The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1893
Page 7
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vr ^" »" " V s * THE TIPPER BEB MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1893, THAT MISCHIEVOUS Its Tricks (J CROW, an Otilo^ Boy Into :» Vcclc of Trnt!l>!p. 'Dolphus is not inarric'l; ho says he thinks the "rnahwicl slat.c is chock full of trepidations." His chosen companion in life is a, tamo crow named Lucy. This jjcntlo narao seems piiiffiilarly inappropriate, as Lucy is the blackest and most ill- tempered crow that ever cawed. William McKcekau, Druggist nt Bloomingdalc, Mich. "Ihave bad the Asthma badly ever since T. came ! 1Tc1 ' °"° accomplishment is that out of the army and though I have sho knmvs how to mai1 lottor*. ' n ~ 1 been in the drug business for fifteen l' hu8 tBU P ht hol< to < u '°l' lottel ' s 3 r ears, and have tried uearly everything on the marlcet, nothing has (U . hiovomont given me the slightest relief until a 1hcffi to ief wiu _ few months ago, when I used Bo- bo in ono 0 , lho tlpIJ01 . offlces is schee s German Syrup. I am now (locp i y enamored of a pretty type- glad to acknowledge the great good it has done me. I am greatly relieved during the day and at night go to sleep without the least trouble.'" ® 'Dol- dowu tho mail chute in tho oflioc, and he and Lucy arc very proud oC tho It 'nearly brought ono day. The office "R A PPTP'RQ' •"I'l'IM JL) AJ |..b.ll/llO TliKK. . CD,, 4O8 Ijiirnst. lllnstratad UntnluKUt! Krcc. ES AND FUIOH- I)K IIAAN & T ATkllfQ "1l(!«ltli Hnok for Milliters mill JJ/A.l/ll'jO — DiHiu'litors" miillcil free to uny sR. Viuvi Co.,HI'.i I'Jijultuble tf. \:Q* Moinos. Tlio Oleni toil (IrL'cn Stiv.-l Dnmo nnd Stilmliml, for r-lUlL'r Haiti or Sllft f'Olll. Ki'imomlral. Dmv.lilo. Will tic Shipped to you dlrei't from the imumftmturers. H. UltKKN & SONS, KM! to 114 U'i'Mt, S<!«- onil St., Dos .Hollies lo'.va. FARMERS STOCK SCALES of Ihn FAtltltANKS PATTKUN*, from -I(KMI> IMall'orm to !2UU ton track sea low. 1M« tnoncy t*:ivoi| by Inlying til reel from our factory. I;os Mollies Sea lei Mltf. *' ( >M ('or. \V, Seeoml niul tjrunit Avo., DeaMoiney, I own. SCM.U! for prleen. ™§ DRAKE SANITARIUM Opens Its Winter. gaiiBon for the Cure of Clironlo mid Burulrul illsimsos Scptcinlior I A, I8KI. Orlllclnl Surgery nSiiucliil Keiituro. Hiipturc ('uretl without puln or ilcltty from business. All Kinds nf litttlut, r.n'i Ete'.trMi.y I" (ill forms V-«."l In Trcal- mont. Wiitc for i:l;\!iil,irs. j J. H. DRAKE, M. D., rUOi'IMKTOU, |)JSS MO INKS. IOWA writer on tho lloor beneath, nnd occasionally, so rumor says, indites tender missives to her. Tho other day, when lie was writing, ho called Lucy to him "before tho latter was ready to mail. Lucy sat there on his writing table for somo time and tho hoy scorned in no haste lo finish his opistlo. Finally Lucy could stand it no longer and snatched tho open page in her hcak and Hew through tho transom to tho mail chnto in the hall. The opon letter was too hig to go in. Lucy knew her duty; that letter must go down, so she How to tho elevator shaft and dropped it, gently down, then Mew away with A triumphant "caw." The office boy was in despair, lie tore madly down stairs only to Jind that tho engineer, who had heen oiling the top machinery of tho elevator, had caught the letter and was reading it aloud to an interested audience, among which was tho ollico hoy's hated rival, the elevator boy. j Lucy fightjf very shy of tho ofli'.'o boy now, 'Dolphua sajS Lucy can understand every word he says, so it may bo that she understood when the office boy announced that if ho caught her he'd wring her nock. THE &ETTER HALF. Pon't speak impatiently to children. A pair of feminir.o. riding boots oosis INVENTION AND DISCOVERY. The ruins of a house built entirely of shells have boon found in Ari/.ona, ^ Copper is believed t" be lho metal Dame Fashion has taken up mando- | earliest known to man and first used lin playing. ' | in !l] c arts. liessie—Aren't, tlio breaks lovolv? j Pifly-one metals arc now known to Marion—Yes, but I'd rather they were i p ^t- 'I''"'"' Centuries ago only seven brokers. HOW MEN (JET RICH. Ethel, will yon row with mo down the river of life?' 'No, Clarence, but wore known. Tho great gold fields of S-ntth Africa were dis-.-oveivd in 1 SOU by an elephant I wouldn't miiul ii.cting as coxswain." hunter named Hartley. . ., , .. ... , i Attempts have I.KHMI inado to cnun- Among the wcdihug gifts rcoc.vorl j ^.^ ^^^ be ,, !iusn llloy aro so valuable, bi/t without success. A new invention is paper so prepared that when pasted over window panes it gives the appearance of stained glass. Alaska, with i!s islands, is said lo have a coast line, of :;.">,000 miles, equal in extent to the eircuniferonec of the globe. The liuest spee.imen of native gold ever found in a Ural nugget, which gave nearly ninety per cent of gold, tho balances being silver nnd copper. AVliilo workmen were digging a well on the farm of Andrew lirailfoot. near Fayetteville, N. C.. recently, they by tha duke of York are •walking-sticks, while hundreds of fine pocket handkerchiefs have boon showered Upon the Princess May. Daughter—I had to stand in the street car nearly the whole distance. Mother—Such innocence! If you had simply stood on some gentleman's toes he would have given you a seat. i Ahmadce, of the royal family of Delhi, has gone, upon the I'Yench operatic stage as a soprano. She lina a flexible voice of great sweetness and purity. She is a convert to Christian- Hy. lie—I shall never marry until I meet a woman who is my direct opposite, i,. • , , , tl ,1... ,,,, , ' ... ,. ., .-. ... tound clay nearly all tiie She, encouragingly—\\ell, Mr. Uuiter, there are a number of bright and intelligent girls right in this neighborhood. K.'igland has an expert woman chess player in the person of Mrs. W. J. j ^j^' p^in^l "end o f tho If the well, but at the bottom a stratum of gravel was discovered. Imbedded in tiie gravel a log of wood, partly pelrilied and partially turned into is claimed to have been found. The Capital Citv Commercial College and Tile Capital City bchool of Shorthand. The loading schools of commerce in the V/est. They furnish hundreds of positions fur tlieirprrnd- unles yearly. J'or catiilojrne anil further information address J. M. Mclinii. IX-s Moilics. Iowa. Offers supiirl-radvantaqcr, in thn following college: ival, Normnnl, Art, Musical, I^all', yiedlritl ari<f I'ltiil'ril.-icV. Good endowments, excellent buildings, 5(t abie instructors rs. . 5)07 slintenis. Location «ndffcnnni I surroundings unsurpassed. Catiilot;ue fiee. AthlreH fcJiyaDes Wuines. la. PERMANENTLY OR NO NoPAY'UNTILCUBED WE HEFEH YOU TO 4,OOO PATIENTS MO OPfiRATION. WO DVrcNTION FROWJ BUSINESS. TVlViTm-i' -J V "U'\Y Nil.'- I'-'nik, i 'V>os L L - i (ieniiiui Savings Itaiifc, -| Moines Write or rail for circular. THE o. E. MILLER co., C02 IOWA LOAM & TRUST RLDG. Dec Moines, loiva. SEEING CHICAGO FROM CLOUDS. THE X to the FORTY PILGRIMS PER DAY. Tho Xtimlmr Who Wearily to the of M. I'll til M Ciithoilrnl. There is only ono St. Paul's, and upon tho summit of its dome there is but one hall. At long intervals a Londoner, and more frequently a tourist, climbs to this ball and sticks his head and shoulders inside. Having dono this and looked upon tho heart of the world from the stone gallery and the golden g'tllcry, and upon tho congregation from the whispering gallery, he roturus to earth and tells his friends and acquaintances of his feat., and advises them to follow his example. The number of persons who make this pilgrimage averages about forty per day. To -reach the ball it is necessary to climb (HO steps of many varieties. The proportions of tho gilded globo are in perfect keeping with its surroundings It has a diameter of six feet, and twelve persons Uaird, who h:is won a number of pri/cs through her skill. Her 10 year- old daughter has also shown great taste for the game. A Japanese native newspaper complains that many Indies belonging to good families in ToUio live alone in lodgings, walk unattended in the streets after dark, and play cards together iit '.lie f,"a houses. A leading physician e.iys that babies, sick and well, may have water to drink in moderation if they want it. The water should be boiled and covered, not very cold; even warm if the child should prefer it so. can stand within its weighs fi.OOO pounds. walls. It Tho gilded MASOXIC TK.MI'I-K. TlielNlasonic twnplc in Chicago is the most wiiluly known of any building: in America. 'Like all gTuat \incluii1iiiltinffK it has developed -some surprises. The observatory or the top of the. temple is a great crystal dome capable, oil' holding'. M.OOO people. It is ii03 feet above the sidewalk, at once the hig-he&t point of view in the city and the largest .observatory in the world. The uiwrai'ber of people who have visited this ob- servaiory, without solicitation or ;ad- vertitiing, lias been one o£ the sin-arises .of.thu World's Fair year. Fourteen elevators run from .oarfy .morning until midnight and they airo •continually taxiid to their limit to -take care of the crowds. The view ipiw- •sents the .most vivifying picture in the, world. .A. great living, moving city, with ranks and ranks of the highest buildings iu the world, is spread out at your fee.t. Horses anil people on the «trei',ts below look- It.Uo pigmies, insect small. cross that towers above it is lil'toeB feot. in height. From this hall nearly all London is scon on a clear day. Why there arc so many kinds'Of stops in the cathedral no one pretends to explain. In tho opinion of those who havo counted them, to .climb these steps is equal to .covering twenty miles on an ordinary road. It is universally considered, however, that tho return journey is equal to a Russian bath. 'Tho first steps are of wood. Those arc succeeded -by steps of stone, and these in turn by iron ones. Then there are ladders, some with gentle slant, while others stand so straight that to those who climb they appear to loan backward. Tho first ladder stands on tho crown of the second dome, where an ollicer gives necessary directions to such men as want t-o see tho ball, for few try to go above the crown of the dome, bumg content to rest there .and watch some exceptionally active sightseer do the rest. Kv|)(<iisns ol' Actors. Formerly it , was expected that every actor should pay all of his own expen&es, excejrt car fare, while on the tour, but lately some of the leading men have insisted on .a clause in their contracts that shall guarantee their sleeping-car accommodations as well as transportation. Tho "utility" people, who receive from §10 to $16 a week, often travel nil night without sleep, except such as they can got sitting up, because they cannot afford to hire berths. Among the better companies .every member takes care of himself -and .asks no favors of hotel mem, hut "fly-by- night" troops usually but up together, and as they take tho poorest rooms and sleep two.aad three in ;a room they got reduced rates. Lists of cheap hotclis iind boarding'-hou'ses are to bo foucad behind tho scenes in nearly every theater in the country for the guidance of the minor actors and for the chorus and ballet. Just Had To. Mother—So you have bot-u fighting, my sou? ,Jolmnio —1 hail to. Tommie Brown hit me in tho face. Mother—Hut, my buy, you' should have turned the other cheek. Jolmuio—1 cliil, anil thun he hit (hut, ntul, by Hokey, I conliln't s-tond it nny longer, nnd I licked the. ;;tn!rin' out ot him iu about two minutes. Short T:'.!k. Numtirr Ono. Pome got ri'-li iu otir wny; snmp in niuitlior: sonio —a pront ninny -don't pet rieh at nil. Sonic receive \vimlfulls: a .emit many (io rot. Some j; r l rirh liy spociilatiou; (\ pront m.-iny become pi or Ihrnngli sipeetilntinu. Tliero is no !• .:il road to \veiilth. The man \\lio ,^e;il : re- ('i]ir as I'ullows. (•aiiio as ne:ir Rivintr exact Mcillrill 111'"* t" i.!'.:-.T Ill' • ' 'I.^liimp l'!>t!< 'i'-r. Hi!. Si:.i. •:•. !':•••: W.. r.ii'im-. W F.very on" of I'm <!> •, ;i u arrows is in till! |ii;i<nn of. dir,i'»>t. I)T«e- :i c,,trl «jnlrfc- 'ilil'-. 'I O' it- thickly encrusted with crystals ol' iron pyrite. A test of two days' duration to discover if a saving could be effected by changing the kind of coal used under their boilers was recently made in a mill at Fall Hive' 1 , Mass. Tiie result of tlvj tost clirrved that all goud coals arc not equally economical. It was shown in this case that, pound for pound, one i 1 gave ten per cent more newer than the other; or, to show the result more clearly in dollars and cents, ten tons of the one coal gave the same result as eleven tons of tine othei'. very (1—1 ami save every rent yon earn." Tl;ere r.iv. lunvcxcr. ccrtnin recn^ni/.t'il inenns for aeqitirinn; weulth thai ronscrva- t.ive men everywhere appvnvp. Mure men. 1 -robnlily. neqiiire riches thnniKh judieious investment in renl estate than tlirnui;!: any other one nip'tho;!. We sny juiiicions investment. There is n no mure certain road to (inaneial ruin, pr-viuij's. than reeUIe^s reul estate investments. "J'limgers" m:t!,"L' liig furtuues in I.KIOUI towns in quick time; lose them just as quickly —usually. Investments in rcnl csliile may, on t.ho ono !:fincl, lie spt'cnlnttvc —entiroiy KO :you piny in win nr Utpsii, iiuil ni'jsi; men louse: Je- Kilimate and Uusiness-lilce investuu'iits, on tin. 1 other h.'inil, ti-ninlly win uml pay n better pen'ent.'if^o than can lie olit.MineJ from any oilier source, and without risk. There is no r!"k in n business-like i'.i\ eminent in leal estate. Times: got. hard nnd iiinjiey I'lose luit tin's sort of a h:ink doi'sn't "hast;" no one enii steal it: as I'resiilout Cleveland put II, "the envlli remains in its p'.nce.'' Times come, of course, when even cl'.oiee real estate does mil I'inil rendy sale, but there never was a reasonably utiod jiioce lit real estate that tliiln'l all'oril it;-; owm'r recurring opportnnilies fur selling nt enhanced vjiltio. 1 have wali'lied this tiling for nearly a score of years. 1 huvii choice property now in my hands for s.ilo that will enhance in value i:i a manner lo pay the pmvhnKor bettor than bank, building ami loan assoeiiition or other stock can p.'iy him. He can have an investment; that; will pay and yet bo its own security, and Unit nocnrity of the most- sure and absolute charact'.'i 1 , A. S. YViMV.xM'.x, .W r-'il'thSlivot. DOS Muines. Iowa. Short Talk Number '-! will appear next week. These are the times whim a man IK pretty sine to (luil out- wluil a friend in need is. BRILLIANTS. Unhandy. Tommy— It must be, awful unhandy to live among them heathens that don't wear no clothes. Jimmy- Why; Tommy — 'Canso. How can any one tell whether any 0110 is'rich enough to 'sociata with, when they ain't got no clothes oil J A SaU'roii Coloriul Imiex Of the condition of a bilious stomach am] sluggish liver is the, huiunn countenance. Not. only thu skin, but tho eyeballs, are tinned with the yellow line when the bile gets Into the biooil.- Besides this, sick headaches ensue, the tongue becomes furred, paius are felt in tho liver and through the right shoulder blade, and dizziness is experienced upon rising from a sitting or recumbent position by tho bilious invalid. For these and other indications of biliousness. Hosteller's Stomach I-iittcrs is a sovereign remedy. It is also elHcaeiotis in chills and fever, dumb ague. ague cake, inactivity of thu kidneys and bladder, rheumatism and nervousness. It stimulates, restores digestion and sleep, and tends greatly to mitigate the infirmities ot age. • As soon as sin begins, life becomes a lie. Vices and virtues are often close neighbors. Sin is most fascinating when its face, is hidden. Ktornity will make the good bettor mil tho bad worse. A lost fortune can be recovered, but ost time is gone forever. Many a man is right in his heart who is wrong' in his head. Every time a good man is blessed ic becomes more thankful. A confession of sin brings out the noblest traits of character. Every man who does honest work gets double pay for doing it. The best time to do good, is when- ::ver we. have a chance to do it. Comparing ourselves •.vit.lj h others is a poor way to Iind out the truth. Conscience tolls us what is right and should be followed accordingly. JS'o man's life will weigh much whose thoughts are, always light. No man deserves a better place who is not faithful in his present one. It i 1 -- bettor I" love :i ic.n'i you <-;ui ti^ver marry than to m.i.-ry r. n\u;i yo:i enn nc.ver love. V,;:.«vV, r H.«,!:. I1 {Tlicri!pscn's Eya Water, Tt; SA MTA tCiC .1!. IN-d (>!•.:,. limn. KtlnT- ' .. J IV.-if.liiniiioii.) 1 . -_ 1 Prosecutes Claims. ,.. I HstinmiiM-I! f,. ! ,.|iBlon BurrnTU \\i:*i \v:u. K>;itl.;u,lii-;ilni|:''l;ums. ntty Pino*. f P["i&U.\b\• ifnyMi-iiiiis !i'i iV.V in-..Vim-lit i-i'liirily TO hi'MiHlr Uliii'i...!. Kiiii ic n«% I J.t t Pio^'' l '' n "'V. .'""I f.iiri- I" !•»'!>. Tiro' Nwi-JbtJw-* !n "/I...V.I* X r '-' • ^-l' 1 "' s CO., llr. Wi» Tun's Uhrnciiatlr C«rt> is lite nic.t in.uvcl.'iis |i--ri i.mi-M currr^for Khrt!MT!Alism rver i.Ilrifil the Amt-tinva A 1 !: your unrein for 11, or fl-Ill'l ?l 10 1'lso's HiMnnly fur rnli-rrh Iv, tlw Wll"-l III I ; M' 1 nlil hy ilinsKiftK <"' ''.''»'• ''>' ' rnk'. K T. llnzi'lllni!. W:i!'0ll, 111. S McELREES* WINE OF CARDUI. There is one good thing about the apple of the eye. You don't often see one that is green. _ An Unequalled Opportunity of visiting the (iuest portions of the Great West at small cost is offered by the Burlington Route's Columbian Year Harvest Excursions of August !>3d, September 12th and October Kith. On thoso dates, round trip tickets to nil Harliugtou Uouto points in Nebraska, Kansas. Colorado, South Dakota nnd Wyoming will bo on sale at extremely low rates. Tickets are good for twenty days :and admit of stop-over a.t any point Avest of tlio Missouri Hiver. Get up a party and '.visit the 100-biishels- to-the-acre cornfields -of Nebraska and Ktmsas: the rich wheat lands ol! eastern Colorado, or the vyonderf ully irrigated districts ot northern Wyoming. ' For information .ubout rates apply to your nearest ticket agent. For pamphlets, etc., write to J. FJIAXCIB, Uou'l f j uss'r Agent, Burlington Itonte, Omaha. Neb. Approprintely enough in KOUIO instances, this hasbauds oil grass widows are straw ICKAPOO • INDIAN * SACWA* Tluigi'eiitest Llr er, S StiMiiai'li, Itloml uml g Kiilney JJeineily. o Alniie of Hoots, Z B iunil lloi'be, Z ia Absolutely Z Fiec From 2 All J.linenil a or O t li c r S i Harmful I"- a ruilion ts. Z groilien ts. Druggist*, $1 About fo'-ty years ago .a spocimon of microscopie poumanship was exhibited in America. It consisted, of the following inscription written upon a, glass MJ .a circle much smaller ithun tho head of an ordinary pin (.one six hundred and twenty-fifth .part of an inch in diameter): "Lowell & Scuter, Watchmakers, 0-1 Exchange street, Pcr'.iand. Written by Keruuit at Paris. 1-S55?." J Hcaly & BlBclow, Afontc, New lluvw, Ct. e j away-' StffIf f ffV9tf«9.«ff • • » ••»••• A Nurrow Ksuupo. "You have just returned from England, I understand?" "Yes." "Have a good tinio? 1 ' "I'lno." "Were you at court?" "No, 1 rami: mighty near it. A poHccman .^nibljed me, but I broke Why Not Move to Nebraska, Where- land is cheap? Where just as good farms as are selling for $150 and $T(J an acre in Iowa. Illinois .ami ^Missouri, are to be had for S1U or $15 an acre? Whcro the soil, the climate, the surroundings are all that can be desired' Where there'*-: MONKY iu farming' Why not move? Five years— nay, three yeara— hence will bo too lute. The "clump 'land" (lays will have gone by forever.. ilovu now ! Write to J. Fraiinw, General Passenger Agent, Burlington Ho ate, Omaha. Neb., for descriptive pamphlets. They'll help you to decide cm a locution. Write to-day. You usedn't enclose a stamp. The pamphlets .uro free. *" It will not do any good to pray for ten talents if you aro uot improving 'y° ul ' ouo taleut. _ _ __ __ Low Rates to St. Louis. Commencing Sept. .5th nnd until Oct. 21st the Wabtish Railroad will sell from all stations in Iowa to Kt. Louis and return tickets gooa for thirty duys, except those sold at'tor Sept. iiSudtdiall bear liiialreturn limit Oct. L'ind, at ouo regular faro phis $2.00. And from Oct. !iud to 7th tickets •will be sold for one. regular faro for the round trip, plus iit'ty oentK, which admit to the grout fit. Louis Fair, llomumbei the St. Louis Exposition Fair and Great illuiniuntioiis are more grand and i'ine.1 than over before. Daily trains with through cur service leave IJon Moines 0 o'clock p. in., arrive St. Louis 7 o'clock H. m. For further particulars address, L. M. MAUTIX, Commercial Agent. Dos Moines, lo. ,S. W. FLINT, City Ticket Agent, IJes Moines, lo. In engaging u wife only a ring IB necessary, but iu engaging u hired girl, it takes bard cash. The Modern Beauty Thrives on goocl food and sunshine, with plenty of exorcise in tho open Hei 1'onujdowK with lioullhaml her fucie blooms with its beauty. Jt' her system uc-eds the cJeausiug aetion of a lu::ative remedy, sho uses the treutle aud pitusuiit liquid laxative Syrup of Figs. There isn't much good iu the man who trieB to be good ouly when his head telly iiitn that he ought t-j. o l-l;;rvc!SE L.xcurs:ons Via llii! Clilei'.irci, MilwiutUfi! ^i HI. Tun. rnlbviiy lo nil tluiln'sl I'iiniiin^K'H^lions nf tho West, and Norllnvrsl, S:'i>l..'nr>i'r l'.i. IS'.CI, Oi 1 - tohi-r 10, 1KII.I. Iti'liini llclviiu j.;o;)il fur twonty Low rates. All coupon tickrt, ;i|:i'nls Fi'll llcUols via Ihi- <:i'ii;iin'n, Mihvauk: 1 .' it St. I'iiiil r:ill\vny. (iKO. 11. 11F.AI''KOK1), (ii-iionl l''n;;i!r A;;vtil, Cli riiifo. Cily Ticl;:'l Oliic". ri!ic:i;;-u, 'JOV Chirk St. You enn KOliU'limos net a square mi'iil, t)iit bonnliiiK liousn .sti'iik in mostly rouud. To California and Bnck Hy the Snnt'i J>'o llonte. Tlui most.ilt.trai'.t- ive Americiin lour. A nuw ilo;;iTiptivo nook \vilh the aliiivi 1 title pnge. (!om.ainiiig over ISO pn^rs and ns ninny pen anil ink illustriitiiius, suit free on rucoipt of J . cents in post.aso. liy Jsii. J. I'VRXK, nti jMnnaiinock Uuihliiiji;, Chicai;o. If your sralefi niul measures are wrong your heart is not, right. 7'fii; full line i'J gtnci'ii/ Dry lluoiis ilis- played by Cfins. /•', Kisser u" Jin>., ' /)e.\ AMtifs, ./i.f--/ij ll'atnut, surpass*'! tiny in the city. An old nnd reliable jinn. I 'all or try 'tiu'tn li'ilh mini orders, Jloney won't uuiKo'thu niiiro go, unless i(.'s stablo inoiiDy. M. L. TMOAU'KdN & CO., J.lni KK istn, CotiiU'i'sporl;, 1'a., KII.V Hall's Catnrrli Cnni is tiie bost ami only sure euro tor I'-aturrh tliuy over sold. Druggists soil it, 75f,. It will not helji tli« cuimo of (!o<l uny for you to boast ot what n big sianor von usoil to bu. InbpnnUfnlmuII fiinl tho JDrsi(.'iiK .. - - di'/it'it mi xilk, tiilcnu from Oil. Pulnti'if^s niui f.ho ceilobriil.. oil, \vurld-ri'!Kiwni<l (noili'.la jiow <•« o;cliihition nt Uie World's Fair. Ontkotnp. iu t!:o itimoui) portrnil^ nflor' Moro, oC Christophor- Cohimbus, iu tJioceii'.or in an oxaofc reiirficluclion of ill* Snnttii JVIaria ill full Bail,. Hhov.inR 1 tlio |.r;iTi> crev/ that (itisiutuil in (.liKc.ovorintc AR1 ERICA, en HID hull.1 'in in u <lt.'ui;;u. Those who do rig'ht only when it is | .BKKCIIAM'S l j n,i.s will euro eonsiipiLtlou. easy and agreeable are to bo pitied. There is no better remedy for selX- conceit than to be well introduced to yourself. The poorest man is not the one who has the least, but the one who wants tho most. The world is full of people who want to go to heaven, but they want to do it in their own way. The least profitable undertaking in which any man can engage is to become a worshiper of himself. It is not the good we intend to do to-morrow, but the .good we are doing to-day that the devil is afraid of. The man who has no business of Iris owu to tend to, general]y goes to hod tired, j fcTho huurt, not the head, is tho reul muster of man. . keep the hlnod cuol iiml tlio liver in good working order, price :i. r i eonts ii Imx. There can be no siteh thing an tho UKO of a wi'onfr thing. rifilit I nia i-iopiidd m<> uy r,;:. KMKK'H mixvi NKKVK KKKTDilKlt. No lit niter lirst iliiy'B llw. Hiir veloUH i-un-H. TrnalisiMiBd $^.0!M.rliil lintllf Iritt) lo l''il IKWOB. Kunil lol)r. Klini.',!):!! An!liHt..i'lilliulul|iliiu,l-i>. A \vomuii may not be nhlo to throw a stone over H church, |jut sho CHU throw u. man over. AH'C your tu rui-n, or nioiH: % v rcluntlcil. dr\iffgiyt 1'orit. 1'rlco JJ& ccnty. Pride kills more iieojilo than tho snmll- pox. liiiliy Is C'uCiiii; Ti'etfc. Jlc sure tuiil UKC tlmi did niul wrl|.irii:(] rnncily, Mits. 'VINSI.OW'S KouTiiiNi; Sviu'i* for Cliiiilrcii Blinree,nn<l on Ihoodinraooin- Jilnto liinl'a oyo vh'W at the- f/ORLO'S FAHf. rHiironoiiucodonoof lliojisnil- Kowint.niK! inofii. aiiiMuonforH yotisKuod Ufa u tSDUV'inir of tho Kr (i at; A'';j' ( '/ow B ('an l>» nsiul OHU linilgc, litiok-Marlc, or ou iiu. ornnmout fortlio ixirliir. Miiptctl lit/ 8oc.{et(f.s, Clubs, diutvhcs, and ftta public, tnfli'iiertit. 1'rii-f., Jiic.carh, ortiooforllSc* AGENTS WANTED EvRrywhcro. I'nco ;i"r Doz,, $1- BlK'c-iiil tonMH for]:ir(^i>)iilM, Alnilod iuuliiinlivoi*oc( trne to any jjiu't of tho U. S. or Canailli, ^ i. KclW & GO., 157 S. Gum; ST., CHICAGO, n Leave the Public to Decide' A Jock of hair from u yoiinc woman's hnuil is (jflbii si key to a young mini's heart. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. DES RflOIMES MANUJFAlbTURTNG'^JSUiPPLY CO." OMIXIjilj 3F"TJ^ : L3?iJXS33E2:3S3H.SJ. MAXl!KA(JTl'JlU«S 01' ENCg^ES, BOILERS, PURfflPS, ETC., FLOUR, CORN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES AND MACHINERY OF ALLKfNDS, COAL HANDLING AND CLAY Vi/ORKINU OF A^^^f 0 ^ SUPPL '^ n»w l .^, AND WORKS - I0 " TO 121 EAST COURT AVENUE, US J'KOaU'TI.Y. IJKS AIOINIOS 1O\VA m-M-illir 0 "' 1 '' 10 , 1 , 1 ' 1 '"'' 1 " f , J !"I"' I1V1 "' l '"'"' 1 "« '""I i-i'iilrlo l-,uiil» now on" I!!:! 1 h?,V. ,. h .'.", u , 11 . |1 ."- v "":." t ."!' w " """ "'f'!»'«' «» "'!'« ""'<-• if ilOHlrad. .Mi.nay lint Intii laiui Is tin'' Hiifust iJivcKiiiiciit In iliu wnrliruiiil"tliis l»~iiury(jur"ii»"l~i'- ti.viJi'i'tliix to luiy thin MfuKuii H-iid /'nr our iirlco INt uC liiiulh ^:,s^^^;raS A(,J.M «,., JS. i O. a.|{. <:„. VounKumun Ulwk UisMoIiui. la ami l)\l Olt» 1 uini" lii N, I, Tie Best fatemroof Coat in the WORLD I Tlio FISH liUAXD SLIC1CEU is v/jtrrnntea water, pruof, anil wilt keep 3'(>u dry hi ihu hurdcht sturm. Tlii'i new 1'OMMliL ShU-'KEU is a perfect rlUIni; out, and 1 covers ihctiiilretaddle. Btv/iu-eul'liiiiluliout. Bon't buy u gout If llie"l"ish Itriind" Is not on It. lllutu •*ll On'uloetll' !>•"<•. A. .'. 'J'OWIfll. lOiSlnn. Jll.^5. DR. JVScGREW THB SPECIALIST, CUUUH AI.IJ PRIVATE DISEASES Wftikuctt end Debilities of RfflEN ONLY. He hat no equal, 18 yearn oxpoiioiice, 7 yp.ii'B in Oinaii*, NorvouMUJHS, J.;ow Bplr- ils or UISB of VlKOr or ....... AuibllU'ii, Vnrlcocolu. All uiiniitunil dltC'hurt'Ct. uml evil eitccls ot curly vke dlhetuicof tlio 1Jloon Kldne>n ami BliulUoi Tim gic'iitesl lito'wn remedies', lutiiunt rulttil'. Fvr- munviit curce.'" WrlUi for look. '1 hi) (li.-tor Is inilorstd i) iiiripijiip in Hie MHHMUI '' J.U i.uv' H-V« «<• t•»•.!. i- ( L i.u," >.i.iktt. They MB Right or Wrong; This luis rlfilitly bcrn called 1he ut'U ol iirog- rcjiK. W'i> uuvoinpllKli moru In U'.u miiue luufsili^ of Uirio Hum al any linii) in tin: past, bi:c»»sO' of tliii iliviKlniiij of our ncvuiKiiloiis. — -Mfiii • dues nul ( niwu in inicli a variuly- of wnploy— iniiiil an ho iisi'il Ui, UuluucuiiiiiIlt)li«H uiurel>e- i' his i!iif!i't;i(;ii ar« vonuuuirutKtl iu <mei • tlirtH'.lion. llo rualixcH Hits fact that }i« IE^UH^ • now conlt'iil lihhKoll with jilnyiiiK on« purlin... l.lit! Ki'*'.iil. dvau;a (if lili\ Tho luvvyt;.v, ik>,'.Xor ' ami iiit'i't han L :iri' IKI longer ono anil Ilui Ma'jiie ' [KM'Mou. anil Ihttsi; whu havo inudo lh<;iMsi-lvu4t • iamoi'U ^luriiu< Ihn lanl ilneaih;, huvf. ^c>u).*}it 10-' e.VL'ci in but emu flir'-'c'lion. Tho 1< J {^HJ iiixsffcKiiioe iias ^rovvn lo su^h hnnu-nso prt.poi'Uniis ihat one sju.'i'.lal l>r;tnuh !s moro tliun suniciem t<u oucnjiy (ine inliHl. 'i'liy corponuiou liiwy«r, the»j palonl IU.WVOL' anil llus criininul lawyer, e i in.'l/j llnd in their spi-eiulty mnru than they WAI\ »ry_vttr- (or, and thus It is wlili Uus meilU-.U (irolesajor/. 'Ilio ilenliht lincls rasi'H in Ins pr.iuliuo tlutt rlinlli'ir'K his (.'i-daLt'st Hkil!, uml ins Held of rtHi'uruh in wider tliiiu Unit fofitierly Wilt) poseil to all uboul tho liu- teio sso<ii )u'. x ri;]y aa u tirae.. In' . otiiei" ')ti. Uaaj ucnllou purtlculnr Uiry resuUtiusJri. I he practice! ol.' inedifino. Hun- ilrcils of u^udsi , ..„ . . ur.: ir.arax ««j;lc. iu a liuiiitml rtifforcnt, clianno's ol roscunc't and the nisulin urn most, satisfactory. Ula* ruses that weru ron^idert'ti iiieunvblo ouiy tt short tinio i.i. r o arc nuvv sueeesMully tre;)ii;iSI by new iiiul improved method*, and ihe moiit wonderful rc.siilm have been oiilaiiu-'l liv 11«" Kpc'cliill«t. Oblivious to nil ulsu but Itii: Uls— I'liKi'B hu treim., he Is HUeresst'iil litrcauai;- Its; eoiu'enli'iitcs bis eueryy In one parUealiu' tliMt. Thin ai-iMunlH for tUo wondtU't'uV. Dint Dr. JliU'.K.wuy » Co. are cftectiUR iu Hiii! of spei'iallies, which embraces llie Jolltfn- IIIK dlsiasd S^piiilih Stiittmc, Hyaioi.»te- JJlst IM (1 ci l r nn U hUiniKC* Imioiejscy, Lml IV Mibooil IS( rvou-iDi oility, M(,!u l,oswsi« JA/OIIIIV Molls IJnihniiils I'implcH, Ulcers l j llo>5 C atunli .mil Di'-oists of VVouitu * Ur liutl'.away & Uu.'.s methods ol Uvulttcent uro now and they arc tho most succKssfuI t-piiiuli Is in thoii lino biuiube ihoi liare mu u ttn d tin li piofibiiun 'ilioy aic netalar t'ladi.ik' unil pel-ions uuffwing fipm i»uy <jj tho nbovo iliscixses and fniling to consult utem ure ilirowinn uwuy their brighttsi cb»ute. ConKultutioiiB an; free and ohurges tor Ireav- meal are very remiouuble. 'I'liuiv course «if' troatmenl by mail lias promt \try suoeeeahiL Soiiil foi Hymptoiu bUnk Nv l.Ioimoij, Wo. t for women, No 3 tor akin diseases, lie you canoot call on Qr Hiuhawuy 4 addiBsa Ui Hatliawn^ & Co, Cor. Oih NeumaltB, Sts , Slpus City, lo\\a \» NO, ?

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