The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1893
Page 7
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7 Hard, Very Hard. He— There's the most miserable man you ever saw. He married a rich girl that he didn't love. She— How pitiful ! What is the chief cause of his unhappiness? He- She allows him only §10 a weelc. If the Bubs- l-i CatSlne Tee(5s, Be (lire and use tlict old am! well-tried remedy, MRS. s SooTnixo RTRCP for Children TaetWng. It's a long way around to reach Heaven by some churches. "Hannon's Jllaglc Corn SatVB." Warranted to euro or money refunded. Ask your druggist foi 1 It. Price 15 uLMits. Great Britain's capital in our railroads is said to amount to $500.0QO,OUJ. Everybody would be perfect i£ every body else thought so. I must say a word • as to the efficacy of German Syrup. I have used it in my family for Bronchitis, the result of Colds, with most excellent success. I have taken it myself for Throat Troubles, and have derived good results therefrom. I therefore recommend it to my neighbors as an excellent remedy in such cases. James T. Burette, Earlysville, Va. 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I>ES B1OINKS, IOWA Tte Best Waterpof Coat in the WORLD I THE DBS MQINJEB: AMQNA^ IOWA, , OCTOBER 4, 1893* ALLOO!" said Eric Ericsson, "what's that?" "Guess likely it's a wagon comin'," said Joe Parley. "Oh!" retorted Ericsson, coloring' a little. "Just you run down to Valley's, Joe, and get me another keg o' them shingle nails. Look sharp, now! We'll need 'cm afore long." Parley unbuttoned, his carpenters' apron, exchanged his canvas cap lor an ordinary straw hat, and set off on a dog-trot down the hill, while Ericsson stood still, looking along the road, a smile gradually dawning over his face. Out of the pink cloud of apple Mos- Boms under the hill camo a horse's head; then emerged the dashboard of u wagon, a bright young face, and a pair of resolute hands holding the reins. Slowly they neared the frame-work of the new house that was being built, and Ericsson stepped eagerly forward. "Why, it's Polly Crocker, isn't it?" said he, with a well-simulated surprise. Polly pushed back her black curls, and smiled the most bewitching of smiles. "I shouldn't wonder if it was," said she. "Well, if this isn't good luck!" cried Ericsson. : "You're good luck, Polly." "Oh, indeed! You tliink so?" "I'm certain of it, Polly." Polly took off her green sun-bonnet, settled nn obnoxious curl that would keep coining down over her forehead, and observed, incidentally, that she was "everso thirstvl" "Wait half a minute, Polly," exclaimed the young farmer, "and I'll get you a glass of water from Diamond spring. If it hadn't been for Diamond spring', I never would have built this house just here." "It's a likely spot enough," said Polly. "Oh, yes; the water's very cool and nice!" "Sparkles like champagne, doesn't it?" said Ericsson. "Can't you get out, Polly, and look at the house one minute?" "What should I look at the house for?" "To see if it suits you, Polly." "Oh, I dare say." "Because you know, Polly, it's going to be yours." 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JCKAPGO INDIAN SAC WAS ThogreatestLlver, 5 Stomach, Itlood and g Kidney Kenioily. n Jliulo of Roots, S Barks nnd Herbs, X :id is Absolutely 2 F r o u From Z All Mineral 1 or OthorS Harmful In- S rod tents. X Kicl>tt|ioo iuUliin Houl}' & liigolow, lne Co., Now llnvoii, Ct. "POLIA", MY DAHMKO POI.T.Y." "Well, I suppose I can stop a bit, 1 ' admitted she. "I had good hick in market this morning. Sold all my spring chickens, and both the pots of butter, and the old lady at the hotel bought all the tulips and lilies of the valley, and ordered a basket of cut roses every week. Think of that!" "I've been planting some rose bushes at the foot of the new garden," said Ericsson, eagerly helping her out of the wagon. "Oh, by the way, Polly, I heard from mother this morning. Speaking of roses, you know, made mo think of mother. She was always so fond of roses. Mother is coming hero. She wants to live with us, Polly." "It's going to be just the same, Polly, isn't it?" pleaded tho discom- fitted swain. "You're taking a good deal for granted, Mr. Ericsson." "But you'll be willing, Polly, won't you? You don't know what a dear old soiil mother is?" "Humph!" said Polly.' "I've heard of mothers-in-law. No, Eric. I ain't willing. There!" "Hut, Polly, she has onjy me, and—" "Oh, it's all right," said Polly, with an aggressive toss of tho curls. "I can't stay any longer, Mr. Ericsson— there goes the twelve o'clock whistle now. I dare say the rooms are all very nice. I hope they'll suit—your mother." Once more the yoiing man stood there, looking after tho cloud of dxist that encircled the vanishing wheels. "Oh, Mr. Ericsson, it's dreadful!" cooed a soft, voice. "And I always thought Polly Crocker had such an amiable disposition. I don't see how fihe can possibly feel so, when I am so fond of old people." Eric Ericsson had turned around with a slight start. "Oh! don't look so amazed!" said Miss Eveline Dockrill. "I just stopped at the spring for a drink of that delicious water, and I couldn't help hearing those last words. I should never have felt so. I do like old people— old ladies especially. I hope yoii'vo planned the _ very best room in the house for your mother; she ought to have it." Eric Encsso7} was only human, and the wiles of this siren who taught the ( district school a few rods down the glen were too much for him. lie conducted her all over tho new house, ex- nlained tho meaning and purpose of all the improvements, and presently found himself consulting her about the best exposure of a bay window for flowers. "Oh, I dote on flowers!" said Miss Dockrill. "1 hope your mother loves flowers, Mr. Ericsson. 1 declare, I feel acquainted with heralrcady!" And the school children never know what made Miss Dockrill so late at her desk when i o'clock came. The fact was that Miss DocUrill detested teaching, and meant to settle herself in life as soon as possible. "Polly!" cried llanuuli Crocker, tlio sober, sensible elder sister, "you're not in earnest?" ; Polly laughed over the kettle' ot meal she was scalding for her young ducklings. "Of course I'm not," said she. "I only want tb see whether Eric Ericsson i-eally is made of the right metal. A man who would throw over his old mother for all the girls in creation, he isn't the man for me!" "But, Polly, you're playing with," persisted Hannah. "I shan't cut my fingers." "I'm' not so sure of that, Polly. Ellen Dickson says Eric is going to see Miss Dockrill, the school teacher, nearly every day." "Well, let him. lie can do as ho pleases!" cried Polly, with crimsoning cheeks. "Polly, I think you're crazy!" said grave Hannah. And Polly herself was not altogether certain that she had done wisely. She had meant only to try Eric Ericsson; she had never doubted her actual power over him. But now — A choking sensation came into her throat, the tears blinded her cye.s. Hannah was right. Edged tools were not safe playthings. It was in tho purple dusk of that self-same May afternoon that Eric Ericsson went with a sober face down the lane that led to the Dockrill farmhouse. As he stood with the old lion- headed knocker in his hand he caught the sound of Miss Dockrili's voice, raised in loud objurgation. "It's just like you, Aunt Betsey," said she. shrilly. '"My prettiest china saucer, and all smashed to bits! I never saw'anyono so clumsy. There's one comfort—you go straight to tho poor-house when once I'm married. I won't^be bothered with you any more. I hate old people, anyway!" Eric Ericsson stood like one apalled. lie never let the knocker fall, ' but softly releasing his hold of it, crept away. This was the girl whom he had fancied so angelically sweet and amiable! <•* For a moment he stood pondering opposite Polly Crocker's gate. "No," he murmured to himself, "no, I can't go there!" "Yes, you can, Eric," faltered a soft little voice; and from among the purple plumes of the old lilac bushes Polly's dark eyes shone out like timid stars. "Eric,"l never meant what I said to you about—about—mothers-in- law; I only wanted to try you. I shouldn't have been able to respect you if you had been willing to sacrifice your old mother to me. But 1 never thought how difficult it would be to—to set myself right again. Write to your mother, Eric, Tell her she shall be my mother, too." "Polly, my darling Polly." "O, Erie, do you really love me just the same?" "A hundred times better than ever, Polly." Miss Eveline Dockrill was amazed beyond description when she heard that Polly Crocker was quietly married to Eric Ericsson, and that their wedding trip was to be to Maine, to bring old Mrs. Ericsson home with them. "I did think I'd roped that young man in," said Eveline, gnawing her lips, "But it seems the poor fool didn't know his own mind. And now I shall have to live along .just the same, teaching those horrid children, with old Aunt Betsey to do the house- woi'k 1 " "Dear, dear!" was Hannah Crocker's reflection as she put away the pretty wedding decorations, "it seems awful lonesome withmat Polls'. But she's happy, and 1 do hope she'll never play with edged tools again." Tlifc Electric Cnr flt~it, With Iho introduction of tho arc light a new insect was found—a huge bug with mandibles whose bito was to be dreaded. I can say that with the coming of tho electric cars a small insect of the shapo, size and color of tho flea has mado its appearance. No one as yot can explain its presence, tt possesses wings, and its principle habit is to 1y into the mouth, nose or eyes of tho person when tho car is going at a very lively rate of spend. Motormen toll mo thoy are at times bothered with them, moro especially in tho afternoon and oarly in tho evening'. THo Sovereign's Hoyultj-. The seignorago or deduction mado from the bullion to cover expenses and pay the sovereign his royalty has varied in different countries and tit different times, llonry III. charged Gd in tho pound; Henry VIII. 60s for every pound of gold coined. A Cripple. Tramp—I'd like tor do something to pay for all thi?, but I'm a cripple, mum. llouskcopoi—You don't look it. What's tho matter? Tramp— Writer's cram)), mum. I've been koepin 1 a list of all th' people wot offered mo work, mum.—Now York Weekly. ('unslilonito. Clergyman, lately como to tho parish—Your neighbor, Smith, saya my sermons are rubbish. Furmor—All! You needn't mind 'irn, sir; 'e's merely a mouthpiece for other folks.—Sketch. HOW MEN GET RICH. l!i»;liuilns Itnrly. Teacher—I am glad to soo you tako so much interest in chemistry. Bright Hoy—Yos'm, Won I grow up I want to luivo u big candy storo and maple syrup factory.—Street & Smith's Good Nciws. Short T:illt, Xtimbrr Tlirpp. In 'iS-0 n CO-foot residpiire lot that 1 nm well acquainted with sold for SdOO. A tew weeks ago one-half of it sold for St.000. In other words, the \vholo lot hud. in thirteen ypars. efihnilced in value from SiUXl to ?2.000. Figure it out for yourself nnd see what tho interest amounts to. Hut. yon say, thirteen years is a long time to wait. That depends. To some people, the suro and sate investment feature would indticj them to make tho time longer. Ten years from now. tho two 110-foot lots will, iu nil probability, bo worth S'i.0',10. Hut this is true-In regard to that lot; it could have been sold at, almost auv time within tiio thirteen years nt. a stood profit. s:imetimes, of coutsc, lit n better proportionate profit than nt others. Heal estnts is iuflurm 1 ed by prevailing conditions. There nro ti mes that are good for tluiso who are Imyinss but poor fnrihosu who nro selling. The trouble with many people is that they arc 11 If.) sheep following the bell-wether. There, never was a iK-lter time I'or the level-hend- od mnii socking an investment than .just now. The money market is easing up ami. within a reasonable timo. as is always the ease, real csttih? will enhance in vnlno mindly. Those Highland I'm k lots. n;l.i:i- cent to that Mourisliing Normal ('i>lle;e, will Incroasi'In vnlue steadily nnd uirely. 1 am not. olVering them as n "bnom" investment for the speculator who wants to get rieh in a day, but ax Kimiothing reliable fur the enmi'ervnlive man or woman who prefers tho surer, even though slower, process of|uiring. A. S. \VII.«OM:X. Agent. ilOT Fifth Street. Hr-i Moines. town. Farm liind, in Iowa, like the better class if real estate iu Des Monies, is getting to IP tin extremely valuable Investment. I invo soiuo that is very choice : will spenlc C this moro iu particular in -'.Short Tnlk S'umbor Four.'' Thoro will bo ono or two moro of I lieso 'Short Talks,' 1 oach interesting, t hope, to i great many of tho reader:; of this paper. Tlio famous Amoslcenir mills In >'ew lampshire. employing 5 000 hands, aru ibout to resume. I Onro l)y«prp«ri snd Cnnstipntlttfl* Dr. Plufip 1 ' Kivlnrstlvc N'erro Tills sont freo Wftfi Mcillrnl il< n:t to pruro mi nt. fur 2- nt:tmp. Drag" gists 2.Sc. int. Snoor. Hi,i W.. Itiv^lno. Wls. The first American tin vvnsmnne in noctiout in liTO. Tho Inst was madebytntf | newspaper process at Columbus. Ohio. It sliouldti t be hard for n maiden to tl« ft knot with the young man whom she twist around her finger. Practice the samo kind of religion In th«S street car ns you profess in ehUVch. Buffalo lins derided to provide free books for tho public schools. ' 8AL7.imE^l7 A FLE^lu"^r~ Miss LOTTIE CLAKK, River Falls, Couiitil, IHsmiis.'N, writes: "It. gives me pleasure, to express my faltn In the virtue of Dr. Pierce'a Golden Medical l)lsnovery. Hnvlnir suffered for three ye&tt frntn salt-rheum, nnd lifter ImVintf been un* successfully treated by n Rood physician, I Itt'Ktin the VSG or the 'Discovery/ Tlic humor was In my hnnds. I was obliged to keep a covering on tucia for months at a time, clmnglng the . covering morning and night. The pfintf, burning nnil 'ituhlnsr sonsa- tlnn would be so Intonse that at times it seemed aft Benson. An Excellent Wiiyi Jones—Good morning, How do you find business? Benson—By judicious advertising. —Life. Idiots for tho Traveling I'ulillc, Kmigrants, commercial mon, tourists, mariners, and miners relating to the preservation of health under couditious unfavorable to it, may bo gleaned with prollt from the oft published testimony of such pur- sons relating to tho protective and remedial qualities of! Hostetter's Stomach Hitters, a very valuable remedy to thosu who traverse "the briny deep," or are subjected to malarial influences or out door exposure. With as much certainty as Dr. Koch's celebrated lymph destroys tho organic microbe, the Bitters counteracts uuhoalthtul germs iu malaria-tainted air aud brackish water. It prevents and removes disorders caused by poor and unaccustomed food and restores trauquility to worn out nerves and weary brains. Rheumatism, kidney and liver complaint, cramps, colic and dyspepsia arc among the ailments that it subdues. Tho first public schools in tho present limits of the United States wore established iu Massachusetts m 1045. Don't Discard tho Suspoiulors. The stout man who wears a tight bolt around his waist to give him an appearance of jauntiness, as well as to do the suspender service, does not know what harm he is doing to himself. A elector told mo yesterday that tho wearing of a tight belt by a man, especially a stout man, is most injurious to health. It stops the circulation and does not permit the digestive organs to operate as they should. When'asked why it should be so much more injurious for a man to wear anything' tight around his waist than it is for a woman, who is laced up year in and year out, the doctor said: "A man and woman can't be compared in that regard. A man uses entirely different muscles in breathing than a, woman. He becomes accustomed to broatLiing from his abdomen, while a woman breathes almost entirely from her chest. Mon had better wear loose bolts and provide some other substitute for suspenders. "—Pittsburg Dispatch. Some Kiismnliliinco. Mrs. Spinkors—Do you think my daughter will over mako a pianist? Prof. 'Spooler—Veil, I nod know. "Has she any «f tlio qualities of a good musician!" 1 "Yah. \ tin." "That's encouraging. What is thatP" "Her hair cos long." with Not u Clouv JUjcoi'd. Lawyer — Arc you acquainted the prisoner? Witness—I've known him for twenty years. Lawyer — Have you ever known him to bo a disturber of the public peace? Witness — Well — or — ho used to belong to a fifo and drum corps. Tho Snuko Worm. The snake worm is tho namo of a small creature which, when alone, has almost no power of locomotion. Largo numbers of them, by forming a close, rope-like procession, move with case from place to place. Wholesale. Prodloy—I hoar that you have been getting married ? Tooker—Yes. Prodiey—Whom did you marry? Tookor—Milly Mildmay, her mother, her father arid two maiden aunts. Why Not Move to Nebraska, Where laud is cheap? \Vhero just us good farms as nre selling for SOU ami §70 un aero in Iowa. Illinois ami Missouri, nro to bu had for 810 or $15 nn acre'f Where the soil the climate, the surroundings nro all thnt can be desired? Where there's MONEY in I'armiug? Why not move? Five years—nay, throo years—honco will bo too late. The "cheap'land" days will have goiio by forever. Move now! A\ T rite to J. Francis, General Passenger Apout, Burlington Route, Omaha. Mob., for descriptive pamphlets. They'll help you to decide on a location. Write to-day. You needn't enclose a stump. Tho pamphlets are free. The states of tlio union expended for education in 1890 SU8,T!i8,04r, of which §95,- T91,090 wero in salaries. *•' Low Rates to St. Louis. Commencing Sept. 5th and until Oct. 21st the AVulmsh Railroad will sell from all stations iu Iowa to St. Louis and return tickets gooa for thirty days, except those sold after Sept. 22nd shall bear final return limit Oct.. 22nd. at one regular fare plus SS.OO. And from Oct. 2nd to 7th tickets will be sold for one regular faro for tho round trip, plus fifty cents, which admit' to the great St. Louis Pair. Remember tho St. Louis Exposition Fair and Great lllumiuatious are more grand and iinor than ever before. Daily trains with through car service leave Des Moiuos I! o'clock p. in., arrive Kt. Louis 7 o'clock a. m. For further particulars address, L. M. MAIITIN, Commercial Agoiit, DCS Moiuos, To. S. W. FLINT, City Ticket Agent, Dos Moinos, lo. Tho number ol' university students compared with population is greatest in Spain and Belgium, An Unequalled Opportunity of visiting tho finest portions of the Grout West at small cost is ull'ereil by the Burlington Route's Columbian Your Harvest Excursions of August 22d, September IJitlt and October 10th. On those dates, round trip tickets to till Burlington Route points in Nebraska, Knu- KUS, Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming will bo on sale at extremely low rates. Tickets arn good for twenty days and admit of stop-over at any point west of tho Missouri River. Got up a party and visit tho 100'biishols- to-the-acro cornfields of Nebraska and Kansas; the rich wheat lands of eastern Colorado, or the wonderfully irrigated districts of northern Wyoming. For information about rates apply to your nearest ticket agent. Foi 1 pamphlets, etc., write to J. FUAXOIS, Geu'l Tuss'i Agent, Burlington Route, Omaha, Nob. A New Through Sleeping Car Lino From Chicago to Seattle Via the Chicago, Milwaukee & Mt. Pan and Great Northern Railways, has buui established and lirst class xleouiug cars wil hereafter run daily from Chicago at I0:.'i( p. in., arriving at Keuttlu II :'H) p. in., tonrll day. This is undoubtedly tlio buetroutu to reach tjie North Pacific const. Fortiino tables, maps and other information apply to tho nuurnst ticket agent, or address GiCO. II. 11KAFKUK1), "Gouonil Puss. Agent, C., M. & St. P. Ry., Chicago, The Allies Iron Company lias resumed work at the ininu, nuiu Itjliputniiig, Mich., with ;. full force. THAT .IOVKIH., KKUI'IXd With thp exhilarating souso of: renewed lealth and strength and internal cloanli- IOHH, which follows tliu uso of Syrup of L'igs, is unknown to tho low who have not rogrossod beyond tho old time medicines uid tho cheap substitutes sonu-limos ot- "orod but never iiccoptod by tho well in- 'oriiK'd. t\ single polypus has linen cut into^SI parts, and each in turn becomes a perfect iiiiimul. WANTED—Salesmen; good pay for honest workers. Beginners taught; ('()''> now ont- llts just ready -nost -1 years time and thousands of dollars, but worth all they cost— the finest over used. Wo sell direct through nur own salesmen. No middlemen. No Treo Dealers. _NTAHK Bita's NUKHBHIES & UuciiAiui.t Co. Tlockpoi't, 111. Most of the sawmills in Michigan closed by the financial scare have resumed oper- titions. __. Jloncy-MnUnrs. Are .von lutsyV Am yiiu iniiklnt; monoy? It so, stick lii it; you nru riirtiinntn. It' yon nro not. then our tu!vice Is Unit you \vi-lto lit imco to 11. !•'. .loliu- BOII .t Co.. lllfliiiioiul, Vu. 'J'hoy can uliow you quickly liow to untur upon n prulltnblo work. Tho man who grumbles does not pray half enough. To California ancl Back I3y tho Santa Fo Route. The most attractive American tour. A new descriptive uook with the above title page, containing over 150 pages and as many pen and ink illustrations, sent free on receipt of 4 cents in postage, by JNO. J. BYHNH, 702 Monaduock Building, Chicago. KoliuviiiK tho T«:icliei'. "Have you had a good time this summer, Willie?" "Yes," replied the young man. 'fDoyou miss your school?" "Not much. ISut I guess mother does." Our faults attract ur virtues. more attention than J. C. S1MPHON, Maniuess, W. Va., says: Hull's Catarrh Cure cured mo of a very ad case of catarrh." Druggists soil it, 75c. Every man who imsolf. robs tho poor cheats of Hooclmm's Pills iomplo'tely disguises tho tastu without im- juiriug tlieir eilicieucy. 25 cents a box. Tun pleasant coatin "sgiiisos t juiriug tlieir eilicieucy has 150,000 saloons and 5.000 feeling better— better in every- way. There's more consolation in that than well people stop to ponder. To back flesh and spirits is everything. if I would Ko Whim 1 fient y/uJi'iXittj 7J. v S Cl.AHK. li'ml'BiTl'ii'i-iiijr wlileh I i ; miured niirlit nnd ilay. After talilnpr six boltles of tin;''Discovery " 1 ^v:ls eiilirely ciireil. • 1 entmot |ira'ise Dr. Pierre's Golileri Medical Discovery enoiiKh." Hold by Dealers. MlFS Cl.AHK. impossible for mi tlio fingers, tho flesh wniild crnck open mid bleed. It is to describe tlio Intense pain Si 11 11 \ Thompson's Eye Water, •NESS AND HEAD NOISES CURED . I'll i, i,,i,v »\\ t>- i-.i rl:<^IM»n*. WtnvpiTMIirririt. K-I-'t-Mlii) ivhi it itll ,,-tni*ill<-ii l»ll. NulHf l,.\l-Mlni.-«.\ HC:ill'\tny,N.Y. tt'llln Imlunik i,l>n: . .-. J. «'I1I-:.\P In K;i«ti'r:i nml Contrnlj n. iMiprovi'il nnd unlnv-j • .I. I-'IU-IUH I'nr nulso. l'« S.j i lililK., Oimilm. Nel>, Bfcaa'«J I »«*'U^B^NI»i »» UKIKIIS'V-M "• v»' r*Successfully Prosecutes Claims. Imto Prlnr.liml Kxilnilnor U.S. 1'oimlon Buroi\n.t ; i I 3.yr«liiln»l win-, irniiUi"l^'ill"a"'"li""-' 1 '-tygl"CO.i;' MIOAJAH'S WAFERS, Innoreca sir.-lut.vsirninsustln' he N | limit rummly It'nr I'l'iuuk' AllniunlK. Unsy to uso, Ui'li'iinly, nnd mire In euro. Two wcekf ti-i'tttnn'nt /'rr'c. Aililn'Ks MICAJAH & CO.. WARREN. PA. «nd of iUTUKK'S SIMl'I.K KKVRKI'Bll itr'il juul know the sex ol the unbonvl You I'nnl Ciunrnnlectl. Scml Si.oo. I UK. WACHU KUNG MKD.CO., Stellu.| cooin, Wn., U. H. A. SALESMEN WANTED! Tim iM'c;itust imlnciMuents over olforcd. Write ' for imrticulurs. Tlio Jewell Nursery Co., Lako City, Minu. \WEBSTER'S INTERNA TIONAI, DICTIONARY Sunv.'ssor of the " t'niibriilgcd." Ten years Bpont In rcvislnir, 100 editors ,-inployoil, moro'than ,'.<UUO,000 cxiiuudod. , A Grand Educator ' AbroactoftheTlmes A Library in Itself Invaluable in tho lioiiBcluild, and to the tennlier, profcBalonal man, bclf-cilucutor. } Aalaycz.? JiookseJlcr to show it toyou. 'r,. l feC!.Ml-.ftHIAJ[CO.,Ki'itiNfii'ir.:.n,MA58.,U.S.A. •Sond for fron proppprtim rniitfilnini; specimen , lllimmitlonH, ieplluionliilK, etc. : "I in not Imy reprints of undent editions. Belgium •schools. FITS-AM nt» m.ippua mu ny :,::. KI.IXK'K (IIIK.1'1 KKU'VK lll'.STOIimi. Nu lit urtcr IIrut dny'K use. Mnp vulous uurca. Trontlsn anil Sli.O!) trial lintilo fi-i!u to HI :asou. B';mltol)r. Kllno.aai Arch St., I'liilniluliilila, i-u. No people over mado any monoy swapping grunts. Ilog«mnu'<i<liiiiil>l»or lev with Glycnrlnc. mui Flici;, ColU Son-s', &i:. C. o! CMnrU Co.,N.llllvi;n,CI. 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GOOD CHANCE!| OdolUKOTypowriter fur $10, if cash wifn ii fler Is rcuolvud Uetore, Nov. 1st, 1803. fiimous Odell Typewriter is used by Lawye Mliilslers, Dootors, Merohunts, Editors Government Ofllcors, becausn of its o print, simplicity anil mnnifolil copies, teacher required. It will do your work In hour's practice.. Order now UKI! take adya ago of this exceptionally GOOD 'CHANCE! FRANK ROHM, 88 W. j^ac k so r^ S t., C h I o a gj "W. N. U. D. M. 1108"~~Nor1(fr| t^y*'In apply iiiK to any of theubove vortisorsi, do not forget lo say that you 88 i tho advertisement iu this paper. DES MOINES WSABMUFACTUIRSfJG & SUPPLY C< *" Three Harvest L'xciirsrons Via tho C'hlc:igo, Milwaukee it St. I'liu' railway to nil the best I'liriiilnsseollrjn^ of tliu West and Northwest S;-pl-mbei' l:i. IS'.l:!, October 10, 1803. Ki'turn ikikels w-n\ fur uvent." days. Low ralus. All coupon ticket ii;.?enu Bell tickets via tlio Cliir.'iK'o, Xlllwiiukei: v ( c bt. Paul railway. G10O. II. IlKAFJ-'OltU, General l'asKi!ii»ei' A!-;i'iit, Oh e.-iiCO. i City Ticket Ollice, C.'hii;:i;;o, 'Ml Chirk St. A uoad church and a uv< hard to kr-::) lo?'»:.luv MAJ>UKACTUItKl!S OF—— ENGiNES, BQBLERS, PUMPS, ETC., FLO!'i;, COJiN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES ! AND MACHINERY OF ALL KIND, COAL HOISTING AND HANDLING AND CLAY WORKING' MACHINERY, MILL AND FACTORY SUPPLIES rvM>M ' OF ALL KINDS. OFFICE AND WORKS, IOI TO 121 EAST COURT AVENUE, MAIL OltmCKS i'Ul,l,Kl> I'ltO.Ml'TIA'. UE.S JHOiNJiS, J mill dcbulptlon uuip of Nebui'-li.i ' C., J5. Wolmvini cliuluo list of Impi-uvuil Karma unit 1'rnlrlo Lamia n inurkot. Kuuitl i*uyinont ilovvu iiinl buliuicc on Inui-,' Uino It UtJfelie. «. lint Into linul Is tho sufv-tt luvuntuiont In Uio world mill Uils Is tliu jU'ir ' vi'st. if you lire cxpwiiuj; in buy Uil.s »o»son send for cm pilu- list of } or" Ihucitunu* No'iinskii in In., . ^eiivl ino IU fuinioi ,' n i ui-i ami I will Mjutl 1 luo ,!..). UtiKiNsON, M.imim-i- v>:>iu-uii MimU'u , I tl it]UU4>1 & O, JU !!, • o. iuuujei , ,111 ;iu.K, 1 <.J SI !.iv Ii mill f)\ ! uUU, i t,(n(i,

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