The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1893
Page 7
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t ffft^ 'a A New f hfough Sleeping Car Lina Ffom Chicago to Seattle via tho Chicago, Mllwa'ibeo & St. Paul an 3 Great Northern railways hus been established,' rind.' firgl- 6lnss sleeping cars will hereafter run' dally from Cniciigo at 10:80 p. in., arriving, at Seattle 11:8:1 p. in., fourth day. This is undoubtedly tho best route to roach the Korth Pacific const. For time tables, maps nnd other information npply to tho nearest tlokot agent, or address George H. Headword, Stohoral passenger agent, C., M, & St. P. Ry., Chicago, 111, About all the buried treasure* most pco- ple'huve ai-o the good resolutions they have -: put a way. ^_ • Tourist Cai 3 • ' f ,_.j Iho latest, most comfortable nnd com- |:Mocl.ious means of travel for largo parties. ijtttteu'diiig rsettlors, liomosoek'crs, hitfttiuj? Kpatties ttud othars will find thp.So cars ou fllie Union Pacific System' folly equipped Km every way. For additional information |h.'gnrfling these tinrs, sea -your nearest picket a'»ont, any Union Faeillc Agent, or pddvess. B. I,. LOMAX, Oon'l Pass. & Tlc't *" 5't. Omnlm, Nob. f.fho man who enn take in o, situation at n. flauce is tha man that ought U'jvcr to bo lit o£ n.i'ob. f ,' , : •• . ., , ......5—All fits rtoppc'i fiv?u uy r,:si KLlS'l!'!! kKAl IIUVK HKOTOIIKII. !Jo lit after Ilrst. flny'si UM>. Ulrii- Slpila enrol. Trenttcp mn". Ki.uf trial hntvln I'rot! to ¥'.'• "Mitt. Bond to Dr. Kline.Mil JfrrA Re.,Philadelphia, 1-n. ,rho wicked man hates vico in everybody lit himaclf. m L'wo bottles of German'Syrup "ed me of Hemorrhage of the ing'S when other remedies failed. sin a married man and, thirty-six pita of age, and live with my wife *,yo little girls at Durham, Mo. stated this-brfef ftfid plahiso l may Understand. ; My case |s|a bad one, and I shall be glad "t&ll anyone about it who will me. PHILIP Iy. SCHENCK, P. ox45, April 25, 1890. No man ask a more honorable, busi- flike statement. • . . ® an t door" Ibduct. iff'- 1 lesh air ; exercise p,lly pro- e sound petite and j|nd sleep, ly chil- in obtain benefit from icod-liver oil with Hypo- Ifpsphites, a fat-food rapid ,assimilation and almost palatable as milk. il hv Snnt.t A TViwnn. fs. V. AM rtrnreisln.^EUU£fVtK«u«K>miriihU>aj:UL'unBxixr^uxrET^r"~ mres .s. E. J. Rowell, Medfovd, Mass., says her ior has been cured of Scrofula by tho ufioof bottles of ' ' ll other tre luced to qnl after havlnp liad atmcnt, and being tea lowcoudltiou ealth, as it was thought she could not live. llNHERITED SCROFULA. Cared my llttlo hoy of hereditary Sorofula, wlilch appeared all over his I'aco. For a year I had given jjjill hopoo£ Ills rocovery, when finally I was ^ him, and ^^[^^ no syraiitoma of "ft'diseaiio remain. Mus. T. L. MATHERS, Slatliervillo, llias. Qlqrbook on DIoo 1 an'l Skin Di-jcnsRS mailed Tree. Swn'T Si'Hcipic Co.. Atlanta, Ga. 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Tho doctor Is Biennial' Oenatip of Cropi rind I,l*o Stook, ..^ ,T(iwnJUIri( Assessors. v Oct. 10.— The returns oi the assessors, for the : ! current .•fear, showing the]aereag>,.andyield:oi in 1892, and the number of live stock owned by tlje farmers ol Iowa in January, 1893, have been carefully tabulated and the footings /jive us tho basts of. an apfcroxitafctoiy correct estimate of the farm product of tho present year. Some of the fig-urea •relatidg 1 to the more important products of the stato ai'o jJnvc!n bf'lovv':.. . ' -Land in farms—Tho rottirns show tho •number of acre* of .land in farms to bo 08 follows: Improved 2;>.OM-,UT; unlmprbV- Pd, B,lWJ,3/7; total, :JO,210,-1!)4 ncros. TheSO figures nro ovldowtly correct ns to tho oc-roage of fiu-tns in this stato. Tho stixto const™ hi ISiijgivvo tlio following figures: Imrrovod laud, 3J.18!),tK;J- noros; tinhiiprov- od hmcl, 8)OiJ3,8;>3 ncros. Tho acreage of land in pnsttiTOsJn ta>5 ,, vyns, Q.Sjiij^SS 'acres; ncreago in 18(18, J',)«l'3..S r J3., 'flieso 0n;urosjn- cluclo only improvod or feucod pastures. "Wheat—Thd ttc'rehgo of winter 'wheat tlio fall of 1H,fJ (harvostocl in 1895!) umoutitsrt'to Si.V!,fi3:! acres. Bp'rinsj Wheat harvested in l!)3, OH(),3-l() jfcres. Thoro was a clpcretiKo of u' por cent in the nerengo of .spriug wheat this year, compared with ISSiy. Tlio estimated acreage of wheat (wint'pr.aud spring) harvested this year is, therefore. 8-5-1,l!j',) ncros. .Tho noustts; of 1835 returned tha aeronge of spring irheat (in ifsS4) at l,l!H,7:ia uci-Bs; winter wheat, 58,824 acres, n total of 1.231.6-10 ncrcs. This shows a uotablo doclinein the'aoroage of spring wheat, aud a moderate- increase in tho winter. • Corn—Making duo allowance for a uum bor of towns from which returns wore not complete, the laud in cern in 1803 was 5,40S),OAO acl-es. 'According to the estimates of;the correspondents of this btiraau, there was nn, average .increasa ia this .j'oar of 10 per cent, compared with tho crop of 1898. The area planted this year was. therefore, G.010,!MO acres. That is believed to b'o approximately correct. It certainly is not an uudorcsiuni'.t'x Ia i83-± Iowa's corn aereiiKo was u t t>i)S,t!i4 acres. Oats—Tho area in oats in 1892 was 8,997,787 acres. An estimated increase o£ 5 per cent, compared with last year, would make this season's acreage 4,l ( ,)7,633. Tho acreage in U}84"xtas 8,05-i,lar. Barley—Acreage of barley Inst vear, 501,081. Tho estimate for this year 'is 50(5,091 acres. Rye—Acreage last year. 117,771. This seasou's acreage, 100,iv28. ' Buckwheat—Last year's acreage, 81,043 acres. No change in estimate this year. Flax—Last year's acreage, 2813,700. Estimated acreage this your, 248,770. Timothy Seed—Acreage last year, 1(54,104, with an average yiold ol! 4;'!ff bushels per aero. No change is estimated for tho present seayon. Clover Seed—Acreage, 54,538; yiold \.% bushels por aero. Irish Potatoes—Nutubon of acres reported last year, 109,838. Estimated this year, 104,261. This does not include tho small patches raised in gardens, which would make a considerable change in the aggregate yiold. Timothy—Tho timothy cut in 18C2 was 2,453,015 acres. Acreage about tho samo this year. Clover—Tho clover cue lastyoar was258,- 878 acres; average yield 1 3-5 tons per acre. Prairie Hay—Cut last year, 1,999,493 acres; average \% tons per aero. Miscellaneous—Millet, 17fi,£00 acres; Hungarian grass, 0,971 acre,-:; artificial groves, 178,017 acres; orchards, 111,488 acres; vine- yai;Js, 8,01)1 acres, Horses—Number of horses January— Commou or grade, l,2SI,fi4i; thoroughbreds, 5,209; total, 1,285,814. Number of mules, 83,015. Cattle—Common or grade, 8,809,810; thoroughbreds, 21,57!!; total, 3,421,883. Swine—Number iu January, 8,443,118. Sheep—Common or grade, 501,850; thoroughbreds, 7,055; t .;r!. 508,431. Btaiids of Bdes—.Native, 120.403; Italian 87,004; total, 101,0.;". Pounds of honey produced last year, 2,142,C55. MASCULINITIES. n . . rfiefl by Hi's people in llio strongest terms. «nd Furnciii Pirc-oin. On !-l :i. Nebrask ska. Plso's Itemed/ fur Catarrh Is the Best. Kivfileiit to Use, and Cheapest. Bold by druggets or sum, by mall. We. K. T. Uazeltlne. Warren, Pa. NESS AND HEAD NOISES ui I'ui-k'H iliv-nilili- KtrUiulilullK. \VlM»| Burr. Mful tt-lii-nnUrcnii-rtli-jr»ll. 'way.N.V. Wnlc rorljooUof |ir J&KAPQO INDIAN Tliegreatest Liver, i, islood ami Kidney lievneily. Jl ntlo ot Kootis, uinl |ioi-b3, ia AbaolutelyS "How do j'oa know he married her for her money?" "I've soon her." A Brooklyn thief 'was betrayed by his buttons, two of which he left behind in the house he robbed. It is interesting 1 to sea how sorry tho man who went to the country for a vacation and the man who staid at home are for each other. Beardless youtns are most prone to arrogance and solf-aulliuiency. As they grow older their whiskers cover a great deal of their chnek. Taunton, Mass., some years agfo deeded a site to tho United States for • a federal building-, and having- lost patience wailing 1 for tlw latter, wants the land back again. The latest novel motho.l employed by a New York business houso is to distt'ibuto free theater tickets to oua- tomera. More than 10,00!) tickets were distributed in a single day. Algy—^Yeginitld, what did you say, you know, when you were presented to tho Pwinoe of Wales? Reginald— Why, tloah boy, tho iirst thing I did was to apologize for tho American revolution. He, hotly—All I want to know is whether you take me for as great a fool as all the other men who court you or not. She—Probably not as great as all of them, but quite as great as any one of them. A smart bit of repartee was overheard recently at Killarney. A guide with a tourist scowled at a peasant who M tared well at him. "You'll Ir.ipt'' me again if you meet me," said tbt guido. "Not if yer wash yer face," said the peasant. Faithful to Fldo. Woman (in Italy)—"O, distraction! The brigands have stolen niy busbaud and my pug dog." Olliciul—"We shall have to ant very delicately in the matter, madam, or the highwaymen may follow tho capture with .death." Woman—^'Tell them ransom shall be paid. l''ido shall not die." THAT JOYFUL l-'KELING With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Pigs, is unknown to tho few who have not progressed beyond the old< time mediciuej and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well informed. The world in 1888 had 701,425 schools for elementary instruction, with flO,81(J,COJ pupils. If the Itaby i* Cutting XeelS, Be auru and use tlitt old and well-tried remedy, MM. *yis»wiw'8 SooTniso gTgur t9t Children Teething. Comparing your gins witb those of other? won't make your own simiing uiiy easier. Germany bfts twenty-one universities, PRINTER LYNCH. [ifffff>ll,l|tf,|lf|fl A. Story, IllrtUriitlnjcr tlio C'rttnlitnoSK ol \" i 4 j." ttl* Nnturc. Printers' storios include one about, •a man nattie.d Lynch,which illustrates the. crankdtiiesS of the printer's nn- ,t,fire./ ;:Hb\ liar! cases on the Chicago Tribune, but he objected to working 1 Saturday night. Saturday night is tho heavy night on nil morning, newspapers, and Mr. Lynch might as,well have asked for marmalade with which to paste'Inn (••string" as ask to got oft that'high't. Jiu.t ho was a determined man, and "lio'liad been a printer long dnoitgh ,to be moan, and there is nothing jnior-o oruery tliim a moan- printer— except a mean proof reader, who iloos; not belong in' any fetiperiutern- tl comparisons. So when Mr. Lynch had aslccd to be relieved of Saturday li'ight duty and had been refused lie just lay down ..and refusfed to set more than -ems; fpr-any man. Tho foreauap did not w:ipt to cut tho elevator rope on Mr. Lynch, so ho told Irim ho need not work Saturday nig-lifc at all, and Mr. Lynch was {find. Ho wont clown to John Jaoky O'Brien's tunnel and ov.ef a glass of, pilsoner confided to a number of gentlemen who had arisen from sleep as if awakened by an alarm clock upon his entrance that tho man who would ioil Saturday night was little less than a serf. Thereafter Saturday night idleness began to irk Mr. Lynch, 'and in less than a month he carno clown 'one Saturday afternoon, took a ,chew of tobacco and started for his .cases. "Hold on there, Lynch! Whore ; P,re you going?" demanded the foreman. "Going to work," said Mr. Lynch. "Oh, uo; this is .Saturday night." "Mean to say I can't go to work?" "Certainly." "Going to make me stand a bobtail week?" "Of course." "Thou as u member of tho Chicago Typographical Union, No. 1G, with iny dues paid up and'a working card in my pocket, I want to say that before I'll lot any slave driver of a fqvemau prevent me from working seven days a week I'll .resign." And so ho did, and went to work in the oHico o/ tho Plumbers' Gazette, where the typo was as big as doughnuts and tho proofreader marked commas in tho middle of words?. NOT IF SHE KNEW IT. 81)o Remembered tho Trouble Bho Had to Got ii Husband. A few weeks ago a railway collision killed, among others, a passenger living in a country town. Hii remains were sent homo and a fev flays after tho funeral the soliclto'i to the company called upon thi widow to effect a settlement. Sh< placed her damages at £5,000. "Oh, that sum. is unreasonable!' replied the solicitor. "Your husband was nearly 50 yr-.u-s oldt 1 " "Yes, sir." "And lame?" "Yes." "And his general health was noor?' "Very." "And he probably would not huvi lived more than five years?" "Probably not, sir." "Then it seems to me that feur o: five hundred pounds would be a fail compensation." "l ( 'our or five hundred pounds?' she echoed. "Why, sir, I courted that man for ten years, ran after hiir for ten more, and then had to chas^ him down with a shot gun to got hire to marry me. Do you suppose I'm going to settle Jor bare cost of shoe leather and ammunition?" Tho man of law concluded that she deserved all she could got. Suvail by u Narrow .I "Been to locluo, have, you, Absalom !'" said Mrs. Rumba, in a metallic tone of voice. "Yes, m' dear," replied Absalom, "What time does tho lodge usuollji Set out?" "About — um — about 11 o'clock."" "And what time do you think it ie now?" • «Kr__ it's about 12, isn't it?" "It's half pa?t 2. Does it take throe hours and a half to come homo?" "Yes m' dear. Lodge bodies move •slowly." Anil Mrs. Knmbo wort gaspingly «ip stairs to bed. — Chicago Keoord. • A young lady was walking aU:n<j with her beau, and both wore looking 1 at tho moon. After gazing Skyward in silence for some moments tlio young man remarked: "I wish ] were the man in tho moon." •"•So do I," spoke up the yotrag lady. "And why do you wish that?" the young man with a puzzled look. "The moon is more than 1,030,OOC miles .aw ay," she quietly replied. A Disc'tiu-tigetl Ituffirmur. "Say, Bill, is it true that you have quit white-capping? How kem that?" "Well, you see, I tried to stop s dose of buckshot on otir last outing, and now the morals of this blame country kin go to the dogs for all J iceer." JJrealtera Auntie, anxiously — Do you thinlj you have had the proper training [or a poor man '3 wife? Sweet Girl — Yes indeed. Papa msn't given me any spending money worth mentioning for years. I alwaye get things charged. Wanted It in Advance. Poet — Can I see the editor? Office Boy— Yog, if you'll give ma a 5y}\$J'I eprafl out. vgu HERE, THERE AND ELSWHERE, Poet— I ThcS salo of tho Bible fl.mount3 to about 4,000;ooo copies per annum. • Pennsylvania has fifty-two of her Boris iu "the twittohal (Sohgress, fiii of them being in tho senate. .- Johrt'Lotnbart, art Italian, nearNevtf Castle,-Pa. *'beat, his Wife, find when ho was put under arrest M Om6er Hull, the ofilscr was attacked by a .doxen Italian women. ; A cotton boll, containing tho unusual number of twonty-six pods, is claimed to bo in tho possu.ssion of •Tames F. Williams of Villa Rica, Ua. Four pods are generally ail. that are •fouud in each boll. "There, is a young Country boy staying at our boiirding-house," writes a coiTOspondiMit, "who is a purfoct lil'tlo pentleman in h::; \vtvy. The othor day ho brought his sister in to dinner and gave hiu 1 a general introduction somewhat ao follows: 'Ladies and gentlemen, this i'.i my sister.' Then ho electrified' tho gathering by continuing: 'My sister, thesu are. ladies and gc-ntlcmcn.'" Mark Scaliot, a London locksmith, In 1570 manufactured a lock consisting of cloven different pieces of steel, iron and brass, which, together with the key balancing to it, weighed only one grain. Tho same' artist constructed a chain of gold containing forty-three Hales, which he fastened to the lock and ko.y, and upon these being attached to tho neck o:f a flee- the insect was able to draw them with ca-ie. '. ; • " An unusual case of absent-mindedness was noted tho other day in .Lewiston, Mo. A mau entered an office, transacted some business aud went out, leaving' a' package dona! up in'a. piece of newspaper on a desk. The tenant of tho office saw it, thought tho man would Return for it, und let it 15o. But tho man came not back, and examination showing that tho package contained greenbacks, it was placed in a safe, and a boy was sent to hunt up the owner. Then tho man camo bnr-k hastily for tho package and said there was iioarly $4,0JO in it, * Correct Parsing 1 . "What pnrt of speech la kiss?" nskod a toncher at Vnssnr college. "A conjunction," ruplied ono of the Fiuart girls. "Wrong," said the teachor severely; "next girl." "A noun,' 1 put in a demure maiden. "What kiml of u HOUU?" cuiitiaued thu preceptress. "Well—er—it is both common and proper," answered tho shy girl, and she wus promoted to tho heud oC her*cliiss. Drive tho devil's friends nil out of tho church and some preachers would have a Blim support. This country has fifty-two law schools, with IMS teachers and 3,1)00 students. *ho Wotld's Pair. Take it all to all the world Id fair. Thut is, its judgments ore pretty generally just. No doubt it 1ms formed tntvny Incorrect conclusions fro* tho time the < t fllftvftl« p£ Columb-js'nppeared Oft the shores of t3fttt Salvador to tho present year of 'celebration-, biit . there . are instances of its fairness •Which can bo cite 1 unquestioned. It .has, after com prirativo tests, given its award to Hosteller's S^omaph -Bitters for omcacy in onsos of malarial, rheumatic and kidney iJjsOrd'-r, rtyspop'sin, liver complaint, con- stipnliion, iievvonsnoss ami debility. Among '?()osi!,ivo fncts without any doubt" this vci-cU:-,t deserccs a prominent place. Tho oxperieiico of , a . gctjoration justifios, aiul tho concurrent testimony of hosts of einiueut pliy.sicinns, boar out its truth, Give the 'Bitters a fair triul nntl verify it. AVhcn n.womnn loses (ill iutsrost ,in tho fashion paper it Is time to consult the undertaker. __ . __ ' Your Opportunity iuvitt-s you now. .Kich western l^nds can now bo bonght at rcnsonablo prices aud great biirguius . scwirod Jn .tho mineral,- agricultural and KrjiKii'ig.i-ogiona reciclica by.. tho Union Pncillc. Systi-iu. Theopportunlly of a lil'utlino !or Invostmontl. 'Bend for the Union I'jvcHio putilicatious on VVyoTTiingt Colorado, Montana, klnho, Utah nnd other western states: E. IM. LOMAX, Goii'l.Pass. &Tk't Ag't, Omalm, Nob. In 18SI the siim of f.;J,8tl,30S wns dbttatcd to tho colleges of this country for various purposes. • __ _ . A. M.Ti-iost, brn'ffitfsi, Shulbyvillo, lud., says: "Hall's Catarrh Cure gives tho best ol! satisfaction. Can got pluirfy of testl- mouirtls. as it cui'ea ov.erjr ono who takes it." Briiggistw soil it, 7ijo. • , .No doubt tho jail-blrj pften wishes he could fly, If you will b'o trif ly- happy koop your blopd pure, yonrllvnr from growing torpid by using •Beocliam's rills. B5 cents a box. Tho most papular .air with girls is a millionaire. • . _ • _ nngnmanM Cam phnrT<-«\vll)i niynort »te. Tho iiHicliiiilnnil wily Kvnuln<>. Cures Clmpiwcl Itiinds .Unit 1'iU'O, Cold Soi-i'R, «(!,_ C. G, Chirk Co.,N.Havon,cu "- .Italy, in ISSr, had TO.fiOr schools, 80,400 teachers; nnd,S,07I,000. pupils.. •"1?<> : California and Back By tho Santa #e Ro'nto. Tho mostattrnct- ive American 'tour. A 'now descriptive nook with tho above title page, containing over IfiOpngcs and as many pen and ink illustrations, sent fruo on rocoipt of 4 cents in postage, by Jxo.-J. BY.KNH, 702 Monadnock Building, Chicago. France had. In 1SK7, 83,5-15 schools, 130,800 teachers and O.SJS.OOJ scholars. Moving Soutlii Colivcnlcnt iimrkcts. tfood soil, pnro M-ntorond cxcelhMit t'liitiiitfl tiro ii'lvatitn^i-s to ho considered •\vlicu Inoktit); up :i linnu*, huMm-fls Inoutlon, f:irm, «(v. Mnryinnil nnd Vn-);lul» nf/ord Uiosi- with ninny more iulv:inlnifi'f>. Iiunrnvcd farm Jands, nihiplvd to Bloi-lc I'.ilslnir, dnlrylnK, Kntlii, grass itnd fruit ^rowluir, i:t low prk-us nnd oatiy 'cnns. ThrlviuK inwua Invite llui iiu-i-clmut, inauliimla nud busluuss iiiiiii, Abuudiince nf rnul, tnulx-r, nre, water IIDWHI-. clu. Addrosfl IT V- Illclmnh, I, nnd and liuuil|;i-uUun Aguiit, H t IV U. Il« llaltluioro, Mil. Spain, in 1SS5, hod 81.880 schools, 30,000 teachers nnd !3,S)'13,000 attendance. Groat Britain had, in 1888, 30,'»23 schools, 85.COO teachers and 3,071,000 pupils. f The man who expect*) to outrun a lie had better not start with lame feet. ROYAL Baking 1 0 Powder surpasses all others in leavening power, in ;f purity and wholesomeness P and is indispensable for use / wherever the best and finest I , food is required. All other Baking Powders contain J ammonia or alum. TOYAL BAKING POT/DEfl CC., J106_WALL ST., NEW-YORK. •J&.SBt&SliSRS.&ll'SXL .«.§ ALL, SORTS AND SIZES. One-third of tho California *ruit ranches nre either owned or managed by women. A bullet fivo-I at Henry Jordon of Salem, Alass., was stoppod by tvf.ilver dollai- in «ne of his pockets. Tlio Ijoudori Times never rprints pictures or uses scare heads, 'but on tho day of the York royal wedding- it had a flowery 'border a quai-.tev of an inuh wide around each page 1 The immigration of Rusfian-Jews to New Yorlr has not boon stopped. Any one visiting: the oflico of the United llobruvv .charities will learn how absorbing- is the question of relief. That office is crowded daily. Tho French were slow to tako t;o bicycling, b-tt now that they have dono so they are making up for lost time.- Their latest development of tho craze was a cycling wedding party ©f fifteen persons, wtuo rode on safeties from Paris to a church in Montinarire. After the cer-eiaony the party remounted their wheels-anti rode off to Engbien, where the wed&ing bnsakfsst was spread. CURRENT ANECDOTfcS. James -Francis Oswald, a new queen's oouusel, is perhaps the hereof more good stories than any man at the English bar. lie was the junior who, on being told by Justice Kay that, "although ho cisuld teach him law, he>5ould not teach him manners," quietly remarked; "That is so, my lud." General James Fowler of Unity, Me,! who ia still llvmg, aged about 94 years, relates the story that when a smull'boy his mother sent him to a neighbor's to borrows darning needle for a few days until -she could mend up the family clothiug, when he carried it back. The boy had to walk over sixteen miles to <do the errand. In u small village in the south of Scotland an elder in the parish church was one day reproving- an old woman who was rather the worse ior liquor, by sojiing: "Sarah, don't you know that you should fly Iraaa the .tempter?" Sarak (not too well pleased)—"Flee yersel 1 ." Elder—"Oh, Sarah, J have Howii;"' Sarah —"Avreel. i. think ye'll be wane the waur o' anither ttut- ler." MAKES A DES MOINES ftiANUFAGTURING & SUPPLY CO, Jb> MANUFACT-UWER8 OF ENGINES, BGJLSRS, PUMPS, ETC,, FLOUB, COBN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES AND MACHINEBY OF A&b KINDS, ^ OFFICE AND WORKS, 101 TO 121 EAST COUrtT AVENUE, PJES • A HI ••& • Wohav9» oholoa list of Iuij)c07oa Faring and Prattle Lauds now on the • MM l«fl I • I zaai'ke'- Small payqjont down and baluuce on long time If desired. Money ^K f*l I V ^•F • put into land Is (lie »afest tnvestuioat in Uio world imd tujd is the yuiir to lu- . T „ „ .*^ T * 8t ' R7S* *f e wwepttaf to buy tw» sewn »e»4 *<w OB* vr(eo list of tend* ma (Jejurlptlon of tj^ cotuita-y—Kebragkaortowu, SeniJiuBlQ furuiers'iiiimoa ana r win «nnri vX,, ° fr»-fe«ws»^i " » ^S~< . r i.-, I Cufo Dt. Shoop-s Meftlefll BOOK 10 pftWO fn'drlt, fOf. 2o (fists 25o f ^t)n. snoop, no* w.. Thd'&nat htieWnt un are .tllosv; Bdlcffriift, Paris ftfad bdtttnftftc'ft. _ . *< tt Attrtpn'fl i Ifltoglp own WAri-.tnteil to qttro Ar 'r.nrti'Jp ti'fumlfB. druggist foi- It. riluc JltqnU. i , 0 dih'(TStar7a regular, eler'tic 1 anil -"-- ft t IT FSEKMR TOO SUf-Xl M to do any ;B00d,Avlrefft y> ITOK, l°ok at orio of J0K Tiertf M 'ji'J Plcasout P.elleft. JtJttt ji Plcasout .jrtelleft. JtJut just 6 1 }/ jfy ^fulSa 'you're bilious or constipated, or httvd & sour stonmeh;, or a fit bf • indigoSsl:ioi£-iftid you'll otttt thoy'rp tho best. ' up that things J'wovJrL 'rthit dcJ 'it, plfquantlu, iThoy'ja ijny,f sugar" -coatdtl, andjeflsy, tKjf take. •• Thertys ho *xfl*ilrb» fttico to- tho system, •diet, 'i cr occupation, fjatiisfactioii money ro.fuiidod. "ttmiftnn, Minn. ^ llr. n. V. Pinner.: JJcrrr Sir^I- pould telt< of u inimborof uuscs whevopi-. Piereo'B Filially Mndlcliios Imvo durwl. A friend: of mine, Mr. Wlllitiina, wns H'.iout uwjcl up with II vw troubles; now luisnyfl tliiifPle.-isniifc Pellets" Imvo helped him moro than any or nil tho.modlulno* thut ho has over tukuti. ..'*•(.••.*>> Tlio ColSmtort Ufaoh Dome ami Standard, for either Hivrd or Soft Coul. Economical, Burnblo. ^yiU bo Slilppod to you ill root from tho itmmintctilrofs. S. (J ttnlUN •» SONS, 100 to i:t-t West Soo- ond St,, lion Mninoa, lowiii ».- PERiilANE^ItLY OR NO No PAY UNTiL CURED Y/E REFER YOU TO 4,000 PATIENTS NO OPERATION. NO DETENTION BUSINESS. Valley Nut. Bsink. I DCS t . ol . 1T , lu , Savings Uuiilc, f M , t . ol . 1T , lu , Savings Uuiilc, f Molnen Write or cull for Circular. THE O. E. RHSLUER CO., G02 IOWA LOAM & TRUST BLDG. Dos Moines. Iowa. Wo linvn one thousand pounds of broyler body typo In good condition,mndo of ox tv» metal by Uurnlmrt Bros. & Splnfller, inivnur.iu urors of, tho famous superior . oopycr-in'xod type. Wo will sell It In fonts nf 100 pounds or more, to bo dollv- ore(l an soon as we Ret on our now, at th» low price of WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION. 03 West JuokBoii St., CHICAGO, lltlt. 1 } Thompson's Eya Watar, cni1 10 ° for K».v»l Safo- ua.r,\ NodrnKa;nofmud; every lady nuodn It. UUlfc'S HMFOKIIJI, Nt. l.ouls, Ho. LjTA'PE SANITAHIUM, Hod Oiik, lown, gunT- O antooaii ciira for Ilhounuitl.Htn, Nervous Pro&- ratlon, Liver mid ICIdnuy Dluoiuoa. CMI'JAL' In Kastcrn and CentrnI Kobrnska. Improvctl and unltn* proyod. iraruiH for uultm. .1^. S^ rontzor, 42(1 N. VT. IJfo l)lrt«., Omuhiv, Nob. StaSSSF treatment free. Addrviw MICAJAH & CO.. WARREN. PA. tol'rhJc^ialBxfiinlner'u.S. Pension Burenu. I 3yralnliiutwnr. ISucUiidicHllutfcluliua. uttj gluca. SALESMEN WANTED The greatest inducements ever offered. Write for pM-ticulars. Tho Jov/oll Nursery Co., Lalto City, Minn, McELREES' | ; WINE OF CARDU!.:: For Female Diseases, i GOOD CHANCE!! OdellfcO Typewriter for $10, It bash with or<Joi- is received before Nov. 1st, 1893. Tha famous Odell Typewriter la used by 'Lawyers. Ministers, Dootora, Merchants, Editors and •Govemmenl Ofllccrs, Iieuauga of Us clean print, simplicity and manifold copies. No teacher required. It will do your worU in ou« hour's practice. Ordor now acd tako udvanb- this exceptionally GOODCHANCEi) 88 W. Jackaon St., Chloagp t W. N. "J, D.M. U10 NQ, 8, of

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