The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1893
Page 7
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THE tJWfitt DIB MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2(5, 1803. "•" -*-•*• J-* ^^ • ._.,.„.._-._, .'„-... -. --.„.. fc.. - ,- *. .-;. ..• , .. •— ..•-...--..•-...-'-•-..•.-.J.. ...a. •.- .'. . -._^- __ -• __ . . _i. ,._„ j •-- --• - - _ _- . _i ^. _jj ,__.^ : . *' II A. Kcmctly ot (irncrnt Utility* ' 1t is among the follies of which the manufacturers ot many proprietary remedies are guilty, to term their rjedicines "panaceas," or to claim for thorn tho quality of panaceas. There is no such thing as a •'panacea," \vhioh means a remedy adapted to all diseases. This absurdity has sever been perpetrated by the proprietor: of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. But they •do claim, and with justice, that it is a remedy of general utility, and this because it s-estores that regular and vigorous condition of the stomach, liver and bowels which eondnces to tho recovery of general health Thus it fortifies the 'system agaiust malaria by infusing stamina, and causing har ruottious action of. the organs -which, as long as they go right, are the best guarantee against an endemic malady like chills and fever. It accomplishes a double pur pose by stimulating activity of the Kid neys, since it not only prevents their dis ease and decay, but expels from the bloo( through them impurities that cause rheu mtttism, gout and dropsy. Usiit with con fidenr.o. As the large puff on the arm subsides the return of the natty jacket fitting th figure may naturally be looked foA An Unequalled Opportunity Of visiting the finest portions of the Grea West at sin all cost is offered by tho Burl ington Route's Columbian Year Harves Excursions of August B2d, September 12tl und October lOtli. On those dates, round trip tickets to al Burlington Route points in Nebraska, Kpn sos, Colorado, South Dakota and Wyomiiif will bo 011 sale at extremely low rates Tickets are good for twenty days and ad mit of Ktop-over at nuy point west of tli Missouri River. Uot up a party and visit the 100-bushels to-tlio-ncre cornfields of Nebraska and Kan SBB; the rich wheat lands of eastern Col orodo, or the wonderfully irrigated districts of northern Wyoming. For information about rates apply to your nearest ticket agent. For pamphlets etc., write to J. KMANCIS. Gen'l Pass'r Agent, Burlington Route, Omaha. Neb. Most of tho ovening'gowus shown at pros °nt have the broad, square neck in preference to the round cut. The latest fantasy in veils is fine accordion plaited tulle, run with rows of col ored ribbon,. Brown of one shnde or another is the. chosen color for u large majority of the autumn hats. Not one time in a million are a man's tears dishonest: what, may be said of a woman's is different. Clergymen were not allowed to marry in England till 1517. MOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement rind .jtcnds to personal enjoyment when ' rightly used. The many, who live bet/ ter than others and enjoy life more, with, 1; less expenditure, by more promptly ' adapting -the world's best products to: the needs of -physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid 1 laxative principles embraced in the; remedy, Syrup of Figs. ; Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleas-| v ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly- beneficial properties >of a perfect lax-, ative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers; and permanently -curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and! met with the .-approval of the medical profession, because it nets on the Kid-; , neys, Liver and Bowels without wenk- , cninglihem and it is perfectly free from - every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by-all'drug-' ^ gists in 50c:and $1 bottles, but it is man-; ufactured by tho 'California Fig Syrup; 5 Co. only, whose name is printed on every! • package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, 1 and being well informed, you will uot| „ accept any substitute if oil'ered. j 1 1 " I am happy to state to you and to suffering humanity, that my wife has used your wonderful remedy, August Flower, for sick headache and palpitation -of the heart, with satisfactory results. For several years she has been :a great sufferer, has been tinder the treatment of eminent physicians in thiS'dty and Boston, and found little relief. She was induced to try August Flower, which gave irnmedaite relief. We cannot ,say to much for it." I/. C. Frost, Springfield. Mass. ® CuusumjttSvt'8 uuu people who bare wculi iuncs or Astu- ma. should une IMso's euro for Consninpllou. It -Iui3 curud \ L _.J8? » ''• 08 StS^A^i <;HK<U' lu Uiistivn unU Coutrul No!)ruBlcu.. liupvoviHl null .uiiim- V «v iirovucl. Ksrms for nulso. if. H. >.'M N. *'. J.lfu l>)ili,:,. Onuilui, Nob. HIGHLY ENDORSED. I Tlio Professor of I'hysloJoi?ienl Clicm-1 ^ i*try at Vulo Collogo says: '• tjinil Kick- , wo Indian Sagwa Jo lie an extra/it of. ' Jlwts, Jiurts mill /Iert>.t~of~f'nliti(liie~7iei/i-' 1 edlui Action, ii^ltliout any iiiiim-iit or other I KldllTimJ Imfilui iK\\n ia the gi-and- •cst J.lvi'Cj litiiina'.-ii. ) Blood auil Nurvi' , ni(.'dy Ju/.o\vii. (.'lu.-insi's, i'i.riik-3. tmJ li;-!i>ivnlo,v i-vovy u.'ii't c-t tin 1 Jiii!:!i;n £.Vrili,>i. AM Jlriix- /li.l.-i, fl a L^f-io— 10 Uottles i'or SS. WOMAN'S WORLD. Flute-playing is recommended for weak-chested women. Miss Elderly—What would yow do if I should tell you my age? lie—Multiply it by two. Angry Husband—I am sorry I married you. An^ry Wifo—Well, I'm sura I never asked you to. Husband is speechless. "Are the Chick weed girls in society?" "Urn—yes, they're in society, taut they're not really fashionable. They are too red and healthy." To keep ice in the sick room over ntght set the pitcher on a newspaper, gather up the ends, twist them tight and snap on a rubber band. Mr. Sealove, visiting at the seaside —My dear, please tell our daughter to sing something less doleful. Mrs. Sealove—That is not our daughter. That is the fog-horn. "Well, what do you think of the now neighbors who have moved in next door, Mrs. Pryer?" "I haven't had a chance to form an opinion. They haven't had a wash day yet." Silver-topped scent bottles, with a lock and key attachment, arc now made ostensibly for the purpose of preventing evaporation, but really to prevent pilfering on the part of sisters and brothers. '. Marie llenriette, the handsome and soft-voiced queen of the Belgians, is especially fond of driving, and does it particularly well, (she also rides well, tnlks well, and is an uncommonly good musician. ; Miss Oldtimer—You play tennis very well for one who has played so little. Miss Newcomer—Thanks. I shall be glad when I can play as well as you do; but I suppose it takes years and years of practice. HOW MEN GET RICH. Short Talk, Nuinbur Two. I spoko last week ot wise real estate investments ns a safe and sure manner for increasing the wealth of tho average man. Lot me cito a fact or two: Tho population of Des Moines, within my knowledge, has increased from 15,000 to 75,003 people, and it's still increasing. Tho wealthy men of Des Moinos acquired their riches through real estate investments—at least most of them did. Wo have here tho old pioneers who secured land when bramble bushes occupied the sites ot some of the business blocks of to-day. They got hero early and, in tho language of "ol 1 Miss Means," "got a-plenty while a-gittin 1 ," but they're every one sorry they didn't get more. Other men came on later and they have gotten rich; others still later and the've gotten rich too. On the other hand, we have pioneers here who predicted in early days that the town would be "no good;" who wore sorry a little later that they hadn't invested, but who still keep from investing "because all tho good chances had gone by," and who are now sorry that they didn't take their second, third, ninth or tenth, or even nineteenth or twentieth chance, but who are now too poor to take any chance. The good chances are still here. Ten years from now, when Des Moines has lf)0,000 instead of 75,000 population, people will wonder why they didn't buy some of tho property that was for sale in '93. For instance, there ore to-day lots for sale in Highland Park addition—lots as beautiful of site and as choice of location in every respect as any among all the beautiful lots of Des Moines and its suburbs— that will, as an investment, pay bettor than the most tempting of building association or other stock. These lots will continually enhance in value. No one who has witnessed the enhancement in Des Moines in the past can doubt this. Further particulars, on inquiry, in person or by letter. A. S. WII.OOXKN, Real Estate Agent, 307 Fifth Street, Des Moines, Iowa. These "Short Talks" will continue for a few weeks. 5Tou will Qnd some hint of value in each of them. Working on Graver's Feelings. "Brown's u queer fellow." "Howl" "You read about Cleveland losin' a piece of his jawbone{" •Yes." 'Well, when .Grown heard of it ho had six teeth pulled, and then uut in his application for a consulship." i Why Not Move to Nebraska, < Where land is cheap? Where just as good farms as are selling for $00 and §70 an acre in Iowa. Illinois and Missouri, are to be,' Imd for $10 or 815 an acre? Where the soil,' the climate, the surroundings are all that- can be desired? Where there's MONEY in farming? | Why not move? Five years—nay, three years—hence will, be too late. The "cheap land" days will have gone by forever. Move now! Write to J. Francis, General Passenger 1 Agent, Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb., f'.;r descriptive pamphlets. They'll help you to decide on a location. i Write to-day- You needn't enclose' a stamp. The pamphlets aro free. The schools aro openiug and the small, boy will soon feol tho need of thicker pants.: Low Rates to St. Louis. I Commending Sept. 5th and until Oct.i 21st the Wabash Kuilroart will sell from all.' stations in Iowa to St. Louis and return' tickets goon for thirty days, except those; sold after Sept. S^nil shall bear dual return imit Oct. U2ud, at one regular fare plus Sa.OO. And from Oct. 2nd to 7th tickets will be sold for ono regular faro for tho 'ound trip, plus fifty cents, which admit ;o ;tho great St. Louis Fair. Remember ;ho St. Louis Exposition Fair and Great [Humiliations aro more grandV ' •' finer ;han ever before. Daily ti\ with :hrough car service leave Des\ .aoines U o'clock p. in., arrive St. Louis 7 o'clock a. m. For further particulars address, L. Mi. M^JiTiN, Commercial Agent, Dos Moines. To. S. AV. FI.IST, City Ticket Agent, Dos Moines, lo. The Isabella ring continues to be the most popular in the line of silver. Three Harvest nxcursTons Via Hit! t:hU-:ig(i, Mihvimliee it St. Pan' .railway to all tho best farming sections of tho West and Northwest Ki'pti'iuUei 1 13, 1S9'J, Oc- sober 10, 189IJ. Kotuni tlokeU good for twenty days. Low rates. All .coupon ticket agents sell tickets via (he Chk-ugu. Mllwauki-o & St. Pun! railway. (iEO. 11. 11KAFKOKD, Ciumu'id I'as8i'nj;er Ag'eut, Chicago. City Ticket Ollici-, Chiriso, :20r /Jlark St. Handsome b'ack gowns tiro tho ,iac;o for mull dinner purtio.i ::t homo and abroad. To California and Back tho Hunta Ps> Itoutu. Tho mostattraot- vo American tour. A iiuw descriptive oo!{ with tho abovo tiUo )>ugo, containing vor K.U pages nmI. .is many pou and ink ustnitiwiji, sr-nt free on receipt of 4 cents i postage, by J:;o. J. JJYHNE, lUM Jiuim;!ii.'K'k -Building, Chicago. South A !!!;;ri'.'nii hoy;-have uiciiktM s in- I toad oi ikijjs for puts." " i JIMMY MWORY'S WILL, HIS MEMORY ALL THAT WAS : O LEFT THE CHILDREN. ;A Stepmother \Vlio Had Tlilnes All Her | Own Way—Her 1'oor lloliiilom Tost ! tho Old Man All Ho Had — Merit-dry's I Partner mid Ills Fatal Encounter. • "Harry, mo boy, you should have known yet 1 great grandfather. Jimmy MoUrory. Shuro and he was dead and buried boforo ye wor born or corned to this country. Ho was ft groat old chap, he was, and everybody up by the coal mines held him in the highest kind of respict, they did, inclado. "Yo may have heard yer mother talk about her grandfather afore she died. Well, I'll tell ye of tho old chap. Ho como to Amoriky aforo there was any of these railroads, and after stopping a year in New York, he walked to Philadelphia, where ho got a job of work in a big store along tho Delaware river. When he'd boon there a short time he sint a letter to his wife in Inniskillon with an order oil u bank in Dublin, for her and tho two childer to leave Ireland and come to this country. "One {day while he was in town with one of hi* wagons ho got acquainted with a pack .peddler named Jerry Nolan, who came from the same part of Ireland. Well, sor, tho two of 'em took sicli aloiking to each other that they wint into partnership. Grandfather, with Mr. Nolan started a little store that mo grandmother tended, while the men wore out traveling about tho country selling their goods. "One day while Nolan was coming away from a farm house with his pack on his back a big bull got after him as he was walking over a lot and tho first thing ho knowed ho was tosssd up into a cherry tree and lodged, with his head hanging down, in tho branches. The bull scattered what he had in the pack all over the lot, while poor Jerry stuck up in tho tree crying for help. "Ho stayed thero till he couldn't holler any more afore he was found by one of the farm hands. Poor fellow, me grandfather always cried, ho did, whenever he'd toll mo how thsy carried his partner home on a big bench, how tho doctors tried to euro him but couldn't, and how poor Jerry died after suffering for two months with a broken back. Just after he had fixed up a big store for my grandmother to tend, she took sick with rheumatism and was unable to do anything but lio in bod for moro'n a year, when she died. Mo grandfather hired a clerk, and with the help of his two girls got along right well again for nearly a year, when the clerk coaxed me Aunt Nora to marry him, which she did without saying a word to her father, who was so taken back with her that he went off and brought a woman named Biddy Brady home to keep house for him, while Annie, me mother, took charge of the store. "The n'rst thing me mother knowed Nora and her husband, who were driven from tho house, went away, and her father took Biddy off in the wagon one day to tho church. When they came back ho told mo mother that Biddy's uamo was Mrs. James McGrory. Me mother said she felt bad over the sudden way in which her father took a wife afore her mother had been buried six months. It was not long after the wedding afore Biddy and mo mother had a falling out, and me mother had •to get up and leave her boss of the house. Then she mot me father, who boarded at tho house, where she hired herself out as servant girl, and the two of 'em got acquainted and Boon got married themselves. "Mo grandfather and his new wife got along splendidly for moro'n a year, and then she began to worry the life out of him about some of her poor relations in the old country. The first thing he knowed was that she had 'em all over and living with her, and had 'em at work in the store. 1 'They bossed mo grandfather about so much that lie had to mortgage his property for what ho could get, so as to got rid of 'om. Ho sold his horse and wagon, and kept all the money ho took in tho store, and one day tho sheriff sold him out because ho never paid the interest on tho mortgage. His wife was so angry when she saw that he had lost his money, as she thought, that she loft him, and the old man came to live at our house till he died." "1 thought you was going to tell about his will," interrupted the patient listener. "That I urn, Harry; just wait, for I'm coming to that directly. As I was saying, me grandfather eamo to live at our house, and stayed with us till he died. Well, before ho got sick for the last time, ho called mo •'to him, and said: '(ieorgo, mo boy, I want you to go and tell tho squire •to como here—that I want him to write a will for mo.' I got tho squire, who brought two other men v/ilh him as witnesses. Tho will was wrote, and tho squire took it away with Mm. Throe weeks from that day me poor •old grandfather \vas buried and tho next day I wont to tho squire's olllco for the will, which 1 road after 1 took at homo. After u long rigmarole about good health, mind and memory, theedocumcnl went onto say, -Pay all my just debts; 1 givo my wifo, Bridget Ui'ady McGrory, all shu wants to take of whatever kind of property 1 own at tho time of .my d ath; 1 give what >.<be may leave fn In divided between mo daughters, XOIM :\i ;•';] indico and Aunio Mc(/'ra,;Uo:i-, s!io:i!;! thore :o anything left 1 give niid be'iti'.'iitli .ho same to the. church sex ton for tho troublo of Uikiiuf cai'f.i of jny >r.;t wil'u's ;;•!•;<ye.' "That's tho v.-ill. Harry, and Til hi, blamed it it wasn'tearrk'd out to the letter. Me and your father wor tho executor's and the first thing we knowed was that that old hen, Biddy Brady McGrory. onmi: with a wagon and took everything me grandfather owned in tho world, even to his old clothes. When she was leaving slit said to the rest of us: 'I'll lot yo's hold on to the old man's memory which I hope ye'll keep green anil fresh.'" A DISTINGUISHED SNUB. How un Inventor AViis Itccolvcd by the Illstorluri Jlunnrof.. Along in 1878 u Michigan man named Dcrmison, who has since won financial success from various ingenious devices, had a good thing in the wny of a patent index, which ho exhibited to govoi'ul literary men in Washington, who received it with so much favor that he determined that George Bancroft. the historian, should no longer remain in ignorance of tho virtues of his contrivance. iSonio evil-disposed person represented to him that Mr. Bancroft was an alTablo gentleman, "hail fellow well" met with everybody, especially with ambitious young men with patent rights to dispose, of, says tho Detroit Free Press. The result was that Mr. D. hied him at once to the stately mansion of tho great ItistorUn, sent up his card and was admitted to tho presence without delay. As ho entered the room the groat .nan was busy writing letters. Without saying a word, or scarcely looking up, lie motioned Mr. D. to take a scat. Mr. Uennison hung himself on tho edge of a chair and watched tho literary giant with breathless interest, conning meanwhile,the speech which ho had prepared for tho occasion. After Mr. B. had finished his morning mail, and Mr. 1). was nearly exhausted from sitting in his constrained position, tho great man suddenly turned his head, glared savagely at his visitor, and in an awful voice exclaimed: ••What do you want?" Mr. Dennison jumped nearly out oi his boots at this and shriveled up to about half his normal si/.e, and, passing a book to tho historian, said: "Why, I've got a—that is, I've got an index." "An index! What do you mean?" thundered the eminent historian, taking the book and glancing over it as though he thought it might bo a gunpowder plot or an infernal machine, which he might be called upon throttle to. "I mean," said poor Mr. D. who was now visibly fading away, "I mean—that is to say, the book is a patent right, or, that index is a book —no, that patent is an index which has been highly recommended by many persons of distinction and I thought you might bo anxious to see it. You soo by the index you will bo able to find your way in tho darkest night, or, rather, you can find anything you want without looking for it—that is you can find your place when you do not want to—" "That's enough," yelled Mr. B. "Certainly," said Mr. D., clutching his book and backing out of the room, as rapidly as a man could whoso arms had suddenly grown to be seven feet in length and his whole body has settled down in his boots. Once out of the room Dennison skipped down stairs, crawled out of the key-hole, and wont to his hotel and soaked himself for two hours in hot water before he resumed his normal sixe and shape. It is needless to say that Mr. I), regards Bancroft's History of the United States as totally unreliable and sadly lacking in literary merit. The Toad In tlio Moon. White people the world over have used the dark lines and spots on tho face of tho moon as a basis of conjuring up all sorts of fanciful pictures. To some they appeal' as an aged man bearing a bundle of sticks or fagots on his back; to others they present tho face of a beautiful woman. Tho hundred and one other moon myths eanni t be considered in this "Note," which is solely intended to explain Indian belief. The red men who inhabit the whole Western continent, between the Rocky mountains and the Cascade range, believe that tho spots on Luna's face represent tho form of a giant toad, and toll tho following story to substantiate their queer ideas: "In time long past a little wolf, being desperately in love with u toad, went a-wooing one night und prayed that tho moon might shine brightly on his adventure. His prayer was granted, and by tho clear light of tho moon he was pursuing the toad, and had almost caught her, when, as a last chance, she made a desporat'u spring for the face of tho moon (which appeared much nearer than common) and succeeded in reaching that luminary, where sho sits until this day. in plain view of all the wolves of tho world; which nightly howl in their agony whenever they think of how the toad outwitted their ancestor." Tho J.lttlo lircithor. "Hi. Mr. Sappy," whispered Maude's little brother. "Didn't 1 hear you ;;,sk my sister for a lock of her hair':"' "Yes Guorgic; but K!H; wouldn't give it, to me " ••Well, say, Mr. Sappy, if you'll give mo a dime I'll tell you where she buys it, anil you can get ail you want."—Harper's Baxar. g!'i-i>pi:rl.v Tunis hod. "Do you mean to say that y;ju carried <>'!' Ih'j plaintiff's caul by w.ty o!' jo.-.t:"' asked the in!igi.-,trato. ••Jest so, yer hiiiiur. " "Six mouths for your joke and two yi'.ar.-; for ilie one just porpot: ill'.'.!.''' :;-uid tho ji;v< : :e :->ol'"ii'if,. ODD FACTS ABOUT INSECTS. A fly's c^gs will luitch in twelve hours. A j-pt floa lias been known to live six years. Ono spider threa'1 is pom posed of several hundred separate filament;. Tho descendants of a single iv.urile •wnsp will often tii'mln-r :.V.,IHK> in ono season. A bumlilc bee. has been known to distance a locomotive noing »L twenty mites an hour. Fleas will nevor touch an epileptic, and will instantly leave n dead or dying 1 person. In a single season the locusts or grasshoppers have cost the Western farmers 8300,000,000. The romantic and supposedly beautiful Mary "Queen of Scots'* was cross-eyed and had other physical blemishes. There are over 400,000 varieties of insects known to tho entomologist, though not all described in tho works on tho .subject. Two sexton beetles will bury a mole, in an hour, a feat equivalent to two men interring 1 a whale in the. same length of time. Nests of the termite ants of South Africa are often twelve feel liiR-li and grouped log-other in clusters, the tallest in tho center. A Change. Sho wns a fair Yule devotee, ami lie was n luuulsomo l-lnrvard scniur. "I iiin true liluu!" she oxeltiimed. '•You can't convert me." •'May I try'f" he nslu'd. "Oh, yog," she replied disparagingly. "You may try." "1 love you," ho said. And she blushed crimson. A Hustler. •'Kow. there's o:in other matter.'' Raid Mr. I'ntier. who linil been ntTiinging With his publisher tn lir-iiR out n volume." "Anil tlmt. is/" '•Just mark it. sny. fifth edition." I C'nrr l>.r*pc|t«t:i nnil < onii i p:u lotl. I'r. S!inu|i s lti».|iMviilri> No:-*.- I'llls sent five with McilU-:il lliiiiit t" pr-'V" mi'HI !'•'!• •.'.- .»t:\mp. DrilK- Ulsts S.-.c. 1)11. s:iii»r. llns W.. Kn-inc. \YH. Tliore nre iMimiininitteji in v. hir-h Solomon would not hnve rercivod nny credit for his wisiiom. HAU/K rATAKKH cUKiTis n liquid nnil is taken internally. inul nets directly on tlu> blood and mucous surfaces of the system. \Vrito for testimonial*;, free. Man- iitnctin-cil by V. J. CHUNKY it CO., Toledo, O. Hrniiling is again In high fashion on skirts, redini»oti's. enpos. i-ontsanil bodicea. HF.EI HAM'S I'u.i.s tiro not a now remedy. They have been ust'd in Europe for nO years, nitd nre \voll tested and excellent. With sonic of us hupe never comes to the full bloom. FIT3--AH ntH M<i|i|>ra rrci- iij .:;. KUSK'R I1KKA1 NI'liVH IIKSTOIini. Ni, (It ftttiT t'rsi ilny'n «w. Hnr Teliw* rutTS. Tiv:tll>r nlirl 1«'MK % tHM bntllo tron to Kit OSse;.. K'.MIil lol.'r. iM-nhHI., I'hlliull'lphl*,*-*, When a man luvomes such a pessimist tlint lie always Hints up his nose, it is time that lie should turn tip liis toes. If lite Miitt.v l« rnttinir Teem, Bo pure mid ii^etli;.t <>M ;uid wrlMrirtl remedy, MRS. '•VINHLOW'S f uittiii.'ii! Syiiiii' for Clillilri'li TccUilng. Tho great danger of looking too much upon tho wine when if is red is that on6 may lio^m using it, frequently. Tho tli'oolc warriors woro long hair and ' nlrpins in tho dayu of tho Persian wars. ] Vt ramplim- d <• \vllli (Jlycci-iiie. TlnMirl|.'liiiil iiiiilinilv v:»iiiiliii>. Ciirrariiup'nril Hands llllil l''ili'i', L'uliltsmv., .fr. r. i;.<-l:u-!;l.'i>.,N.HiiVfli,CU AVhen a man pots into a peck of troublo ho is not tpiito content to hide hiw light under a bushel. pk TOtrf Venice is built mi eighty nuall islands, which nro connected with nearly four hundred bridges. If experience wore an heirloom, people would be at a premium. Wnritintpil to rurt 1 , ur money M-fUMled. lurlt. 1'rii'o U5 cento. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. DEB WOmES SUPPLY CO. OF ENGINES, BOILERS, PUKflPS, ETC., FLOUR* CORN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES AND MACHINERY OP ALL KINDS COAL HOISTING AND HANDLING AND CLAY WORKING f MACHINERY, MILL AND FACTORY SUPPLIES OF ALL KINDS. OFFICE AND WORKS, IO1 TO 121 EAST COURT AVENUE, MAIL OUD1CKS ifllAASn TKOiMJ'TLY. »KS MOINKS, IOWA Wulinroil uholuo list of Impi'oviMl Kiirms mill 1'nilrlo l,anil« now on tho market. Small payment down anil hiilaiu-c cm lone; Hum 11' ili>nlri>il. Money _ put Into land IK tho mtl'o-a Invi'slmiMit In Uui wurlil anil Ililn In tho your (o In_ ._ _ yj.g^ ^ y tm (mj (.xpiHrtliiK Id liny tlilH Ki'tiNun HOIK! Air our prl(;o Hut ol' lantla ami cliwrlpllon of tho country—.\oljrunkii or linva. Si'nitmu 10 I'lirniHrK'miinun mill 1 will HOIII! vou u nuip of Nebraska, Kroe. J. ,J. WILKINSON, I\l!imiK«r Nolmmku l.uml Co., l.UM UJllAT'lON". A<iliNT C!., It. & (>, It. Jt. Co. VoiiiiKUi'iniin HUiuU. Dun .MiiliK'n In., und O.\ ]''<)IU>, InirniiH Co., Nob Jiiiffllr.tedwlth Bcro eyes, UBO i Thompson's Eye Water, m JIT ipv JNSTITUT15 of ItuilOnk, Imvn VIjJl/I Wrlto fur clrciilui'H. Tho Illlus Institute In tho wiwt. ICmlonicil by Ur. Kunlcr. —\ MICAJAH'S WAKERG, Im'.orpna feby piiynlt'lausuH tho uent local riMiti.'rly I a ,. W?>-n B r '"' l'U»"ll« AlllllPlllB. EUR}' II) IIKI!, IvlAlJlES.*' 1 '^ 1 "'*", anil suru to viirv. Tii-u uieekir ^cfSKvaatv treatment j'rcv. AililrnHS MICAJAH & CO,, WARREN. PA, One of NVUJKK'S NIMPUC NECHETN! Control nnd know the sex ol the unboni. You Can! GuanuiU'ccl. Sctuj$i.oo. DR. WACllu KUNC; MKU. Co., Stella- coom, \Vn., U.S.A. A. in tha World 1 .1. TOWER, BOSTON. MASS. DES JMfOINES FIRMS BABliEKS' <;<>., 40K l.iMUlst:. AND 'I'llKIO. «,'. 1)10 IIAAN & llltiHtt'iituil CiitiiluKiiu l''ritu. Tho Ouloratnd tiiT'jn fitool Doino mill Ktiinilitnl, for Bllhur llnnl or Boft Coal. ICuiiiiniiildiil, Dui-ublu. Will lie KhlpiiPil to you illrect from tint niiinul'autiirci'B. S. (JKCIO.V & SONS, I (Hi l» .114 W<!Ht Hcu- otid St., J>DH JMoiuus, lou'ii. FARMERS STOCK SCALES of tho FAIKISANKK TATTKKN, from 400 lb I'lntl'in'iu to ^00 ton track Hciilow, JJItf inonoy Ktivod tty buyliiK tllroct frniu our i'nctory. DCM AluiiutH Sculo JVlljj. Co., (;i>r. \V. Hiic-und und (Jritntl Avo., JK'« Molnoa, lawn. Hcnd for prlcou. OJICTIH HH \Vlnti.*r Kouaun for tliii Ouro of Olironlo- and S my leu 1 dtooitKu.s S^i'ttMiihor IT), IS'.Kf. Or 111 (Hal Snr(.'0i'y a Special l-'eiiturc. llnptm'O Curud with- ouL iiiilu or dotuy I'rotn biiHluo«H. All Klmlb of ButliH, und Mlqeti'l'.'Ky In nil forms Used In Tveat- nmnl. Write 1'or cli'{;itlur.4. J. H. ORAKiE, M. D., : IMtOI'EtlliTOit. I>KS MOINUS, JOVVA Ko Alkalies Other Offers superior .••.il'-':intuK(.'»i:i i It t> Tul lo <cc's «n< cciK'c, )<';i, «)ri:a<U'- (cul, NoriiBiil., JltUKiiicxu, Ar(,, BjItU', 31 (!(!»<•!> I »!ltl U*llil4'Ittl»('}'. Good 011- ilowiiii-nts.iiiiurlliMU liuildi[]|;s, SCiiibleinslmctors, !)((? sunlonis. l.o(-i!iioii and |>ciivral siinoiin, linns iinsiii-|iiis<ii'tl, C;it;iloitiia fine. Addruss, oj Moincs, la. W. BAKER & CO.'S which is absolutely pure nnd soltibli:. ] It has mure Uitm three times '• '] Ilia st.rriujtlt of Cocoa mixed I with telarcli, Arrowroot or _ " i|;ar> and ia far iiioru ccci- noml'jal, ciiitiwj lean t/uin una cunt u. ««/>. It is dcliuiouB, iioiu-i:)llili| ; ', aiul Kolil l)jr(<-ori!i'M everywhere. W. BAKER •sTcaTDorcheater, Mass. We li!i.vo ti limitod number of these i bountiful Souvenirs ol the World's Col- j unibian Exposition, which wo will send. j postpaid on I'euuint of vugulnr pvico, Aildruss \VIOSTKKN NtlWBPA- ! 1'KU b'NIOX, ,'!ir. IjocnsL Mtreut, Des Moincs, Iowa. GOOD CHANCE! Odull'S'.OTA-iiowntor fiyrSlU. if cash with order is reculvi.'d livrorts Nov. 1st, ll'l),l. 'I lie famous Odd)) Typuwrltirr I'M usod hv Ij.ivvynrK. Ministers, Jjouiora, Mci^'. \nl.-.i, 1'iilitors'and tiovunmioiii Olllccrw, lieciiusi! of its cliMiti print, Hiinijlieltv arid iimnifold coiiiod. No teachfr rei|uirc.'d. It will do your work in ono )i<mr',spni(,'liue. Oriior now lalie ach'tml- age ot this i;xcoptlo;i.ill.v Kxiiialiliulon und AlH-ii'u (.B to I'alnutllbllUv Ot Iiivi-iiilnn. Si'iiil liir " InviMilors 1 Cuiili', or How to Get i' "attut." tiaSKZ 0'PAE3HLL, WABHIMOIOU, B. 8. »'»:: miXKsr BAIIISSIKS, ii r , Kluiirr. l >u >:hti 1)1)1) now uutOU i'lj c.i,4t-t .M-m-rf lluu> unit (bou. iliillun, liulno..|b all lh,.j cum HIP mu»! Mi'unli'e !.>,. r n«ij,l. Ho »ttl - ltrou.ili uiiriniii kiili-hiiiMi. Nti uilildlimtn, iVo 'In, '«. i-r.i. C JJ-OiiHIt l-'UKKi ail<ln.,i SAI.K JJIKVS DKI-'V.MVJiHK u.'h M:nsi-:iti::.'i \ OKI luini.i 1.0.,' GOOD CHANCE! M 'Vf^'r'-v"-'-"-' ^ , **' if .*'- >^ ' *< .* * ^ / '• ' •• I s Is " I ' "~t S •* I /\ ' O. 1^1^ i l j ' ib*ul 0!.'w*'Sij*/ J '^", I / 1" J*l(t "? C*^.A ^J ff •* / J r." ., L i 1 i U W. J o ^ ;,i _:., Ch '.SSB /.J»3 FEPJfMZD Id (I'ATS.NTED) Jilt s'/«ij ; mil i umt Ljo liinrK'. 1'uhl.u oilifr J^yo, it lining a lino povvilui-iuul i<:icU'c(] in u cuu \vilh n-iiHivali!u llil. Hie contentu IK u'\ i -, i il, loi u (. ' Will n i'st 1 i ( t\ II a'l &uap in _ u im ,! all i tt'ui in / II is iht> >>< -i k 11 i u mx\uu>Up )«.«, di ml i (in r SMI* s t !u 11*, > a liiujf ] im IHI- i u W. W. U. D M it) lu apph lu,. ii o) i ^>b (|0 Hut J 1 til S U\ ei VI i. 1 1 it* u t i' a i

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