The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon on September 29, 1913 · Page 2
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The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon · Page 2

Portland, Oregon
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Monday, September 29, 1913
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THE OREGON . DAILY JOURNAL, PORTLAND, MONDAY EVENING; SEPTEMBER 29, ,1913. BfXBY'S LAWYER CALLS TRIAL HELLISH ATTACK , IN CLOSING ARGUMENT Cas? WilP End Tonight; Year in Jail Is Maximum Penalty for Offense, UoIte4 Pre Leased Wire.) Los Angeles, Sept 2D.i-Flood of oratory surged today abdut the box of the Jury that Is to decide whether George It Blxby, Long: Beach capitalist, la guilty of contributing- to the delinquency of Helen Barker. " Attorneys f or both sides delivered their arguments. They worked In teams, J. - XV. Bell and Asa Keyes ap-. pearing for, the state and Oscar Lawler and kecompte Davis for Blxby. - Bell assailed the carefully advanced contention of the defense that Blxby was th, Victim of a blackmailing plot. Lawler replied, attacking the character and ' veracity' of the witnesses against Blxby and eulogizing the de- - landant. i.---r - , Deris Speaks for Blxby. : 1 When Lawler had concluded, Le-,eompte Davis, once attorney for the ; McNamaras, took up- the burden for Bixby, and spent more than an hour in a patient, logical marshaling of evl. dence. Proseoutor Keyes was to follow Davis late today. ' The case probably will go to the Jury about 5 o'clock. If Blxby la convicted the maximum punishment, he can receive will be one year In Jail and H 000 fine. The district ' attorney's office has refused to state "whether he will be prosecuted on a. similar charge concerning Irene Marie Brown Levy, If ha Is acquitted on the Barket charge. -! "Foilantaropj" Denied. Bell, opening for the prosecution, derided Blxby's personal testimony that his visits to the Jonquil apartments had been ; actuated by a philanthropic motive. He declared to be preposterous Bixby's statement that he had given one girl more than $4000 to aid her to a better life. . "Gentlemen." began Bell, "we have seen the blush of shame on the face of ' his honor, the expression of consternation on the faces of the defense counsel, and the looks of horror on the visages of the witnesses at the disclosures In this case. All this was the manlfesta-i. tion f of the social conscience, slowly awakening, of which this defendant Is the victim." - Bell then launched Into an exposition of the Juvenile law, under which Blxby was Indicted. He declared that the ln-. tent of the law Is to protect until they are of proper age children who might be forced below the social level by evil Influences.' After "concluding with the epecifio statute, Bell turned to Blxby and the witnesses who appeared against him. i ' City Olrl's Testimony. '."Helen Barker told you," he said, ' "that she was Introduced to Bixby by Mrs. Josie Rosenberg, Blxby was a friend of this woman, who has con- ducted.lhree -immoral - houses In Los ' Angeles. Helen Barker lived an lm-; moral Ufa at the Jonquil, where they met ' "Esther Cochran met Blxby at the Jonquil, where she led an Immoral life. Bhe knew him as 'Jackson.' "Myrtle O'Palr met Blxby at the Jonquil, where she led an Immoral life. Bhe knew him as The Black Pearl.' "Helen Neiblas met Blxby at the Jonquil, where she led an immoral Ufa, Bhe knew him as 'King.' " At this juncture a resonant snore punctuated the prosecutor's earnest ; argument. Investigation revealed Oscar Lawler, defense attorney, with closed eyes bowing over his table. Bell, unruriiea, procreaea. . Derides Tale of Olfts. -"Blxby says he first went to see Mrs. Rosenberg at an Immoral house in 107 to help a poor, unfortunate girl," shout-"ed-th:attorneyr"Mand he sayi he gave" Mrs. Rosenberg $800, if you please, for that girl!" Bell snorted his disbelief, and strode close to the Jury box, bellowing the general question: 'Say, if you gentlemen were fojajr to help a fallen girl, would jrou'gtf-te an immoral -house and turn your charity money over to the madwnT" Bell then turned hlsAttentlon to the blackmail conspiracy jglleged by the defense, and closed wfth a demand that such a defense be Ignored and that a . verdict of guilty be returned. Cawler Quotes Bible. Lawler, waiving formalities, leaped Into the fray almost before Bell was aeated. Holy writ offered the defense attorney an opportunity, which he seised .td- chide Bell for his reference to the lives led by the girl witnesses. "To Mr. Bell, I say, in the words of the holy, man of Galilee," Lawler declaimed, " 'Judge not, that ye be not Judged.'" "in speaking of these witnesses," continued the attorney, "I shall endeavor to be charitable as Christ, who, when the woman was brought before him to be toned, said 'Let him who, Is without in among you cast the first stone.' " ':....M.v Attacks Olrl's Voracity. Lawler then attacked the veracity otM Helen Barker, accusing her of falsifying her age before the grand jury. He also attacked the character of Marie Brown-Levy, another witness, and her mothor, Mrs. Elizabeth Lacey, calling the mother" to task as follows: ?Marla Brown-Levy is the daughter, of Elizabeth Lacey, who lived side by side with her at the Jonquil; side by side with her daughter giving her body to the passion of men. Great God!" I After extolling the virtues of the defendant,' and referring to his many well-known philanthropies in southern California, Lawler closed with a plea for - hisuwlfB and -six: -children, alone oti the ranch, suffering unspeakable tortures because of the outrageous and hellish attacks being made on the head of the ; house." REBELS IN ECUADOR LOSE IN NAVAL BATTLE Buenos Aire, gept.29. Further fighting between rebels and government forces was reported today in Ecuador - ee verm ciucs r oeaiegeu ny me re Dels, tha .dispatches etated. While marines nd' bluejackets were landing from the government gunboat Cotopaxi yesterday, rebela In skiffs and barges attacked their launches and upset several of them. The gunboat thereupon fired upon the men struggling in the water, mashed two of the rebel boats and killed many men. - The rebels finally fled. va;.;, i t. v,:; f;,,; ; ' Ptreewatcr Wlna Frix.' . . Freewater, Or., Bept 2. In addition to winning the first prise, including the O.-W. KAN. fup for the best display of fruit at the Walla Walla annual fair, a Freewater youngster aiab brought home the "better babies" honora fine was Muriel Roberson, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. J, E, Koberaon, PAMPHLET CONTAINS LIST OF (Arguments for and Agains Proposed Matters Set Out for Voters. In accordance with the law. Secre tary of State Ben W. Olcott haa Just issued a pamphlet containing- a list of the measures which will be submitted to the electorate of Oregon at the special election to, be held Tuesday, No-. vember 4. Arguments, for and against, accompany the statement of the measures.' The five measure to be voted on are. those relating to the state university building repair fund, the purpose of which is to provide funds to the extent of $65,000 for Improvements at the University of Oregon; the University of Oregon new building appropriation to provide funds for Jhe construction ana equipment oi a new classroom building; the sterilization act, the pur pose of which Is to authorise the state board of health to perform operations on namtual criminals, moral degener ates and sexual Derverti: the county attorney aot, which provides for a die trict attorney for each county of the state; and the workmen's compensation act, the purpose of which la to create a state Industrial accident commission and to provide a fund1 for the compensation of injured workmen. A copy of the pamphlet will be sent to every registered voter of the state. it "IS E TO THE ARTIST (United Prets Leased Wire.) Oakland, Cal., Sept. 29. So deeply pained and humiliated by the notoriety which his famous painting "September Morn," has brought him that he can no longer bear to frequent his former haunts, Paul Chabas, the artist, la hiding from his friends somewhere in the south of France, and his model, a dainty and demure little bachelor girl, has also dropped from sight according to Jules Pages, noted artist, her today from Paris where he knew both artist and model personally. Pages says the girl who posed for "September Morn" Is not pretty, but very Graceful in fierurn. fihn la 2K vm old and daily made her living by calling at the Paris stu&Qa for posing. "September Morn" has not made her rich or famous, and she is now hiding from its notoriety. . She bears an excellent reputation for character, Pages said. Chabaa la of a retiring and deeply sensitive nature, and the comment aroused over his painting has grieved him deeply. FILING OF INVENTORY PERMITTED BY COURT Mrs. Anna M. McGinn, widow of Charles E. McGinn and executrix of his estate, secured an order from Circuit Judge Cleeton this morning permlttlns the filing of an Inventory of the estate, which showed no assets In Multnomah county. Mrs. McGinn filed an Inventory recently showing assets of $58,851.70, that an Inheritance' tax might be levied against her, and claimed that this Inventory waa filed voluntarily, though no property waa in the. county at the time. The present Inventory waa filed that she might escape taxation for 191.1 Some weeks ago Circuit Judge Mc Ginn submitted a petition for his mother to the board of equalization ask ing that the assessment against the estate for the amount above named b canoelled, on the grounds that it was out of the estate. The assessment was made because the Inventory of the estate showed the property listed. The application was submitted to District Attorney Evans. No opinion has yet been rendered. PLACED ON TRIAL ON CHARGES OF VAGRANCY St. D. Martin and Mary M. Martin were placed on trial for vagrancy before Clroult Judge McGinn this ''morning, on a charge arising out of a tag day sale which they engineered last June. Martin claims to be the Right Rev. St Martin, bishop of the Columbia, United Christian conference, and Mrs. Martin was known as the Very Rev. M. M. Martin. The proceeds of the sale were $75, of which but 85 cents was turned Into the general fund of the conference, and the remainder waa used In paying expenses. At the time they claimed to be collecting money for the World's Christian Citizenship conference, for the Baby home, for an Old People's home and -for other charitable purposes, according to whom they met Their statements led to their arrest on, account of the Inconsistency of their claims. SANDY PREPARING FOR TWO DAYS OF PLEASURE Sandy, Or., Sept 29. The fair committee Is busy completing final arrangements for the fair which will be held here Friday and Saturday of this week. The festivities will open with a parade Friday morning, and in the afternoon the baby show and eugenics contest wtfebe. held at Odd Fellows' hall. Saturday mornlnjr will be given over to a program of music and iddreaaes at Shelley's hall. There will be athletlo contests in the afternoon. WILL BE EXHIBITED IN EASTERN LAND SHOW Oregon's exhibit at th eastern land hnwa ttfill K st awalUi l n.4.IU..4i - ifrom the Mlh'ur County Agricultural anuvunun ana me spasiaa imnrove- ment club, according to information received at the Commercial club to-' day. Harry B. Grand, seoretary of the Malheur organization, says he has two boxes ready for shipment by W. H. Doo-llttle, president of the Ontario Commercial club, and W,: E. Meacham of Seaside Is collecting samples of products of the beach county. GERMAN ARMY OFFICER SHOOTS, .KILLS ENSIGN Dledenhofen, Germany, Bept 29. Lieutenant Tlege, an officer in the artillery corps of the German army, ahot and killed Ensign Foerster today In a drunken brawl. Tlege recently waa acquitted by court-martial of a charge of disturbing a religious meeting. During a celebration of his acquittal Foerster remonstrated with Tie and was shot dowf MEASURES ormTMnrn MORN OtritlYIDtK CURS CHURCH HAS NARROW FROM Blaze Extinguished by Rev, George Thompson and, Rev, George Marr. '! Herolo work by the Rev. George Thompson and Rev. George fc. S. C. Marr at an early hour this morning saved the Church of the Madeleine, Kast Twen- tv-third unri Slskivou street, from pos sible destruction by fire. Father marr was aroused by the crackling of flames at 2 a m., and discovered that fire had made considerable headway In the sacristry of the church. After telephoning for the fire department. Father Thomp son and he were able to check the fire's advance by carrying buckets of water to the burning rocm. All the windows of the sacristry were cracked and other damage to the amount of about $300 was done. The sacristry is separated from the church proper, otherwise the fire might have spread to the main structure. Rev. George Thompson is In charge of the church, while Rev. Marr is on the faculty of Columbia university. He was spending the night as the guest of Father Thompson. Defective wiring is believed to nave started the fire. OPPOSES CHANGES IN ROAD APPORTIONMENT County Commissioner Llghtner, in a report to Chairman w. W. Cotton or the highway advisory board, this morning expressed himself as opposed to any change In the present road districts and method of apportionment. The advi sory board has considered maKing changes and the matter will be taken up at a meeting of the board this afternoon. In his report Mr. Llghtner takes up the history of the present system. According; to the report prior to Jan uary 30, 1804, there were 14 road districts In Multnomah county. Under the state law one-half of the "tnoney raised In a district must be used In the district in which it was raised. At that time Portland was embraced In district 14, nd about $134,000 of the road funds had to be spent In the city, though but a few miles of county road were within its boundaries. To correct this defect 13 of the 14 dis tricts were consolidated and became dis trict No. 1. District No. 4 became district No. 2. This sytem lias been in vogue since 1904. In this manner prac tically all of Multnomah county became district No. 1 and receives the benefit of the funds raised in Portland. 6PE RECEIVES LARGE NUMBER OF PILGRIMS Rome, Sept. 29. The pope felt so much better today that he received a delegation of pilgrims from Brazil and gave his blessing to a number of girls who had Just made their first communion. His doctors have, insisted, however, that he give up many of his duties, fearing he will collapse otherwise. They said his trouble was due solely to the weak ness of advancing years. DOCTOR'S SECOND TRIAL ENDS IN DISAGREEMENT Springfield, Ohio, Sept. 29. The Jury In the case of Dr. Arthur Smith, accused of poisoning his first wife, Florence, disagreed and 'wag discharged at noon today by Judge Hagun. The Ju rors were out 44 hours. The first trial of Smith, which was held last spring, also resulted In a disagreement. Porter Funeral Held. The funeral of W. T. Porter, brother-in-law of County Clerk Coffey, who died last Friday, was held yesterday afternoon from the family residence. 378 Park street Dr. Luther R. Dyott, pastor of the First Congregational church, preached the sermon, and Claire Monteith sang. Interment was In Rlv-ervlew cemetery. Many friends and relatives attended the services. Mr. Porter was of a pioneer family. Trouble Continues In Colorado. Oakvlew, Colo., Sept. 29. A volley was fired from the surrounding hills today into the shacks occupied by strikebreaking coal miners. Mine guards rushed toward the hidden marksmen but the latter scattered among the hills and escaped. No one was hit but was feared the incident marked the begin ning of grave trouble. Poetry Shower for Riley. Indianapolis, Ind. Sept. 29. Arrangements were made today to give James Whltcomb Riley a "poetry shower" from the children throughout Indiana on his sixty-first birthday, October 7. There will also be a parade In nis honor by the Indianapolis school children. Hamburg-American Officer on Const Ban Francisco, Sept. 29. Vice Presi dent W. G. Slckel of the Hamburg- American line was looking over the local situation today with a view to run ning ships from Hamburg to San Fran cisco when the Panama canal opens. Nursing Hottlcs for Baby Rabbits Redondo Beach, Cat, Sept. 20. Joseph Lux ford placed today an order for six small nursing bottles for six baby rab bits whose mother he killed while hunt ing. The one bottle the family possessed won go round. Chance for the Babies. White Salmon, Wash., Sept 29. A better babies' contest Is to be held here In connection "With th White Salmon Valley fruit fair, November 11 and 12. Prizes will be offered for the most nearly perfect babies. Will Have New Ferry. White Salmon, Wash., Sept. 29. A new ferry Is to be built by tha White Salmon-Hood River ferry people at a cost of about 19000. The ferry will be 60 by 20 and will accommodate eight automobiles. Kitten Kills Rattler. San Bernardino, Cat, Sept. 29. Cltl-sena of Kfamer, a desert station, watched a small kitten worry a rattlesnake to death. . The kitten easily avoided the snake's lunges. The battle lasted three hours. Robbers Miss Fortune. Ban Fran ol sco, Sept. 29. Three highwaymen beat Dennis Stack Into unconsciousness at Valencia and Dubois streets and got $30, missing SS60 In a pocket they overlooked. Beachy Favors the Biplane. Hammondsport, N. Y Sept St. Lincoln Beachy announced hla return to the aviation game to show that the biplane "oan do ail and owm than the monoplane. ; , EVIDENCE OF TRADING .VOTES BARRED, F TRIAL OF GOVERNOR Chief Justice Cullen Makes ; Important Ruling in 1 Favor of Suizer, - :' f (Oolted .Press Leased Wire.) Albany, N. V., Sept . 49. Presiding over the. Sulser Impeachment court Chief Justice Edgar L, Cullen refused today to permit the prosecution to Introduce evidence which it waa , said would Indicate that the governor had traded sectional legislation for votes in favor of the direct primaries bill. The justice ruled that the evldenee was Inadmissible because it was not specifically mentioned, In the articles of Impeachment Hla ' decision was au important victory for Sulser. The atate court of appeals met this afternoon for Its regular session but adjourned for a week, its members being engaged on the Suizer trial. - If the impeachment court removes William Suizer from the office of gov ernor of New York he will be prosecuted criminally on perjury . charges, it was stated today by persona who are pushing the present case against htm. Bulger's frienda retorted that they expeot to prove that several prominent men among hla accusers art grafters. San Francisco, Cat, Bept 29. Henry P. Piatt, former official of the Paciflo Title & Trust Co., Indicted for forgery but accused of the embezzlement of about J50.000. was denied probation today by Superior Judge Lawlor and sen tenced to serve two years in Ban Quen-tin. In court with the defendant were his wife and several relatives. When sen tence was pronounced Mrs. Piatt col lapsed completely, and had to be carried from the court room. Piatt is the father of several chll dren. When his peculations became known he confessed all, gave an ao counting of his Investments, and showed that he had Increased the money taken by threefold. He reimbursed his em ployers for every cent taken. CASE IS POSTPONED; CIRCUIT JUDGE ILL When the appeal of Wing Lee came up for hearing in Circuit Judge Morrow's oourt this morning It waa necessary to postpone the hearing as Judge Morrow Is still HI at home with a throat affliction. The Chinaman was convicted In municipal court of practicing medicine without a license and given 100 days on the rookpile and a $100 fine by Judge Stevenson. At the time of the arrest Eliza Rumy, one of his patients, had died as the alleged result of his method of treatment. It was alleged that the Chinaman gave her banana skins and kept her shut In a room from which air was excluded as a cure for tuberculosis. Attorney C. T. Haas has been retained as special prosecutor to aid Deputy District Attorney Hammersley. The prosecution was brought by the state medical board. About 25 Chinese physicians are said to be practicing In Portland under similar conditions. WOMAN WHO CARRIED REVOLVER IDENTIFIED Miss Ann Maney is believed to be the name of the : young woman who was arrested Saturday afternoon by a policeman at Fifth and Oak streets, as she was leaving a Vancouver car and charged with carrying a concealed weapon. A search at police headquarters revealed the fact that she was carrying a small revolver in her stocking. 8he spent the night and Sunday at police station, refusing to give her name, and this morning she was paroled by Municipal Judge Stevenson to Miss Murphy of the Catholio Women's league. Girls Swear Off Smoking. Chicago, III, Bept 29. Girl anti-cigarette clubs, the members of which pledge themselves not to smoke cigarettes and to Induce other high school and boarding school girls to give up the practice, were formed today by Luoy Page Gaston, secretary of the Antl-Clgarette league. ' IF Hotel ONI BANK OFFICIAL GIVEN ID YEARS PRISON WEEK COMMENCING Monday, September 29th Entire change in entertainment program in The Arcadian Garden during Merchants' Lunch, 11:30 until 1:30 and during Dinner and after the Theatre. The very best Entertainment. The very best Cuisine. The very best Service. The most attractive dining room in the city of Portland. THIS WEEK Minstrel Week under the direction of ,Miss Nancy O'Neil. Barda, the Harpist The Four Masqueria Sisters and The Multnomah Revue Girls. r P. M. and TABLES MAY BE RESERVED NOW" FOR FRIDAY EVENING AFTER THE GERALDINE FARRAR CONCERT ' MUSIC FROM MADAME BUTTERFLY Arcadian Garden Decorated for This Occasion in Japanese. H. f!. ROWF.RS. Minamr GOOD ROADS BOOSTERS TO VISIT. HOOD, RIVER Twenty-five Enthusiasts to Go From Here'to Assist High-' way Movement, -, Twenty-five good' roads enthusiasts of Portland have signified their, intention to attend the good roada meeting to be held at Hood River tomorrow uh-der the auspices of the Hood River Commercial club. , . A. 8. Benson today received word from (J. H. Ravlln, .secretary of the Hood River Commercial club, that a novel entertainment for the Portland visitors waa being prepared, but no details ware given. They are to be a aurprlse. Seoretary Ravlln said that be and W. L. Clarke, president of the club, would be the- chefs. .- y-: : - -t- --';; Tt " The Portland party will leave at T:80 a, m. tomorrow mornlnjr and arrive at Hood River at 10 a. m. Here they will be met by automobiles and taken on a tour through the two valleys. In the evening there will be a formal meeting, which will be addreaaed by Samuel Hilt Frank Terrace of Orillla, Wash., A. Fenton of Qoldendala, Wash., and other road experts. Mr. Hill will Illustrate hla addrea with road making views and pictures of natural scenery along the Columbia river. A Pullman sleeper will be parked at Hood Rivet for the use of the Portland visitors, and It will be picked up by O.-W. R. & N. train No. and brought to this city at 7 a. m. Wednesday morning. HOTEL MANAGER IS MUCH PEEVED AT THE DOG CATCHER Wildly waving his arms about 4 his bead and hurling sulphurous 4 epithets into an otherwise trans- 4 lucent atmosphere, G. J. Kauf- 4 mann, manager of the Portland 4 hotel, early this morning vowed vengeance on dog. catchers and all others of their Ilk. To Mr. 4 Kauf mann a mind these same dog 4 catchers had done him and his favorite bull terrier a grave wrong, in invading the back 4 porch of the Kaufmann residence 4 on Broadway and taking the tr- 4 4 rler In question to the pound. The dog catchers found the dog 4 "undressed," as it were, lnas- 4 much as no ordinance-prescribed 4 muszle graced Its velvety snout 4 4 Therefore, the dog was deemed a fit prize for the poundmaster. 4 4 Mr. Kaufmann took exception to this view of the matter and 4 going on the old theory that 4 4 "every man's home la bis castle," 4 4 determined to have legal redress. 4 4 Although Mr. Kaufmann ran 4 4 out so confidently ana so wiiaiy 4 4 to the poundmanter's office, he 4 4 returned mucn subdued. 4 4 "I guess I'll have to buy a 4 4 muzzle," was hla only remark. ' 4 4 4 4 H. W. Harrison Arrested. H. W., Harrison, an osteopathic practitioner, "aa arrested yesterday by Deputy Sheriffs Aldrlch and Beckman on a charge of placing his wife In a disorderly bouse. Arthur J. Flnley, a hotel clerk, was arrested at the same time as a witness. Mrs. Florence Harrison, the wife, was for two years assistant matron at the Baby Home. She Is held as a witness. The woman made a oonfession after the arrest Bridge Posts Damaged. Superintendent of Bridges Murnane reported to the county commissioners this morning that five posts supporting ths guard rait on the west approach of ths Broadway bridge were knocked loose from their cement foundation last night He said that from streaks of paint left he believes a box car . did the damage and was authorized to take the matter up with the Terminal company to determine the responsibility. Files Notice of Appeal. Notice of appeal to the United States circuit court of appeals was filed in the federal oourt her today by Attorneys Moody, Nelson and Mannlx for Max O. Cohen, a former Portland attorney, who waa recently convicted in the federal court of subornation of perjury In a white slave case. Cohen Is under sentence of two years at tha McNeil Island penitentiary. Battle Rages Sear Kavala Athene, Sept, ft. Alanlans today at-taoked the Greek forces at Kavala, In southern Turkey. At last aocounts a battle waa raging. Ths American To bacco company haa extensive Interests at Kavala, Multnomah 11 P. M. Law Students Who Were Ar- v ea - a a' . I . rested, lold to Maintain Personal Dignity. "Young men, especially those who contemplate a law career, should look mors to maintaining personal dignity than was exemplified Saturday night when these boys followed one of their class mates to -polios headquarters ' on the heels of a police officer," 'declared Judge Stevenson In municipal court this morning, addressing IS members' of the University of Oregon law depart ment, arrested Saturday night by Captain Riley for disorderly conduct. "One of the greatest points in the success of a lawyer Is the dignity with which be conducts himself. On the other hand, however, I feel smre that these boys intended no disrespect to the police, and this will certainly be a lesson to them that will result in the non-repetition of the affair." As Judge Stevenson delivered this talk from tha bench In court this morn ing, tha law students nodded hearty approval, and after leaving the court room expressed deep respect for the advios of tha magistrate. - The cases of all the boys were dismissed. Wilson B. Miller, who was arrested at Broadway and Washington streets shortly after the class had left the Hazelwood where they had enjoyed a banquet was dismissed wlth s reprimand. Those arrested Saturday night were 3. F. Alexander, A. B. Nordllng, W. A. Ackerman, H. W. Berg, J. S. Gray, T. H. Magulre, F. T. McDougal, C. H. Spencer, D. M. Graham, H. L. McCoy, J. Miles, F. Strand, F. Jensen and T. E. Byrns. ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE . CHANGED RESIDENCE NEED REREGISTER NOW - ''There is no necessity for those already registered who have not changed their residences since registration' to re-register," la the statement of County Clerk Coffey. Many are seeking to register under the new law that they may vote at the special election to be held In November. Mr. Coffey desires that those who are registered refrain from coming at the present time because after January 1 there Is to be a division of many of ths precincts and that will necessitate many re-reglstering at that time. The legislature provided that no precinct shall have more than 300 voters in it and at present many have nearly double that number. RAILROAD MEN BACK FROM FAIR IN CROOK Assistant General Freight and Passenger Agent W, C. Wilkes of the Oregon Trunk, and J. T. Hardy, traveling freight agent of the road, are back in Portland today from Prineville, where they attended the Crook county fair. That the fair was the best ever held in that portion of the state was the opln Ion of both officials. Grains, ' grasses, vegetables, livestock and dairy products all showed larger displays and superior Qualities over previous years, the exhibit from Redmond being particularly noteworthy, Specimens of all the exhibits will be taken by the Oregon-Trunk for use In display cars, and some are to be sent to eastern land shows. George Dickson won the O. T.'s prise of a heavy farm wagon for the best beef cattle. Mr. Dickson expects to exhibit the same cattle at the Portland livestock show and at Lewlston. - Injured Man Allowed Pay. On recommendation of Superintendent Murnane of the county bridges the county commissioners this morning allowed four days' pay to B. Sullivan, a Attend The Oregon State Fair Salem, September, 29 to October 4, 1913 REDUCED RATES ON ALL LINES . For Information Address FRANK MEREDITH, Secretary OREGON Tffi iULTWOIIttlHI r I THE carpenter, - who was Injured on -ths Hawthorns bridge . September 20 and could not return to work until September 28. Bulll van was holding a plank with a crowbar when an auto truck passing struck the srowbar and knocked It from his hands. The crowbar fell on his foot, crushing it The number of. the auto truck could not be ascertained. Sullivan haa a large family and paid hla own doctor bills. t , , AMUSEMENTS II 17 f f g THEAIIE JT1 d 1 1 1 VJI i Uth sod ICorrisoa Phones Mala I and A-USS TONIGHT 8:15 r toS TOMORROW NIGHT BARGAIN PRICE , MATINEE TOMORROW Lower Floor it 7IKl. Balcony 40o, 8(0. TKI.COlfXSY HIT' "OFFICER 666" splendid Oast and Prftduotloa. Brsnlncs: Lower floor $1.60, $1; balcony fl, 76c, 00c. (;. m sum Kowyxrjw BOX OITIOK BALE OPENS TOHOKSOW. 3 BeoS Next Thursday Special Price Vatiate Saturday ", THB FAMOUS BEUUTT KITTY GORDON IN TIOTOE HBEBBBT'8 ; , LIGHT OPEBA SUCCESS "The Enchantress" TO PEOPLE SPECIAL ORCHESTRA XTenings: Lower floor, 14 rows, $2,' S rows 1.60; balcony, II, 70c, 60c. Special Saturday matinee: Lower floor S0, $1; balcony $1, TSc, 50c. SEATS SELLING G ERA L DINE FARRAR HEILIG THEATRE WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 1 PRICES fl.50, 2.00, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00 ALL SEATS RESERVED BAKER THEATRE MAIN ft. A-5868. Geo. L. Baker. Her, Home of the popalss Biker Players. Toolgbt, bargain .night, ail seat 20c. All week Mats. Wednesday and Saturday. First time here "HAWTHORNE, V. S. A." A romantic eomtdr, startling aentures of as American In the Balkans. Charming, thrilling. musing. Erenlnnn 26c, 8Sc, 60c, TBo, Wed. Mat., all seats 2flo. Sat. Mat. SSe. COe. Next week "Nobody's Widow." AOTMES (gSsMr Broadway and Aider Streets The Four Karx Brothors, with east of It, la "Mn. Orson's BaoapUon") Oeorgo and Victor Karrla, Grove A Orsea, ran la Hi-8kooL Eddis Howard, Fantageaoope, Orohutra. I IO Fourth and iL. I Mis Stark Sts. Leonard and Onslow la "The Bustling Kr. Kustls." Bpecial addsd feature, "Psarl Tangier, Beoresa," ths grMtatt aot of it kind bo. fore the public. Columbia Theatre Sixth and Waabiagtoa, Open 11 a. m. to 11 n, si. Perfect Tentllation-riroproof. Program Sunday to W'edneaday: "Under ths Daisies" (Two Keel Vitagrapb Drama); "Winning Ills Wife" (Lubln Comedy); "The Fish With Storage Uattery In Its Brain" (Paths Educational); "The Pearl of the Boophorns" (Paths Travel) ; Karp'a Orchestra; Vocal Bololst. lOo ADMISSION lOo RECREATION PARK Corner Vaughn and 24th Sts. Oakland ' vs. Portland Oct. l a, 3, , a. Games begin week days 3 too p. m, flnn. day at 3:30 p. m. LADIES' DAY FRIDAY Boys under 12 free to bleach ers Wednesday. HOTELS ABSOl.UTliLV JT1RO-FROOK PORTLAND'S GRANDEST 100 rooms ... $1.50 per day 200 rooms, with bath $2.00 per day 100 rooms, with bath $2.50 per day .,,',-"''' Add $1.00 per day to above' priest when two occupy one room. - VERY-ATTRACTIVE PRICES FOR PERMANENT GUESTS B. C BOWERS. Manager, Portland's Famous .Hotel yNotedfor the Excellency fits GutsinciEuropcan plan 0o and Operated BtTif PORTLAND ftOIELCQ N.IU:LAimLthcO.J.IUUmANNMC j HOTEL GQRNEUUS HOUSE OF WELCOME, - 1AKK, AND ALDEK SIS," . PORTLAND, OR. In the' theatre and shopping , district, one block .from any carline. Rates, $1.00 per day and up; with bath, $1.50 per day and up. TAKE OUR BROWN AUTO-'BUS. C W. Cornelius, Prop.; H. E. Fletcher. Mrt.

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