Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 17, 1912 · Page 34
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 34

Oakland, California
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Sunday, November 17, 1912
Page 34
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-OAKLAND TRIBUNE- J.W ,wwNAvSjr niGHMDUD HAS HUE INDUSTRIAL SITES LiliLiJ uiJI OWEN APARTMENTS ARE LEASED FOR TEN . VEAB' SACRAMENTO CAPITALIST TO -BUILD LAKESIDE APARTMENTS STQR QUILDIHG C::t ns Shown by Permits AppIicdL for During Week Is $103,577. Harbor Improvement Expected to Develop the City Rapidly. tain during the past wesk did not exceed in' keeping the cost of bunding I the hundred thousand dollar mark. The contract represented t)T bufld-l''f permits Issued at the city hall show en expenditure of 1108,577.60, the permits numbering ti. Of these almost half "were for one-story dwellings, the demand for this t3T Of home being Steady ivnd continuous. The fact that more than a f -ore of beueaJows and cottages art erected evwry week means that new dwellers are coming to Oakland hi a Heady stream. The one-story residence permits for the week numbered 21 and the coat 142,900. There were hut three ffinrmlta for two-tory dwellings, to cost I i 0.700. and but one for a ons and one-,!half story hous There has been a noticeable decline during the last few Tears in the number' of residences ' of tills helpht erected Jn Oakland. A summary of building permits applied Tor at the bureau of permits and licenses for the week ending Wednesday evening Is as follows: . ' No. of Class." of Buildings. Parralts. Cost. 5-story dwellingra .........21 141.900.00 3 ,-story dwellings lv; S.O00.0Q 2-ntory dwellings 10,700.00 1-story stores i...,... 2 , J, 600.00 1-Ftory workshop ......vsvt" '' 150.00 1-story garages .........a JU StiO.OO 1-siory stable ..,... 1 ...,v 850.00 Concrete foundation ..... 1 . 2,500.00 Total .,31 105,677.S0 The detailed lUt of permits follows: A. H. Pellen. 1-story i-room dwelling, wt side J ones avenue, 865 feet north of Clifton street; $2500. Jos. Feres, addition, 1161 Broadway; : .: Osgood, alterations, S57 Broadway; l:-h. ' P. J. Rowland, 1-story 6-room Tlwell-l i;, west eide Ardley, 400 feet south of l,ampM street; $2500. A. W. CoflSen, ilroom addition, 81 SI oss avenue; $800.' , H. Boll, alterations, U8 Twelfth street; E. T. Stewart, 1-story 8-roora dwelling, north side of Penniman avenue. $00 feet mh of Oourtland avenui; $1000. 1 A. Marshall, S-story t-room dwell-lie, north side of Keith avenue!,, 700 f.. t east of. College avenue; $H500. C. Aiken, alterations, 250 fiixty-tbird Street; $250. . ' C. M. MacOrepror, Uteratlrms antt addition, 82-90, Elrhth street; 60. , Cypress tc EUH, t Btory room dwell-it.g north side lMwras street, 121 feet ealt of Telecrraph; $U700. , iipalty Syndjcat. 5 -room tunklow, p n Bide North court, J60 feet norta of 1-ipisant Valley; $2fi.. . ' , iteaity nrMcate. ,S-wotn bungalow, v-xt side North court, M0 feet north of I'lMtsent Valley; $2475. I. caltv iyn(liicu, -soni bungalow, T-i'fit eiie North court, 7S north if l-:.':.nnt Valley; $2475. Hi-aitv Pvnitlcate. t-room bunfralow, smith eide Hinitn court, 2i feet nort ofh I'tt'iieant Valley; $2475. . ht-altr RmtidcsAe, e-room Bunpajow, west eide 8(mth court 20 feet north of. IMi'aFBnt Valley; $2475. f: II. M. Swnlley. garae. west tide Wes-1- y avenue.. 270 feet south of tke Bhors; Providence ilospitiO. ' nt5?Jm' Twenty-fourth and Broadway; IW0.00 Uurlbut Holland, shop,WBt Bias MnMleth avenue, 1(0 feet north of ist Kottrteenlh street'. $150. - ' - 11. U Wood. 1 -story '4-room dwelling, niiti fide Harmon street, S0O feet West J, sirtv-seoond avenue; $1000. , R Tibbets, xoof rei'sirs and W porcn. i'. (I Ponlar street; $100. . Mrs. W. C. Norton, alterations 12$ Ar-liiiTton street; $.V0. ', ..k t Dps Gay, alterations, IS Eighth "!l"aci:rifTeU Tel alteraUons I iat,!ilin street, between Fifteenth and iv-venteenth eiretes; o000. - Marv 1 Auerbac 1 -story -TOOm flweiting. south side Tgnaclo,, 1M fet -nt of Marion street; $1800. t O J. Pfrang, 1-story 5-room lwngalow, west side Uaua street, 40 feet south of Fixty-stxth street; $2W0. . . C. 3. lJfrng. 1-story s-room bungalow, south side of BUty-slxth street, 100 feet ft of Ianr $2000. r O I PfranR, 1 -story 5-roora bungalow, south eide of Blxty-sbcth street, 14 w.M. of Dana; $2500. . . C J. Pfrang. 1 -story S-rOom bungalow, south side of glitty-slxlh street, 150 feet v,.-t of tana; $2500. ' w rift. F. vi sv H. M. Htumauncs, reBiunims, t Kinlth. alterations, 197S-$1 BroaoV K.10Chftse. .-story J-room addition. 1 ' Ninety-nun sviue; , ,k Zmpa Franione, alterations, 497 Btxtl S"-f, $2i. ' i . ' J. Moat. 1R1 Alice street; fj0. -I) Christenern, alteratiuns, iDii Ur- k-t street; $200. " 1 ',. iAura Montour, 1-story S-room dwell- l-.g north eide Slxty-rifth street, 1-1 T-t cast of Grove sire; $9i. j C R Raven. 1 -story 8-roora dwelling, )i (4 pt'xty-ftret avenue; 5l)0. . W H. Burrltt. 1 -story tvoons dwelling, v .,t side Pippin, 250. feet aoutli of tear; ",'r ' a.ii. 7 -room dwell- , ..rft. .tri. Wesley avenue, .60 feet .-.jl t out side Ocean View drive. 845, feet4north of College . . snf: ... a A? W. Cook, altemuot BU BlShth 'peV. Quineau, alteratioia and addition, SiSl'pei-Hlt street; $200. , 0r. west aids Ti,irf.nth avenue. 8" - rtn pi foundation rt side Twentieth street J fet well ofC Wffi.tl to WMhlnp ton school, bixi-" i..torv stores, west ld i..A,.:t venue ... 150 . feet UUtt ML '"w :-B!; "T'lt. i...or,'4-room dwsll- i,.K v.i side KlRhty-fourtb avsnus, 40 j,..t north of Birch etreet; Manu"! Bmw, alterations an4 d- dPion, 17C7 Seventh sirM. .v. Pauline Kobwarts, stable, $39 Pnnce- w I. Atu'lnsor, alteratlofs and addl-t . n, SK0 Midvale venu; $476. National Ice Co, roof repairs, Second .,! Jiroedway; $100. ' A. Mcyuoney, alterations, 2027. ;Jir- t meet; $250. i i .11,111 s.atflrw 1-raon ir":' TcVeirtnh. 50' fset-nortb of . .tr- X1RO0. . 'fir.,! rnicJds, 1-room addition. side Thlrty-secenth avenue. . . ... T .l.-prar ll' H 42. 400 A. 11. & C. R. Babcock, alteraUons, 1 a. xiiii-4tt i-tonr I-roorn. . . . . n a- ..ArnOt 1 r S7&V -:", . 4 n i.tiinr l-Kctt btmgalow, :J .';.t Randolph streets. $25 feet r,r, h of Kaet Tblrty-slsth street; $2400. t " e't slr Franklin aveiue. Bosi (J. I.. i;nrimn, -- 'l ,.r,:, avenue; $14. E-roora bungalo' ' ' e -ot oiith bt fiut- , t -.':e U'""""1! . , ' r.S'.'J''ei.eVatlons. 408$ Piedmont T:T'J" Co, alteraUons. 13 f ,.,--.nth trr:i. . .rnem f,,. f.ct Gr-.Ve Firei. . K. van-'-" , .-v..., - north ' . ...1 - avenue, t-".". ., i...i.rt.,i aJterattiins, I18Z-W :. i stje'l , 4 ' li.ll "0.. !' litlotn. north ... x ..ti, urwt i )ii v: 1 :y (j.'ot. ion, 1 - teei.ty. ; - J . - , J Mi UNIQUE APARTMENT MOUSE OP tV-KtUlM-Hl. A KOOF GARDEN AND HLiUlijPTNQ PORCHES. CALI, ARCHITECT, , The shores and vicinity of Lake Merrltt r becoming popular locations for apartment house of artistic design. On of the latest to b built Is a three-story. J4J.000 structure of southern Spanish architecture, built In the shape of a T, with a south frontage oa Lake street and running back 170 feet to the. lakeshore on the north. The apartments are being erected for H. C. Nordwick, a capitalist of Sacramento, from a design by Architect Charles W. McCall. The struct- Outside Properties Attract the interest of College City Capitalists. BERKELET, November H.- Op erations of local real estate men have spread during the past few weeks to outside acreage to a noticeable degree. Several sales and settlements of outside property have bee tveon ducted by local men lntrested. Meanwhile the development of local properties and the advancement of manufactories has continued to a noticeable extent for this season of the year. - i R, J. Toung and w. A. Porter an-i nounoed this week, the' disposal of a portion of their extensive holdings ad-Joining Redwood City They sold 100 acres there at an excellent price. The property Is purchased -by a Redwood City syndicate for division into villa lOt. ;' ,'"', -;-.r'-;(; f , A number of locat men, especially Of the college community, have Inter ested themselves during the past few weeks In the Foresta summer assembly In the Tosemite Valley. President Benjamin Id Wheeler is a mem ber of the advisory council. V. W. Lothrop of this city Is vice-president The pkttt 1 the settlement of a num ber of acres of available property by residents of this section of the state Among others interested are: Professor William Dallam Arraes. Professor U. P. Barrows. Professor Willlafti Carey Jones. Jack London. Austi Lewis, John Mulr, Joaquin Miller, Pro' lessor Henry. Mores Stephens an (unity VlUVII,! - ' ' : ..- II The first carload of machinery fort the California Bamle Fibre Company was delivered this week at the company's new site In this city. Twenty-nine more carloads will toon be on the way.. The company paid $SM00 recently for the factory building and property it is occupying. Including the entire block at Third and Gtlman streets. -, . . Building operations continue with much activity In the annexed districts. Several new , homes . are building on Spruce street, north- of Los Angeles avenue. The branrh Streets north and east of this have several houses at present In course of erection. Among me cuiiaing permits recently issued nave eeen the following: One-story two-room addition to residence, north, elds of Virginia street; M. ' Two-story nine-room residence, isast side of Bprlng street , at Vine: . Q. A. Bcott, ewner; $8000. ' On and one-half story six-room res.; Idence. Mroolsy and Bataman streets: Charles H. Thomss. owner: $-'25. Twe-story -room . reeldenoe, Fatr-Vlew and ilaiilla streuU; ilrs. U. I Tarrants, owner and builder; $1950. Two-story seven-room residence, west Side of Hlllesass avenue. 400 feet south of Webster street; I W, Button, owner and builder; $3000. One-story five-room eoUsae. north side Of Ward streets; Charles A. Wernw, owner and builder; $1000. , Addition to Class C bul ding at 1054 Addison street, to be used as stable and depot by Weill, Fargo , Co.; J C, Wright ownr aad lessee; $16HS. One-story, four-room cottage,' west Slds of College s venue. ISO feet west of Bussii street; y, u jCsrpenter, owner; CI"o. ' Two-srory six-room resiaence, weei side of Mariposa avenue, 10$ feet tiorth of Amador street; C J, Krieger, ewner and builder?; $2604. , . , COUNTY RECORDER MAKES WEEKLY REPORT Tb reenrt e CtBty Reporter J. W. Saroa for tb es eneiag Nonmber li Is ss followa: Dernmeats ............No. , Amount. UsrtftgM 12T $t.H.80S km er mflrtsfs . . iss , zs.47 !-$ of frnt lfl r .J1I.7S1 Umobtv!"- e - UO.470 ... wcvaEUTt axooEDro, He. lteeo. tAt k , ((.......1011 ' . $14tS. Sa week. Mil .......... IM 134S.20 V RANSACKS IIOCSE. : BAM FRANCISCO, Nov. 1$ A burglar shattered a glass door In the rear of the home of Mr. George A Moss, 1441 Lark in street, tonight and! ransacked the bouse. ,.,.-Ha obtained JBout m v .vaiuacies. BERKELEY MEN . FAIR EXHIBITS WHEAT PRICES ON III LARGE DEALS 10 AID COUNTY TOBOGGAN SLIDE kx. ,1 X -4 ' i-frr jsyl! i(sWbMs SPANISH IESIGN TO BE ERFCTED ON THE IAKJXHORB 3BOH Hf (ii ur trill have a large open court on both the lakeihere and Lake street fronts, which will contain terraced lawns and individual sleeping porches. This arrangement makes it possible for all the SI rooms to be on the outside, thus giving an abundance of light sun and air. . There will be twenty-five Individual sleeping porches which may be reached through French doors from the living rooms. The lobby or lounge room Is designed in the French Renaissance. Alameda to Be Represented at Two Big 1915 Expo- sitions. (Continued From Page S3) County has had John Birmingham Jr, as it Exposition Commissioner for several years and he has already done a great deal of work for that active county. These men are now .begin ning to give their attention to the affairs of 1916 and they are In communication with our commission cov ering the question of . whether the proposed combination would be of mutual benefit. TO DISCUSS JOUfT EXHIBIT. The Board of Supervisor of Ala-meda County has taken the first step by authorizing the Alameda Countv .exposition1 tommission to issue an official call upon behalf of Alameda. County for a conference to be held in Oakland for the discussion of such $. combination. The commission has placed the matter of agreeing upon s date that would be satisfactory to the other two counties when such a gath-ering can' be had .and as soon as the sentiment of the other counties is ascertained the call will be issued. . The possibilities at this combination are very great. It , may extend to simply one of the expositions of 101S and it may extend to both, and It may even go beyond this to all promotion and development matter in . which Joint action may be deemed advisable. The Alameda County Exposition Commission has already started a move for an exhibit building for this sec. tlon of the Sttae similar to that which has. been erected in Southern California, and it may be that w will ;want the help of these counties In the 'matter. There Is also the auninrv 8tate Fair proposition, which would aiso OS oi interest, to these east bay counties, f - ' ? TO REAP BENEriTS, ' - The Alameda County Exposition Commission is anxious to ' co-operate with It neighbor and is heartily supporting both the Ban Francisco and San Diego propositions. There Is no desire to slight either exposition, but to take advantage of the greatest opportunity that has ever been offered to California and reap for the east bay section the benefits that will come from each of these tXDosltlons. Wo Ond ourselves In a position to make totalled plans for the San Diego fair before w can make detailed plan for the exposition at San Francisco because we know Just exactly what we will be allowed to "do In the southland, and, until the legislature settle the question of whether they will build a State counties building at San Tranclsco, we do not know what shape our exhibit there will be al lowed to take. .'''.' '' The policy of the commission will be to reserve It resources for ' the 1115 exposltlone. GORE BLOCK TO BECOME IMPORTANT AUTO CENTER ZULU I I I I KEW ABU-MIAMSON GARAGE BTTTPINfi, WHICTI IS TO MAKE BROADWAY AT TWENTY-FOtJRTH , r- STItEET AN ACTOMOBttiK CENTER. THE. STRrCTTRK WILh WNTAIN SIX GARAGES. Th gore block on Broadway, IstreeL Is to be further Improved by the which is to be an automobile center. J ar,4 Webster treet. There ar to be lontraao. Two stores Hava aJreaoy 1 if C' 5'' ALCHITCI . AHJS IKATCKKo. CIlAs. W. HO On the f oof Will be a roof garden, club room and a large all glass sun room, which will command a magnificent lake, nark and hill Vle-w. r The building will Contain a boat. house with a pergolaVper terraced gardens, - office and Janitor's apartment, maids' rooms and space re served for a cafe In the half basement. thirty-three double-acting wall bed that may be ' used on the sleeping porch when desired. There will be steam heat and domestic hot water service. More Grain Found in Buffalo and Russian News Starts - Downward Drop. (By JOS. F., PBITCHARD.) CHIOAGO, Nov. If there were reasons for lowering the price of wheat earlier In the week there were potent influences for lowering therit today. New record mw points were again marked down. The principal bearish factor was the report of Secretary J. C. P. Merrill of the board of trade after a visit to EuffHlo, Narw York, to ascertain why the iuuki mere nave not Deen included In the visible supply that they will be included in the visible Monday. The amount to be added to the visible is variously estimated at from 4.000,000 to $.000,000 bushels and a happy medium has been adopted by the wrlter-whlch will be seen to be $,000,000 bushels. Otherwise the visible supply is expected to show a goodly increase and if expectations as to the Increase is realized there win we new ana pronounced selling bv those who own the wheat and there will aleo.be heavier selling In the way of pulling out short lines. RUSSIAN CROPS BEARISH The central statistical rnmmftf.u ef Russia cabled an estimate on the crops of that country and they were unite bearish. The snrlnr wheat cron ( tiiaruui at 0.$00,600 bushels compared with 820,- zuu.vvw ousneis a year ago: nc at 1.12$ 000 bushels compared with $5fl.9B4,000 bushels la 1011, barley at 440,000.000 bushels and oats et 7J.000.000, which compare with 411,235.000 bushels and 2,2J$,000 bushels respectively, last year. The war news received on the beard of trade caused a helt tn the ilin cable nomlng from London saying that peace negotiations between Turkey and Bulgaria were broken off. On this there were many shorts to cover. The Russian crop report and the announcement as to tne nuiraio stocks were received late and on these real heavy selling and the lpw- prices on me crop wers seen. ' HEAVY ON SHORTS. Heavy selling of ehort tines was In- auigea in again in me corn market and the consequence was further price records. Many of the point dewn state reported larger receipts of this grain with the conoinon excellent ana further Increased arrival looked for during the coming week. There were heavy declines In the cash article In all th markets of ine country ana sales si Chicago amount ed to only 70,000 bushels on eastern ship ping account. The weather could not be more favorable for the com still jn the iimi. as wen as i or narvesung and mov mg It. Those who are closest to th men who raise the oats and who are well posted on the export situation believe that the May future must sell to a still tower level. Tiiey point to the fact that oats receipts, ar likely to increase and that while the export trade may increase some, Russia will be a freer seller of this grain as the crop there Is 79,000,000 bushels, c Substantial gains were mad In the entire provision list, with the big de-M ereases m th semi-monthly manufactured stovk here the principal bullish help. Shorts In January lard and libs grabbed verythlng tn sight. Ths only selling of prominence was Indulged in ataund the top prices of th dsy. Packers vere eremtea wun leading in m selling. The entire grain fist was again lowerl -$J-4e for wheat. l-$2c for corn d abmit l-8c for eats. . and IMClD between Twenty-fourth .and Twenty-fifth rrTTTT-riTnrrrrTTTTiM ... rrTTTrrrTTTyni erection of a one-story garage building by Henry and Hugo Abrahamson. The building will accommodate a half larg display fronts on both thoroughfares, and each garage will have two Bwwasi-nMUdliit. wiu RICHMOND, Nov. 1$. How Quickly th industrial acreage that will bs built up In conjunction with the proposed harbor improvements here will be made use of by large enterprises Is exemplified in the way Richmond's' outer harbor frontage was taken up by Industrial plants and railroads. Every advantageous site on this deyp water at 'the base of the hills that line Richmond's western limits 1 occu pied, th Standard Oil plant, Wlnehaven, the Belt Railroad wharves, the can fac tory, the whald oil works, the Los Angeles Pressed Brick Works and th Santa Fe terminal taking up ths best of this frontage. The Southern Pacific has forty acres on the hills, with a wharf franchise, and tne Belt Railroad Company controls a large portion of the. frontage. ; CHEAP 8ITE8 DRAW BIO PLANTS. Th plant that located on this front age, and they are among the biggest In the country, did so because the site were cheap, while affording transcontinental railroad and ocean shipping facilities within the sone of the greatest development "on San Francisco bay. This waterfront built Richmond to what it Is today. Now the citizens want to gain more good water shipping facilities, with railroad connection and cheap sites ad jacent that will draw more big enterprises and maXe Richmond a big city. .- ' Municipal ownership is the biggest thing In connection with the plan of developing the harbor here. City-owned shipping facilities and industrial ' and warehouse land are expected to put Richmond in a position 1 to give the greatest encourage ment ' to Investment by manufacturing and shipping companies. There is a rest less feeling now about this waterfront of Richmond,, especially since the city began the movement to get control. Private in terests know ' that with comparatively little money they can maka enough chan nel to serve for shipping, and if the city should fait to get control now. It is likely that befprs the middle of next year cor poration will have taken step that will prevent the people aver getting possession except by. litigation. , WARDED BY OAKLAND'S TROUBLE, Oakland's experience In this line, men tioned before in connection with the Richmond campaign, la the strongest les son that could be put before any com munity tliat was delaying about acquiring control of whatever waterfront might be left to lt. Thl wa a costly piece of negligence to Oakland, and It will be costly to any other community that does not take heed. Every foot of waterfront on the ast side of the bay that can be developed Is attaining a -great value, and that of Richmond Is becoming especially valuable, because of the railroad facilities and th big plants already established in this city. - ' 1 The federal engineer have pronounced the harbor ite, lying inside Point Potrero and Brooks, or Sheep Island, an Ideal one, with plenty of rock on the Island and the point for all necessary walls and with only soft meateruu to areage. WILL OCT RESULTS QUICKLY. "While' the' bonds Will be Issued gradually, so that th tax wlU not be great at any time, new hlpplng facilltle that will be of great value will be provided from lb work done during th first eighteen months. The extensive wharf provided for on the outer part of ths main channel will be usable, In " connection with the tunnel, at once. This tunnel and wharf will serve to make a landing nlace tor ocean vessels, a well as for P river steamers, and th latter will sav householder a great deal more yearly in freight on necessities than th bond tax will amount to. On local grocer has shown that with a landing for river boats the saving to average householder each year on potatoes alone will be 8. A wholesale butcher I ay th saving on meat will b thou sands, a It costs mm twic a mucu w bring a carload of Uvs stock here from a river point by rail as it wouia y iwai. : SAVING TO HOUSEHOLDERS, i Th compute control held by corpora tlons over Richmond's natural water front 1 shown by thtT fact that there u not even a place for river boats to dls- It n . eOren Thau fair cornoratlons and WUB, v . - - Industrial plants, however, have made Richmond what it Is today, and the citl-..n. h.v. nothing but kindly feelings toward them. However that does not prevent the city acquiring waterfront of Its own and developing mors unuu? and more shipping. - The statement of Colonel Thomas H. Rees, United Btates Army engineer, in charge of .the Paclflo Coast Rivera and Harbor work, to th Cltlaens Campaign Committee that the people should by all means get control of the harbor a laid h the rovernment and forestall prt- ..... int....t. has had areat weight with the voters. Colonel Rees vtrtud'jr tells the citliens that the government will help them construct the ' harbor, though hl official position prevent him going very far en this subject. That the government win follow It Usual custom and appropriate amount equal to th sum provided by th city Is understood. SHIPPING NEWS - FROM THE SOUTH LOS ANGELES HARBOR. Nov. II. Arrived steamers Yale, Ban Francisco. :S a. m.; Jaa 8. Higglna, la. m.. Re-dondo: Hanalei. I p. ra., San Francisco. . Bailed Hteamers Queen, 10:$ a. m., San Diego; Yal. I:M p. m., Ban Wegof James B. Hlgglns, $:$ p. m.. Fort Brsgg, Chehalls, 6:$0 p. m.. Gray' Harbor; lair Oaks, p. m.. Cray's Harbor; Hanalei, T p. m Ban Franclsoe; George W. Fenr wick, I p. m.. Astoria. .- . CONDUCTORS MUST NOT WEAR CELLULOID COLLARS BRI8TOL, Pa.V Nov. 1. Conductors of th Publl Servlc Corporation Railway hav been forbidden te wear celluloid collar. ' Recent of th eonduetor were i owm oy mi uiowing dot ut ruse on jttm. back platforms. streets, running through -to Webster - dozen garages, facing both Broadway t-tad. fanuary ; L , . ;. FF tVp.-P,FEF I :,;.,' 1 m $vt 113 - ar"j - 'f. OWEN APAKTMENT HOX7SE, OX LAKE MERRITT, WraOH HAS v . BEEN LEASED FOR TEN YEARS TO t. B. MORRIS. ' Another large leasing transaction of unusual Interest ha been negotiated. ' by Herman Rlttlgsteln, leasing manager , of the Laymattca Real Estate v Company. Ths new. Owen apartment hotel, furnished, ta leased by J. W. Owen, the owner, to I B. Morris for a period of ten years at a gross rental of about $1$5,000. The Owen, a concrete fireproof apartment house, Is situated on Harrison boulevard, at the corner of Twenty-second street, on th shore of Lake Merritt ' It represents the most approved type of apartment house, being the fourth of its kind to be built by 3. W. Owen, a wealthy Los Angeles capitalist, who has selected Oakland as a field for investment.'' .' . v:' f The apartment house Is finished In mahogany and elm Woods and la equipped and planned along the lines of the latest New Tork apartments. It contains 120 rooms, besides a tapestry lobby and a large ballroom and billiard hall. ; The Hotel Savoy, on the corner of Fifteenth and Jefferson streets, has been leased by the Surety Mortgage IK BANK RESERVE Institutions ' Hold. $7,268,200 .In Excess of the Re-. quirements. NEW YORK, Nov. 16. The itstement of tb aotutl eaadltiOB of elesriofbause bsni end trust eorapanles for the week how that tbey hold $T,2ftS,20O Is excera of legsl reqnlremeot. This Is as Incrame of $817,000 from Ut week. The statement followa: ' f DAILk AVIHAOI, . Loans. $1,9 4O0.00O; deeresM, $3,558,000. ' Rpecia, 3U. 852,000; teereaae, $1,241,000. ' Legal tend era, $W,878,0OO; . increaaa, $1, 890.000. ' Net deposits, $1,71,J2,000; decresae, $7,- SSl.OOO. . - - ' Circulation. $40,923,000; ineraaae. $73,000. Banks' caab reserve In vault, $320,688,000. - Mt eaaaBeslas ess sasare ia vaslli $$. 14,0OO. : . - Aitjrretste eiati reaerre, $SM.TS0,00O. Kioeea lawful merre, $S,2tl$,700i ioerease, $1.82,130. , Trust eonpsnles' reaert wirh eleering-hoeii meoibers carrvlng 23 per cent cask reserve, $47,. $03,000. ; ACTTJAL COHDrnOK.- - Ixtana, $l.AOlia:i.onu- derreaae. $.7!5,O0O. Specie, $.'tli,23O.000; deereaa, $9uO.0OO. Legel tesdera, f8,eoe.000; Incresae. 1,40,000. Net deoslU, $1,7U),S7I,000; decreaae, $7,. 060.600. Clrcalatlea. $4e,S70,000; Increase, $141,000. Basks' rash reserve la vault, $330.R63,00O. Trust companies' caih roserve la vaslt, $42, 878.000. Aggregate eash roaerve, $3e8.88.00e. Excess lawful nserrea, $7,2(1(1,200; increase, $817,600. Timet companies reserve with eleaTUig-boase member carrying 36 per cent cash roaerve, $5O.;U!I.O0O. Summary of state banks' anil truet companies Is Greater Neve York sot Included la etcarlui-bouae atatement; a. - Loana, W7,8S.10fl; hKKt'se. $cr.9.400. Specie, $02,1180,000; aeceease, $226,700. l(al tenders, $7.4,700; increass, $14,000. Total aepoalt. IU,U73,00U; decreaae, ti,-126,800. CIVIL SERVICE QUIZ . TOJE HELD SOON Applications for Civil service examlns- tlon will be received at the office of the United - State lighthouse Inspector. Eighteenth diltrlct, during the . next thirty days for forming lists of eligible from which to select mate of light vessels In th Eighteenth Light house District of California. Applicants must be cltlsen of th United State, over 11, and licensed by the United States Steamboat' Inspection Service as officers of ocean vessel. Th applicant' license must be enclosed with his application; It will be returned Immediately after be Ing examined. Th application require that applicant furnish a medical eerti-goat .covering their physical etmdltloiii Letters of recommendation, discharges. acceptance of resignation, etc., can b filed with the application and will b returned to the applicant after th examine tlon la held. , The salaries of masters of tlghtvessels ar $132$ and $1.80 per annum, and mat $100$ per annum. The position of master is generally filled by promotion from mate. Eligible must keep the examining board Informed as to their address every three months. Ap plication blank and full Information caa be obtained by applying to th ' office. Th examining board prefers to have (and it Is to the advantage of) applicants call for their application blank tn person. SUPPOSED RUNAWAY GIRL UNDER ARREST HAN FRANCISCO, Nov, 11. Pauline Jenks, aged 17 years, was taken Into custody tonight on advices from Los Ange les that she had run away from her home. She was found In the residenc of X. Patterson, 2731 . Greenwich street, to gether with Jeanetts Frail, aged 1$. The girl informed th detective that h had left her horn at Bawtella with the full knowledge and consent of her mother and had come her together with Miss Fraile. She asserted that the Pattersons were former neighbors in the south and declared that she could not account for the communication asking that she be ap. prehendedl Siva was removed to th tic Untion home for th night INCREASE IJOTED ' UNDUE ILUEfiCE x ta- and Building Company, owner, to N." A. Primrose,. The lease Is for a period . of ten years at a gross rental of about . $96,000. Hotel Savoy is a seven-story steel-construction building. It is planned along, the lines of the Bachelor apartments and will be elaborately ' finished in satin finished Circassian walnut and will have a large lobby issian ' lobbyf? on. the ground floor. The hotel be opened In about one month, if Another similar transaction was ths 1 - : leasing from H. C. Morris and F. A. Muller, owners, to J. T. Redmon of . the anartment house on the northeast . corner of Fourteenth and Grove streets, for ten years, at a gross rental x t. . . . ,,f AAA T ln m At fW structure, built of steel and reinforced brick. It will be completed and ready for occupancy about December 1. rV'"V The building of these new modetir hotels and apartment houses Is a significant indication of the large and: steady erowth of Oakland's popula tion. These new hostelries reflect the Increasing demand for accommodations and the coming of a floating population. , --y -V f..'. .-.v . The gross rentals on the three leas ing deals total $318,000. Aged Southron Makes and Repents His Generosity.., Gifts 3 (IT BAN DIEOO. Nov, . That undue In IS CHARGE MADE fluence was exercised and fraud was . practiced oh John B. Coleman, 7 years of age, who has 'an Income of $900 a month, when h deeded to Mrs. Kata B. , Bacon property valued at $4600 and- gave her promissory notes for $20,000 and $10, -000, Is the charge made In an action-whlch - has been Instituted to recover the - prop-' erty and to hav the. notes canceled. The suit ws called before Judge W. R. Guy. Part of - Mr. ; Bacon's ittlmony wa heard. The case was continued until Won- ay- .: .'';;-'..:"..;;.'.,r .-Hv,.:'. ' The action was brought by Coleman, -Mrs. Emma R. Snyder, president of th Frederick. Home for the Aged, in whlcU, ha. wmtAmA t SkXjW 1 named In the complaint as hi guar-n dlan. . . , , - By careful saving in hi yunger days'. Coleman amassed a large sum, which h Judiciously Invested. From these Investments he la nnv MU.Alvlnv nuri C1AOA a month income. From January 1$ to " February 1$ ol this year he resided at , the home of Mrs. Bacon. During that time be was ill and wa confined to hlivv bed. Mrs. Bacon acted a hi nurse and If J Coleman recovered his health. T It was during this: lllnes that Cole-' man promised Mrs. Bacon that h would", pay her liberally for her kindness, so sh testified. Before he left her home to reside at the institution ln which he now live he gave her, she says, the deeds to ' the property and th promissory not for $10,004). That he ever executed a- prim- lasory not in her favor for $20,000 ' denied by Mrs. Bacon. . Restored in health and believing that' he had been too generous In his wlfts to .Mr. Bacon, the aged man began to think of recovering the property and can. cellng the notes.. Before he decided on this action he married Mrs. Helen Outh-' wayte, who Is 7$ year of age, the mar- ' rlage eeremOny being performed at the horn four months ago. .-At th time of her marriage Mrs. Qulhwayt was an In. mat of the institution. : -t f - ,.i On the day of the marrlaza Mrs. Rei - lor, president of., tb home, reminded the aged Coleman that his marrlase would be great event in bis life and that as he had an Income of several hundred dollars a month it would be very becoming of him it he gav hi ag-ed bride - a nice present. . . Coleman replied that he had thnneht of this and had provided for the bride. "Yes, I hav looked ftr that." .! Coleman. "I gav her $5 this afternoon and told her to buy anything she desired.' Tne defense- offered by Mrs. Bacon, a - - nuwnw MIlUICr lit l"S tlfylng bespok refinement. Is that th gift from Coleman were not solicited by ner ana tnai loieman 'deeded her the property and gav her the $10,000 nott wnouy oi ni own accord. . s ; CASCO ONCE OWNED BY DR. S. MERRITT The famous schooner' yacht Casco, one , the property of Robert louts Stevenson, tMe author, and before that owned ny Dr. Samuel Merrltt of Oak land. ,wlll not b converted . Inta a north coast Ashing boat as had been Intended. Sydney Bmith, Van couver capitalist, according to a dispatch, from that city yesterday, will overhaul the Casco and maintain f as a private yacht ' When Dr. Merrltt. since dead, and Oakland were both young the Casoo. a swift, trim schooner, was his property. Later Stevenson "obtained it for use In the South Seas. Smith plans to send the craft around the Horn next yer to CcoUand.... .. ... X r i

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