The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1893
Page 5
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THE tJFPEB DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBEE 27, 1803. We have just received a big line of Ladies' Cloaks EAlLWAf TIME OAEDS. Chicago, Slllwankec & St. PnnI Railway. T.OCAt., TRAINS WEST. Sioux City, Sioux Falls and Pacific Coast trains- No. 1 departs at 8:30 am No. 9 departs at 4:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 71 departs at 0:15pm No. 03 departs at 11:55 a m TRAINS EAST. St. Paul, Minneapolis and World's Fair trains— No. 2 departs at 10:12 a m No. 4 departs at 6:45 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 11:00 p m No. 04 departs at 1:45 p m No. 71 carries passengers between Mason City and Spencer. No. 03 carries passengers between Mason City and Sanborn. No. 70 and No. 04 carries passengers to Mason City. R. F. HKUIUCK, Agent. Clilcngo <£. Northwestern Railway. North- Mixed.... Pass 8:18 a m .'!::)! pin Freight 10:00 am South- Pass Mixed.. 2:33pm . 0:07p m .„.„ Freight.... 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Molnes at 8:1") p in. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPBK, Agent. to which we call the attention of the ladies. Our Cloaks are all of The Latest Styles; nice and fresh; we had no old ones left over. We bought from the eastern manufacturers and can sell them cheap. CALL OPERA HOUSE. ALGONA, IOWA. Corse Payton Comedy company will play a tour-nights' engagement during the fair, commencing Wednesday, Sept. 27, -WITH" MY KENTUCKY HOME." Wednesday night, Children's Night. Tickets now on sale at Dlngley's. THE CITY CIRCUIT. Nothing We also invite the ladies to look over our immense stock of Dry Goods. We never kept a more complete stock. Chrischilles Herbst, Houses to rent are very scarce in Algona. Killing frost Sunday night, damaged. The finest season of the year in Iowa has began. J. P. Fob 1 in has been quite sick for a week past. There were more entries for tho fail- Monday than over before at that time. John Ericksen, who has been in a Des Moines drug store lately, is in Algona on a visit. Mrs. Rev. Bowen, wife of our late Episcopalian preacher, is in England on a visit. See Corse Payton tonight in "My Kentucky Home." School children at half price. Austin Creed stopped off last night. He is one of tho expressmen through Algona now. Ed. Haines was arrested yesterday charged with obtaining money under false pretences. All who visit tho fair will do well to look over tho advertising columns of THE UPPER DES MOINES.' The Kossuth fair has a reputation. Three side shows opened on the street Monday to be ready for it. J. C. of Bancroft has been engaged to do something with the city well. lie begins this week. Carter is to have a new warehouse just north of the Algona State bank. His business requires more room. Col. Ormsby will speak at Whitto- rnore Oct. 9. Word has been received by Chairman Haggard from state headquarters. Captain Haggard is having the riflle range put in shape for the ^intor-com- pany shooting contest, which is to come soon. A big hay barn is being built by W. J. Thackeray on the Stebbins lots in the south part of town. He will fill it with baled hay. A new house east of the Northwestern track indicates that Mr. Spurbeck of the butter tub factory will soon have a comfortable home. A now boy, 101 pounds weight, came to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Paul Monday morning. It is the first in the family and the occasion of joy. An old man, Bert Fairohild, known as the bean raiser of Riverdale, died Monday night at J. W. Green's. He was about 80 years old. W. D. Nugent has his new home nearly completed and has an occupant for it. It is a fine boy baby which arrived Saturday morning. J. M. Cowan is just completing the addition to his house and putting on some fine porches. He has one of tho best looking places in town. Thos. Coonan, who bought tho building next to the Grange store and opened an original package house, died Saturday at Emmetsburg, aged 30. A. H. Paine is putting a 40-foot addition on his hay barn east of the Northwestern depot. This will give him a big storing room for pressed hay. Ho intends to fill it. The settlement of the Parish & Wilcox business last week was arranged without legal proceedings at Humboldt, Frank Parish takes the business and will run it hereafter. S. S. Sessions was at the Britt fail- last week and reports that they had big crowds. The report from nearly all the county fairs is the same. Kossuth should not be behind. Congressman Dolliver will get a leave of absence if possible and make one or more speeches in Kossuth during the campaign. This will please all parties who enjoy political oratory. Frank Buskirk, who was burned out up at Milford a week ago, is a son-in- law of Bennett Mitchell, the third party candidate • for governor. His barn and five head of horses wero destroyed. C. M. Doxsee has lately completed taking the school census of Algona. He finds 385 males and 416 females of school age. Last year there were registered 654 scholars, with a daily attendance of 460.90. Algona's schools sometimes seem expensive but the cost per pupil each month is only $1.41, which is probably as cheap as in any township in the county. In many the cost runs up three times as much. The opening republican speech in the campaign will be made in Algona by Frank D. Jackson, candidate for governor. No date is given but the meeting will be advertised in due season. This should be a rousing meet* Ing, as all will want to hear the next governor. The Catholic ladies will furnish the dinner at the fair grounds tomorrow and Friday. This insures a good s_quare meal to all who attend. These dinners are a great convenience and attraction to all who go to the fair. Nathan Studer went to Chicago some time ago and a week ago wrote to Jus. Taylor that he was rapidly improving in health. He is so as to bo up and around. His many friends will hope to see him entirely well again. Algona gains a new citizen this wock in tho person of Wjn. Getty of Minneapolis. Mr. Getty has bought an interest in the O'Neil lumber yard and will move hero at once. Ho is an excellent business man and until lately a resident, of Davenport. Charley Smith was driving a two- year-old on the track Saturday when it stood up pretty straight and tho bicycle sulky ran right in under it, horse, sulky, and all coming down on the driver. He was badly bruised but not seriously hurt. We have nailed our banner to tho outer wall for Mayor Thompson of Bancroft as Mr. Sessions' competitor, and not even tho vote in tho Greenwood delegation for L. C. Smith is going to knock us out, although it is a staggering blow. The democrats get their full ticket in tho field tomorrow. If tho slate is made it is hard to find out what it is. There seems to be some difficulty in getting anyone to run, as nearly as wo can discover. When their ticket is up the real campaign will begin. It is rumored that a half-dozen or more in Bancroft have put $10 each into a, purse and are to drive single horses to Algonn. tomorrow. Tho first one in town" gets tho whole amount. Bancroft has some speedy driving horses and good time will be made. Marriage licenses have been issued to W. L. Egan and Luclla Sit'ert, T. L. Thompson and Sophia Bell, Isadoro Mayer and Frances Aman, W. H. Barton and Alice BorkholTor, Chas. A.n- dorfer and Frances E. Isenbarth, Leonard Weinberger and Maggie Day. A now Chinaman, Sam Wing, came to visit Charley Hoy last week. Charley says ho came from San Francisco and wi'll make Algona his home. Charley will get a room for him and he will run a "washee" house also. Charley says he is " same good" Chinaman as ho is himself. It is reported that Julius Peterson, our one-time blacksmith, has been promoted at the Stanford University in California, and now gets $200 a month. His son takes his old place at $100 a month. They are the boss machinists for the college buildings, and are in luck. Some men make by going to California. Letters uncalled for, remain in Algona postofflco for Fred Carpenter, Mike Dieter, Joe HniTer,: Esq., Mrs. Nettie Himnan, William Lamp, Mrs. Libbie Makiwester, Mrs. Ella Miller, Miss Maggie Parks, Miss Anna Schmidt. Chas. K. Shackelford, Mrs. Liddie Spooner, Neils Sorensen, Mrs. E. Timpe, or Miller. The county board have during tho past season had about 10 miles of ditches made under their contract, and have spent about §4,000 in grades. The price for both is the lowest at which work has ever been let in the county, and the work is of a permanent character. A continuation of their policy for a few years will give the county a first class road system. The republican county convention comes a week from Friday. There has been an active, canvass made by the various candidates, and the meeting promises to be a live one. Some one is going to be left, and now is a good time to get his face screwed to accept the situation good naturedly. A political convention is a place where many are left and few chosen. Jos. Thompson was down town Saturday for the first time since ho was hurt. He is unable still to use his left leg, and is afraid that it will never bo any better. The hip joint is injured and the leg the same as paralyzed. He has put in a claim to the railway company and holds them responsible for the accident on account of not whistling, If they recognize tho claim the matter will be adjusted. If not he says he will try the matter in court. The hard times social last Thursday evening was not very well attended. Tho supper of beans and pumpkin pie was enjoyed. Tho programme consisted of some very fine songs and responses by several on hard time topics. Mrs. Stacy gave a graphic sketch of some early-day experiences, L. II Mayne spoke well on the benefits of hard times, and Frank Tcllier also had a good response. The unexpected is what is entertaining. No one got excited while tho boys were throwing eggs at tho darkey's head in tho canvas Monday. But when one of them slipped and turned enough to smash his egg right into the ear of tho proprietor of the show, a yell went up that brought the town out. It was a center shot and tho man wasn't more than six feet away, journalism, and Miss Lizzie Wallace gave a well rendered recitation. The music was good, and the beginning of the season promises well for the good winter's work. Tho Social Union club is one of Algona's best organizations and can bo made a source of pleasure and profit. ' Squire Clarke astonished a citizen of the county last week. He had sworn out a warrant for tho arrest of another man, who, ho churned, had wrongfully taken a hay press. Tho other man on being produced showed that ho had full authority, and it began to appear that the arrest was part of a bulldozing process. Ills honor then announced to the prosecuting witness that tho county couldn't stand costs in such cases, and that he could pay them or bo indicted for perjury. He is thinking the matter over 'prior to tho meeting of _the grand jury in a solemn frame of mind. We are receiving our- Miss MiirilocU, for many years a pastor nt Humboldt ;ind well known in Algona, is now located tit Cleveland, Ohio. She attracted great attention last week at Chicago by her address in the congress of religion's. She is an Iowa woiimn, daughter of Jutlsrc Samuel Murdock, of Clayton county." Her ministry in the Unitarian church began nt Humboldt eight years ago and she preached there five years. Then sbe went to Michigan, and the lust year and a half she and hoi' friend aiid co-worker, Miss Buck, have been tit Oxford university and in England and Scotland. The populists hold their county con volition today. It has been thought all along that they would patch up a ticket with the democrats, but both sides seem to bo pretty independent. There scorned to bo a, little bulldoze in calling a convention ahead of the democrats, and that made the latter mad. And they acted as though they didn't care what the populists do, and that has made them mad, and the result is liko- ly to bo two full tickets. Considering the luck which attended the combination two years ago we are not but there is "shrewdness in keeping apart. Still a combination may be made. Tomorrow will toll. Tho case of M. B. Foster, who is in the Ft. Madison penitentiary for killing Emmet Heed, is to como up again. Foster's lawyer has lately become county attorney down tit Bedford, and has convicted one of the witnesses against Foster of perjury. His testimony amounted to nothing but, on the strength of his lying an olTort is being made to get a new trial. Tho matter coracs before tho supremo court early next month. Emmet Rood was killed six years ago. Foster was condemned to liang at tho first trial. Tho supreme court gave n now trial because the lower court had refused to continue tho case after having granted several continuances already". Foster was tried again three yours ago and sent to prison for life. A new trial is now asked again. If he gets it ho will likely escape, as tho witnesses are now widely scattered. Public Xotico K.-Mraordlnnry. We wish to announce that from this date we will meet till comers at our office for the purpose of supplying them with money in any amount, from five dollars to ten thousand, on any kind of security from a boot-jack, horse race, town residence, or a good farm. County fair patrons will please take notice that our office will be open at all times for the accommodation of our customers. SKINNER BROS. Over State Bank, Algona. Fall and Winter Stock •**• in Dry Goods, Shoes, Cloaks, Trunks, etc., and have many extra good bargains to show. We have by far the best Dry Goods stock in the county, and will show one of the best and largest stocks Cloaks ever shown in in Algona. I wish to Call your Attention to some good things just now in Ladies' Waists AT FIFTY CTS. EACH close. Cotton Dress Goods, (will cts. per yard, to make fine bedding], at 8 worth 12s, 15, and 20 cts. JAS. TAYLOR. m unnvr vuvn t IF YOU WANT LADIES' and Misses close at 50 cents each, braitli & Co. gossamers to Geo. L. Gal- CALL and see the new shapes stylos in hats. E. Reeve & Co. and Foil SALE, Square piano in good order, on easy terms. Call at Dingley's drug store.-2514 , THE return from Chicago of Misses Matson and MoCall brings another of tho largest and finest stocks of millinery goods ever shown in Algona. They wero some three weeks in tho city, and they return fully prepared to meet the wants of tho trade with the latest and most fashionable styles in goods and trimmings. The ladies are invited to call and see them. Miss REEVE returned from Chicago last week with a fall stock of millinery goods.—It SOME very fine Plymouth Rock and Brahma roosters for sale. John G. Smith.—2712 Go TO the Opera House Grocery first, then you can go the fail- and opera as well as not. Stove which is perfect in every particular, and is warranted to please your wife, son, daughter, and relatives; and young man, if you want to please your tell her you have purchased one of those Round Oak Stoves of John Grove. Pomps, Glidden The Council Bluffs Nonpareil noticed Miss Merli's coming to that city as follows: "It is to be hoped that the theatre goers of Council Bluffs will greet Miss Morli with a packed house. First class attractions should receive every encouragement to visit our city, as we have a beautiful theatre, and although the cost of bringing great stars here is rather expensive, the management should not be allowed to lose anything." Algona has the bestgoing and will continue to havo if tho public will patronize. Marsh Stephens with his $3,000 of beans on 100 acres has a competitor up north who went out and sowed onions on the old Pat Kain herdyard. All he did was to harrow the seed in and now he has a 500 bushel crop. It is said that on the rich ground the onions are as thick as they can stick, and they all sit out on top with only the roots covered. All that is needed to harvest them is a rake. These and like instances show that there is more than one way to take money out of the ground. The fall opening of the Social Union club was well attended Friday evening and arvexjlellent programme was given. Rev, Davidson talked entertainingly on his observations at Chicago, C. B. Matson had /in excellent paper on WHEN you want best things to eat, Houee Grocery. the freshest and go to the Opera '.Farm for llcnt. The Inglmtn dairy farm west of Algona is for rent for one or more years. Call at Kossuth County bank. NOTWITHSTANDING tho financial cri- cis wo can now place a few choice real estate loans. A. D. Clarke & Co.-2Ut2 C. J,. uuaaW utia vu&aijujui pJui^J m J. J. RYAN [Successors to C. Jj. Lmul—KutiibUshuil 1880.J Wo wlBh to announce to tho roadors of Tun Uni'mi DKS Mo IN us that wo have extraordinary facilities for tho Moiling of farms ami unimproved lands lu northern Iowa, and wo Invite alli who wish to dispose of their property to ('.all on IIH at our oillcu In Algona, or to correspond with its, EST'As soon as spring opens wo havo ;i largu number of customers from tho eastern ntatus who are ready to como out and secure a pliico of Iowa soil at reasonable rates, AVo believe In fair dealing, and if you want to sell your property don't waste any tlmo In listing It With us. Yours respectfully, LUNU & HYAN. WK have a few hundred head of good feeders that wo would like to place among farmers to be fed. Enquire of Chubb Bros,, or at Algona State bank. For Rent. Tho two-story steel-clad Store Building on Dodge street, one-half block north of State street, in Alftona. The building is well adapted for any line of business. Is in flue condition, novvly built throughout. The entire building would make an A I STAND FOR A RESTAURANT, Will rent the upper rately, if desired, or lower floor sepa- t3F" Will exchange lot and building for a farm. GARDNER COWLES, Opwft Howe Plook, Algep, ( THE ALGONA DEPOSIT AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, The books are now open for subscriptions to tho capital stock of this Association. They invite tho scrutiny of all persons desiring an absolutely safe investment, with a guaranteed innome, to their Dividend prepaid stock, Classes B and D, bearing 0 per cent and 8 per cent, semi-annual interest. Their common and prepaid stock, Classes A and C, entitle tho holder to his pro rata share of all tho profits of tho Association. Tho former is payable in monthly installments of 05 cents per share, and is tho most desirable for those wishing to put by a portion of their earnings each month. Tho officers will be pleased to explain the plan to anyone, and hope you will call upon some one of them and. learn more about it. The more you investigate the letter you will like it. They have secured tho corner suite of rooms over the Algona State Bank, where the secretary will be found. The following are the officers and directors: i Thos, F. CooUe, President. E. E, Bayers, Vice President. P. M, Taylor, Secretary. Chae. 0. St. Olair, Treasurer. Turner & Edens, Managers of Agencies. ,A»4«wD, Clarke, 0. I will sell you better and other mill products for less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. Every sack warranted and delivered. J. J. WILSON. Tloriiton This house has been thoroughly refitted and refurnished, and is now prepared to accommodate the traveling public. A W. -,-4-,'

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