The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1893 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1893
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OOTOBEB 18, 1893. VOL. XXVIII-NO. 30, Yoo I ill That is, you can afford to at least come and see us, and when you do that you will buy at the Galbraith's New Goods Are In, Our Fall stock is now in, and we have a complete line oi all kinds of Dry G-oods, Carpets, Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets and in Dress G-oods we have an elegant line. In Clothing for men and boys we still have a small stock on hand which we are closing out cheap. We have a larger stock of Shoes than ever before, nearly all new, all of which we will sell at the lowest possible prices. . L. &4LBRAITH & CO. I Am Here. ire Ion? In the dark unless you come into the open light to see my new and neat stock of Drugs, Perfumes, and Sundries. Try me. Studley, The New If You Are in Need of Velvet, Body Brussels, or Tapestry Ideal 3-ply or 2-ply Carpet, wove, mixed, or cotton Carpet, come to the Grange Store and see the big lot of new samples you can select from, MADE READY TO LAY without extra charge. As to the QUALITY of our goods we refer you to over 500 persons in this and adjoining counties who have bought of us. =THE GRANGE STORE. JULIUS PLETH. QVEU List your bands with me if you want to make a guioh sale. FARM LOANS ABOUT KOSSUTH POLITICS, Some Remarks Anent the Republican County Convention and the Nominations Made. The Democrats, After Much Fuss and Feathers, Name a Ticket—The Third Partyltes. We clip elsewhere an Item from the LuVerne News about Algona's having held a county convention, and about the ticket being satisfactory to Algona. In another place in discussing the democratic convention the News says: "Be it said to the credit of the democrats, they have certainly gained an advantage over the republicans in the fairness with wtiich they have distributed their offices. Kossuth county is the largest in the state, and the day is nearly past when Algotta politicians can hope to control the public patronage entirely. If the other men chosen are as worthy as Mr. Lichty, whom we know to be in every sense a good citizen and competent business man, we confess our candid belief that the republican party of this county has work on its hands and had better get its coat off without delay if it hopes to land a victory." We believe that if Bro. Sinclair had attended the republican convention he would not have made the criticism he does, and that he will see its unfairness upon a casual review of a few facts. The prevailing idea seems to be that Algona exerted undue influence in dictating nominations. Now to begin with, no candidate who was nominated received more than three-fourths of the Algona vote. Although Lu Verne and nearly all the outside towns voted solidly, Algona split up on every nomination and the various delegations from town opposed each other squarely. How is it possible to charge any result to Algona, when she had but 16 of 99 delegates and they very much divided? Again the fact that Supt. Reed, Surveyor Telller, and Dr. Morse are residents of Algona is evidently taken as evidence that the candidates are not 'airly distributed, and the action of the lemocratic convention is compared 'avorably. But how is this due to Alona influence, when no one was suggested by an outside delegation for either office? We fail to see how any ust complaint can be made as to the •esidence of candidates, when every township was fully represented and no candidate was suggested from any of them for these places. Aside from these the republican, when this ticket is elected, will have .aken County Attorney Raymond from Liu Verne, Sheriff Sampson from Whitemore, and Clerk Grose from Bancroft, while we believe the board of supervisors is as fairly distributed in Wesley, ilamsay, Hebron, Lotts Creek, and "esco, as five members can be. With seven members a fairer representation can be secured. What is particularly unfair in this distribution of county offices? Certainly nothing so far as iuVerne is concerned. If there is a iown in the county that might be war- i anted in complaining it is Wesley, which has not had a county office since he oldest inhabitant, except a member of the board. But Wesley has always _iyen a reliable majority and the opinion of the Wesley delegates on the 'airness of the convention is given by ;he Reporter: "Every republican that was in Algona last Friday will work for the election of the ticket nominated that day." Again speaking of the ticket it says ' The ticket placed in the field by the > publican convention last Friday is ivithout doubt the strongest one Kos- mth county has ever had. The candidates are, with one exception, well ?nown to the people of this county, and 't will not be a question as to the olec- iion of the ticket only us to how large a majority it will be." Finally In the Field. For Treasurer L. CASS SMITH For Sheriff P. Q. PETTIBONE For Surveyor N, E. SHERIDAN For Coroner DR. HEVLIN T?m> CJiinprvInnvsi j C. H. LICHTY Foi Supervisor -j LARg JOHNSON The adjourned democratic county ionvention met Wednesday and completed a ticket. A strong effort had jeen made to get E. J. Gilmore to run for treasurer, but he declined, and L. C. Smith was nominated; Mr. Smith did not desire a nomination, but accepted it when forced upon him. P. G. Pettibone of Bancroft was named for sheriff over S. P. Cb.ristia.nson. Geo. Holloway, Boy McGelehie, and Wm. Leslie •eceived votes. N. E. Sheridan of Ban- iroft was uurned for surveyor, although ic got up and explained that he was 10 surveyor. Dr?. Keneflck and Walters were nominated for coroner, when Bro. Hinchon, who was not a delegate, whispered to a few, and Dr. Hevlin of Swea City was chosen. Lars Tohnson of Seneca and C. H. Lichty of uuVerne were chosen as supervisors. J. W. Sullivan was chosen chairman of ;he county committee. The ticket is made up of good men. VIr. Smith as recorder was an excellent official. Mr. Pettibone is a brother of i. D. and S. H. of Algona, Mr. Sheridan is an enterprising Bancroft land man, while both Messrs. Johnson and Lichty are well spoken of. The failure ;o name a candidate for county superin- ;endent leaves Miss Whitney the field against Mr. Reed. A Third Party Convention. Rev. Campbell, editor of the Prohibitionist at Des Moines, was in Algona Saturday. A prohibition convention was held in the afternoon of which no notice had been given. A few gathered ia,nd organised. R, J. Hunt was elected, urer. A county committee was named as follows: Mrs. David Mitchell, N. A. Pine, J. A. Freeh, Jas. Stow, Mr. Hopkins, Capt. Jeanson, G. Cowles, Mrs. Cheever Hudson, H. H. Hudson, Mrs. Dr. Garfleld, and Mrs. C. A. Ingliam. Dr. Hudson, N. A. Pine, and Mrs. Ingham were appointed to interview all candidates as to prohibition. In the evening Rev. Campbell addressed 25 or 30 people in the court house in favor of Rev. Mitchell. He was to preach at the Baptist church Sunday evening, but the arrangement fell through. _ USE White Swim flour. Sold only by Langclon & Hudson.—80t2 WINTER OLA8SES, Northern Town Normal and Commercial School, Algonn, Iowa. Three clusscs, each, Arithmetic and Grammar. Two classes, each, Geography, United" States History, Algebra, Latin. Shorthand, and Penmanship. One class, each, in Physiology, Orthography, Rhetoric, Letter Writing, Com- merplal Law, Book keeping, Civil Government, Didactics, German, Chemistry, and Geometry. Commercial work in all grades. Theory, Business Exchange and Office Work. Prof. Johnson will conduct day and evening classes in Special Penmanship. Elocution, Painting and Drawing, Vocal and Instrumental Music will be taught in private classes. Miss CLARA MATHEWS will do sewing. Call at L. C. Smith's. - TRY our "May Bud" tea. Langdon & Hudson.—30t2 READ the advertisements of the school at Algona in this week's paper. TEN per cent, discount in tuitions at the Alg-oniiisohool. OUR tens and coffees are surpassed by none. Langdon & Hudson.—3012 NEW maple sap at W. P. Carter's. IF YOU Know of the Round Oak and then buy an imitation, don't find fault because you do not get the results that your friend does who uses the Round Oak. Lots of people try the imitations and get badly disappointed; then it is too late. You can be wise in time if your eyes are reading this. See the name on the leg. Sold only by JOHN GROVE. Fixing tho Terms of Court for the Several Counties in the Fourteenth Judicial District of Iowa for the Years 1804 and 1805. It Is hereby ordered that tho terms of the district court in tho several counties of the Fourteenth Judicial district of Iowa shall bo begun and holden at the several times herein specified, viz: 1804. Duena Vista, at Storm Lake, January 8, March 5, August 20, October 22, Humboldt, at Dakota City, January 30, April 0, September 10, November 10. Clay, at Spencer, February 13, May 8, September 24, December 11. Pocahontas, at Pocahontas, January 2, March 20, September 17, November 5, Dickinson, at Spirit Luke, January 20, May 41. October In, December II. Emmet, at Estherville, January In, April 10, August 21, October 20. Palo Alto, at Erametsburg, February 12, April 30, August 17, November 12. Kossuth, at Algona, March r>, May 21, October 2, December 10. 1805. Buena Vista, January 7, March 4, August 10, October 21. Humboldt, January 20, April 8, September 0, November 18. Clay, February 12, May 7, September 23, December 10. Pocahontas, January 7, March !}5. Soptem- 10, November 4. Dickinson, January 28, May 20, October 14, December 2. Emmet, January 14, April 15, August 20, October 28. Palo Alto. February 11, April 20, August 20, November 11. Kossuth, March 4, May SO, October 0, Do- ember 0. And it Is further ordered that of said terms of court the judges of the district will hold the several terms within below their respective names in the following table, to-wit: LOT THOMAS. Suena Vista Humboldt Clay Bueua Vista Pocuhontas Humboldt Hay Dickinson I3muiet Palo Alto Pocahontas ECossuth Buena Vista — Pocahontas Eiumboldt 1804. January... January.. February . March March April May May August . . August September October October... November November December. 1805 8 January. 110 January. February March... March... April ... May May August.. August .. Septembei October ., October.. November November December. . 7 .20 1" . 4 "5 . 8 . 7 .20 .20 .20 10 . 1 21 . 4 .18 .10 GEO. H. CAIIH. Pocahontas — Emmet Dickinson PalqAlto Kossuth Emmet Palo Alto Bueua Vista... Humboldt Clay Dickinson Emmet Palo Alto. Dickinson, Kossuth, 1894. January.. January.. January.. February March— April .... April May,.., 1895. January... January.. January. . February. March...,. 18 April August 30 August.. September 10 September .._ , . October .... 15 October,,. October.... 29 October.;. November 42 November December.. 3December. December,."' April. September September . 7 .14 .28 .11 . 4 .IS .29 .80 .19 0 23 ,14 .28 .11 We will Save You Money in these Hard Times.'' aisfe'iaj4fifeiffi4r*^ isr&S»M'4» Lamp Goods ALL KINDS. Water Sets, Chamber Sets, Glassware, AND CROCKERY, All i . v and the latest patterns, at Langdon & Hudson's. 3 ^sd Jt> S 'I tt We will Sell Lower than the Lowest. We will Meet All Competition. HEATING STOVES. Hard and Soft Coal. COOK STOVES AND RANGES Ninnesota Linseed Oil Co.'s Paints. Cutlery of all descriptions. Guns and Revolvers. Granite and Galvanized Ware Ideal Oil Stoves. Glidden Barb Wire. We sell the best of everything in HARDWARE! Columbian Flour Sifter. Nickel Coffee Pots, Nickel Tea Pots, and Nickel Tea Kettles. Syphon Oil Cans. Husking Pins and Gloves. Scoop Shovels and Bushel Baskets—at John Grove's. When looking- For a cook stove or range, remember I handle the.... Garland, Also Heath & Milligan Paints, Iron and Wood Pumps. Please call and get prices and look my stock over. T. YOU WANT TO KNOW Whom to get to do your painting, paper hanging, lealsomlning, etc, ? JAS, A. ORB IS THE MAN, And he takes this method of telling the public that he Is ready for the spring business In that line, and will guarantee satisfaction every time. Consult him for prices—you know his work is first class. He gets the latest fashions In decora tions and wall papering from Philadelphia every month, Shop on Call Street. HUNTER & M'ENROE. We have leased the barn south of the Teuuant House, and are now prepared to furnish the public with good livery rigs at moderate prices. Also Break Colts to Drive, and guarantee satisfaction. Have all neiiessary appliances for properly handling colts, and break them into kind and gentle drivers. Will also BOARD HORSES and give them the best of care. Giving our personal attention to the business, patrons can rest assured we will do our best to please them. GEO. HUNTER, Manager. The undersigned haying bought out the meat*uarkel formerly owned by H. J. Edens wish to say that they will be glad to meet all old customers, as well ,*»vor them I will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products for less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. Every sack warranted and delivered, J. J. WILSON. This house has been thoroughly refitted and refurnished, and now prepared to acc the traveling public. fejfi..»«ji. -

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