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Portland, Oregon
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government in the handling of espionage mil MMinii ii im in ml inn mm urn inr iiiinii miwiimiiii 1111111 11 11 TOWN TOPICS ODDS AND ENDS IN THE NEWS OF TRAVELERS AND 140MEFOLK cases during live war. S. A. Gotter, who owns most of the town of Enterpriser is registered at the Oregon. William Ilnnnvfln.

nresident of tle For Friday and riding on the handlebars of Russell's bicycle, were both thrown to the ground and slightly injured Wednesday night, when the bicycle collided with an auto driven by Mrs. Sue Hart. 914 Spaulding street, at the Intersection of Washington and King streets. Sergeant Ervine sent both of the boys to the Kmergency hospital, where their injuries were pronounced slight. Russell sustained a sprained aiikle and Ash contusions about the forehead.

According to Ervlne's report, the bicycle did not have a light Sample Doll and Toys for sale, wholesale and retail. Take a tip and buy them now. They are scarce and will be high. Friday and Saturday, 9:30 a. m.

to 5 p. m. Sample room, 238 Worcester building. Third street between Oak and I'ine. Take elevator.

Safety razors that Donovan Lumber company of Aberdeeu, is a guest at the Multnomah. Mr. and Mrs. H. S.

Gane and daughter are visiting at the Portland from Long Beach, where grow the succulent cranberries, and where Oane is one of the largest cranberry growers of all. E. A. Ekman. timberman from Silver-ton, is registered at the New Perkins.

A. B. Thompson, who Is in the real estate business at Echo, is registered at Genuine $1.00 Tanlac came Frank Guber, president of the National Cannery association, from Fremont. Mich. W.

J. Sears, vice president of the association, from Chillicothe, J. Ross of an advertising agency in New York, and Frank E. Oorrell of Washington, D. to meet with the local fruit growers.

Ills Rabbits Are Long-Kami J. B. Losey, the rabbit fancier of Seattle, who grows pets with ears 18 and 20 inches long, is spending a few days at the Seward. Losey has en $1.20 Lydia Pinkham'a Compound Heldfond Drug Co. Morrison and First Sts.

Stock Enthusiasts Coming The Pacific International Livestock show already calling livestock enthusiasms from all parts of the country, who are making entries. Bringing their horses along, have come Miss J. Drys-dale, Miss E. 1L McCormick and F. H.

Holland of Vancouver. B. who are whtling away the time at the Benson until the opening of the exhibition. At the Portland are H. C.

Stimpson of the famous Hollywood dairy farm just outside of Seattle, whose prize cows are known throughout the Northwest, and C. A. Harrison of Seattle. William Henn of Kansas City Is staying at the Im Tre)r to all point! or th Unltad States or broad aboQld take advantage of cxperimccd in-f'irmatloD and aerrka offered thromh Tha Ore-eon Journal Tratel Bureau. a personal chart of ltorsry B.

Smith. RaUroad tickrts and ktaam-Mp bookinca arranged. Foreign exehanis ia-aued. Information siren recardiag- passports. COMING EVKNTS Ninth annual Taclflr International I.iieetock cxponition, I'ortUnd.

Norimber 1 to 2-J. Kader Khrin ceremonial. Nowmttr 20. Oregon Slat iloUl uaocUtioi, Dcccrobrr 10 Annual Poultry show. IJeeeroher 15 to 20.

State Retailers' a-wociatlon, February, 1V20. Automobile show. Kebruary 2 to 28. State Sunday Hrhocl association. May, 1920.

Nnrthwet Dracciit association. May, 1020. Mtate Grange June 1. 1920. Klwanfs dub, national tonftnUoa.

1'ortland. Juno 2 to 5. National Protective Portland, June 14 to 10. Km-tern Star contention, Portland, June 8. rand ldze Mssons, June 1.

ImiK-rial Hhrlne contention, June '11 to 24. rand Army ttale encampment, Astoria, June, 98c will shave as good as a $5 one. Sample 20 cents. Adv. Boad Interests Guarded Requesting that the Oregon delegation closely scru The very best guaranteed the Imperial.

Fred A. Williams, of the public service commission at Salem, and hlB assistant, Ed Wright, are spending a few days at the Oregon. John A. McGec. nurseryman from Orenco.

is at the Multnomah attending the conferences of Walnut Growers' aHiodu finite tered his pets in the rabbit show at Seattle and expects to carry off several bfue ribbons. At the Hotels and Mrs. Hans Strong of Pendleton are guests at the Seward. K. L.

Mercereau. lumberman from Doty, is visiting at the Benson. $1.00 Squibbs Paraffine Oil RUBBER GOODS at the lowest prices in the city James Twohy, Contractor from Seattle, is a guest at the Portland. K. C.

Van HOulfttte. manager of the Pacific Telephone Telegraph company at Eugene, is among the recent arrivals at the Multnomah. I'm Toilet Tissue 5 Rolls 49c Reg. $2 Hot AQ. Water Bottle.

tOL Reg. $2 Foun- QQ J. A. Rust, one of Pendleton's prominent business men, is staying at the Oregon. R.

A. Anirnin, cashier of the bank at Myrtle Point, is visiting at the Multnomah. Mr. and Mrs. G.

W. Sanborn, who own a large salmon cannery at Astoria, are visiting at the Portland. Mat Chambers, stockman from Arlington, is at the New Perkins. Clarence L. Reames, prominent attorney from Seattle, is a guest at the Imperial.

Reames was attorney foY the tain tOv Regular $3 Sanitary J- A TOBAT'X FORECASTS Portland and tlrlnity: Tonight rain and esrmer; Friday rain; outheterly winds. Orrunn: Totiig-lit rain west, fair rat portion; Friday rain went, rain or miow east portion; warmer tonight; fresli oiitlicaterly vrindv Washington Tonight and Friday rain wet. rain or now eaat jxirtion aimer east portion tonight; moderate esaterl gale! weathkhTonditions The prewmre in moderately low on the aoulh Pacific coast, and a storm apuarently central off the Alaakan count; elsewhere Uie barometer ii relatively high. Uie highest readings being in Oklahoma. The precipitation during the hurt.

L'4 hours wan confined to Wearern Washington, (lie niatrict of Columbia and Western New York. Ti mperaturea have risen in the upper Missouri ralley and Teniieee and the western portion ol the middle Atlantic state. Relative humlilitj at Portland; Noon yester-ily. 4 per cent: 5 ni. jesterday.

63 per cent a in. today per rent. FHANK. (IIILAM OBSERVATIONS Announcement! The Western College of Chiropody will confer the degree of D. t.

O. night court, beeinnins Doc. ft. Pupils may pply for mitricuUtion So I to 812 Morgan bldg. Or.

O. O. FLETCHER, President. Educations! references required. Whirling Spray at Water Guaranteed Comb.

Hot mm 50cPepsodent Tooth Paste tinize the Ksch bill for railroad operation, now before congress, to see that it doea not discriminate against short line railroads, the 1'ortland Chamber of Commerce sent messages Tuesday night to Washington, D. C. Burglars Busy Day and Sight. Homes Looted Grime becomes rampant again according to reports at police headquarters. Protect yourself, carry burglary and hold-up insurance.

For particulars phone W. R. McDonald Mar. 2391. Yeon bldg.

All claims paid direct from our office. Adv. Grape feeeo Oil Experiments recently conducted in Xew York prove that grape seeds furnish a new food oil rivaling olive and cottonseed oils for cooking and salad dressings, to a communication received this by the Chamber of Commerce. Must Be 18 to Enlist Word has ben received at the local navy recruiting station that until further the minimum age for enlistment will be 18 years, instead of 17, as was formerly the minimum. Typewriter "All makes" sold and rented.

Send for retail price list. Wholesale Typewriter company, 321 street. Adv. Steamer Jessie Harktns for Camas. Washougal and way landings, daily, except Sunday, leave Alder street dock at 2 p.

m. Adv. perial, awaiting the arrival of nine carloads of cattle which have already been exhibited In Salt Lake, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hamilton Reads Own Obituary J. R.

Hamilton read his own obituary notice in The Oregon Journal a few-months after the battle of Cambrai, where he fought with the Seventy-second Canadian -Highlanders and was reported as dead in official dispatches. A German rifle bullet unfairly hit him below the belt and plowed around in him for 14 inches, or more. Hamilton has the bullet. ato the kilt skirt with the perforation and the scars to prove it. His great-grandfather fought at the battle of Quebec and was wounded with a Highland regiment.

Hamilton is of the opinion that the obituary was all true as published except one minor statement as to where he was killed. Fruit C.anncrs Meet Fruit canners from Oregon and Washington are gathering at the Multnomah today, where they are holding a meeting relative to the greater market for Oregon fruit products. This morning noon. Sergeant Young and Motorcycle Officer Scott arrested him on a charge of being intoxicated. McCoy told the police that he wanted protection, and Excellent quality, 1000 sheets to roll.

Limit rolls to a customer. Syringe to go at. $1.98 Be 30c Groves Bromo- Quinine IF.aU. Why Suffer With Rheumatism? Antik5 Rheumax Is natures remedy for Rheumatism In all Its varied forms. It is a blended product of Nature's own laboratory.

It is free from every harmful Ingredient: it contains no Mercurials. It cools the feverish blood that rushes like moltpn lead through the blood vessels about the swollen joints and into the tender mutcles it neutralizes the I'rlo Acid, dissolves and drives out of the blood the morbid Irritating matter, and tones un the systenu thus invigorating the STATIONS Beans and Rice At Special Prices For Friday and Saturday 7 Li 50c Pebeco Tooth Paste I 24 entire body. 19c 4k 34 44 I I Mi I 38 I 3S I I r.o I 6S I 2 EElOclb. Katlng Is a Pleaiurr. if your teeth are ritjht.

Dr. K. Kossman, plqate special-I 12 1 4 42 42 48 SMAI.I. WHITE BEANS. PINK HKANN BAYO FANS IMPORTED KKD BAYO.

BEANS Per pound BROWN H1CJS Per pound 39c Why Pay Fancy Prices for a TRUSS? realizing that his only chance to get to the police station was by jumping out of the window, he decided to try it. Long Mileage Plus Safety always equals Keaton Non-Skids. Adv. Dr. R.

G. Hall has resumed practice. 1208 Stevens bldg. Adv. lie 10c 12 Jc 15c LI.UA BEANS Per pound LONG GRAIN HEAD RICE, per pound -10 7K 112 4H I an Genuine $1 Nuxated Iron CIDER 8 SB .1 "JO Expert Truss Fitting from $2.50 and Up I Boiled Cider, per Quarts 50f f2.oo 35tf I- I 40 1 38 Mrs.

Mary Campbell Dead at Centralia fill 7 Or liiine, lrUho Boston. Mas N. (Vlgnry, Alberts ti Ill Iener, t'oln t'ai l'reno, Cal (Islvestoja. Tens Huron. 45o.

Iak. I. os Ante lea, 'al. Or. -Medford, Memphis.

Tenn. fronts. Mont. Vpw Orieani, l.s. Head.

Wa'-h. Pl.neiiit. Ariz. riun'ira I' I'tiratrlli Idaho Portland, or Prince Alhert, Hank. Or SjrraTnento.

t'al. HI. Loom, Mo St. Paul. Minn.

Nin Diego. I'al. Sun Francisco, t'al. Seattle, Wh SloTultin. Wyo Spokane.

Wash Tonopah, Na Viih outer. Walla Walls. Mil. I. C.

Yakinti. Wash. it 0 (I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .02 0 II .01 0 Vegetables Chili Con Came Walker's Chill Con Camp. Is. per dozen 31.65 Dried Fruits Seeded Raisins.

box 84.25 Pried Grapes, S5-lb. box 4.00 Dried Grapes per lb 18 CLAMS Mlnrpd Sea Clams, Is tall, per dozen 1.0, 3 for oOt I 1st, 307 Journal makes the better kind. Adv. Steamer Iralda for St. Helens and Rainier, daily at 2 :30 p.

foot of Alder street. Sunday, St. Helens only, 1 :30 p. m. Adv.

Soldiers Yes, we dye overcoats blue, brown and black. Skidmore Cleaners Dye Works. Thone Wdln. 5360. Adv.

Dr. Leo L. MrKenna and Dr. Donald W. Byrd, dentists, moved to 848-843-850 Morgan bldg.

Main Halrcnttlng that's artistic, at the Barber Shop." 187 Fourth, at Yamhill. Adv. Mtihett's Swedish Gymnastic and Hydropathic Inst, 533-535 Plttock bldg. Bdwy. 518.

Adv. Hadley A Silver, tailors, make dependable clothes. 100 Sixth street, corner Stark. Adv. 2 3S 4t, tl :.4 I 20 I I 18 I I 38 1-14 I 4 2 40 1 89c Centralia, Nov.

13. Mrs. Mary Camp 50c Gillette Blades 39 Asparagus. Hillsdale Tips, Is, per doien $2.10. each 25 Mushrooms, Is, per dozen $9.50 F.aeh 85 Plmentoes.

'is, per dozen Each 20 bell, for ffve years superintendent of PATENTS 34 20 1 I Washington State Industrial Training school for girls, died Wednesday after a sickness lasting six Mrs Campbell was 'a sister of the Rev. George Campbell of McMinnville, Or. I I 48 I I I A DDI CC Fancy No rtltern Spy Apples. 81.75 rkx i per box 48 42 I- 2 I 20 I 3 8 38 I 28 I ,,0 I 20 I 48 40 i 3 I 04 I 38 S. A H.

Green stamps ror cash. Hol-man Fuel Main 153, A-3353. Adv. FLOUR I 20 50c Gem Blades M. report of preceding day.

75c "Genuine" Haarlem Oil Cap. 49c. 50c Denver Mud 39c. 60c Swamp Root, tor Weak Kidneys 49c. Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur, at 69c.

Phenolaz Wafer. 19c $1 Beef, Iron 4t Win 89c Mul.o Cooanut Oil Shampoo 39c Dr. Nervine 89c Beecham's Pill. 19C 50c White Pine Tar 39c Red Cross Kidney Pla.ter. 19c 60c Musterole 49c.

20c "Genuine" Aspirin Tablets 14c. 50c Lysol 39c. SI. 25 3-gr. Cadomine Tablet.

89c. 60c Broroo Seltzer 49c. 60c Doan'. Kidney Pill, for 49c $1.00 "Zemo," for Eczema, at 79c. 60c 3 D.

D. for Eczema, at 49c. Pink Pill. 39c. 50c Mentholatum 39c.

WHITE HOSE FLOFK Fine family, 4D-lb. sacks, per bbl. 35 Sack S' WHITE ROSK FlOl R-98-lb. sacks, per bbl. 1 1.25," sack" Is'tO WHITE ROSE FLOUR 24-lb.

sacks, per sack. Aft SUPERIOR FANCY PATENT FLOUR 49-lb. sacks, per bbl. 812 IO lier sack i $1.10 3 S. S.

S. For the Blood 89c THIIIFT STAMPS and WAP. HAVINGS STAMPS On 8a le at Business Office, The Journal. NUTS 1919 CROP 39c We sharpen everything. Portland Cutlery company.

86 Sixth street, near Stark. Adv. Dr. J. E.

Anderson, Osteopathic physician. 815 Selling Main 4113. Adv. Moore Sanitarium for the Milk Care, Adv. Tries (o Jimp From Window Laboring under a delusion that someone was Irying to steal his money, James CcCoy tried to Jump from second story window of the "Wlllard hotel.

Alder and Park streets, about 4 :30 Wednesday after- Almonds, 40c per 3 lbs. for. Oregon Walnuts. 40 per lbs. for.

fi.10 1.10 350 ills, per lb PURE SUGAR SYRUP Crimson Rambler, Pure Sngar Symp for Candy. Cakes, Table, ete. Bonnie Brand Pure Suirar Syrup rtealty Hoard Prnirrnm MtiKloal numbers furnished by the Opera a-Hocratirm will bo the principal fcaturet! of the proRram offered nt the PortlarW Kealty board luncheon Friday noon In the Crystal room of the Benson hotel. A vocal duet by Harry Hudson and Randolph ThomaM and a solo by Gertrude floeber the events announced. J.

Stevens, consulting engineer, the prin L3E 6-gal. Jackets 86.50 l.h. Cans gi fiS Jackets $3.25 6-lb. Cans Qft ouc? COFFEE BY MAIL JUNO COFFEE 46c per lb. At Wholesale Prices A coffee with a guarantee satisfaction or your money back.

Widow Series No. 10 We will deliver free of charge to your nearest shipping point or by parcel post, Juno Coffee at 4c per pound, with the guarantee that If this Coffee is not satisfactory, we will refund the full amoiil of the purchase price JOY Cleans and Presses FOR LESS! Suits Pressed 45c Suits French Dry or Steam Gleaned $125 Women's Plain Tailored Suits French Dry Gleaned $1.50 Let Joy do it he does it right! JOY THE TAILOR TWO PLANTS: 104 Fourth St. Bet, Washington and Stark 151 Grand Ave. ar Eattt Morrison IMPORTANT! OUT-OF-TOWN PEOPLE TAKE PARTICULAR NOTIOE All mall ontan will be frit carefully and promptly at than low prlca. Sand your Grocery Data of arooarlaa wantad.

Wa will quota our lowact wtiolaaaJa prion 6 1" cipal speaker, will explain the activiites of the national department of public works. The meeting will be in charge of Frank McOrillls Forest Official Goes tn Capital Forest Supervisor A. H. Sylvester of the Wenatehee national forest has been detailed to Washington, I). C.

to assist In rating tlie papers resulting from the ranger examination held October 27. The rating la done by a board to Insure uniformity. Sylvester will report in Washington December 2. Takot OTerdone: of Morphine Suffering from palsy, S. Sorensen, 39, 14 West Humboldt street, took 27 morphine tablets Wednesday in what is thought to have been an attempted suicide.

Soren-son, was treated by a doctor from the Kmergency hospital, who believes the patient will recover. Shipyard Worker Injured Frank Benson, of 681 South avenue, is at St. Vincents hospital suffering from injuries caused when a block of wood fell on him at th Columbia River Shipbuilding corporation Tuesday. One foot is badly injured. tshepard Aoto Bas Lined St.

Helens, Hood Kiver, Bridal Veil, Cascade Locks and all way points. Leave St. Charles hotel on schedule time. For Information call Marshall 4381, Alain 930, A-3611. Ad.

,0 i D. C. BURNS COMPANY 208-210 Third Between Taylor and Salmon Special Mall Ordar Service Write for Monthly Price List Member Greater Portland Association Wholesalers to Private Families, Hotels and Restaurants Phone Main 618. A-MZ6. CARRY YOUR INSURANCE With a Western Company The New World Life is a Western Company and brings large sums of money, from other sections of the country, reinvesting this money in Northwestern Securities.

The New World Life is the fifth largest capitalized life insurance company in the United States. NEW WORLD LIFE Portland Office, Stereo Bldg. WW Brundage Confers With Stockmen Former Supervisor F. H. Bundage of the Columbia national forest has gone to the DANCING Tanght by Professional Instrnetors at Da Honey's Beaatlfal Academy, Twenty-third and Washington.

White Salmon country to meet with the stockmen relative to grazing matters. Boy Thrown From Bicycle George Russell. 21, 535 Morrison street, a Western Union mesenger boy, and Robert Ash, 12, 54514 Morrison street, who was mtm if The Crystal is the machine that answers the Blue Monday question. Let it assume' all of the wash day burdens. It Washes the finest fabrics as well as the coarsest pieces.

Your washing will always look clean and GREAT SALE BEEF This Meat Sale will be conducted at the Pacific H. PLAYER PIANO SALE Oar Mnslcal Floor the th Terms i 'A white, and it will be sanitarily cleansed if the Crystal does the work. Demonstration Now Going On Step in and let us show you how easily the Crystal operates. Or if you can't come in, phone in and we will demonstrate this machine in your own home. Call Broadway 1696.

The Pacific Market Is Portland' Old Reliable Meat Market In the Central Market Bldg- at the; S. E. corner of Fourth and Yamhill. A real treat for lovers of the best for Sunday dinner. Genuine Baby Beef tender two-year-old steers, at prices lower than you would expect to pay for the cheapest cuts.

Plate Boiling Beef, or Fancy Lamb Stew. Per lb First-class Tender Steaks, Beef Pot Roast, Hamburger or Sausage Meat. Pr lb 154 Best grades of Steer Sirloin or Round Steak, per lb Prime Rib Roast, boned and rolled, per lb 25 Shoulder Roast of Pork or Pork Steak. per lb 30 Rib and Loin Pork Roasts or Pork Chops, per lb 40 Leg of Pork Roast or Nice Mild Sugar-cured Hams, per lb 35 The Pacific Butter Store ham Biddings Same Pine Tillamook Cheese, lb 35 Good Fresh Eggs, dosen 65 Green Valley Butter, 65? Per roll S1.28 to ba bera tomorrow. "Home again! House all warm and cozy.

I hare two hours before bed-time to enjoy my magazines. That Gasco furnace with its little thermostat-clock certainly does the business!" (Tomorrow: A Fal.a Alarm) NEW CLASSES FOR BEGISXERS start Monday and Friday evenlngrs this week. Advanced classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 8 to 11 All latest and popular dances and new steps guaranteed in eight three-hour lessons. LADIES $1.59 GENTIEMEN li.ll This guarantee term Is worth $15. Take advantage of our cut rates for this week only.

Take one or four lessons a week. Tickets good until used. Our system will teach you to lead and make a dancer out of you. Plenty of desirable partners and practice. No embarrassment.

Separate step room and extra teachers for backward pupils. My latest book, describing all dances, ballroom etiquette, free for pupils. We have large and select classes, and the social feature alone is worth double the price. You will meet desirable people. DIFFERENT FROM OTHER SCHOOLS We do not derive our profits by giving public dances, but use our beautiful academy for teaching.

We conduct our classes the entire evening, and I consci-entieusly Relieve one lesson from us is worth six in the average school. Our large amount of business enables us to conduct school of this class, which is the only one of its kind in the city. Tou can never learn dancing; by taking so-called private lessons from inferior teachers in small rooms or in short class lessons without partners to practice with. FRIT ATE LESS0K8 ALL HOURS Special low rate this week. Call afternoon or evening.

PRIZE HARD-TIME PARTY Saturday eyenlng, Nov. as. Beautiful Prises for best Rag Tag Costumes. Popular prices Don't mise this. Tell your friends.

Pkone Hain ItiU Clip tola out. I Treat Successfully, and For About Half the Usual Prices Diseases of Bye, Ear. Nose and Throat. LungsL Heart and Kidneys. All female disorders, blood and skin diseases.

Piles. Goltra and Rheumatism quickly relieved. Complete general practice. 1 THE CRYSTAL is one of the FEW MACHINES with a SWINGING WRINGER AUTOMOBILE TRACTOR SCHOOL Day or Night Enter this week and be ready for spring opening. This school has been established 15 years.

New building and new equipment High grade instruction; personal attention. School operated on practical laboratory and shop method Thi. school co'operate with the atate in providing: financial aid to returned men. Special Financial Plan for Canadian Soldiers. -For detailed information, address -DIV.


8 TRUSS TORTURE can be eliminated ty wearing the Lrfinov berc Rupture Support. We fir tree trial to prove Its Rlaatla Haalanr. Belt, tee. Trutua and Arch Support. ELECTRIC CO SIXTH AT PINE I have all the modern equipment accessary to insure you flrst-claas medical and surgical attention and.

remember. 1 save you about 60 per cent DR. N. CLAUDE HAMPTON Phyalelan and ftnrreoa THIRD AlfD WASHISGTOIT'STS. Holm 1 A.

3f. to T. OFFICE un RESIDENCE PH01TE. S3 II 111 A3TD SEXCX i SOLD ON EASY TERMS 1 1 11 mi 1 I iih WaihUftoa ptU 11U ai4 Ut Fortif ad, Of VI. y.eeaeat.


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