The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1893 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1893
Page 8
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THE MESS ! MOINES: ALQdNA, IOWA. 1, tftthe Artist^ ExH«'Ation b£ 18to kt thfe New York Acftdemf'of Design, there tfas exhibited an oil- parting by J. L. O. Ferris, entitled "Sweet Charity. '' Its richness o£ Coloring commanded, instant attention, while the lesson it taught wos so impressive that one naturally returned to it for a second view. . , Its subject is a young lady of colonial tltnfss, who is on nn errand to one of the poorer families of the town. She has a sensible, charming face, which expresses with remarkable fidelity tho sentiment of he-r errand. There is not a homo that this charming picture will not ornament. It temst be seen to be appreciated. "Sweet Charity" Ivas purchased by the Publishers of The Youth's Conlpanion and has boeu reproduced in colors in large size, 14^x21. It will be sent to all new subscribers to Tlit Companion who send St. 75 for a year's subscription, and the paper will also be sent Fr«e from the time tho subscription is received, to Jnnunry, 18!(4, and for a full year from that date, to January, 18!lB. This Differ includes tho Double Souvenir Numbers published tit Thanksgiving, Christmas and Wew Year's. Address, THE Youxa's COMPANION, Boston, Mass. Germany eau mow make paper from waste hops. Convcnlrtvt ninrla'ls. K™'! soil, pure valor nml excellent I'liMinte HIT mlvanlniius to liu coiislficriMl when lookliu! ii |> n home, huslm'si loiiutlon, fiirin. i:(c. Miu-ylnml mill Virginia afford these wHIl jiiniiy more •iirtvniitniri 1 ?. Iinprnvod farm lands, adapted tn slock rulsliiir. dnlryliifr. Ki'nln, Brass mid fruit wrinvlii!-', r.l ln\v prices nn<l easy terms. ThrlvliiK towns liivltu Ilii! mc'i-clKint, niGclianlo oiul liuslnv.1!) man. Abundance "t riml. timber, ore, wulcr jm->vnr. etc. Address M. V. Itichard-, Jjiiinl anil Immigration Agent, U. £ 0. K, It., Baltimore, Md. __ Many people become poor nsthoy become better informed. There's a good deal of information that's expensive;. A AVlso DnuUion. Theromrc llionsnmls oCj'onnK men standing on thoTcry'tlireshokl ot llfo trying lo make a wise •decision us to whnt business or procession tbey will follow. Toiill Biich wo would sny, before do. •elding tliB'iluesll on write to ]}. F. .lolinson & Co., nielnnond, Yn. They can be of service lo you us Uiey liitve been to others. Be thou thn first true merit to befriend; 'his praise is lost who waits till all commend. — Pope. BEECUAM'S Piu.s act like mngic on the vital- organs, restore lost complexion and 'bring back iho keen edge of appetite. It is estimated that the average not • earnings o£ the electric lamps in London is •about 10 shillings each .. year. If the ltiil>y 1« C'utiiliK Ted.*, Bo sure nml use tlict old and well-tried remedy, Mits ""INSIGHT'S SooTiiiN'1 Svuiii' for Children Tscthhig. In Malaga workmen are allowed Hl'teet. minutes leisure in every hour to smoke- cigarettes. I am a farmer at Eclom, Texas. I have used German Syrup for six 3'ears successfully for Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Pains in Chest and I/ungs and Spitting-up of Blood. I have tried many kinds of Cough Syrups in my time, but let me say to anyone wanting such a medicine—German Syrup is the best. We are subject to so many sudden changes from cold to hot, damp weather here, but in families where German Syrup is used there is little trouble from colds. John F. Tones.® s of treating Co Ids and Coughs were based on the idea of suppression. We now know that "feeding a cold" is good doctrine. of cod-liver oil with hypo- phosphites, a «rich fat-food, cures the most stubborn cough when ordinary medicines have failed. Pleasant to take; easy to digest. Prnjinrod hv Sc.nlt A rimvnB. N._Y.__A l .Lltrj-'coi«t c . Strength Renewed AND YOUR RUNDOWN SYSTEM BUILT UP AND REORGANIZED./ A few l)otlles of S. (5. S. •will do it. ir you aro troubled with a depressed,, languid feelinK, and lack of energy, your |)looil is not right, iinil needs imrifyiiiK. -\Vill tliorouglily clear away all impurities anil impart new vigor auil "" i to tho whole system. *'I have used your moilicino often for the past •eight years, anil feel safe in saying that it is tho best general health restorer in tho world." F. H. (UHSUX, liatesyille, Ark. Our Treatise on Ulomi ami Skin diseases mailed free: SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY, Atlanta, Ga. Plso's Uemedy for CiiUirrli Is tlio Hest, .Kasiosl to Use, null Clieuprst. Sold by druggists or uenl by mail, fine. E. T. Hiizeltine, Warren, Pu. T3/"kT* r IVI3 A rTU In crayon mude ut your own Jri^XL LllAllO home. P-ill Instructions by UiiilJ. Agnate wuntcd. Stamp 1 jr full purticulnra. Mall Ari Instructor, Box 7JS, Di s Moines, lowu. A (^ WM'PQ .wnutcd. Now novelty. Every /xMll/ll-I. Cl driver of a horse buys one. Bin iuduceuveiUs. Stiuii|i fur particulars, tiiimple iiuu. 1/EB lino*., i07 J'UJ'tU .St., lies Molnes, lowu. INDIAN « SACWA* ThegreutcstLiver, S Bluinucli, ISluod uinl jr. Kidney liemeily. S Sluilu of Roots, S Uuiks uiul IIerb.-J, S uiul is Abwjlutely « Free From £ Lattffhittf Dog, vgt iot>_yr$. • — liicluipuo Indian Jlcdicluo I'o., U«»ly & lii«i)lg>v. Audits, Ke\i Uavcu, Ct. fARM AND fiOMIL POULf RY BUILDINGS CAPABLE OF EXPANSION. Planning; tlio ,Tnrd«—Tob Much Work— Fruit Gttrolng on tl>o Fnrin—Kerosene Knuilsloii -foS- Ticks ami -Lice—Farm Kotos mid Home Hints. I'oultr.v Surroundings. In entering into the poultry business, it is always necessary to spend some money in buildings, yards, coops and general .surroundings, and In my experience I have found that there are generally two ways that beginners go at' this work. One has very little capital to spare, and ho builds as little as possible, and makes his calculations so small that he is always cramped for room. As tho time comes when his business must expand, ho finds that it is impossible to increase his buildings in si/.e, but must destroy them and bo- gin all over again. Tho other class of beginners have a fair amount of capital to spend, and they put it all in stock and buildings at the very beginning. Everything is put up in good style and on a large scale. In a short time ho is so cramped for capital that ho is unable to conduct his business, and he must reduce it in size, while a great many of tho buildings must lie idle. iSow tho successful beginner steers clear of both of thc'so extremes. Ho builds at first on a small scale, but tho whole work is planned on a larger scale. That is, he calculates that in the course of five or ten years his business will increase tenfold, and hence ho will need just ten times as much room as at tho start. The land for his poultry farm is consequently selected in localities where there is room for expansion. His buildings and yards are so constructed that additions can bo put to them without interfering with tho original ones, and in this way his whole business is increased and his yards and buildings extended. Ho haw planned beforehand just for this expansion, and every year ho adds something to it. The plan of a poultry yard should be made out carefully on paper bo- forehand, says the American Cultivator. Select a farm of a number of acres in size, and divide it up equally into yards. In the center of this leave a place for tho main building, and arrange four separate yards around it on all sides. In each yard have tlio special roosting house, coops and feeding and drinking .places. From forty to sixty birds should be kept in each yard, and not more than that number. In drawing the design, leave room for a good-sized footpath running from the main building out to the ends of the farm. These paths must intersect others, so that it will bo an easy walk from any yard to the main building. All of this being arranged, build part of the main building in such a way that its size can bo increased at any time by additions. As tho business increases more room will bo needed here. Furnish,as it wore, the first four yards nearest tho main building. This will be all required at tho start. Then each year lit up one or two uioro yards, with their buildings, extending the work gradually from tho central point out toward tho four sides. The growth cf fio business, then, will bo regular, and no capital will bo wasted at tho beginning, nor will one over bo cramped for room when expansion of tho business demands more yards and buildings. Too .Much Work. There is nothing gained by working our teams too hard. Tho result of overwork in man or boast is perpetual injury. A strain will leave its mark forever upon the muscles and tho life. Wo wear out our teams, as a rule, much too soon. The ordinary man thinks that ho is doing his work economically if he can haul an immense load—all that his team can draw—at one time, instead of making two loads of it. If ho has three horses, ho will thoughtlessly lot one stand in tho stable while the other two may bo soon on tho road straining under a heavy draught. My methods dill'or from this. I ' load lightly and make more louda. It does not strain or otherwise injure a team to walk or trot before an empty wagon. In hauling, tho only chance of injury ia in loading too heavily, and if this is avoided by making more loads, all tlio loss that occurs is found in the 10:S of time and in additional woar of tho wagon. It is better tu lose time than it is to lose a horse or injure one. Then again, it is my custom to use three hor.-es in tlio team in hauling when I have them. Why not? What is tho use in lotting a horse stand in tho stable, eating hay, while two do the work:' Even if the load is not more than haavy enough lor two horses to draw, why not lighten the burden by putting the work on your three hordes?—Farmers Voice. Fruit Crowlni; on tlie Farm. Joshua Wheeler, before the Kansas state board of agriculture, read a paper on tho above subject, of which tho following is an extract: We think with all the advantage of past experience, with tho facilities of this day for obtaining fruit, tho farmer is without excuse that neglects to plant all kinds, at least sufficient to give an abundant supply for tho use of the home. Wo think thero is profit in fruit raising. We would not advise every man to plant what is called a commercial orchard, although largo orchards ia many parts of the state have been good investments. We believe where a man has the tasto and skill for fruit A good convenience to niai'kot, tWat more money cstn be made frith forty acres planted to fruit than oil 160 acres planted to grain. There ia a good profit in raising apples at $1.25 per barrel, and Concord grapes can bo raised at a profit at two and one-half cents per pound. We think there ought to boon every eighty-acre farm and every 160-acro farm at least two acres in small fruits and grapes, twenty-five cherry trees, from 800 to 600 apple trees, from twenty-live to fifty pear .trees and from bo to 100 peach trees. A well cared for orchard is an ornament to the farm. Iho peach tree ought not to be discarded because it so often fails. The occasional crop wo obtain will pay well for the planting. Since 1862 I have raised ten crops of peaches. The crop of 1891 paid me for all tho time and money I have expended on poach trees. The cost of 100 peach trees, budded fruit, laid down at any express ollice in Kansas, will not exceed $12 or $14. In tho selection of budded fruit caro should bo taken in tho selection of varieties. After thirty years' experience in planting I have settled down to tho following varieties: Amsdon Juno, Alexander, Coolcdgo Favorite, George IV., Fox's.'-'codling, Barnard's Early, Old Mixon free, Health's Cling. This list will givo peaches from July to October. But let no man suppose that fruit can bo raised without proper care and culture. Tho soil should bo well prepared and well cultivated. No slipshod methods can be successful. In fruit growing, as well as in all other branches of farming, tho old maxim holds good: "Thero is no excellence without labor."—Journal of Agriculture. Kit r in Kotos- Save tho bones and beat them up for tho chickens. Let no dead (lowers remain on the flowering plant. Haw onions chopped up are a healthful dish for fowls. Celery delights in liquid manure. It needs plenty of moisture. Remove tho suckers from tho apple trees. They ruin the trees. Crush the broken chinawarc and give it to tho fowls for grit. Tho milking should bo done thoroughly but as quickly as possible. Some stockmen advise breeding heifers early to encourage tho early habit. If you keep cows have good ones. There is more pleasure as well ad profit in good cows than scrubs. Good draft horses bring good prices while the little scrub is soiling for less than cost of raising. An old stockman advises boiling the unmarketable potatoes and feeding them, mashed, with milk to tho calves. It is said that pulverized potash placed in tho runs will kill moles. Open the runs, put in tho potash and cover with a stono. To cleanse the milk vessels rinse first with cold water, then use hot water and soap or sal soda, then rinse with cold wator. An old stockman says that sheep that are put on fresh clover or rape, especially if it bo damp, often bocomii bloated. It is good practice to allow them short stays at first wliila the fodder is dry. AND WOMEN. llomi) Hints. Serviceable little mats for tho washstand may be made of bathing toweling. After those mats have boon cut the shape and sixo required tho edges are overcast and finished with a blanket stitch in Shetland wool. Whisky will take out every kind of fruit stain. A child's dross will look entirely ruined by the dark berry stains on it, but if whisky is poured on tho discolored places bo- fore sending it to tho wash it will comb out as good as new. A nice way to keep wax for tho work basket is to lill half-shells of English walnuts with melted wax, fastening tho two half shells closely together at one end. Thoro will then bo a small spaco at tiro other end, through which tho thread will slip when tho wax is being used. Faded hangings may bo restored by beating tho dust from them and brushing, then apply a strong lather of castilo sou-) by means of a hard brush; wash tho lather oil' with clean wator and afterward with alum water. When dry the colors will generally bo found to bo rowtorcd. To wash a muslin dres-i: Make a good lather and wash the muslin in cold water, never putting it into warm water, even to rinse it. If the muslin is green, add a wino-glass of vinegar to tho water in which it i* rinsed; if lilac, the same quantity of ammonia. For black and white muslins, use a small quantity of sugar of lead. Fresh iron rust and fresh mildew stains are best removed by soaking the article which they are on in sour milk, and after it has lain for a day and a night in the milk rub the spots vigorously with the hand in tho milk. Where mildew or iron rust is on a white fabric it may .bo completely bleached out bv the use of salt and lemon juice, laying the article in a strong sun. Tho stimulating qualities of oatmeal are very remarkable. These are extracted, wo aro told, and used as medicines by physicians. Oatmeal tnilk is recommended for weak stomachs. It is a wholesome and nourishing drink. Put into a glass a tablespoonful of lino oatmeal, fill with boiling water, uud utir it urtii the meal is pretty well dissolved; pour oil' the fluid, jjweetep to tasto drink hot or cold. A Wench epigram declares that a woman is not old so long as she can inspire love. A poptilar prima donna says she helps to keep her. voice fresh by making it a rule never to sing to her friends. "Trust in God and defend thyself bravely" is tho motto on a swdrd presented by the German emperor 1 to his 10-year-old son. A collarette that is coming forward is a three-quarter circle, shaped to fit smoothly around the shoulders, and folded to points in front. It is effective in the stiff linen and heavy cotton goods. The state attiro of the king of Siam is worth over $1,000,000. Ho has 300 wives and eighty-seven children and a good deal more than a puck of trouble. Ho is forty years of ago and was a father at twelve. 1 Cnvo t).vftp6f>*l)l fthil t;oVl.4tlt>iUli>n. nr. Snoop'* Ttestoratlfe Norvo I'll)* Kent free with Metllcrtl Hook to prove flicrlt, for 2c »tawp. Drn«- Blstri 25o. Dit. Suoor, Box W,, ttftclno. wls. The devil goes to church every timo some man joins to help along his business. Fif 8—All fltd sroppou tree oy r,n. RUSH'S ortRAI NRftVB KK8TOHKR. No fit »ftcr tlrst rtny's UBC. »mr relcms cures. Trcnttso nnd »2.n? trial bottlo free to KM i!UOB. Bond to Dr. Kllne.031 ArchSt.,rhil&dclphlii,m. Tho biggest kind of sinners generally fool religious iu a graveyard;. 'll*g email'* tumiiho* leu tvllhOlycarltie. Ciii i i!»CliniipdilHriiiilsamlFac<. l ,Tonu>rorSoi l ol < oot,, Cliilbliilns, Piles, &c. C. O, Clark Co., New Haven, Ut. The hypocrite is only on his Rood behavior when ho thinks ho is Watched. " Hnnaon's fltitgle Corn Sitlve." Warranted to euro or inuiify rurundod. Ask your druggist for It. Trice 13 cents. The cholera is one way God has of showing us that Ho hates dirt. i'B Connum|HiOM Issolil on ainuirnntnc. II cin-cs Incipient, ronsmmv tiun. It isllie ui'stCuueli Cure. 2fi.els.,GOcls. &S1.00. A good idea sometimes Hies by us so rnjiiilly that wo hnrdly succbeil in snatching tho tail feathers of it. :«<«<«<«.•<«*»<<*<•*£ I SHOULD be used wher- i ever yeast has | served heretofore. | Yeast acts by f fermentation | and the $ destruction of $ r 1 * part of the ^ gluten of the flour to produce the leavening gas. Royal Baking Powder, through the action of its ingredients upon each other in the loaf while baking, itself produces the necessary gas and leaves the wholesome properties of the flour unimpaired. 3 It is not possible with any other leavening agent I to make such wholesome and delicious bread, biscuit, | ft. rolls, cake, pastry, griddle-cakes, doughnuts, etc. » ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. | ^P^V^P^>:&&^>&^£,:v**?^V><v>&>--*'><V : -':*>»>>ir> Absolutely Pure. ITEMS AND IDEAS. Iron steamships were first built in Great Britain in 18-13. The fattest man over known was Daniel Lambert, who weighed 739 pounds. The air pump, of which science has made so successful a use, WUB invented in 10M. Tho national cemeteries of Tennessee contain the graves of 57,17'J Union' soldiers. The total loss incurred through the Panama canal swindles is estimated at 8^00,000,000. The first illustrated bible ever published was tho Nuremberg 1 bible printed in M70. (tutta pcrcha was introduced into Europe from Malaga in ISM.'. The luiiuial consumption now is 4,000,000 pounds. The state of New York leads every state, save California, in the production of grapes. About 40,000 acres in that state is planted in. grapes. A Smith college seitior failed .to secure n, diploma because she had a number of outstanding unpaid bills in the college town. One of these amounted toSSOOanrt was for icecream sodas. Whun Mini Worn I'eUlcojits. It will probably bo a matter ol surprise to tho general reader to learn that tho pelt'cout was worn exclusively by men. Jn the; resign of King Henry VII. tho dross oJ tho English was so fanUmtR-ul and absurd that it w.'is dilTieiilt to distinguish cue sex from the other. In tho inventory of Henry V. appears a "petticoat of roil damask, with open sleeves." Thcrcs is no mention of a woman's petticoat before tho Tudor period. Lucky Mini. Briggs—What a pity it ia that women won't have any tcnso. Jily wife waits up for me till I got home, if it isn't till daylight. Bruggs—You arc in luck, I think. Mine always gets a good nap, unil when 1 want to go to sleep she insists on talking throe or four hours. SwlHH TtilcffrupliH mill Tiilaphotum. Tho telegraph and telephone linos of Switzerland are owned and operated by the government. Thoro are J,-lll telegraph ollices and IL'.uDo telephone oflices. Tho profits derived from them amount to 'more than Jf^/H),OOU yearly. For ll«. Cunli p.ny wi'klvi biuhicsu ii, prtmtMilouul inoii. im'cliunlcH, mny—Ilit-ir HCIIIH, iluiitflilursnn I 3rH, work t'iu' ut» llmyt-'iinmmuit t'uuupc no Jiintf L'!*O brill^8 Ilium inch ijtll'.rK tuMli. HdLfiniiiji'H Tllll^llt.: our mull ttnK wliurtt otliurri luil—ourpriuuH uliu-hull' r.*, our Wliulu Kouliruos liv« (.unn (' pluntrd 10,;tOO iknd ovary Irwi Itvtul), ^im,,,, . tfum-iitiit'n with ovitry onlur, wo ]iay IrcltrhtH, in^iiro t-atlHrnctiuii, hullil up iriuk*, h(il<l it; you •work (llrt)(it, no nii(liihit>\tMi; uou now otittllii juwt rujuis', tlio Hmjxt DVUI* ust-d. Write ijuicw <y;viiitf IIGJO, rofort'ii <, uti'.) toSTAIClv HKO.'.S NiriSSKItl KS <fe OKI IlAltl) CO., SllloHiiiun'H Do [it l.oilisi- lllllll, ^lO,, <U' KoCUpni't, 1.11, Folltldt (1. IK^Tj; 1 OOOlUrnM 11111 SlM'iU.i; ^O.OOU Ul-l't'S (JlVllllrtlB. bull'l ^rilLlllllml'Or Orchard Itoiik.photoKi'npliH "t Frill(H,Nilrtittriiia.OrchanlH, etc,,«ml inuclKixai't inl'unnatioa about irced & fruity. Especially for Farmers, Miners. R. R. Hands and others. Double sole extending down to the hed. ** MXT.ltA WJBA1UNG QUALITY. -Thousands of Rubber Boot weavers testify this is the best they ever had. fOCthsm and don't be persuaded into an inferior article. OES IV,Qa9\$ES SUPPLY CO. MA X L'FA CT UKEU3 O f ENCSINES, BOILERS, PUftftPS, ETC,, FLOUIi, CORN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES AND MACHINERY OF ALL KINDS, OFFICE AND WORKS, 101 TO 121 EAST COUR I'll.LUU PKOMl'T JT,V. AVENU MUlNKi, IO\VA A WOMAN'S BURDENS &f& lightened when she tttft» to tho rigibl medicine. The chronic weftknessefl, dellcat* derangements, and painful dlstorddrt afflict her sex, aro cured by Dr. Pf- Favorite Prescription. 1ft bearing* sensations, periodical pains, tilceratioh. ifl^ flammation, and every kindred ailment it's * a positive remedy. < Madisnnvtllc, HypMnS I bit. n. vflpifenoa., Buffnlo, N. Y,: Deaf fflr * —Ploaso accept ffiy' thanks for the srood yottf medicines haro done for me. I truly believe tft* •"Favorite Prescription^* saved my life; it la ajsur* atid certain euro. . 1 ata, having perfect health; I . am stout and can do all > ** my housework. Every Invalid lad* , iu,a<Tw,,*»,m, S'nould take Dr. Plerc6 r S , Miss FITQATE. vnvortto PresoriptioO and Golden Medical Discovery' Yours, HOZZIE Cuar- antees a OR. '% m NEWTON NORMAL COLLEGE Courses :— Normal, Business, Shorthand), Typewriting, .Elocution, Mltsio and AH,. Evory effort is inado to secure ploasaflk iiml Voasoimlilo accoinuiodatioua to sttt^i clunts. HOOK HUNT AND TUITION M low at- the lowest. AVrito to tho Prestdentfor par* tk'.nlnrs. WINTEH Tfiiwt begins Nov. 13. Send for TMIUB catnloEiio. C. W. WORMLEY, Pros.. Newtort, la* BOro oyos, iiao 4n <U9Plll MO ulm ''o mnrto monthly TO ?>iiOU.UU workinpffni' B. P. JOHNSON & CO., . ItKHlMOND, VJ^i Sent\ We tor Iloyal Sate- '• every Indy needs U. Mfll'lis'tjIfOKIUJll's't, Louis? AND IIEADjosES CURED ' Hit I,- l-.l.fUllrthHHII>. WIllCpCI'HIiltttnl. . ur WDM • v .-HIT.' f nftil wild) all reiiiKtth-H frtll, l.i['MUxui>x 1 «KaU l Wiiy,N.Y. WiUoforbuokorii: fW5«AJAH'O WAFER, iioiT l»- pliysluiiuis us the host loenl remedy I for Fonmlu AllmeniH. Easy lo use, LADIES Jlcloimly, nml sure to euro. Two wcelaf ^jJJmKy 1.1-witiiiaiit frr.R. Allilrpn» ' . MICAJAH & CO.. WARREN. PA. , --- ^ --- ~ _ "Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I Loto Prlnoiiml Exarnlnor U.S. Pension BnrenU., I :i VI-M In lu«t war. ISiiiljiiillimUiiBcluliiiB. atty Blucet. SALESMEN WANTED! The prealcst iniliircincnle ever olTcrcil. Write I for particu'lavs. The JewoH Nursery Co., Lake City, Minn. A POSITIVE CURE Kor llio evil eltccls of tho errors (if youth mid nil rirlvntii dheiin'H. We (nn rucloio yon lo absolute, nuiiiliooil, iiulckly nml iirlviituly. Henil us 25 ctB. liiiMtiiKu "ml wo will KiMiil you syitiptoin blnnkB nnoi ciitnkigiie (.'Ivlnw full iloscrlpUon of euro. Pro- Hitrlliuil nn I prepared liy Uio best, medlcar yn- tliorlUos of tli« UKO. TtNO SIKO1CALi CO. r l)i;.S MOINHS, IOWA. P. O. JJox304. Illnstratoil rntaloKtio showlnff WELL AUQEKS, KOOltjmiLLfl.liynBATILia ' AND JETTING MAOTIINEUY, c(c. SKHT THEE. Have boon tested and all warranted. THE PECH HPG. CO. Sioux City, Io\va 19 S. annul St., Clalcueo. Ko PAY UNTIL CURED WE ntFEB YOU TO 4,000 PATIENTS «O QPHRATION. NODiTCNTJON FRLW1 BUSINESS. ••\'>\'.\^^wv:i>.*''^«'.»-v-.'«w- • „ „ I Vullny Nut. Hank, I Dos Ko.rei-oiiccR-j ( ; ( ,,. 1M f in siivlnss Hunk, I Molne* Write or cull for (Jliviiliir. THE O. E. NJil-LER CO., C02 IOWA LOAN & TRUST BLOG. Pea Moinoi. lowat. DR. McGREW THB SPECIALIST, CUIU'.H AMj PRIVATE DISEASES Weakness and D'-billtio! ai MEN ONLY. He has no equal, 1R yenra oxporlenoe,. 7 years In Omaha. NorvoiiMicss. IjQW Spli«~ Us ur loss of Vtaor Of Ambition, Viirlcouole. All iimmluraldlbelitiriii'.s nml ovll olTtels of osr'-r vlcu, dlseiiKO iif OKI tlooil, Klilnuys nrirt Blailder. Tho Kruiitcsi known roini'dles. Instant- rollof. Ver- iriuncnt cures. Wrlti! for book. Tho diiclor l» endorsed by Hie iiouplo In tbo stronKesr, lorai*. Mill uud Kuriium StruulH. Oiunlia, McELREES' WINE OF CARDUI. c; "*BRJ For Female Diseases, I GOOD CHANCE! Odell $il) Typewriter for $10. it cash with OP»der ia received before Nov. 1st, 183J. Tfca farnpus Odell Typewriter is usotl by Jjn'-"er8k Ministers, Doumrs, Merclv.iuls, lidito- »uo;! Government OfHucrH, ueoauso of lla lean print, simplicity and manifold copies. No teacher required. H will do your work in one- hour's prucliue. Order now aud tako ndvunfa. nge of this oxceptiomvlly IGQODCHAMCEI Address FRANK RQHNS. 80 W. jRcUson at., Chicago, '""wT^rjJ^ix^^TTT^"^^ 5 ^ J^^Ju applying to any of t.footjLoye ad vcrlisi<'.y. i.lo ;ji>,t forget lo sny tliiit yiju siw thy a,iivBfti*(juiv.5jt in ti: : .' u i. r ".>v, ' • '.. .

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