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Oakland, California
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1, TUESDAY EVENING -OAKLAND TRIBUNE- J. ft rn VJ ASSEMBLY PASSES BILL COMBINING GOVERNMENTS Article Relating to County Charters Is Amended by Measure 1114 Washington' St etat Bacon Duilding lUateri Smo lelamagQ Solo a vote of 20 to 1. Shanahan was the only Senator to oppose It. Senator Cunlnettl's bill Is Intended to better fortify for the high school course the nunll a-raduatlna from a. arrammar school in a country district, by adding two years to be known as the "grammar (Special Correspondence of THE TRIB.

UNI.) 8ACRAMENTO. April 22. The second victory for Alameda county was recorded yesterday when Assemblyman William Clark's constitutional amendment. No. 81, passed the Assembly.

This Is a companion measure to the Tax Association's bill amending Section 7tt of Article 11, relating to county charters. Assembly constitutional amendment No. 81 permits cities to delogate certain of SALE IS NOW IN FULL SWING The people of Oakland and vicinity know that we are offering genuine reductions on the very best and newest shoes for men, women and children, and that is the reason our store is crowded daily. Best Coffee 30c lb. REGULAR 40c VALUE Best Chocolate 25c lb.

REGULAR 30c VALUE Best Tea 50c lb. REGULAR 75c VALUE Five pounds best cane sugar for 25c with each pound of coffee, chocolate or -pound of tea. Why pay more when you can get the best at these prices? LONG, THE COFFEE MAN At the New Free Market, Cor. 6th and Washington; aslo at high." The bill divides elementary schools into two divisions, to be known as primary and grammar grades. There is nothing In the measure to prevent the apt pupil from being advanced Into the grammar grade whenever.

In the Judgment of the teacher, suoh advancement Is Justified. The "grammar high school" shall not be conducted or taught in a school district wherein a high school Is located, and graduates of the grammar division of the elementary schools shall be admitted to the powers and duties of city officers to county officers and the assumption of pertain duties of county officers, If this bill successfully passes the Senate Alameda county will be the first Ladies' Lace and Button 60c, $1.45, $1.85 and $2.45 Ter PaJr Children's Shoes 55c, 85c, $1.15, $1.45 and $1.85 Per Pair Boys' Shoes 95c, $1.15, $1.45, $1.65 and $1.85 Per Pr. Men's Shoes $3.50 values, now $4.00 and $5.00 values, now $3.15 Remember the shoes offered at these ridiculously low prices are of the very best grades and are not damaged. tdC Green Trading Stamps Given county under the provisions of the proposed new charter to combine city and county officers as a single working unit. Interest is keen.

Keen interest is evidenced at Sacra. the "grammar high schools" without examination. But the feature of Senator Camlnetti's bill which will undoubtedly appeal most forcibly to parents Is that which precludes the sending from home at the age of fifteen or sixteen children who under the present law finish the high school course end -desire to take up university oourees, PROVIDES "COLLEGE HIGH." The bill provides' for "college high mento among the legislators as 'to the Schlueter's, 1318 Washington near 13th; also 539 Wash ington St, Cor. 6th, Oakland. final outcome of the efforts of the Tax Association in promoting legislation that will permit radical change and Improvement In municipal and county government.

Secretary Casey of the Tax Association, who Is now In Sacramento, Is very hopeful of the final passage of the two bills on county charters, as there has developed but little opposition to there. school" of two years' courses, following the high school course, as It Is now warm for an hour or more over an amendment to the measure offered by As BAND on known. A "college high" may be established by a board of school trustees of any high school district or by Joint action of two or more high school dlstrict.and a course of study taught merein approximating the studies prescribed in the first two years of the University of California. In addition courses of study other than are prescribed in the first two years in semblyman Pealrs of Los Angeles, which was designed to revamp the bill com pletely and provide simply for an ex tension of the powers of the present STANDARDIZED ACCOUNTING. Alameda county will go on record as being the first county In the State of California and maybe the first county in any State to adopt a standardised system of accounting.

Assembly BUI No. 1401 passed the Senate yesterday and is now on the road to the Governor for signature. This bin is In conformity with the Tax Association's plans and was Introduced by As MONEY NOT SUFFICIENT TO ERECT SCHOOL BUILDING Lowest Bid for Manual Training Structure Exceeds Amount of Fund noexon TOO MID State legislative reference library conducted under the State library. This the University may be taught. Graduates of high school would be admitted to the amendment was voted down.

'college high school" without examina Assemblyman George Gelder of Ber tion, ft keley led the opposition against the pas Under the present system 88 Per cent semblyman W. Clark. sage of the bill. He declared that the construction of the measure practically made It certain that the University of Argentine Dance Carried to "Little Lynnon" by Denver Press Club. California would be drafting the measures It provides for a new form of claims presented against counties and waves the present requirement of swearing to the correctness of a' elalm by dispensing with the affidavit, of claimant.

This greatly facilities the payment of claims by all Al Jennings, Now Lawyer, Explains Bullet Scars to Physician. (, NEW YORK, April 22 A fnodes't little man walked Into the office of the exam-. enacted Into laws to govern the State If of the pupils graduating from the grammar schools leave off school and enter upon life's battle with a comparatively limited, education. Senator Camlnetti's "grammar high school" Is Intended to aid this class. He holds that California's school system is decidedly behind that of many eastern states.

"We must be prepared to offer the east-1 the bill was passed. Assemblyman J. M. Inman of Sacramento, made perhaps the most bitter COLOB.ADO SPRINGS, April 22. Colorado Springs, or "Little attack upon the bill.

He declared It a London," as It Is called by people of "conglomerated mess or nonsense' and said Its whole purpose was to take tha state, Is "Tango-mad." Though erner looking for a location In this state tho best In the educational line as well as the best climate, soils and crops," he the real, artlstlo Interpretation of the say a AMEND POLITICAL CODE. fanciful, swinging dnnce arrived here only Sunday night, the society folk of the town have taken It up with a those counties that cause their accounts to be standardised and approved by the State controller. FOR LIVERMORR ARSENAL. The Assembly late laet night passed Assemblyman George Beck's bill appropriating $12,000 for the construction of a State arsenal and armory at Llvermore. The bill was called up on the special reeding file.

The erection of this building is contingent upon tho granting of a suitable site to the State. A commission of four Is created to accept the site. The members are the 'Governor, Secretary of State, Adjutant General and Attorney The Assembly devoted much of Its Cheaper specifications for the new Manual Training and Commercial high school, as planned, or a less extensive building-, will probably be necessary If the cost of the building and two gymnasiums also to be built Is to be kept within the sum allowed by the bond Issue. This discovery was made following the opening of! bids for work on this schootlast night by the board of education. The low- est bid, taking oft possible reductions, which would curtail the building considerably, would probably take up the entire Bum.

According to Superintendent of Schools J. W. McClymonds the funds available for the building of the actual school building and the two gymnasiums is $411,000. The lowest bid, that of Williams Brothers Henderson, is $418,000. However, the alternate propositions take eft small and a reduction of $40,000 might possibly be made, although, according to McClymonds, this Is extremely Improbable.

time yesterday to the passage of amendments to tha nolltlcaf coda relstlnr to Splinter Is Subject of Official Inquiry A splinter In a schoolhonse floor Is the cause of a claim for damages filed last night with the city board of education by Mrs. L. Kennedy of 035 Sixty-third street, who demanded that the physician's bUl due for the treatment of ber daughter Blanche, who received the splinter in her foot, be paid by the board. Mrs. Kennedy declared that the school floors are often in a bad condition and that one of them was badly splintered.

She declared that the child was seriously Injured and that Dr. Florence Sylvester had treated her and could make a report. "Well' said Director Boyle, "Dr. Sylvester, as a school physician. iest.

elections. Four measures correcting the It was brought here by tho Denver election laws. Introduced by Assembly Press Club, which decended upon the man William Clark of Oakland, panned the Lower House. One measure chang city Sunday In rorce. At a banquet given by the members of the club at a hotel, attended by scores of social ing the time the polls shall bs open, from tne hours m.

to p. m. as at present. away from the state library Its reference library department, which he declared to be the most complete in the United States fend transfer it to the state university. Assemblyman Benedict of Los Angeles, opposed the bill on the same ground as Oelder, which was In effect that too much power over state Legislative affairs would be placed In the hands of the state university.

BRANDED rM PRACTICAL. Assemblyman H. W. Brown, of San Mateo, the dean of the Lower House, stated he disliked to disagree with Assemblyman Clark on the measure because he believed htm to be sincere In his purpose, but declared the bill was impractical. Assemblyman Clark was the only legislator to defend the bill.

He read from reports from other states and also read a speech defining all the points of the bill. The bill provides for the creation of to the hours 7 a. m. to 7 p. ra.

General. celebrities, among them being the undisputed social dictator of "Little Lunnon," the Argentns Tango waa Construction of an armory would be slightly amended to provide for a clause Inadvertently omitted, but It Is also Inlng physician for a life Insurance company Saturday, and in a lew voloe told the doctor he was ready. 'Have you any wounds on your hodyT" asked ihe doctor. v. "Yes," sir; I have six." "What kind of wounds?" "Guttshot sir," replied the timid man, "Would you mind telling me your business asked the doctor.

Tra a lawyer in Oklahoma City," was ths reply, "and have been such for ten years." "Just one more suggested the doctor. "How did get thoso wounds?" "Robbing trains, sir. Is thaCall you wish?" and he bowed himself out. Jhti doctor then looked at the, name the application and It was "Al Jennings." The doctor had been examining, a man who was at one time one of the most daring train hold-up men in the world, and who, upon being pardoned, became one of the best lawyers In Oklahoma. Jennings Is In New York visiting friends.

STOLEN PARROT CRIES "BARNEY" AND "SARAH" SAN FRANCISCO. April 22. AH of ihs gin Immediately upon the selection of a slated to pass. aancea. And now twinkling ankles are "tan Assemblyman Clark topped off the day The bill now goes to the Senate for 1 by having the Assembly approve action.

Inasmuch as the Appropriation Is going" In select parlors on the two streets of the city commonly known tuuonai amendment No. 81. which Is a approved, the measure Is practically as further amendment in n.ttnn nf artlnlA as "Millionaires' Row." with full eon sured of passage. sent and approbation of tha undis 6 of the state constitution. It provides should do that work free.

I want the business manager to look into this. Let the doctor The matter was referred to Business Manager A. C. Barker, who will CHARGES "THROTTLING. j4 "School buildings always cost a little extra when we start to figure them- -out," said McClymonds.

1 certainly cannot figure on a reducr-; puted social arbiter. Charging that his measures Introduced end adopted to conform with the gen for the purpose of breaking the grip of eral laws of the state Instead of being conduct an investigation. the "medical trust" on the State Board tlon under -the regular bid. That means we simply have not the money. PERSONAL MENTION submitted to the Legislature after be of Health are being "throttled" I foresaw this when $20,000 was spent lng adopted for ratification.

This Is one of the measures of the Tax Association a legislative reference ana couneu ou reau to carry on Its work In two co WALTEB r. MILLIE wis a recent PeTterrllle on shops. Still, we all thought we of Alameda county. mlttee, Assemblyman George Gelder of Berkeley offered a resolution on the floor of. the 'Assembly today, demanding that his bills be recalled from the Assembly would have enough to finish and went The old Durant school is sold.

This But Clark's field day did not break the visitor. T. BOXTJE visiting near Salinas. ordinate parts, each division to be in charge of a chief. These chiefs would be appointed by a board consisting of will be done shortly under th direction tape In the Assembly.

The final spurt the city, attorney. Plans for the school came in the Senate where Senator A. H. Ave members. The board would bs com TbAHIC iTEAaVS visited ia Santa Cms re- committee on medical and dental laws and placed on the second reading file for were accepted several weeks ago.

The Breed of Oakland, also handling two of posed of the governor, one member from action. the Senate, one from the Assembly and building as planned by Supervising Arohl tect J. J. Donovan will be a model struc oeniiy. a E.

0. OAST waa a reetnt Lodl business visiter. at 7. riTZOEEALD Is visiting la Orsss Velley. Assemblyman Pealrs of Los Angeles, patrolmen on street duty and the district detectives have been asked to keep the Tax Association's bills.

Introduced by Clark and sent from the Lower House for aotlon, secured their passage. both for a term of four years; one member for a term of three years to be appointed by the State Supreme Court and ture. The appropriation, however, of $160,000 is expected to more than cover chairman of the' committee, states be is preparing a committee substitute for all sembly bill No. 1401, relating to the presentation and form of claims against ahead on that hypothesis. Now we have to plan a cheaper building, for 4 It would never do to spend more than the people voted." WJMj not pat extra.

will not spend anything In Htceas of the money voted, under any fcircumstances," said Chairman Cal M. Orr. "We will. If necessary; re-advertise 'and amend the plans." Six hundred thousand dollars was the sum appropriated for the new school, land and building. The first cost was the land, which, was purchased for The gymnasium.

r. X. at-KAHOIT and a KOBLO are reslstsnd it. BIDS ARE HIGH. of the Gelder measures and there Is no effort being made to withhold them from their ears open and to listen intently for the cry of "Barney" or the shrill sounding of the name "Sarah." These two appellations form the principal dues In tha hands of the officers to a parrot stolen last night from Barney Teggart, of 13 one member for a term of three years to be appointed by the regents of the state university upon nomination by the at tne Motel HOJbrooks In Orsss valley.

countiee, and providing for the dispensing with of verification under cer Tha lowest bid of $418,000, less a poe action, V. I- KILLER and F. lUHUUK are emena sible reduction of $40,000, was submitted tain conditions waa one ofthe measures to Assemblyman Gelder states he wants president. those reclstered San Jose hotels. get the endorsement of the Upper House.

The chief of each division would noia the Assembly to take action and go on by Williams Bros, and Henderson. Other bids were as Unlper street. The bird ts 17 years old HE. AND MRS. W.

0. MILNB were recant Assembly bill. No. 971, permitting one office for a term of four years. record on his bills and not measures pre and has one yellow spot on Its plumage McLaren A Peterson, $460,000.

8ev visitors In Red Bluff. The section of the act which raised the pared In committee. The resolution of election board to serve for two elections provided the elections are held on the same day in the same territory. eral alternate bids, some higher, some of green. For nearly two decades It has been a of delight to the family.

most objection reads: DR. a OUTHTER bss returned from a abort lower, for less or more extras, were also The divlson chiefs shall be In attend as built, cost? $79,000. This totals visit in Ballnas. see Under this act any two or more elec submitted by the company. Most of these and the report maae to ine ponce teua or Its vocal abilities and gives hint of Its ance on all sessions of the Legislature and their permanent offices and of their MR.

AKO MRS. 70 fttTTLI, are sepading a eliminated portions of the building or su $159,000. to De suDtractea irom tne appropriation, according to McClymonds' figure, and leaves $441,000 value as an act In vaudeville could Its tions, whether held under a freeholders' charter or under any state law, or both, may be so consolidated and different elec xvw urs in roresiviue. a a owners be made to part with it. Not, only divisions and of said bureau and board shall be In Sacramento and In the state lowed substitution of cheaper material.

If all deductions are made, the bid would from which, when a commission of KISS ISA BAXDERSOir Is visions la Holllstar. does but sh wmstles treat cleverness and plainly calls tht still remain $418,000. tions called by the same governing body may be likewise consolidated. library, except as said board may otherwise direct, but the division chiefs at fered reads aa follows: Resolved, that Assembly bills Nos. 1058 relating to minimum requirements and standards of medical colleges and reciprocity, 1064 relating to the official register of physicians and surgeons, 2029 relating to the organization of State Board of Health, and 865 relating to special certlflcatee for the practice of a speolal branch of medicine and surgery, heretofore referred to the committee on medical and dental laws, be, and the same are hereby recalled from said committee land ordered placed upon the second rn.Alnv file.

MRS. Wold and Kahn, $427,136. Their alter name of the two principal characters in AAROX Is visiting la Hodeste. a ORHTM wm reeent Snnnms Visitor. When one of the elections to be held nate bids brought the bid down to $387, the household.

1.1!. Is a state election the board of super the pleasure of said board, may maintain temporary offices at other places In the state of California." 445. Van Bant-Houghton re It was construed by this section tnat duction, $32,605. visors of the county wherein the consolidation may be had shall have tha authority to order the consolidation to Include state elections. the temporary offices would be located Louis A.

Hicks reduction. about $40,000. at the state university and would do tantamount to a permanent location Williams Bros. Henderson, $418,000 At the present time this directory Is ONE SET OF OFFICERS. The polling places and voting booths there.

reduction, about $40,000. confined solely to members of the Calfe The original bill provided that the bu. Christenson reduction, reau be established in uerxeiey. fornla Medical Society and unless pny-slcians or sure eons licensed by the State shall in every case be the same, and there would only be one set of election Sbout $30,866. at least $30,000 la deducted for the architect's fees, $411,000 remains with which to construct the building.

Besides the building, as designed and adopted, there are still two gymnasiums to be built. The' sentiment of the board Is against allowing1 more money than voted In the bond election for this work, although It Is expected that the Chamber of Commerce and clvio and commercial organizations- will that the original plans, whch will cost an excess of probably 000 over the bond money, be carried through. The plans as adopted call for one ct the most elaborate schools on the coast. The entire school department consulted with City Architect Donovan on the work and the result is that the building will, if constructed, be a model for structures of its kind. The measure will come up for the flx- Thurston reduction are members of this society they are not na of date for reconsideration late this officers In each precinct for both elections.

about $44,000. properly recognised by pharmacists. afternoon or tonight Continental Fl reproofing $444,600 When elections are consolidated under Gelder charges. Oakland "bfigFiXS San Francisco TWO MEASURE BILLS. reduction, about $37,348.

the provisions of this act the governing The House today adopted the Gelder All the bids were referred to the city There will be two weights and measure resolution. body or bodies ordering the consolidation would provide for the appointment of attorney and Supervising Architect J. bills sant to the Governor to sign, ac Because of the absence from Sacra' Donovan to decide on the lowest bidder. election officers, the formation of pre' cording to the latest program. Senator K.

J. Tyrrell of Oakland has secured tho Il TT clncts and for the joint expenses of the mento of Senator Hans of Frultvale, Assemblyman Morgenstern of Alameda and Assemblyman Fitzgerald of Oakland, the election. SPECIALS For Wednesday Assembly bill No. 1934, provides that a meeting of the Alameda county legislative voter in one county registered In another delegation which was scheduled for yes SURE CURE FOR may change his registration within ten The bids are In the hands of the city terday afternoon will not i held until days of the time for the closing of regis architect and city attorney. Each tonight tration in the county In which he was one carries with It a list of possible passage of his bill In tne senate ana it is now on ths way to the Assembly for action.

Assemblyman Chandler of Fresno has had his weights and measures act cn the floor of the lower house and has amended IL When it comes up for third reading he Intends to offer about twelve more amendments. Senator Tyrrell and Assemblyman Chandlor made an effort to "get together" nn their bills, but this seemed Impossible. Senator Hans was detained at home on first registered. business. He went down to Oakland last Assembly bill No.

1928. provides that a I reductions and these will be calcu-i lated aa nearly as possible before any decision Is reached. A report will be GOHPU Til Friday. Assemblyman Morgenstern left county clerk In sending out sample bal Men's $2.50, $3) and $3.50 Hats on Sale Here at $1.95 the capital to attend a meeting of the lota shall also send to- the voter the made at the next meeting of the Alameda city council last night and As number of his voting precinct and his board, voting number on the ballot semblyman Fitzgerald Is In OaKlano, where he went several days ago to at Neither legislator would recede a polnti1 WOULD ERECT POST8. Assembly bill No.

1935, provides that tend the funeral of his mother. Try Climbing Four Steps at a The Mothers' Club of the Emerson school asked that posts for a basketball the cancellation of "registrations be made by writing or stamping on the affidavit A. E. Johnstone, deputy county clerk, 1 and. the consequence Is the matter will be passed up to the Governor.

Whichever bill he signs will considered the better measure. In order to help the bills at the capital and will appear before court be Installed. This was granted, of registration the word "cancelled" and Time; Don't Dnrik at Meals and Exercise. The T. W.

C. A. requested the old rate the reason therefor. the delegation at Its meeting for the purpose of ascertaining' what action the legislators are to take with reference to Assembly bill No. 1937, relates to the along to the hands of the Governor, Senator Tyrrell has agreed to handle As printing of indices to registration and semblyman Chandler's bill In the upper amends the present law to provide for providing additional help in the county clerk's office for registration purposes.

NEW YORK. April 22. If your waist the inclusion or the names of women line nas disappeared and surplus avoir Al Moffltt, a bailiff under Sheriff Bar- voters. Three hundred of these new hats in the season's best styles are on sale? now at this very special price of $1.95. The stiff hats are in black only in all the latest shapes and proportions.

The soft hats are in black and colors in new blocks, new finishes and in an excellent' variety of shapes and styles. Both the soft and stiff hats bear the unmistakably stamp of "Quality." They are well trimmed and can be thoroughly relied on for satisfactory service. house. 1 don't propose to let my bill get into free conference." stated Benator Tyrrell last nlirht. "because I know It would mean dupols Is making your life miserable.

of 0o per night for the use of the high school gymnasium. Grace Fisher made the request. The Janitor approving, the rate was granted. Extras on the Washington school annex were asked by Supervising architect J. J.

Donovan. These -were granted. JANITOR NAMED. Mrs. Margaret Eilers was named Jam-tor of the J.

B. McChesnay school, on NEW ATTACHE SYSTEM. walk up stairs four steps at a time, take exercise after meals, and abstain from net, Is also here representing the six other bailiffs of Alameda county. These men are seeking a raise of salary from $100 a month to $125 a month. Legislation will undoubtedly be rushed through before adjournment is taken at liquids of all kinds at meal time.

By following these directions yon may Leon A. Clark, chief deputy district at this session of the Legislature completely reorganizing the attache system of the toseweight at the rate of a pound a day. no weights and measures law at this ses. slon. My Idea Is to got both bills to the Governor and be certain of gating one signed." Senator Tyrrell's bill Is practically the same as the old Welch bill, which the DeoDle ratified at a constitutional amend "'Si? AzX Legislature.

This became evident yes torney, who has the drafting of the county government act In charge, is completing the final details of the measure the recommendation of Business Manager A. C. Barker. Plans for the Fniitvale Miss Vlnle Dailey, a vaudeville actress, who has Just arrived here from Europe, terday when Assemblyman Frank M. Smith of Oakland was asked to serve on a and Is awaiting final action on the county School No.

8 assembly bail and addition were also recommended by A. Barker. says so. coroner, county clerk and bailiffs to be; special committee by the Senate Judiciary committee, composed of 1 haven't these plans," said McCly For tnirty-one days last month she climbed stairs four at a time her word ment and initiative election, when It wss put on the ballot as an Initiative measure. Th.

Aautmblv. however, eo amended the taken by the delegation In order to close Senators Boynton, Camlnettl and Coggs- it up. monds. "Where are they?" for It ate her meals without liquid re well, to go over his bills, which have bill that former Senator Welch would not The Gulberson dairy inspection and freshment and took a turn at exercise passed the Assembly and are now before pure milk bills. Introduced by Assembly "I guess they were not left where you could find tbem," said Barker.

The plans foster it. John B. Stetson $4.00 A complete showing of soft and stiff hats In the famous. Stetson make. All the new shapes and shades' produced for this spring by this well-known factory now in stock.

the Judiciary committee of the Senate. man Gulberson, president of the State This bin creates a state supenntenaeni three times a day after eating. The result Is that Miss Dailey now tips the scales at 127 pounds, whereaa she weighed The bills provide a plan of reorganisa Dairymen's Association, In which tne were laid over for one week that McCly monds may examine them: TUBERCULAR CLASSROOM. tion. of weights and measures, whose term shall four years.

The salary is fixed at 13600 a year. Several changes are desired by the dairymen of Alameda county have evinced no little interest, passed the Assembly yesterday. A fight was made on the bills Senate and it is intended to send meas A plan to build an open air school 1S8 pounds the last time she was here. DANCING IN DARKNESS. WASHINGTON.

April 21. Dancing in Assemblyman Chandler Bin creaien m. room In the Laurel school, to accom by Assemblyman Fish of South Pasadena, Htat. Inanectnr of measures, wno anau modate tubercular students, waa urged by but his opposition was voted down after urea to the floor of the house that will pass readily and In which the Assembly will 'concur by receding from the features that may be eliminated from the Smith also be the State labor commissioner. He shall serve as Inspector without pay.

the dark, the feature number of the Ed- McClymonds. long debate. son Bradley cotillion, waa the latest terp "The health of this school Is at a low Assembly Bill No. 635 provides for the The general provisions of eacn mil are regulation of milk and cream supply of said McClymonds. "Children of physical condition have been brought slchorean Innovation to startle that part of Washington society that Is seeking equally as divergent in supsiance ana application.

incorporated cities and cities and counties, eliminating cities of the fifth and sixth classes; The prime object la to John J. Cox, 7Z6 Kigmn sirew iim "something This star number of bills. DEFEAT BUREAU BILL. Assemblyman William C. Clark's bill.

No. 970. establishing a State Legislative reference and counsel bureau, succumbed to attacks from all sides at the night ses I lO mis aiamci "'I mcOTUiii. jw Krean 4jr. This will cost but a email sum, and A Rarber.

S347 East youneemn sireei. the Bradley function wse performed short is badly needed." Oakland, visited the capital yesterday In ly before dawn. All Ughta were exting prevent the furnishing of milk cream which Is infected with tuberculosis. Estimates of the cost will be made uished, and the only visible sign of the Smart Hats foi'Young Men $1.50 English tweed, silk hats for the young men and boys, clever new styles, novelty shapes and specially priced here at $1.60. Boys.

$1.00 Caps 40c Special lot of boys golf caps made- from nice materials In checks, plaids and mixtures, silk tape) and two-quarter lined, regularly worth 11. We are closing out soma broken lines of these tomorrow at 40c Children's Hats 50c to $3.00 Excellent assortment of new models In straw hats for children. Hah Rah, Tyrolean, Middy and other popular shapes, trimmed in attractive ways. We show a complete line also of ratine, and pique bats for children In plain and fancy effects. if.

Boys' $1.00 Hats on Sale at 50c A special item for tomorrow of ratine and pique hats for little bors and girls. Solid colors and striped effects in excellent quality. Regular $1 value to be had here only tomorrow at Miss Vlnnle C. Hicks was granted Assembly Bill No. bit provides for the the Interest of Assemblyman Tana Smith's bill, creating a State board of embalmers and providing examinations leave of absence from the department for improvement of the quality of dairy pro- dancers on the floor was the flicker of little red electric flashlights carried by each pair.

dicta and to promote sanitary methods and licenses for the profession, which Is now en the unfinished buslnees file. sion of the Assembly last night and was defeated by a vote of 32 to 32. It required 41 votes, or a majority of the total membership of 80 to carry. Assemblymen Frank M. Smith of Oakimnd and L.

D. Bonnet ef San Joee, both strong support in dairies. -a vacation of several weeks. BID ORDERED. Bids for the construction of the new Durant school, to be erected under the bond Issue at a cost not to exceed With a liel.t vote In tsc Assemnir, B.

M. BURGHER TO BE CnEATES NEW COURSES. After an effort on the part of Senator about two weeks ego the measure was defeated and has since reposed on the unfinished buslnees file on a notice of motion Shaoahan to amend the measure, the bill DALLAS POSTMASTER WASHINGTON. April 22. B.

M. Bur ntroduced by Senator Cemlnettl creat too. will be aaverosea at one, accora to reconsider. i Inrv'e the vote ef the board. ers of the measure, gave notice of motion to reconsider.

The debate on the measure took up practically the entire night session and It was almost midnight before adjourn-j ment was taken. Argument waxed ing grammar high and college high school courses as additions to the pres Assemblyman Smith expects to place natr arhool will be one of the most i gher of Dalles, Texas, has been selected for postmaster or that city and Ma nom the measure on rpeHal members' file for ent school syatems In California, passed modara in the city and wtll be situated action the eek. ination euon will go to tiie Senate. the eule late yesterday afternoon by i at the corner of 25 ta and Wast slreeta..

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