Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 14, 1913 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1913
Page 5
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MONDAY EVENING -OAKLAND TRIBUNE- APRIL 14, 1913. The Favorite ofi Your Favorite SWEETHEARTS KNOW BEST HIS HABITS AND CHARACTER r READILY RECOGNIZED as the very best or Lehnhardt's Candies. -SANS EOAL CHOCOLATES Eighty cents a pound but worth a dollar. all of w freay i yv,. El. ?s i A ; DESC 15 MOTOR W - V METHODS NtflST PA: ;" ;i LEHNHARDT'S Candlai, Ictd Desserts, After.Theater Rerreanmenta. Phone Oakland 496. Broadway. Near 14th St., Oakland Chalmers Detroit Plants and G. M. C. Truck Factory Are Busy. (By EDMUND CRINNION.) I. Van DeJoungh, eastern representative of the Pioneer Automobile Company. Who baa apent aevoral montha looking over the ChaJmara factory which the Pioneer Company represent, and who also investigated the truck building business In the Interest of the Pioneer Motor Truck Corporation with which he is afro connected and on whose judgment the corporation selected the line of the gen eral motor company aa that which they would handle, has returned to San Fran cisco. DeJoungh, In speaking of the situation in tne east, says: "The adoption of both pleasure and commercial vehicles on the Padflo coast naa been very extensive, but it Is quea tlonable If many of the purchasers are tamillar with . the extent to which they are being adopted on the eastern aide of me itocKy Mountains. While the trend of the manufacturer In general has changed irom mat or increasing their- production to a tendency to standardize and perfect the general standard and designs of oars ana trucKs, nevertheless the total production to date of the combined factories la somewhat start ine. "Many manufacturers who have heretofore purchased large Quantities of the maternal wnich forms part of their product from specialty manufacturers are to day erecting and equipping new plants wherein they may manufacture these parts under their own supervision. There , n-t o xrcai numoer ox reasons ior tms, the main one being that they find they can produce a better article at a leaser cost. Another very Important Item la that by manufacturing under their own supervision they are enabled to get a production of the various, parts in such quantities as tney may at any time have use fop. - Also they eliminate all delays In transmission due to transportation block ades, etc. CHALMERS FACTORY. "The Chalmers Company Is among the leaders among the class of standard man ufacturers that are adopting this policy ci maxing more ana more or tneir own r parts from time to time. They have re cently Installed Ave new buildings, add ing to their plant approximately thirty three and a third per cent more floor space tha they had previously, and a vast amount of new and modern machinery. "Also the O. M. C. trucks are manufactured within the walls of their own factory; such parts aa are not manufactured In the plant of the General Motors Truck Company are made In plants of subsidiary companies of the General Motors Company. "There will be a very noticeable Increase in the number of motor trucks sold during the coming year, but that increase will be nowhere near as great as in e increase in succeeding years. With this in mind, the G. M. C. Truck . Company, realizing this ract, Is laying extensive plana tor future business in or aer mat its product and service may in crease in efficiency in accordance with the demand. ALAMEDA COUNTY REGISTRATIONS. 100637 H. S. Butler, 6349' Manila Ave, . Oakland, 1BH998. Ford 20. 10088 Dr. Edward von Adelung, Oak land Bank of Savings, Oakland, Bulck. 100639 Oakland Pioneer Soda Water Co. . 972 Webster St., Oakland, J350, Jeffrey ; tr. s. . 100640 F. T. Wood, 475 11th at. Oak - land, 28475, Chalmers 64. 100641 R. V. Crowell. 1600 Delaware at. tjewteiey, znuss, ora zu. 100678 H. F. Heller, 906 Washington at. uuiuo, ouyu, xiaynes 3D. By LAURA JEAN LIBBEY Copyright. ltlS. by Laura, Jean Llbbey. kF A woman la In doubt aa to th characteristics an hoblta of a man who haa signified hia Intention of paying; his attention to girl tf aha knowa of girl who haa ence bean his eweetheart. aha can find nut mora concerning htm In an hour than if ha were to call upon har regularly for a year. Ebe can nava cosy heart to heart chat with thepther girl, keeping the fact uppermost in her mind that "there Is no foa Ilka the foe that waa onra a friend." It will not take much quisling te find out whether he waa cold hearted nr too affectionate a lover; forward or too backward In declaring Hie lnten Hons;. It her comfort or pleaaure more to him than his own. The old sweetheart will not attempt to ahleld him. Now that he haa gone from her aha will tell the facta just aa thev are without frills. The girl who listens can draw her own conclusion aa to whether or not she would share the same fata aa hie former sweetheart after wasting vear or more of her valuable tlm with him. She think that a man wh can fall out with one aweetheart and deliberately leave will not be apt to break his heart over the losa of an other fancy. She knows, too, having adroitly found out. the rock upon which the other glrl'i love affair split. Therefore she la able to steer her own love bark clear of It- She considers that hla old sweet heart will be frank with her. aye. an advise her Just how to manage him for one woman never likes to know Lhat another woman happiness la De- lna- wrecked. She feels It la her mission under the circumstances, to put the other girl wise, seeing that she has come to her frankly, unbosoming herself to her, timidly whispering into her ear her perplexities. ' She knows all about htm famflv hlstorv: if thev are in sympathy with hla love affairs, or so much against them that he must marry to auit mem or oe disinherited. She learns of h i ambition, too: If he la a man or Micawoer like nroDensltlea. aimlessly waiting for something to turn up. to give him etart in life, or if he has the will to forge ahead in the world carving out hla own fortune. In short, an old sweetheart is an encyclopedia of knowledge concerning all of his affairs, past and present. After one close interview wttn ner tnere may be considered little else fo learn about him. Of course, hla side of the storv mie-ht be widelv at .variance. Men have a way of looking at things in a different light from women's views. I. he will not deny or affirm any material point of the former sweetheart's assertion his new love may take it for granted that the other girl knew Just what she waa taming aoout ana might be well worth believing. She has so much confidence In the old sweetheart, whose attractions draw even her closely to her, that In a short time thev become bosom friends. When the old sweetheart wondered if he had changed mucn in tne two years in which she had not seen him the new love invited her to be present the next time he should call. There is such a thing, aa smoldering nrea re kindling. Of course, he had to see her home. The new love wondered why his interest in her beean to wane, and why ner new gin men a ceaeea to call and waa never at home when she went to see ner. Alter mar, experience she never confides in an old sweetheart. LATJRA JEAN LIBBEY. I IS NOTED FOR BEING PLEASANT. Dear Misa Llbbey: I am IS. con sidered good looking. I have no boy friends with whom to go out, so I am very lonely. I know a great many boys, but none of them seems to take to me. If it is an interesting conver sation that will interest a boy in a girl. I can talk on very interesting subjects; that is, that they have pleasure In listening to. Will you kindly advise me how to get a boy friend? I am noted for being pleas ant. L. The popular girl is not the girl who wants to do all the talking, but she is the girl who is willing to do much of the listening. To listen intelligently and carefully to a man's opinions is a form of flattery most pleasing and effective. I am inclined to think that you are just a bit overconscious of your charms when you say you are good looking, pleasant, and a good conversationalist. To be as self-satis- fled is a sure death blow to popular ity. EARTHQUAKE SHOCK IN SOUTH IS SEVERE SAN BERNARDINO, Cal.. April 14. A snort but severe earthquake was felt here at 2:45 o'clock "yesterday Tnommgr Theresas no damage, : although the shock was strong enough to rock nuilolngs. Exact Economical Eye Examination Made by Eye Experts That's our Business. Look the Bl Sign 7 OPTICALCrT We close Saturday evenings atr 6. 1318 Broadway Macdonough Bldg Oakland. Chronicle BWg, San Francisco. "UONT AGREE OX ANYTHING!" Dear Miss Llbbey: I have been married five years and ever since we were married my husband and I have quarreled. We don't seem to agree on lything. We used to quarrel before, ut I thought when we were married t would be different. I never had a home and thought we would be very happy, aa we were really in love with each other. We quarreled right from the start I had to go to work a, month after we were married, and have worked almost ever since. I have been saving, and though we had nothing to begin with, we have more than the average young people now. But things get worse instead of better. I never can have a friend to see me. If I do there is a -scene afterward, and sometimes In front of them. I have to fight for every stitch of clothes I get. I love dancing and skating, but have not been to one since we were married. About a year ago we bought a rooming house. I thought we would get along all right then, but last month he made me move Into one room to cook, eat and sleep. There is means of heating I. must either smother or freeze; no water or any convenience. My health is breaking down, and when I ask to iQ.twy for a week or two, ne tens me I don't do anything, tnougn. De- sides taking care of the house, I work out a few days each weeK. tie is good worker and has no bad habits. but is contented to eat, worn ana sleep no reading, no friends, no amusements. I have been thinking for soma time ot leaving. I can make much better living for myself, and have a decent place to live. When tell him this ha says he will kill himself if I leave, though he won't do one thing to make my life happier. What shall I do? If I leave it will be for rood. I .would never live wltn him again. I don't want to spoil his life, but he Won't listen to reason and I can't stand, It any longer. ; UKHArrx WlDli. If the man is not contributing to your supportHe has no right to dictate to you that way ana lorce you 10 give no every rriena ana every dim i m amusement to satisfy his selfish vhinu. I think you ao noi asseri vourself enough. Give him to under away. Then he also gets angry If go with or speak to any other young man. He has asked me several times If I love him and I simply answer him frankly that I do not like him, much less love him. But he thinks I am only joking. What would you "Savise me to do? T. I would advise you to tell your par ents exactly what you have told me about how you feel toward the young map. I am aura they win not encour ate his coming to the house any long er If you explain to them how you feel. "FLOATING COURT" WILL TOUR ALASKA WATERS WASHINGTON. April 14. Orders have been Issued for the government's "floating court" to make ready to tour the icy waters of Alaska and dispense justice there. Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo has issued instructions to the commander of the revenue cutter Thetis to be prepared to report at Valdez July IS, to take aboard a Judge over a field of the federal district of Alaska together with his court o clals. During July and August and well Into September the Thetla win touch at many ports In which the court will hear and adjudicate both civil and commercial cases. Since the "floating court" was In troduced statistics show that crime in the far northern possession of the United States has materially de creased. CHRISTY MATHEWSON Chrlitr Msthewaon. famous pltebarot Oi New York Giants, a araat favorite with the"Uiia"all over the country, "ru "Tuxtit ftit fo ana (n a natural, pltotonl way. ll't whal I call gW, kontil, cmponlonabU toiocc tt4 ! Mck to. " TEN chances to one, your favorite ball-player smokcs Tuxedo. Wc have scores of testimonials from the crackmen of the crack ninesjNL over the country, saying that they enjoy Tuxedo alid recommending it to you, t Also look around you the next time you pick out that soft 6eat in the bleachers or grandstand and see how many o your bors are packing their pipes with Tuxedo or rolling it into cigarettes, getting readyjor a long, healthy afternoon out-of-doors. Size up the men who arc smoking and endorsing Tuxedo. They're rial men, full of life and the joy-of-life. They're out for a good time and they get it from ED. A. WALSH Ed. A. Wlth, fsmoua tH toner of the Chioago Whlta Sox, tta. ''Iros Mao" ai lna Am arte an League, sayai TaWo ffo. yoa that 'pby-ieJf" ling. Every Wu(. to a incur, aacama Tinted It tool, mild mnd pm nJ hat rmt harmful tftd on Of wtnL JOHN J. McGRAW John J. HeOraw, lamom manaaer of ftie New York Olanta, champion of the National League, aaytt "Tuxedo gioet to my plpt making a ken enjoyment that I hao axpehenctJ with no other tobacco. Supreme In mlldneu and fragrance It Tuxedo. " The Perfect Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette Tuxedo ;s in a class by itself. It has many imitators but in the pipe it has no equal. It is made of the best selected Burley tobacco, the finest that Kentucky grows, ripened, cured and aged until it has reached the tip-top of mildness, mellowness and sweetness. Then it is treated by the Original - 'Tuxedo Process" which takes out all the sting so it cannot possibly bite even if you should smoke it all day long. You simply cannot buy better tobacco anywhere. Try Tuxedo today. You will see why these men are so fond of it. YOU CAN BUY TUXEDO EVERYWHERE "HUGHIE" JENNINGS Hutrhla Jennings, manager ef the Detroit Tliara." thrae timae ohampisas ol the American League, eayai "Afltr a nd hd finith to lad game, a pipeful of Tuxtdo malnt do lory juMefer or defeat mart endurmilm, Whfor Tuxtdo." Famous green tin, will gold 1 A CoareaitDt poach, inner-letteriag.carTcd tofitpocket 1 lC meJwitnmoiftwe-proof paper DC HIENIB ZIMMERMAN , - Ralnie Zimmerman, 3rd baseman of the Chicago Cuba, champion hitter of the National League last leaion, eayii "Ask moil ball playen their favorite tobacco, and they will te quick omicer Tuxedo. I'm one of them; I contlder Tuxedo unequalled In all around good qualities. " lllustratitnt art ebtut nt-half sixi tf rtal paclagu. LARRY LAJOIB Larry Lajola. famona tad ba ef the Cleveland Napa." for years oar of the leading; hittert Id the Americas League, aayii . "Tuxtdo and I have been frtenJt for yean, and the longer I use tf the betttt i lik ttt mild, toothing effect." Tha Return of Blood Eruptions No Reason Why Anyone Should Suffer With Such a Disheartening Experience. Painless Parker miS G003 IStb and Broadway. stand plainly that you are not going; to put up with hia eelflahnesa any Inna-er. And don t PUt up W1UI It- J.I he refuaea to provide for you I would advise you to take legal steps to make him realize that it la hia duty to provide for you. There la no sense in any woman ruining her health for a -man who has no more idea of his duty to hla wife than your husband aeema to have. DESIRES FOR HER TO 1XKE HIM. "Dear Misa Llbbey: It la almost a year that a young man cornea to our; house dally and sometime more often, nannti like him and they desire for to like him. Aa I usually try to at leaat act civil toward the young men that my parent want me to Care about, so, of course. I acted civil to him. But here lateftr he acta differently and thinka that I like him, and, oh. the libeniea he trea to take. , But I check htm. I almply can't ataad it .n coma over. Whenever I mtm mm coming mi eaJx desire a ta liTT'9tf' : mm,- No case of icontaaioua blood poison is ever cured until the laat particle of the virus haa been removed from the circula tion. The leaat taint left in the blood will, sooner or later, cause a fresh out break of the trouble, with aU Its hideoua and destructive aymptoma of ulcerated month and throat, , copper colored aplotchea. falling hair, sores and ulcers; etc No other medicine ao auraly curea contagloua blood poiaon aa 8. 8. 8. It goes down into the blood and steadily and aurely drives out every particle of the Infection. . It absolutely and perfectly purifies the blood. , and leaves this vital Quid aa fresh, rich and healthy as it waa before the destructive virus of contagious blood poison entered the circulation. 8. 8. S. quickly takes effect on the blood. and gradually 4he symptoms disappear. the health la improved, the akin cleared .u mmoiM, wut urn aov wmoi uiu.uw. tha hair stops coming out. the mouth and throat heal and when B. B- 8. haa the system of the poiaon no trace of the disease la left. 8, o K. curea contagious blood poiaon because It la the rreatest of all blood purlflera. j tested ad proven !n cn4r-i and bun. areaaAr caaea all over tne count 17. Tou will find 8. 8. 8. for sale In aB drug store at 11.00 per bottle. Write to The Swift Fpecino Co.. 1J7 Bwlft Bldg., 1 !.,. n. tnr nrtvate medical advico and a very matroctiva book on an Wood 1 lm Y-JflfTV NO( Www, PIONEER BURIED FROM RESIDENCE Funeral of Henry Gould, Aged Millman, Takes Place at Family Home.- CLUB TO ARREST RACE PREJUDICE The funeral 1 Henry Oould. aged pioneer and mlllma of this city, took place thla afternoon from his former residence, 4831 Webster street, where friends and relatives paid their last tribute. The interment was held 4n Mountain View cemetery. Eighty-two years ago Gould was born in Connecticut and migrated- to this state In 1850, when he engaged in mining enterprises. He successively followed the hotel, boating and ware. house business. In this city he founded the Encinal mills. He was one of the foundera and Incorporators of Redwood City. The deceased is sur vived by three, sons, Jesse Abram, William and Charles Gould, and two daughters, Mrs. Charles Koch and Mrs. Fred Koch. MEXICAN REFUGEES TELL OF KILLINGS: Colored Colony In Alameda County Headed by Branch . of National Association. LOS ANGELES. . April- 14. Eigh teen refugees from the west coast of Mexico arrived here yesterday on the Norwegian steamer Jason, Rustad. from Manzanlllo, Guaymas and other Mexican coast cities. They told tales of unsettled conditions along the Pacific aeaboard of Mexico, reporting that the town of Las Nochea recently waa raided by a company of lnsurrectos, who killed several bualnesa men. The Jason picked up 80 refugeea at Topolobampo and Laa Nochea, but all left the steamer at Guaymas except the -I, who came here. BREAK GROUND FOR COLONIZATION SCHEME The Northern California Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People haa been quietly organized in Oakland and Ban Francisco within the last month to prevent the . development or accumulation of race prejudice in CalW fornia, which la now one of the statea that deals most fairly wit;h the col-ored people. - The local officers Include well known white people as well aa promi nent colored men and women and the organization Is based on co-operation Detween me two races. There are- ten thousand colored people about San Francisco bay, of whom eight thousand live In Alameda county. There are sixty negro buslneaa men in Oakland. The Oakland colored people pay taxes on one and a half million dollars' worth of property, and the Ban Francisco colored people on a half-million mire. The officers of the Northern Call. fornia Branch are aa follower President. Probation Officer Christopher Ruess; vfftA-rtrjiMnf ittnm.v T a Tv- Captain , rehce Sledge; secretary. Miss Eva B. Jones; treasurer. James A, Hackett; directors, Lawrence Sledge and Mrs. H. E. DeHart, expiring 181J; attorney, Cameron King and William N. Ricks, expiring 114: and Miss Anita. Whitney, president of the California Civic League and Mrs. Thomas M. Jackson, expiring 1916. MAYOR TO IS UNDER FIRE Town Executive Accused of Selling LiquQr to Minor. OAKLAND MOOSE WSTALL OFFICERS GILMAN. Wia.. April 14. Ground for an 80,000-acre colonization philanthropy, with an eventual outlay of $5,000,000, waa broken here today on land prepared in 80-acre tracts for the use of Scotch young men. who are to ba provided with homes at cost In the new land by a group of northwestern men of wealth, all of Scotch descent. MAN ELECTROCUTED BY ARRESTED MEN POSSESS COUNTERFEIT MONEY ... . VANCOUVER," B. C, April i With the arrest of two men, giving their names aa Henry Ost and John Forbea, here last night, the local police think they have rounded In two counterfeitera with international reputation. Twenty-one hundred and fifty dollars in bogua money waa found In their clothing whan searched at the station, the largest amount of counterfeit money ever taken in local police annals. 1 UIKU 13 VLU. PENDLETON, Or., April 14. Mrs. Pearl Cummlngs, daughter ot Mrs. J. TO. Crown of this city, who waa do- 1 ! A K,, V.. .nfc. V.. METAL CLOTHES LINE! abducted by white slavers In Callfor- . - nla. Is safe In Cordova, Alaska, and FRESNO-, April 14. Peter Klein, a I Alii leave aa soon aa the weather per. laborer,, waa instantly killed while mtta for her claim at Esther creek, fighting fire here today with a garden from which she has taken 140.000 ia hoae. A live electric wire falling the last few years. Her mother haa across a metal clothes line, which he I just reeclved a letter from her, ex- I PORTLAND, Ore.. April 14. Aa a result of hla arrest on a charge of selling liquor to a minor, Mayor S. A. Edmondson of Troutdale, this county, who runs a saloon at that place, will resign tha office of mayor. In a raid Saturday night on hla re- sort Mayor Edmondson was taken In cnarge by Deputy Sheriffs Howard. Word and Roseman, who accused the mayor of selling Intoxicating liquor to Harold Brundiere. alleged to be a minor. Yesterday Sheriff Thomas L. Word offered- to -Withdraw the. charge of selling liquor to Brundige, providing Edmondson would resign the mayoralty. The saloonkeeper-mayor Immediately acquiesced. MURDERED BODY IS FOUND IN BAY SAN DIEGO, April 14. The dead body of John Cowen, about 45 years old, waa found in the bay at the foot of First street-today. His skull had been crushed, apparently with a rock or Iron, bar and there waa blood on the wharf nearby. It la supposed that he was killed for his money. The pockets of his trousers had been turned inside out and he is reported to have had about $100 shortly be fore hla death. Ha came here from Colorado Springe few daya ago. It ia reported that tha police have a clew and that arrests will be made tomorrow. Drum Corps Makes Its First Appearance In Uni- ' . form. Moose hall was crowded to capaoity Friday evening, the oocaalon being ; the annual Installation of officers. In addi tion to about 800 members of the- local lodge delegations from Frultvale, Alameda and Berkeley lodges were preseflt and the drum corps of the Oakland lodge ma4e Its first appearance. The Installation was In charge of Samuel A. Wentworth, deputy supreme dictator, who was assisted by Frank Sheridan, Fred Whitney and U 3. Frank. Following the Installation the retiring dictator, J. Treager, was presented with autre, membership In the lodge, the girt of his fellow members;' and with a hand some shield bearing an Inscription and conveying the thanks of the members of tha drum corps for the help given them by the dictator." B, F. W. Pratt received a gold watch from the retiring dictator for bringing in the moat members and Secretary W. J. Hamilton waa presented with a diamond Mooae button by I J. Hallahan. . AL B. Moffltt was installed dictator. rwi, .caused the fatality. I plaining; the cause oi ber lo&g; aUen.ce, UNDER ARREST FOR SLAYING NEWSBOY LOS ANGELES, April 14. After hours of diligent searching by the police, Richard A. Gibson waa lodged in the city jail laat night on a charge of navtng shot and killed Arthur Fln- nell, a newsboy on the street, while Intoxicated. FlnnelL who waa 20 years old. cam here from Kansas City, where hia parents reside. IXJTTREO BY CAR. 2A.' rsAJ.'CISCO. April H M p. - Meng, 40 years old. a prosperous business man of Fern dale. Humboldt county, stepped in front of rapidly moving car at Market and ATLANTIC NATIONAL -BANK SUSPENDS PROVIDENCE, R. L.' April 14. Tha Atlantic National Bank did not open for business today. A notice on the door said It had suspended pay ment. - According to a statement on April 4 the bank had deposits of nearly $2,sos,60e and a capital' of $300,000, with $uo,eoa aurplue. The loans and discounts on that date totaled S2.S7S.OOO. . , PRIZE WINNERS IN SKAT TOURNAMENT The following were prize winners at the Skat Tournament held yesterday under tha auspices of the "Oakland Skatvereln" at its headquarters, 41 T Twelfth street. Oakland: C Huber, C Helmke. E. Zwansiger, A. Oblath, R. Thews. Charles Kahler, William Knapp. . ELECTED PRESIDENT OF SAN-DOHIKGd SAN, DOMINGO, April 14. Jose Borda Valdes waa elected by Congress Main streets shortly before 1 o'clock I yesterday aa president of the repub-thia morning and was fatally injured. I lie to succeed Archbishop Nouel who He was removed to tha central emerg- I resigned recently because of a ency hospital where It waa found that J health. The government, wl'hia a big sJcull had been fractured, 'fear, must call a general elecU.s. t

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