The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1893 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1893
Page 9
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•vi ,--. \s-;tf*>jrgi THE WPPEtt BES MOINfiS AtiGOlS, A < iOWA WJEDN18DAY NOVEMBER 8, 1898. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if oflereil. Eight doctors treated me for Heart Disease and one for Rheumatism, but did me no good. I could not speak aloud. Everything that I took into the Stomrch distressed me. I could not sleep. I had taken all kinds of medicines. Through a neighbor I got one of your books. I procured a bottle'of Green's August Flower and took it. I am to-day stout, hearty and strong and enjoy the best of health. August Flower saved my life and gave me my health. Mrs. Sarah J Cox, Defiance, O. ® For Farmci'.s^Ilners.H.U.Hands :irn others. Thuouloi*!)i'i!L|isoleoxtcn the whole Imigthor tiiu uolu !ltf\\ r n the huul, proLccMii^ 'th«j shank Ullchliif, illb'iiliifT, i*i'. I3u.sL quality throughout. » •/;' is tli- D . . WessinK ever offered child-bearing woman. I have boon a mid-wife for manv years, and in each case whore "Alother's Friend" haUbecnused itlias accomplished wonders and relieved much suffering. It is tho best remedy for rising of :the breast known, nnd worth the price for that alono, Sins. JM. M. UnusTKU, Montgomery, Ala. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt of price, §1.50 per bottle. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., •o.i i.w nil drujxeiatok. ATLANTA. (U Pl&O'S CURE: ConauniitUve* wad people I who have wen!: lunpre or As mu, should uau I'isu'aCure for I j Consumption. It has enred I 1 thounaudt. (t hits not ln}ul>-1 ed one. His not bud totaJte. j | It Is the beat cough nyrup. Sold everrwueri;. S&c, WTON NORMAL COLLEGE urses:—Normal, Business, Bhorthand, writiug, Elocution, Music and Art. effort is made, to secure pleasant easonabl 0 accommodations to stu- ',•" BOOK REST AKD TUITION as low ue , west. Write to the President for pur- iJHi§rs. WINTER TERM begins Nov. IS. lor PUEB catalogue. a, W. WORMLEY, pres., Newton, la. items, Trade-Marks, llinailion aud Advice ta to 1'ateutabiUty of Suud for " luvuntorb'Oiiide, or How to Get PATRICK OTAHESLL, WASHIHOTOH, S. i. ENDORSED. 1 Professor of Physiological Chem- Slt Yakt) College says: "Ifiml Kick, Indian .Sagiaq, to be cm extract of ^ Jiarkfantl Jlerlis of Valuable Jleiu- 'Action, n it/toil t any mineral or other J wu is i.' Llw, [pod and Nerve . iiujeily Known. JSplgauses, Purifies, yjd. Renovates overy t of tho liuiuau .tew. All Pnijf- ItS, $1 FARM AND HOUSEHOLD. BLUE CRASS ON MEADOWS IN NORTH AND SOUTH'. Pdbd Soeii nnd Smooth Ground — Food to tier Liklng—muicllng Warn* —Plnll-Tlireshcei (3rnln—Fork 1'ointors and Household Iltilp*. Illno Grass. Old subscriber asks of tho National Stockman when to sow Kentucky, blue grass seed, how miich seed per acre, and whether grass seed should be mixed with thorn and sown at the same time. As old subscriber failed to give his county and state tho Stockman fails to loeatb him, consequently can only answer in generalities. Ho states ho "would like to sow on wheat ground." There is nothing to hinder." All that is necessary is to prepare the ground for the reception of the sr.ed. We will here answer one of the queries of Subscriber, Augusta county, Virginia, who has ten acres of good limestone land and ten acres of branch meadow, a clo.-.e black clay which he finds it difficult to get in grass. The principal difficulty the grass grower has to contend with is in obtaining 1 a "stand" or a "catch." The essentials to success in grass growing aro (1) good and pure, seed, (2) the ground made perfectly smooth by harrowing 1 and cross harrowing, and where possible and practicable rolling. This proper and absolutely essential preparation furnishes a perfect seed bed for tho young plants, which, vvhilo young, are often as minute as aro tlio seed; especially is this tho case with blue grass. It likewise is a pivot on which hangs success or failure. (2) Timo to sow: This is of the highest importance. All grass seed should ho sown when there is sufficient moisture to cause speedy germination of tho seed, and to keep tho young plants alive after they aro up. All minute grass.seed should bo sown on tho surfuoe, trusting to tho rains to cover thorn deep enough. If harrowed or bruised in many of tho seeds will bo so deep they cannot come up. Half an inch is deep enough for any of. tho liner grass seeds, as tho spears are fine as tho Quest of cambric needles. So flue are they that if covered but one inch deep (which could not possibly bo avoided where they are harrowed in), they could not find their-way up. The seed would be an entire loss; hence the necessity foo careful sowing. When tho soil water below rises (by capillary attraction') sufficiently to meet the rains which have fallen from above, then and not till then is it absolutely Bafe to sow grass seed. We prefer, in order to get as oven a stand us possible, to mark our ground oft' lightly in lands, then mark it again crosswise in lands. This forms chocks; we then take half our seed und sow one way of the lands over the entire ground; then take tho Dthor half of the seed and cross-sow, lilso over the entire ground. This plan prevents "skips" and tends to. Insure an even, perfect stand. Now for tho answers to Old Sub- Coribor's queries: When to .sow'.' In tho South, September to March; in tho North, Soptemlor to 1st of May, preference being givovi to Tall sowing'. How much seed per acre? Two to three bushels (if alono.) Weight of seed per bushel, fourteen pounds. Should other grass seed bo sown on tho Held also? Wo prefer a mixture east, west, north or south, lirst, last and all the time. To our Virginia friend we would say, that wo have explained somo of tho causes of failure in getting a stand. As t'.) varieties suited to his ten acres of bVanch meadow that is inclined to bo wot, redtop Johnson grass," Bermuda, fall fescue, Hood Canary, Fowl meadow, rough stalked meadow grass and white clover would all suit liis land and climate. The larger tho mixture tho better. Wo speak from -experience when wo say that Johnson grass and redtop (cut when they first eorao into 'bloom) are both h'rst-class and leave nothing to ho desired in the hay line, -but if left to ripen their seed become hard and woody; the yield is immense and stock very fond of them. For his limestone land, Kentucky blue grass, orchard, Italian rye, perennial rye, 1'edtop, meadow fescue, swept .-and scented veiTiial grasses with clover .both red .aud white would suit his purpose. Why not put it in clover? The plamt- kvg of .the various leguminous -civopb cannot .fail to he profitable, oftentimes .more so than :grass. It pays to keep something growing .on itbe land all the time. It don't pay to let land "lie fallow," nor to let it grow up in weeds aud bushes or briars. Lund don't need rest; it aieads to be kept continually occupied by some crop, even if that crop is peas or clover to be turned under. —National Stockman. more digestible than tho sftiua food dried, and that hay possesses the same units of nutriment as grass,.tiut every well-informed aait-yirian k^pps right 6a building silos >'.\an& giving cows ttfei" fobfl in itB "succulent fbrm as possible, even to the summer soiling that has been referred to, and this in the face of scienco. Why, if soft foods are no more nutritious than the dry? The fact is that there is an element of palatability to green food, and any cow in flow of milk will turn from the hay to a lock of green grass, and the bundle of dry fodder to a basket of silage. Tho idea of cooking food for stock has pretty much gone by tho board, but there was a palatability about it that was relished ' by the stock; but between-cooked food and tho succulence of the root pit and the cellar silo, there is nothing left for the labor and, tho compensation for the increased'danger of fire; and yet the idea is one of furnishing this food in the way that tho cow likes it bast. Do tho cows ever tire of the food that has most of its natural juices in it? Who ever saw a cow tiro of good, green grass, well put up silage, or a prime sugar beet? Hero is a point in grain feeding: Change tho grain in whole or in part now and then. It adds relish to tho consumption of the ration and promotes appetite, tho same as change, of food is enjoyed by "humans." Uo not drop down the food elements of tho ration, but vary them enough to excite appetite, and tho dairy will do better for tho slight effort it occasions.—Practical Farmer. liulldinj Burns. "" If you are about building a barn, you can probably combine space and economy by building it with a basement. Tho stalls for stock should bo in tho basement, but it should bo so arranged that they are dry, and that tho air is pure and wholesome. Havo an eye to convenience in tho arrangement of every detail. If you grow grain, havo it so you can put tho straw, when you thresh, right over ' tho stables. If it is there, so that it can bo reached without trouble, you will bo apt to make bettor use ol it in feeding than would otherwise bo the case. A large covered shed as an ad June o to tho barn will prove valuable. In that tho stock can get air and exorcise through the winter without being exposed to wind storms. Keep tho manure in this shed until you are ready to haul it out, and tho saving of that product will go far toward repaying the cost of the shed. — Farmers Homo Weekly. AND NOTIONS. Food to Her One thing the .dairyman should net overlook and that is the furnishing of food to the icow that is palatable to her and actually gives her pleasure to consume. In the haste to compound foods that are balanced, to obtain the laryest ilow of milk, the fact that the eQ/ (4 has likes aud dislikes must not Ui overlooked. True it is the chemist may be right as to the composition of the food, and even its digestibility, but there is a • 'something" that his reagents fail to discover, and the cow says no to his yes. The water that is found in grass, silage or a turnip may, to the chemist, be water and nothing more, but the cow turns from those things •:i the dried state and" eats t&em 'green" with the greatest relish a^id with far moi'o profit to the owner. (,'hemists .tell us that silage ig no lireHhoil Grain. A good deal of grain, especially that grown by tho small farmer, is yet threshed by tho Hail. Grain for seed, we think, ought to be usually thus threshed. The flail gets it out slowly and it is not piled in bins in large lots to heat and have its vitality lessened if not destroyed. More important advantage than this is that tho Hail never threshes quite clean and what it leaves in tho sheaf is tho lighten grain. In doing more j perfect threshing 1 , tho machine i breaks or cracks the kernels so that somo of them havo their germs injured. — American Cultivator. I'ork I'olnloi'K. The best time to castrate pigs ia when they aro nursing, or when they aro three or four weeks old. Why not make a hogpon as comfortable for a iiutn to do his work in as other stables aro? Would not the pigs receive bettor attention? A pound of ilosh represents so much money. To deliberately permit it to be lost is to throw away money. When tlio pastures begin to fail, therefore, givo special attention to tho animal so that it may lose nothing. When you aro compelled to keep your swine penned up, if you expect them to thrive as they should, you must spe that they got somo green food daily. In winter artichokes, turnips, and the small potatoes should take tho place of grass and clover. Brooding animals should have a large pasture lot, the larger tho bettor. It will tempt them to takcj plenty of exercise. A sow that takes no exorctso will not farrow as strong and he trty a litter of pigs as tho one that has had hor daily exorcise us she roamed over her pasture lot. Household Helps. Clean gilt frames with rain watoi in whieli ilowci'.s of sulphur have been stirred. Wash marble, with a sponge 01 chamois wet in warm, soft water, then rubbing dry. Dust papered walls with a cloth ovor a broom, sweeping the wall with regular strokes. Remove stains from mahogany, rosewood or walnut by touching thq spots with a feather wet in diluted iiitre. Wash willow furniture with warm water and castile soap, wiping very dry with a soft cloth, then dry in the. i sun .or near a lire. I An economy of waste is bo throw | the salt water left in the ice-cream freezer over the weeds on the garden path and the suds of the wash tul: around the roots of the young trees. For the men and women upon whose nervous energy there are great demands fish is an invaluable article of food. Salmon heads thq list in nutritive qualitieg. It i* richer than meat. In cleaning a badly-soiled carpet great precaution should be used. Briisejels, tapestries, Wiltous or velvet carpets may be cleaned with ox gall — a pint to a pail of water. Use an ordinary scrubbing brush, and afterwards the carpet should bo vigorously rubbed with a coarse cloth. Fresh water should be applied. Train robbing in Spain is guarded against by stationing 1 two soldiers in e'very railway car. ,. , The name "milliner" really means "Milaner," the first hat trimmers in England having been ladles from Milan. The drinking of salt water is said to be a perfect cure for sea-sickness, though it makes tho patient very miserable for a few minutes after ho takes the cure. The operatives in Japan mills work every day, there being no Sunday The hours range from twelve to seventeen, but tho pace is slow and there are frequent holidays. A German has invented a kind of paper from which any sort of ink may be erased by the use of a moist syonge, but the government has refused to grant him a patent on it. George Clifford, watchman for n Bridgeport, Conn., provision dealer, has furnished abundant proof that booty ho stole from his employer leading to his arrest,was all given away to persons he found suffering from hunger. The Albanian girl puts all her fortune into gold and silver coins and mounts theso on her high cap, that not only tho groom but all the assembled company can discsrn her.value at a glance. The other day the brakeman of an accommodating accommodation train on the Santa Fe road is said to have stopped the train to chase a raccoon into a well. Next day they brought along a ladder, and one of tho men went into the well and caught tho 'coon. The editor of a Georgia paper remarks that "the first good citizen bringing the office a 'possum will receive in return a notice that a defeated candidate would envy if referred to his successful rival—we'll speak of your 'public spirit,'-patriotism, generous disposition and how j r ou aro loved by your follow countrymen. Tho weight of tho 'possum will havo considerable to do with tho length and tone of tho notice. Don't all come at once." A Well Known Experiment. "I soe," snid tho man at tho railway lunch counter, '-that you aro a behoyer in tho superiority of mitirl over matter." "Huh?" said tho clerk. "I ocrcoivo," he repeated patiently, "that you boliovo tho miud can control in- tmimnto things." "Whatjo mean'!" "I refer to tho facilo wny in whijh you transform thoso B-ceut cigars into two-far- a-quartors." Honesty is not contagious. A Widely While It Is perfectly true that swahip vapors, morning; nnd evening mists along the baukft of slow Winding, ttlrpid streams, and the effluvium exhaled by the sun from moist anrl decnying vegetables begot malaria, it frequently brenlcs out where no such condillotts exist. It is, In fact, a nml- dy widely prevalent, of which It Is in runny cnses impossible to discover tho origin. But though its cnuses nre ofton obscure. the testimony, professional and public of tho inhabitant* of America aud other lands, leaves no rensonahlu doubt not only that Hostcttor's Stomach Bitters uproots this tenacious disease when fully developed, but fortifies tho system ngninst its first attacks. Chills nnd fever, bilious, intermittent, dumb ague nnd ngue all yield to it alike. Liver trouble, always present in malarial disorder, dyspepsia, constipation nnd kidney complaint succumb to tho Bitters. __ Tho prodignl son in politics is seldom invited to partake ot veal pie. $1OO Reward, $1OO. The reader ot this paper will bo pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that selence has been nble to cure in all its stngos, anrl thnt is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is tho only positive cure known to the mcdicnl fraternity. Catarrh being n constitutional disense requires a constitutional trenhment. Hnll's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, noting directly on tho blood nnd mucous surfaces' of tho system, thereby destroying tho foundation of the disenbe, nnd giving tho patient strength by building up the constitution nml assisting nature m doing its work. The proprietors linvo so much faith in its- curative powers, that they ofl'er One Hunclrod Dollars for any case that it fulls to cure. Send tor testimonials. Address, F. J. CHRNEy&Co, Toledo, O. t2?"h:'oUl by Druggists, Tjc.WI When a man talks into a telephone what he sttys goes. moving SnuKi. Convcntptit mnrUols. H"oil soil, pure water urn! exi'ullt'iit rllimtte lire inlVBiiti'jriis In hi. consldorrd WIIBII louktnK up a hi)in«. hiisliipm InpMnn, Iiirin, clc. MHryliinil ami Virginia nfforil tlicso with iniiny initri) nilvanlnsti'is. hnpi'nvc'il fnrin muds, uilii|itvil to nlorli nilsliiL', ilnlrylnir, «r:i\n, Rrnsa nml Irult itrnwlnir, i:l low prlcnn nii'l ua»y H-i-ms. i'lirlvluu towim Invltfi tin 1 . iniHTli.iut, incclinnlo anil liiisliii-as mini. AlwinliMn'e "I I'mil, tiniliur, ore, WIIUM- iiowi-r. etc. Address M. V. Hlrlnml', J.niul and Immigration Agunt, li. & O. K, K., UaUlinuri!, .Md. ___ It is snid thnt the bull is very liable to an attack ot scarlct^fcver. _ " TliniHoin'H ni!iy; l<v '"«•«» Snlve." \V:iri'iint<'il lormvor minify rufiiiiilc.'il. Asli your drugBlnl for II . I'l'iw IS i-L'iils. Tlio biggosrcxponso of married life is frequently caused by tho little ones. MlilloU'u Cmm«iniiH.loi» Cure iMsolilniiiipiiiinintiM-. Hi'iiri-s IiK-lplMiit. fiinMimn. tion. II is tliu ht'sli Coiiuli Uiiru. !!5.i;m..nOcts. te*i.<)U. To err is human, but there nro soms people who nro remarkably human. IstlmoMi'st. and bi'st. II. will hriMi.U nn a Cold nnluK. LM- lluui luiytliliiif win'- 1 . H ' s always rullabli;. Try it. Tlio slipper wns probably tho first home mission board. if the ISiiliy li C'ntlliiK r ;vcl.5s, no mirb anil use that old nml well-tried remedy, Mi«. '•VISBI.OW'S SOOTIIINH Svnui 1 for Children Teething. No one should expect, a square meal •when making the rounds o£ tho lunch conn tors. Have uses in cooking well known to every housekeeper ; but the method of refining them to make them chemically pure, and of mixing them together so as to produce their greatest leavening power and best results when combined, is a matter of great exactness, requiring the most expert knowledge and skill. Is the product of this knowledge and experience and the expenditure of many thousands of dollars in patents and appliances for its preparation. It is a compound oE strictly pure grape cream of tartar and absolutely pure soda, combined with exactness and care by famous chemists, and it will produce moro wholesome and delicate bread, biscuit, cake, rolls, etc., than can bo had where this modern agent of cooking is not used. Beware of the cheap compounds called baking powders to catch the unwary. They are made with alum and are poisonous.'' Lake Michigan is twico as deep as Lake Superior and nine times as deep as Lake. Erie. At Northampton, Mass., thuro is a well :',7»0 feet deep that is perfectly dry at tho bottom. .Special Agent llanlon estimates that the government lost last year by fraudulent importations of Havana tobacco ovor $4,000,000. A Pittsburg- man who thre itened to murder every resident on tho street on which he lived, was given ten days imprisonment by a judge, a few days afro. A horse jumped off London bridge the other day. lie narrowly csuaped landing on a passing steamboat, but was finally resuuud, unharmed by liis plunge into the Thames. The girl makes tho greatest objections to any pnblie demonstrations of ulToctiou be- foro marriage; tlio mau, makes the objection afterwards. A man has a great advantage over wo- iiuin. If hi.sfueo is ugly he can turn out liis \vhiskers and hide it. A French epigram declares that a woman is not old so loiio- as she can inspire love. A popular prima donna says she helps to keep her voice fresh by making it a rule never to sing to her friends. "Trust in 'God and defend thyself bravol'y" is tlio motto on a sword presented by the German emperor to his 10-year-old son. A collarette that is coming forward is a three-quarter circle, shaped to fit smoothly around the shoulders, and folded to points in front. It is effective in the stiff linen and heavy cotton goods. The state attire of the king of Biam is worth over $1,000,000. Ho has 300 wives and eighty-seven children and a good deal more than a peck of trouble. He is forty years of ago and was a father at twelve. If a mnu changes his mind after proposing for marriage, he would do well to mind tho change. ST, JfiGOBS OIL IS THE KING-CURE OVER ftbL, IT ftftS NO EQUftL NO SUPERIOR, flbONE THE BEST, DES 9V1O1NIES MANUFAOTURINQ & SUPPLY CO. Dr. Sheep's Itcstot-ntltB Nertrt Pill* Sottt f Mcdl«ftl Boole to prove rtcf It; for 4o fttitnip. Biats 2,10. Du. snoop, Bo* W,. ttnclne, \Vl«. When A public mcifl ha« lost his ffrfip fc* i,, will not do much Handshaking' With co&* - stltuonts. _ ____ 'B FILLS aro n, patniessi nnrf ftf» fectnal i-emecly for nil bilious and tiervoo* disorders. For sttle 1 by all druggists. Tho toper devotes 'Kl'iWself to one ftb* sorbing subject, nnd that Is himself. Son Colchester Spading Boots adV. in Many a girl who mames for"letslii'e, pouts in hnste. coUunto. A SURGEON'S KNIFE gives you a feeling of hoi*6# nri dread. There is no longer necessity tot its use In many diseases fottnerly regarded as Incurable without cutting. The Triumph of Conservative Surgary is Ytoll Illustrated by .the fact that RIIPTIIRP or Breach, IS flow ttittt* nur I UnC eoil cured without tho knlfo and without pnin, Clumsy, obnf* ing trusses odd bo thrown away 1 Tlioy never euro but often induce inflam* motion, strangulation and dentil. TIIMflRQ Ovarian. Fibroid (Uterine) I uiiiuno nw j many others, nro now removed without tho perils of cut* tins; operations. Pi! F tilMlftR^ however rULC i urosima, Fistula other diseases of tho lower bowel, permanently cured -without pain or- resort to tho knife. CTftMCT in thn Bladder, no matter- Ol umu how larg-o, is crushed, pulverized, washed out and perfectly removed without cutting. QTRIHTIIRP of Urinary Passage t» O I nlw 1 une a ] so removed without- ctit.tlnff in hundreds of cases, Fat- pamphlet, references and all particulars, send 10 cents (in stamps) to World's Dispensary Medical.. A tiou, G03 Main St., Buffalo, N. 1fi 1'ir.niintfld wltli I T!jni»!iif>n!V BOVO nyee, use I • ilOlTJjJSQll! Sonil 1()u t01 ' KoyiU .S»f<»- guard Ncidniizs! nofrnnft; every Iiuly needs It. LADIHX KHFOKIUJI, St. tomli, Be* 1>m?Tn3 A T'F*«! I" crayon mnrto nltonf ± Uli 1.Ui/l. LlK) home. Kull InatruoMOnab# mull. .Amenta wanted. Slump for full particulars Mull Art Instructor, Hox 741!, .Dos Molncs, lovfll. New novelty. JBvriy . H\g IndnecnicMtM. Stump fur imrilciilui'H, Hiimtilo <ft*v. ]J|:B liuos., 307 Mfth fit., DOS Molnus, Iowa A P WATT**! wanted. /X\JJ1/JLN J.O driver or n horse ImyH one. W1SOA JAM'S WAFER3,In«oni«» bvpiiynli:luusiin tiio best loeiilri'medy Bror I'emalo Ailments. Easy lr> use. B''l<'" n ly, andstiro toouro. Two weetor ' I refitment free. A (Wrests MICAJAH & CO.. WARREN. PA. AGENTS Josfn/i, Allen's Wife's Jfottf JiooJc, "Samantlia , A ,7 B World's Fair" '»*!. nn !„• "i's; over 100 Hlnnfrillloiifi by rle Ol-llnmi fiOO,OOft r ll; Clull.. (•.'..'!»; UulC liiisnlji, ij'1.00. Ain'ntn nnnlnl now, In Fuuk& Li Co., rulm.,la-20 Aslor More, NrwYnrt, Undo In nil Btylcs ana slam. Llclittiat, stronucut, cn&lest • working, SIUCBU Biinplest, most accurate, niout conipnct, ana* most modern. Model 1801 In 82 cnl. uses short, anil long rim anil CCD- tnr-lh'o curtrldKCS In tlic Piuno rlile. Biivca CO per C0nt» on cost of imimiinlUnti over any oilier 32 col. fopeittfcr nmde. Model 1803 iio\y ready In 82-10 und 88-56. Catalogues innlled Free. THE MARLIN FIRE ARMS CO., New Haven, ton. Illnstruled catalogue showing WELL,/ ATJGEK3, ROOK JUULLS, HyDKATJLIO AND JETTING MACHINERY, elf. SENT FIIEB. Havo been tested and all warranted. THE PECH nPG. CO. Sioux City, lowu 10 S. Gnnnl St., Chicago. i '4 ^ ",1* V'or tin 1 evil i.»ll(u tw of tin; errors Of yontli nn<1 nrlvnti! dlhCjiM'H. Woian H'tloio j'Dii to uhuolnlo* uiaiihtiod, iiuli'lily ami prlvatoly. Send IIH SS C|K, poslaco nnrl we will teiul you symptom lilankM imjl i>alali>Kiio 1,'lvlni.' lull (iumrlplloii of cure 1'u 1 - scrllii-il anil propnrcil liy Iho boat tueiliciil mii thorltlcH iif tin! ii-Kif TINO iM .KI).IUAI< CO., Dies AKMNIOS, IOWA. I', o. i!o.v.;»)«. ,, -- M.\ XUl-'ACTUKEKS OK - B08LERS, PUIVIPS, 1TQ, FJX)UR. COB-N AN]) OAT MEAL MACHINES AND MACftlN W OF ALL KINDS, WORKINU Wftfi/ W. BAKER & CO.'S No Alkalies — OH — Other Chemicals nro lined Jn tlio preparation of which ta absolutely pure nnd soluble. It 1ms morothnn three timft^ thaxti't'/aijlli of Cocon, mixed* with Starch, Arrowroot.or" ^_ SiiRiir, nud is far'iuoio economical, coatlivj less than one cent n tup, It 19 delicious, nourishing, and BIGI3STKIJ. , Sold liy O-ocL'rB W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mauat We huvo one thousand pounds of b'rovler body typu ingondcon(lillon,uuidaoruxtrA> uictul by liuruhurt Hros. & Splndler, innuufiiU'iirora at thn fum"us superior copiJcr-mUed type. Wo will noil U la fonts of 100 pounds or more, to be dejlv* creil as KOOII i\a we get on our new, at thei low price of WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION- • 0} \Vf»t Jackuoa St., CHIOAOO, Il4 [GOOD CHANCEij OdellSiO Typewriter for $10, if cash with on- dor is received before Nov. 1st, 18W famous Odell Typewriter la used uv Ijtv Ministers, Doctors, Mi.-rchunts, tidllors Government Onicers, becauau of its print, biinulicity and inauifold copit's, teacher required. It will do your worli hour's practice. Order now and take age of this exceptionally The ers. wnq Address COAL HOISTING AND H MACHINERY, MILL IGQQD CHAJNCE|

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