The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1893
Page 7
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•< -, ^'^MVK J^ It Was too Bad. "Anybody In tho office slel: this after- i6oa?" inquired the philanthropic ftnv ef, beaming around on his clerks. I guess not, sir," siiid the bead bookkeeper. '•Too bad I Too bacil" said the pbilan- gealleman,,sadly. "Here there's one too sick to work and tho last games 'Of the base ball season are being played." , ; A New Through Sleeping Car Una r From Chicago to Seattle via the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Great Northern' railways has been established, and first- Class sleeping cars will hereafter run daily . from Chicago at 1,0:80 p. m., arriving at Seattle 11:3'J p. in., fourth day. This is undoubtedly the best route to reach the North Pacific coast. For time tables, maps and' other information apply to the nearest ticket agent, or address George H. Heafford, , general passenger agent, 0., M. & St. P. ' Ky., Chicago, 111. Attstrta, In 18S9, had 35,718 schools, 09,200 teachers and 4,003,001) pupils. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment 'when &• rightly used. The many, who live bet- I, ter than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products'to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the ' remedy, Syrup ofyFigs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently'curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels withoiit weakening them and it is perfectly free from e»*ery objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. "What is August Flower for ?" As easily answered as asked. It is for Dyspepsia. ; It is a special remedy for the Stomach arid L,iver.— Nothing more than this. We believe August Flower cures Dyspepsia. We know it will. . We have reasons for knowing it. To-day it has an honored place in every town and country store, possesses one of the largest manufacturing plants in the country, and sells everywhere. The reason is simple. It does one thing, and does it right. It cures dyspepsia® We Offer Ton a Xtetncdy «c7t(c/i Insures Safety to Life of Mother and Child. Hobs Confinement of Us . fain, Horror axil Risk, Afternalngonebottleof "Mother's Frlond" t •uttered but llttlo pain, and UJU uotexperleucu that weakness afterward usual la such cases.—Urn. AMRUS GAGE, Lamar, Mo., Jan. 15th, IbDl. Bent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt ot price, $1.50 per bottle. Book to Mothers mailed free. JBaAMI?IEI,» .REGULATOR, CO.. ATLANTA, GA. BOLD EY ALL DRUQQIST3. TM« Trade Mark l» on the best WATERPROOF COAT Siu^!" !n ^e World I »•*«<>• A. -1, TOWER, BOSTON. MASS. Coniumiitlvea »Q4 people I who hare woafe iunfsor Astli- I ma, should use t'iao'sCure for I {Consumption. It bus cnr«il I I thou»aud9. It hits notinjur-1 led one. Uls nut bad to take. | It is the beat cough syrup. Sold everrvrhern. SSc, i Thompson's Eye Water. ari-ar aHiac Send lUa for Koyul Sufe- mairiVU l,a(JI9S tmlr ,i Nadnmsuiofrund; ercry ludy needs It. UD1ES EHrOBIIlM, lit. Unit, Hi. HIGHLY ENDORSED. The Professor of Physiological Cboni- j^tpy ttt Yule. College says : "Ijlntl Kick- Indian Sagiea to be an extract 0/ Spat*, Jiai'ka and Herbs of f'aluable Htm- filial Action, without uiiyTmineral or vtlier ( harai f ttl admixtures Klckaouo ludliui aywa Is the grand- st JUlycr, Stomach, uiood ami Nerve Jii'uiedy Kuown. Clunases, Purifies, uuJ Keiiovales every part ot thu Jiuiaau system. All Di'ME- a Imttk— AND HOTJSESOLB, GREAT NECBSSITV OF ROOTS FOR P&eDING SHEEP. ' * • Grow Crops tot tins Sheep _ Simple Weatltei- Glass— A Corn Cutting Machine— Oil o?' 1 Snflsnfriis — 4grleulturnl HIHt«— ' Roclti"'r'«r ' The drying iieo« of our great sheep industry is ia.bcrtte^ mixed food'ration thatt^s genoi'iiUy. supplied by..0\vn- ers, and tiio'i > !b : '.puotebtion from the in- cle'mency of the- waathor. • J'bere is 'no country .on' the globe thd't .is going to surpass the Unitod States for shoep-raising, and the interests in this lino tira already of sueh imposing magnitude that it is almost tho' leading farm industry. It is not' only wool-raising that makes the tvork'so valuable, but in. many parts of the country adjacent to good markets ovynors.of .sheep are d.oublirig their iueoraes by raising superior, •mutton for the market as well. Breeds' of shoop are boingfraised which will supply .exoollpnt, mutton and good w.ool. The wool, of'course, ia not so good a3 the finest, grown by thoso \yho raise sheep' only for this, but 'it is of such a cliaracter that it is in fair demand at reasonable prices. Sheep are naturally hardy, and they can thrive off podrer food and with loss protection than most farm animals, but it does not follow from this that they do npt improve under good treatment and repay tlio owner for any extra outlay expended on them. On the contrary it has been pretty well,demonstrated in many parts of this country that sheep require good food and good care, if they are; to bo very profitable. The grumbling generally comos from, those who expect the animals to shift for themselves and make an income for their owners, while they do nothing. This is more than can be expected. It is necessary to look ahead and see that food, and good food, is prepared for the sheep the year around, and also goo:l shelter. Formerly sheep raisers never thought of sowing and harvesting crops for tho animals, says tho Economist. They were supposed to get a living somehow on the prairies and among the mountains. But it is pretty poor economy to attempt that sort of thing nowadays. Wo need to grow crops for our sheep and to ' supply them with a mixed ration—a diversified food. In this ration roots play a most important part." They supply tho amount of water which all animals 'need when fed dry food, and dry food must be fed in the "winter, time. They should be grown extensively for winter use, and should theti be cut or.mashad so that they can bo mixed with the hay, bran, oats or mill feed. These roots will prevent stomach troubles and make the animals gain more from their solid food than if not givon at all. It does not -answer to make them take co•pious draughts of water with their meals, for this washes down a great deal of the food without being digested and assimilated. Tho result is, there is a decided waste. Koota are also nourishing and Ihey are of great value to ewes Avhen giving milk. Sugar-beets, mangels, rutabagas, and turnips aro all of inestimable value to tho Hock, and they should be raised for winter use ira season, if sheep diseases are to be .avoided. Mixed foods for sheep are always •superior to plain fouda, and they •should always he given when possible, ' It ia in tho .mixed food tha'u roots attain their greatest value, for they mu.ko tho mixture more di- gestihle, liy giving a certain amount, <of mixed .food each day regularly, with roots included, it is estimated that one saves fully twenty per cent, in food; or, in other words, eighty.per cent, of mixed food is equal to 100 per cent, of plain. Oil of Sli.SHiil'ni.-i. John E. Kobiuson, in a .Southern exchange, says: My plan, which, I think, is used by no breeder, has never failed mo in completely ridding my fowls of every insect, and has demonstrated to me its infallibility. It is simply the use of oil of sassafras mixed with sweet oil, and apply a small quantity to different parts of the body of the fowl, selecting those points where tho vermin would bo most apt to hide. In applying the preparation I fill with it a small oil can, so that I can force out aa much or as little of tho oil as I wish. ' A very unall bit can be made to go u great ways, , for one drop can bo rubbed over two or three inches of space, and is not more troublesome to apply than the various insect powders. I use sweet oil because of its curative powers but any kind of grease no matter what, willdo totaix with the oil of sassafras. The oil of sas-afrua is the" eradicator, tho other merely tho vehicle. 1 believe common sassafras tea would be wonderfully efficacious. Make it in a largo pot, then, after allowing it to cool, di > ti«3 foiv.a in bodily. In one second the lice will be dead, and in ten seconds tho fowl will be perfectly dry, if placed in the sunshine. It is hard to form an idea of tho magical effect produced by the oil of sassafras. I have never tried the remedy in greater attenuation than that mentioned (<ir,e to five or six), but I believe that it would bo equally good if composed of one ounce of oil of sassafras to ten or twelve of any other oil or grease. Simple Weiithur << »' .: An authority in chemistry gives directions for making -.a simple weather glass: Take a glasw tube about ten inches in length, and one in diameter, UU it nearly up tl> tha top with tho following Ifqulct: two purts camphor, one pavt nitrate of potash and one, par,i sal ammpflift, dissolved in strong 1 spirit 6f wins; then add tfafier until you have, partially precipitated the camphor. The extremity of the tube cft'n. be left Open or hermetically closer! The glass-tube thus proparodls then^flxed in a horizontal position 'agaijist a Avail or a board, The changes in the weather are thus indicated: 1. If the weather is to'be fine tho composition of tho substances will remain 'entire* ly at the bottom part of the tuba and -the above' liquid \vill bo perfectly clear and, transparent.; '2. Before •th<S weather changes to beeotne rainy tlio precipitate will rise by .degrees, and moving crystallizations, similar in shape to stars, will, be seoa 8. When a storm is imminent, •'the'pre- cipitate will nearly all rise 'to the top of the tube, assuming''the shape of- the leaf/ or an assemblage of crystals; the liquid will appear to bo in a state of effervescence. This change very often takes .'place twenty-four hours, before the changa in tho wcath'er. ";1. The side from which the wind will blow in a squall will be also indicated through the direction and tho elevation of tho crys- .talliscation in tho tube, the -crystallization- always forming on the side from which tho wind will blow. C. In the winter season tho crystallization -will maintain itself higher in the tube; snowy and freezing weather are also indicated by'the particles of tho, substance floating in tho liquid and assuming tho shape of long, hairy needles—Farmers Voice. To Multe n Corn Cutting; Mnchiiic. Wo see a groat many different cutters in the market, but they all cost too much. mono}'. Among our home made'ones, some of our farmers take the wheels off of their corn planters anil with a wheel that work's on a pivot in front they can make a cutter that one horse can pull two men without much labor. But the sled is mostly used and it pulls heavy with two men on. We can get along faster to have a sled for each man. I take a two by six scantling twelve feet long, make my sled six feet long; I make the slod narrow enough to go between tho rows; I fasten the knife on the right harrd of the sled. Take a board two 1 inches wide and'five feet long and sharpen one cud; tlio other end I fasten to the back end : of the sled. Fasten' this board slanting enough .so the sharpened end will project about fifteen inches from tho side of tho'fi-ont end; this is to catch up the corn that may be down; by. taking a 'small limber' pole and fastening it to this board, near tho end that is sharp and then'put- ting a standard about three feet high on the back end of the sle'd and fastening this polo to tho top of tho standard, when a stalk of corn is on the ground the board will catch it and this polo will bring tho stalk up to you; this will also keep anyone from trying to pick up a down stalk, for it is dangerous to try to. For a knife, a heavy scythe or an old hay knifo will do or any sharp tool one has to answer the purpose. The large majority of tho fodder ki Kansas is feed oufc of tho field. Hauling feed every day, regardless of stormy weather that often catches them.— John K. Cotton iu Colma3a''s Eural World. ' Household Helps. Save tho Maps of masealod envelopes and when-a stamp refuses to stick firmly dampen tbo back of it and rub over one of the gummed edges of the for mar. In fighting moths >or the buffalo bug iue a hand atomi/.or or machine oil ciin for forcing benisluo into floor cracks, between the lloor and basi- board, and into all 'corners and crovices. Linen crash, hlue deuim, or ticking aro the best possible fabrics for covering ironing holders. Make them removable by 'basting one end together and occasionally put them in tho family wash. Beeswax for smoothing sadirons should be tied in a piece of. white oauslin to prevent waste. Old newspapers will put tho finishing touch to newly-cleaned silver, knives, forks aud tinware better than anything else. Stoves that have not been polished for some time tako on u beautiful luster when rubbed with slightly greased nowHpaper. Win- dowri, mirrors a«d lamp chimneys are made brilliant when rubbed with a newspaper. .Agricultural Hints. Mains on manure wash out tho potash, and that is the very -thine? that fodder crops and grasses remove from the soil. The reason that wood ashes aro a good fertilizer for corn ia that corn requires a good deal of potash. Fifty bushels of wood ashes to tho acre makes a fine stimulant for tho corn crop. The disease known as anthrax has been very fatal to .cattle, horses, sheep and hogs in Great Britain for some time. Tho disease among Illinois cattle id now pronounced anthrax. An exchange thinks wa ought to have a man appointed ia every locality to spray fruit troas. Yes, there ought to be one appointed on every farm, and the farmer should appoint himself. It is as much the farmer's duty to recreate as to harvest his crops. The busy season over, lot him take "an outing" as tho city folks call it. At least don't miss any of the picnics and fairs. Jt is claimed that an open umbrella let down into a weH that has foul air. handle up, and drawn out rapid- lv, will make the air pure. It brings out tho carbonic acid gas, which U '" than air. •Ift Gre"$j.t Britain 4 tha annual. sick rate for «iach Inriabithnt is ten days to the year; in the fruited- States eight dftyS. / ' A new dtcree <Jf the lUtssiatt minister of'justice ordains that In future a duelist who kills his antagonist, is liable to "six £ears itnprisonuient. ^ Tho oil 'deposits ' of Pennsylvania •focre discovered in 1845 by two men Voring for salt. They struck*an oil Spring v.hlch grav6 forty pallohs as. day;' : .Street car vmployejs at Beaver'Falls,' Pa., have beeta servecl with a summons notify: g them to appear before'.Justice White to answer to the- charge of Sabbath breaking under the law of-. 179.4. The latest born son of the crown prince and princess of Qrce'c'o makes (he number of the qiteeh's great- grandchildren sixteen. He is, tho eleventh grandchild of the Empress Frederick. , . .: . •• . , • A cow recently killed at- the. West Philadelphia abbnloir hail'a Masonic. mark, a door hingo aiiii part of a rat trap in her stomach, while another had a small hiediciuo bottle and a part of a croquet ball. It is very seldom that a retired army officer draws his- pension for nearly seventy years. Mr. Strouach 6f Ardmclit'c, Banffshirc, who died recently at tho itge of OS, entered the British ai'my in" March 1>1S, and retired September, 1 320. From. - that time he drew half pay Until his death. Louis Shaffer, a ten-year-old boy, Blood on an embankment, near Bennetts run, Beaver county, Pa., -watching n, work train pass. The jarring of the train loosened tho embankment and the boy and all rolled down tinder the cars. An Italian on one of tho cars reached down, caught the lad by the hair and held him until assistance came. Several cars were thrown from the track and. wrecked. The Cornelius Vanderbilt and Collis P. lluntington mansions, 'now nearing completion on upper Fifth avenue Now York, will bo rivals in costliness liud magnificence of equipment. Art galleries and conservatories, guests' chambers and ballrooms, costing' fortunes will be features of tho Vanderbilt and Huntington and other palatial private residences now building 1 . A single ceiling in Mr. Vanderbilt's new palace, pninted by a French artist, cost $50,000. Mrs. Yung Yu, the wife of tho Chinese minister at' 'Washington, is Orientally exclusive. She con lines herself to her own apartments and lives in suc'usion, surrounded by her children and attendants. No visitors are allowed to enter her rooms, and only the occasional noise of the children gives any indication that the apartments are occupied; Mrs. Yung Yu is one of the small-footed Chinese aristocrats, and is consequently not much of a pedestrian. Tlnis world is but a riaraclox, and plainly does tills show in tlio fact that tho surest '•coming man" is tlio juaii with lots of go A wise tnnn can sec all there is in a fool's beud every time ho opomj his mouth. Italy lias tweuty-orte universities, vritn BOO professors and 0,008 students; THOUGHTS. It pays to be kind and (\ourteous 'always. Three helping 1 one another bear the burden 'of six. Love youJ* neiffhbbr \$ut do not pitll down your hedge. ,It,pays to bo patient with ehjldren, and lake tiin$ to, answer their questions. As long as .there is one Bin in tho heart the door cannot be shut against others. It pays to reach out a hand of help to the fallen, and to speak words of 'cheer to the discouraged. Tlio ..Strongest' Against ill health, debility nnd nervousness is to promote digestion, activity of the liver nri'd regularity of the bowels with tho iucoinpfli'able alterative and .tonic, Hastetter's Stomach Bitters, n medicine without a drawback, sate oncl thorough, and having tho highest professional sanction. It promotes an adequate secretion of the gasitric juices that act as solvents of tho food, ami insures its conversion into rich,, nourishing bjoprl, which never fails to honor tho drafts Cor strength innde upon It by tlie'i'ost oC the. system. As a laxative of tlio bowels It is natural nnd gontlo in operation, but at the same time effective. By directing the Wle into its. proper channel it removes the many and harassing (symptoms of liver complniiit. 'Heartburn, nausea, sick headaches, 1 nervousness, rheumatism, malaria and kidney trouble aro remedied by it. , __ ._ Tho olrlor we become' tho more the wheels o£ time seemed to have boon oiled. Movi»fr South, • Convenient, mnrkots. pnriil. .soil, pure watrr nnrt Gjtvnlli-nt c'linmio '«!•« iulvanlrtKi'8 to liu cmislile'rcd when InukliiK »H u liuini!, ' hn*liicB» lm-.nlli>n> (ami, ulc, Mai'ylnml. ami Virginia afford tliesu with Jnany more iulv;inlH£i!5. Improved farm Idiuls, tulnpled ID Block nllslnir, iblrylnp, Kniln, KI'IUS nud fruit frrnwliif, itt lo-w.prkM.'S iiml OUMV terms, TlirlvliiR uiwiis Invite tlie nici-cluint, nincliiinlo mid ImMm-sft ninn, Abiimlniiee nf run), tnnlivr, ore, wilier uowcr. etc. Aililresa M. V. Richards l.nnil anil Immigration Aguut, U. a O, 1C. B., Baltimore, Md. _ The man who sets out to' bo a reformer will never got to rest a minute. To California and Back By the Santa Pe Route. The most attractive American tour. A now descriptive ooolc with tho above title page, containing over 150 pages and as many pen and ink illustrations, sent free on receipt ot -t cents in postage, by JNO. J. BYMNB, 703 Monadnoek Building, Chicago. A good man is killed when a boy goes wrong. . _ B. F. Allen Co., S(ir> Canal St.. Now York, are sole agents in the United States for Beeehaiu's Pills. '2ii cents a box. Tho world Judges a woman not as much by what honor sue has as by what she has on 'cr. piyg—All (Us Btor/pea freu ny ns. RLtXK'B I1REA1 KKUVI! HKBTUIIKK. Nu (It altur Ural dny'» USP. Nnv TOlons euros. Troatlnn and S2.00trliU liotllo fri!0lol''11 iSaios. Send toUr. ArchSU, Philadelphia, I-R. An archangel would break no'vvn under what some people expect of a pastor's wife. If the Iliiliy Ii Cntlltiflf Tcc(.S, Ho sure and iiso tlitt old nnd well-tried remedy, Mus. ' v i«5i.ow'8 SboTinsn SVIIUP for Children ToethlnK. It Is vain to trust In wrong; as much of Hvil so inutih of loss, is tho 1'ormnla of human history.— Theodore Parker. •• Hanson's ItlUglu Corn Snlve." Warrantixltoi'iirooi* inonry refunded. Ask your hi fur 1C. rrk-u 13 runts. It is rather too much to oxpont a man on hiss uppers to bo a\vholo-souled follow. COO'H <t'Oiif{lt niiiHiiiii Is ilinnhlcst, and lii-sL II. will lireali innvfold quick. cr tluui iiiiyllilnir «!su. It, la always rullublu. 'fry It. Too many -church members think the world ought to have been saved long'ago betsiuso- tl»y have now and then put a nickel in the collection basket. Extreme Torturin Cases o ME C8RED BY ST. JACOBS OIL PROMPT AHD SURE. DES 1VBQQNES MANUFACTURINC & SUPPLY CO. - DIAXUPACTUHHIRS OK - EltQINES, BOILERS, PUMPS, ETC., MJ0UB, <COEN AND <G)AT MEAL MACHINES -•AND MACHINERY OF A&L KINDS, •COAL HOISTING AIND HANDLING AND CLA Y 4 A/ORKINU MACHINERY., MILL AND FACTORY SUPPLIES OF ALL KINDS. 'OFFICE AND WC^RKO, >IOI -t*O 121 EAST COURT AVENUE, -o»»j-ata ivirxuw ru{OM.r/n,v. UKS MOINEH, IOWA \VnAiiwou (iholoo IHt of Improyul VuriiM nnd 1'ralrle Luruls now on tlm nmrliot. Small piiymo.nt down unit buliiucu on lonij tliuo If duslroil. Alone y „ put hilo'lamt ln-clio unfold. Investment in tho world unrt Uilsj IB tho yenr to In- vii»4. If.-yuii are uxpetaliiK to lny tlila HOIIHIHI noinl for our jirlue lint of lamia anrt dfiueriytlon of tho couutt.-.y— Neliruaku or lowti. Bemliiin IU riii-meni' numua and 1 will sonrl you u •.•iniipof NelTitslta, Froo. il. J. Wil.K.lNlSON, Mutineer Nuhruiikit J,:iiiUC<»., HIMHlItATION At'J^ 1 C!., JJ. & O, K. II, Co. .yoniiKOrmun Block, lies Molnan. In., and OXFOltl), Diiniua Co., Nffb ftr. Aboon'a llcitOMtl^fl Nftrfq r>l)l» Writ Medical Book to JlrotcS rtfirllnfiW 2tf StUfflfr f BI8U 25c. 33tt, Snow, i Boat W.. ftftcthe. Wl* •, The taflft Who 11*69 to help ottie* will soon have obher people living to him, ....... _ u-i _ 3. B. Parker, Prertdttia, N. ¥., "Shall nofi call oh you for the $100 i*e for I bpllevd Hftll's Catarrh Crtre Will cilf» any case of catarrh. Was tery bad.'* Write him for particulars. Sold by df'ttg' gists, ('lie. ^ . _ _.^ < As soon (?o hifldte fire tf ith show, Us seel* to quench the fire of love with V?6Td8.-^ Shakespearo. _ ...... ........ 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Ensy to usa. . LaDIES^ cleanly, nml euro to cure. Two wetter SaSlSSir treatment free. AiMrem •. MICAJAH A. co., WARREN. PA, ' Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination And Advice no to PntentnblMty of Invention. Send for " Invontorn 1 Outdo, or Mow to O«l r "atcut." PATRICK OTABBBI/t, WA8HIHOTOH, 0. a Tlio Celorntert Uroon Steel Porno nml Standard, for cither Hard or Soft -Coal, Moonomlenl, Durable. Win be Shipped to yon direct from tho nmnnfnotnrerft, 8. GltklON « SONS, IOO to. ltd West Son- and SI.., Dos Moinos, Town. FURNACES GENTLEMEN, PRIVATE! Arc yon fuUTorlnir from tho nffost? pf orrorn ot youth? If to, we can restore you Ib nliBOluto m&n- hood, quickly nnil privately, Send ns your symptoms, with fii.OO, nml wo wlllimnll you In plain Unlike fiie Dutch Process No Alkalies — OB — Other Chemicals aro used in the preparation of W. BAKER fiCO.'S rokfastCocoa which <s absolutely 7;iire and euluble, It has morethan three time* iliestrnnfjth ot Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or , _ SiiRar, nnd is far tnoro coo- nomlcal, costing less than one cent a oup. It is delicious, nourishing, and BASIL* DIGESTED. Sold by O-ocers W. BAKER & CO,, Dorchester, Ma««. GOOD CHANCE! Odoll $^U Typewriter for ?10, iJ oasfi with or> dor Is received before Nov. 1st, 1803. Tht famous Odell Typewriter is used by Lawyers, Ministers, Doctors, Merchants, Editors ana Government Ofllcers, because of Us oleum print, simplicity and mnnifold copies. N* tonoher required. It will do your work In on» hour's i>rnotioo. Order now ncd take nge of Ibis exceptionally [GOOD CHANCEII Address FRANK ROHM, SB W. Jackson St.. Chicago* ~~W7~N71J. D.M. 1111 No. 43. 5S>"Iu applying to any of tlio above ad vertisers, uo not forget to say that you saw the advertisement in this paper. "Jfo ctfiai' Weekly Paper gives such a TarMy of Entertaining and Instructive Heading at so low a price," An unsurpafiBofl vnriofey of Articles will bo published ra the 08th volume of TUB COMPANION' Something of special iutciodt.aud valu«:lor every jnember of tlio fauiii}- every week. Full Illustrated Announcements Free. Important Articles. The Work that pays the best. By the Supt. of the Census, Robert P. Porter, The (rtrthood of <Queen Victoria. By one who knew her well, Lady Jeime. Uoys wta> ought not to go to College. An important subject. By Prof. Stanley Hall. Sonic Remarkable Boys of the Boys' Brigade. By Prof. Henry Drgmmond. The Boyhood of the Russian Emperor, How the Crar was Trained. Isabel F. Hapgood, Serial Stories, Nine Serial Stories *viijl ibe given during 1894. Ttie Deserter. By Harold Frederic, The Sonny Sahib. Sara Jeannette Duncan, The Wood Sprites. By C. A. Stephens, flerm aad I. By Myroa B. Gibson. Down th« Grand Canon. By A. Ellbrace, Adventure Stories in great variety and over 100 Short Stories. Out of the Jaws of Death. Henry M. Stanley, My Closest Call. By Archibald Forbes; Three Romances of the Sea. Clark Russell. Sailing the Nameless. By Stinson Jar vis, My Narrowest Escape. Edward Whymper, Dosble Holiday numbers at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Eastei, Ffee to each subscriber. "Sweet Charity. 99 $175 to Jan, 1, 1895. TIil«beautiful Colorc'dFfoture, "Sweet Charity," must be bi'.i ii ic» l)i;;iiii)i'i'(-lnloj. Its i-Jclinohs of coloriuir cuiu- uniiul-H lavituut utteutluu. Its tubjuct I* u. youu^ ludy of voloiiiitl Unit,'*. Tlib/'o in notalioum that tliv pluturo will SI ^ A'*.}-^* !J A 'S, 1 '' 1 ??' ".'ViU be scut The Gift of The Year,

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