The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1893 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1893
Page 9
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For additional information regarding i.hcso cars, see .your nearest ticket agent, any Uninn Pacillc Agor.t, or address. E. li. LO.MAX, Geivl Pass. &Tk't Ag't. Omaha, Nob. The nmu \vlio can t;ike iu a situation at a glauee is tiio man that ought usvor to bo out of a job. t , , . F'tS—All flfs Koppei tna oV r.r.i Ku'xR'B fcRrf/.a KXUYK IIKliTORKR. !.'« lit c.rter <trsi clny'ii uso. Wnr- Tclouu cilrr:,. TreatlMi ami W.O? trlixl hnuJo 1'roff 1o Kil noted. Bond to Or. Kline.Ml Airrtiflt.. Philadelphia,I-K The wicked man hates vice in everybody but hhiuclf. Two bottles of German'Syrup cured me of Hemorrhage of the I,ung-s when other remedies failed. I ain a married man and, thirty-six years of age, and live with my wife 3£Sl t-,V9 little girls at Durham, Mo. I liave stated this brief nud platu so that all may, understand. ' My case was a bad one, and I shall be glad to tell anyone about it who will write me. PHILIP I,. SCHENCK, P. O. Box45, April 25, 1890. 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Blelmla( Oten.lus of Cropj find Sto«k DES'MOINES, Oct. 10.—The returns o the ^assessors, iov the? current ,^e showing 1 the|aorekgexanayieid<of oh in 1892, and" the mimber of live stool owned by the farmers of Iowa m Jan nary, 1893, have been carefully tabu laled and the footing's give Us tho basis of an ap)?roxiin&.teiy con'ectj estimat of the farm product of the present year Some of the fi'gr-nrea : th more .important products of the state are given bplbw:* .''; " ' .Laud in-farms—Tbo roturns show tru number of apres of,land in farms to bo ft follows; Improved 25.024,117; un'imnroV ed. 5,180,3)7; total, ao.2l(MH4 ucrbs. I'lrob .figures nro ovidoiitly correct ns to thi tUToage of fiiriua iu this stnto. Tho Rtat: constis in 1SS3 gave tho .following figures Improved Jnnd, 2d.ta!),8:i4 ncros; uniniprov od Jnnd, 8,0(W,8;>c! acros. Tho acreage of lane iii pastures 4n IS',5 ,,^yns.. Q,3jj. ! >,^5S ''hcres acreago in IWJii, ]',i;l''.S03., Tlieso Qf?ures in cliiclo only ilnprovp.l or feucod pastures. "VVhont—'Mid ttcrehcfo of winter whon sown in tho fall of. !8-,l:i (harvBstod in ]H!)8 amount2rt-to 283,58i5 acres. Bprin" Whea harvested in !!«, OW,:Jl<) ifcres. There wai a docretise of 0 por cout in the acreage o .spring wheat this year, compared wit! lS9t>, The estimator! acreage oC syhe.'i (winter and spring) harvested this year is therct'qro, Bv,.t,ifj'j ncros. .The oonstis oi 3835 returned tho ncrunga of spring whea'i (in 1884) at l,lH4,7:i2 acres; winter wheat, 5li,8a-i acres, a total o£ 1.251.040 acres This shows a notable decline iu tho'aoroage of spring wheat, and a moderate. increase in the winter. - ...... porn—Making due allowance for a'' nttm bor of towns from which returns -wore no' complete, the land in corn in 1803 \vas B,4bU,!)40 acres. 'According to the estimates of;the correspondents of this bureau, there •was an average .increase in this .year of 10 per cent, compared with the crop of 189B The area planted this year was. therefore 0.010,!MO acres. That is believed to tie approximately correct. It certainly is not an uuclprc"3tinir.t-o, In 1881 Iowa's corn aeretiK'6 was (> 1 ijutj ) 'i!i4 a^res. Oats—The area in oats in 1892 was 3,097,737 dcres. An estimated increase of 5 per cent, compared with last vonr, would make this season's acreage 4.1U7.633, Tho acreage in ISSi'Wa's 8,054.137. Bill-ley—Acreage of barley last year, 501,081. The estimate for this year 'is 50(5,0'J1 acres. Kye—Acreage last year. 117,771. This season's acrongo, lOOjiiiiy. Buckwheat—Last year's, 31,043 acres. No change in estimate this year. Flax—Last year's acreage, 28^,70U. Estimated acreage this year, B"4S,77U. Timothy Seed—Acreage last year, 104,104, with an average yield of 4 ; !^ bushels per acre. No change is estimated for tho present season. Clover Seed—Acreage, 54,533; yield 1 .% bushels per acre. Irish Potatoes—Numbon of acres reported last year, 109,833. Estimated this year, 104,201. This does not include tho small patches raised in gardens; which would make a considerable change in the aggro gate yield. Timothy—Tho limothy cut in 18SJ2 was 2,453,015 acres. Acreage about tho same this year. Clover—Tho clover cut lastyear was 258,873 acres; average yield 1 3-5 tons per acre. Prairie Hay—Cut last year, 1,999,493 acres; average \% tons per aero. Miscellaneous—Millet, 176,F.OO acres; Hungarian grass, 9,971 acres; artificial groves. 17H,9t7 acres; orchards, 111,488 acres; vineyards, 3,091 acres, Horses—Number of horses January- Common or grade, 1,281,041; thoroughbreds, 5,209; total, 1,285,814. Number of mules. 32,015. Cattle—Common or grade, 3,309,810; thoroughbreds, 21,573; total, 8,421,388. Swine—Number in January, 3,443,118. Sheep—Common or grade,*fiGl,85G; thoroughbreds, 7,OB5; total. r>158,421. Btands of BJGS—Native, 120,403; Italiim 87,OM; total, 104,007. Pounds of honey produced last year, 2,142,555. MASCULINITIES. "How do you know ha married her for her money?" "I've soon her." A Brooklyn thief 'was betrayed by bis buttons, two of which he left behind in the house he robbed. It is interesting 1 to see how sorry tho man who went; to tho country for a vacation and the man who staid at home are for each other. Beardless youths are most prono to arrogance and solf-sutlluiency. As they grow older their whiskers cover a -great deal oE their cheek. Taunton, Mass. , some years a{jo deeded a site to tho United States for ,a federal building 1 , tind having lost patience wailing 1 for thu latter, wants the land back again. The latest novel motho.l employed by a New York business house is to distribute free theater tickets to customers. More than 10,00!) tickets were distributed in a single day. Algy — Wegiutild, what did yon say, you know, when you were presented to tho Pwinco of Wales? Reginald — • Why, doah boy, tho iirst thing 1 I did was to apologize for the American revolution. lie, hotly — All I want to know is whether you take me for as groat a fool as all the other men who court you or not. She — Probably not as great as all of them, but quite as great as any one of them. A smart b:t of repartee was overheard recently at Killnrney. A guide with a tourist scowled at a peasant who stared well at him. "You'll know me again if you meat me," said the guide. "Not if yer wash yer face," said the peasant. Faithful to Fido. Woman (in Italy)— "O, distraction ! The brigands have stolen my husbaud and my pug dog." Onlcial— "We shall have to act yery delicately in the matter, madam, or the highwaymen may follow tho capture with death." Woman — "Tell them ransom shall be •paid. l<Mdo shall not die. " THAT JOYFUL With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and -strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to tho few who have not progressed beyond the old- time medicines and tho cheap substitutes sometimes offered but aever accepted toy tha well informed. The world in 1888 had 701,433 schools for elementary instruction, with 50,810,tOJ pupils. If the Ituby U Cuttiliff T«c(b, Be euru and uso tliu old and well-tried remedy, MRS. '•ViNnunv'a SoorniHB STEW for Chlldrc LYNCH. Comparing your gins with those of other? won't jwalca your own sinning any easier. Germany has twenty-one universities, with 1,920 professors and 20,700 students. Princeton college way institute atuedieol johoql this year, jL Story, IlltMtrtitliiK tno Crnnklnosn ol i 1 " j j [' HI» Nature. Printer's 1 stories include one about •o, man narne,d Lynch,which illustrated the, cranfeirtesl of the printer's nn- ;tfire./ mb(, Had cases on the Chicago Tribune, but ho objected to working Saturday night. Saturday night is the heavy night on all moaning, newspapers, and Mr. Lynch might 'asi,woll have asked for mai'liialado with which to paste Mna Vstring" iiS ask to get oft' that; nigh'fc. Bu.t ho was a determined man, and 'lie'had been iv printer long dnoitfth ,to bo mean, and there is nothing imbre ornery than a moaii; prlutcir .except a mean proof reader, who iloos, not :bolong in any fchperintei Hi comparisons. So when Mr. Lynch had asked to be relieved of Saturday night duty and had b.oen refused ho just lay down and refused to set more than :5',bl)0 :etas';' fpr -any man. Tho forejnau did not want to cut tho elevator rope on Mr. Lynch, so ho told him ho need not work Saturday night ftt all, and Mr. Lynch was glad. Ho went down to John Jacky O'Brien's tunnel aud over a glass of.pilseuor confided to a number of gentlemen who had arisen, from sleep as if awakened by'an alarm clock upon his entrance that tho ma,n who would .toil Saturday night -.vns little less than a serf. Thereafter Saturday ( night idleness bogpn to irk Mr. Lynch, and in less than a month he came .dowh 'one Saturday afternoon, took a ;ohew of tobacco and started for his cases. "Hold on there, Lynch! Where 'are you going?" demanded the foreman. "Going to work," said Mr. Lynch. "Oh, no; this is Saturday night." "Mean to say I can't go to work?" "Certainly." "Going to make me stand a bobtail week?" "Of course." "Thou fts a member of tho Chicago Typographical Union, No. 16, with my dues paid up aud'u working card in my pocket, I want to say that before I'll lot any slave driver of a foreman prevent me from working seven days a week I'll .resign.' 1 And so he did, and went to work in the ollice of tho Plumbers' Gazette, whore tho typo was as big as doughnuts and the proofreader marked commas in tho middle of words. NOT IF SHE KNEW IT. filio Itomciubcped tho Trouble Slio Ilac! to Get 11 Ilustmml. A few weeks ago a railway collision killed, among others, a passenger living in a country town. Hif remains were sent homo and a fefl flays after the funeral the solicitoi to tho company called upon th< widow to effect a settlement. Sh( placed her damages at £6,000. "Oh, that sum is unreasonable!' replied the solicitor. "Your husbam' was nearly 50 years old!"' "Yes, sir." "And lame?" "Yes." ' 'And his general health was poor?' "Very." "And he probably would not havi lived more than five years?" "Probably not, sir." "Then it seems to me that feur o: five hundred pounds would bo a fail compensation." "Four or live hundred pounds?' she echoed. "Why, sir, I courtec that man for ten years, ran after hint for ten more, and then had to chas^ him down with a shot gun to got him to marry me. Do you suppose I'm going to settle Jor have cost of shoe leather and ammunition?" Tho man of law concluded that B!M deserved all she could got. Snvsil by it .••iiUTiiw A "Boon to lodge, have, you, loin?" said Mrs. Kambo, in a metal- lie tone of voice. "Yes, in' dear," replied Absalom. "What time does tho lodge usuuilj let out?" "About—um—about 11 o'clock."" "And what time do you think it ie now?" "Kr—it's about 12. isn't it?" "It's half pa?t 2. Docs it take three hours and a half to come homo?" "Yes m' dear. Lodge bodies move slowly." And Mrs. Kambo went gaspingly *ip stairs to bed.—Chicago Kecord. • HERE, tHERE AND ELSWHEftE. Indiana Astronomy. A. young ludy was walking with her beau, and both wore look- eg at the moon. After gazing Skyward in silence for some moments .the young man remarked: "I wish ] tf.ero the man in the moon." -"•So do I," spoke up the you-qg ady. "And why do you wish that?" asked the young man with a puzzled ook. "The moon is than 1,0)0,000 miles away," she quietly replied. A Discouraged Kuformur. •Say, Bill, is it true that you ha we [}uit white-capping? How kem that?*' "Well, you see, I tried to stop « oso of buckshot on oar last outing, and now the morals of this blame ountry kin go to the dogs for all 1 keer." Auntie, anxiously—Do you think ou have had the proper training or a poor man's wife? Sweet Girl — Yes indeed. Papa msn't given ma any spending money worth mentioning for years. I alwaye get things charged. Wanted It in Advance. Poet—Can I see the editor? Office Boy—Yes, if you'll give me o dinfc. Poet—I will whon I come out. Office Boy—Yes, bu$ you have time tljon,—-Truth, s,5»iisiafi^3Si&%ui. Tha' sale of tho Btyle amounts to about 4,obo;000 copies per annum. Pennsylvania has fifty-two of her Boils in the hfttiohal ttohgrSss, Si* of them being in the senate. .: Joim'LombaH, att'ltaUarti ridar'New Castle, : PO.J beat his Wifo| tin'd When he Was- put under .arrest bV ( Office*' itall, the ofihser was attacked by L a (lo/cen Kalian women. ; A eottort boil, containing'tho unusual number of twenty-six pods, is claimed to bo in the possession of .flames F. Williams of Villa Utoa,. Oa. Four pods arc generally all. that aro •found in each boll. .' * •. "There, is a young Country boy staying at our -boarding-house," writes a 'con'csjpomltJnt, "who id ti perfoet little gentleman in h'w wci-y. Tho other day ho brought his slstur in to dinner and gave her a general ihtro luotion soino- vvhat as follows: 'Ladies and gentlemen, this is .my sister.' Then ho electrified'the gathering-by continuing: 'My sister, are.,ladies aud gontlciucn.'" Mark Sualiot, a IJondon locksmith, in 1570 manufactured a lock consisting of eleven different piccea of steel, iron and brass, which', together with the key baking-ing to it, weighed only one grain. Tho samo artist constructed a. chain of gold containing forty-throe- links, which ho fastened to tho lock and key, and upon." thoao being attached to the nuck of a floe-, the insect wag able to draw them with ease. • ; -'.' ." An unusual case of abscnt-mindcd- uess was noted the other day in .Lewiston, Mo. A man entered an pflloc, transacted some business aud went out, leaving' a package dona! up in'a. pieco of newspaper on a: desk. The tenant of tho office saw it, thought tho man would Return for it, and let it lie. But the man came not back, and examination showing that the package contained greenbacks, it was placed in a safe, and a boy was sent to hunt up the owner. Then tho man came bnr-k hastily for tho package and said there was iiuarly §4,000 in it. « Correct Parsing"What part 6t speech Is kiss?" nskod a teacher at Vnssar college. "A conjunction," ruplled ono of the- smart girls. "Wrong," said the teacher severely; next girl." "A noun," put in n demure maidon. "What kind of a noun?" continued tho preceptress. "Well—er—5t is both common and proper." answered the shy girl, and she was promoted to the head on her*class. Drive tho devil's friends nil out of tho church and some preachers would have a ini support. This country has fifty-two law schools, with 8-ffl teachers aud 8,000 students. *ho World's Tftke ifc all to nil the world ifl fall 1 / that is, its judgments aro pretty generally juat. No doubt it has formed many incorrect Conclusions from tho tiruo the fardvftls of Coltnnbus'nppearod off tho fchoreS of Han Salvador to the present year of celebration, but. there are, instances of its fairness wliich.can bqcltol unquestioned. It IUIB. after'com priratlvo tests, given its it ward to Sostetter's Stomach Bittor's for fifflcacy hi cases of malarial, rlio\imatic and kuliloy (Jisohlfcr, dyspoffsinj liver complaint, constipation,; nervousness > niid' debility. Ainoiig "positive fncts without any doubt" (his verdict deserves a prominent place. Tho experience of, n. generation itistiflfls, and the concurrent testimony of h'oats of eminent physicians, boar out its truth. Give the Bitters'a fair trial nnd verify it. XVtion a-woman loses .all intarost ,in the fashion paper it is tmie to consult the undertaker. ; '. ' '; . /; Your Opportunity inv.itea you,now. .Rich western Isinds can now bo bought nt reasonable prices nnd grcn't bargains seunrqd in tho mineral,- Union Pacific publications on Wyoming, Colorado. Montana, Idaho, Utah and other western states: B.'-L. LO.MAX, Geu'l.Pass. & Tlc't Ag't, Omaha, Neb. In 1881'the sum of &l,!?n,303 was dbilated to tho colleges Of this collutry for various •purposes. _^ A. M.-prlost,-Druggist, Stielbyville, Ind., says: ''trail's Catarrh Cure givos the best of satisfaction. Can got plunty of testimonials, ns it euros ov.ory. ono who takes it." Druggists soli it, 7ije. •• •. Ko doubt tho jail-bird oCten wishes he could ily. If you' will bb'Hfifly-*- happy 'koop your' 1 blopil pure, your liver from growing torpid by using Boachain's Pills. 25 cents a bos. Tho most popular .air with girls is a millionaire. • ' Hngwman'4Camphor I«« with Glycorlne. Tho iirlKlnnlnnil only ctMiuIn". Curesuliapnuit Hands iiiHl Kiu-o, Coldgoi-ys, s«N 0.0. Clarlt Co.,N.llnvon,CU \vltaly, In 188r,-had 70,»0r schools, 80,400 teachers; and,8,071,000pupils,. 'T.o California and Back By the Satita fre'Route. Tho most attractive American 'tour. A'now descriptive nook with tho above title page, containing over 1BO pages and as many pen and ins illustrations, sent froo on receipt of 4 coats in postage, by Jxo.-J. BY.UNE, ?'02 Monadnock Building, Chicago. Franco had. in I8h7, 85,545 schools, 130,800 teachers and O.DJS.OOJ scholars. Biovinff Soutlli Cfllivnnlont innrU^ls. pood soil, pure wntprnud oxcellirnt t'lnuHtfl nnj ailvuut.'igi'B to ho considered when lookliifi up a linmif, lin«IncHS locution, farm, tic. MHi-yluinl nuil Virglnln afford thumi with nmny more udvantniri'?. Iinnrnvod fnrui lands, ndupUMl to Blni'U r.ilslnir. d.'ilrylnir, Ki'ttln, grass nnd fruit /rrnn'lnjr, i:l low prices and utmy tc't'tns. ThrlvluK inwna luvltc Ihu incrclinut, inuuhiiiilo nnd business num. Abtmrlaiiec <>i rnul. tiinlKT, ore, wnler puwiir. olc. Address K V. lilcliiird?, J.nnd nud Iininlgrulliin Agunt, A ' U U. H.< liultlmoro, Xld. Spain, in 18S5, had 81.880 schools, 30,000 teachers and 2,848,000 attendance. Great Britain had, in 1888, 30,033 schools, 85,COO teachers and 8,071,000 pupils. f The man who expects to outrun a lie had better not start with lame feet. ROYAL Baking Powder surpasses all others in leavening power, in '* purity and wholesorneness. and is indispensable for use / wherever the best and finest I . food, is required. AH other Baking: Powders contain J ammonia or alum. TOYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. ALL SORTS AND .SIZES. One-third of the California iruit ranches are either owned OP managed by women. A bullet fivoi at Henry Jorclon of Salem, Mass,, was stopped by a-f.ilyor dollar in one of his pockets. Tiio London TimeH hover iprints pictures «ar uses scare houds, "but on this day of the York royal wedding it had a flowery ^border a quarter of an inch wide around each page' The immigration of Russian-Jews to New York haw not boon stopped. Any one visiting 1 the oflico of the Unitoil Hebrew .charities will learn how absorbing 1 is tlva question of relief. That office is crowded daily. The Frwnch were slow to take t.o bicycling', but now that they have done so they are making 1 up for lost time.- Their lateat.deveiopinent of the craze was a cycling 1 wedding party ef fifteen person**, w&o rode on safeties from Paris to a church in Moatmartre. After the cen&uaony the party jvsmounted their whealfi and s'oile off to Eugbien, where the weddung' breakfsst was spread. CURRENT ANECDOTES. James .Francis Oswald, a new queen's counsel, is perhaps the hero of more good stories than any man at the Engliih bar. He was the junior who, on being 1 told by Justice Kay that, "although ho could teach him law, he'Sould not teach him manners," quietly remarked; "That is so, my lud." General James Fawler of Unity, Me.., who is still living, aged about 04 years, relates tho story that when a small (boy his mother sent him to a neighbor's to borrow$> darning needle for a few days until -she -could mend up the family clothiug, when he car- ritiU dt back. The boy had to walk over sixteen miles to<do the errand. In a. small village In the south of Scotland an elder in -the -parish church was .one da/ reproving 1 an old woman who was rather tha worse for liquor, by saying: "Sarah, don't you know that you should fly (roan the.tempter?" Sarah (not too well pleased)—"Flee yersel'." Elder—"Oh, Sarah, I have ilowai'" Sarah —"Aweel. J think ye'll be uane the waur o' anitlier flutter." MAKES A DES MOINES 6VSANUFACTURJNG & SUPPLY CO. OJ? ENGINES, BOILERS, PURflP$, ETC., FLOUR, CORN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES AND MACHINERY OF ALL KINDS, OF ALL. KINDS. OFFICE AND WORKS, 101 TO 121 KAST COUrtT AVENUE, 3IAtL OKUKUS FILLED r,BUflU'|'fcY- DES MOINESj, 1OW4 We have a obolQB list of lojproved tfaww »nd Prairie Lauds i»ow on tljo put tati tend Is &Uo »t»feat Invoj&meat la the wprU ana tuls is OwVsiw to"\u^ LAND! »ud description of «*« «uw_oi»SfeW*!i*,_y» i>f f Cure fat. 8ho6p'«, Mortlcnl BC6tt U) pfrj*e Jh'fiflt, Bt»u 26o,Dtt. sitoot-, fli^s; Pdrlraiid I DES . to crtro Al 1 tn druggist fpi'll.,,l'r!eo J3ce,|ilsi Tne' tfnfted 8tdf es H'kslis nit-aftl a regUlfti 1 , olccttrf a to do look at oife Pleasant JJtit just -.„»-.,,,.. j '6 billow! or constipated, or have a spin* s'tomach, or n fit 6f, nd you'll oWh tip that they're tier, b,ft9fe things .an.,, thb sugnr-jalatojl, and t.ako. • • Therffs no' - . : atico to? the sys or occupation, tiatiiifaction gnai mpiioy refunded,Dr. R, V. PinnCE: . Dear Sir"! eould of a number of cases where Dr. Piei'oe'tt JTtfil Jlediclncs linvo'o'urocK A filcful.of mliio,!.... Wllllains, was about iisod up with Hvcr troubles; now ho earn tliiit'Tleasnnt I'cllets'Miava helped him inure than any or all tlio-modluine* that ho hiis ovur tukou. ' ' ' rS I f* fcl fl (Fir O Tlio Cfllerntorl GVoon 8 E"aSKfM fJSlJ-V Dumo ami mnndiird, lot D Ull!lHyL,U citherIla'vd ov Soft Cottl. « viaiiiriUP&ilUr Moonoinlosil, Durable., Will bo Shipped to you dlroot from tho iimnuiiibturofit. 8. OUl'IKN «i SONS, 10U to 114 WOst SOO- oiul St., Dca Moinos, low.i. *' PERMANENTLY ' OF! NO No PAY UNTIL CURED WE REFER YOU TO 4,000 PATIENTS , f'.'O CP*RATION. NO DETENTION FRO 1MB US I A'ESS. Valley Nat. I Den , German Savings Uunk, ) Molneft ' Write or cull for Circular. THEO. E. MiLLER CO., 602 IOWA LOAN & TRUST BLOC. Des Moines. Iowa. Wo Imvn ono thousand pounds of brevier/ body typolngoodcouattlon.nindoof oxtrft metal by Uurnhart Bros. & Splndler, innnufaG urors of tha famous superior, copper-m'xcd type. AVo will sell it in' fonts of 100 pounds or more, to bo deliv* ' crud as soon as we net on our now, at U>« low price of WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION. 03 \Voat JuukBou St., CI1IOAUO. IfJU, lorfny^uBo 11 1 Thompson's Eye Wafer. ftBivylnft I idSac Send I (to for Royal Sufo- itiiurimu LcluiUO truant Noilmps 1 nofraud; every lady nooda It. I.A1I1KS EMfOBIUH, .St. Louis, Mo. yTATE SANITARIUM, Kod Oak, Iowa, mmr- O uiituos a euro for llhoumatlsiri, Nervous 1'ros- ration, Ijiver nnd iCldnoy IMUUUBCH, CII HA I' In ISastcru and Central Is'obriiaUn. Improved and ualm- _ proved. Fariim for nulso. li 1 . 8«. I'ontzor, 42(1 N. V. JJl'o lild);., Oniulift. Neb. MtCAJAH'S WAFER3,Iiu1oVfoa liUy uliyttleiaus U8 thu uo&l local remedy -TP_.. ntur i'aiiwlu Ailments. Ensy to uso. uclcanly, «ud Btiro to euro. U'u-'o weelar _____ treatment free. Address MICAJAH & CO.. WARREN, PA. .O. 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I LotoPrlncipal Exftmlnor U.S. Pension Bureisu. I 'Jyra 111 Inst war, ISaiUudieuUuuoluluw. IMS since. SALESMEN WASMTED The greatest inducements ever offered. Write for particulars. Tho Jewell Nursery Co., Lako City, Minn, McELREES' WINE OF CARDULJ: For Female Diseases, , GOOD CHANCE! Odell &.0 Typewriter for 810, if bash with order is received before Nov. 1st, 1803. Tha famous Odell Typewriter is used to Lawyers. Ministers, Doctors, Merchants, Editors and •Government Ofllccrs, because o( its clean print, simplicity and mauifold copies. No teacher required. It will do your work in cne hour's practice. Ordornow aud tulte udvant a«e of this exceptionally ....•»•• GOODCHANCEH 88 W. Jackson St., Chicago, 3* W. N. U. D.M. U10 NQ, 4%""" - pf~Iu applying to (my ol tb.§ above Aft i _. l * . LT-£L. ?,*»,.* si-,li

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