Paul StelndnrtT produced llerne's "The Children's Crusade" In the. Oreek Theater laat May, with a chorus of 2n0 children from the Berkeley.

acliwls with fifty adult voices from the Herkeley Oratorio he did not look, for greater applause than would be offered by those gathered 4rf Herkela'y's rliipslc outdoor auditorium, lie has Just received from the author of the work thus rendered, a note of thanks, whlci being translated Is as follows: House of the Artistic Assnrlnttnn, Parls-, 8 rue de Touruon, 6 Decemner, liil3. Dear Sir -and Colleagues- I learn by reprint published tn the Musical America maeazine that you have given a triumphant production of my oratorio, "The Children's Crusade," at Berkeley. me to felicitate you and to thank you for the success that I owe I am pro-' foundly touched by your artistic sympathy and send you my most fraternal greeting. C.AP.RIF.I. PIERNE.

The past performances of the Herkeley Oratorio Society under the direction of Mr. Stelndorff have been notable, Including Verdi's "Requiem," Haydn's "The Seasons." and Pierhe'a 'The Children's Crusade. mentioned here. The next performance will be Mendelssohn's master oratorio "Elijah," to be given February 1-th. So much was contributed 'to the mie- 4-cess of The Children Crusade teachers In the public schools that special acknowledgment was made 'by the management of the Oratorio Socletv Those who received the thanks of the conductor all well as the society and of all who heard the oratorio are Miss Vlctorlne Hartley, superintendent of music In the Herkeley public schools and her assistants, Miss Amy Morrish, Miss Clara Iloff-mlre, Miss March Clements, Miss Ktta Miss Kllaabeth Delancle, Miss Adele Gilbert.

Miss May Wade, Mrs. Mabel Hilt ttedfleld. The Berkeley Oratorio Society will assist Mr." -Stelndorff In giving the annual "Htabat Mater" In the (Beck Theater on Good Friday afternoon. alameSsnjoying delightsof islands Al.AMEDA. Jan.

Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Krusi and Miss PHscilla Krusl, who are' due home from the Hawaiian Islands the coming week, are -having everv attention shown them ''by, the is land residents. Yachting, motoring snd swimming occupy the days, and dinners and hinitifonr and every sort entertainment fill In the remainder of the hours of day and The Alamednns find a delight In very. thing audi will brln" home Interesting details of their, stay in the lnd of the trooicsl urnwtl) end shining beaches and soft lireejies.

Other Callfonuans are tasting of these delights and the Alnmeda 'olony will be enlarged by the group which sailed! on the Matsonla Wednesday. CITY 8ERVED IN APPEAL. ALAMEDA, S1; The city pf Alameda'. has been. eved In -the" appeal of the' -Cohen ete against the jjectnion Which, was won fry the city In U.j elttc-'troli'e'r suit.

The city will now. answer and the appellant allowed to file an It will be several months 1t Is thought, before the case will he submitted, for-de-eilon to the supreme court -ll---. haa traveled over 100.000 miles. fiU.OtH) of -which has been In speed oontesta of all kinds. The car at the' preaenrlm rttt da good aa 100 ml lea per hour.

Tivla PHxeNo. 40j 40i 2710:.. 40 27M 4ic 40 29X2, tu, '3431. 4-0 369(5. 10j 3fifi3.

0i 3921... 40! 4075... 40 4240... 40! 44S7. 40: '4514.

40; 408. 40; 4S.90. 401 40! 40; 53i50 FrlzelNo, 40 40 40; 401 40 M10. io; 3501., Prtte 40 40 40 40 .140 40 40 40 40 40- 100 40 40 40 40 40 40-. 100 40 .40 40-.

40 40, 20,000 4 0 .1641. 40: 2796.. 4o; 4193,. 40 4242.. 40: 449 40: 4589..

100t 4664. 40; 4898. 40 6096.. 41)1-6167. 401.

6401 40' fiMr. 40! 6588.. 5785.. 401 li424. 40 40 40 40 55TO 5766..., 6811.

5853. 40J 5814.. 401 5902. 40! 5945 40 6201,., 40! 6303..., 40 6.139. 40 6395..., "00, 6550..., 401 401 6853..., 100, 6090 40! 7143..., ion! 7247.

500; 7.164..., 40 7527... "TV 40j 7882.... 401 7963..., 401 S232 40' 8279. 4U 8586..., 4000! 8609..., 40j 9456..., 401 9488... 401 9645,..,, 40j 9716,.., 40 100 10003 40,10310...

-luo, 11101)5. 40:11126... 40,11315... 5OOii-079. 40112159....

4(1 12L-45. 40112505. 4(C12664. 100 12759 40,12952... 40 13136...

100113434. 40; 13556. 40113669... 600113789. 100 13869'.

40113910. 40.1.1976... 100 14302. 40 40-14768. 40:15012 a.

500 15203. 40:15374 40155((1. 4011586... 40116261... 100 16315: 100116446....

40116502... 4016650... 40116872... 4" 17637. 40! 1 7698...

40117807... 40:18027... 100 18644. 40119705. 40I18S29.

40 18903... 40:19029... 40119199... 40i9347. 40119473...

40,19541... 40111822... 40l 40! 6203. 100; 6316. 401 6349.

800l 6396. 40l 6596. 40 40! 8788.... 40! 40 7163,... s0- 7262 401 401 7628....

401 7759.... 401 401 7992.... 8261... 401 8513 2001 401 5475.... 20091 9553 40 91151....

40 9733. 40 9924..,. 40 i 4ii 10411 40 1069S. 40itil870. 1336..... 50" 10: 1 2081.... 4oil2l73 40112520.... 40113717.... 4(1 12968....

40 13618..... 40:13688.... 40 4te 40,11179 40'1 1405 40 11762.... 40 14769 40: 1 5107 40:1.5219.... 40' 15434 100115618....

140115712.... 40 15749.,.. :00H.0o23.... 40! 10276.... 40116563 40116622....

40,15061, 40:17099.... 40,17497..... 40 40117720.... 40117949.... 100113158..,.

40,15488..,. IOO: 18645.... 40:18723 40: 1 -(868 40119171.... 401 19269. 40 19443 40119509 4019737 40119813.

JO: 19828 ioo 40 40 100 40 40 -40 .40 40 40 40 20(1 40 40 40 40 40 100 IOO 40 "40 40 40 40 40 100 40 40 10(1 4'J 40 40 40 40 40 40 4 49 100 40 40 40 10 ioo 40 4 1 "40 40 40 40 IOO 40 100 100 40 1011 19 100 4(1 4'l 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 0' 40 4.) 40 fr 40 100 40 40 40 40 4(i 40 40 40 40. 40. 40 40 40 40 795. '229. 2i.

MiOS. S'110. 94K4. S5l5 ii 7 a 97S2. 102211...

ill? 24... 11)933. HI19O. 11210. 11557.

11K35. 12074. V. 12141... 12190...

12423 12524... 12726... 12942... 13013. 13503.,.

rmo. 13729... 1325. T3K98. 139(19.

,14020. 14283.. 14427. 14537. 14(584.

14921.. 15333. 15437 5603 15718.. 15920. 1699J.

16208.. 16299. 16427. 16487.. 16606..

11.645. 16686. 16775. 16854. 16958., 17084..

17117.. 17634 1 1 'J a 1 1 1 -1 117998 18224. 18550. 18663. 18783.

18888-. 19027. 19174. 19293. 19453.

19516. 19678. 19793. 19815. 19968.

APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 99 number 6301 to 6400 Inclusive on the First Capital prize of $20,000.00 $20 each, 99 numbers 8601 to 8700 inclusive- on the Second Capital prize of each. TERMINAL PRIZES, 199 numbers ending with 96, being tha last two figures uf tho number drawing the First Capital prize of $20,000 $8. No. 639Gdrj.w:ji- First- $20,000, soid in ls Angeles and San Francisco, Cal.

No, 8608 draws Second Capita! prize, $4000, sold In Sacramento and Han Francisco Cnl Vn (liftR f-Thlrd Capital prli-a. J-'Oisjsold In Eurckn, nan jose, and San Kranclacoi Cal. The above is for $4.00 fractions in proportion, Tha Original Naclonal M. A F. Company of San Francisco paid the following for January "23, 1914: tf.

Hart, teamster for SletsonJ JZtuuc.uirtiu $2500 .7 A. 'Glrtauer. nronrletor grocarv afore. 498 7th Uichmondi dlst S. $2500.

Karl H. HQlmgren, 46 Sharon J26O0. Anglo A l-ndon Paris National bank, F. collected for P. Costello, Placervllle, $2500.

J. E. Slater, "foreman, Selby Smelting Co, Selby, CuL, residing Rodeo, $2500. M. Rogers, employed by George H.

Young, wholesale ahnes, 207 2d S. residing :22 Howard $2600. J. A. Foster.

689 MArkat at, collected for C. C. Crane, with N. Y. Central line.

689 Market 8. residing-165 S. 16th San Jos. $2000. B.

.1. Mullln, South City Carriage Wagon works, Baden South 8. residing 630 Grand South 8, $1250; Edward F. Sophev, of Smhev saloon, 2298 Mission residing 4323 23d S. $1250.

Frederick Schlemmer. driver, Broadway Brewery 19th and Trent residing 298.1 21st S. -1 Walter Michelsen, stableman' for OH Homestead bakery, 19th and Shotwell residing" 2315 Mission H. $1250. Dorothy A.

Malty, erhfloyed Pacific ear demurrage bureau, room 607, Wells Fargo residing 660 Bush S. $1250. Arthur Mathias, booMieeper for German American Ivtn room 202, Blake residing El Nldo Madisofi TKar Lake st (Jakland, Cat, $1250. Mrs. Ruegg, residing 3926A Sacramento S.

J. J. Fleming, employed Jlllla Bros, coffea house, 175 Fremont st residing City hotel, 1S1 S. Harry Riecke. employed Hills Bros, coffee house, residing 1278 Noe and Hugh Watere, reaidlng Mara hotel.

4th and Howard S. r'breaentlng Arthur UcMWJ. rtltm: wines and bran- I Residing 2695 Bryant S. B. E.

Demmnh, emploved by Stauffer Chemleal 624 'California residing 652 Cole Mrs, John Johnson, 474 Plna Sau-aallto. Cat, August Nelson, storekeeper, Fairmont hotel. v.a.lfornl and Mason residing Colma. Cal $roo. S.

J. Scott. for George Mason, employed Ruhr restaurant, 723 Market 8- and Peter Dflenkoa, employed Elk rrr.rket. 1183 O'Farrell residing 1503 Ueunn H. $500.

Nat Goldfarh. emnloved Manchester Woolen 946 Market residing 1001 Golden (late H. sn-1 Mario Fan tiuo Beoadwav, S. $sav Ftlennei Ir-vrren. residing Hotel GoMn Fasle.

402 Rrogdwav, and Mck clerk for J. "tama, fr-'tt No. 275... 27712 2855. 3147...

(9530... 4ll. 4217... 4329... 45U5.

4699. 49... 51311... 6272... 5508.

5669... 6798. 5991... 2P. 6394.

Cil97.t. M79. ti.49. 911... 7051 7.51S...

tin. nasi week or two. The exhibit hasi.rooin. Fifty Alameda Kiddies Appear in Concert at Parish Af-AMTiA. Tan 51 Over 51 -hll- Mrt-n itm-iyed performance SIVB Ht'.

''l'' "1 -IIMM iwv ff I 1 1 P-llliS Ti- of fl'V prduc tm, w'hi. under 'the divert 1n of Mrs. with Mls Christiana ai cr i.innf), wn the ad-inirattnn 111 ile in lldlf IT' The scene the flrt acf Is laid tn the home of Mnrjmy Dorothy I lit tn Mirheck and Helen Couperi, tv.o most and decorous ma'Ms, by sume culled, "lllnsters." The t'cond Is the early candle light, and tha participant were Granny l.umpklns 'Kyen Mcdcrafti a person. Imt tiueer wllhal: Fidget Susan (Kliziil adrnani, vllo fidgets even at vo Sundav meeting: Sleepy Cherfti. i Alfred Iin-custeri, omp't "tuiglitytrial l.j.

o'-iir pa-ti'-nce, Corjn ral ve 'rniitan rs iKnw.trd Gn-uht, lie hath his faults: 'and Iinrklna (Thornlon Davlsl. he htat-eih time and other thincs; with a gnorilv ompaiiy oi mile singers in gowi stand- 1 Mmiin. Irene Lillian Hnth fieraldlne D.rothy Durin, Lulu Cook. Juliet Grenli, fhvllis Hiirnley, Warren Clintsnim. Claude Fur-bush.

Norris and John Gteiih. The two speclalijes Intrcduied were a recitation, "(irandma's M' Vivian II. Steihhan and a Krench "Grace dance hy Jlry and Theresa both i which Were remorkftbtv ell done and won the praise of the sudijnre. 0FFERr800lTiSTRIP IF CITY IMPROVES HALF Tarn -31. -R.

Kearney. In a' letter to the committee of the whole of the-clty council evening, offered to -deed to the city the M'-foot strip of uie ea si era or tinges avenue, Just west or Fernelde lioulevard. If city would improve the north half of i the strip at its expense. The offer I was referred to the city attorney. The -clty some time ago took steps to I improve the strip at tho expense- of the abutting property owners.

Hutchinson company accepted the contract to do thi'' work, but later asked to be released, claiming that the ownership of the strip was In question and that it would tike chances in collecting for Work. The. 'ity attorney was directed to Investigate and found that Kearney claims ownership and that the superintendent of streets i claims the street to 1 open and dedi- cated To the. city by constant use fori more than five, years The city attorney i held that 'the qtiestTn was one to hej settled In a court of law. i Kearney now offers to dedicate the strip to the city If it will pay his part of the expense of the street work.

MINISTERS BETtKRLHY, Jan, 31. Charles U. Dalton, former pastor of Trinity church' of this city, who was transferred from I here to Sacramento, has again lieen transferred to a new pastorate, this time-to that at Pomona. The Pomona I Iihs mum herslii of neuplv ana lVm Wljlsey Martin, who went from Alameda church to Boise, Idaho, has been sent to Sacramento to occupy the pulpit there. Recommendation Made to the City Council by Com- missioner Baccus: Changes in street names 4.1 streets In Oakland have been recommended to the city council bv.

Commissioner of Streets Bit ecus. The changes are em'-bodfed In ordirii: nee which will be taken up f.tT consideration next Ftljlav. The changes. are to bring about better svstem -in the street designation. Sever! streets' 'Which are actually continuations 1 of other1 Streets have been known" by dif- 1 event names'.

These will Ite der tfielr right deslgnetlons. "I Several months ax a committee of' citizens pres. tiled a list of Changes de- sired, there Icing acoiit 3 changes. Those included in the ordin- ance which luis been prepared are con siilered the necessary of these. The ordinance nrovldies as follows: The.

names of the following several stre'ts, av-nues. courts, alleys, lanes ami nubile nlaces within the city of Oakland be aiid -flri saiw are' 'hereby changed and fixed lis follows: That Alice street, from Bellevue ave nui? to Sheridan road be to Aenes streets. That Acacia street from' Katmlng slreViJ tn Hyacinth avenue lie changed to Mad-rone avenue, That Baiter aven from Avnnl ave. Hue to the northerly termination of s.ild avenue he changed to Sixty-second avenue. That Bellevue terrors, In Rockrldge park, be cbangej to Alpine terrace.

That Bellevue avenue from McAdtm street to Marlon avenue bexchanged to Herntpsa avenue. That Bellevue avenue fnim Marlon avenue to Florence avenue and Marion avenue irom McAdam street to Bellevue avenue be changed to That lb lievupe avenue from -Edith street to County No. 1109 (or Mora xn avenue) pp changed t'o Judith street. That1 Bellevue from Ed'itji street esterlv" and northerly to Florence avenue lie changed to Modoc avenue. That Bay plice from Broadway to Harrison street be changed to Twenty-sixth street.

That-Cove avenue from Lake Shore avenue to Grand avenue be to Emharcaden). That Cherry. street from Harw'ood avenue, to Florlo. slreel be chaiiged tu. Au-bitm 5v That Derbv street from Elmwood a'e.

nue 10 tin Niiiithern terniinaticn of said street he changed t'o Derby avenue. That Edith street' from Bryant nvrnue to Hroadwav be chariged to Ada street. That l'1iith street frum Florem tu Brookside avenue be changed to Julia Street. That Eureka avenue from A venal-avenue to the northerly terrninatiun of said avenue be changed 10 Sixty-first avenue. Tint Edwards street from Telegraph avenue to the eastern termination of said street he.

changed to Thirty-fifth street: That Florence "street fnmi BroHdwcy fo place be changed to Napa it reel. i That Greenwood avenue from Welling- ton street to Everett avenue and -Clark avenue fnun. Kverott avenue to- Holly-- wiiik aveiiut? lie cnangeu iu iigewooa avenue. That Gray street from Manila avenue to Prospect drive be hanged to Mendocino avenue. That Gibson avenue from Camden Street to Trenor street lie changed to Sixty-fourth avenue.

''S. Tiia.t Himley" stret from Fairfax avenue to Fern street he rluuigcd to Fern Str-et. That Haves street from Seminary avenue to Sii -fourth aenue''be changed tn Klin-ih. th street. That Hillsdale avenue in Foothill park be changed to Sixty-thud avenue.

TiiU. iuUMr Uvt tsow i'ruiUala 43 STREET-NAM CHANGES PROPOSED veteran will be enterea in me next 11 Angeles-Sacramento road race. MERCER The new model Mercer Just received by the Slmplei-Mercer Pacific roaat agency is one of the moat unique cars Been thia season. The moat Interesting feature of tha new model la that three paaaengers are able to ait aide byide comfortably. The aame acheme of reBnemenU and up-to-datenesa I earned out through the de-aign of tliia new GATES GOES Td RANCHING.

BBRKELY, Jan. 81. W. A. Oatea.

for more than ten years secretary of the California. SVit board of charities and correctiona. left Herkeley today for Se-liaatopol. where he will hereafter make hie home on a lra venal ein orchard of about five acres. In addition his horticultural activities he will enter upon the practice of the law.

"My new hgnie Is at Baaaett station on the line of the jPeUiluma and Hanta Horn electric rallwav." said Gates before' starting this and we have all the modern of electricity, water, and the like, so we are as much tn town aa If we were-tlll-n Herkeiey or San Francisco, end jW1 have tha ad- ded eatlafaction of fusing close- to nature, vnder our own vine and apjde tree." i Notice, Shoe Merchants! Everv Shoe Merchant of the East Bay district. Including Herkeley, Oakland and Alameda, la requested to be present at the Chamber of Commerce Building, Thirteenth and at p. Monday, February 2, to attend the organliatlon meeting of the East Buy rhoe Merchants' Asuuclatlon. Don't wait for a special Invitation, but be on hand at this first meeting. COMMITTEE.

Wuy, tonkrii I uu maae you think I wak askerl ii my cnum and me go- nig logeiner." w-as the antwer. IC shown that this act 01 alleged fa miliar was in the halls, wnere the other children were, on in the school "What did. Mr. Cohn complain to your mother about?" "fie complained that I walked fo school With hOvs tI)eHboj-'r n'ttde U17 cdmPalnt about l.le sald thy "noked cigarettes." by Attorney Chapman. Was Uiere anything else that he said that made you think he considered you were not a perfectly good girl," her answer was "No, sir." "Did he ever tell any one you know that you were not a good girl morallv?" No; sir.

Mr. Oohn never touched hie. never wa, familiar with me." 1 e.v,e "fS'-st that you come the school building when he was 1 ,1 KalfI to, to the schcl milling where he 'was alone to coach me. 1 him if I could the examinations and he Said rio." Arter ahowiiK that the principal had made an effort help the girl In preparation her entering the school, hapman ended his examlnst'lon-with the question, "If you i.j gotten your dl-P 0111a would you ever iiave made these charges?" to which the answer was I don't know." Mrs. Young was called and told to niake any statement which she wished to make.

She said she had brought the matter before the Board Education when her daughter was not given tha diploma her card for, Vbut did" not expeet to TiavttHhe matter made' public." She referred to the matter of the complaint that her daughter was found cheating in the study, whlc'i Superintendent Du Four explained had been left unmarked, -being ah elective study, but which from lils Investigation after the meeting of Tuesday, January 20, he found she had failed 111, thus depriving her tf her diploma. The witness said that when the matter was referred to Mr. Wood, whp was then superintendent, he aatd, "If you take -It before tha hoard If will be unpleasant -for your daughter. The board has got to stand by mo." And he informed Mrs. Snvder that "mi- daughter was the woret girl in not nt to associate with her iter," stated the witness.

When Florence Snyder was called tn been renewed- nifl. fresh olants. with I vivid hi n. are taking the place of tjiose fust put In It, has become quite tha nlii.n.i.r on Park street to stop by the way to inspect me collertlnn, which includes many beautiful begonias and other plants. The flowering cactus grafted on the night blooming rereus Is one of tho wonders which Superintendent Dunn Of the parks has produced in bis ennservn.torte, and which-may still be seen In the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce.

The cactus is blooming and the cereus will shortly show forth Its wonderoni bloom. NEW EXTENSION CLASSES. l'NIVErtSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Jan. 31 Three new inlveraity extension classes liave now been start(l In San Francis a class In English literature, which will meet at 4 p. every-Friday -at the'Ad uns school, with Dr.

Geo. Bintthson: Instructor -in English p'hll-ologv in the university, as its teacher: a clnss In-elementary French, will. inet at 5 n. m. everv Monday at the Allium taught by B.

lamare; and a class in advanced French, also taught bv Ijimare, which meets Satur-davs at 11 a. at the Adams school. These cesses will still admit newcomers. PLAN REVIVAL. BERKELEY.

Jan. SI of vepM Berkeley congregation; attended AsM-i-rt'-aT) Francisco last even ing at which was determined to secure the services for a great revival here of Fvfigcl1st Ostrom, one of the best known angelists In twe country, rne meetings will he held in March. They will begin at the First Presbyterian church, but If that proves too small a tabernacle will be erected. The definite date of the nicetttigs will be announced later. nue to Sunset avenue, be changed to Palm Hill street.

That laurel street from Piedmont avenue to Fairmount avenue ho changed 4o street -s that thejLdft.xjutju, and'tnortjVst's--t-r1tth ave Sonifi ini Tliat lvefne avenue from FlftjQfJi-landl avenue to Kltigsland' avenue be changed I dangj; saiii i nanus sums i ii ii iimns i iltnim sums junm-'S-w m. J-W-I'--'11JK hM You11 De sorry if you're in 1915 ant" ouCS-v-'" V-! I OLD STRlCtf RK DOOMED. LONDON, Jan. 31. Benjamin Frank Hp's lodging place at 7 Craven street, Strand, Is about to torn down and replnced with, a modern hotel.

repeat to Mrs. Speddy because It 1 'embarrassing?" "No, sir." Rh. rf.nifcl lhAt huA SWOm tha Cohnliad--ofteil Insisted on rnbbln-her4 ankles but said that "Mr. uonn told ma my ankles were -rk after ai examination, berora the doctor. I don't think he meant anything when he pinched my peck Just in a fatherly She declared she had signed the affidavit without having it rend aloud and had not paid much attention to it, thai she had "been told over the 'phone "that it would never be made public." She wa? then did not denv the statements because of the publicity, but because they "vers not true?" to which she answered "Yes." 0FFICIAI, LIST OF THE Original National M.

F. CO. of San franclsco Tha Original LllUa Louisiana an4 Tha Original B4. A F. Company.

ESTABLISHED JAXl'AltT. 188. Friday, January 30, 1914 to lirookdale avenue. avenue from Jones ave-jn'ie southeasterly to the teThtnatlon of Vald aveniro ije changed to Gould street; That Mills avenue from Avensl avenue to Scenic, way be changed to Sixtieth avenue. That Park street from East Seventeenth street to- the southern boundary line of the city of Oakland be changed to Twenty-ninth avenue.

That Park street from Fifty-third street to Stanford avenue be, changed to Gasklll street. That Park avenue from East Twelfth street to Park street be changed to Alameda avenue. Tltat I'Hrsant- nvBTinp from Fleming avenue to the northern termlualldn' of aid avem.c be clanged to Madera avenue. That Hose avenue from Hopkins street to Seminary avenue be ha nged to Calaveras avetrje. That lioyal street from Trenor street to Outlook avenue be changed to Sixtyr fourth avenue.

That Sunnyslda avenue from East Twenty-seventh street to the southern end of said avenue be changed to Inyo avenue. That Tavlor street from llfty-elghth avenue to SIxtv-third avenue lie changed to FestlawiylffreeL Thi! Thyflo'-S street from Church street to Hevify-thlrxi avenue be changed to Frsnr street. 1 That Thompson lane fritm Thirty-fifth avenue' to Midvale avenue tie changed to yuigley lane. That Virginia avemie In the Von Ah' trai Jjaxhaiiged "ttr Bromley avenue. That Thirteenth avenue from East Thirty-eighth strett to Hells wood avenue lie changed, to Park boulevard.

That Twenty-first street 'Jrom San Pablo avenue to Grove street changed tu Jones street. That Twenty-ninth tivenue from Fast Fourteenth street to the-southern termination of rM.i avenue be rhance-l to Thirtieth avenue. That Thirtieth avenue frdm East Fourteenth street to the southern termination of said avenus ba chanted to Derhv are-an. the stand chattock, arose In th? lobby and requested "tha; the witness not be kept one hour and ten minutes on the stand as the other girl had been." Florence, Snyder said: "I don't think he had any right to riot his arm around anv of the girls, and he should not take any of the gtrlB Into his office and close the door, nor walk down the hall with his arm around them, or sit- in the seat and put his arm, around them." Her denial of the greater part of the statement 1n the 'affidavit, though not "paying much attention" when she read It, finished the examination-of her. When the names tit the girls with whom Mr.

Cohn was alleged, to -have committed offenses were demanded Director Shanjev oMocted. but Attornev ('hapman wanted tlile names. The name of the girl whom Cohn was sccused by Georglna Young and Beatrice Nathan of holding In his lap In lbs office with the door. open was given and' the affidavit of this former pupil, Is now In Portland, was red In definite denial pf the statement, "irma Hosford testified she never saw anvone srCflbg' in Conn's tap that she did not read the a-frldavlt verv carefully when she signed it and that she thought the statements had "gotten mixed." When asked If he had ever said anything to her made any suggestions that Were undignified Or conduct ur.l econilnf a gentleman, shrt 1'i.ed "He asked me what he could do when I went to him and told hin I had a headache and he said he had all sorts of medicines for girls." "Never said anything moreT" "No air. He put his hand on my shoulder.

He meant, I gtiees, -to make me sit up straight In my tiertt. I never saw him put his arm aroun.K-any girl any place but in the hall or classroom. DENIES Beatrice Nathan also denied many t.t (he statements In the affidavit and said unen she went to him to asks to go home I coaune nf feeling. sick; that i.e iisKed her "What seems be trouble?" snd nothing more could Im" drawn from her as to what he bad said. Vl there that you want to KoMr-ts'-Thniiire" to get your hmne-slte and build.

Be ready for 1915. Do not subject yotirselvvg tha trouble, dlscoinfurt 'and expense of rentlng ln 1915 Ho v.oiy and Wiug lii TOl'H OWN HOME. BOOK OF REAUTiFUL HOMES FREE We have recently published a descriptive booklet of beuutiful homes of. Piedmont, Every home, planner ahouM have It, Sent FHKE, on application. WicKham Havens, Inc.

Kntlre Top Floor, Oakland Bank of savings Buildins, Oakland MAIL THK COI I'OX No. I'rtselNo. Prise, No, Prlie 129.... 40t 168. 40 10 40 266....

40 419.... 40 447 40 465.... 40, 40 668.... 40 660 100! 669 100 634.... 40 711....

40i .775..... 40 786.... 40 786. 1.. 40; 818....

40 853.:.. 40 901 40 40 965.... 40: 40 1067 41 1071 401 190 1083.... 40 1148.... 40! 1145 411: 1 40 126 40: 1269.

40' 1812 40 1.127 4 1333 401 1285.... 40 1490 411 T4'(8 40! 1517.... 40 1579.... 4Ut 1781.... 4,1 1848 40 18-10 4f 40 190 40 4ii 40 5103 40 ,21 to 40! 41 2207..., 40' 40 2560....

40,2613.... 40 1 (J Gentlemen: I'lease ruall me your brr, on plate paper, of Heaiitlful Piedmont Homes, without expense tu me Jv'ame Artcfi'i. rrw.

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