The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1893 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1893
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1893. VOL. XXVm-NO* 33, m; If you want to make a shilling go the farthest in buying your winter supplies, be sure to take it to the to spend it, Our stock is constantly increasing in size and variety, and our prices are an additional attraction for your shilling. M. Z. Grove & Son. Galbraith's New Goods Are In, Our Fall stock is now in, and we have a complete line oi all kinds of Dry Goods, Carpets, Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets and in Dress Goods we have an elegant line. In Clothing for men and boys we still have a small stock on hand which we are closing out cheap. We have a larger stock of Shoes than ever before, nearly all new, all of which we will sell at the lowest possible prices. . L GALBMTH & CO. i Am Here. ire Ira? In the dark unless you come into the open light to see my new and neat stock of Drugs, Perfumes, and Sundries. Try me. Studley, The New Druggist. If you Are in Need of Velvet,, Body Brussels, or Tapestry. O. Ideal 3-ply or 2-ply Carpet, wove, mixed, or cotton Carpet, come to the Grange Store and see the big lot of new samples you can select from, MADE READY TO LAY without extra charge. As to the QUALITY of our goods we refer you to over 500 persons in this and adjoining counties who have bought of us. =THE GRANGE STORE, JULIUS PLETH. List your Lands with me if you want to make a quick sale.- OfflOS QYBB FABM LOANB MADE From 5 to 7 Yww utl&r cettf. ITS A CLEAN SWEEP. Iowa's Republican Plurality Will Not Fall Much Short of 30,000 Votes. Sessions (Rep.) for Representative is Elected from This District by a Safe Majority. « While Kossuth County Elects Every Man on the Republican County Ticket —A Quiet Election. This morning's reports indicate that Frank D. Jackson is elected by over 30,000 plurality. The last dispatches last night showed him 1,600 ahead of Harrison last year, when he bo'at Cleveland by 23,000. At the same ratio of gain Jackson may run up to 35,000 over Boies. The whole republican ticket is elected by big pluralities. Mitchell was guessed last night at 12,000 votes and Joseph at 30,000 in the state. In Ohio McKlnley is claimed by 70,000. He is a winner by a very heavy majority. New York Is republican by 40,000 and gets the legislature. The republicans win in Massachusetts by 25,000. The democrats have elected governor twice at preceding elections. The whole election is an overwhelming overturn of the democratic party. The majorities are very heavy. In Algeria. It was the quietest election day ever seen in town. A stranger would not know that anything unusual was going on. But a pretty full vote was out, in all 530. There was no canvassing, no discussion, except when the report came in that some circulars had been sent into Svvea, etc,, and no buttonholing. The republican majority showed the Australian ballot or an unwillingness on the part of the voters to cut a party ticket all to pieces for fun changed an impending land slide into a very moderate cut. Even Mr. Lund got 40 votes after all that had been said, while both Col. Spencer and B. F. Smith got 47 out of the republican 70 odd votes. The strangest thing in the LuVerne vote is the cut on Whittemore's candidate, Mr. Samson, who does not run with the ticket there. It was rumored that Lu Verne would give Samson a solid vote in return for Whittemore's cut on Spencer. Wesley came in solidly republican as usual, but 20 votes are thrown out because not properly marked, and they mostly republican ballots. It was reported yesterday that a circular had been scattered in Swea purporting to come from B. W. Haggard and S. S. Sessions asking American voters to stand against Mr. Lund because ho is a Scandinavian, and because the Scandinavians are getting too much control. It was found, so it was claimed, addressed to an American born citizen. A copy has not been seen here, but that or something has cut Swea's republican majority badly. If such a circular is out it is a sample of dirty political trickery. The county jail tax will never know it was running. It is beaten by a very heavy vote. The people prefer to lose money by dribs than to all at once fix the jail up right. Ben Smith and the Ramsay delegation were in early from the north, and a barrel of apples was rolled out at Carter's by the north end supervisor and all hands rejoiced with .him. Returns nt 11 O'clock. At 11 o'clock this morning out of 23 voting precincts heard from Sessions had 354 majority. Six of the remaing eight townships will not give over 195 democratic mnjority, while Germania and Eagle cannot be estimated, but will give probably a republican majority. Out of 22 precincts Col. Spencer had a majority of 390, and Mr. Samson a majority of 385. All are elected by from 200 up. Thn entire republican ticket is safely elected. WANTED—All the eggs you have to sell, at the Opera House Grocery. o • >-* ft ft • 2; f"; i &; iilplltl Jg^g.gOJo dpi 1 I s CO IS Ot W CO rf* rfk IS tf. H 31 M M * OS CO 0_t It; -1 JO CO CO M M • 01 M own C51SCC 00 05 CO OCOC : co 1 O. M : -1 M M If. : : : : M' MI-S S 01 oo 01 co o: a ii o 01 M * -1 CO 3 CO CO JIK-CIOOISOIIC-IM ; M M • 1»- 1C O M rf. -1 -1 1C 05 IS CO * *• 10 *• W 0) -1 ws it- o o> it- it- 01 01 31 M it- is 3 O W H 01 H- -1 CO -1 IS W ; : : : M: . CO. . . IS. -1ISMJI- MM CO IS Ol M CO 4- If- IS It- M *• -1 co -i co co c: o is is ce co co M It*. 01 CO 01 M It; -1 CO CO If- CO ': 01 M 1SOI -ICO K--1 ctco M 10 cr. coo 01 M COM 01 CO CO 1C M MO : ci M • lies IS CI 01 CO COM '• O i rf- c; CO IS no CO a 01 01 u CO -1 ^J 01 S 10 : C! M 10 *• IvOi-trf-M-l IS M MM liO-'OOCOO) «M.MO,a it M a: M oi-i Oi -US CO CIO CO CC IS CO CO CO -1 O CUS CO CO o: -I co co co co M It M Ol M It- -1 OCM-llSCJ-l It- IS It- M Oi -1 C/i CO -1 CO 00 IS It- IS It- M 01-1 oi co a co os M MCOIM OlM I i ; i s! .1 Jl _t X _1 «i » ^1 M Cl<! MO col Ml 01 -1 IS CO K-O It- 5 : o> CO a is • r. n- ^ s 3 4* S It^OCM IMS ceoioi cocoi ISM! so:*- is MMCOCi -l)t-li -.icon- oo &a>'- -lit- CO CO IS -1 C: CJi isooi 0>£CO a co oi ICO) Ojll- M MOO a co qscii 4-ii tf-tf* a>i- ISCC 104- Clt- -1CO o>co ccco £t MI anifl 5 Jt5 ! 'T M 1C CO MCO ££ IS O1S : H 1 O W -10 ife H 1 ~i -•W JOJ _4 = 0) /. o 1w _1 — 1 1— 1 t-t CO 01 CO u CO s rf- 1C IS o 00 It- It- ?" CO IS » CO IS M CO o IS -1 : u CO -1 M cr. *! s IS 00 IS Aleona— First ward Second ward Third ward Fourth ward- .. Burt HiifTol/> MM oomccco ce M co a o OIH-CIOICO IS CO O M 00 COMK-M- ISll-MISIS M O CO Ci -1 -1 It- 4- -1 !0 *• 01 01 It- 0' #• COlt-COHM M M.. MM ooooceco M -1 1C IS -I Clt-COOiCO COMCOM! MM MOO! 00 CO O CO 01 CO 01 0_l *- it; 01 CO CO MCO IS* M OCOffiOCCO 1SCOC-.-IM IS M M IS M MM o o a <a oo O1SCOOCI MM OOO1COCO OOI1C1SCJI cc oo -i a oi -i ci a. -i it- is eisoiMM OISC.M: MM MOOCOCO MM MOO: co oo OCOOSillt. M 01 01 CI -1 CO CO 03 I I Oi* '.'•''•'' CC- '• '.'•'•• O' '• '.'•'•'•'•' M 00 -1CJ 0 Ui B| ? Jackson, (Rep.) Doles, (Dem.) Joseph, (Peop.) Mitchell, (Pro.) Sessions, (Rep.) Lund, (Dem.) Parsons, (Peop.) Spencer, (Rep.) Smith, (Dem,) Davlson, (Peop.) Samson, (Rep.) Pettlbone, (Dem.) Davis, (Peop.) Reed, (Rep.) Whitney, (Peop.) Chubb, (Rep.) Smith, (Rep.) Llchty, (Dem.) Johnson, (Dem.) Hanna, (Peop.) Chrlstenseu, (Peop.) Telller, (Rep.) Morse, (Rep.) Heflln, (Dem.) For. Against. Governor. Legislative. Treasurer. Sheriff. Superin tendent. Supervisors. If Coroner. CH a gain of 16 over the presidential vote of last year, The Fourth ward made an unusual gain, and gave big majorities along the ticket. The majorities for Jackson were 43 in the First, 35 in the Second, 53 in the Fourth, and 13 in the Third. Joseph got none in the First, one in the Second, four in the Third, one in the Fourth. Mitchell got two in the First, two in the Second, one in the third, four in the Fourth. Parsons got 26 votes. Col. Spencer had the big majority in town, running 50 ahead of Jackson. He got a big vote in the Third ward. Samson ran ahead of the state ticket, and Sessions a little behind. Algona gives Samson 147 majority. In the County. The chief interest in the county returns centers in Lu Verne's vote, some curiosity being felt over what they would do in view of the bitter attack upon Col. Spencer and B. F. Smith. The returns showed this morning that Helps for Hard Times. Christinas presents for nothing—handsome and valuable ones, too. This sounds good these hard times, and the problem seems to have been solved by the Weekly Pioneer Press of St. Paul, Minn. An examination of their extensive E remium supplement, just issued, shows a irge aud tempting assortment of elegant premiums offered to subscribers. The premiums are all sent post paid and are guaranteed to be as represented. The Pioneer Press is, one of the best weekly papers in the country and has a large circulation. Send postal card for free sample copy and premium supplement, to "The Pioneer Press,» St. Paul, Minn. Buckleii'a Aruieu Solve. The best salve iu the world fo.r bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped bauds, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 35c » box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. Lamp Goods .fc^OF ALL KINDS. Water Sets, Chamber Sets, Glassware, AND CROCKERY, All new and the latest patterns, at * Langdon & Hudson's. We will Sell Lower than the Lowest. We will Meet All Competition. Heating Stoves, Hard and Soft Coal. AT John Grove's. Cook Stoves AND Ranges We will Save You Money in these Hard Times. SUSPENDERS, choice 25 cents, atTay- Ninnesota Linseed Oil Co.'s Paints. Cutlery of all descriptions. . Guns and Revolvers. Granite and Galvanized Ware Ideal Oil Stoves. Glidden Barb Wire. We sell the best of everything in HARDWARE! Columbian Flour Sifter. Nickel Coffee Pots, Nickel Tea Pots, and Nickel Tea Kettles. Syphon Oil Cans. Husking Pins and Gloves. Scoop Shovels and Bushel Baskets—at John Grove's. A. D. McGregor, so they say, Sells fine furniture every day At the State street stand so nice and neat, Here you will find a stock complete. * Baby Cabs, Bedsteads, Rockers, and Chairs, So many that everyone declares There is naught in the county to be compared With the splendid variety so well prepared. Does anyone doubt this simple lay, Then let him come here every day And see choice goods too numerous to mention, Culled from every tribe and nation. The clerk will great you with a smile, No trouble to show you goods meanwhile. Come witty and wise, both short and tall, Come small and great, there's welcomefor all. When looking- For a cook stove or range, remember I handle the.... Garland, Also Heath & Milligew Paints, Iron and Wood Pumps, Please call and get prices and look my stock over, 3% *W%

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