The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1893
Page 7
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mi • y- 1 1 "khtowM HOW MfeN OEt RICH. Short Talk, J?umber Four, v In considering an investments many pew< pie have to consider sbm'fettiing Ihdt Ml not only enhance in value, bulb at t!b.e same time afford employment and income. There's one feature about the Highland Park lots, spoken of in previous talks, that; Makes them especially.desirable in that respect • A * explained, they are adjacent to Highland Park Normal College, an institution that draws hundreds and hundreds of young men and young women to Des Moinos for ft temporary residence of from three to nine months each year. The number so drown Is constantly increasing. It Is predicted that within two or three years the attendance upon this college wilt average not less than two thousand students each year. These young people must be housed. Increase;! room for housing them is constantly in demand. And so the purchaser of a lot, if seeking immediate return as well as future profit, mny build a house and rent as many rooms as he can spare. Perhaps, too, the would-be investor in something safe nnd certain of reasonable profit, has children of his own to educate. Here he has the opportunity; may buy a lot that will in a reasonable time double in value, have a pleasant home in the meantime, and have for his children educational opportunities that are the very best. • But possibly tho would-be invester has 1 tastes of another character. Farming in I6\va is an ever-reliable occupation. Nature has enriched the soil of this state to an unparalolled degree, and fortune seems to favor it with freedom from deluges and drouth. I have farm lands at a great bargain, specimens being a choice 800-acro stock farm southeast of Winterset and near Macksburg (with a school-house, by the way. on one of its corners); an 80-ncre farm for general purposes near Wintorsot, and a 110-acre farm lying partly within the city limits of Des Moinos, tliisjlnst Ueing especially suitable for market • gardening, or truck farming, and having, possibly, a rich layer of coal beneath it. inquire at or address 307 Fifth Street, Des Moines, lowo. A. 3, In manufacturing; occupations tne average life of soap-boilers is the highest and that of grindstone makers the lowest. TUB progress of scienc'o'iu 'medicine hns produced 1 nothing better-'for human ills than the celebrated Boecham's Pills. " Some Australian gold veins are 130 feet wide. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement nnd tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with, less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid' laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from, every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by tho California Fig'Syrup Go. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will riot accept any substitute if offered. ,, "I have been afflicted with bilious- nessand constipation for fifteen years and first one and then another preparation was suggested to me and tried, but to no purpose. A friend recommended August Flower and words cannot describe the admiration in which I hold it. It has given me a new lease of life, which before was a burden. Its good qualities and wonderful merits should be made known to everyone suffering with dyspepsia and biliousness." JKSSE BAUKEU, Printer, Humboldt, K as if MOTHERS* FRIEND" MAKES CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colvin, La., Dec. 2, 1386.—My wife used MOl.-I; r ER'0 JPBIEN-P before* her third confinement, and says she would not be without it for hundreds of dollars. DOCK MILLS. Sent by express on receipt of price, £1,50 per bat tie. Book "To Mothers "mailed free; " BRADFlELa REGULATOR CO., 'OR OALI DV eikDRUQOIST*. ATl-At^TA. OO. THE AGBlOtJLTtllAL WOULD HIGHLY ENDORSED. The Professor ot Physiological Clipm- \ I istry at Yulu College suys: " I jiiul Kick- < > \apoo Indian Sugwu to be an extract of Knots, Jiartt niiil jlerlm of Valuable 9 eelial Action, leitlumt any mineral or i,tlitr liarm<\U admixtures!. KlcIvuouo iLuljau Supvu Is tlio gr:iu<i- ' est Liver, Stomach, i lilootl aud Nfl'Ve Kuowii. I'liriflcs, . and Uvuovjitt'S every ' part ol tlio liiinitiu (system. All UI-UK- iRlStS. $1 ^ Uultli; — 1 « iloldeg to SS. i . PftO* GU^SSIVK ffAllMEliS. \ V JL-L. , / '*j ot rrt s «* Jtiothorts Mt> Pt c- Soil fop Whoitt-AVomcn an Mllkei-*~Tm-i>6iiniic for ltoui»— . Farm Notea. The time for preparing tile soil anil sowing wheat is now at : haud.,. The matter of selecting 'seed adapted 'to different soils and climates is tin 'important one. In wheat-growing sections, there are usually several varieties sown and observation and experience, together with tho published rc- .ports of tests from experiment stations and elsewhere pvlll ehablie One in most cases to judge of varieties with reasonable accuracy. Tho method of preparing tho laud for wheat will depend largely upon 'the conditions, of soil and climate. In sections' where rather dry seasons nro the rule do not loosen the soil deep. Weeds must bo destroyed nnd litter removed if possible before plowing. If trash is turned under, the ground is rendered, so loose nnd friable that it dries out very rapidly. AVhen rain is usually abundant rtnd the soil become packed nud hard, it is best to plow it to a medium depth nnd pulverize by harrowing. Thii following tests in soil- preparation -by Prof.. Hunt at tho Illinois -experiment station show the yield per- aero 'from different methods for that section: ,' Drilled in standing corn, 'no' ; other preparation .......... 22.0? Int. Drilled in-plowed ground. .... .42. bu. Drilled in com stubs, twice disked, . , , , ; , ,-,- 1 .- . ,,,,.... .30.1 bu. Drilled in corn stubs, no other preparation ................ 39.2 bn. Plowed, stubble burned ....... 20. bu. Plowed, stubble iiot burned ____ 10.3 bu. Disked only, ! stubble burned. . .17.9 bu. In every case reported much better results were obtained' where tho ground was plowed 'and that grown on laud ' from which the- :v stnbblc- was burned before the plowing wns done did better than soil on which the stubble was ploweel under. That drilled in standing corn yielded only about half as much as that planted on plowed ground. That planted in corn stubs whore the soil was disked twice n»d that in corn stubs without preparation, yielded the same amount.' per acre and only throe bushels less than the plot of plowed land. All of the stubblo plots yielded much less than tho com plots. Whore tho land wns plowed after the stubble wns burned, the yield wns about one-half greater than whore it wns disked nnd whore the land wn plowed without tlio stubble bein burned the yield wns only a little more than one- third what it was where stubble wns burned before plowing the land. This experiment indicates that trash and litter should be removed and the soil plowed, whore Illinois conditions hold, and that clean ground from which the corn has been removed in tho form of fodder will produce a good crop of wheat. This test will probably hold good in every particular for all but the dryer wheat growing sections. The plowing under of stubble and trash -would be still more detrimental there.— O. J. Farmer. hnd an nr- our tenants Women in A correspondent iu Country Gentleman says: We have several times rangoment with wives of for milking morning and evening, nnd have paid 10 cents for each service- that is, 20 cents per clay. This is based upon an hour's service at each milking, at the rate of $1 for the day's work. In an hour's time a good milker ought to milk ten. cows.. There are several reasons why women are to be preferred for milkers when they can be had, or when a portion of the force can be women. Their natural dexterity is greater than that of men, and they will milk with more rapidity and with greater ease to the cows, which means that they will get more milk, nud Iho millers of the cows will ho kept in better condition. The presence of women at milking time chocks rude conversation ivnd boisterous conduct, and tho quieter the stable can be kept the better, especially if yon have any nervous cows. The men are not apt to neglect tho thorough cleaning of the stalls or brushing of the cows in the occasional absence of tho proprietor if they know that women are to aid in the milking. Tho average man, born, or long resident in this country, looks upon every woman as a lady, and entertains f other a respectful courtesy which keeps him upon his good behavior in her presence. Any one will be making a good move in introducing as many women as he can among his milkers,, Out Answering an Iiuliaua nnd a Minnesota subscriber in regard to burning out stumps with the aid of other materials, Farm, Field and Fin-side gives the folloviiig methods: Common black machine oil is sometimes used in this way: With au inch and a quarter augi'i- bore four holes in the largest stump, letting tlio auger stand at an iingle of forty-live dogi-eas; bore eight inches deep; fill the holes three-fourths full of oil and plug up tight. Also pour from a third to a half :i pint oil top of stump in a foot circle 1 , h'Uing it spread well. After n'vo or six days kiucllo tires on top of the stumps ;ind see them disappwtr. Saltpeter is used hi this way: In the fall bore tin inch or au inch mid a quarter holt 1 , according to the size of the slump, vertically into the middlo of tlui stump eighteen inches de-op, and put in an ounce or so of saltpeter; lill the hole with water aud plug up. In th« spring : ;ike out this plug, put hi a gill or mure of kerosene and set lire to it, and t,'"o wliole stump, roots a nil nil, will lie consumed. Tills process applies to moist or green stumps; old dry will 'not Lie penetrated by tho Auorbei;,, method that proves vpry -.,.!..• \- -fill jij "to Ijon a two-inch Ijoje Lito tliu UL-uvt of fho st,umn, JJ1J, tho hoto with sulphuric nctd or etude fie-' troloum. If with ncid it will destroy the- stump In n Jew months. If the 611 is iis«r>the animp is fired after it be- r e^srtturatM with tho oil, when it -'InfynXrat goV)d and clean. So those say wild have trted it. Pot Groivn StraivhoJ-i-y PlnntA. Seedsineu have been for a few years supplying; stcawbefry plniits .gfowii in pots that can be'set oxit niiy tiinc in :tlie sututael'.almost, niidniak^'h. full crop the next year. The pot grown plants are growing from;'.runiiefs; the same as ordinary ;bne«, duly where' a iinmer starts a set, a flower pot, two inches in diameter, is sunk into the earth and tho set iillowed'to take root in the soii:wi|h. which: the pot is tilled, •riaius" grqwil in this manner can bu taken' up nnd transplanted at. any time in the summer without tlio least injury to them, and will not even wilt down, and will produce almost as freely as they would if left to stand where they grew originally, ilf one grows;his Owil plants this way the cost is not great, as the pots can bo got for ?5 a thousand, but: seedsmen have a habit of charging pretty stiff prices fpi 1 thorn on account of the extra work they require. , Wo shall buy a few of tfio most promising of-the new varieties this .season and pay these prices because wo want to have the best and must keep tryinj* experiments all tho time. Nine times in ten we find a new variety on bettor than some of the old ones, but the tenth one pays for all the trouble we have on this account.—•American Fanner. J .Turpentine fop ICxperlmcnts made show that germs of roup are destroyed when brought in contact with spirits of turpentine. Turpentine, however, is a severe dose to give, even If effectual, and iC too much is given it may do damage of itself. To properly prepare it, mix one part spirits of turpentine, one part kerosene and three parts glycerine in a sewing imiehine oil can, and always shake well before using. With the point of the oil can force three drops of the. mixture down tho throat- of the fowl three times a day. Houp is a' that is almost incurable, being contagious, and gradually exhausts the bird instead of causing instant death. If it appears in the Hock, the labor of handling the sick birds is often more than the value of the flock; and as roup cannot well bu treated on the wholesale plan (that is without handling the fowls), It is cheaper to clean them out, burn tho carcasses, thoroughly disinfect, and begin The building should be very warm and dry.—Western ..Rural. Advice About Milking;. It cannot help but bo injurious to a cow to milk her up to a new calving. It is exhausting to the cow and the calf both, as the calf is supported by the cow and needs the nutriment that is taken from tho cow in the milk. A cow should be dried off four weeks before the calf is due, and this is more desirable because the milk itself is undergoing a change during this time by which it is made unlit for use in the dairy-and unpleasant for food. To dry a cow leave half the milk in the udder, and continue this for a week; then milk once a day only, and still leave some of the milk; feed only dry food, and if necessary straw, but. give meal in moderate quantity. If the cow is one of those occasional profuse milk- ers that cannot be dried, the milk may bo fed to pigs and 'the cow milked partly. Fiirin Notes. There Is more profit In five good thai in fifteen inferior cows. Don' a general purpose cow foi a special purpose use, or vice versa. Do not be in too big a hurry to store tho corn. Let it be well cured before cribbing. When trimming shrubs and busho.s cut out Iho old wood; leave Iho now for next season's bloom and fruitage. Pharaoh's lean kino ate up the good ones. Tho sumo thing, so far ns profits go, is repented often on many a farm First-class butter sells for a good price almost universally. It is only the Inferior grades which bring low prices. In selling dairy products the minimum quantity of fertilizing elements leave the farm. Dairymen usually build up tho fertility of their land. Two things never learned by the blunderhead butlcrmnkor are, when the cream is just ripe enough, and when the butter Is workod.just enough. If yon have cultivated your crop tho past season simply io keep tin wec'ds down you have not done tho best by your farm. Now that, the strnwstnck has settled, n, day may be well used in lixing it up for the fall ruins. Dues yours need attention '! A light mulch of new mown grass will help the bed of annuals by keeping the ground moist and cool during the hot, dry spell. Tho concensus of opinion favors having cows dry for a few weeks before calving, although some .dairymen insist that continuous milking is best. Feed liberally, for it is only from what is received above the amount required for maintenance that animals give returns. If tlio cocks have not already been removed from the flocks, do MO at once. The number of eggs produced is not affected by them. Keep a dust bath within reach of the fowls constantly. They enjoy wallowing and it helps to keep them healthful and free from vermin. Burn the strzny or oilier material from Ihe nests once a week and replace it with fresh. This practice will aid greatly iu keeping down lice. Have all the fowls roost in tho house f ther is plenty (if room, but let some st»iy outside until cool weather if the louse is crowded witli all of them. Bo sure to feed green corn to the iws. In no other way can it be used to pay so well. Hwe;;t corn is prot'oiv ublo until cold weather, then Held corn is' belter. ' . ' If it vi:iys to cut coru for fodder, it pays to" shock it well 1 A shock lying ill the mud, wiih the rains beating upon it. dues uol improve the jjuU'itivfJ value of the fodder }« it, t. AND Since the beginning ot France has falltSH frorn the second to the fourth place in point qf population among' the European countries. In one of the towns of Connecticut the public archives shovv th^t a motion; was made atod aetoptecVby itlte scndol trustees within two generations past that "it is tho sense" of this meeting that it would be> a misuse of publid funds io teach girls the back part of arithmetic. There is no end of good coaching 1 records, but an old inhabitant of Oxford, Eng., tells a story of how Joe Tillett once drove a coach, with six changes only, from Oxford to ilolborn Niaduct in three- horn-si and.'a half—? fifty-six miles. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Samuels of Page county, Virginia, arc a remarkable couple. Mr. Samuels is 91 years old anil his wife is 85. Both are in perfect health, and claim to have never had use for a doctor. They live on the farm iipon Which .Mr. Samuels was born. Judge MacDonnell of Savannah, Ga., is discriminating 1 in his clemency. Having 1 registered a fine of 810 against himself lately for ton minutes tardiness in opening- court, he afterwards removed tho -fine on . tho ground that his detention 'had been accessary and pardonable. It scorns singular, but it is true, that in the great cotton producing 1 state of Georgia there is a. county that has never produced a bale of cotton. The county in question is Union, with an area of 325j square milos. Tlio surface is mountainous and extensively covered with forests, - , '• - ; •.!' (.t. Recently a train cut off one of the roar legs of a hog owned by W. Brown at Penn Manor, Pa. A veterinary surgeon was summoned and a wooden leg 1 was strapped tightly to the stump of the natural one, and now the grateful swine is ablo to ran about as much as his brothers do. Tho negotiations between the Japanese and Mexican governments in reference to the introduction of Japanese labor in Mexico have boon successful. Japan permits her people to emigrate to Mexico and Mexico guarantees the protection of all of them who may settle there. Making 1 a mountain stream run over and above a railroad track is a unique piece of engineering that, the Southern Pacific railroad is shortly to commence near Wright's station in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. When completed, it will probably make the largest artificial cataract in the world. A Considerate Debtor. Collector — When are you going to pav this bill? I can't be coming here every clay in tho week. Debtor — Well, what day could you como on, conveniently? "I could call ou Saturday." "All right; .from now on I shnll expect you every Satttrda ." About 00 per cent of tho copper produced In this country comes from the Lake Superior region. ^.'^..-f-»^rj t*T^ ; • j • two j Spheres. ,i • «. Little Dick—Papa doesn't have any ftin. He has to dp business everyday,. Little Dot—That's to, get money, 'cause fib's' A provider, mammft says ' "A what!" ' "A provi'der." "Well, if papa is a—provide?, 1 wofiddr what mamma is?" • "I guess she's a divider." Safety tt orii ft t'orlodlc Seom-ge. Do you want to be Insured, dw6ller in a malarious region, against tho porlodtcal scourge which threatens to assail .you 1 in the form of chills and fever or some of the forms of miasma-born disease? It goes, without saving, that you do. Then, instead ot using quinine or other alkaloid and mineral drugs, -which merely relieve and are always detrimental to general health, seek aid where it is always forthcoming—from tho thorough preventive and remedy, Hostetter's Stomach Bitteis, which, in regions where inalnrin is fir more violent and prevalent than it iaoh this continent, eradicates it completely from the system. Biliousness, dyspepsia constipation, kidney and nervous complaints, neuralgia and rheumatism are among the maladies to which the national tonic and corrective is adapted. ,,Physicians everywhere know its genuine worth. The first schools for tho separate education of girls were founded during the Roman Empire. Wo will give $100 rowaril for any case of catarrh that cannot bo cured with Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken internally. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Fropiu. Toledo, O. Manjr of our cafes arc but a morbid vny ot looking at our privileges.—Sir Walter Scott. ;. . '. Your Opportunity ' ; invites you now, Rich western lands can' now be bought at reasonable prices and great bargains secured iii'tho mineral, agricultural and grazing regions reached by the Union Pacilic System, The opportunity of a lifetime for investment I Bend for tho Union Pacific publications on Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Utah and other western states. -B. Ii. LOXIAX. Gon'l Pass. &Tk'tAg't, Omaha, Nob. How happy mankind would be if it were only as easy to get into hoaven as it is to get into trouble or into debt. To California and Back By tho Santa Fo Route. The most attract-, ivo American tour. A now descriptive nook with the above title page, containing over .ISOpages and as many pen nnd ink illustrations, sent free on receipt of 4 cents in postage, by J.NO. J. BVIINE, 702 Mouaduock Building, Chicago. Whito is tho coloi of grief in China, Japan and Spain. If tho Unity 1» C'nl.iliiK TcefS, flo sure niul t:so Uir.t old unit wnll-trlod remedy, Jilts, 'A'iNm.ow'8 SootiiiNfi SYJILT for Children Toothing. Gossip is the bullet in tho gun of idle curiosity. " IIiinson'8 niiigic. Corn Snivel" Wai-runt oil toiMiroui' mcmi'.v rurnmleil. Ask your clrujjflsl tuf It. 1 l'i'li:n 13 wilts. Tho oldest German university is that of Heidelberg, founded in 1FB(i. FITS—All nt» stopped Ircu vr '•"•• HUNK'S (IKKA1 Nu lit alter Ilrst. day'u lino. Jlnr vulouu cnrcB. TroatlHa nnd 12.00 trial bottla frao to Kit rtttieB. Bund to Dr. Kllno.Ml Arch 8t.. Philadelphia, m Every man with a bright sou believes in heredity, COK'M Coupiik nitisiim Is tlio oldest mid best. It will break up n fold (illicit- or than anything el«i;. 11 Is ulwu.ys raliiblo. '1 ry It. There are in the world, 402 universities with 10,65:1 professors and 1S4,4!'0 stuueuts, The total income from all sources of tho American colleges in 1801 was $10,801,018. There are 300,031 teachers in the United I States. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Something Better in View. "You did not scorn to welcome tho attentions of Lord Lowcollar at tho party hist evoninpr, Jennie," said an ambitious mother to her daughter. "Whnt wore you thinking about to ignore him for tho plain young man in tho toothpick shoos?" "Lord Lowcollar is as poor as a church mouse." "But ho has a t»Mc; that's something." "1 prefer money, it seems you don't know tho young man in tho toothpick shoes, as you call him." "No, I don't, Who is he?" '•Ho is the right-fiehlor.iu tho Carry- all-beforc-'em Club." "Oh! if that is tli»> caso, you did well. After all, a princely income is belter than a title,"— V/ucago Leclfja: Some Quo Must Discard. There arc four kings and two queens ,in London, attending tho jubilee cero- monios. There are probably a great many more Jacks, but four kings and two queens form a pretty good hand, and up to the hour ot' going to press the dynamite plotters have not played the deuce.— Norristown Herald. NATURE'S HANDIWORK. The most interesting solar eclipse yet to conio during 1 the present century will occur on August S, 1800. It will be visible in Lapland, Nova Zembla, Siberia and Japan. On the River Amur the perio;! of totality will be two and three-fourths minutes. A petrified tree is reported to have been recently unearthed on the farm of Washington Bonnor, .near Handler, Texas, at a depth of nearly fifty feet, Tho tree was hollow, and tiie cavity was filled with honey. The comb was in a perfect stata of preservation, and tho honey in the cells tasted sweet, fresh and pure. llubcr says that during- the course of a battle he observed between nests of red and black ants, the latter were being worsted, when he saw courier black ants running 1 off in various directions, who soon returned with a host of blacks from neighboring nests, and the reds were soon routed with great slaughter. Too Expensive. "So that Venus cost §10,000 J" "Yes." "Well, why didn't you put clothes on her?" "Because the clothes would have cost 82,010 MOJO, I suppose." ST. JA.OOBS OI3L, CURES RHEUMATISM, DAIXT NEURALGIA, PAIN. SCIATICA, SPRAINS, BRUISES, SWELLINGS, BURNS DES MOINES MANUFAQTURBMC 4 SUPPLY CO. MANUFACTUKEIiS OF BOILERS, PUMPS, ETC., FLOIJli, CORN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES AND MACHINERY OF ALL KINDS, COAL OFFICE AND WORKS, 101 TO 121 MAIL OKDKIM Vll.l.KH J'KOM I'TIA'. EAST COURT AVENUE, JJKS ..imXES, IOWA ft*. Mefllcftt So*l|td Ki«ta 26«.' PiK. S A new invention is An ftttttchnr&tifc hoiCse'S briaiefbf lfleft«9o|i»hf6tff.Hi« mat-Way barfyl femp tfn H».*&flH oThA first arithmetic using the system twtid bave tioii carl git They i Tho '•: promotes r coVreots tu<5 artel ctei-dnfrdlriefttS that Come chronic", cstnblu larity and health, Ic They wmit tt riotn' porting, sti such fls tth . ciati has especially the foinftlo system,' SCi-iption." In ovbvy. .. . , and weakness, and in' all n6i*VOfW> i , conclitipfis, if Jfc tMsn't benefit «&'.' euro, tho motley* "vtin bOotm-ned. Miss MAOOIE iTAckSftN. of THtilfr'ttK, .^ Am I'arMi, La. t snya: ''I wng lying sick tor*I. some time with fcitiulo complaints, Hnd nll'tha medicine my friends g'avo me did me rm fifodd. V Dcnth \v.i\a nppronchiiiir; nil my friends b&& "ffi plvon mi? up to die. I lielird of yoitf woflast*;-fe ful_int'dli:iiip, nnd. t liniifrht two bottlps of it,, tj,-' and.hefoi'ol hnd.tnlcqn tliolnar, T irgl Well. tnm still enjoylrijr g'Oofl'licflTth. pect to praise,your medicine every who: lcnUreljr and This Trndo Hark Is on Iho best In the World I ROSTON. MASS, Consumptlvcd iiaa people who have wcnk iunj-'s or Asthma, should lisa 1'lso'sCuru for Consumption. It luia cured thousnmlH. Hhns notlhjur> od 0110. His not bud totuko. 1 Itlstlic boatcoiiph syrup. • Sold everrwhorn. flue. DES MOINES FIRMS FURNACES Tho Celerntotl Oruon Stcot Dome and StiuKiiinl, for' cither Ilm tl or Soft, Con].. Kconutnlcnl, Durable. Will ho Shipped to you direct from tlio manufacturers. tJ. (JKKION- & SONS, 100 to 114 W6Bt Second St., Di'H Mollies, loivu. We have a limited number of these beautiful Souvenirs ot the World'* Columbian Exvositicn, which wewillsend postpaid on receipt of regular price; !)0c. Address WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION, 315 Locust street, Des Moines, Iowa. I jgg!g5!?."''} Thompson's Eye Water. Tf'PTfT TT'V INSTITUTE of Hod Oak, Iowa. 1\.111 CJU Hi I Write for circulars. Tim finest liiBtitiito In tin! \\m\i. Kndui-Huil bv Or. Koolov. CIIICAl* la KiiHtcrn uml Central Nebraska. Improved und unimproved. Kannu for mdao. jr. 8. I'untxor, 'I'M M. V. J/lfu bliltf., Onmlm. Nub. i^eofK\ M»OAJAH'8 WAFER3,Iiiaorf«ffli I rnuu \l,ypTiy«luluu«ii8thu best li'culjrumedy TO Bfor Fumuli! Ailments. KUB.V to use- L.LADlESJI 1 'l ellu lyi nm ' 8llro lo cure. Two toeelaf ^sxuiSmilr treatment free, Addrras MICAJAH & co., WARREN. PA. Patents, Trade-Marks^ Examination nwl Advice ns to Patentability of Invention. .S™rt for "Invuntoru 1 Gulilo, or How to Got o "uteut." PAT2IOE O'FABRELL, WASBINQTOH,, D. 0. EWIS' 98% LYE IWDEKED iHD PEETUUEB U'ATBNTKJ)) The strongest and' pure$t Lye> made. Unliko otUcr Lye, it being; n lino pnwder uml packed in a «nni with removable liil. the contents' nre nhvaya ready ior use. Will make thu best perntmcd Kurd Soap ill 20 minutes without boiling. 111» I IHI liuNt lor cleansing waste pipes, ili.sinfeotinR sinks, closets, \vuiililug bottles, paints, trees, ato. PE^NA, BALT M'Ffi CO. Oen. ARts. I'htla.,ra. Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies; >! — on,— S * ' Other Chemicals nro nscil in tlio preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S BreaMastGocoa which is V I pure and soluble, | j Ithnsmoro than three timca- i <• | the strength at Cocoa mixed wi'«U Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is far more economical, easting less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and EABU.V DIGBSTEO. _ Sold by Grocers everywhere, W. BAKEE & CO., Dorchester, Mass. GOOD CHANCE!l Odell 8iO Typewriter tot »10, if cash with order is received before Nov. 1st, 1803 The famous Oilell Typewriter is used by bawyera. Ministers, Doctors, Merchants, Editors smS Government Officers, because of Ha clean print, simplicity and manitolU copies. teacher required. It will do your work hour's practice. Order now and take age Qf this exceptionally GOOD CHAINCElt §Z£ I" aiij4yiujf io any of theabovo vevti.^!,, (Ui ni.t ti.rsa to »ay that you 8MB tnu !,i'iM.ubo ^L'ut in t;u' iewe '

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