The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1893
Page 6
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THE OTPEB DES MOINEBi ALGDtf A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MOVEMBUH i, ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15th AT THE THORINGTON, ONE DAT ONLY, EVERY MONTH. CON • SULTATION FREE. DR. DOWNING, Author of "Nervous Debility." Gonevatlv Exhaustion, Its Cause and Cure, etc. This skillful and reliable SPECIALIST, well and favorably known throughout the northwest for the many wonderful cures of Chronic and Nervous Diseases which he has effected that had baffled the skll of other physicians and specialists. HE CURES WHEN OTHERS FAIL. Diseases of EYES and EARS, Granulated Lids, Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Ears, Deafness, etc. Diseases of NOSE and THROAT, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc., diseases o( Stomach and Liver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Biliousness, Jaundice, etc., KIDNEY and BLADDER troubles, Blood and Skin diseases, Scrofula, Pimples, Blotches, Eczema, Ulcers, etc., Nervous Diseases, Headache, Hysteria, Insomnia, lack of vitality, languor. Nervousness, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc., Diseases of Women, Deformities. Surgical operations of all kinds successfully performed. YOUNG AND MIDDLE-AGED MEN Suffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Seminal Weakness, Lost Vigor, Decline of Manly Powers, Drains, Discharges or Losses Varlcocele, and all the train of evils resulting from excesses, errors of youth, etc., producing some of the following effects, as Nervousness, Emissions, Blotches or Pimples, Debility, Dizziness, Defective Memory, Absence of Will Power, Confusion of Ideas, Aversion to Society, Sexual Exhaustion, Pain In the Back, etc., blighting the most radiant hopes, rendering marriage unhappy and business a failure, sweeping thousands to an untimely grave. No matter who has failed consult the Doctor. He has cured thousands who have given up in despair. A perfect restoration. Consultations sacredly confidential. Delays are dangerous. MARRIAGE. — Those contemplating marriage who are aware of physical defects or weakness which would render marriage a dis appointment will do well to cal! on us. FREE examination of the urine, chemical and microscopical In all cases of kidney dis ease, brlght's disease, diabetes, and sperma- torrhoea. Bring specimen. Remarkable Cures perfected hi old cases which have been neglected or nnskllltu'ly treated. No experiments or failure. Cases and correspondence stvictly confidential. List of questions free. Address, with postage. DR. DOWNING, 113 West Madison St,, CHICAGO, ILL. For Rent. The two-story steel-clad Store Building on Dodge street, one-half block north of State street, in Algona. The building is well adapted for any line of business. Is in fine condition, nowly built throughout. The entire building would make an A1 STAND FOR A RESTAURANT, Will rent tho upper or lower floor separately, If desired. HS^° Will exchange lot and building for a farm. GARDNER COWLES, Opera House Block, Algona. Make hay while the sun shines, and PRESS HAY whether the sun shines or not. . . . R. H. Spencer has something that will be of interest to every man who wants A Hay Press or who has any notion of buying one in the near future; see him and let him give you a Pointer on Presses. There is good money to be made in pressing your own hay, but see me before you buy a press. R. H. SPENCER. DB, L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on band of drugs, med- clnes. and pure liquors tot medicinal purposes only. SAlLtAf TIME Chicago, ttilwAnk«« A St. Paul LOCAT, TRAINS WB8T. Sioux City, Sioux Fails and Pacific Coast trains- No, i departs at 8:30 am No. 9 departs at. 4:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 71 departs at B:16pm No. 03 departs at 11:55 am TRAINS EAST. St. Paul, Minneapolis and World's Falf trains- No. 2 departs at 10:12 am No. 4 departs at 6:45 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 7<f departs at...'.. * li:00pm No. 94 departs at 1:45 p m No. 71 carries passengers between Mason City and Spencer. No. 93 carries passengers between Mason City and Sanborn. No. 70 and No. 94 carries passengers to Ma son City. R. F. HEDKICK, Agent. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. North— I South- Mixed 8:l8amPass 2:33pm Pass 3:31pmtMixed 0:07pm Freight 10:00 am|Froight.... 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at DesMolnesat8:15pm. Lv. DesM. 2:30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VKSPEB, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. The official ticket is published this week. J. L. Kamrar speaks at Lu Verne Friday evening. There have been 118 marriages in the county since Jan. 1. A new girl arrived at Auditor Doxsee's home last night. Gen. J. B. Weaver talked in Bancroft Monday afternoon. Secretary of State McFarland speaks at Whittemore Friday evening. W. H. Nycum is appointed administrator of the O. E. Palmer estate. Chicken pie supper at the Congregational church tomorrow evening. A marriage license has been issued to L. E. Strom and Maria Omheldt. A second little girl has been added recently to the family of Mrs. Chas. W. Russell at Omaha. It is reported that H. S. Vaughn's daughter, Winnie, has been recently married to a Denver man. A. D. McGregor's announcement this week will attract attention for it nov- Ity. Ho tell the story in verse. The Baptist society will serve supper at the court house, election day. Supper 25 cents. Hot oysters in the even- ng. The Schilling minstrels, which come next Monday evening, arc everywhere spoken of as one of the best companies on the road. M. D. O'Connell had big meetings at Ledyard Monday night and at Wesley last night. Mr. O'Connell is an eloquent talker. A man named Whitson was before Squire Clarke charged with obtaining rtoney under false pretences last week. 3e paid the claim. Tomorrow evening the Congrega- .ionalists will decide about a new organ. The vocalion agent, Mr. Churchill, will je out from Chicago. New paper, new lloors, new heaters, and new furniture have been giving a new appearance to W. B. Quartern's law offices the past week. The Algona Library association will meet at the reading room, Friday, Nov. 3, at 3 o'clock. A programme is being. >repared for the occasion. August Dinger had a runaway at Bancroft Monday and got badly injured. He was cut and kicked about the head and face, and is seriously hurt. A big crowd gathered at Kunz' hall n Wesley last night to hear M. D. O'Connell. He made a splendid speech and was enthusiastically applauded. D. A. Haggard has been called to Hedwing, Minn., on account of the illness of his sister, and will be absent a veok attending to her business affairs. Put a cross in the ring marked re- ^ublican and let your ticket go at that, ifter marking in the square for a new ail. You will be sure of a good vote hen. Letters are advertised for Rev. P. J. Vlulconry, Sam Squires, Mrs. O. N. _tarr, Will. Stomp, Hardin Windle, J. B. Bice, Henry Kerwiti, E. W. Kanel, iV. Ronef. I W. F. Laidley of the Bancroft Reg- ster and Miss Aggie M. Thompson of ^orthwood are married. THE UPPER )ES MoiNES congratulates. May good ortune be theirs. Carter's delivery wagon up on top of Hamilton's lumber shed this morning vas tho most conspicuous evidence hat Haloween came last night. Other eviltry is reported. A sizable addition is being made to ho building John Grove's hardware is n and he will soon have room for his ig stock of goods. He will remain vhere he is with his store. Bro. Hinchon still fails to say wheth- r Dr. Heflin should be elected coro- ier. He pays no tax and Dr. Morse oes. And Dr. Heflin was nominated n Bro. Hinchon's suggestion. Henry George, a Milwaukee railway nan, tried a double back summersault rom a box car at Hobart one day last week. He struck on his head in a cinder pile, but came out without damage. When a boy M. D. O'Connell taught chool in T. H. Lantry's home town in Wisconsin and boarded with Mr. Lanry's cousin. He paid 81.60 a week for ioard and says he never lived better in iis life. Mr. and Mrs. J. H, Call spent a day n town last week, being over from Los Angeles seeing the fair. Harry was jreeted by his old-time acquaintances with pleasure. He is growing stout ,nd heavier. The cases of Sheriff Graham for the njuries to his wife, and of the Idaho orse trader against M. Richardson for he drove of horses that caused so much rouble last fall, both come on at Fort Dodge in about two weeks. A large number from Algona and Burt went to Bancroft Friday evening o hear Col. Custer of Illinois, and W. . Ken worthy of Oskaloosa. The Algona band went along. The meeting was a ig one and the speakers made republicanism .popular. Tbe Chippewa Falls Daily Independent of last Thursday gays of Schil-r llng'8 minstrels: "The best mlnstre show which has ever visited this cit, appeared at the opera house last even ing. To see the Hobson family is alon worth the price of admission." W. F. Carter had a barrel of hickory nuts out on the sidewalk one day las week and the crowd was soon thicker in front of his door than at a politica confab. The supply of nuts was re duced also more rapidly than the dem ocrats are reducing the pension rolls. An eloquent sermon was preached bj Rev. Goo. W. White Sunday morning at the Methodist church. ' He and Mrs White are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Hutchins. Mr. White is presiding elder of the Los Angeles Cal., district and one of the protninen' preachers of that city. A meeting was held Saturday afternoon at M. B. Chapin's to extend a farewell to Miss Mina Morford, who goes as a missionary to Utah. Addresses were made and a large numbei were present. Miss Morford is a neice of W. F. Hofius and the first missionary to be sent from Kossuth county. Domestic infelicity occasioned the arrest of Hiram Wright last week. He was brought before 'Squire Clarke on a charge of assault made by Mrs. Wright, and put under $500 bonds to keep the peace. Mrs. Wright ( hn.s a petition for divorce filed and he will not contest it, thereby settling all their differences. Auditor Doxsee has been inquiring further as to the wolf scalp swindler who is in jail. He finds that he took i>55 at Estherville, and was there Sept. 3. He showed up at EmmetsburgSept. 13, and at Algona Sept. 15. In June he was in Buena Vista county, and has undoubtedly swindled every county in ;his part of the state. J. B. Jain left last week for his new lome at Forrest, 111. He has traded "or a grain elevator there. His sale was one of the largest ever held in the iounty, 21 horses going for $1,078, 54 lead of cattle bringing $909, and 95 hogs bringing $607. The total sale amounted to $3,470. Dave Haggard auctioned the whole lot off in one day. When Addison Fiehor and C. D. Pettibone left each other in Chicago on ,heir eastern trip neither one had any dea when he should return. But they arrived in Chicago within two hours of sach other, and so finished the fair and iheir trip together. It was a remarkable coincidence. Both had a royal visit in the east, and enjoyed themselves. Dolliver's first speech was made in Algona. Many years ago he drove up rom Humboldt with Will. Taft and delivered a temperance lecture. He laid in his speech Monday night that this was his first public address. His subsequent career would indicate that ie got an excellent inspiration from this first contact with the Athens of the northwest. Gen. Weaver was not able to stop in Algona Monday night as advertised, but went through south, leaving his singer, Mr. Maxon, to entertain the audience in Clarke's hall. This gen- jleman talked passably and sang well. At the close of his remarks Mr. Parons made an excellent short address. Owing to the Dolliver meeting the irowd was small. It is rumored that the Courier in,ends to corno out this week with a broadside on Mr. Sessions, after the •epublican papers are out. We doubt t for two reasons. The Courier knows hat no one pays attention to attacks made so late that they cannot be inves- igated. And then the republicans Hive treated Mr. Lund very fairly and jonsiderately. There is no occasion or any personal onslaught in this cam- >aign. This office has a respect and awe for ho Australian ballot, since printing 4,000 of them on the big press, that lad not existed heretofore, Instead of using plates the whole ticket was set n typo this year. The flaw in the jlates last year caused so much trouble ind expense in the Kossuth tickets hat wo decided to take no chances, t took over three days steady press vork last week to print them. Miss Edith Wheelock, who was inured by falling through a bad sido- valk in West Bend, is barely able to 30 out, and may not recover for a num- er of months from her injuries. She vas walking on a dark night and fell vhere a length of ^sidewalk had been aken out and no guard put up. W. B. ^unrton is in West Bend today in her nterests and will consult with the own authorities. In his letter this week ex-Auditor lutchins shows why every voter hould vote for a new jail. It is the nly way out of continual expense and rouble. Every older county has come o it after fooling around just as we lave. Judge Carr when last hero said hat every county in. his district with a lasement jail like ours was having the arne trouble we are, and that sooner r later every one would have to build , jail building. The Social Union club had an ex- eptionally good meeting Friday even- ng. E. P. McElroy gave very enter- aining reminiscences of his life in Boston, and E. B, Butler in an inter- sting paper discussed the silver ques- ion-, leaving it where Stockton did the ady and the tiger. Miss Cornie Ingham gave a recitation, Miss Alice Spear an instrumental solo, and Misses Ran,all and Tweed a vocal duet. A large audience attended as usual. The first operation at the city well 'epairs was the dropping of an oak imber weighing 30 pounds on A, F. )ailey's head yesterday morning. He was about 12 feet down and the stick lit him a slanting blow, cutting the calp open in ugly fashion hut fortunately not fracturing the skulL Dr. Garfield was called and sewed up the wound and Mr. Dailey is again about, >ut it was a narrow escape. The democrats are waking up at the .lose of the campaign and the follow- ng speeches are advertised by Chairman Sullivan: State Senator C. P. "ohnson of Chicago will speak at Ban- iroft tomorrow afternoon and at Burt omorrow evening. Capt. Yeomana of <\jrt Dodge will speak at Wesley Saturday afternoon and at L/u Verne Satur- lay evening. M. F. Healy of Fort Dodge will speak at the court house in Algona next Monday evening. Last fall, the night of the Dolliver meeting at LuVerne, D. Bamm was climbing up the ladder on a freight oar on the Minneapolis train when a brakemaa kftocked his hat off» kicked hi knuckles, and forced him to drop of while the train was in motion. Bamm sued for $1,000, but recently the Unit ed States court dismissed his petition on motion of the company. The !m pression seemed to be that he was try ing to steal a ride. Mr. Bamm claimed that the caboose was full am that he was willing to ride on the freight car. The Carroll Herald says "the court sat down on him like a bat* tering ram." Announcement was made last week of the assignment of Geo. Simpkins Sr Son at Bancroft. Col. Spencer is assignee and tho liabilities are about $11,000. The main creditor was in Algona last week, and upon looking mat* tors over was satisfied that the assets were equal to the liabilities, and no sacrifice will be made. The cause of the trouble is large purchases of fall goods with light trade owing to tho existing depression. All of the many friends of Mr. Simpkins and Henry will regret the temporary embarass- ment and will hope to soo them soon righted again. An invoice of stock is now being taken. The Burt Monitor says: Twenty-five of our young people drove to Algona last evening to witness the production of the successful comedy, "The Masked Ball," by one of Chas. Frohman's excellent companies. The aggregation voted the play first-class and by far better than anticipated, and state they were well repaid for attending. This was another of the many excellent attractions secured by the Algona Opera House company which Burtitos have liad the pleasure of attending. Their next attraction is Shilling's minstrols, which are billed for Monday night, Nov. 6. As many as can conveniently arrange will be present that evening. A largo audience of Rev. Mitchell's old friends gathered at the court house Saturday evening to hear his stump speech. They listened attentively, but without expressing approbation. Ho talked about two hours and stated very rankly that his party had in view electing a legislature pledged to the oresent law and defeating Jackson. As everyone could see what an absurd outcome this would be, having a legislature favoring a law und a governor who vill not enforce it, no one was very avorably impressed. Mr. Mitchell n-eached at tho Methodist church Sun- iay evening, but did not touch on )olitics or temperance. Ho is as vigorous as ever and tho samo old fighter he vas in early days. Mayor Call had County Surveyor Tollior down Monday determining the grade of an under crossing on the road o the mill where it passes the Milwaukee tracks. Ho finds that such a cross- ng can bo made without increasing ;he grade of tho hill, and it is likely that it will be done. The railway com>any will put in its own timbers and >ay part for removing dirt, the county ind town joining in tho remaining ex- >ense. It is estimated that the total cost will not exceed $300. This is the only dangerous railway crossing near Algona, and with the wagon road un- ler the railway tracks a great im- >rovement will have been made. The >ublic safety demands this change if it :an bo conveniently made. Notice. Any parties paying notes given at the B. Jain sale before Dec. 1 will get ive per cent, discount, as for cash. Those paying before Fob. 18, 1894, will 30 charcred tho face of tho note without ntorest. Those paying after Feb. 18, 3ut before tho note is due, will stop in- orost from the time tho money is de- oosited.-32t4 J. B. JAIN. CUTTER & CROSSTCTTE'S latest out in ies, just received at the Now England "Jlothing House.—32 DR. DAY of Chicago, now at tho Ten- lant house, will remain till Saturday vening. Practice confined to diseases f tho eye and ear and fitting of glasses. THE Wigwam has for sale a good wo-seated secondhand buggy.-82tf Notice. Every person owing mo, either by oto or book account, is requested to cttlo without delay. If not settled by v. 10, will be left with an attorney or collection, which means trouble and osts. I shall soon be away for the vintor. A word to tho wise is sufficient. 29t-l J. J. WILSON. TAKE your shillings to tho Opera •louse Grocery. That's where they uy tho most. f GEO. L. GALDRAITII & Co. always ceep a big stock of shoos of all kinds at he lowest prices. Coal, Coal. Best Lehigh hard coal; third-vein llinois and Iowa block. Coal at lowest irices.—30t8 J, J. WILSON. WANTED—All the eggs you have to ell, at tho Opera House Grocery. A PEW full-blood Langchang cooker- ils for sale. Price, Bleach if taken soon. i 1 . M. Taylor.-81t2 LOTS of butter of the best quality at ho Opera House Grocery. CHARLES CITY cheese, brick cheese, dam cheese, pine apple cheese, club louse cheese, and Parmason cheese at W. F. Carter's. FOR SALE—A secondhand two-seated buggy at the Wigwam.-32tf Go AND look at the latest novelties in ies at the New England.—32 C. D. PETTIBONE is home again and doing business at the old stand. He wants all the butter and eggs he can •et at going prices. NEW honey, something fine, at W. ?. Carter's. LADIES' and misses' jackets in all the atest styles: also new stock of dress oods at Galbraith's. WE want all Jur customers to try at east one paclage of Friend's White Oats. W, F. Qarter. and see the new sty lee i» hats. JJ. Reeve & Co, We are receiving our Fall and Winter Stock •**• in Dry Goods, Shoes, Cloaks, Trunks, etc,, and have many extra good bargains to show. We have by far the best Dry Goods stock in the county, and will show one of the best and largest stocks in Cloaks ever shown in Algona. I wish to Call your Attention to some good things just now in Ladies' Waists AT FIFTY CTS. EACH to close. Cotton Dress Goods, (will make fine bedding], at 8 cts. per yard, worth 12s, 15, and 20 cts. JAS. TAYLOR. A. D. McGregor, so they say, Sells fine furniture every day At the State street stand so nice and neat, Here you will find a stock complete. Baby Cabs, Bedsteads, Rockers, and Chairs, So many that everyone declares There is naught in th-e county to be compared With the splendid variety so well prepared. Does anyone doubt this simple lay, Then let him come here every day And see choice goods too numerous to mention, Culled from every tribe and nation. The clerk will great you with a smile, No trouble to show you goods meanwhile. Come witty and wise, both short and tall, Come small and great, there's welcome for all. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. W. H. Ingham went to see the big fair lose. F. M. Taylor went to Chicago Friday for he fair. Mrs. Jas. Henderson Sr. is visiting at M. B. Chapin's. O. B. Matson went to Chicago on business Saturday night. Mrs. J. P. Taylor was over from Charles ity last week to visit at D. S. Ford's. Mr. ind Mrs. Stilson were also up from Des doilies. Mrs. Rev. Glasgow, formerly Miss Wiley, was up to Lu Verne last week to at- find her brother's marriage in Lu Verne, and spent Sunday in Algona with her >rother here. She was accompanied by ier little daughter, and is in much better health than formerly. Supt. Hughes and a party of eight came ip from Eagle Grove Thursday evening for 'The Maskep Ball" on a special, and were entertained by the opera house company. Among those present were Eugene SchafE- er and Misses Jessie and Hattie Heukart, who are known here. They enjoyed the ride and the play, and spent a pleasant evening. The opera house boys are under many obligations to Supt. Hughes for favors, and were pleased to be able to have him present at so excellent a play. It Should Be In Every House. J. B. Wilson. 871 Clay street, Shurpsburg, ?&,, says he will not be without Dr. King's Discovery fop consumption, cougfis, ; that it cured hia wile, wbo was wittj pneumojrta after W and several physicians had done her no good. Robert Barber of Crooksport, Pa., claims Dr. King's New Discovery has done him more good than anything he ever used, for lung trouble. Nothing like It. Try it. Free trial bottles at L. A. Sheetz. 1 Large bottles 50c and one dollar. 5 Electric Bitters. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exist, and it Is guaranteed to do all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, boils, salt rheum, and other affections caused by impure blood; will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers: for cure of headache, constipation, and indigestion try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Price 50o and one dollar u bottle, at Sheetz.' 5 Buckleu'H Arnica Salve, The best salve in, the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcevs, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 35c a box. Sold by L. A. Sheets. WE are closing out our -stock of clothing at big bargains. Geo. L. Galbraith&Co. •»•'• • FOB real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, ma^Q inquiry at the sutb. County

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